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Immigration and Teething Pains
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I have often pointed out that the Dissident Right, fervently disliking Latinos, criticizes Hispanics for all sins real or imagined but never says what policies it favor toward the tens of millions American citizens of Latin-American descent. I have to retract. Recently John Derbyshire, the star writer at the anti-immigrant site, has stated clearly and even eloquently that he favors assimilation. Thus:

This country can only work—can only be a country worth the name—under an ethic of relentless assimilation. You settle here, you Americanize yourself, for which the very first step is to master English, so you can join in the national political conversation. John Quincy Adams understood that. My immigrant wife understood it.

This is not just a wise position. It is the only wise position. If the United States is to have a chance of coalescing into a workably amicable polity, it needs to absorb the newcomers. They are not going to go away. Endlessly attacking them, often nonsensically, sometimes dishonestly, always with a grinding undercurrent of racial hatred, is not a recipe for domestic tranquility. Yet this is exactly what the Dissident Right does.

The immigrant wife John speaks of is Chinese, which is at least reasonable and in my view desirable, the Chinese being an impressive people. Also very pretty in their female variety, which doesn’t hurt. Apparently Derbyshire has remained married to her for thirty-three years, which is un-American and grounds for revoking his citizenship. I suspect without knowing that he gets vulgar comments from ill-bred weblouts as a race traitor. Me too. Pueden chingarse.

But back to business. Suppose the Dissident Right, instead of snuffling around after defects of Latinos like truffle pigs on the hunt, asked how to make the best of a situation that, good, bad, or undecided, can’t be changed? Suppose it asked what might be said good of them. Or even, “What things have we been told about them that aren’t quite true, or at all?” Or–I’m going off the deep end here–what are the prospects of successful assimilation?

Of the Latinos, it is as easy to find pros as cons. The Latino birth rate in the US is way down. (In Mexico itself, 2.19 births per woman. Source: CIA WorldFactbook). In the second generation on, they speak English. I don’t know Mexican literacy in the US, but in Mexico it is at 95 percent (Source: CIA WorldFactbook). They do not burn cities, loot stores in flash mobs, or engage in gang attacks on whites. There is no Brown Lives Matter. They intermarry. They serve in the military. They don’t do race riots. They start businesses. They work.

There are good reasons for wishing that the Latinos had not come. America doesn’t need the population, assimilation is expensive, and any immigrants inevitably provoke hostility. Conservative businessmen make things worse by deliberately giving American jobs to illegals to make more money. (Which, by the way, is illegal.) The objections of the Dissident Right are not always frivolous or merely loutish.

Yet there is a certain automatic, predetermined quality to the antipathy. Judging by the comments that I get, men tend to be far more hostile than women, conservatives than liberals, Republicans than Democrats, the old than the young, the unschooled than the educated, those who have traveled little than those who have traveled much. This supports the common observation that conservatives tend to be robotically tribal, and liberals, robotically universalist. I suspect that that if God sent his angels flying to earth, the Right would try to shoot them down. If he sent a plague of cobras, liberals would bid them welcome and try to include them.

My impression, though it is no more than an impression, is that people of North European origin tend to be more hostile to Latinos than those of southern European, plausible since Mexican culture is more Ibero-Italian than Nordic.

Trump has said that America is not getting Mexico’s best. This is true. Cardiac surgeons and software engineers do not swim the Rio Bravo to pick oranges. If they did, assimilation would take a few hours. The Mexican middle and professional classes behave as everybody else’s–mow the lawn, go to work, buy a house, send the kids to university. If the immigrants fit this description, they would have no reason to come to America and considerable reason not to given the chaos into which the country sinks.

But they are not educated. They tend at very best to be high-school grads and usually well below. This makes assimilation more difficult but no less necessary. The choice is to ghettoize a fifth of the country. How bright is this? Does the country need more Detroits and Baltimores?

Yet it is exactly what the Dissident Right seems to want. When someone suggested a program to help immigrants go to college, I found one of the anti-immigrant leaders saying approximately, and angrily, “They sneak into our country illegally and then want to go to school on our dime. Assimilation? Keep them as far from Americans as possible.”

But the great majority are legal or, usually, citizens and increasingly born and raised in America. For how many years should we regard them as internal enemies? Encouraging their entrance into the middle class, what is left of it, is not charity but self-preservation, much in the national interest whether the Dissident Right likes it or not. Left to themselves, Latinos will do rise on their own, and are doing it, but anything that speeds the process is good for America. Better that Eduardo have a landscaping business or restaurant and be taxed than that he live on welfare for lack of an alternative.

Encouragement should not include affirmative action, which engenders racial hostility. It is one thing to help qualified students, quite another to pump out inadequates of whatever kind

Illegal aliens are a special case that requires nationally self-interested examination. The crucial question of course is whether they can be gotten rid of. If tomorrow morning all illegals could be deported to somewhere, that would be that. Since they are unlawfully present, there could be no legal objection.

But if they cannot be gotten rid of? This seems to be the case. Depending on your politics there are between ten and thirty million illegals, or more if you forgot to take your medication. Does anyone see the slightest chance of their eviction? Trump threatened to deport “millions,” and then forgot about it a week later. We can fantasize about massive military sweeps, or death camps, or what Reagan would have done, yes. But…the realistic chance of ten to thirty million deportations?

If the illegals are in the country to stay (they mostly are) what then? The Dissident Right rages furiously against amnesty, but does not rage furiously in favor of a better idea. Without amnesty, illegals will remain an underclass until they die of old age. On the other hand an amnesty might encourage further illegal entry. What now? Growling and fizzing are not a program.

Dissident Righters can grind their hair and pull their teeth as desired, complain endlessly of the very real difficulties of assimilation, but it is the only practical real, even patriotic, solution.

Other Stuff

Regarding the attacks on the Saudi oil business: it is a miracle that it hasn’t happened long before. A couple of decades ago, in my guise as a tech writer, I wrote about Aerosonde, a European company that made small unmanned airplanes, guided remotely or by GPS, for scientific purposes: tracking whales, flying into volcanic calderas, that sort of thing.

The planes had, I think, a fifty cc motor and carried something like a five-pound payload of cameras and whatnot. As a demonstration they launched one from somewhere in Europe and it arrived within fifteen feet of its destination somewhere in North America.

Big model airplanes are cheap, as are GPS receivers. Everybody’s cellphone has one. Even five-pound charges going off on targets like the US Capitol, control towers at airports, or other easily imagined targets would raise hell. Terrorism for the masses. Well, someone seems to have thought of this.

How do you defend against swarms of thirty-pound plastic airplanes that cost a thousand dollars each? How many million-dollar (or whatever) Patriot missiles do you expend against cheap targets before you run out of million dollar Patriot missiles? Note that a country typically has many, many more high-value targets than can be defended.

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  1. Rational says:


    I don’t agree with you this time, Fred. You have it all wrong.

    The USA should be ashamed that being the 3rd most populous nation on earth, after China and India, it still allows aliens to invade. Our politicians truly the world’s biggest criminals to allow immigration.

    Immigration should be banned.

    India has banned it. It will arrest aliens and deport them.

    As far as aliens already there, they can be made to self deport, by making sure they cannot open bank accounts, buy property, rent, get jobs, welfare, etc. unless they are US citizens. People must show valid legal ID and legal status before they can access these services.

    Immigration should be banned. No more immigration. No more asylum. EWI (Entering without inspection) and aiding and abetting the same, should be made a criminal offence, punishable by death. Electrified border fence. DMZ. Shoot at sight any alien invaders.

    Human trafficking (such as the criminals who run Catholic Charities) should be made a capital offense. Death penalty for invading a country is ok, because invasion is an act of war.

    Assimilation is not necessary. They should adapt to white America, not the other way round.

  2. Pepe says:


    Enforce criminal and immigration laws.

    Attrition Through Enforcement.

    The numbers in the US go down as they get caught up in the criminal or immigration systems. And they are deported as required by law, so they can go back and help the countries they abandoned.

    Then fewer cross illegally.

    That wasn’t very hard.

    • Replies: @Maddogkate
  3. Technomad says:

    *through gritted teeth* All we are asking—all we are asking—is for “Latin Americans” to obey the same rules others do. If we could stem the tide, and get rid of the bad eggs, we could probably absorb the ones we now have. But we cannot and must not just invite the whole world in.

    I also notice that you lump all “Latin Americans” into one category. Other than coming from a particular part of the world (the Western Hemisphere, outside the US and Canada) they have little or nothing in common. If you doubt my word, go tell some Miami Cubans that they’re just like Guatemalans. Go on. Do it. Nothing will happen. Would I lie?

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  4. Punisher says:

    I think we should let all the immigrants in and let them assimilate. This country will go down anyway so you might as well get used to it

    • Replies: @Baxter
    , @Dennnis Roe
  5. I was in the Little Village area of Chicago a while back. If you are familiar, this is a very Mexican part of town, surrounded by equally Mexican areas of Cicero and Pilsen. I, and the others I was with, may have been the only non-Hispanics for miles around. Most of the signs in the stores and restaurants, as well ad the billboards in the area, are in Spanish. There would be no need for anybody to really learn English in this area, yet I overheard a group of Hispanic teenagers who walked by us all speaking to each other in English. I think that there is hope for assimilation.

    • Troll: MikeatMikedotMike
    • Replies: @Bookish1
  6. Fred is doing pretty good with this column. One area of concern is the “Dreamers.” Granting Dreamers amnesty seems reasonable, but Dems want to go far beyond that to granting citizenship to parents, grandparents and other family members of Dreamers.

    Basically, they want to use Dreamers to anchor a chain-migration policy. How can you have a decent country if everybody is trying to scam the system?

    • Agree: Enemy of Earth
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  7. Punisher says:

    I disagree with Rational saying immigrants should adopt to white America because America is owned and run by black people. They own and run the country and have a lot of power.

    • Troll: Chris Mallory
  8. MEH 0910 says:

    Trump has said that America is not getting Mexico’s best. This is true.

  9. RAMROD says:

    Stop foreign visitors from getting SS Cards. Don’t make them or their kids citizens. Only deport those convicted of serious crimes.

  10. PJ London says:

    Fred you are never going to get anywhere talking sense and logic, people only relate to emotion.
    Once a person gets across the border there is a laid down lawful procedure to remove them. At this time the lawful procedure is via courts (administrative) and they are 1 million cases behind.
    1 million illegals are awaiting their opportunity to explain why they are ‘refugees’ and not merely border jumpers. Each of them must be heard by a competent judge who can make a legally binding decision. Each of the cases where the judge says ‘No, you must be deported.’ is going to be appealed.
    By the time that the million cases and 900,000 appeals have been heard, anther 3 million cases will be before the courts.
    As you say, the fools who rant and rage against the individuals have no idea.
    Similarly, those self-same fools have never tried to understand or even meet with Mexicans or even Canadians.
    Tribal shibboleths cannot be discarded, people like you who have travelled the world and actually met non-yahoos are few and far between in the USA.
    Which explains why Trump is so popular. He plays to the crowd.
    On the other hand it is true that right now Americans are significantly poorer because of the border and ‘illegal’ crossings.
    When you have few skills then making your life more competitive, more difficult is really scary.
    There is no acceptable answer.
    Just as there is no acceptable answer to the problem of what to do with millions of people whose IQ precludes them from ever joining the production systems.
    Permanent and ongoing welfare (charity) recipients for the next 300 years.
    Good luck with trying to sort either problem out or even getting someone to listen.
    Sit back, put your feet up and have another beer.

    • Replies: @TKK
    , @bomag
    , @delmas
  11. I could say well and good on everything Fred writes about assimilation. The problem as I see it is that the Democratic Party wants the immigrants, assimilated or not, to be Democrats. They have succeeded probably beyond their expectations in capturing the Hispanic vote. Once the demographics shift to the extent whites become a minority, the Democrats can garner the votes that will keep them in power. All one has to do is watch the current crop of Democratic presidential aspirants and listen to their rhetoric to realize what a disastrous future awaits the citizens of the United States should that happen.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @OscarWildeLoveChild
  12. Alas, Fred is dead wrong here. Assimilation works only when you have small numbers. We have been invaded and many states, Kalifornia being the worst, have been overwhelmed.

    The only shame in any of this is the fact that the radical left wants the invasion and is doing all it can to facilitate it.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  13. To elide means to “suppress or alter, to leave out of consideration”.

    Once again, Fred burnishes the smooth, shiny part of Mexican culture but ignores the mud. Vacation in Acapulco anyone? (to point out but one example)

    “Acapulco was once a popular tourist resort, but due to a massive upsurge in gang violence and murder since 2014 it no longer attracts many foreign tourists, and most now only come from Mexico itself. It is the deadliest city in Mexico and the third-deadliest city in the world, and the US government has warned its citizens not to travel there.” Wiki

  14. What Fred does not get is that there are powerful interests who depend on immigrants and their children not assimilating. Leaving aside the obvious culprits like teachers’ unions and Spanish language media, the establishment of both political parties do not want assimilation either, because ginning up and then periodically aggravating ethnic friction creates the excuse for more government intervention in everyday life, more special interest spending, and so on. The fact that a society runs less smoothly when its participants have difficulty communicating with each other is a feature, not a bug as far as they are concerned.

    • Replies: @OscarWildeLoveChild
  15. @Rational

    Careful there: If we start sending Mexicans back, they might send Fred back to the US.

    • Agree: Liza
    • LOL: Commentator Mike
  16. Fred’s assimilation plan is working out great.

  17. Al Lipton says:

    Democrats release criminal illegals and protect them from ICE, letting them commit more heinous crimes. It’s not typical of the left, it’s not “liberal,” it is new. It’s Soros like.

  18. buckwheat says:

    Fred is full of shit like always. Almost every country south of Brownsville Texas is a crime infested shithole. Detroit and Baltimore are black infested shitholes agreed but do we need any more brown infested shitholes like Chihuahua or Los Cabos? We HAVE the laws to remove these people from our country but we DON’T HAVE the will. Eventually we will have a President that puts the matter in clear terms these parasites will be able to understand……….LEAVE OR DIE! Its that simple. No other country in the world would put up with this nonsense of open borders. Operation Wetback worked once and no reason it couldn’t work again.

  19. Q. Shtik says:

    A bigger problem than the non-assimilation of Latinos is that of black people, i.e. African Americans. People whose ancestry in America extends back as much as 400 years. We (i.e. whites of the shrinking majority) can’t even get blacks to assimilate. They, for the most part, do not speak SAE (Standard American English) but rather their own language. And this is by deliberate choice. To speak SAE would be caving in to ‘the man.’ They avoid like the plague giving their children names common among the majority (white) culture. How many black NFL athletes are named Tom, Dick or Harry? Their immiscibility (i.e. non-assimilation) has grown worse over the past 50 years. It was supposed to have improved with the passing of civil rights laws in the mid-1960s but obviously has not.

  20. Q. Shtik says:

    And speaking of language, my health insurance is from Horizon BCBS. Every month I receive a report on my expenditures for drug medications. At the end of the report is a section titled Multi-Language Interpreter Services. It offers interpreter services in 16 languages. How ridiculous is this?

  21. Haha, holy s. Derb is actually changing his tune?

    If they are here already, legally, assimilation is the only path forward. What else can you do?


    Learn to live with it, cause that is the only path forward.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  22. syonredux says:

    My impression, though it is no more than an impression, is that people of North European origin tend to be more hostile to Latinos than those of southern European, plausible since Mexican culture is more Ibero-Italian than Nordic.

    Ibero-Amerind is the correct description:


    Whereas the USA is Anglo-European:

  23. SafeNow says:

    Dear Hispanic assimilators: I am not knowledgeable about assimilation policy, but I am an attentive observer of behavior, and so I will make a few behavioral assimilation suggestions: 1) accept, initiate, and reciprocate smiles; 2) say please and thank you; 3) do not speak to one another in a loud, angry, macho voice — it makes me nervous; 4) do not bring mariachi (or other) music with you to worksites; 5) try to upgrade your “relaxed” work-performance standard. It is contagious across geography, occupations, and cultures. I am not saying aspire to NE Asian immigrant proficiency — I’ll meet you halfway on that; 6) If you own a machete, please use it only for clearing brush, not hacking people to pieces. Thank you. Signing off from S. California.

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  24. syonredux says:

    Too many images, eh? All right, here’s Ibero-Amerind culture distilled to a single photo:

  25. @Q. Shtik

    Latin America remains racially stratified after 400 years. Of course they won’t assimilate; the median IQs are too disparate, the men are too short, and the women are too chunky. So they’ll generate the same low-trust, racially stratified society with dysfunctional politics and a cynical, Iberian elite as back home.

  26. @SafeNow

    LOL GTFO cracker. It’s not your country any more–they don’t have to assimilate to jack.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  27. The biggest problem with immigrants these days is that they eventually turn into fat, lazy, spoiled materialistic AMERICANS. The world hardly needs any more of us willfully ignorant buffoons waddling around staring at our stupidFones, consuming far more than our share of the world’s resources and smashing any other smaller nations that try to seek their own way. Immigration should be banned for this reason alone.

  28. It’s back to high-stupidity mode for Fred Reed, I see. (Last column was a welcome breather!)

    You are either lying or very ignorant to know that large groups of immigrants that end up as majorities of the areas they move to do not assimilate – see “Immigration invasion, assimilation, and refugees”. When you go to Chinatown, the only things that do not resemble China are the vehicles in the streets. Similarly, Miami resembles Cuba. Large parts of Los Angeles resemble Mexico. That’s just the way it is, and Americans act the same way as ex-pats in foreign lands.

    If you read the John Derbyshire column in question, along with his others, one can see he is in no way in favor of having the ~ 30,000,000 illegal aliens stay here.

  29. Next, there is the usual false premise that turns your whole column into shit. This premise is that there are no more people coming in. When you find that America is in this hole, that you admit we are in, wouldn’t you recommend we stop digging? If in fact, there weren’t more (in the multiple 10’s of thousands per month), things would be possible solvable in the long run, as:

    a) Many of these illegal aliens come and go. Lots may want to stay down there, if it became difficult to get back in next time.

    b) We get Reed’s usual BS – this time it’s “We can fantasize about massive military sweeps, or death camps, …” – sure, Fred, I’m sure you read that all the time, after 2 liters of tequila. Along with a decent border barrier, deportations of any illegal aliens when arrested for anything, will have others deciding to get out under their own power.

  30. I suspect without knowing that he gets vulgar comments from ill-bred weblouts as a race traitor. Me too. Pueden chingarse.

    Well, for Mr. D., there’s just one lady named Attila. I’ve not seen a single “race-traitor” comment under your columns, so there’s another lie. Plenty of people say you’ve gone native, but that’s not the same thing – you know that Mexicanity is not a race, right?

    Stupidity? Yes, you do get your share of comments about that.

    • Replies: @Rex Little
  31. Better that Eduardo have a landscaping business or restaurant and be taxed than that he live on welfare for lack of an alternative.

    Oh, sure, Eduardo pays ALL his taxes per IRS code and keeps up health insurance too, so his ninos and ninas don’t take up resources at the emergency room.

    Better that Eduardo go back and do landscaping at Fred Reed’s gated community in the old country.

    • Replies: @Rex Little
  32. They are not going to go away. Endlessly attacking them, often nonsensically, sometimes dishonestly, always with a grinding undercurrent of racial hatred, is not a recipe for domestic tranquility. Yet this is exactly what the Dissident Right does.

    How could ANYONE get past this sentence?

    Endlessly attacking? What on Earth are you talking about?

    Often nonsensically? So….it is nonsensical if someone whose son or daughter has been raped or murdered or killed by a drunk illegal and then they have an attitude about illegal immigrants?

    Sometimes dishonestly? Exactly what is dishonest about disagreeing with your stupid bullshit that anyone who steals across the border is entitled to be here?

    Always with a grinding undercurrent of racial hatred?
    A grinding undercurrent. So not wanting millions of non-citizens in one’s country is racial hatred? But, it’s not just racial hatred. It is grinding? It is an undercurrent? In other words, if Jose Gomez took my job that I have had for 20 years because he will work for 4 dollars an hour then that means that I have a grinding undercurrent of racial hatred?

    So, this is EXACTLY what the Dissident Right does?

    Fred, you are a despicable race baiting whore. None of what you wrote in this opening paragraph is true. Moreover it is dishonest. More than that it is lunatic raving nonsense.

    There is a strong undercurrent of stupidity in it. How any reader could read a single word beyond the astonishing idiocy of this opening construction is beyond my comprehension.

    But from reading the comments so far, it is clear that some fools have read beyond the stupidity of this paragraph and are taking Fred’s race baiter screed seriously.

    How could you? What’s wrong with you? Stop reading addled race baiters. Stop commenting on race baiter essays.

    • Replies: @Aft
  33. Sinistre says:
    @Q. Shtik

    And likely to worsen with the new influx from the Congo.
    Assimilation will prove impossible as it is not in West African culture for the male to work.
    Notice that the African woman is old before her 40th birthday.

  34. What solutions does Fred have for the “black problem” he periodically moans about?

    I don’t mean to suggest that hispanics are on the same level as blacks. Clearly, hispanics are vastly preferable. But if not offering a solution means people shouldn’t complain about hispanics, how does Fred justify complaining about blacks?

    • Agree: Herbert West
  35. Renoman says:

    The problem isn’t immigration the problem is not enforcing the law. America has become a World Clown, an international joke. Fix that shit and try to get some respect back.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  36. Bliss says:


    Wow. This is really outstanding. Beautiful. Vastly superior to the fancy hats of the English upper class:

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anonymous
  37. Shut down the dirtbag magnet, welfare, and the lowest of the low will stop coming.

