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My Biochemistry Made Me Do It: Confessions of a Genetic Subroutine
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Ages ago I read Hare and Cleckley on psychopaths, they then being canonical on the matter. Psychopathy tended to be somewhat vaguely defined but usually included lack of empathy, remorse, conscience, and the like. Today, it seems to be detectable. For example, say researchers, if you put a normal person on a polygraph and read him words like bread, tree, mountain, torture, dogs, and sidewalk, there will be a sharp response to “torture” but not to the neutral words. Psychopaths don’t have that response. This would seem to tie in with a lack of empathy.

Recent years have seen vast amounts of research into physical correlates of psychopathy as well as non-pathological traits of mind such as conservatism and liberalism. (Actually I’m inclined to regard both as pathological, but the demands of columnistic solemnity here prevent me from saying so.) One random example from the multitude, here. Further, men’s and women’s brains proved different. The differences are both anatomical, in size of different parts of the brain, and functional, as shown by fMRI scans.

By now this is old news, except perhaps to the general public. It seems to explain why conservatives all believe certain logically unrelated things, and liberals other logically unrelated things. For example, if you favor gun control, you very likely favor abortion, immigration, affirmative action, and sexual minorities. If you oppose gun control, your views will likely be the opposite. Political positions begin to look hard-wired.

Supporting the view, though hardly scientifically, is that in some four decades of writing columns of one sort and another, I remember only two or three readers who said that I had changed their minds on a matter of fundamental importance (the righteousness of America’s wars, for example). Columnists are often called “opinion leaders,” but actually our function seems to be to tell our readers what they already believe in stirring prose. Opinions generally are fixed, impervious to fact.

If brain scans can detect psychopathy, or if crazed mass-murderers have distinctive patterns of neural activity, what should we do when we detect such traits? Should we detect them?

Should we routinely screen, say, students in high school? It might prevent some baffled Ritalin-head from shooting half the school. But what do we do with the kid? Put him preemptively in jail? He hasn’t done anything wrong. He might never do anything wrong.

Psychopaths do enormous harm, only occasionally by outbursts of violence, but prophylactic incarceration does not fit well with our notions of how society should be run.

What if research shows that certain people have certain probabilities of antisocial behavior? Little Johnny, age thirteen, has a twenty-five percent chance, or fifty percent, or ninety percent chance of violent criminality. Do we jail him, tattoo his forehead, make him report to a parole officer? If his nature becomes public, it will keep him from being hired or, probably, getting married. If the condition is heritable, do we forbid him, or her, to reproduce?

Our legal system relies on the fallacious notion that if a man commits armed robbery, but serves his prison sentence, he is now a normal citizen. To those in law enforcement, it is well known that career criminals are exactly that, and will continue offending until perhaps their late thirties. They commit wildly disproportionate amounts of crime, usually starting around puberty. This underlies the badly-applied three-strikes-and-you-are-out laws.

But if brain scans reveal that some prisoners are highly likely to offend again, and perhaps kill someone, what do we then do? Should we base a life sentence on what a man might do rather than on anything he has actually done? On something that he may not do?

Knowing that a person is disposed to behave undesirably, and that the condition is heritable, as twin studies so often suggest, would inevitably lead to thoughts of eugenics. The idea is in bad odor nowadays, but might be less so in the case of preventing the production of multiple Teds Bundy.

There are of course levels of eugenics. A woman who marries a smart man partly in hopes of having intelligent children is practicing eugenics. If at a sperm bank she opts for that of a physicist, she is engaging in eugenics. So are a couple who refrain from having children, having learned they the offspring would have a genetic disease. Sterilizing the feeble-minded is eugenics, as is killing them. The spread is from common practice to first-degree murder.

The implications of genetic determinism for normal people, whatever exactly that means, are considerable. I like to think that I reach my political conclusions through godlike intelligence, unimpeachable logic, and exact information, all bathed in a rich syrup of peerless virtue. Now it turns out that I am just some mutt running a genetic program, probably written in Dartmouth Basic, not under my control. I am no autonomously enlightened than one of those lugubrious twerps at Salon.

The implications for commentators are grim. If we learn that our passionate support for capitalism, or passionate lack of support for it, is no more the product of thought than having blond hair? There go the book royalties. Webmasters could replace us with software.

Genetic determinism, or at any rate predisposition, can have detonative consequences. If the conservative’s tendency toward paranoia and truculent tribalism (as distinguished from the liberal’s characteristic googooing inattention to realty) is innate, we will have wars as long as we have generals. (It would be interesting to do brain scans of four-star generals. I recommend Xanax and a double Scotch before looking at the results.)

The Pentagon is notorious for finding existential threats to the United States everywhere: In Ukraine, in the South China Sea, in Syria, under the bed. Commies, terrorists, Chinamen, Islam, Russia and, off the record, Jews. Since their expressions of concern usually precede the cry, “Send money,” it is easy to dismiss their alarums as budgetary pretexts. But if soldiers are hard-wired to seek wars, what then? Their military decisions will be no more rational that a pit bull’s to bite.

And of course under brain-scan determinism there would be fruitful fields for abuse. A Democratic congress would find all Republicans to be potential serial killers and institutionalize them to promote public safety, probably after a forethoughtful sterilization. (Pondering the Senate Armed Services Committee, I can see the attraction of the idea. But that way lies fascism.) (Still….)

I need a Xanax. And a double Scotch.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Eugenics, Human Nature 
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  1. Elijah says:

    Sounds like the Voight-Kampff test.

  2. Oldeguy says:

    We are probably very close ( if not there already ) to identifying from DNA samples very high risk individuals for specific “anti-social” traits at a very early age before the supposed behavior manifests.
    Tagging such individuals for some sort of increased surveillance would appear to be simple societal prudence. While it would have to be done with sensitivity, tact, and discretion, the alternative is a willful blindness failure on the part of the authorities to use a potent tool in defense of public safety.
    That of, of course, does not mean that the willful failure will not occur: the ludicrous lengths to which airport screening has gone to avoid racial profiling should convince us of that.

    • Agree: Jeff77450
  3. mtn cur says:

    I have recommended a X ring between the eyes for repeat violent offenders for a few decades now. Let’s start with the senate and the house.

    • Replies: @Erik Sieven
  4. Dave37 says:

    Genetic determinism of the fetus would help design a new progressive utopia though alternative sexual orientation would probably have to become protected with a new constitutional amendment first. We’re doomed to extinction through our own efforts I think.

