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Military Pretenses
More Reasons Not To Enlist
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The military has fallen apart. It needs fixing. The Pentagon pretends otherwise.

Because until after Desert Storm I wrote a military column that appeared in Army/Navy/Air Force Times, men still in uniform recognize my name and email me. The following are examples, with identification removed. The country will pay in lives for the things they describe.

The problem is not that we have women in the military. There are women in the services who have jobs they can do, who do them well, and who are dedicated to the military. They, and the men around them, know who they are. Rather the problem is (1) feminization of military values, (2) recruitment of low-grade women with no commitment to the armed services, and (3) unwillingness to discipline them.


I am (a helicopter instructor pilot) at (a base.) The other day I was sailing along in thesimulator with my two flight students when we got into a discussion about 14hour flying days in combat.

One of the students asked the question “What did you do,pee in a bottle?” Well the female soldier working the console heard this,keyed the mic and said “You better watch it up there, someone said pee in abottle.” The two students were taken aback by this as was I. I quickly toldthis young Warrant Officer that the female soldier was correct. I can teachyou to kill men and women and to blow things up but I can’t allow you to say”Pee in a bottle.”

Ask any man in the military today what the first thinghe does before he opens his mouth and without fail you will hear “I lookover my shoulder to see if there are any females in the area.” Please don’tuse my name because I too am always looking over my shoulder.


I just read your comments concerning anyyoung man joining the military of today, [I said, “Don’t do it”: Fred] and I concur 100%. I go to LeMoore NAS for the Base Exchange and the Commissary,and in the process meet many of the base personnel. One thing I notice all the time is that they are either retiring as soon as they can, or are leavingwithout a retirement, because of the downturn indiscipline and morale.

One Petty Officer told me that his relief on watch was three hours late.His Chief asked him not to write it in his report because then theperson would have to be put on report, and since it was a black female,the Chief would have his butt reamed by the C.O. for not being moreconsiderate. . .


Here are a few more [examples of what happens today in the military] for you.

“Ma’am do you think when the time comes that you have to pull the triggergoing into an LZ you are going to be able to do it?” “Oh no, I could neverkill anyone. Since I had my baby my whole outlook has changed.” Then whyare you here? “I just thought it would be something fun to do.”

“Ma’am, could you tell me the definition of this term in aviation.” Her reply”Who gives a shit?” The same female student was caught reading a novel when she wassupposed to be studying for her checkride. “You’re damn right I was readinga novel, I’d have been bored to death otherwise” She busted severalcheckrides but she is out there occupying a seat today.

“LT, do you understand the Colonel has given a direct order prohibiting youfrom driving your POV to the flight line?” “So, what’s he going to do, keep meafter school?”

How about the LT that broke into the Post Golf Courses Pro Shop and stole agolf bag? He cut himself badly when he busted out the window so the MP’schecked the hospital on post and caught him. He still is in flight school.

Then there were the two female flight students who were caught red handedshoplifting at the PX and were allowed to finish flight school.

You will love this one. If a student falls asleep during class we are notallowed to wake them up. We have to take their name and send it up throughchannels. We also are not allowed to say anything about them being late forclass, again we have to take their name and send it up through the chain ofcommand and you know how effective that is.

You are right on the money when you say don’t let your son join!!!!


Your most recent article on gender crap… I mean gap, in the militaryreminded me of the most ridiculous thing I ever saw in my almost 20 years inthis business. It was in the Stars and Stripes last year. I was stationedsouth of Seoul when I read about this MP outfit in Korea that had a… Ithink it was called a Sympathy Belt? Anyway it was a device that wasstrapped on to the abdomen of the user… in this case a male captain, 0-3,the unit commander, to simulate a pregnancy late in the third trimester. The idiot looked absolutely moronic in his Maternity Battle Dress Uniform (yes,we have ’em…) The idea is to develop appreciationfor what his knocked up soldiers (ugh) are experiencing.

This was part ofthe mandatory CO2 (Consideration of Others) training required alongwith our Violence in the Workplace prevention training…. honest to God…in the g.d. Army!! Prevention ofViolence in the military…. kinda like Prevention ofSports in the Stadium….


I agree with your opinion about women in the military. But I don’t thinkyour proposal for a ‘force-march’ is necessary to resolve this issue. Everytime we conduct a brigade run during PT your point is made. The women in the formations drop out in droves.


I don’t understand why these women can’t keep up. You would think that an exerciselike running would be an equalizer between the sexes, but it’s obviouslynot. It goes back to want you’ve said about lowered standards coupled witha hesitancy on the part of the chain-of-command to enforce even these sorry standards out of fear with getting slapped with anEO complaint, which in turn can be career ending. The whole situation israther pathetic.

Keep telling it like it is.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Feminism 
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