    Enforce the laws that say ‘illegals’ can’t be employed and shutdown any business that does employ them.

    With no welfare and no work, they can either starve, commit crimes or go back home. If they choose criminal activity, shoot them, as that should be the plight of every predator, legal or illegal.

    • Replies: @MontanaGuy
  38. Rich says:

    The overwhelming majority of “rightt wing “, anti-immigration Americans aren’t calling for the expulsion of legal American citizens of Hispanic origin. This is the strawman argument. Most of us want an end to illegal immigration that drives down wages and creates a large population of welfare recipients. This could be done easily through better border enforcement and the adoption of the e-verify system with serious penalties for employers who hire illegals.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Bragadocious
  39. @RoatanBill

    RoatanBill, yes and eliminate ALL welfare. Sadly we are too far down the rathole. The republic is lost. Washington must fall. Chaos is coming and with it comes hope to restore Liberties and new republics with new borders.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  40. @Achmed E. Newman

    Well, for Mr. D., there’s just one lady named Attila.

    I wouldn’t call her a lady, Achmed, but YMMV. Anyway, she might be the only one to say that in Derb’s comment threads, but when I brought up his name in one of Paul Kersey’s threads, someone named “Annie Oakley” promptly replied “John Derbyshire is a race traitor.” Could have been an Attila sock puppet, I suppose.

    I’ve not seen a single “race-traitor” comment under your columns, so there’s another lie.

    Is this the only site that runs Fred’s columns and supports comments? If not, have you read all the comments on all the others? Have you read all the emails Fred gets?

    you know that Mexicanity is not a race, right?

    Mestizo is considered a (non-white) race by most. Anyone who deems Derb a race traitor for marrying Rosie almost certainly has the same opinion of Fred for marrying Violeta.

  41. @Rex Little

    Yes, true, Rex, I’m on my corner of the internet, and Fred’s on his.

    On your 2nd point: Attila urges (incessantly, I might add) Mr. D to go to China. Fred Reed already lives in Mexico. I just don’t read many people faulting him for moving there and/or marrying his Senora, maybe 0 in fact. They fault him for taking the Mexican side in American politics, as if he were Vincente Fox, speculatively because his wife may read his columns(??) Mr. Derbyshire writes fairly about China and the Chinese – in fact, we should read a lot about his trip shortly. I am looking forward to that.

    So, I fault Mr. Reed on his stupid hypocrisy. I have no problem with his calling out of all kinds of problems with modern America, but he insists on vilifying the people that want to get off their asses and do something about it, rather than sit on their computers with their tequilas bitching about all of it and all of us.

    • Replies: @Hapalong Cassidy
  42. @MontanaGuy

    Sadly, you are correct, and is why I left the US 15 years ago.

    After 9/11 it took me a few years to get things in order and then I split. I’m not interested in confronting the violence that will ensue after the SHTF due to an economy that is a house of cards, currency not worth the paper it’s printed on and a Fed Gov run by the Deep State.

    • Replies: @oliver
  43. @Rich

    Reed’s been peddling this disingenuous nonsense for years. He needs this “argument” to appear woke on the burrito immivasion question. Hey I know, I’ll conflate Mexicans with Cubans and Puerto Ricans and Dominicans and Spaniards. That should put the VDare proles in their place. It doesn’t put them in any place. It just exposes Reed as a lying twatmuffin, no better than Jorge Ramos. This is a propaganda war between 2 and only 2 countries, Mexico and the U.S. We know which side Reed is on.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  44. Patricus says:

    Fred writes about widespread racial hatred of Latinos. I don’t witness any Latino hatred where I live. Maybe my state, Virginia, is morally superior and racially woke compared to the rest. Many people regret the influx of illegal immigrants, the degrading of schools, the overwhelmed hospitals, the slumification of middle class neighborhoods. An influx of illegal low life Swedes or French would cause a similar reaction.

    It is time to stop bringing in the poorest of the world and to assimilate those legal residents already here. This could take generations. Our country is relatively wealthy but not infinitely rich. Tens of trillions debt does not suggest an encouraging future. We need to stop the bleeding. As for the illegals, get rid of them as is the policy in most other countries.

    In 1924 a cessation of immigration was enacted. Many US cities had areas where only Italian, Greek, Portugese, Polish or Yiddish were spoken. These groups were successfully assimilated over a few generations. Unfortunately the Africans are still not assimilated very well. Not everyone will blend in to North America.

  45. MarkinLA says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    They are not here legally and Fred seems to think letting them stay is OK. How many more will come after that?

  46. Mi madre, who was a 1st generation Mexican-American, had a father who stressed learning English and education. In fact she was the first Mexican from Ozona, Tx to attend college. She once told me the nuns who taught at the school for Mexican kids often told them to become fluent in English if they wanted to get ahead and fit in. Mom held to the idea of assimilation so much that she did not teach her half Anglo children to speak Spanish. She had no patience for those who came to this country and refused to learn the common language or try to fit in.

    I suppose I internalized this attitude because I also have no patience with illegal immigrants who make no effort to come here by the rules but expect to suckle at the teat of US taxpayers.

  47. IvyMike says:

    I have worked with illegals all of my life, and not as a boss. Given a chance at a job and equal treatment under the law the vast majority of undocumented Latinos make great Americans. If we crowd them into ghettos, steal their wages, and generally repress them then it is our own damn fault they turn into criminals. Occurs to me that, in America, the difference between criminal and poor is very small. Crap, I got in jail a few times back when I was poor, if I wasn’t white I’m sure I’d have been in prison then and now.
    Mexicans are cool. The Mexican parts of Dallas scream one thing as you drive by, and that is ‘Entrepreneur!’ B’cept they scream it in Spanish. In fact, in this city that, when I was a white child, was the most segregated on Earth, the truly entrepreneurial and artistic areas of town are the Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Latino, and African neighborhoods.
    The U.S. Constitution was drawn up to protect the rights of white protestant males who owned property. Fascinating to see it expand to include so many, only history will tell if it survives the diminishing of the white man.

  48. Assimilation means racial degradation and the transformation of America from an high trust European society, into a low trust Brazil type banana republic (I guess we’re already there).

    I support federalism. Divide the country into distinct areas. People can initially settle where they wish but eventually allow them control migration through their territory. Something like the South Africa prior to the Boer War. The Orange Free State and the Transsval existed side by side and came together to fight the British. We can also come together for a common defense. Assimilation is not an option.

    Look at the Derb’s family. Do you really want to live around people like that? I don’t.

    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
    , @Marcus
  49. @IvyMike

    Either this is a troll , or you’re a communist, or a libertarian goofball. And if America is to be filled with “Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Latino, and African neighborhoods,” I hope the Chinese and the Russians destroy this country.

  50. @Achmed E. Newman

    Better that Eduardo go back and do landscaping at Fred Reed’s gated community in the old country.

    According to the paragraph you extracted from, the Eduardo in question is a legal immigrant or a born US citizen. So sending him back (to where, in the latter case?) is not an option.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  51. ruralguy says:

    The difference between Mexico and the United States can be best seen in their nominal GDP per capita: $9,000 vs. $62,000. This measure allows you to gauge the amount of disorder in a population. The Latin population in the United States grew 27.8% over period from 2000 to 2007. If this continues, we will no longer be a western nation of European Americans. We will be disorderly and impoverished. The notion that it’s best to give up and accept open borders, because we can’t do anything about it, isn’t really acceptable if you know what is about to happen. Africa’s projected population growth is frightening. They are projected to add 3 billion people by 2100. With our open borders and our population indoctrinated in socialist thought, we will idiotically welcome them all, until our paradise equalizes with their conditions.

    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
    , @Anon
  52. Escher says:

    Her groom was held up by Trump’s ICE enforcers for way too long.

  53. Left to themselves, Latinos will do rise on their own

    Then why the fuck didn’t they rise back in Mexico before they left?

    Better that Eduardo have a landscaping business or restaurant and be taxed

    Oh, yes. I’m sure ol’ Eduardito will scrupulously abide by our confiscatory tax laws. After all, he showed such respect for our immigration laws. Yep, he’s just dying to pay taxes!

    • Agree: By-tor
  54. SafeNow says:

    The word “landscaper” has been used incorrectly, here and everywhere. These migrants are gardeners, not landscapers. My landscaper has a degree in horticulture. He has taken courses in pesticides, soils management, and so on. To digress: I also have a gardener, and I pay my gardener extra to use a rake and broom rather than a leaf blower. In California cities that have banned the leaf blower, resident satisfaction with that ban is almost unanimous. It is hard to imagine any other law that would garner such approval, except perhaps doubling the number of physicians.

  55. @Rex Little

    It wasn’t clear to me who Eduardo was. If he’s legally an American, where does Fred Reed get the idea that Americans see him as an “internal enemy”. NOBODY says that. We just think that areas that are majority Mexican are no longer part of America, not enemy territory.

    • Replies: @romar
  56. I see–here and in Fred’s other columns and comment threads–Fred and his critics mis-characterizing and talking past one another, with an army of strawmen on both sides.

    To the critics: Fred has never claimed that allowing millions of Mexicans and other Latinos into the US was a good idea. Indeed, in this very article he lists reasons why it was not. Nor does he advocate for allowing more in. His focus is on those who are already here and who aren’t going anywhere no matter what we might wish. (In the case of illegals, the latter is open to question, which I will do shortly.)

    To Fred:


    But…the realistic chance of ten to thirty million deportations?

    Virtually none. But there’s a vast middle ground between 20 million and none. Strict enforcement of the existing laws, and an end to the many ways illegals are accommodated (Sanctuary cities! Driver’s licenses, for God’s sake!) would make a big dent in the number, and satisfy the vast majority of the Dissident Right, at least on that issue.

    2. Re-read Derb’s paragraph that you quoted. He’s talking about how immigrants themselves need to assimilate, not about whether the rest of us should favor or oppose that. Indeed, nobody on the Dissident Right, outside of maybe a handful of loons, objects to immigrants learning English and fitting in with American culture.

    The problem is that so many never do. Once their numbers are enough to form large ethnic enclaves, and government business can be conducted in their native language, why would they want to?

    If your Eduardo lives in East LA and goes for weeks at a time without speaking or hearing English, he’s not assimilating, no matter how hard he works or how much he pays in taxes . That’s what the Dissident Right objects to.

    3. As you noted in this article, immigrants from Mexico aren’t the best and brightest; they aren’t even the average. Therefore, your frequent paeans to life in Mexico have bugger-all to do with the issue of Mexicans in the US. An occasional such piece might interest someone thinking of retiring there as you did, but to those with an ax to grind and imperfect reading comprehension, they come off as immigration advocacy. I strongly suspect you know this, and do it with intent to provoke.

    • Replies: @romar
    , @Nico
  57. Frederico, you could have saved yourself a few thousand words. You might as well have written, “Got Latinos? Get used to it. It’s all over, Yanquis.”

    I know your down-Meh-hee-co-way lifestyle doesn’t much lend itself to to critical thinking. Who needs it when you’ve got all the tequila you could ask for and a mujer to empty your loins when the mood comes across you? Well, Frederico, some of us have more imagination than you. We have to. It’s our country. Not yours anymore.

    Pepe and Maria Gonzales and their eight womb-spills have to go back. And there are perfectly reasonable and nonviolent ways to make it happen.

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @romar
  58. romar says:

    “Assimilation is not necessary. They should adapt to white America, not the other way round.”
    That’s what assimilation means: being “swallowed and digested” by the receiving mainstream culture.
    Or what did you think assimilation mean?

    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
  59. romar says:
    @Microwave Surfer

    Pepe and Maria Gonzales will never go back: they’re sitting in what is after all their ancestral land.
    Just as Joseph and Mary will never go back to – wherever in Europe their ancestors came from. They sit in the land conquered by said ancestors.

    • Replies: @mark green
    , @Anonymous
    , @Wally
  60. romar says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    “… areas that are majority Mexican are no longer part of America.”
    These areas were once Mexican territory, cut off from Mexico. Now they’re still part of cut-off territories, but perhaps that no longer matters, as they are, as you say, “Majority Mexican” in population.
    A neat form of Reconquista, don’t you think?
    In a few decades, if you whites continue to refuse to live with them, you’ll be the one to be expelled – to what will be by then the few remaining white majority white regions. As you noted yourself, Pepe and Maria are prolific. Not as much as your fear suggests (re-read what Mr. Reed wrote on that), but they still produce more children than the whites, and in any case more of their kind will keep crossing the border.

  61. romar says:
    @Rex Little

    “immigrants from Mexico aren’t the best and brightest; they aren’t even the average.”
    Just as common and dull as the majority in any country. No worse than the majority of US citizens.
    In any case, they’re there to stay. And they will surely produce more AOCs and Ted Cruzes and Marco Rubios and Bob Menendez.
    Whether these and similar are bright or not matters little: they have power, and more of them will acquire power in politics and elsewhere.
    When Latino power reaches a critical mass, as it inevitably will, then the USA will look rather different than it does today…

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  62. Anon[249] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump threatened to deport “millions,” and then forgot about it a week later. We can fantasize about massive military sweeps, or death camps, or what Reagan would have done, yes. But…the realistic chance of ten to thirty million deportations?

    “Self deport,” as Romney said. You just have to make the U.S. less comfortable than their home country.

    — eVerify strictly enforced, with steep penalties for employers. This does away with a lot of jobs.

    — Regulation of cash payment to workers.

    — No personal overseas remittances unless you have a bank or other financial account, and …

    — … no financial accounts for people who are not legally in the country. Banks have been doing stuff like this since 9/11, as I’m sure Mr. Reed knows as an expat. Did you file your FBAR with FinCen yet? Have you opened a financial account post-“Know Your Customer”? So citizens and permanent residents could have bank and other financial accounts, buy virtual currencies, obtain credit cards, and so on. Non-immigrant visa holders can have financial accounts only during the term of their visas. Their money goes to Treasury the day after their visas expired. Illegals need to stick to cash.

    — Modify schedule E to be more like the equivalent filing where I live: Landlords must report all residents by name and list their bank accounts and SSNs or TIDs. If they pay in cash, note that, and contact them for immigration information, or delegate that to the landlords if it can be legally done.

    Then on the carrot side: Pay illegals to get out. Canada does some of this. Pay moving fees. Work with return countries on job placements or foreign schools for kids who don’t speak the language if the kids accompany the parents home.

    You can change the balance so it’s no longer worth the hassle to stay here.

  63. According to the paragraph you extracted from, the Eduardo in question is a legal immigrant or a born US citizen.

    Legal immigration (not only illegal) is driving population replacement. In a way it’s more dangerous than illegal border jumping, since for people like you that makes it legitimate, even admirable.

    So sending him back (to where, in the latter case?) is not an option.

    To where? Where they came from. I would have thought that is obvious. Not an option? Maybe not for a mature U.S.-born citizen (but we can and should end the birthright citizenship, anchor baby racket). As for legal immigrants (of which we should have far fewer) we need to change the law so that there is a probation period of five to ten years, during which various offenses would result in canceling the mistake of admitting them.

  64. @romar

    It’s not fear, Romar, it’s anger. It sounds like you are looking forward to a Mexico del Norte or, worse yet, Salvador del Norte. Be careful what you wish for. Without the benefits of Western Civ., created by the white man, we’ll see how well this Reconquista works out, or maybe not…

  65. @romar

    Just for your reference, Mexico didn’t ever have a serious presence in what’s the current US. They were being wiped by the Comanche Indians, who came down to Mexico City even. Peak Stupidity has a pretty even-handed review of an excellent book on this, Empire of the Summer MoonPart 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

  66. Corvinus says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    Actually, it’s OUR country, and OUR past and current residents continue to assimilate. Rough day in the courtroom?

  67. @syonredux

    Mexican music is taken from polka and Mexican beer recipes were provided by the Germans.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  68. John Derbyshire…has stated clearly and even eloquently that he favors assimilation

    Serás asimilado. La resistencia es inútil.

    • Replies: @pyrrhus
  69. @Anon

    These are all good workable programs that nobody in Washington is interested in implementing. They really do want to replace the white middle class -we irk the crap out of them. I do know that Fred Reed is not stupid enough to not understand what you wrote here, #249. He even WROTE for VDare for a short while. He just likes being bitchy – in his mind, anyone with solutions is a hater.

    BTW, were the problem mostly solved, I’d get rid of all the Orwellian landlord and financial stuff. Just control the freaking border – it’s neither very hard nor expensive* – don’t let them tell you otherwise.


    * On border barrier maintenance, see this post.

  70. We can fantasize about massive military sweeps, or death camps

    We sure can… We sure can.

    Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation

    Israel said on Monday it had started rounding up African migrants in the first stage of a controversial “emergency plan” to intern and deport thousands deemed a threat to the Jewish character of the state.

  71. pyrrhus says:

    A very reasonable column, and yes, some hispanics, mainly middle class, make a sincere attempt to assimilate……. but the realities are that the US DOES have affirmative action in favor of hispanics, who receive preference over far more qualified whites and asians…that most of those entering America are of low intelligence and lack education…that at least 70% of 3d world immigrants accept expensive welfare, including medical welfare…and that many violent or gang connected individuals are entering the country, both legally and illegally.
    Hence the present situation is unaffordable and unstable….All immigration should be halted, and undesirables need to be sent back. And a fair number of middle class hispanics would agree with this position, though not on the record….

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  72. pyrrhus says:

    Assimilation has proven elusive, but hispanics voting as a block for the Left has not….

  73. Haole says:

    Fred sounds like he believes Whites are still in control. Whites decide if latinx assimilate or not. Sorry, not true.

    If they want to be slumies they will be slumies.

    The alt right and nor the white dems are not in control of immigration, the immigrants are. the white dems think they benefit from immigration but, think again.

  74. Icy Blast says:

    It has been obvious for some time that there are millions of so-called “conservatives” in the U.S.A. who slander Spanish-speaking persons because these so-called “conservatives” are terrified of black people and their champions in the so-called “media.” They have an urgent psychological need to identify some group as being alien to what they want to define as “America,” so they attribute all the bad behavior engaged in by our black brothers and sisters to our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters. They are constantly encouraged in this sickening lie by such luminaries as Ann Coulter. Again, cowardice is at the root of this destructive phenomenon.

  75. The key point is that tens of millions of illegals are in the United States because they expect amnesty one day, because of two previous ones. How will the billion very poor people from Africa and Asia react to a third amensty for illegal aliens? More from my blog:

    Jun 24, 2018 – Fake News About Immigration

    Most Americans are confused by the massive propaganda for open borders. The world’s billionaires want open borders to drive down wages, destroy the remaining unions, shatter national pride, and increase their own power and profits. They directed their major media to warn that only racists oppose open borders, and twisted the positive term of “nationalist”, which means someone who is proud of their nation and wants to protect it, to mean an evil Nazi.

    The billionaires have begun another political offensive to bribe and threaten US Congressmen to grant a third amnesty to illegal aliens, something opposed by the majority of Americans. This is disguised as overdue immigration reform, but will only increase the problem of illegal immigration in the coming years, especially from Africa, which is producing hundreds of millions of excess people each year. Meanwhile, corporate America spins stories that a higher minimum wage will eliminate jobs because it makes automation attractive, while also claiming a labor shortage exists.

    Public opposition is so strong that most of our corrupt Congress is not following orders from sponsors for open borders, like the powerful US Chamber of Commerce. Few Americans know that President Trump agreed last year to give the so-called “Dreamers” amnesty, but insisted on other reforms to inhibit the flow of unneeded immigrants. This was rejected by the world’s billionaires and their political organization known as the Democratic Party because they want open borders. President Trump is hated by most of his fellow billionaires because he wants to end mindless immigration laws that hurt US citizens, like allowing family chain immigration, admitting refugees, and phony asylum visas. Why should poor, elderly parents of recent immigrants be allowed to move to the USA and eventually apply for welfare benefits? Why can’t the USA aid refugees by sending aid, rather than entry visas? Why has asylum for political reasons become asylum for any reason?

    The billionaires launched a new propaganda campaign to label those who oppose open borders as child abusers. For the past month, stories have filled our corporate media about “family separation” that occurs when illegals are arrested for committing crimes. American law enforcement has done this for decades and no one objects because it makes sense. If parents are arrested, law enforcement does not leave children abandoned. They are transported to the local child protective services agency for care until a parent is released or another relative agrees to take them. This is done everywhere, even in San Francisco.

    Yet suddenly, President Trump and American immigration officers are labeled as evil child abusers by our corporate media for arresting criminals. One of America’s leading corporate propaganda outlets, Time magazine, published a disgusting cover story showing evil President Trump smirking at a crying child. This wasn’t denounced as distasteful and unfair, other corporate stooges applauded. A few days later, this was uncovered as fake news, the girl had not been separated from her mother. Her mom had left her hard working husband in Honduras, traveled for days to the USA and walked across demanding asylum. She could have applied for asylum after crossing the border into Mexico, but that nation does not offer perpetual free food, free housing, and free medial care to illegal immigrants.

    Millions of homeless Americans would love to stay in these immigration detention facilities with showers, free food, and healthcare, but are not allowed, nor is their plight approved for news stories in the USA. These are much nicer than jails and prisons where two million US citizens are held for criminal offenses, but our media rarely does stories about them, or their separated children. This truth is hard to find but can be read on obscure websites like Information Liberation.