  5. Klokman says:

    Shades of Hitler’s mythical Aryan race. I had a conversation with Dr. Thomas Szasz (RIP) in 2004 on the topic of machines identifying certain brain activity as an indicator of thinking or impending behavior. He was quite explicit that no machine was capable of deriving that kind of information. Not only was there insufficient understanding of neurology to make such a determination, it would never be possible because a person’s thoughts, or their intended behavior, can never be identified by neural activity. People who do this are committing scientific fraud.

    As for DNA as a predictor, confessions have already been made by leading researchers in the field that no such precision has ever been achieved, nor is it likely to be. But the Psych profession is anxiously trying to convince the public they CAN make predictions. Just like in the late 80′ s when the pharmaceutical industry claimed Prozac supplied a chemical deficiency in the brain. Put it in all their brochures. Until it was finally litigated and discredited. They’ve been at it since the 50s when the Dulles brothers infested Washington and funneled money into the infamous MK2 Ultra program and its ideological heirs.

    What should be done is what Man was doing before they started worshiping at the altar of science. Prosecute for crimes committed, and intervene in children’s misbehavior with voluntary philanthropic organizations to supplement wholesome development where parents are unable. If there are no rewards for virtuous behavior in the world, people will not seek to be so. This is no different than men refusing to marry now because the benefits and rewards have all been removed.

    As I remarked to my bride today; When was the last time a TV station interrupted a program to announce an act of love or philanthropy? It’s always a catastrophe or murder. Science won’t fix what’s wrong with the human race. Only our choosing to BE the difference.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @Truth
    , @Wizard of Oz
  6. Talha says:

    Beautifully stated…

    It’s always a catastrophe or murder.

    One of my teachers told me that people forget that the news shows disaster, precisely because it is so uncommon in the lives of most people; we are swimming in abundant blessings yet drowning in the conjured torrents of imagined despairs – what an ungrateful state to be in.

    confessions have already been made by leading researchers

    Post-modern man assumes the oracles of science are not tempted by the same things that tempt other men; that their honesty is unquestionable.

    I don’t know if you have read from this author, it is a beautiful indictment of the false god of scientism:

    “You know the value of every article of merchandise, but if you don’t know the value of your own soul, it’s all foolishness.” Mawlana Rumi (may God raise his rank)

    • Replies: @dcite
    , @Wizard of Oz
  7. @mtn cur

    !I have recommended a X ring between the eyes for repeat violent offenders for a few decades now.”
    in reality this X ring would be used as badge of honor. It would also increase the chances of the (male) offender on the partner market

    • Replies: @5371
  8. Truth says:

    He was quite explicit that no machine was capable of deriving that kind of information.

    A couple of months ago, it was supposed to be 5-10 years before a computer was able to compete with a grandmaster at “go.”

  9. In which Professor Reed postulates ethyl alcohol as covalent bond between rock and hard place.


  10. 5371 says:
    @Erik Sieven

    What about a hole between the eyes then?

  11. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Nah, we wouldn’t want any such intrusive screening program even were the science to have any validity, which I doubt. Most likely it would be the psychopaths themselves who would gravitate towards such a profession, giving themselves enormous power over others. Don’t a lot of lawyers meet the criteria of psychopathy? What about Bush the lesser who caused hundreds of thousands of people to die based on his lies and yet responded to this with his chimp-faced smirk? We wouldn’t be able to weed psychopaths out because they’re the ones running the show.

  12. Rob McX says:

    Fred makes it seem that different political beliefs have only subjective value, that they’re the amoral reflection of our DNA signature, a random biological fact. But the beliefs of liberals and conservatives can be objectively distinguished from each other by their consequences, the foremost of these being that if liberal ideology is followed, there will eventually be no white people left. Being a liberal or a conservative is a question of believing whether or not that would be a bad thing.

  13. Agent76 says:

    This is something I will suggest, and also obtaining the books mentioned for yourself. Just to know how the masses are moved and how it is done. You can also just listen while you are busy as well like a radio.

    Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power – Part 1 Time to look behind the curtain!

  14. Jim says:

    Some studies have found that the 2R allele of the monoamine oxidase-A (MAO-A) gene seems to be associated with more violent behavior.

  15. Dr. X says:

    I like most of Fred’s stuff, but this is kind of superficial, and it’s hardly a new argument. Of course, there is a large hereditary aspect to personality and behavior, but everyone has known this for centuries, in both humans and animals. Socrates proposed eugenics for breeding the “best natured souls” for the Guardian class in Plato’s Republic.

    But that’s not the whole story, by a long shot. Environment is a huge factor as well. You can be genetically suited to be a great basketball player, but if you were a Roman slave 2,000 years before the NBA existed, it hardly would have mattered.

    Social institutions can play a large role in the interaction of genes and environment. One of the points that is made over and over on race realist websites, and an observation that I agree with, is that blacks are genetically hardwired to have less impulse control, and higher rates of criminality, than whites. Yet blacks in highly regimented social structures with clear punishment and reward inducements can often behave well. I taught classes in prison, and some of my best students ever were black inmates doing time for murder and robbery — because they were in a structured environment that mitigated their inherent thoughtlessness and impulsiveness. Blacks with military experience also seem to be far more well-adjusted than, say, feral ghetto rats living in the projects with a single mother and seven siblings and no limits.

    The traditional rule of thumb is that personality and behavior are about a third hereditary, a third environmental, and a third individual choice. I think that’s true.

    What has happened in the West in recent decades is that the New Class of elites, which almost certainly has a rather high level of genetic endowment, has decided that they are capable of living without institutional constraints on their own behavior, such as sexual behavior or drug use. Consequently they have destroyed traditional social institutions that previously served to discipline the less-well-endowed. In other words, the Harvard law grad might be smart enough to know his limits when he engages in promiscuous behavior or drug use, but when the blacks in the projects or the hillbilly white trash do the same thing, you end up with a social disaster on your hands. Lack of institutional and cultural restraint in these subcultures has led to dysgenic breeding, where the congenitally stupid and unrestrained not only pay no price for their natural behaviors, but, even worse, are subsidized and encouraged by the welfare state.

  16. Before thinking about sterilizing psychopaths, you need to ask to yourself how psychopath you are or is being to decide this kind of thing.

    Because if you do this self-reflection you will be acting just like a medieval cleric who feel morally superior just because of his divine profession but commits a series of real sins unknowingly or just because their blurred impressions or your-self, your-act.

    How perfect, I am, so I can decide on the value of perfection *

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @mtn cur
  17. joe webb says:

    “…. four decades of writing columns of one sort and another, I remember only two or three readers who said that I had changed their minds on a matter of fundamental importance (the righteousness of America’s wars, for example).”

    Big Surprise. After such a batting average, I suggest retirement.

    Joe Webb

  18. @Oldeguy

    Could/would the liberals in academia (especially science) identify the DNA marker for conservatism and label “it very high risk individuals for specific “anti-social” traits” ?

  19. @Santoculto

    ”Because if you do this self-reflection you will be acting just like a medieval cleric”

    Correcting (or not)

    …because if you don’t this self-reflection….

  20. @Dr. X

    ”But that’s not the whole story, by a long shot. Environment is a huge factor as well. You can be genetically suited to be a great basketball player, but if you were a Roman slave 2,000 years before the NBA existed, it hardly would have mattered.”

    Exactly, i think is wrong to say ”basketball talent is genetic”, is not exactly like that because is a phenotypical construction, you have genes/talent for basketball (and intrinsic or accute motivation) and environment or circumstances, the existence of basketball itself, to produce it.

    And in supra-utilitarian terms, basketball is still quite frivolous, although that emulates melee. The basketball professional players are not only very tall but also agile. In other words, the genes that promotes talent in basketball seems more kinesthetically relevant than basketball itself.

  21. ”Relative to Conservatives, Liberals tend to exhibit a more right-brained orientation for language processing and simple arithmetic processing, reality model building, creativity and artistic expression, and emotional processing.

    Relative to Liberals, the left-brain oriented Conservatives tend to exhibit enhanced literal language processing skills, exact arithmetic calculation skills, a greater tendency to build binary reality models of the world (i.e., “Good” and “Evil”), a greater tendency for belief-bias, and an enhanced time-vector orientation.

    Moderates exhibit a more blended attribute mix, with equivalent simple arithmetic skills as the Conservatives, but a lesser ability in literal language processing that is more comparable to Liberals. Moderates show enhanced time-vector orientation when compared to Liberals, and a lower tendency to build binary reality-models of the world than Conservatives. Moderates tend to exhibit less belief-bias than the Conservatives. Moderates generally fall in between Conservatives and Liberals in many of the questions.”

    Human intelligence evolved simultaneously with the competitive/group impetus and not to serve itself, the self-proposal of intelligence (holistically talking, perception), perceive to understand and improve itself like a genki dama ”god”, lol

    Intelligence is used for ”smarter” people as tool to win and control mentally opposite groups, le end!

  22. I reach my political conclusions through godlike intelligence, unimpeachable logic, and exact information, all bathed in a rich syrup of peerless virtue.

    Gee, Fred, I was thinking my own syrup of virtue inclines more towards the character of blackstrap molasses in a February nor’easter. We don’t want any of that godlike intelligence and logic thrashing around in the winds of opinion, now do we? Hell, no. None of that “Helm’s a-lee, let fly the jib!” stuff. We’re trying to have a country here, dammit!

  23. There are other options than killing or locking up psychopaths. Criminal Minds: Neuromodulation of the Psychopathic Brain!po=62.5000

    is a concise technical and even philosophical summary of the possibilities of direct brain electrode stimulation and transcranial magnetic resonance brain stimulation (tMRI) for amelioration of psychopathy.

    The question then becomes the economic and political question of who gets the diagnosis and treatment, and who pays for it.

    Timothy Leary, who was a psychologist after all, was prescient in stating that electrical brain stimulation would be the next big trip. In a world of competing tribes, only the rich and powerful will be able to take advantage of this technology, and they will do it first for trips a la Total Recall for their own amusement and perhaps to condition their aberrant offspring.

    • Replies: @Talha
  24. @Agent76

    What was your goal in recommending to Unz readers that they listen to this video, Agent 76, and to listen to it inattentively, therefore uncritically?

    Have you read Jonathan Revusky’s article on “taking the red pill” and raising the BDQ?

    I’ve listened — quite carefully — to only the first 1/3 of this presentation and I find it riddled with holes; it is itself a piece of propaganda, or at very least contains serious distortions that serve to reinforce the dominant propaganda narratives that bedevil our culture.

  25. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    Psychopathy is a problem, but what about ideopathy?

    PC ideology seems to turn a lot of people into ideological psychopaths or ideopaths.

    I think a lot of young people are ADDICTED to moral supremacism based on false data.

    They are junkies of PC. Justice Junkies or Justinkies.

    And they need a hit of PC every so often.

  26. @Agent76


    listening to the rest of the video — it’s revealing.

    I still quarrel with the knee-jerk references to Hitler and Germany.

  27. @Klokman

    Surely the mind reading ability of “machines” is only a matter of speed and complexity even if 100 per cent certainty or reliability (as opposed to 99.99 %) may not be possible because of some quantum uncertainty. Why shouldn’t something as complex as the human brain be built one day to achieve such results if there were thought to be good reason to do so?

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  28. Art says:

    What can we say – 95% of those in prison are professed liberals.

    Hmm – Hitler was a national socialist, Stalin and Mo ran lefty cultures!

    I got it, the left are lazy sociopaths – they want what others produce!

    Off the lazy (kidding)!

    • Replies: @unpc downunder
  29. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    Got up to Brazinsky telling his resume, then it stalled so finding through the title, it plays elsewhere too, under various ”agrigator sites” or whatever, and don’t find any part two.

    But so far, part 1 gets up to where JFK makes his famous speach about sinister unsean forces, and a narrated comment, which is worth all the effort, that states what Caroll Quigley drops into the middle of his otherwise conventional tome, ”Tragedy and hope”.

    Paraphrasing, “the unseen shadow organizations of the Anglo world operate secrety not unlike communists, and often cooperate with them, they are so important and integral to the working of the world, that they should be known, but they are intent to be out of view.

    That seems to be the end of the first part.

    Is there any part 2?

    • Replies: @RobinG
  30. joe webb says:

    for what it might be worth, I have taken to a simple formula to wake up the idiots.

    I ask them (the race equality brutality thinkers ) which race has invented liberty, and put it into law? They have to agree that it is a white kinda thing.

    I ask if the chinks have ever invented liberty….well, uh…no I guess. Etc, run thru all the races. Has any one of them invented liberty enshrined in law?

    This will stump the idiots. And whlch race invented it like 2500 years ago…again…open liberal mouth agape.
    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @helena
  31. @Art

    Calm down and do some yoga or something, your conservative left-brain is over-aroused.