    Corporate America is angry because they might be forced to raise wages if millions of desperate foreign workers are no longer imported each year. They press their faux “left wing/liberal/progressive” media to support open borders, which is the most anti-worker policy imaginable. Most Democrats know this, but are terrified to speak the truth because their greatest fear is being called a racist, even though immigration harms poor American minorities more than any other group. Few Democrats know their leaders once opposed amnesty for illegals. One great Democrat was Barbra Jordan. Watch her 1995 speech explaining that immigration is not a right, but a privilege granted by American citizens in limited cases, and that “illegal immigration” must stop and violators promptly deported.

    If Americans are angry about family separation, they should march down to their local police station and demand this stop. But then they must decide if police should leave children abandoned or toss them in adult prisons with their parents, or don’t arrest people for crimes if they have children. These options are absurd, but not arresting illegal immigrants is the solution demanded by our corporate media. Hauling along children should not result in automatic entry into the USA with welfare benefits. President Obama promoted open borders before he left office, which caused massive problems that President Trump must deal with.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  76. I sometimes wonder whether many of the White nationalist types that claim to dislike Hispanics have ever met one in real life. Let me be clear: I will be the first to admit that Hispanics have more than their fair share of flaws, and that a little honest collective reflection would better serve their own cause than resorting to Black-style guilting and currying of handouts from Whites.

    That being said, some of the accusations levied against Hispanics by Whites are either outdated or simply false. Assimilation is one of them.

    If my personal and daily interactions with them in a city that is majority Hispanic are any indication, they seem to be assimilating just fine; arguably better than, say, Mainland Chinese. At least one can read store front signs in East Los Angeles, for example. A lot of street signs in, say, Monterey Park, Hacienda Heights, or San Gabriel are only in traditional Chinese hanzi (or sometimes Korean hangul). Proficiency in Spanish among Hispanics is dropping, not rising. Reader and viewership of Spanish language newspapers and television is declining, not growing. Increasingly, English is seen as the prestige language even by immigrants. I cannot tell you how often I encounter people, even those who clearly can but string a word or two of English, who refuse to speak in Spanish, replying instead only in a pidgin version of their adopted tongue.

    Also, urban Hispanics are not the only kind of my feisty, dusky people to be found. In California alone one can find out in Bakersfield, Fontana, or Temecula Hispanic families at least two or three generations resident in the US, espousing political views far to the right of what the mainstream Hispanic media projects.

    Finally—and I have said this before—Whites decrying the social justice bent of Hispanics have only their own kinfolk to blame. Almost all of the present social movements corroding the West are products of Anglo-American innovation; the dark side, if you will, of this genetic advantage. Whereas their predecessors preached some manner of Christian Gospel, today their descendants travel the world over spreading their gospel of death. Ask yourself how many Chilean, Mexican, Honduran, or Paraguayan NGOs operate in the US? Then ask yourself how many American NGOs operate in Latin America? Globohomo, BLM, open borders, etc.—those ideas did not originate in Ecuador.

    Complain and criticize Hispanics all you want. But at least get the reasons for your vitriol right.

  77. Tick Tock says:

    Illegal immigration is Illegal. Gee that was easy too. Assimilation my ASS. The world has changed and immigrants are no longer needed or welcome. That is the simple reality. If the pot is full putting more in it does no good and some of the good inside is lost with the overflow.

  78. @romar

    Pepe and Maria Gonzales will never go back: they’re sitting in what is after all their ancestral land.

    Pepe and Maria’s ancestors lived north of the Rio Grande?

    Tell that to the Navajo, the Chumash, the Apache, and the Tongva.

    The vast majority of uninvited migrants who have been unlawfully penetrating US borders in America’s Southwest for the past half century are MesoAmericans–(with some Spanish admixture.)

    Their ancestors were the Aztec, the Maya, the Zapotec, and the Olmec.

    Present-day Mexican, El-Salvadoran, Guatemalan, and Honduran-nationals have no claim to US soil. Their ancestors lived far south of what’s now Estados Unidos.

    Besides, they are not coming here to reclaim ‘lands’ anyway. They are here for the white man’s riches, as well as the orderly, industrious, innovative and advanced civilization that’s been created exclusively by science-driven, law-respecting, high-IQ ‘gringos’ from Europe.

    • Replies: @Spike
  79. MEH 0910 says:

    Immigration and Teething Pains

    Ann Coulter Retweeted:

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  80. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    “America is the only civilization in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization”

    ― Georges Clemenceau

  81. JoannF says:

    The only sensible discussion in this context can be about the seemingly hard decision if humanity does better by replacing populations of (relatively-if-slightly) higher intelligence with ones of lower intelligence, complex cultures with simpler ones. Instead of making the effort to go the other direction and turn itself into an intelligent species that deserves the name (rather than just claiming to be one). IT IS THIMPLE, All else is completely irrelevant.

    The “Elites” answer this thimple question with “Yes ! Affirmative ! We need DUMB NOW ! All else is too complicated, it can be considered proven that we won’t make it anyway, and in any case we’d rather stay on top of a dumb species than risk being just someone within a clever one !”
    So say their propagators, the mix-pundits, the voices of herd animal reason. And there is the single valid point they have : it’s easier to make everybody poor than rich, or dumb rather than smart. MUCH easier.

    The masses have of course nothing to say, they only repeat, and the Elites made sure that the repeaters decide the matter by repetition (democracy). Humans are repeat animals, and their evolution is just now, while they reach the level of filling up the planet and killing off its entire ecosphere, taking a healthy and quite natural dive, their evolution is now marching, and being marched, backwards, Some find it intuitively disturbing, these are being portrayed as somehow inhuman (like, “I find it interesting and disturbing that they think this way, but I don’t understand these people. This nation cannot survive without…”).

    The interesting point is that The Dumbing pleases most of humanity, the lazy, retarded child at school – at certain levels of consciousness it even seems to cause at orgasmic, amphibian pleasure. So yeah – this is happening, and this is clearly evolution at work, and what we consider ‘intelligence” is obviously not a relevant quality survival mechanism for a species.
    Let’s hope herd animal behavior is NOT the explanation for the Fermi Paradox.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
    , @obwandiyag
  82. Antares says:

    Legality should not be confused with the shenanigans of the government. Legality in a democracy can only exist if the population has agreed and is otherwise null and void.

  83. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    America is a large , wild , continent . The native indians were there for ages before the europeans arrived just 5 centuries ago : the spanish and portuguese , the english , the french and other europeans .

    The europeans in America tend to lose their european roots , spetially the yankees who seem to hate Europe . The europeans in America tend to mimetize with the savage teluricity of the continent , they end up being like the natives and mixing with them , becoming mestizos .

    The future of the USA will be similar to other american countries , mestizo , no matter how much the racially minded pure snow white anglogermans try to avoid it , it is the destiny of the Americas .

  84. It is a nice idea, but way too late. America is already bilingual. Go to an ATM machine, walk into Home Depot, call a bank or credit card company, and you get a choice up front of English or Spanish. Next will be Arabic as a third language. Doubt if anything else will follow, but there you have it. Like it or loathe it, “English only” in America as dead as the dodo as public policy.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Cat Hierophant
  85. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Back in the day when Ellis Island was really humming, there were strict immigration quotas and every would-be immigrant who landed here had to pass muster to be admitted. If not, they were immediately sent back to whatever country they came from… and these were mostly European countries at the time.

    Policies that worked like a charm in “less enlightened” times are now considered to be so infeasible as to be ludicrous. The denizens in the photo truly believe they have the right to migrate anywhere on the planet, as though some god ordained this in some holy book. Except for right here and right now, in the entire 200,000 year history of our species on this globe such thoughts would have been considered evidence of madness–at least as soon as the “Out-of-Africa” migration had peopled the entire Eurasian landmass, and later the Americas.

    There was invasion, raiding and pillaging to be sure, and the occasional traders, merchants and explorers, but most interlopers were not given a warm welcome by most locals. The fat of the land was generally reserved for those who initially settled and developed that land, or at least for the benefit of those at the top of the indigenous pecking order. It’s why 23&Me can analyse your genetic haplogroups and peg your presumed ethnicity. Exclusive residence of a region was usually long term, though not necessarily permanent–because, hey, humans like to lie, cheat, steal and fight.

    Nationalism evolved as a stabilising element in most societies and didn’t even take a lot of conditioning by the upper crust. It was simply self-evident whom your best allies would always be–those most closely related to you by blood. The way a polyglot, multi-ethnic empire usually came to be was through armed conquest. The Romans, the Moguls or the Han Chinese came to your land and annexed it, and maybe they let you live if you proved useful. They didn’t allow you to show up uninvited on theirs, put down roots and make a life for yourself and your extended family.

    • Agree: bomag
  86. Paul says:

    Some in elite circles may consider Hispanics useful as cheap labor and as a servant class for the ruling class. However, average Americans are not beneficiaries of the costs an underclass imposes in general.

  87. Bruno says:

    The German had to fight hard to deport or killed 6m people. So if the USA wanted to get rid of 50M people, the 15 M illegals and the NAM legals, it would never be done by central government.

    But as the Muslim said, the administration of savagery is very effective . When French were menaced to be all killed if they didn’t leave Algeria immediately and the threat was very credible, they all self deported despite having stayed there for more than a century.

    I wouldn’t recommend this method who is very unfair and discriminate mostly on phenotype. But it sure is a possibility.

  88. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:

    Like most anti-immigration hardliners, he/she is severely mentally retarded.

  89. The author of this article is stupid, delusional, or more likely both. Having lived in LA for thirty years I found the Mexicans more than unwilling to assimilate. They are more concerned with getting everyone else to accommodate them, which means their version of immigration is moving Mexico to America, speaking only Spanish and flying their Mexican flag. And yes, gangs of Mexicans attack whites, I had hordes of the little brown bastards angrily charging my vehicle once when I mistakenly drove into East LA. Some out-of-towners, a young couple with a child, had a more unfortunate experience when they got lost in LA one evening, drove down an unfamiliar cul-de-sac, and were immediately showered with a hailstorm of bullets from one of the numerous Latino street gangs who didn’t appreciate seeing white people on their turf.

    If you don’t speak Spanish, the first thing you have to do in LA to get basic retail services is request someone who speaks fluent, native English. Otherwise, don’t bother trying to order at a fast food restaurant, or getting an oil change for your car, etc.

    Here in the northeast my immediate neighbors are Mexican. They’ve been living next door for forty years and still can’t speak or understand any English. Normally quiet people, a platoon of DEA agents appeared one morning around 4 am to smash in their door and take out their kids on some charges.

    If our daily newspaper is any indication, the local Mexicans are very big proponents of child rape, world champions of spousal and girlfriend battering, and of encouraging their children to solve differences at school by hacking away at each other with machetes.

    It has been said repeatedly that it is financially unfeasible to deport all the illegals. Of course, that’s an excuse. I’m willing to bet that if you derived the cost breakdown per illegal and started a site to solicit donations to have them removed ( Americans would gladly turn their pockets inside-out.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @TKK
  90. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:

    I do.
    Also, the USA was lower trust in the 1980s than it is today. Are you telling me the USA was a high trust society in 1980 when the divorce rate was over 50%, and men were having to regularly beat their wives in to tomato paste just to prevent them from burning the house down out of hysterical rage and hatred for everything? 80% white/15% black America was a cesspool of violence, racial hostility, homicide, divorce, paranoia and dysfunction.

    Give me nonwhite women over Sarah Connor any day. Just LOL @ citing any period of South African history as an ideal. Nationalism always fails.

  91. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:

    US GDP per capita was 12,000 USD in 1980. Since inflation over the last 40 years has been 212%, that’s not impressive GDP growth. Mexico’s GDP per capita was less than $2000. So Mexico is experiencing more positive economic growth than the USA. Nevermind the fact that a substantial chunk of American GDP was generated by Latino undocumented immigrants. Also, South Korea’s GDP per capita is 29,000, yet South Korea isn’t worse than the USA. Much of the rural midwest and appalachia looks like a third world country, mostly due to white women’s low fertility and inability to make marriages work. America is very inefficient with that 62,000 real GDP.

  92. Anonymous[224] • Disclaimer says:

    Fred married a beanerette. He lives in Beaneria. He sees everything through brown-tinted glasses. He cannot conceive that making 40,000,000 illegals now here citizens would change anything.

    He sees no difference between Mexico City and New York City. He sees only “endlessly wonderful brown skinoids” enhancing the nation… totally ignoring their effed-up culture.

    Making folks who broke our laws (to mooch off our largesse per healthcare, education, housing, clothing, etc.) legal will mos’ def turn the USA into Amerexico…a third-world shithole.

    Fred will be long gone by the time his daughter adds to the toxic immigrant melange.

    Ship all our illegals to Mexico where their “diversity and vibrancy” can turn it into Aztec-Wakandastan. Let the browns with the black down there.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  93. TKK says:
    @PJ London

    I actually have traveled the world, lived abroad and have also spent considerable time with illegal Mexicans, eating with them and have been to their homes here. Hired them for odd jobs and represented them.

    They are a highly undesirable group. The reasons are in the hundreds. Here are a few:

    1. Most are on SNAP and other public benefits while working cash jobs that are not taxed.
    2. They are litterbugs on a catastrophic scale.
    3. They have no desire to assimilate.
    4. Their children hold back white and Asians students who have eager, agile minds because the teachers have to dumb everything down so they can follow.
    5. They take jobs away from native born white working classes (they are even pushing out the blacks in the AA adult day care that is US Post Office)
    6. They have no loyalty to the USA and hold white Americans in contempt.
    7. They do commit a large number of crimes: DUI(s), sex crimes and stealing services like cable and water. Driving w/o a license and w/0 insurance is standard.
    8. They do join or stay in their gangs and traffic huge amounts of meth.
    9. They, almost to a family, treat domestic and farm animals horrifically. That’s why slaughterhouses love their brutality. No whistle blowers there.
    10. They use the ER as free health care, and insure a 5 hour wait for an actual emergency, while they are seen for their ear ache, give a fake address and never pay the bill

    I could go on for pages.

    The sacred cow of the noble Mexican immigrant must be slaughtered. Sending them all back could be done, and should be done. Any other path is a guaranteed road to ruin.

    Any disingenuous wonk who says it is impossible has never experienced local law enforcement in the South when they decide someone is on their radar. They can make Inspector Javert seem a laid back guy. Town by town, over years- it can be done.

    Lastly- Chinese women as universally beautiful? Maybe in their 20s. But a thick stumpy nagging harpy with a frizzled perm passing gas and harking phlegm is not attractive. The young hotties in Shang-hai are outliers.

    Japanese women- that’s a different kettle of fish.

    • Troll: Sam Coulton
    • Replies: @PJ London
    , @Sam Coulton
  94. Anonymous[224] • Disclaimer says:

    Exactly! It’s why the world’s low-skill, low-IQ, low-motivation jamokes flood Mexico, trying to become like the Aztecs who butchered 10,000 of each other over long weekends to please Mr. Sun.

  95. Anonymous[224] • Disclaimer says:

    Who says we can’t get rid of millions of illegals?

    Why, the same people who said we couldn’t build 2 atom bombs during a world war; send a man to the moon and back; build an interstate highway system; wire most homes for electricity-phones-TV-Internet; bevel nearly every sidewalk corner for wheelchairs; make every store-restaurant-public venue ramped for disabled citizens; build railroads connecting thousands of cities; and so on.

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Per illegals: jail employers who hire them. Pay bounties for outing non-citizens. Deny welfare for all illegals. Deny access to schools, hospitals, etc. to illegals, too. Plus tax all female-only feminist groups to the max. Finally, force each Democrat to house (and pay all bills for!) one extended illegal family.

    • Replies: @Wally
  96. Anonymous[224] • Disclaimer says:

    Live in New York City for a while, move to California for 10 years, then come back to Manhattan and tell the folks living in your former digs that you own it “ancestrally.” See what happens.

  97. The British, especially the English, are probably the least racially aware people in the world, even more so than the Scandinavians I would say. Even the most left wing Scandinavians have some sense of their past, ie Vikings, etc, while the English have nothing other than perhaps the British Empire, which was multi-ethnic by nature and is most likely partially responsible for destroying ethnic nationalism in the English.

    England is just going to become more and more of a mixed race dystopia, I can’t see any fundamental turn around happening in that regard, Brexit or not. Even most of the most conservative, pro-Brexit English people have no problem with multiculturalism and race mixing, at the very most they might have some opposition to Muslim mass immigration but not to any other form of immigration. I believe England is basically a lost cause in an ethnic and cultural sense, even most right wing English people are resigned to the fact that England is rapidly becoming a multiethnic and multicultural dystopia and many actively support it. Brexit is purely about business and globalist trading and finance, native British ethnicity and culture is not even a consideration of Brexit and may well result in merely accelerating its replacement.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
    • Disagree: Mark Hunter
  98. onebornfree says: • Website

    “….Arguments about immigration will always be with us. But it’s important to understand that the real issue isn’t freedom for immigrants – it’s your freedom.

    Immigrants will continue to stream into this country, legally or illegally, so long as there’s a Welcome Wagon waiting at the border – offering free education, free health care, free welfare and a free lunch. We need to put the Welcome Wagon out of business, so only people looking for freedom will want to come here.

    Until then, no law, no policy, no border patrol will stop the flood of illegals.

    Whose freedom is at stake?

    Meanwhile, new laws to limit immigration will affect you considerably. You may think those laws will keep America pure, but they will succeed only in taking more of your liberty.

    Think about it. How will the government root out people who are in this country illegally? By checking their papers, of course.

    But how do they know whose papers to check? They don’t. So they’ll have to check everyone’s papers – including yours.

    That means more invasions of your privacy, higher taxes, more corruption in law enforcement. The police will be allowed to stop you at will and ask for your identity card – and to search your property without a warrant, checking your car or home to see if you’re harboring illegals. Your employer will have to take more of the money available for wages and divert it to filling out forms and complying with bureaucratic inspections. The red tape also will add to the prices of the things you buy.

    And all the while, the people you thought you were keeping out will continue to show up to tend your yard and wash dishes at the local restaurants…….”:

    From: “The Immigration Scam”

    Regards, onebornfree

  99. Hispanics seem a lot more pro-Spanish/pro-European in their outlook than white North Americans are pro-British/pro-European. It seems to be increasingly common for many of them to refer to themselves as “Spanish” and almost act like their culture is simply an extension of Spanish/European culture, even the most non-white Mestizo ones seem to have a strong sense of “Spanish” identity.

    In contrast it’s very rare for white North Americans to make any comparison between themselves and Britain, especially not in a positive sense. Most would probably regard being called “British/English” or anyone saying that North American culture is similar to British culture to be an insult. Hispanics seem to be far more culturally and mentally aligned to the “old world” than white North Americans are. For example, many Hispanics seem to compete about which Latin American city is the most “European”, being Spanish/European is something they pride themselves on. I’ve never heard Anglo North Americans competing about which city is the most British/European, probably because they would likely consider it an insult if anyone said their city was British in character.

  100. PJ London says:

    I have absolutely no idea why you addressed this to me. Nothing you are saying has any relevance to my comment.
    I said nothing about the morals, ethics, behaviour or any other attribute of Mexicans or any one else.
    Your xenophobia is evident and quite honestly utterly ridiculous.
    The Southern law enforcement still have to follow the law and policies, or are you suggesting that they should just beat, shoot them and throw them over the border?
    Have a nice day.

  101. we don’t want this nation to be saved…we want to end it…and then the fun begins…ah, that day, THAT day…

  102. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Alan Sabrosky

    Spanish is a beutiful language , good sonority , easy to read and write , derived from latin , good
    literature , good culture , spoken by about 500 million in the world , mainly in the Americas , including the USA , and Spain .

    If so many hispanics have learnt english as a second language , why can not americans learn spanish or other languages ? it is interesting and useful .

    A couple of summers ago I was in Germany , in Berlin , to do some tourism , when I needed to talk to the locals the typical simple tourist questions , the first couple of days I talked to them in english , the international language , and I saw that usually they refused to answer , put an expression of disgust and went away . Then I began to talk to them in spanish to see what happened , and to my surprise , they usually smiled , and answered with a few spanish words , that probably they have learned doing tourism in Spain , I reciprogated with the very few german words I know , bitte , danke, au wiedersen …

    • Replies: @Montefrío
    , @Wally
  103. Back in the eighties I found myself unemployed because Bill Clinton sent my good job to Mexico. In my forties and out of shape I joined the apple harvest in beautiful western Wisconsin. The picking crews were about evenly divided between Mexicans and local farm boys. Mexicans were doing my job in Mexico while I did their job in Wisconsin. I found the Mexicans to be humble, generous and hard working. I bear them no ill will. I reserve that for Bill Clinton.

    If I had the time and inclination I could tell you about my experience with the Mexican take over of the meat packing industry in the Midwest. I will just say again that the packing plant workers are fine people. I’m sure they have raised their standard of living by coming to America. The problem is that they lowered my standard of living. Or more accurately, my government, corrupted by native Capitalists, has lowered my standard of living.

    I understand that some of my cohort, displaced native born Americans, are foolishly blaming immigrants for their problems. But to be fair it is they who must assimilate. It’s the natives who must learn how to be poor. Adding insult to injury the natives are now being told by their betters that they are racially inferior and less deserving than the people who replaced them.

    If our government were not corrupt it would formulate and enforce an immigration policy that balanced the needs of business, labor, the economy and the immigrants themselves.

  104. @Achmed E. Newman

    “ Mr. Derbyshire writes fairly about China and the Chinese”

    If anything Derb is overly critical of China and the Chinese when compared to most authors on this site. He ain’t no Godfree Roberts, that’s for sure.