    Speaking of therapy for unbalanced brains, I’m a big fan of introducing compulsory cognitive therapy for neurotic teens (who often go on to become extreme left-wing SJWs). Not only would this make them less prone to anxiety and depression, but it also might make them more politically moderate, since cognitive therapy stimulates the more politically conservative left-frontal lobe.

    As for the paranoid conservative kids that want to work for the CIA, maybe they should be made to pottery classes or something and hang out for a while with right-brained, arty-farty types.

  32. DaveE says:

    Buddha said, “You become what you believe.” Nothing ever uttered proved to be more correct.

    People are WELDED to their preconceived ideology, something Buddha absolutely despised. But, being the realist that he was, he realized the brain of the Common Goober was just not capable of being “open minded”, of letting experience and analysis lead the way to wisdom, truth and intelligence, not necessarily in that order.

    The Common Moron needed An Ideology to make sense of the day and the world around him.

    Soon, Goobers became infatuated with their ideology and practiced it over many lifetimes. Telling themselves they were “chosen” and superior by bloodline….. stuff like that.

    Then, to make matters worse, factor in reincarnation, whereby souls pick up where they left off, albeit without much memory of the past “schoolyear” . So, these already gargantuan egos, well known by anyone to observe those who call themselves “chosen” by birth (Jews, but not exclusively so),built on their already sick obsessions and it gets much worse.

    Some (me) would say obsessive, to the xth power, where x is the number of lifetimes a Goober practices its “ideology” of ethnic superiority. It takes MANY lifetimes to create a sicko as diabolical as zionist, in simplest terms.

    My point is…… it really ain’t that complicated, once you accept that human weakness (not nature) is prideful and arrogant. Society itself, ruled by the ultra-arrogant, the “chosen”, reinforces this fiendish tendency.

    WE weren’t MADE this way……. THEY made THEMSELVES this way.

    Let them pay the price.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  33. Talha says:

    Clockwork Orange?

    • Replies: @Radiologist
  34. @Dr. X

    “The traditional rule of thumb is that personality and behavior are about a third hereditary, a third environmental, and a third individual choice. I think that’s true.”
    I like that Dr X, though I’m not sure how consistent your views are with that axiom.
    As for Mr Reed, what an innocent/duplicative tip-toe through the tulips of behavioral psychology. I’m having my xanax and scotch now….

  35. @Talha

    It’s a similar concept, but instead of aversion psychology uses direct contact or indirect electromagnetic stimulation of identified brain areas mediating pleasure-reward-pain, rewiring
    the brain circuitry.

  36. helena says:
    @joe webb

    Joe, Europeans are not a race they are an ethnic group and East Asians are white. You would be better off accepting that pale skin colour is a northern hemisphere thing, and modernity is an outbreeding thing. Individuals have ideas. Tribes have traditions. Modernity is an idea.

    • Replies: @mtn cur
    , @joe webb
    , @edNels
  37. mtn cur says:

    Depends on which end you sterilize.

  38. mtn cur says:

    Skin color has more to do with melanin moderating Vitamin D synthesis than anything else, granting that latitude and altitude can redirect results as much as cultural senility. Afghan females are white, occupy altitudes with maximum exposure to D forming UV light yet suffer from rickets because make believe muslim guys force them to stay inside or wear bags over their heads. Perhaps this is why women are not allowed to drive cars over there. Anyway, it’s a design feature for people too primitive to know where in the world they are at. Which reminds me of an old Missouri law which makes it illegal to leave home if you don’t know where you are going.

    • Replies: @helena
  39. rg the lg says:

    The issues are mighty. Imagine testing of high school kids, and instead of something like what the article suggests … is that psychpathic tendencies were required for the military or Harvard. Oh, wait … maybe they are?

  40. joe webb says: Angela Merkel’s Unpopular Goodness ( Goodness or Badness , or Brutality ? )

    Sent: Saturday, April 2, 2016 10:56 AM
    Subject: Fw: Angela Merkel’s Unpopular Goodness ( Goodness or Badness , or Brutality ? )


    “Her impractical humanism will likely cost her the chancellorship. But, at the same time, her actions saved the soul of Europe.”

    Such absurdities pass these days without getting even a raised eyebrow.

    What is Good? Let me point our a similar example of studied ignorance which is part denial, and part self-serving. When you consider where a person is from, that is his genetic lineage, one could ask oneself or the person in question, if his people/race has ever invented liberty and put it into law. Take China, please. etc, you see the point.

    White people are the only people to have invented liberty…whoa…way back in antiquity..and put it into law.

    Now, consider Goodness. Goodness means that something does some good. Nothing that contemporary Liberalism does , does any good. In fact it harms, from school bussing, to affirmative action, to immigration.

    Let us go to the personal level. No one would suggest telling a child with some horrible infirmity, to just try harder, and worse, to “get over it” in that harsh tone that accompanies this cliche.

    Lying and lies run the continuum from white lies to brutal lies. Liberalism today is brutal, and its brutality is apparent at the macro level, as well as at the personal level.

    Close to home, the affirmative action lies damages black children, and black adults. It tells them that they can do something that they are unable to do, like excel in school like whites or asians.

    The damage done thereby includes black rage. They are told that whites have held them back, etc. Whites are debils. etc. The brutality of race lies, like quotas and the trillion dollars spent on blacks over the last half century, creates only badness, not goodness. Bad for everybody.

    Get to Merkel and Europe. The brutality of the belief in racial equality leads to the chaos now and more coming soon in Europe.

    Intellectual brutality of race equality belief, which is religious these days, particularly after the God-is-Dead times that has overtaken Europe, and the cosmopolitan elites of the US, leads to literal brutality in the streets.

    It is the literal manifestation of the Procrustean Bed of myth…one size fits all, and the unfortunate humans finding themselves on Procrustes’d bed are stretched, racked, pummeled, into some kind of IDEA of what a human should look like or be.

    The psychic Procrustean rack is pure torture, brutal, and psychic hell.

    American blacks and arabs have the same average IQ: 85. They will never fit into White society. On top of that are large temperamental differences between the races that cannot result in a kind of reciprocity with whites that any society demands.

    Liberals are brutes, intellectually, politically, and personally. 50 years ago the word ” bigot ” was defined in dictionaries as a refusal to look at new information, and hostility toward anyone with whom one disagrees. The race equality belief system is totalitarian, and elicits a childish rage in adults when they are challenged with the facts of science and practical experience. God is Dead, but Liberalism is its replacement. Liberalism loves Everybody, even you.

    Today, liberal brutalism has morphed the word bigot into a synonym for “racist.” And the rest follows, nazi, genocidist, etc.

    When the immigration wars are over , who will be blamed, those race realists who have a fact-based position, or the barbarian liberals and their Procrustean beds?

    Joe Webb

    Sent: Saturday, April 2, 2016 10:16 AM
    Subject: Angela Merkel’s Unpopular Goodness

    Sent by [email protected]:

    Angela Merkel’s Unpopular Goodness

    Germany faces a new reality, with terror elsewhere in Europe and the refugee crisis at its doors.

  41. joe webb says:

    this is true up to a point, and that point is when reality sticks a gun in your face. A friend, very far left at the time, was locked in the trunk of his taxi cab, and shot in the face with, thankfully, only a .38. He Changed, as Obongo put it.
    The perps were black of course.

    I changed, from a moderate democratic socialist, to a WN because of facts. Of course, facts only work on smart and relatively objective people.White people are changing rapidly on immigration , etc.

    We are at the point of existential threat and whites see it. If and when Billary wins, the white pocketbook will be more deeply picked, and whites will begin to see the gun in their face. We are already buying guns like crazy.

    Civil war is coming if Billary is elected. Joe Webb

    • Replies: @DaveE
    , @joe webb
  42. joe webb says:

    Helena, you are an idiot. Whites invented liberty and rule of law, and free speech, etc. No other race has done so.

    you overlook temperamental differences which are huge, but your blinders keep you blind. You are one of those pedestrians I see frequently these days who step into the crosswalk without looking around. This is the prototypical liberal. I am here, and you gotta stop for me no matter what.. Idiots First.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @helena
    , @Wizard of Oz
  43. DaveE says:
    @joe webb

    I couldn’t agree more and while I can’t speak for Buddha, I’ll bet he would agree as well.

    I don’t think he said much about the nature of evil, but he did speak of using reason and all your capabilities to know the truth, wherever it leads. Nowadays, evil is so in-your-face it’s impossible to ignore for anyone old enough to crawl.

    Naturally, evil is mostly directed at whites because we’re still at the top, at least in the West. It doesn’t do any good for the Chosenites to displace No. 2 or No. 3, but they’re darn good at making No. 2 and No. 3 collectively fight No. 1, ethnic warfare by proxy.

    My personal opinion is that Obama is a very special NWO operative, a Messiah of sorts if not THE Messiah. I’ll think they’ll be making their Big Move very soon, before Obama leaves the WH. Just an opinion based on some “reading between the lines” of some NWO types I know.

  44. @Oldeguy

    Sensible or not, this idea would be rejected as “racist”.

  45. dcite says:

    Considering the foolishness of so many of our talking heads and elite leaders, I lately find another well-known Rumi quote, “sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment”… to be so appropo.

  46. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    In children, intelligence outpaces experience. Their minds develop much faster than their knowledge and experience of things. By 10 or 11, kids are already thinking like small adults but without breadth of knowledge and experience.

    And then, once teen yrs arrive, hormones outpace intelligence and knowledge and messes up choice of experience.

    It’s funny. We associate growing up with better thinking and rationality, and this is true in that, as teenagers grow, they become smarter, more sophisticated, and more knowledgeable.

    But growing up also means hormones kicking into gear and making teens more animal, primal, and beastly.

    Teens grow both more civilized and more savage at the same time. Better able to tackle complex subjects and more excited with lusty drives. Both more Apollonian and Artemisian.

    We see this in college that is seen as both place of studying and partying, of both maturation and wild sex.

    • Replies: @5371
  47. @Wizard of Oz

    Because the mind is not to be identified with the physical brain. The mind is immaterial. And don’t call me Shirley.

  48. joe webb says:
    @joe webb

    correction on the gun. It was not a .38…that probably would have been the end of my friend. It was a .32.

    Joe Webb

    anything smaller than a .38 or a 9 mm is more or less useless, for getting someone on the ground.

    If you prefer revolvers…a .357 is the gun. if you prefer semis—you know what you like.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  49. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    Well Hellena where was the so called Yellow race supposed to be then?

    The East Asians are white, because they live down in the basements of chinatown… and if they get any sun… then they turn Yellow… that’s OK…yet if they were … English… Bla de bla… ( a work in progress…) I like your prose Helena!

    • Replies: @helena
  50. 5371 says:
    @Priss Factor

    [Both more Apollonian and Artemisian.]

    I think you meant “both more Apollonian and Dionysian”.

  51. helena says:
    @joe webb

    The ‘white’ narrative comes from the British Empire. Yes, I am ‘liberal’ in the sense that I believe a society should take collective responsibility for disabled people and not shut them away behind the doors of the family home. And when a government closes an entire industry – mining, steel – the government has a duty to those communities.

    I am not a totalitarian, which is what the dominant Narrative has redefined Liberal as. I believe in free speech not hate speech. You are free to bang on and on about how great ‘white’ people are but no-one agrees on a definition of white. What we do know is that Europe developed economically and socially.

    And what should be obvious to everyone by now is that the ‘white’ mantra is being used against Europeans’ attempts to retain self-rule.

    • Replies: @helena
  52. @joe webb

    Supposing you are right about whites inventing rule of law, free speech etc. do you think it has much to do with genetic differences from other races? If not, why wouldn’t you expect quite a number of the other “races” to pick up and run with the best of “white civilisation”?
    Would you agree that the reason the modern world has been shaped as much as it has by the civilisation of NW Europe is a critical conjunction of scientific revolution, agricultural and industrial revolutions with Britain’s being an island and blessed with large coal resources so that the modernity we value took off there in a way destined to shape the whole world until the inheritors of other traditions who still had native rule picked up the more easily transmissable elements and western science and religion promoted a runaway population explosion in the still unwesternised world?

    I am not sure why you think whites as opposed to the mixture Australia will be in 50 years time are the only ones capable of maintaining our core Western values.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @joe webb
  53. helena says:

    You see the difference is, Joe, Truth versus public opinion. We are in a propaganda onslaught and to redress the damage that has already been done – at least two generations believing ‘white’ people are ‘evil’, we have to engage in langauage these people understand and gradually nurture them back to Truth.