  105. Fred’s problem, in a nutshell: he sees assimilation as something we need to “do” to them. As if it entailed some sort of surgery, or physical intervention. If Heeshpanics REFUSE to assimilate – eg speakee the English – there is nothing we can do ( and not printing everything in Spanish will NEVER happen…). They win, we lose. They invade in massive numbers, refuse to “assimilate “, and…it’s a conservative shortcoming?? It’s over Johnny…

  106. An reasonable voice:

    You have a country. Go home. And you are welcome to take the Mr. Fred Reed’s advocating your lawless wrecklessness, simply because he can’t stand black people with you.

  107. KenH says:

    If you’ve read one hispandering Fred Reed column then you’ve read them all. It’s always the same talking points…hispanics love America and our making it a better place….deporting millions of the illegals might be legally correct and not really desirable or doable…..hispanics would be fully assimilated if not for white nationalists hiding under every bed preventing it from happening.

    Better that Eduardo have a landscaping business or restaurant and be taxed than that he live on welfare for lack of an alternative.

    The problem is that Eduardo, his mamacita and their five kiddies are also on medicaid and the free lunch program which consumes far more in taxes than his little landscape business might pay in.

    Here’s a snapshot of some in the hispanic American hall of fame:
    California AG Xavier Bacerra – Routinely fights to nullify Trump’s immigration rules and regulations.
    NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza – Has fired or demoted white school administrators in an effort to root out “white supremacy”. Little Richie was born in Tuscon, AZ so since he grew up here he should be “just like us” but is far from it.
    Democrat presidential nominee Juan Castro – Anti-white bigot who supports programs that forcibly transfers white wealth to non-whites.

    Then there’s the fact that hispanics vote 66-72% for the anti-white, free stuff giving Democrats in every presidential election. For the 900th time, hispanics do have some redeeming qualities and they aren’t congoid Americans, but they aren’t whites and will never be just like us. For Fred to say otherwise tells me that either he smoked too much weed in Vietnam or Violeta has him tied up in some Aztec torture chamber and forces him to write this hispandering garbage.

  108. @MikeatMikedotMike

    The music known as “banda” is oom-pah derived, but it’s pretty much limited to Sinaloa. Does this sound like polka to to?

    German-style beer has been pretty big in the USA (and many elsewheres) for a long time.

  109. KenH says:

    Back in the eighties I found myself unemployed because Bill Clinton sent my good job to Mexico.

    Bill Clinton wasn’t elected president until 1992 and NAFTA passed in 1993 and went into effect in early 1994. I do know that it impoverished some members of the white working class almost overnight and caused many suicides and marriage dissolutions which are trends that have continued ever since.

  110. While most people focus on race/immigration part, I find this more interesting (perhaps because this is what I’ve been thinking of for quite a while; also, race etc. is nothing new):

    Big model airplanes are cheap, as are GPS receivers. Everybody’s cellphone has one. Even five-pound charges going off on targets like the US Capitol, control towers at airports, or other easily imagined targets would raise hell. Terrorism for the masses. Well, someone seems to have thought of this.

    How do you defend against swarms of thirty-pound plastic airplanes that cost a thousand dollars each? How many million-dollar (or whatever) Patriot missiles do you expend against cheap targets before you run out of million dollar Patriot missiles? Note that a country typically has many, many more high-value targets than can be defended.

  111. @Rational

    Rational, I was kind of with you until you started blabbering about killing illegal alien invaders on sight. Word is, and I don’t know if it’s true, that Trump has diverted funds from the military budget and is finally building The WALL. He needs to show it is being built if he has any chance at re-election. A proper wall, with military guards, would go a long way in halting border crossings, but nothing is ever 100%.

    BTW, you must live in the past. White America no longer exists.

  112. @Anon

    I am a native English speaker and have always been at a loss as to why other native English speakers make little or no effort to learn another language. So much is missed out on by not doing so! Then again, such learning implies one has innate curiosity about cultures other than one’s own. I wouldn’t have missed out on that for all the cheese in Wisconsin!

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  113. Bookish1 says:
    @Mike Zwick

    I wouldn’t base your hope on one simple incident. Maybe 99% of the people in that area only speak Spanish and maybe 75% of the people know no english and dont want to know it. Maybe.

  114. @Si1ver1ock

    And wealthy pregnant women are scaming the system by flying into the US just to have their babies here, so that the babies are automatically US citizens. Then they fly home with them. Their children can later go to school or reside here if they want, taking higher paying jobs from real Americans.

    One of Trump’s many failures was to forget about challenging Birthright Citizenship. It was just designed to make freed slaves citizens, per some legal interpretations. It has never been ruled upon in the Supreme Court either. SC Justice Robert Jackson said that the Constitution is not a Suicide Document. In forcing the SC to rule on birthright citizenship, it is high time to find out if he was right.

  115. “ America doesn’t need the population”


    Recognizing over population could be the foremost immigration limit position.
    But that would entail recognizing the limits to growth, “ Richest Nation” fallacy and all sorts of Tabbo.

  116. Bookish1 says:

    What bothers me as much as illegal immigration into this country is the fact that whites have to accept integration of non whites into our white neighborhoods. If we resist we are called racists. But whites are so weak and washed out now that there is no resistance to that non white integration into our neighborhoods. I have to ask who in the hell has the right to order the integration of races. It sounds like stalinist Marxism ordered by a gentile means.

  117. @Q. Shtik

    I never thought I’d see the day when candidates for president (all of them D’s) campaigned on Reparations for Slavery – and still remained viable. There is no way to implement such a ridiculous idea, and they know it. But they are afraid of Al Sharpton, who stood over them when he asked his intimidating question. Reparations for slavery has taken pandering to a whole new level.

  118. George 1 says:

    The two most important things to remember with regard to ALL immigration, legal or otherwise is that about 80 percent of immigrants will vote for more socialism when they get the chance. All the better to bring the country down more quickly.

    The other bad thing is that approximately 80 percent of immigrants will be on some form of welfare. Some of them will be on it forever. So please continue with immigration as it is. I mean the more we are like Brazil the better off everyone will be. Right?

    So if you want to assimilate Latino immigrants, fine. I wish you every luck in that endeavor. But to start with we should seal the Border and end all legal immigration for a very long time.

  119. We should just deport all non whites. Birthright citizenship is not in the constitution so we can strip all of them of citizenship gotten by it. This is what is needed otherwise the USA is done and when the non whites are enough of a majority they will simply vote to disenfranchise white people. Wetbacks hate us and I know for sure they do. I live in Southern California and their hatred of whites is out in the open already.

    Fred’s claim that Mestizo’s learn English by the 2nd generation is not true. California schools have millions of 3rd generation kids showing up at our schools with no English.

    Fortunately the non whites are too stupid to wait until whites are around 10% of Americans to attack us. We can easily beat them back as long as we are at least 10% of the population and they will begin to disenfranchise us way before this number is reached. We will then rise up and march them to the Southern border.

  120. Evidently the author is a zionist , as he is pushing propaganda for unlimited immigration and open borders , which is a zionist agenda to undermine America and turn it into a third world country to more easily meld America into the satanic zionist NWO!

    This is the type of propaganda that is destroying America!

    • Replies: @Epaminondas
    , @Rex Little
  121. @syonredux

    And the Catholic clergy thinks it’s going to bolster its dropping church attendance with people who worship Santa Muerte.

    Better to have smaller, better flocks than violent semi-pagans who worship that.

  122. @Simply Simon

    I personally like hearing the Dems all try to speak Spanish…it’s about as genuine as Warren’s high cheekbones. We can call it “High Cheekbone Castilian”. Has a nice ring.

  123. @WorkingClass

    Very well-reasoned and considerate comment. Assimilation means adopting the language, culture and such of the host country’s longstanding traditions while perhaps retaining some of one’s own at home and politely introducing them to your hosts in good fellowship. In my tiny village, nearly everyone I know will speak to me in English on occasion to show that they’re trying (I’m bilingual) and will try the Tabasco sauce with a smile and a wince; picante isn’t popular where I live.

    You as a USA citizen have no “betters”, just jumped-up suits who believe themselves to be such. The bang-up job they’ve done on failing to implement nearly any sensible policies on anything from immigration to education, to… But why go on?

    • Replies: @Felix Krull
  124. bomag says:
    @PJ London

    When you have few skills then making your life more competitive, more difficult is really scary.

    Our country is indeed handing out opportunities and resources to immigrants.

    But life isn’t scary today; there are easy jobs and welfare for all. That is the problem: people flock here for the easy jobs and handouts.

    If things get tight, we might start wishing there were fewer mouths to feed; but maybe the good times will go on forever.

  125. Fred is married to a Mexican Jew. Do we really need to listen to this Presbyterian’s foolish “thoughts”?

    • Replies: @Republic
  126. @DESERT FOX

    Fred’s Mexican wife is MOT. I rest my case.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  127. @Sgt. Joe Friday

    The West has largely been of a few long-standing battles. The Anglo(phone)s (of any British type) against the Spanish; the Teutons against the Anglo-Saxon cousins (England vs Germany) and the Gael/Visigoths against everyone else (Napoleon vs.)

    We are currently in Anglo (culture) vs. Spanish (culture) 2.0. The original players (England and Spain) are irrelevant, but the remnant cultures in the West are still competing for resources. Although I am of both cultures, myself and others are not unaware that the Anglos not only conceded their borders, and culture, but they ceded their future (by vote no less) with endless affirmative action in contracts, jobs and colleges for their own children–to give preference to a subset of the Spanish culture, that either (a) is basically white (upper class); or, (b) are mestizos who never suffered any historical injustice in the United States as is the case with blacks.

    White Americas, even the women (the very mothers of children effected) have gone to the polls, local, state and federal, cycle after cycle, to literally vote for affirmative action for “Hispanics” (many of us whom are white) above their own children, and grandchildren. No force was involved. They gladly did it under the rubric of “diversity” and on the backs of a non-sequitur that Hispanic/Latinos were somehow similarly situated to black Americans.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  128. wayfarer says:

    Here in Yuma Arizona on the US–Mexico border, there is a deep disdain among local people from Northern Mexico for the human tsunamis rolling in from Southern Mexico, Central America, and South America. Massive sets of human waves, which are making the lives of those on either side of this border increasingly difficult by the day.

    Earth does not hold unlimited resources, for an untold population of human dependents.

  129. @Anonymous

    Fred’s addiction to panocha now colors everything he writes.

  130. @WorkingClass

    Whoever you’re trolling for needs to fire you. To begin, Bubba Clinton wasn’t even president until the ’90’s. When your first statement presents such a huge mistake, people know to immediately stop reading.

  131. Agent76 says:

    Jul 12, 2019 Immigration: 3 Reasons They Can’t Deport Millions Even if They Want to

    Over the last few years, we’ve heard a lot of people demanding that all illegal immigrants need to be deported, literally millions of them.

    Dec 3, 2018 There are no illegal immigrants. Prove me wrong.

    • Replies: @Aft
  132. @Montefrío

    I have traveled extensively and am competent in several languages. But, I would learn to the fluency of a native the language of any people among whom I planned to settle.

  133. Baxter says:

    You are correct sir. This country is done regardless of any change in immigration.
    I’ve said it before and I have to say it again, there is nothing holding America together but a government.
    What is modern America? It is a bunch of different special interest groups, transnational corporations, races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, cultures, subcultures, lifestyles, classes, underclasses-permenant underclasses it appears, sexual orientations and genders- yes, we have different genders now.
    What does all this disparate stuff have in common keeping it together?
    The answer is nothing but a government.
    Modern America is changeable, unstable and formless.
    Well all see how much longer this freak show can last. Cheers.

  134. Dumbo says:

    This whole “assimilation” thing is pure nonsense. Who is assimilating to whom?

    This experiment of large numbers of mestizos and a white minority has been tried already, it’s Latin America.

    And it’s the future of the US, only that the US will be even more fragmented as you also have a lot of other ethnic groups.

    In the end, expect a type of pyramidal structure, with:

    1. Jews and Anglos on top as the masters
    2. Other whites as a small and contained creative class
    3. East Asians as conformist technical workers
    4. Mexicans and South Asians as servants
    5. Africans as real estate displacement units (cycle of ghettoization gentrification)

    Expect more criminality, expect more chaos.

    • Agree: DESERT FOX, FvS
    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
    , @Aft
  135. Bookish1 says:

    “It is impossible for a man to become assimilated with people whose blood is different than ones own.”—–vladimir jabotinsky

  136. As we old Marines say, Fred has stepped on his poncho. First, a real government could easily control immigration, deport illegals and still allow us to bring in good, high quality people to this country, people capable of assimilating quickly. The idea is that we must stand by helplessly as our country is invaded by endless hordes of low IQ paupers is nonsense. Second, we have a right to our country, to leave it to OUR children, and to let in only those we want and need. Young, healthy, educated, skilled, law-abiding oeiople of similar culture, English-speaking (or determined to learn it). All others, step to the rear.
    I understand old Fred. As the old song goes, he fell in love with a Mexican girl. Good for him. Many of them are good women and great wives. I am also married to a Latina from a South American country without the complexes Mexicans tend to have about the U.S. She is everything we need in an immigrant – and she is disgusted by the flood of human garbage from south of the border.
    You better believe middle-class Latinos know the difference and they don’t want this scum any more than most Americans do.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  137. Wally says:

    “the same people who said we couldn’t build 2 atom bombs during a world war”

    You’re proud of that?

  138. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Ruralguy ,

    Just one comment , you say that the US has a per capita income of 62.000 dollars , and Mexico 9000 dollars . Ok , you have checked the figures I guess . And you complain of emigration .

    But I don`t know if you realize , you americans , that saying so often to the rest of the world how rich you are , that you are the richest country in the world , makes billions of human beings from poor countries desire to emigrate to the USA ???? , and then you complain of emigration .

    I don`t know if you realize that when a mexican with 9.000 sees your figures thinks : the gringos make 7 , seven , times more money than here in Mexico , wowwwwww , I am going to the USA !!!!!

    If , say an ukrainian , or a bolivian , with 3000 dollars of per capita income/ year sees your 62.000 $ he thinks wowwwwww, the americans make 20 , twenty , times more money than here , I am emigrating to the rich USA !!!!

    The USA has been bragging how rich it is since the end of WW2 , and half the world wants to emigrate to the USA , no wonder .

    To avoid so much emigration you should always complain , always complain , instead of bragging , oh! , the prices , expenses and taxes are very very high in the USA , everything is so expensive here … we can hardly get to the end of the month ….. oy vey oy vey , and like this you would have less emigrants .

    Oy vey .

    • Replies: @Ace
  139. @Montefrío

    Does Spanish guitar music sound like polka? No, it sounds like Spanish guitar music. Mexicans playing Spanish guitar music doesn’t make it Mexican. Just like with the beer, it is messican in name only.

    The point is, save for the corn tortilla, pretty much anything of any cultural value in Mexico is descended from Europe, and not many elsewheres.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  140. FvS says:

    Would Japan, Nigeria, or Turkey be better off if 30% of their population was indio/mestizo Hispanic? Would that increase or decrease national unity in those countries? If you swapped the populations of Japan and Mexico, do the countries stay the same? Nations are a reflection of their people. Race is immutable. As the Latin American population grows in the United States, the United States will become more like Latin America. No sane person should desire this.

  141. Skeptikal says:

    All Latin Americans are NOT alike.

    My personal Unfavorites are Dominicans.
    Loud, inconsiderate, disrespectful of others’ rights. Such as property rights.
    While acting entitled and hostile while offending community standards.

    No Dominicans should be allowed into the USA.

    Unfortunately they have settled in in many communities and wrecked those communities, plus started up a gang culture in older northeastern cities. Dominicans out!!

    • Replies: @Andy
    , @Republic
  142. Wally says:

    And what “ancestral lands” are those?

    The land that the Spaniards in Mexico lost?

    No doubt you welcome low IQ invaders of Europe while Europeans who truly are on “ancestral lands” are demonized.

  143. @Quartermaster

    Assimilation works only when you have small numbers.

    True. The reason for big numbers is cheap labor, and always has been. Immigration is the reserve army of capital, used to attack wages and working conditions while raising profit and living costs.
    Immigration is an economic issue. Billions of tax dollars are spent every year on immigrants, that could be better spent on infrastructure or supports for the citizenry. Immigration is supposed to benefit the country, not the country benefiting the immigrant.

  144. FvS says:

    This is what Fred Reed fights for now. He is a traitor to his people.

    • Agree: Republic
  145. @DESERT FOX

    he is pushing propaganda for unlimited immigration and open borders

    No, he is not. He has never advocated open borders. He has never said that it would be a bad idea to end all immigration immediately. He has never said that letting in tens of millions of immigrants who don’t speak English was a good idea; indeed, he has said just the opposite several times.

    On the subject of Latinos and the US, Fred’s focus is entirely on what to do with those already here (many of whom, he correctly notes, are born US citizens and can’t be deported(*)). You may not agree with everything–or anything–he says on this subject, but at least point your arrows of criticism at a real target.

    * – No, not even if we end birthright citizenship. Can’t make it retroactive.

  146. Wally says:

    “answered with a few spanish words”

    IOW, they do not know Spanish.

    • Replies: @Anon
  147. Send them home, along with John Derbyshire. Eff Fred, Derbyshire, and the aliens. Make it retroactive to 1965. Nobody asked us if we want them. Who cares if Fred doesn’t see it as reasonable? Most immigrants can’t assimilate and don’t want to assimilate. What happens is that America assimilates to them. I don’t view an overpopulated Babel that nobody asked for as reasonable.

  148. If assimilation–forced or otherwise–is a simple solution, why not send a quarter-million “Friendship Soldiers” into Mexico with a long to-do list?

    * redistribute Mexican wealth
    * 50-ft tall border wall with corporate billboards on the Mex side
    * legalize drugs/execute all cartels
    * create Mexican Social Security and Welfare
    * build Mexican sports franchises
    * open Planned Parenthood “health” centers
    * root out government corruption (guillotine)
    * require English fluency training
    * make all highway signs bilingual
    * build quality Mexican infrastructure
    * invite Chinese to “invest”
    * Romantic soap operas about Friendship Soldiers
    * forced integration, affirmative action and SIBIL RIGHTS for Afro-Mexicans

    all paid for with aforementioned Mexican wealth.

    Instead of turning the USA into s-hole “North Mexico,” (our present path) let’s change them into “The Refried United States Part II: McWalmartMonsterTruckShowNFL

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  149. @Kolya Krassotkin

    That’s you. On the other hand they don’t care about you, your culture, your race, your language, your neighbourhood … nothing whatsoever except what they can get for themselves and for their own. Maybe very few of them are interested and have some curiosity about the host country but the vast majority don’t. That they don’t want to integrate, assimilate, whatever is obvious. What is not so obvious is that they also don’t want you to integrate into their culture as they replace you. They just want you to disappear, plain and simple. How they’ll run things after? They’ll run them however they ran them in their failed countries, if they give it any thought at all for now.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  150. @OscarWildeLoveChild

    When did anyone vote for Affirmative Action? I’ve never seen it on a ballot. It’s a derply unpopular idea that is shoved down the throats of Americans by politicians of both parties, just like immigration.

    • Replies: @mark green
  151. @follyofwar

    White America is all there ever was of America, and it still exists, though it is full of invaders, both “legal” and illegal. Invasions have been turned back before.

  152. @MikeatMikedotMike

    I get where you’re coming from and largely agree (corn tortillas are great!), although much of the guitar music is not typically Spanish. I lived in Spain for many years, Mexico for one year for work purposes, but once the job was completed scooted back to Spain, then five years later (’04) moved to Argentina, which has remarkable guitar rhythms unlike any I heard in Spain and I’d begun living in Spain in ’73, so I heard plenty. The true genius of reviving the guitar was Andres Segovia, who brought the guitar into the classical repertoire. Here he is playing a transcription of Mussorgsky: . First heard that piece at age 14 (’60), found it haunting.

    Funny enough, Ana Gabriel (the singer cited earlier) has a strong Asturian accent, given that she comes from a part of Mexico where it’s prevalent, but here’s an example of a more typical andtraditional Mexican guitar piece:

  153. @Commentator Mike

    Sorry if I was unclear. My comment was in response to someone suggesting Americans should learn second languages. When Hispanics, Chinese or Somalis come to this country, they need to learn English.

    I have no illusions that the rising number of Latinos in this country is much more than a primary indicator of the US’s decline.

    Secondly, immigration into this country is at destructively high levels, and our “leaders” g_ddam well know it.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  154. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    I don`t see Florida in the map , they left the Florida Reconquista to the Cubans ?


  155. No one is talking about the govt deporting 40 million illegals. Our goal should be to end all the freebies we give them such as free schooling for their kids and welfare and free health care at ERs. We also need to take jobs from illegals by prosecuting companies that hire them.

    The illegals will then SELF-DEPORT.

    • Replies: @Trupright
  156. @Rex Little

    Illegal immigrants need to be sent back to their country of orgin, not assimilated , our country is being destroyed by illegal immigration, and this is a zionist agenda to push America down to third world levels which is being accomplished, and we pissed off some 7 trillion and counting on fighting for Israel in the mideast, we can sure as hell spend the money to deport illegals.

    I am not against legal immigration, but what we have here with an unlimited wave invasion is going to destroy America.

    • Agree: Ace
  157. MEFOBILLS says:

    Immigration is due to economics. Manuel wades across the border to make dinero in El Norte. He is also repelled by his own comprador elite in the South.

    See Perkins’ book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman for how the (((Monied Elites))) maneuver to screw Manuel from his historical lands.

    The comprador elite in El Norte reside in the Chambers of Commerce, and WANT immigration.