    Doctors don’t say to loved ones ‘hey! your dad just choked on the fluid in his lungs and he ain’t waking up again!’ , do they? No, they say, ‘your father has passed away now and we don’t think he experienced much pain’. Even though the relatives saw the choking.

  54. helena says:
    @mtn cur

    Just shut up about skin colour!!!!! 🙂 Everyone can see skin colour. The point is which ethnic groups behave in such a way that societies don’t resort to tribal hell holes. We can’t stop people inter-marrying but we can keep alive the Truth that European genes are in the mix.

  55. @Talha

    My take on Rupert Sheldrake is that he is an egotistic crank who will never be vindicated as a great innovative thinker. However, that is BTW because I was merely looking for a comment on which to hang my speculation and consequent question about you.

    Unlike the purported and probably actual Muslim Rehmat you are very far from being stupid and illogical. Moreover you don’t raise the suspicion of being several, largely immature, people contributing material of sometimes very low quality. But I wonder if you are in fact a sophisticated Western student of Islam rather than a devout Sunni from a Muslim country. A highly forgiveable troll indeed?????

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Talha
    , @Talha
  56. @Wizard of Oz

    Oops! I still haven’t found and examined Talha’s website so that speculation may be premature.

  57. Talha says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    whites inventing rule of law

    What does that even mean? Do we just assume that if we were to live in ancient Sumeria, Egypt or China, one would be subject to a scene of people just raping each other in the streets and shawarma stands offering baby-entrails on a stick?

    I’m not an expert in world history as a whole, but I have read my fair share around certain niche subjects…I know that people like Imam Malik (may God elevate his rank) – founder of his school – was pronouncing judgments that the authorities could not hold a person indefinitely without a formal charge (aka habeaus corpus) – in the 8th century. His opinion, transmitted in his work al-Muwatta, is based on the practice of the Second Caliph Umar (may God have mercy on him). Imam Abu Yusuf (may God be pleased with him), the Hanafi Chief Justice of the Abbasids, came to the same conclusion, but based his evidence on hadith – as reported in Kitab al-Kharaj.

    These are just some perspectives reported in works like:

    And I agree, the people of the British Isles have had a massively disproportionate influence on the world since the 18th century onward.

    May God bless you and yours.

  58. Talha says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    Dear WoO,

    No, I’m blessed to live in the US. I was raised here, but have been studying Islamic Law (of the Hanafi Sunni school of jurisprudence) and Sufism (of the Naqshbandi Mujaddidi branch) at the feet of my honorable teachers for a little over a decade. Full disclosure – I am Muslim – I’ve never tried to hide that. If that kneecaps the weight of anything I say, so be it. I assume that to be the case, which is why I document and reference any claims meticulously.

    No trolling here.

    Here is my Google site:

    May God preserve you and your progeny.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  59. Talha says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Also, I did not think that any of my contributions constituted ‘trolling’. If they do, it is quite unintended.

    I always try to carry myself in a way that I would as if I was conversing with the person face-to-face. And in a way that would not be something I would have to answer for on the Day of Judgement; as you know, I do not curse, nor disrespect. Internet anonymity is more a curse than a blessing in my eyes; it tends to bring out the worse, most brutish parts of most people…and pride, woeful pride.

    If there is something I can improve so that I do not fall into that category, I would be welcome to any suggestions.

  60. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    may God elevate his rank
    may God have mercy on him
    may God be pleased with him),

    Mr Talha, please take your tedious holier-than-thou shtick and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s just condescending drivel and a pose. We already know the true nature of Islam from it’s historical record and it isn’t pretty. Please go and lecture your fellow Muslims as to their deficiencies, not that it would do any good.

    • Replies: @Talha
  61. Talha says:

    condescending drivel

    You don’t say…

    Allow me to save you the effort and digital ink of any future responses. I do not respond to uncivil and vitriolic invective.

    “Homie don’t play that…”


  62. helena says:

    I read somewhere that Yellow came from something completely different, the flag maybe. The Brits had to find a colour to fit in with the whole black-brown-white scheme. If you’ll pardon the expression, s…. eyes was probably a more accurate racial slur, but not so easily used as an across the board system of nomenclature. Europeans have been called thin-lipped and deep-set eyed but it’s not a very thorough form of classification. This is true though, excluding skin colour, it is possible to define a southern hemisphere race and an East Asian race based on 2 characteristics, but nobody else can be so easily classified. What that means, I have no idea.

  63. @Talha

    Thanks. It looks interesting but as I don’t see it at first glance as arguing against anything I have asserted I shall defer reading properly till I havr time to take it in and consider it properly.

    • Replies: @Talha
  64. @Talha

    I believe you. And of course I have never doubted your scholarship (not that I am in a position to judge its quality) but you do add something now by saying that you are not just a Western scholar of Islam but a believing Muslim as one might have assumed but for a flight of imagination such as mine. However I would be interested to know what your background was, including ancestry and educational, and if and when you or forebears arrived in the US from Europe or elsewhere. My interest could be regarded as idle impertinence except that it does seem legitimate on a blog like this where it is good to meet and learn from the occasional commenter who is learned, careful and sane. The transported convicts in my own entirely English/ Scottish/Irish/?Welsh? ancestry are not recent enough to add much understanding of what has helped to form my wholly secular views but, you never know, it might set off one of the maddies to theorise about how I was turned first into a frog and then into a neo-con.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Talha
  65. Talha says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Dear WoO,

    That wasn’t directed to you as much as just a fascination at what some people (not necessarily you – you seem to be balanced in what you post) say…I’m just surprised that people can dismiss any of the legal traditions of any of the ancient civilizations like the Chinese, Egyptians, etc. I mean we do have records of them.

    Sorry if it was taken the wrong way.

    God bless you and yours.

  66. @Wizard of Oz

    Aha. I was too quick off the mark again. I think your link has already put me on to the fact that you are Talha Rizvi and of Pakistani origin and a web developer living in Chicago. I wonder if you had an imam grandfather like the uber secular Razib Khan, late of what was once East Pakistan…

    • Replies: @Talha
  67. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @joe webb

    Have you ever shot any blacks or Hispanics?

    • Replies: @joe webb
  68. joe webb says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Wiz…thank you for the rhetorical question. If you read the best single book on race…Rushton’s Race, Evolution, and Behavior, you can only conclude that there are huge differences in the races.

    Tempermental differences are more diffiucult to study than IQ, but….

    East Asians will Never invent free speech, civil liberties, and the like. They will not follow our lead either. You can lead a chink to water but you cannot make him drink.