    It is a greedy class of people who want cheap labor, and to hell with borders, language and culture. This class of people also work in concert with “Judges” to form a Kritarchy.

    Whenever American’s vote against their dispossession, some judge decides otherwise.

    And yes, the judges are the usual (((suspects))).

    An economic problem has an economic solution, and it isn’t assimilation. That is only giving in.

    The real solution is to get rid of the debt money system, which is failing anyway, and near death.

    A sovereign money system of U.S. dollars (money issued from Treasury debt free) can PAY the invaders to leave. Americans work in their robotic factories to make wealth, to pay for removal. In the short term it is a little expensive, but in the long term it is a good deal.

    Self deportation is a real thing, millions will walk back home if the choice is gold or lead (the bullet).

    This idea that we have to accept, and pay for our own dispossession is outrageous.

    It all begins and ends with the money system, and state sponsored usury (private banking credit) creates problems and will continue to create problems until it is thrown on the ash heap of history.

    Without taking into account the Jew and his debt money (finance capital) then root cause is ignored. You cannot fix a problem unless it is identified first.

  158. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    They know a few words , many germans come in summer on vacation to Spain , but they should speak english better …

    Maybe he germans are fed up with the american occupation of their land 75 years after the end of WW” ?

    I don`t know .

  159. “They are not going to go away.”

    This really p*sses me off. It’s not up to those criminals, and that’s what they are, to decide whether they stay or not. It is, or should be, up to the American people. The invaders should have no say whatsoever.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Biff
  160. A reasonable paragraph from Fred Reed:

    There are good reasons for wishing that the Latinos had not come. America doesn’t need the population, assimilation is expensive, and any immigrants inevitably provoke hostility. Conservative businessmen make things worse by deliberately giving American jobs to illegals to make more money. (Which, by the way, is illegal.) The objections of the Dissident Right are not always frivolous or merely loutish.

    Fred Reed’s overall message to accept the demographic destruction of the USA is NOT reasonable.

    Fred Reed is a baby boomer who was bought off with asset bubbles and monetary extremism from the privately-controlled Federal Reserve Bank. There are millions of baby boomer nation-wreckers like Fred Reed. They are evil and immoral and they are maliciously celebrating the demographic weaponization of mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration in order to kill the USA.

    Fred Reed is a baby boomer who revels in the mass immigration-induced destruction of his nation. Fred Reed is a baby boomer Hell bent on killing the United States of America.


    Fred Reed pushes mass immigration.

    Mass immigration increases income inequality; mass immigration lowers wages; mass immigration increases housing costs; mass immigration swamps schools; mass immigration overwhelms hospitals; mass immigration causes sprawl; mass immigration harms the environment.

    Fred Reed pushes mass immigration.

    Mass immigration creates multicultural mayhem; mass immigration brings Islamic terrorism to the United States; mass immigration destroys cultural cohesion; mass immigration is an attack on US national sovereignty.

    Mass immigration stifles Affordable Family Formation for young White families in the United States.

    Why does Fred Reed push mass immigration?


    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  161. Ace says:

    Don’t be a moron, Fred. No one hates Latinos. We just don’t need more foreigners from anywhere to make America better or make it work.

    Vdare isn’t anti-immigrant. It’s anti-immigration. Don’t be obtuse.

    PS — importing and nurturing thousands of MS-13 filth is bad for the country. I can distinguish between them and others wanting merely to come here to steal jobs, suck off the welfare tit, and forever change the demographics in the direction of brown. Is it ok if America remains a white-majority nation? Overwhelmingly white-majority, as in 90%?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  162. zogborg says:

    All this focus on illegal immigrants, yet they are far more productive and less violent than American-born Negroes. Cuckservatives focus all their hate on foreigners, and foreign countries, while too scared to call out and confront American jigaboos despite all the black-on-white crime. I’ll take a hardworking Pakistani or Guatemalan over a welfare-eating, ungrateful, criminal-minded American nigger.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  163. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Secondly, immigration into this country is at destructively high levels, and our “leaders” g_ddam well know it.

    Of course they know it and they want it, as if not they’d stop it.

  164. @Irish Savant

    It is, or should be, up to the American people. The invaders should have no say whatsoever.

    Until these new immigrants become the American people, and the majority, then its up to them. Not much time left to act or do anything about it, especially when the elites and the state are not on your side, and probably not most of the old timer American people either considering the brainwashing.

  165. Ace says:

    We “would have less emigrants” if we just sealed the borders and deported those here. What Miguel or Stanislav want to do about getting more dollars in America is irrelevant. They should knock themselves out by paying for the journey to the border where they will be turned away.

    Such would be a commonsense world, not the feeble, sniveling world in which we dwell.

    • Agree: DESERT FOX

    But who’s going to implement those conditions for the immigrants to go back? TPTB purposely created dysfunctional societies south of the border to drive the hordes out of their countries and into the US. They’re not stopping or even slowing down with their programme, and the end result they aim for is obvious – destruction of the white race – except for themselves, the elitist few.

    • Replies: @MEFOBILLS
  167. anon[414] • Disclaimer says:

    I just think we should cede California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to Mexico with all the immigrants in it. Congratulations you finally won we’ve given it back and your people too. Ir is all they want right? It always seems as thought Fred feels his life would be better with fewer Mexicans in Mexico. He never encourages them to go back there either.

  168. @OilcanFloyd

    Hi Oilcan. You may file Affirmative Action (along with a host of other feel-goody, court-ordered liberal decrees) under JUDICIAL TYRANNY.

  169. How do you defend against swarms of thirty-pound plastic airplanes that cost a thousand dollars each? How many million-dollar (or whatever) Patriot missiles do you expend against cheap targets before you run out of million dollar Patriot missiles? Note that a country typically has many, many more high-value targets than can be defended.

    The high-tech solution is an automated autocannon air-defense system, which in Pentagonese is called a Close-In Weapons System (CIWS). These pair a sensor suite with a rapid-fire autocannon along with a fire control computer. Originally designed to defend warships from guided missiles, they’ve migrated to land in recent years.

    Land-based examples include the Centurion C-RAM (based on the Navy’s Phalanx system) and the more sophisticated German Nächstbereichschutzsystem MANTIS (six 35mm cannon and control units).

    There are also short range missile systems for this, but that’s overkill for small r/c aircraft.

    The low-tech solution is a shotgun.

  170. ricpic says:

    I agree with Fred that learning english and using it would be the best route for Latino or Hispanic integration except for one little thing, in my admittedly limited experience they don’t want to learn english and they certainly don’t want to speak it.

  171. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    The immigration problem could be straightened very quickly out if a couple of hundred thousand hard-core democrats, union leaders, communists and all organizations that sponsored immigration and refugees and those that ran them were rounded up and put in jail permanently. This dungheap would consist of many priests, UN officials right down to most of the leadership of the democratic party. The arrests would include thousands of politicians right down to small city mayors and councilors plus judges, lawyers, and small-time race hustlers. Once these creatures were permanently locked up the process of getting rid of people who don’t belong here could begin. Most would leave voluntarily knowing that their cards were up.

  172. MEFOBILLS says:
    @Commentator Mike

    But who’s going to implement those conditions for the immigrants to go back? TPTB purposely created dysfunctional societies south of the border


    The powers that be (TPTB) are the monied class… the donor class. They are the plutocracy and their technological elite.

    These people are failures because they reduce everything to a price as if everything can be monetized. At its root, the ideology is Cabala and Talmudic.

    No country can survive if it has a foreign elite out of touch with the needs of its people.

    The people that implement conditions to send the brown hoard back are not the same people who are in charge now.

    Money power is the root cause, and it has to be stripped away from the donor class, who makes its nut by usury and takings. Since money is law, then it is a law change that has to happen.

    There is no discussion of root cause, this creation of debt and then on-selling debt instruments into markets. Fred is only going around in circles… just accept bad conditions goy, you have been duped and don’t look up at your overlords.

    Debt creation and then on-selling said instruments into markets, turns people into commodities, and hence they are “interchangeable” work units… never mind borders, language, history, culture and all the others things that have no monetary price.

    The technological plutocratic elite are morally and intellectually bankrupt. A revolution is warranted… the tree of liberty needs watering.

    The short answer is that U.S. elite are traitors, and you have every right to resist their depredations. Personally I’m surprised that bullets are not flying now, mostly because people hypnotized and unaware.

  173. nsa says:

    Senor Feddie’s first brilliant line: “I have pointed out the the Dissident Right, fervently dislike Latinos, blah blah blah…..”
    You are a bullshitter and there is no “Dissident Right” in the USA. Even a Non-dissident Right is difficult to locate. Plenty of Cuck Rights though. So who is this “Dissident Right” in the mind of Senor Freddie? Why it’s the Derb, a transplanted Brit 70-something coot married to a Chinese residing in a nice large dwelling somewhere in that fascist strong hold of Connecticut. That’s Dissident Right? Where are all these very scary “Dissident Rightists” and how many of them can there possibly be……1000, 100, maybe 10 living in a mining shack in the Idaho panhandle. If only there were an actual white preservation movement here….but sadly there isn’t.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @zogborg
  174. zogborg says:

    Who are we kidding? Most white American normies are beyond hopeless and are cowardly brainwashed little faggots. They deserve all the globalist suffering they have gotten and will continue to get in the future.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  175. @pyrrhus

    Affirmative action must be ended–immediately.

    Then we can begin to talk about immigration (though I suspect that one action would have a major positive impact on the problem).

    White people need to be treated fairly–immediately.

    • Agree: Herbert West
  176. Richard B says:

    This dumb article can be summed up in a sentence.

    “Shut up you stupid racists and accept your replacement!”

    Which explains why my gut response to it echoed Hedley Lamar in Blazing Saddles,

    “Hmmm, Too Jewish.”

  177. Richard B says:

    “MOT”? Member Of the Tribe?

    Just wondering. First time seeing that acronym.

    I don’t know much about him. Though some have said his wife’s Mexican and Jewish.

    That’d just put the nail in the coffin as far as trying to understand his whole thing about targeting “the Dissident Right.”

    As if they’re the only people who object to the insane, nation-wrecking, recipe for disaster, equation of

    Mass Immigration + Welfare State = The World’s Largest Debtor Nation in the History of Nations.

    I’m not Right or Left and didn’t vote for Trump.

    I’ve also lived for many years in Latin America.

    I’ve even helped some people in their efforts to become legal citizens of the country, back in the early 2000’s.

    One was a doctor who ended up working an ER in Arizona.

    He and his wife made no secret of their outrage over illegals. Especially those who cluttered the ER where he worked. And they were far from alone in feeling that way.

    Virtually every Latino I know personally who is in the US legally and has followed the rules and done everything by the book, despises illegals.

    But, of course, this sentiment is not acted on and is considered “collateral damage” by the hostile elite.

    To them the folks I know are simply the wrong kind of Latinos.

    A number of them actually returned to Latin America.

    They left where they came from to getaway from the kind of thing they saw in the US and what they saw in the US was worse.

    The point is, Fred is way off pinning the tail on the Dissident Right for a number of reasons, ie;

    It’s intellectually lazy, morally self-righteous, hard-headed, callous, indifferent and bullying.

    In short, Fred’s attempt to demonize dissent and pathologize opposition by scapegoating a single and politically powerless group is, as Headley Lamar in Blazing Saddles said,

    “Too Jewish.”

  178. MarkinLA says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    The headline in the LA Times today: “Africans Migrants, stuck in southern Mexico, their American dream on hold”. Any idiot that thinks another amnesty is going to solve the immigration problem should maybe talk to these people.

  179. @Sam Coulton

    That’s a shockingly silly and incoherent reply. You can just look at the oft cited Robert Putnam’s research on the decline of civil society over the past 50 years. The divorce rate has only declined because people aren’t getting married, and it’s interesting that you choose the period of the 1980’s, conveniently after the cultural revolution of the 1960s, set us on this path. You can also check out Charles Murray’s Falling Apart.

    “America was a cesspool of violence, racial hostility, homicide, divorce, paranoia and dysfunction.” This is false. Also, why would I use South Africa when we can just look at counties like Hungary, Denmark, or Israel, whose embrace of nationalism has made them more stable? America is in permanent and irreversible decline due to mass immigration, multiculturalism, oikophobia, and moral relativism.

    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
  180. MarkinLA says:
    @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    The biggest issue was that NOBODY asked the people if they want this. It was shoved down their throats, and they are forced to pay for it. LAUSD if full of illegals, who if they weren’t there, would cause a lot of schools to close and save a lot of taxpayer money. Nobody was asked if they wanted to create a jobs program for useless teachers, interpreters, and government officials in order to accomodate the immig rants (legal and illegal).

  181. @romar

    Right, but the children of Amerindians are of a lower quality which makes assimilation nearly impossible. It’s exactly why complete assimilation between black and white Americans is nearly impossible. Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, etc., have large Amerindian and mixed race populations, while still being dominated by a white European elite. Amerindians are helots and you act like they’ll be ‘running the show.’

  182. “I’ve even helped some people in their efforts to become legal citizens of the country, back in the early 2000’s.

    One was a doctor who ended up working an ER in Arizona.

    He and his wife made no secret of their outrage over illegals. Especially those who cluttered the ER where he worked. And they were far from alone in feeling that way.”

    If you sided/aided a single person in the country illegally, you did not follow the rules. I would be curious how many citizens you have aided in securing employment, challenged their arrests, or in some manner aided them in their legal struggles right here in the US.

  183. Spike says:

    Gimme a break. The “artistic” areas? Are you referring to trashy graffiti and those horrible murals they call street art which adorns entire walls of buildings and looks like a children’s coloring book? They can keep their “artists”.

  184. @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    I think you’re missing the point. No one really hates ‘hispanics,’ Amerindians and Mestizos are not Americans, they’re not members of our historic family – they’re a different people. I personally like most Latins, at least first generation ones.

    Aside from tribalism being inherent in human nature, Amerindians and Mestizos are brought here to serve as cheap labor and undercut the wages of real Americans, which is exactly what they’ve done.

    Also, in my experience, Mexicans, in particular, assimilate towards the ‘culture’ or urban blacks, not the white middle class. The average IQ of your average Amerindian peasant is sub 90. These people are canon fodder for neoliberalism.

  185. MarkinLA says:

    Learning another language is just far down the to-do list when English is everywhere. You only need two years of foreign language to get into most colleges. Why take a language when you can take art, music, or suto shop?

  186. @MarkinLA

    The biggest issue was that NOBODY asked the [American] people if they want this.

    I agree with this, but that street goes both ways. What meaningful actions have the people taken in order to clearly and forcefully express their dissatisfaction to their leaders? Even with things as broken things they are now and the utter venality of their social betters so nakedly displayed, most Americans cannot motivate themselves to do anything other than inarticulately express their rage online, or indulge in masturbatory revanchist fantasies.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
    , @MarkinLA
  187. @Anon

    Most Hispanics regard Cubans as an entity apart from the mainstream community because of the favor they receive in terms of handouts from the Republican Party (i.e. pity over the state of communist Cuba). This rankles a lot of Latin Americans who feel that Cuba deserves no special consideration as their situation is not much worse than, say, that of most Central Americans; arguably Cuba is in a much better state.

    Whereas your average Mexican or Puerto Rican swings Democrat, Cubans tend to go Republican precisely because of the ease of access to citizenship they offer their compatriots.

    Cubans themselves tend to chafe at being lumped with Mexicans, etc. Lots of intraethnic mutual resentments.

  188. MarkinLA says:

    Yes we know. However, if you can’t get rid of people who are here illegally, you can’t get rid of anybody and that would include the millions of Africans soon to come.

  189. So in summary, the solution to the threat of being overwhelmed by illegals, the existential crisis facing White Americans today, is to roll out the red carpet for the invaders and treat them like honorary citizens, thereby encouraging more of them to flood into the country expecting more of the same. Sounds like a great plan, Fred, you absolute retard. I can’t believe that this tripe got published here.

  190. Ragno says:

    I guess he ran over his word-limit this week, which is why he left out the second part of this essay.

    All cultures are equal. But couldn’t they be equal somewhere else?

    Month after month after month come the casualty reports documenting racial disaster. Details change. The substance does not. Gangs of American Africans beat whites into brain damage, often rape and sometimes torture, kill policemen, loot stores, burn our cities. Week after week sullen dark faces glare from mug shots. The stories run briefly in the local press and are disappeared.

    The race war rages on:

    Shocking moment a gang of 14 teenage boys and girls brutally beat and kick a tourist outside a famed hotel in Washington, DC.” Video.

    As the race war comes closer and streets grow dark and dangerous, the civilized will perhaps fly between tops of buildings in helicopters to avoid the hunting pack of feral teens.

    Merriam-Webster: “Teen”: A black, usually male, between the ages of fourteen and twenty-eight who recapitulates phylogeny by savaging members of other races.”

    “University seminar teaches faculty not to judge ‘quality’ of writing when grading”

    In other words, give A’s to semiliterates. Who do you suppose can’t or won’t learn decent English? Probably those wretched Chinese girls at Stanford.

    If I were not the soul of charity, I would ask why people too stupid or lazy to learn English, or anything else, are in a university in the first place. I might even suggest that barbarians should either be controlled or segregated from the rest of society. A country that allows its civilization to be degraded by the already degraded, that exalts in being degraded by people who can’t spell “exalt,” that allows itself to be attacked and beaten by people who merit the name of savages, deserves it. I have no sympathy.

    If only he’d left it in, I can assure you he wouldn’t be getting any angry e-mail calling him a “race traitor”. He might get a few wondering if he’s a Fed plant of some sort, though.

  191. @Charles Pewitt

    Fred Reed pushes mass immigration.

    For the last time: no, he doesn’t.

    Would the next person to claim he does, please post a quote from one of his columns to support that claim? Got to be a direct quote, cut and pasted from Fred’s own writings, not something someone said about him. If you can’t find one, please stick to criticizing what he’s actually written. That’s not so hard; I’ve done it myself on this very thread (#56).

    • Replies: @Neil Templeton
  192. @FvS

    This “Aztlan”, “Reconquista”, and “La Raza” business may have possibly been true in the 1980s, but it certainly is laughably out-of-date today. You assume, for example, that Latin Americans as a whole would know, much less care about dated Chicano propaganda that has no national nor historical connection to them. What would Central Americans, who comprise most of today’s new illegal arrivals, care about “Aztlan” when any Hispanic knows that the enmity between Mexicans and Central Americans (especially Guatemalans and Salvadorans) is deeply acrimonious? What stake would a Peruvian or Uruguayan have in the political babble of a group of pseudo-Aztec cosplay nerds who are brainwashed by liberal White propaganda?

    • Replies: @FvS
    , @Jeff Stryker
  193. @IvyMike

    The US Constitution was written in part as a compromise, e.g. first ten amendments, to preserve the liberties of those who valued such in primacy. Looking at voting patterns, e.g. California, recent and even 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants vote for the Democratic Party, whose platform is anti-liberty to extreme. No idea what you consider America IvyMike, but I expect the right to be left alone.

  194. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:

    The rate of robbery, homicide, assault and burglary has been more than halved since 1980.

    The European countries you mentioned aren’t any more stable since the shift to natuonalism. Israel appears to be cracking at the seams.

    That’s a shockingly silly and incoherent reply. You can just look at the oft cited Robert Putnam’s research on the decline of civil society over the past 50 years. The divorce rate has only declined because people aren’t getting married,

    The divorce rate isn’t affected by the number of people getting married. Marriages today are higher quality, mostly because more of them involve an Asian or Hispanic female. The 1980s were the epoch of egangelical fucktard Christianity and Reagan-esque stupidity in America. The decline of Christianity and white females has seen an improvement of marriage in America and across-the-board decreases in violent criminality.

    • Replies: @AlbionRevisited
  195. Republic says:

    You are correct about his wife, who is a converso, or a Jewish person who has converted to Christianity for opportunistic reasons.

  196. Andy says:

    Dominicans are mostly black, so there is little wonder why they are the most troublesome. On the other hand, Cubans are mostly white, and they have been the most succesful of Latinos (Mexicans and Central American immigrants, which are heavily Amerindian, are in between)

  197. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:

    Everything you wrote was a lie. Mexican immigrants don’t use SNAP (which is a tiny part of the US budget that is mostly paid for by immigrant labor anyway) and littering has continually decreased since the 1980s. Nobody sees littering anymore, that was a problem of the 1970s (you may remember the “Iron Eyes Cody” anti-littering campaign of the 1970s). And Chinese women are universally beatiful and age better than any other women on this planet; acting like they fall downhill after age 30 is ridiculous. That’s white women you’re thinking about.

    Also, agricultural animal abuse is on the decline (we don’t know about domestic abimal abuse as that wasn’t even considered a crime until the 1990s) and in fact has continually decreased since the 1980s. Turns out white people were the real sadistic ones.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  198. @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    What meaningful actions have the people taken in order to clearly and forcefully express their dissatisfaction to their leaders?

    If you have paid attention, you’d notice that over the last thirty years, each political party has taken turns being bounced from power for refusing to serve the interests of the actual people they are supposed to serve. What comes after Donald Trump’s betrayal of his base should be interesting, though I don’t think many whites are ready to be jailed over politics yet.

  199. @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    Nice post. I agree that Whites have precipitated and aggravated the immigration issue. Latinos did not come with guns demanding American resources. I also agree that in general Mexicans and Central Americans are fine people. But there are limits to assimilation, and those limits were passed long ago. A culture can stand a small relative percentage of immigration without reaching stress limits, and the American culture, especially my own pioneer culture, can accomodate less than most.