    No other race has the fighting spirit that whites have. Our history going back to antiquity and Germania (like Tacitus ) and Scandinavia…The Icelandic Sagas…is full of demands for liberty. As I have stated before, this is not from a superiority of ethics primarily, although the altruism is there….it is fundamentally, let me speak or I will cut off your arms, or whatever is proximate to my sword.

    You see this in Homer. Thus, balls, not Niceness, has delivered liberty in the white race. The rest are oriental despotisms, which is so obvious, I wonder how anybody can refuse to see it.

    So , yes it is all genetic. Speaking of balls I was just dipping into Rushton, he says that White balls are twice as heavy as Asian balls. Then the Blacks have a bit larger equipment than white men.

    Of course, with the blacks, none of it finds its way into courageous thinking about the body politic and how best to create a livable society. Africa is now one billion…imagine that.

    Joe Webb

  69. joe webb says:

    Anon, typical low-life comment from you. Are you White? I see you prefer the Hispanic to Mexican. That is low-life speak…pure refusal to use the correct term. what do we call that anyway?

    Just talked to a friend back from a trip to Peru and the area where Shining Path graced the mountains of Peru a few decades back. He reports on the Indians there.. real dumb, fumbling the agriculture and land the Peru gov’t gave to them after expropriating the big white landlords of their latifundia.

    The average IQ of Amerindians is 83 or so, both north and south america…same folks from same area in Mongolia, or wherever about 14,000 years ago. Dumber than blacks and arabs at 85 average.

    This compares to Africa under Mugabe and other monkeys…destroying white agriculture and shaking down Europe for Money. Of course my friend reports that the local injuns are relatively happy now that they at least have their acre or so on which to farm and raise guinea pigs for protein. They apparently could not understand the White farming methods and machinery and have returned to ancient bush ways. OK

    I know that people like you Anon want to kill people like me…you are all brutes and barbarians, you liberals, or maybe you are not white, which is more forgivable cuz you are more true to your genes, and without intellectual toys.

    We will find ourselves at war I suppose, and civil wars are always more vicious .

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  70. joe webb says:

    So Talha, like the jews, your words flow like effluent, and stink thereby.

    You can talk about legal traditions all you want, like the jews who never invented liberty either…rabbis being totalitarian in the extreme, but…

    try to respond in 40 words or less…What Free Speech tradition exists anywhere in the turd world, from Arabia to China, to Africa, to… you name it. Liberty is White, totally.


    • Replies: @Talha
    , @helena
  71. Talha says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Dear WoO,

    No, no, no…please forgive me if I ever gave the impression that I am a scholar. I am simply a student that is studying sacred law part-time under the scholars of the tradition I mentioned. If my teachers ever heard that I was misleading people into thinking I was a scholar, they would halt my studies – stat! My official degree is in IT.

    I only know enough to; a) handle general questions about Islam (as you had asked about creed), b) have access to the books of actual scholars to look up an issue in canonical works of sound Sunni Orthodoxy, c) dispel the current narrative that Daesh (I am halting calling them ISIS due to the great advice of Prof. Juan Cole to rob them of legitimacy) has any kind of authority to formulate rulings of Islamic Law.

    I am also not a convert, sorry if I gave you the wrong impression there; Pakistani immigrant.

    If you are only interested in the opinions of solid Sunni Orthodox scholars from Western convert backgrounds, then the following are solid sources:
    Prof. Timothy Winter (Cambridge Univ)
    Sh. Nuh Keller (Guide in the Shadilli Order)
    Prof. Jonathan Brown (Georgetown Univ)
    Dr. Umar Wymann-Landgraf (Nawawi Foundation)
    Sh. Zaid Shakir (Zaytuna College)
    Sh. Hamza Yusuf (Zaytuna College)

    You sound neither like a frog nor neocon to me. my friend.

    God bless you and yours.

    • Replies: @Talha
  72. Talha says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Doh! Approval queue fail! Sometimes it seems the posts don’t necessarily follow a first-in-first-out method.

    You got me – if you are ever in Chicago, let me know; dinner is on me.

    A few generations ago, yes I have both scholars and spiritual guides (particularly Chistiyyah Order) in my ancestry.

  73. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @joe webb

    What do you mean by “low life speak” and “correct term”? What’s wrong with “Hispanic”? It’s a broader term than just “Mexican”. Have you only dealt with Mexicans? So have you ever shot any blacks or Mexicans? I’m just curious. You seem like a no-nonsense sort of guy.

    • Replies: @mtn cur
  74. Talha says:
    @joe webb

    Dear Joe Webb,

    Are you kidding me? If you are asking; is there an equivalent to the level of unrestricted free speech as is found in the US – then no! Not even Europe meets that standard. This is not just a ‘White’, but a particularly Anglo-Saxon development. As I’ve said before in other posts; this was gained by blood, steel and fire – who is going to contest that?

    If things were left at that, I would not have mentioned a word. But you specifically stated:

    and rule of law

    This is demonstrably false, I only showed two examples from just one legal tradition to show concepts of the rule of law and restrictions on authority were not a monopoly of ‘Whites’. Hyperbolic, absolute statements need one exception to be falsifiable.

    the turd world

    Ha! Crass – but made me smile nonetheless – thanks!

    Sorry – went over 40 words…

    God bless you and yours.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  75. Talha says:

    By the way, this is a must read (by Prof. Jonathan Brown [may God preserve him]) on the vital subject of why authority in the interpretation of sacred law is so important in the Sunni Orthodox tradition:

    It is about 30 pages – well, well worth the effort. It will actually make you more conversant on the subject than 70% of the Muslims you will ever meet.

  76. The Soviets right after all: all dissidents mentally ill. And the liquidation of class based on relation, a necessity.

    It does mean, that all who gain power, in order to consolidate it, must kill their enemies.

    When an end looks this bad, the means of reason underlying it must be faulty.

    I do have to note that there are many who have written and reasoned well, who have altered my own thinking, and helped me to understand better.

    I have to think that if one has so done, that there is a phenomenon of commerce that is well-known, that the happy customer doesn’t often report it, just the unhappy one.

    I have myself been able to help alter some folks’ thinking, by experience and reason, and I’m not even remotely well known or publicly influential.

  77. helena says:
    @joe webb

    For all your fighting talk, you’re not much good at strategising. Who do you think Alexander spent his time reasoning with, his own people or Darius’?