  200. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:

    Expect more criminality and chaos? Violent crime has been cut in half since the 1980s, as have violent race riots. Just LOL @ this delusional child.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  201. Republic says:

    My personal Unfavorites are Dominicans.
    Loud, inconsiderate, disrespectful of others’ rights. Such as property rights.
    While acting entitled and hostile while offending community standards.

    No Dominicans should be allowed into the USA.

    Dominicans are primarily Mulattoes and Mexicans are mostly Mestizos.

    I have visited both the Dominican Republic as well as Mexico and found that the Dominicans and their American cousins, the Puerto Ricans are much worst than the Mexicans.

    The so called, Nuyoricanor a Puerto Rican born in New York are a very trashy group of people, with very few redeeming qualities except excessive criminality in which case they are masters. They are very good in welfare fraud

  202. @OilcanFloyd

    If you have paid attention, you’d notice that over the last thirty years, each political party has taken turns being bounced from power for refusing to serve the interests of the actual people they are supposed to serve.

    Yes, but my question asked what meaningful action has been taken. The aforementioned is symptomatic of a despairing people who keep reaching for the same medicine that made them terminally ill in the first place. Democracy is a sham that will ever only reward the mediocre.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  203. @Rex Little

    I agree. Fred Reed, a gifted writer, pushes assimilation of those already here. Not unreasonable, as he is very specific regarding potential consequences of alternatives.

  204. @Neil Templeton

    Part of the present trouble with assimilation has to do with improved telecommunications technology. A century or so ago, Italians, Germans, or Poles heading to the New World would find it practically impossible to maintain up to date connections with their people back home. In such an environment, new arrivals had no option but to assimilate. That is no longer the case.

    Again, though, I do believe the problems with Hispanics assimilating are exaggerated. This is not to ignore real problems that do exist, but their gravity and prevalence is nowhere near the extent purported. Seeing it from the other side, I can attest that children born to immigrants tend to have very little sympathy or concern for their ancestral lands. Many look down on the Spanish language as some kind of embarrassing peasant holdover best to suppress. (Except when using “Spanglish”, which is simply a coping mechanism for lazy Hispanics too ashamed to admit that they actually hate themselves and their parents’ home cultures.)

    I find assimilation problems more noticeable with other peoples, especially those who arrive carrying historical resentments against their neighbors to their new homes, using Americans and their local politicians as a prop to flame their revanchism (Koreans and Jews, for example, come to mind). At least Peruvians, Bolivians, and Chileans are not pestering local and federal authorities about their grievances.

    • Replies: @Neil Templeton
  205. MarkinLA says:
    @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    Do you remember Ranch Rescue, the Minutemen, or the Border Hawks? Ranch Rescue was persecuted by the US government and sued by the SPLC for bogus claims that they were abusing the illegals when they were doing citizens arrests. The Minutemen realized how corrupt the government was and videotaped EVERY encounter with an illegal. They never touched an illegal always making sure to leave the food and water a few feet away from them lest GWB’s US attorney Sutton file trumped up charges of assault or kidnapping.. The ADL was looking for Mexicans who would lie and claim to have been abused in order to pull and SPLC. The Border Hawks built a cheap drone that the US government refused to use, instead opting for expensive military drones, mostly likely to empty the coffers and end the program sooner.

  206. @Anon

    I don’t know. Too many immigrants is definitely a problem. But I think the surveillance state is a worse one. Your solution means more surveillance than we already have (if that is possible). If your solution is the only one, then I think I prefer the immigrants. And I oppose immigration. I just oppose the surveillance state more. (He typed for all the CIA to read.)

  207. MarkinLA says:
    @Sam Coulton

    Then why did Trump’s ending of a Obama era order result in 3 million illegals to go off food stamps?

  208. @JoannF

    So which are you? Of the Dumb or Of the Smart? And how could one tell, pray tell?

  209. @Pepe

    In theory, quite simple. In practice, absent the political will, impossible. It’s a non-virtuous cycle – diversity invites more of same. An assimilationist view is a fool’s errand, but may mitigate some of the damage and slow the decline. Really the only remotely viable strategy at this point in time. Your approach is emotionally satisfying….and the perfect circa 1970 approach,

  210. @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    The point isn’t that Latino immigrants don’t learn English, or that they are not law-abiding. The point is that they don’t carry with them the fundamental values of the receiving culture. Latinos do not come from cultures of individualism, gun rights, peer stature with government officials, etc.

  211. @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    Yes, but my question asked what meaningful action has been taken. The aforementioned is symptomatic of a despairing people who keep reaching for the same medicine that made them terminally ill in the first place. Democracy is a sham that will ever only reward the mediocre.

    I don’t disagree with your post above, except it is meaningful to exhaust democracy to expose it for what it us. I don’t believe that was the intent by many, but it is still an important step for a people who largely had faith in their system.

    The changes that have taken place, along with the technology in the hands of an increasingly tyrannical elite, over the last 5 decades is unprecedented, and truly took the masses by surprise. We’ll see what happens, but I don’t blame people for not commiting suicide by government, or doing something that will land themselves alone in jail, or destroy their livelihoods.

  212. @MarkinLA

    I do, but what did these phenomena do to turn back the tide, as it were? Predictably they were demonized by the media, but the George W. Bush administration’s opposition to them must have been an unwelcome surprise. Even James Gilchrist admitted disappointment not only with his own creation, but in the various epigones inspired by it. They made headlines for a moment, but left behind nothing in terms of worthwhile policy change alleviating the problem of illegal immigration.

    Gilchrist’s scrupulousness in handling the Minuteman Project was admirable—but what lasting result did he really expect working within the system? What is needed—now more than ever—is not reform, but rebirth from the ashes of decay.

  213. @OilcanFloyd

    I don’t disagree with your post above, except it is meaningful to exhaust democracy to expose it for what it us.

    Perhaps, but we have now reached a point where what is needed are not further controlled demonstrations, but the willingness to risk action. I believe most people in this country do desire that way or another, however vague and tenuous those beliefs may be. However, extremely few Americans want to die or be jailed for life—let alone jeopardize their access to fast food, potable water, electricity, fuel, internet, porn, drugs, sex, movies, television, sentient lifestyle, and all the other comforts/addictions that would be potentially disrupted in the event of real revolutionary action.

  214. Biff says:
    @Irish Savant

    The invaders should have no say whatsoever.

    Is that you Chief Sitting Bear?

  215. peterAUS says:

    …extremely few Americans want to…..jeopardize their access to fast food, potable water, electricity, fuel, internet, porn, drugs, sex, movies, television, sentient lifestyle, and all the other comforts/addictions that would be potentially disrupted in the event of real revolutionary action.

    Not even “real revolutionary action”. Just massive street protests. As, say, HK.

  216. Glad to have been born in Miami Florida 1956 and witness the “ Cuban Influx”, experience non- assimilation decades before the “ Nation of Immigrants “ mantra.

  217. @Neil Templeton

    Latinos do not come from cultures of individualism…

    Define “individualism”.

    Also, do we need more “individualism”? Consider that radical individualism is the cause of a lot of current problems in the West (e.g. atomization of society, worship of drug addiction, jockeying for social justice supremacy, feminism, trannies, destruction of traditional social structures, etc). Why would the US want more of that?

    …gun rights…

    Guns are legally available in varying degrees across Latin America. But so what? In Chile guns are legal, for example, but their ownership is highly restricted. On the other hand, El Salvador and Honduras makes it comparatively easy to own a gun. Does this mean that Chileans are the pesky demographic holding back all Hispanics from assimilating?

    …[and] peer stature with government officials

    I do not understand what this means. Are you trying to say that Hispanics do not come from countries with respect for the law and competent governments with corruption kept in check? This all depends where you are referring to—Latin America is not a single national bloc. Mexico and most of Central America can safely be dismissed as being riddled with corruption from bottom to top. But from Costa Rica on south it gets more complex.

    Cuba is poor, but generally not a corrupt country in that its meagre resources do generally work in favor of its people. Colombia has been plagued by violence over the past century, but that was set in motion by American intrusions starting at the end of the 19th century. (Its neighbor Venezuela, which had been for most of the 20th century one of the most stable and prosperous nations in Latin America, is remembering this especially well nowadays.) Argentina, once the fifth or sixth richest nation on Earth, is today crumbling into a failed state; yet it still is free of the endemic corruption commonplace north of the isthmus of Panama. Chile and Uruguay have levels of corruption that are comparable to that of the US. (The police is widely trusted and respected in the former country.)

    Is this what you meant by “peer stature”?

    • Replies: @Neil Templeton
    , @Alejo
  218. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    Ann Coulter Retweeted:

  219. In the 1982 case of Plyler v Doe the Supreme Court wrote a law (something they’re not allowed to do) ordering the states to give free k-12 to illegal children. How much has this cost?

    With 40 million illegals in america maybe 10 million are in our schools and at $12,000 per year per kid that comes out to $120 billion every year educating people that aren’t even allowed to be here! It’s actually worse than that since most of these creatures don’t know english and require special education.

    Section 1324 of title 8 of the US code ( a law written by CONGRESS, not courts) says it’s a federal felony to encourage illegals to live here. Schools that admit them are obviously in violation and trump needs to prosecute the school officials. Just doing that alone would prompt millions of illegals to self-deport.

  220. Logan says:

    Fred, FWIW the Derb is pretty universally considered a member of the Dissident Right, including by himself, I believe.

    The Dissident Right covers a lot of ground. I suspect lots of people would consider Fred to be in the group.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  221. MEH 0910 says:

    The monarch butterfly poster in the picture at the top of Fred’s piece is a symbol of open borders.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  222. @Neil Templeton

    The point isn’t that Latino immigrants don’t learn English, or that they are not law-abiding. The point is that they don’t carry with them the fundamental values of the receiving culture. Latinos do not come from cultures of individualism, gun rights, peer stature with government officials, etc.


    And latinos, like all non-whites, have been brainwashed by Big Media into blaming their poverty and misery on white people. They hate white people and we are crazy for inviting them here like obama did. Of course obama is a white-hating racist himself.

  223. @Rex Little

    I’m no sock puppet Rex Little. I said it and I stand by it.

    Any white man who marries a non-white is a race traitor.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  224. MEH 0910 says:

    Derb practically coined the term “Dissident Right”.

    So what do we call ourselves? I’m going to make a pitch for “Dissident Right.”

  225. I guess I’m the lone ill bred weblot who dare said the word race traitor.

    I have 34 years of experience living in majority brown/black cities. NYC, Honolulu, Los Angeles and South Florida. I know of what I speak. I lived it.

    Anytime Latinos, brown folks, blacks folks…..etc are a small minority in the town, they’re polite, deferential, well behaved and obey the law. They’ll play step and fetch it and say what you want to hear so they get what they need. A foot in the door with no exit strategy.

    Speaking of well behaved Mexicans. My town has one Mexican restaurant. When they first arrived the staff was polite, spoke English and the food was pretty good. A few years later the owner became complacent and lazy, like many of his brown brothers and sister do, and the food and the staff turned to shit. The last time I ate there, the staff were rude to all white patrons in the restaurants, for no reason! Needless to say, I’ve not been back, don’t plan on it and didn’t give the rude bitch a tip.

    Once they rise about 40% or higher, they’re real assholes to whites. I’ve been in Mexican grocery stores where they refuse to speak to me in English (even though I GD well knew they spoke English). If they have hiring authority, they will not hire you. In Santa Ana, CA, 80% brown, they run the town. Whitey shut up, pay your taxes and get out of our way. If we want every swinging Dick and Maria to move here, just shut up and deal with it.

    I worked at a large hospital in OC. Usually once a week Maria would crawl into the ER and have her little rugrat on the taxpayers dime. The now anchor baby is eligible for WIC and SNAP. The staff can do nothing about it, but deliver the baby and suck up the cost of the labor and delivery.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass how nice they seem, how tasty their tacos are (I can cook Mexican food just as good as any Mexican can) or how cheap they mow your lawn, they’re not supposed to be here!

    There is plenty of ways to deport them. We have ex-military from many wars back that have no job and nothing to do. They could man a military hop and ship everyone of these assholes back to their country of origin. I’d tattoo them so they could be identified when they try to sneak back in. Each time make the helicopter ride that much more terrorizing.

    The majority of meth is brought here from Mexico. Operation Ozark (look it up) was a 6 year investigation resulting in many arrests. The ring leaders were brown. Sadly, some of the other race traitor cucks on here think is OK

    I’ve personally seen the devastation in my community and others from Mexican ice and Chinese fetanyl. Done on purpose. These poor white moms and dads never knew what hit them. The realization of it only came to light when they had to identify their kid on the morgue slab.

    You can slap together all the stats you want about how wonderful Juan is, but a turd is still a turd.

    The US was only supposed to be a white nation. This mongrel invasion was never meant to happen.

    • Replies: @TKK
  226. Dumbo says:
    @Sam Coulton

    So? What does that mean? Because something happened one time, it will never happen again? Statistics or social issues don’t ever change? Anyway, I’m sorry, I don’t debate with retards. Good bye!

  227. I worked at a large hospital in OC. Usually once a week Maria would crawl into the ER and have her little rugrat on the taxpayers dime. The now anchor baby is eligible for WIC and SNAP. The staff can do nothing about it, but deliver the baby and suck up the cost of the labor and delivery.


    35 years ago congress passed the EMTALA Act which says even non-paying illegals get free health care at ERs. Talk about insane. That law needs to be repealed.

  228. TKK says:

    Yes, I forgot about the DV charges. Domestic violence is systemic in their culture.

    I had an empty house and the girl who cleaned my other house told me she was afraid her husband was going to kill her. Because HE was caught cheating. That’s their logic. All from Mexico.

    She was terrified- like a wild animal caught in a trap. I was going to let her and her sons stay in an empty house and her oldest son said: You are so nice. I hope he does not burn it down.

    I said: What do you mean?

    He said: He has set the trailer on fire before, especially when he drinks.

    He is an electrician for a H and H homes. The abusive father.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  229. TKK says:
    @Annie Oakley

    Annie, I am glad you pointed out their duplicitous nature. I agree!

    They are very Uncle Tom when you first deal with them, but the more they gather, the more rude they become.

    Mexico is HUGE. There is a place for them. Jungles, mountains, beautiful beaches. When I have questioned upwards of 30 ( a good data sample) I always inquire about their Mexican home place.

    Did they have food, shelter, safety, family? Check, check, check.

    So, what was the problem?

    We can make more money here. It’s easier in the USA to have three cars and an Apple Watch (an actual response)

    But, what no one wants to admit is they are no dummies. Who wouldn’t want to roll into a country and have cradle to grave security, and be immune from criticisms.

    Having traveled around the Middle East and Southeast Asia and Indonesia (and parts of West and East Europe)

    – I CANNOT FATHOM THEIR ARROGANCE. I bow and scrape if a waiter hands me back the correct change in foreign country.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  230. @Annie Oakley

    Are all those who voluntarily marry a spouse whose genetic ancestry diverged and stayed distinct for at least 10000 years “race traitors”? Or is there some other definition? Is it always a bad thing or only when it is a person of more than say 90% European ancestry whose family have been regarded as white for many generations?

    I wonder how you would regard half East Asian grandchildren who are very smart academically, very polite and affectionate and musical, artistic and outstanding athletically to boot. I have close relations in that camp and it seems to be a source of unalloyed pleasure.

    • Replies: @Annie Oakley
  231. @Hang All Text Drivers

    They hate white people and we are crazy for inviting them here like obama did.

    I despise Obama, but this simply is not true. His administration, with Janet Napolitano as head of ICE, deported more people than Clinton, Bush II, or Trump for that matter.

    • Replies: @Hang All Text Drivers
  232. Spike says:
    @mark green

    Gimme a break. The “artistic” areas? Are you referring to trashy graffiti and those horrible murals they call street art which adorns entire walls of buildings and looks like a children’s coloring book? They can keep their “artists”.

  233. @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    Individualism is paramount, peer stature is corollary, and gun rights are ancillary. In Western American culture the property and personal rights of the individual are esteemed. Because of this, the individual is peer to government officials, because the right of government, except in special cases where he is infringing on the personal or property rights of other individuals, is nil. Gun rights follow from the former. Name me a culture in Latin America with similar values.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  234. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:
    @Chris Bridges

    Lower-class Latinos are Indian primitives. Race is the real issue. Latin Americans who immigrate illegally are Indians, full-stop.

    Fred Reed has said this himself a bunch of times. Heart surgeons in Mexico don’t swim across the River Grande.

  235. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:

    That is because in those countries you are always aware you are a guest. You get shown the door fast.

    Let’s see you try to immigrate illegally to Canada. I’m sure if it were easy for Americans to just move up to Canada and get a job, many whites would leave America.

  236. Mark Hunter says: • Website
    @England patriot

    I Disagreed your post because:

    After the Brexit referendum, Lord Ashcroft Polls, a UK polling company, found that the “key motivation” behind the decision to exit the EU was immigration and border control.

    And according to a “British Social Attitudes” survey by NatCen Social Research, Leave voters worried about immigration’s effect “on the labour market and on public services” and on Britons’ sense of a distinctive “national identity and cultural outlook” – and of all the reasons for voting Leave the second was the most important.

  237. @Wizard of Oz

    10,000 years of white genetics washed away by having children with a non-white is a travesty. I don’t care how polite, kind, smart, sweet or any of that other kumbaya. If it mates with a non-white, it’s not white, period.

    Asians are just like Hispanics and blacks. Very step and fetch it when you first meet them. Once they gain large numbers they are miserly, hateful and very anti-white.

    I worked for Koreans in NYC. They were some of the tightest stingiest people on the planet. Equal to the tribe in their stinginess. They think paying a white man $10 an hour is some sort of large salary. And if they do pay you that much, you’d better work your ass off boy to get the job done.

    When I would shop at Costco, Asians were the worst. They would bump into your cart and not even say excuse me. They would step in front of you in line, (I’ve seen them do this to the elderly and small children) when the demonstrators would hand out the free food. They didn’t even need the GD food. Most of them drove up in 50K plus cars. I would follow around the store the worst of offenders. I’m way taller than them. I’d get right behind them and breathe down their neck, especially in the check out line. They knew why I was doing this. They didn’t know whether to shit or go blind.

    Team white for me. We like white in our family.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  238. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:
    @Annie Oakley

    You summed it up at the bottom of your most-excellent post. Asians are, when it comes down to it, a low-testosterone high-IQ race. Not superior in a moral sense. But try breathing down the necks of blacks in a cost co.

    You would be the victim of a public stomping sometimes referred to as a hate crime. Blacks don’t care about public freak outs.

    You’d go to the ER for doing that in a mall filled with blacks. Outside a Tae Kwan Do dojo, your chances of having serious violence reigned down on you by Koreans is pretty rare. And when a Korean does go seriously off-the-rails it is more of an incel thing like the Virginia Tech shooting.

    Morality and behavior don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. The fact that there is little Asian-on-white violence does not mean that Koreans have the morals of an alley cat. Most don’t. But they lack the impulsiveness. They don’t want to go to jail because unlike blacks, their house is cleaner than jail. They don’t want a felonious assault record to keep them out of med school or their offices. Unless they have studied martial arts for years studiously, the average 5’7 Asian is going to be overpowered by the white.

    All of these things go through the mind of a rude Korean because his IQ is over 85.

    • Replies: @Annie Oakley
  239. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:
    @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    The answer to your question lies within it. The answer is none.

    This is why Atzlan is a non-issue in Miami where the Hispanic power structure is basically Basque-Cuban.

    The immigrants from Mexico are not Hispanic or Latino at all. They are Aztecs and Yaqui. Even the European Mexicans are not interested.

  240. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:
    @Neil Templeton

    As Mr. Navarro would probably concur, this is because the British who created the US were yeoman settlers who arrived as families. The Spanish were colonists and more often male.

    Brits wanted more individual freedom. Spanish wanted gold. Although a number of Spanish remained in Latin America, they were not there for any sort of political or religious freedom.

    If you are a British serf and you are creating a new society in Massachusetts you want a government that is answerable to you.

    If you are a Spanish nobleman who moved to Mexico to get rich in a colonial outpost, the government is there to make you rich.

  241. Richard B says:

    Who are we kidding? Most white American normies are beyond hopeless and are cowardly brainwashed little faggots.


    They deserve all the globalist suffering they have gotten and will continue to get in the future.

    Yep again.

    But I didn’t feel that way about myself. So I got out.

    And because I didn’t grow up with any of that Mystery Privilege getting out took some doing.

    But I did it. And for a good reason. The country’s unsavable.

    There was something about that whole MAGA thing that made it so obvious.

    MAGA = Unscrambling an Omelette. A pain in the ass and a complete waste of time.

    The whole thing smacked of an Old-Timers Day game where a deluded collective of has beens convinces itself it can re-enter the Big Leagues.

    And those MAGA rallies. It’s like a bunch of Don Quixotes on opiods, and their Chosen Orange like an evil pied-piper leading the lambs to the slaughter.

    Now, if they were to bum rush the stage and storm the palace, kick ass, take names and no prisoners, that’d be another thing.

    But who sees that happening?

    Not anyone who moves through the world with their eyes open.

  242. Aft says:

    Fred, you are a despicable race baiting whore. None of what you wrote in this opening paragraph is true. Moreover it is dishonest. More than that it is lunatic raving nonsense.

    There is a strong undercurrent of stupidity in it. How any reader could read a single word beyond the astonishing idiocy of this opening construction is beyond my comprehension.

    This article is strawman city. Mischaracterization after mischaracterization. False dichotomy after false dichotomy.

    Like with Chisala, the dumber the article, the more comments it gets to refute its inherent dishonesty and utter idiocy.

  243. Aft says:

    Cuck face with a beta thumbs-up gesture and that creepy expression = probably wrong.

  244. Aft says:

    real estate displacement units


  245. Richard B says:
    @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    However, extremely few Americans want to die or be jailed for life—let alone jeopardize their access to fast food, potable water, electricity, fuel, internet, porn, drugs, sex, movies, television, sentient lifestyle, and all the other comforts/addictions that would be potentially disrupted in the event of real revolutionary action.

    We hear, or read, this often, ie; that people are too addicted to the above list of goodies to take a stand, etc.

    And for a reason. There’s a lot of truth to it.

    But it’s not entirely true.

    There are people out there who aren’t addicted to any of those things, who value freedom over tyranny, but who don’t see the courage in, or value of, dying for an impossibility.

    The system is set up now exactly so that one’s sacrifice won’t even be noticed. It won’t even be a blip on the radar screen because it won’t be on the radar screen. Not ours anyway.

    It’ll be on theirs. You can count on that. Just ask Schaeffer Cox or LaVoy.

    It’s not that the hostile elite can’t be beat. They can.

    It’s that the host population is so fractured, so fragmented, that trying to organize them all into a meaningful, formidable opposition with a clear purpose would be like trying to unscramble an omelette in the middle of an avalance. Crazy.

    Unless the host population unites around an organizing principle that inspires them to risk their lives for a possibility, then forget it.

    There will be some who take matters into their own hands, but to no avail.

    If they do it lawfully, they’ll be Schaeffer Cox’d (he did nothing wrong and everything lawfully, and yet look now cruelly they framed him and then pounded him down the memory hole. They’ve pretty much scrubbed him from the Internet, except for a disgraceful Wiki page).

    If they do it unlawfully, they’ll simply spare the hostile elite the need to construct another False Flag shooting complete with phoney manifesto.

    In the whole world today how many people truly value freedom?

    Of those people how many believe creating a new country, starting over, is possible?

    Of those people how many are willing to take action?

    Of those willing to take action how many are well aware that just about the entire world will line up against them and crush them like a bug?

    Who wants to commit themselves to being crushed like a bug, for nothing?

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  246. Richard B says:
    @MEH 0910

    Yeah, exactly.

    The whole “Migration is a Human Right” is so insane that it’s not worth arguing against.

    Mark Twain said (quoting by memory), “Never argue with stupid people. They’ll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”


    More so with the insane.

    And by insane I mean insane, no contact with reality.

    The more your beliefs are made up of and dependent on high-level abstractions the crazier and more blood thirsty it’ll be.

    And that’s what we’re dealing with. People who are sick, crazy and stupid.

    Everyone knows the worst is yet to come (I say “everyone” out of politeness).

  247. @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    I despise Obama, but this simply is not true. His administration, with Janet Napolitano as head of ICE, deported more people than Clinton, Bush II, or Trump for that matter.


    BS. That is another obama lie. You don’t have a shred of evidence obama deported all the people he said he did. He just said he deported them and obama is the same president who lied us into obamacare with his “If you like your doctor…” lies. He has no cred on anything.

    A president who gives us DACA is not going to deport millions of illegal aliens.

  248. Pater says:

    Quite reasonable, I’d also suggest stripping most post 1965 migrants/infiltrators & their offspring of so-called citizenship and returning them to their native lands.

  249. MarkinLA says:
    @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    You mean like organize a protest were when Antifa shows up and starts a riot, some Jew mayor and black police chief will put you in prison and let Antifa be. On top of it the Judified and leftist DOJ will look for “hate crimes” for you.

  250. @Montefrío

    Assimilation means adopting the language, culture and such of the host country’s longstanding traditions while perhaps retaining some of one’s own at home and politely introducing them to your hosts in good fellowship.

    If you had assimilated, become an American, those traditions wouldn’t have been your traditions, they’d have been your parents’.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  251. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:
    @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    Your average rural white from the Central Valley would surrender if the Fed Gov cut off the Opoid rehab funds, much less bombed them with a single F-35.

    Like any other Third World country, the military themselves like their status and will serve the plutocracy however ordered.

    Urban Americans-gays, blacks, Hispanics, liberals, white collar professionals, Jews-will not care at all if an F-35 bombs a white rural revolt.

    Also, being a white Hispanic, you would be aware that revolutions have to be propped up by a foreign power whose interests are vested like Russia’s in Cuba or Reagan’s in Salvador. Who is going to back the revolutionary rural white poor? North Korea? Putin? China? Some African backwater revolutionary would be more likely to get foreign backing than the rural “necks” of America.

  252. bro3886 says:

    Assimilation doesn’t exist, it’s a myth. There’s only amalgamation, and when immigration is this massive it’s really an invasion that spells the death of the country and culture that was here before it. Third-world population equals a third-world country, citing the elite of Mexico proves nothing – every country has an elite that “mows the lawn” – it’s the I.Q. and culture of the general population that determines success or failure of a society, and there’s no reason to believe the the massive influx of Central Americans makes America a better and more likely to succeed nation. (This is leaving off the effects of alienation and fragmentation a multi-racial empire produces.)

    Bluntly put, blacks, and to a lesser degree Central Americans, will always have to live as parasites off of the white population if they want to live at a semblance of a first-world level, until their inabilities cause an economic collapse, at which point the society will resemble the one they fled from. (This U.S. collapse will cause Mexico to go full Guatemala somewhat negating the “mow the lawn’ argument.) In a dictatorship this would matter less as the central powers could just let the various groups float at their own level, but in a democracy they will vote to rob others for their benefit. The extremism of the current Democratic candidates, the scope of their “gibs” promises, is a direct product of mass immigration, they wouldn’t have dared pitched such proposals to the demographics of, say, 1990 (remember Bill Clinton’s “Sista Souljah” moment?).

    Practically speaking, immigrants will put the far left into power and the left will gut the Constitution. You can have the”benefits” of diversity or you can have your traditional freedoms, you can’t have both. Guess which one I prefer. (Conservatives never talk about this, they insist, mostly out of fear, on talking about immigrants only as economic units.) I don’t want high performing immigrant groups either, I prefer my traditions and freedom to the alleged economic or other benefits they bring. There’s no real proof that mass immigration delivers on even its base materialistic promises for the average native, but even if it did, well, as Our Little Buddy said “not by bread alone.”

    • Replies: @Hang All Text Drivers
  253. wayfarer says:

    law-abiding: obedient to the laws of society.

    “Illegal Migrants Bail Out of Stolen Truck in Texas.”

  254. @Renoman

    Texas is going to flip. Georgia is going to flip. Florida is going to flip. Affirmative Action for 70,000,000 Hispanics literally taking jobs from working-and-middle class Americans and $16,000 in EITC/ACTC cash for Hispanics with kids but not for working-and-middle class whites who cannot afford kids means it’s immigration and it’s a blood-boiling joke.

  255. @TKK

    The father’s a Mexican electrician? That trailer didn’t burn because he was in a drunken rage. He probably used 30A breakers for 15A circuits. Mestizo electrician is a hilarious contradiction.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  256. @bro3886

    Practically speaking, immigrants will put the far left into power and the left will gut the Constitution


    Repubs need to fight for laws that ban welfare recipients from voting. Nothing legally wrong with doing that.. Many states ban felons from voting. If we can take away your voting rights for drug possession or cheating on taxes we can do it for being a parasite.

  257. @Felix Krull

    I live in Argentina and have assimilated to the degree possible for someone who was 58 when he moved here. As a native born and raised NYer and therefore “American”, I refer to the language and traditions of my youth, which were also those of my parents. My son, also US born but married to an Argentine, is bilingual and retains certain of my (and his) USA/NW European traditions as well. He works here and is more assimilated than I. My wish is that my grandchildren retain some USA/NW European traditions as well, plus don’t lose English as a language, given its great usefulness.

    Perhaps I phrased my comment poorly. Thanks for the heads-up.

  258. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Only way to do it, you’re right. I’m bilingual or I’d never have moved here. The thing is, I speak Spanish “Spanish”, not the local version, but I’m easily understood except for slang and certain idiomatic expressions. My son (trilingual), married to an Argentine and working with them, is largely assimilated, more so than I, save for maintaining a USA/NW European work ethic. My grandchildren (all under six years old) are Argentines who will be made to understand (by us) that they are slightly different from their compatriots and that there are significant advantages to that while not flaunting it.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  259. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:

    But Argentinians are Italians and Spanish. Buenos Aires is more Italian than New York City. They are not Indians.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  260. peterAUS says:
    @Richard B

    Pretty much.

    And yet, you do think about those things. Many people do, as you pointed out.

    Then, humans are peculiar creatures and things do change. I know that Americans are incapable of seeing similarities outside of their own borders but I do like to point “overseas”. Warsaw pact, for example.
    People of Baltic states felt that way, with a very good reason, from 1945 to 1989. Hungarians too. Cheks and Slovaks.
    Former Yugoslavia: Slovenes and Croats felt the same way from ’45 to ’89 too.
    Muslims in Bosnia….they felt the same way from 1912 to 1993.
    Oh, and the best at the end. The Tribe. They felt the same way for 2000 years. Especially from ’41 to ’45 last century. They really that better than “us”?!.

    The power of TPTBs does appear overwhelming. I don’t think so and in time it will be even less.

    And, there ARE two elements you haven’t mentioned in your post. Two.
    No, I can’t write them here. I mean I can but no point. 80 % people reading it won’t get it. 15% will and start writing long responses which I really don’t care for. And, those 5 remainings, they don’t need me to explain that to them.

    There is a lot you can do as we speak and in years to come.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  261. @Jeff Stryker

    Argentines of European descent are predominantly Spanish-Italian , but we also have Germans, Swiss, Irish, Greek, English, French, etc. Buenos Aires is to Argentina as NYC is to the USA., as in not truly representative. The vast interior has many mestizos, particularly in rural areas. My Spanish-born wife came here five months after I did and I had to translate local dialect for her. It made me think of the “I speak jive” scene from Airplane. When the locals speak chuncano with each other, it’s still hard for me to follow after 15 years here.

  262. “Endlessly attacking them, often nonsensically, sometimes dishonestly, always with a grinding undercurrent of racial hatred, is not a recipe for domestic tranquility.”

    You attack the dissident right for this, meanwhile this is the moderate DNC position towards Europeans and “whiteness.” You are just like Paul Ryan who decries ID politics from the right, but then never says a thing or fights back against the left engaging in ID politics for DECADES.

    “… the Chinese being an impressive people”

    I thought everyone was the same? Are you saying there are observable differences between ethnic groups, for which some have more desirable traits than others? If this is true why would we accept any immigration (legal or otherwise) from these nations that produce people with undesirable characteristics?

    I like how you say “They intermarry. They serve in the military. They don’t do race riots. They start businesses. They work” then casually mention that we really don’t an increased population. After that you say “But they are not educated. They tend at very best to be high-school grads and usually well below. This makes assimilation more difficult but no less necessary. The choice is to ghettoize a fifth of the country. How bright is this? Does the country need more Detroits and Baltimores?” So maybe we stop them from coming here then? Maybe if you have been here for 5-10 years, and haven’t learned the language, then you haven’t put in effort towards assimilation, so we just kick you out? Why should we tolerate yet another amnesty (what you are essentially asking for) and then even more programs and welfare to help them assimilate. I have a better idea, how about you go fuck yourself instead? You fucking yourself, instead of all of us accept infinity illegals forever, would save the country billions. How much social striation could you alleviate, almost instantaneously, if you just get over your own preconceived notions, and just ram a big dildo up your butt?

    “is not charity but self-preservation”

    So we should fill churches with muslims, to make the numbers go up?

    “Latinos will do rise on their own, and are doing it…”

    Have you never heard of Affirmative Action? There is a building in my town that simply says Latino multiservices, for which I’m sure they totally don’t base their services on race. South Americans sneaking across the border and dropping an anchor baby so they can get access to our services is in and of itself a handout. They cheated, skirted the rules, and benefit from our good will, and you just repeat the lies of the left.

    “Encouragement should not include affirmative action, which engenders racial hostility. It is one thing to help qualified students, quite another to pump out inadequates of whatever kind”

    Wait, didn’t you say assimilation would be expensive because the majority of illegals are barely at a highschool level?? Do you even remember what you wrote???? I can’t finish this article, this double speak nonsense is aggravating. I can’t believe you get paid to produce this garbage, you can’t even maintain logical consistency for more than a paragraph.

  263. @Jeff Stryker


    The Costco I shopped at was mostly whites and Asians. But their being short or law abiding doesn’t mean they don’t act like lowlife money grubbing shits. OC doesn’t have that many blacks.

    Now as far as the black beat down comment, you’re partially wrong.

    Having lived in NYC, I’ve had several confrontations with blacks. They backed off. And I mean that. They’re not used to whites fighting back, they’re used to cucked whites who cower. Your posts IMO are intended to scare whites into being complacent. I’ve had several confrontations with Mexicans in California. Some almost came to blows. I wasn’t prepared to back off and I was alone.

    There was a story near me where a black man kidnapped two white women, raped and killed them. I can see these white women crying and begging not to be killed. Now if the situation were reversed and it occurred between myself and one of my white women friends, he’d be nutless in short order.

    Whites have to be smart in order not to be killed. I don’t go near black malls, or black cities. So that wouldn’t be an issue.

    But as a free white woman, I would not tolerate a black trying to instigate trouble with me for no reason. I would fight back very hard. I’d be like George Constanza. I’d fight dirty. Kick, pull hair, twist a titty, you name it. I guess you could say I’m a feral white person when provoked.

    Maybe all it will take is some lone white person fighting back against one of these non-white freaks. That might be the shot heard round the world.

  264. @Charles Pewitt

    Charles, you know I like your comments, but just a quibble here: Aren’t YOU a baby boomer?

    Does a whole generation of Americans, born from 1943 to 1960 – Strauss & Howe’s definition – ALL think a certain way on this issue? I love the enthusiasm, man, but you know …

    • Replies: @Charles Pewitt
  265. @Ace

    Vdare isn’t anti-immigrant. It’s anti-immigration. Don’t be obtuse.

    Right, right, and wrong, Ace. Mr. Reed is not obtuse. He just likes railing on VDare because of some disagreement, maybe over a coupla’ hundred bucks, I dunno. Additionally, he likes calling his commenters slurs, because it just gets more comments, which brings his hit-count up. Whatever works, Fred – integrity is not important in Mexico – WE! GET! THAT! [/Tucker]

  266. GayDad69 says: • Website

    3 issues with Hispanic immigration.

    1. They will vote to let in more Hispanics.

    2. They hate us. They see us as illegitimate, as thieves of land and prosperity that is rightly theirs. They see themselves as righteous conquerors, driving out and replacing the hated Yanqui.

    3. Their average IQ is 10-20 points lower than ours. This means they can’t hack it without affirmative action, working illegally under the table, and ethnic nepotism. It also means they vote for unlimited free shit from whitey, and generally make poor decisions.

    It will be very simple to kick them all out, simply do it incrementally. Kick out:
    1. The illegals.
    2. The anchor babies.
    3. Children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of anchor babies.
    4. Recipients of previous amnesties (have the SC declare those amnesties unconstitutional).

    It will take 4 to 8 years to get rid of them all, but if you do it slow enough you can avoid apocalyptic violence.

    • Replies: @Punisher
  267. Alejo says:
    @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    Argentina a failed state ?? Any idea what does it that mean ? I have been to Somalia in the 80. Somalia is a failed state. I was in Timor Leste after the Indonesians left, that was a failed state. You probably have not idea what are you taking about. Have you ever been in a failed state ? or you are just repeating what you hear in CNN ?By the way, in this “failed state” 350000 chileans settled (2 % of Chilean population and of the biggest chilean expat community abroad).
    And regarding the levels of corruption, ….Chile and Uruguay same levels of corruption as in the US ? Are you kidding ? Pinera, the now president of Chile, was in jail during the 80 (The bank of Talca went bankrupt while he was in charge of it)He was freed because his brother Jose, who was working for Pinochet at that time, “CALLED” the public prosecutor.

  268. @OverCommenter

    Maybe if you have been here for 5-10 years, and haven’t learned the language, then you haven’t put in effort towards assimilation, so we just kick you out? Why should we tolerate yet another amnesty (what you are essentially asking for) and then even more programs and welfare to help them assimilate. I have a better idea, how about you go fuck yourself instead? You fucking yourself, instead of all of us accept infinity illegals forever, would save the country billions. How much social striation could you alleviate, almost instantaneously, if you just get over your own preconceived notions, and just ram a big dildo up your butt?

    OC, I wish there were a [HOO-RAH!] button here, as that rant was EPIC! Thank you. One by Richard B. above comes close, and there are lots of other great comments here, but yours needs a GOLD BOX. (Believe it or not, I got a one and only gold box from Mr. Reed for explaining part of his article one time. You’d think I’d be kissing his ass. Nope. The fact is, I am not down with his continual ranting at Americans for fighting against those who are ruining their country.

  269. @Achmed E. Newman

    Charles, you know I like your comments, but just a quibble here: Aren’t YOU a baby boomer?

    I’m not a Baby Boomer. Close, but no Boomer.

    I am Generation X.

    Generation X will be the generation that kills globalization and financialization and mass immigration and multiculturalism.

    I wrote this in August 2018:

    Generation X

    Generation X the variable or Generation X the Roman numeral for the tenth generation of Americans born since Andrew Jackson was born in 1767?

    1767 to 1788 GENERATION I

    1789 to 1810

    1811 to 1832

    1833 to 1854

    1855 to 1876

    1877 to 1898

    1899 to 1920

    1921 to 1942

    1943 to 1964

    1965 to 1986 GENERATION X

    White Core Americans born between 1965 and 1986 are in the tenth generation of Americans born since the birth year of Andrew Jackson.

    Andrew Jackson was born in colonial America and he became president of the United States.

    Generation X or Generation 10 or Generation Ten will be the generation that removes from power the anti-White ruling class rats that are attacking and destroying the United States.

    I am deliberately not using WWII as a generational marker and I am using 1943 as the starting year for the baby boomers.

  270. @Sam Coulton

    Of course the divorce rate is affected by the people getting married because only elites and the poor get married. Interracial marriages are selfish unstable. I know dorky white guys that can’t get attractive white women are happy though. The previously large middle class isn’t getting married. The decline in crime has been in the inner cities and is largely due to the decline among blacks, not rural whites. Christianity is, and has been, a great moralizing influence on western societies for centuries. Again, you’re staring in the 80’s for a reason. Interesting that you also completely ignore Putnam and Murray.

    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
  271. Richard B says:

    Actually, and ironically, your comment reads like a lot of mine here at TUR and not just TUR.

    In fact, I’ve often written the line, “There’s always a lot more we can do than we think.”

    But there are days when one has their doubts. Guess you caught me on one of them.

    And, of course you’re right, things do change. I certainly hope they do.

    But a lot would have to happen for that change to become a reality.

    As things stand today I think what we’re witnessing, or living through, is what I’ve come to refer to as The Pyrrhic Victory of Jewish Supremacy Inc.

    Simply because it’s rise to power, especially over the last 100+ years has been in direct proportion to the collapse of the very social-institutions that power controls.

    And, there ARE two elements you haven’t mentioned in your post. Two.

    Forget the reasons why you don’t want to share them. Just share them.

    I’d be interested to know what they are.

  272. peterAUS says:

    I’d be interested to know what they are.

    One is, say, general, society-wise. External if you will.
    People in the West who talk about surveillance/police/totalitarian state really don’t get how it works unless they’ve been carefully studying it. Relates to motivation or simply pushing otherwise “well adjusted and reasonable” people along a certain path. I just see more and more of those “nice types” understanding what needs to be done, really, to change anything. Or, on a practical level, “we” don’t need to do anything to get more and more quality people on “our” side. The system, itself, by its very nature, will do it for “us”, and accelerating. “We” don’t need masses. “We” need a small and dedicated core. Say…..5 %, tops, of a White middle class to be on the same page. That’s all.

    Another is on a personal, individual, level. Internal, if you will. Most people, naturally, don’t have “it” and never will. Some do.
    “That” is understood, or not, by watching certain movies. Mann’s “Thief”, for example.
    Sites like this serve, among other reasons, to “mark” them. Just in case.

    The projected, “ideal” society is some mix of South Africa, Brasil, and India. A small group living in a paradise on Earth, their minions having not bad…. and the rest living in misery. “It’s not enough to win/have it; the other has to lose/has nothing” is how that thing works. Perfect.
    Unless every now and then one of those “miserables” does something about it. Keeps the concept of “skin in the game” in the play. Literally. That was, probably, the core reason behind the 2nd Amendment. And that, then, can influence those on the top to be … dishing the misery around. To keep them honest if you will.
    Makes sense I hope.

  273. Dennnis Roe says: • Website

    You mean get used to paying for it, shit for brains.

    • Replies: @Punisher

    Re: The dominance of the US by a foreign elite.

    This is a major reason I now urge the people I love not to throw away their lives or health in the military and on more foreign misadventures. Why fight for a country the government of which effectively surrenders to invaders and gives away your childen and grandchildren’s future?

    F-ck our “leaders” in Washington. Almost every one of them is now a bigger threat to the US than 1000 Ayatollahs.

  275. Anon479 says:

    Fred Reed’s solution to the illegal immigration crisis currently displacing White Americans? Just relax, mang, embrace your demographic decline. Roll out the red carpet to the invaders, treat them as honorary citizens, and give them every incentive to continue pouring over the border and exacerbate the problem. In other words, Fred’s solution is to do MORE of what hasn’t been working for the past 50 years. I’m disappointed this actually got published; how is this any different to the garbage spouted by the mainstream?