  78. @Dr. X

    If you were genetically suited to be a great basketball player, from which I adduce at least considerable fleetness of foot for both dashing and dodging/weaving, as well as height, reach, ability to throw both for accuracy and power, and perhaps a few other things, you might also be genetically suited to be a great retiarius.

    [I think that was the net/trident guy in the arena].

    Or a participant in various other less inherently dangerous athletics known to the classical world, or indeed in inherently more dangerous battle functions. Many armies were in need of good slingers, who fought in small, loose formations and aimed for distance and accuracy. A good javelin man is also handy. The only problem is that if you serve in the Roman army, their tactics integrate javelin use with being front line infantry and also using a sword. That’s more the football genes in play.

    All of which to say there are useful, possibly gainful employments available for almost any genetic suite in any era of human history, if you can find them. Possibly our era is the first in which that is ceasing to be true.

  79. mtn cur says:

    Few, if any, of my “Hispanic” neighbors are Mexican.

  80. RobinG says:

    Google stormcloudsgathering — there are many parts.

  81. joe webb says:

    I remarked earlier that you sound like a jew. You never quit and you never stay on point…

    Point is liberty: liberty is free speech, free assembly, at least some voting by an aristocracy, habeas corpus, limiting the king’s power if there is a king, and so on.

    You have provided nothing in this regard.

    All semites are like this, and for that matter most of the turd world “intellectuals.” They will ramble on like you about how much “law” they have, etc, etc. It is all a lie, just like all the Arab countries today, no free speech. Same thing for the rest of the world, turd and second world as well.

    Europe has always had liberty of sorts, think especially of feudalism and aristocratic rights, and the Catholic church that followed Roman law. Was everybody free? no but at least some were free.
    Now Europe is not free due to the brutality of the race equality fanatics. No free speech. This is obvious. You turd worlders are pure hell and what makes it hell, is that you are too dumb to perceive how totalitarian you are.

    In Arabia, nobody is free, Ditto the turd world generally. There is zero historical or present liberty.

    Semites are totalitarian, but no more so than Chinks, and so on. Your religious zealotry makes me nauseus. You stink, your words stink. It would be so nice if we could deport you back to your lunatic Pakistan, or wherever, with its average IQ of 84, per Richard Lynn.

    We soon will do that, say, within 5 years. Arabs, muzzies out. Mexicans , etc. to follow.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Talha
  82. Talha says:
    @joe webb

    There is zero historical or present liberty

    Actually, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia are quite vibrantly democratic and have a very free press. People like Mr. Margolis can easily attest to this since they have extensive travel experience. I’m not even including places like Philippines or Lebanon (which is quite democratic and quite Arab). I mean, some of them are corrupt as hell (here’s looking at you Pakistan), but that is a separate issue. But, hey, facts are pesky things.

    Your religious zealotry makes me nauseus. You stink, your words stink.

    I thought I was being cordial and civil in my responses. Maybe them’s fighting words where you come from. If so, please pardon any unintended offense.

    It would be so nice if we could deport you back to your lunatic Pakistan, or wherever

    Whoo-hoo! Free road trip! Can I choose Selangor, heard the climate is awesome!

    We soon will do that, say, within 5 years. Arabs, muzzies out. Mexicans , etc. to follow.

    Ok, thanks for the timeline – better get my things in order, at least my daughter can complete highschool – you know how teenagers are about switching locations at that stage; “Daaaad! But I just made new friends!!”. Just a couple of points though – and questions:
    1) What happens to Blacks?
    2) What happens to White converts? Do they lose the rights to their White heredity by “goin’ Muzz”?
    3) I second helena’s comments; you seem to be going about this less than diplomatically. How will you convince others of your race who work with us in offices, help each other shovel snow as neighbors, invite each other’s kids to birthday parties of the righteousness of your cause? How about staking out a few states – three or four (your pick) – and having like-minded Whites to move there and legally drive (or pressure) everyone else out. Once you have established your White utopia and birth rates are steadily rising, manufacturing and hi-tech research is booming, obesity and crime rates are both plummeting within those districts – then no one will be able to possibly argue with your numbers. Your success will be assured.


    • Replies: @Anonymous
  83. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    He used to dress up as Uncle Sam and rant about Jews on the street in San Francisco, which tends not to attract people and just makes people think you’re crazy. I don’t think he’s very interested in convincing other people. He seems interested in exhibitionism:

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @joe webb
  84. Talha says:

    Wow…I mean, wow…

    Thank you very much for opening up my eyes. I’m actually quite upset at myself at this point for the time I’ve wasted. At times I spend hours researching my responses from valid sources and…well this kind of broke the camel’s back to be honest.

    May God bless you immensely for bringing me back to reality.

  85. joe webb says:

    Ganz is a jew name. National Public Radio is jew and All Jews Considered is prominent.

    I never said, I am a nazi, etc. As any on you dummies might have noticed, I have argued against AH, 88, and so on.

    But thanks for bringing my Uncle Sam routine out again. I singlehandedly Changed! the culture of SF Bay Area peacenikis on the Jewish Wars in the ME over about a 3 year period. The jewish Becker brothers, Trot subspecies of communists, ran ANSWER, the commie more or less front of war protesters in the 2000 to 2005 period in San Francisco. I beat ’em. along with a number of supporters.

    The neoconservatives were unknown by the average peacenik flower child. I handed out several thousand leaflets on the neocon jew israel deal.

    This helped get the lib-rad brain focused on Israel and put a muzzle on the Oil War thesis. O…you mean it’s for Israel…?? Gosh.

    The communist and jewish Independent Media Project (? Indy Media ) carried posts that I should be killed, particularly one of them , that called for a baseball bat applied to my head.

    Some other stories, last time I checked, are still there if you search Joe Webb Uncle Sam.

    I never rant, I let the thing speak for itself. It was always demos. The pictured image and event was a nightclub act called Good for the Jews which I thought would be fun to protest. My leaflet du jour was a list of about 17 things that are Bad for The Jews. One guy tried to set my leaflet bag on fire, and I was physically threatened by jews, commies, and nightclub rabble.

    Speaking of rabble, you and Tallow are rabble in the extreme.

    Joe Webb

  86. joe webb says:

    rereading the jew lies in that jew article, I note that my sign carries a swastika in place of the letter “s” in Israel.

    Even a mediocre detective would notice that a nazi would not so abuse the swastika.

    But Tallow and Anon are numbskulls and would on any police force be sent downstairs to the parking ticket dickhead desk..

    Joe Webb

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