  276. @Sam Coulton

    How come your [‘TARD] button is grayed-out?

    Most idiotic post on the thread … so far …

  277. @Rational

    This is for everyone who wants to stop illegal immigration, but just complains about it. If and when you want to stop illegal immigration the US population of will have to replace the Zionist run government. It’s as easy as that! If you cuckolds can manage to grow enough balls to do that, then and only then can you tell your government what to do. You people are so sickening to watch on TV or read on the comments section of the various news sites.

    You got the nerve to call escaping a country that had a US sponsored coup, a democratically elected president taken out, replaced by a man who’s brother was indicted in the US for cocaine smuggling, he himself is under investigation. The US is building the largest military base in North America on land taken from the people. The US trained military beat and murder people that protest the American presence. Zionist Israel sent one thousand soldiers trained in the fine art of ‘child head shots”, crowd control and killing unarmed people.

    The American fruit companies have taken all the land, the farmers can only grow fruit (Big Market in Europe) and they hardly make enough to buy imported food products from the US. Mining companies commit terrible abuses against the rural communities where they operate. People are threatened to leave or face being removed by thugs hired by the mining companies, oil companies, etc. This is happening everyday in Honduras but you ignorant assholes don’t hear about it because you are considered dumb sheep…you’ve learned not to question authority and anyone over forty is plain stupid or pretends to have forgotten this has been happening. This goes on in Guatemala and El Salvador over 70 years non stop violence, murder and abuse.

    Irish Savant, you people were the first people to experience the atrocities at the hands of the AngloZionists. Why are you agreeing? Ignorance? You are still a fucking slave, the Mexicans of Europe is what you are…I have respect for the Irish that at least know that, unlike your dumb ass. Why do you think we Mexicans and Irish are fighters? Because we have been fighting these AngloZionists trying to take over everything that has any value. They are greedy, nasty pigs that will murder whoever stands in their way of controlling the resources of the world. Don’t believe me ask the Germans, and they are “white” goes to show how ruthless they are.

    Get your dirty hands out of Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico and I will guarantee you not one person from Latin America will walk thousands of miles to be treated the way you treat them. When a mother sees her husband shot in the head, because he refused to give up his little piece of land, the mother will take her kids and walk to where ever she has to, so they have a chance to live.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  278. Trupright says:
    @Hang All Text Drivers

    In 1994 – twenty-five years ago – California voted overwhelmingly to deny all tax-payer benefits to illegals. However a (((Judge))) thought it was unconstitutional and blocked it. The Republican governor hesitantly began an appeal, but then Gray Davis was elected and he soon withdrew the appeal. The invasion could have been seriously slowed at that time, but instead California has been all Democrat and all downhill since.

    The (((Judge))) ruled that it infringed upon the powers of the Federal government which alone should have control over immigration and people cheered. Odd that this twisted logic doesn’t seem to apply now to Sanctuary cities and states.

  279. @Alan Sabrosky

    Like it or loathe it, “English only” in America as dead as the dodo as public policy.

    You wish.

    Public policy can change. Your immigrationist triumphalism is premature.

  280. @England patriot

    England is just going to become more and more of a mixed race dystopia, I can’t see any fundamental turn around happening in that regard, Brexit or not. Even most of the most conservative, pro-Brexit English people have no problem with multiculturalism and race mixing, at the very most they might have some opposition to Muslim mass immigration but not to any other form of immigration.

    My wife loves British history, medieval churches, Jane Austen and that. She wants us to visit England again (we’ve been several times, though not recently). I keep trying to tell her that the England she still fancies is dead and gone, that the traditional culture she wants to experience is at most a museum exhibit and tourist trap. Today’s British and English are indifferent if not actively hostile to their heritage.

    I first went to England in 1974. It was a messed-up place in a lot of ways, but all classes of people I met seemed rooted, historically aware. The socialist mentality that was so common then that I couldn’t help noticing it, naive as I was, has since triumphed partly through population replacement. The transformation of Britain into the postmodern cultural wasteland of today is the result.

    I’ll go with her to visit the ruins if she wants, but I expect it to be a sad experience.

  281. @J. Gutierrez

    Mr. Gutierrez. Because you mentioned Guatemala I bring up that 1983 film EL NORTE about the brother and sister refugees who end up crawling through a rat infested drainage ditch to get in San Diego. I’m sure you have watched EL NORTE (Directed by a Mexican of French descent named Gregory Nava, oddly enough).

    The film spells it all out about the racial dimensions of illegal immigration. The brother-sister are poor Mayans in the early eighties involved in agriculture. Their father is a labor organizer whose Communist activities alert the white Guatemalan land owner who belongs to the European ruling elite of Guatemala ruthlessly suppressing Mayan-Native rights in cahoots with Washington. The European aristocrat reports the Mayan revolutionaries to the government and Mestizo soldiers are dispatched led by Rodrigo Pueblo (The Danny Trejo of his day) as El Puma who storm the Mayan village and in the process of a terrible massacre of Mayans Rodrigo Pueblo is himself is hacked to death with a machete after hanging the Mayan labor organizer’s head from a tree as a warning to the other Mayans.

    EL NORTE sums up the problems in Central America and the reasons for illegal immigration in the first place. Guatemala is owned by a small European aristocracy who are racially overwhelmed by Indians whom they suppress through the use of a Mestizo middle-class of soldiers, police, foreman etc.

    Ronald Reagan backed the right-wing but the European elites of Central America have no choice but to accept the assistance of Washington because they are outnumbered ten to one by non-whites in the Latin American racial pyramid.

    The outcome is illegal immigration.

    The film is prescient in depicting Mexico as the transshipment zone for illegal Mayans and other Indians from other Central American countries. The middle section of EL NORTE depicts El Coyote of Mestizo descent treacherously attempting to exploit the Mayan brother and sister on the border to the US.

    What saves the two is a white Spanish Criollo of American descent who directs them to the storm drainage tunnel on the Tijuana and San Diego border (In the film he is played by a non-Mexican Spanish-born actor).

    Unlike the Mestizo El Coyote, the white American Hispano is part of a much more sophisticated web of exploitation of illegal immigrants Indians. He gets them through the storm drainage tunnel on the Tijuana side and is waiting for them on the San Diego side (Famous rat scene in the film) where he introduces them to Anglo co-conspirators in the US illegal labor racket.

    EL NORTE came out in 1983 but is still relevant. I’m sure you have seen it.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  282. @follyofwar

    White America no longer exists.

    Whatever is, is right. Trends never change. Resistance is useless. Things can only go one direction.

    Vichy American “follyofwar” has spoken.

  283. @Rex Little

    No, not even if we end birthright citizenship. Can’t make it retroactive.

    Making the end of birthright citizenship retroactive would set a disturbing legal precedent. Worse than the immigration invasion? I don’t think so.

    But there are other solutions we could try first. Paying them to leave on the condition that they never under any circumstances return is one possibility. It would cost far less than the lifetime welfare benefits so many receive.

    We don’t have to be as passive and defeatist as the Vichy Americans want us to be.

  284. There are good reasons for wishing that the Latinos had not come. America doesn’t need the population…

    Yes, Fred, that is a STANDALONE GOOD ENOUGH REASON to stop the invasion, even if every immigrant was the poster child of your fevered imagination.

    The US, like every country on Earth, is seriously over-populated (with humans). As the Petroleum Age winds down and “alternatives” prove inadequate this becomes increasingly clear.

    California’s 6,000 mountain lions are considered “over-populated” — while the human population exceeds 6,000 SQUARED, with TENS of MILLIONS more expected soon — ALL from multiplying immigrants!

    No “hate” is required to recognize this and do what is necessary to stop it.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  285. What is all this talk of wanting blacks or latinx to assimilate into American culture (as disgusting as it is becoming)? All this is doing is perpetuating the logic of liberalism. Do you know what assimilation is? It is putting Jamarcus and Jose in Birkenstocks and marketing them as differently colored middle-upper class white folk. That is what is currently occurring. It is in every single commercial. The SWPLs in my college town imbibe this meme like it is the nectar of the gods. It is altar that they are sacrificing the world on.

    The goal is to assimilate the whole world into this culture, so that capital can essentially turn the world into an open-air, borderless, shopping mall. I do NOT want assimilation, as it is the very process by which the elites are using to destroy the actual diversity of humanity by turning us all into a giant mixed-race horde of interchangeable consumer-producer units. Mixture and assimilation is what is destroying us and yet, we still have some people here who are clamoring for blacks to assimilate.


    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  286. @OverCommenter

    Assimilation should be actively and vigorously discouraged on all fronts. It is the primary tool seeking to Americanize the world and convert us all into a global mixed-race slave caste without coherent narrative of its own history. A beige blank slate for the elites to write their values onto through their various pathways of social engineering.

  287. MarkinLA says:
    @William D. Wall

    The goal is to get as many dindus into your college town so when theSWPLs are the victim of the knockoput game, some sense will finally sink into their heads.

    • Replies: @William D. Wall

    And yes, the judges are the usual (((suspects))).

    Universally true with Jews and their shabby goyim strategically placed within the judiciary at all levels in the USA, particularly in the appellate and Federal Courts.

    Thus their fellow tribesmen rob us of our very subsistence while only their victims suffer the consequences, not the Jew perps.

  289. Unfortunately the right/left political establishment still view latinos as a HOMOgenous onediemsnional group, but one must consider subtle yet important (sub?)cultural contexts differences among latinos NATIONAL groups for example Mexicans,Cubans,Dominicans, even Haitians (latinos?). Mexicans may not riot (yet) but lets consider for a moment that Mexico is the #1 source of DRUGS into the USA and their whole infra/supertructural aaparatus in the country. This has been at the very core of the bloody drug wars in Mexico, almost less than 5miles from the US Border. It has become a normal situation to read about multiples massacres, clandestine cementeries, decapitations, etc. Could this come to the USA? some would argue that this is already happening in many US Cities like El Paso, Laredo, Chicago,Los Angeles . Some may constend that Mexicos Drug cartels are the #1 National Security threat to America. On the other hand most US Citizens (RIGHT/Conservative) do not oppose inmigration but everyone wants LEGAL immigration with clear rational equal laws and regulations specially regarding LABOR (employment, salaries,taxation, etc.). A US Born Carpenter that pays taxes, Union Dues, occupational bonds, insurance, and must pass a State Board Certification can NOt compete with a Illegal carpenter earning $5hr..wages, working for a illegal subcontractor. Furthermore Cities with MEXICAN majority populations tend to enforce (unwritten) rules like Spanish (Mexican) only education, Mexican cultural INpositions of language, customs, traditions upon NON Mexicans (latinos). Ironically when Mexicans constitute a Majority populations they would discriminate against blacks, non Mexicans latinos, Asians, etc. The problem in many of these cities is NOT white supremacists is Mexican Sumpremacists..

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  290. @MarkinLA

    As much as that would please me, they have a serious case of talented-tenth-itis. Meaning they extrapolate from the experience they have with the upper echelon of other ethnic or racial groups onto the less talented 90%. They will just keep moving in search of “good schools”, colonizing those areas and then bring in the enrichment which they will carefully isolate themselves from. However, some true believers will immerse themselves in this enrichment.

    My post was mostly directed at some at the top of the thread and ole’ Fred who keep promoting the very process of our annihilation.

  291. @Rational

    “Assimilation is not necessary. They should adapt to white America, not the other way round.”

    That’s like saying that Bolton didn’t resign, he quit. I read that exact sentence in a blog article. Were you the author?

  292. Pat_Hines says:


    I worked with a man who had Spanish relatives who’d been on the North American continent over 100 years before mine arrived. His relatives were still in New Mexico and Arizona. I had no issues about them being moved out to Mexico, I and others didn’t want them removed.

    What we Anglo-Celts want is for the Mestizoes to be removed. They think they have the right to move here, despite the fact they have no relatives from here. They have no claim on the land here. We don’t want them, neither do the Spanish descendants.

    That’s what we Anglo-Celts demand.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  293. oliver says:

    Sadly, but truthfully, most of us are not able to immigrate. We are stuck here and must prepare for what is to come. It will be the Radical Right against the Leftist/socialist (Who do not flee). The right will prevail, but millions on both sides will suffer equally.

  294. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:

    9You sound confused. White women are third class on the female attractiveness hierarchy.
    It’s dorky (and often drug addled) white men settling for white women. All men prefer Asian and Mestiza women by default.

    And no, blacks haven’t declined in number, but rather increased.

    • Replies: @AlbionRevisited
  295. Tony B. says:

    What Fred misses is that there is a conspiracy between the U.S. federal government and the monopoly corporations concerning the illegal immigrants. Both work together to keep them coming in in droves, not just from Latino nations, many now are head choppers from the Middle East wars, coming in with UN ? passports on red eye flights at late night hours.
    The always greedy corporations want them for the obvious, to destroy decent wages. Even bare living wages or less. They don’t care if their workers starve to death along with their families. Neither American citizens nor illegal aliens, these corporations are now run by the talmudic minded and their prostitutes; they collectively believe only THEIR lives matter.
    The federal government wants as many un-assimilated races as possible in every corner of the nation for a more sinister purpose, to keep the population divided and at odds with one another so there is no real organization of the people in general against the absolute criminality of the federal government in its present day police state mode. The more trouble they can cause the more accepted is their military style policing. It is called enslavement.

  296. @Manuel Arce

    The problem in many of these cities is NOT white supremacists is Mexican Sumpremacists..

    Where did you earn your degree in Mexican Social Studies, Arce? Maybe if you wouldn’t kiss so much white ass and get out of the suburbs a bit, you might actually learn something.

    The Drug Trade:
    Anyone with just a little bit of sense and a 12th grade education knows that the Drug Trade is and has been controlled by UK/US CIA,MI5 and their military ever since the Opium Wars with China.

    Everyone knows that the CIA and US military imported Heroine during the Vietnam war using Air America as a cover.

    Everyone knows that the CIA and the US military imported Cocaine from Colombia during the war against Nicaragua. Sold arms to Iran and had Manuel Noriega on thier payroll.

    Everyone knows that the Cocaine imported by the CIA was sold on the streets of major US cities as Crack Cocaine (Very Addictive Form).

    Everyone knows that the CIA began using Mexican Drug Dealers to bring in their Cocaine into the US once the government found out about the drug routes into Arkansas, Florida and New Orleans with Barry Seals pilots flying tons in.

    Everyone knows that Kiki Camarena was investigating the drug connections in Mexico when he happened to find out the CIA was involved, and was killed by a Cuban CIA operative.

    Everyone knows that a Leader of a Mexican Cartel has never been to another country, and yet the US says the Sinaloa Cartel exports cocaine to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We know who’s contacts they are, CIA, MI5 and Mossad contacts.

    Everyone knows that the US government exported container loads of Military Weapons taken in Iraq and sold them to the Sinaloa Cartel. Everyone knows that the DEA was laundering money for the Sinaloa Cartel because they got caught trying to deliver it.

    Everyone knows that the CIA/DEA were giving El Chapo information on rival cartels and rival cartels information on El Chapo. Everyone knows that the mass murders in Mexico began after Felipe Calderon signed the Merida Initiative, that allowed CIA,DEA,US Millitary into Mexico and work with Mexican Corrupt Police.

    Don’t try to even blame the Mexican people for “Shit” that has been going on non-stop since the British East India Company forced Opium down the Chinese people’s throats, Arce!

    If you want to suck white dick, go somewhere else and do it, you sissy. I’m not going to let you get away with your ignorant comments about the Mexican people. We have to deal with the ignorant whites now we have to listen to our own sell outs! The whites, I don’t worry about anymore, because I love hearing and reading their sad story, “Oh, we’re being targeted by the Jews,” “our race will become extinct,” “why can’t we live in peace in our own country.” “we are being invaded by Mexicans.” They cry, but won’t lift a finger to go after the cause of the problem, instead they go and murder innocent men, women and children.

    They think all people south of the border are Mexican, I’m not kidding I saw the FOX News show host say Honduras and Guatemala were in Mexico!

    I’m not even going to address the rest of your bullshit, wanna sound intelligent, stupid comment. To me you’re just like the rest on here, a lot of bark and no bite…and that means if you are not willing to fight,. shut the fuck up…

    • Replies: @Alejo
  297. @Jeff Stryker

    You know something Jeff Stryker, you’re the last person I would have thought would send me this comment. I was holding on to my drink, as I continued to read. I just knew somewhere down in that comment Jeff Stryker was going to say something that was going to piss me off! And then to my surprise the comment ended and I didn’t know what happened! I almost got pissed off…I felt short changed, I actually didn’t know how to respond back, other than…No Jeff I haven’t seen that movie, but I will look for it and watch it, thanks Jeff.


    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  298. @Eric Novak

    Eric Novak

    You must be the brightest bulb in your trailer park’s electrical circuit. I guess you wouldn’t know who patented the first free energy device back in the 1920’s and engineer named Benitez from Mexico. His device was never given any publicity and it was shelved, until it was rediscovered recently. There is a company using his technology to develop a new type of battery charger that actually brings dead batteries to a new state, the Tesla Switch is based on his patent and a self running motor / generator developed by Bedini has been successfully reproduced.

    Also, you wouldn’t be watching color TV if it wasn’t for another Mexican that invented it and was used at the Nasa Space Agency. Let’s not forget video 3 D technology that is used in virtual reality and military applications world wide. His last name is Gutierrez, he came back to Mexico and is teaching at the University of Guadalajara. He is also developing new systems with his students and licensing that technology.

    Birth Control pill, bio degradable plastics using avocado seeds, numerous medical advances using the person;s genome. Guess what, a doctor found a cure for a disease that I can’t remember right now, and when it was presented to investment bankers in the US for funding, they weren’t interested they said. When asked why, they said “We can’t make money on a cure, we make money on treatment, find me a treatment for the disease and we’ll fund it.”

    Those are the people that make you guys so proud to be an American…Do yourself a favor and search how many Cancer Treatment Centers are located in Mexico and you will see that the investor was serious when he said what he did. Americans come here and find cures, not treatments…

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Eric Novak
  299. Marcus says:

    The immigrant wife John speaks of is Chinese, which is at least reasonable and in my view desirable, the Chinese being an impressive people. Also very pretty in their female variety, which doesn’t hurt.

    Fred’s eyesight is failing at this stage of his life apparently (only losers like Derbyshire get yellow fever); however, at least Chinawomen aren’t as rotund as “Latinas”

  300. @J. Gutierrez

    The ruling elite of Central American countries has no choice but to align itself with Washington because the whites in Guatemala or Salvador are massively outnumbered by Mayans or other non-whites.

    The white-Indian racial conflict in Mexico is not so stark as Guatemala or Salvador. Mexico has a much larger number of Mestizos and this defuses direct racial conflict between landowning whites and Indian campesinos you see in other parts of Latin America.

    Europe has its own cocaine cartels and Mexico is not even the source of cocaine. It has always been Colombia. Mexican cartels only became involved when the US authorities put so much pressure on Miami after the anarchy of Cuban and Colombian drug wars in the SCARFACE era that Colombians decided to use Mexican criminals as smugglers in the Southwest.

    Europeans have no reason to do business in Mexico. They get cocaine directly from the source. Heroin in Europe comes from Pakistan and Mexican cartels have nothing to do with that either.

    You have mentioned the alignment of Mexican Presidents who are mostly from wealthy European families, with Washington DC. The reality is that like Vincente Fox, these people all attended Harvard and have ties to the CIA or big business in America going back to their freshman college dormitories.

    EL NORTE 1983 portrayed this.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  301. Marcus says:

    Exactly, we traded a country of tall, beautiful mostly northern Europeans that transformed wilderness into the envy of the world for a dumping ground of the turd world. Yes, I know many of them are wealthy, I also don’t care, they can help lift their homelands out of misery.

  302. Marcus says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Eres pendejo. Mexico is a corrupt mess even by LatAm standards despite having all the advantages in the world.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  303. MarkinLA says:

    You can thank Reagan and his moronic amnesty and his “refugees” for the relatives that are here now and are the cause of this chain migration.

  304. Alejo says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    “We have to deal with the ignorant whites now we have to listen to our own sell outs!” Our own sell outs are the worst ones. THE WORST, estimado Gutierrez. Tengo unos cuantos paisanos en esa lista de “sell outs”.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  305. @Marcus


    Eres un ignorante come mierda que no sabe nada, que usa un noticiero para sopportar tu commento. En donde viste que dije que Mexico no era corrupto? Yo nunca ni siquiera di la imprescion que consideraba a Mexico un pais sin problemas sociales.

    Being bi-lingual is a beautiful thing so, it’s my choice to assimilate to this web site’s common language, out of respect for the majority. Everybody knows Mexico “was” a corrupt mess, if I said any different, I would be as dumb as you are trying to tell me that Mexico was a corrupt mess. Get my drift Einstein? You not only offend me, but the rest of the readers by posting such a well known fact, and worse you provide a link that requires us to read something we already know.

    I want you to point out anywhere, in any of my posted comments where I said Mexico was not corrupt! You Marcus are the typical “House Nigger” but in your case “Yard Gardener”. A fucking want to be accepted by your American citizen, a joke of a person, someone that craves to be part of the group! Me, Marcus, I don’t give a “Fuck”! I don’t need no one’s approval, and no one’s acceptance! My loyalty is first with my “Family”, second with my Country and third with Latin America.

    Tell me about corruption in the US, Marcus. Oh, you believe there is none, jajaja you fucking slave! People like you make me want to go back and get a job at the FEMA camps. You do know that they are recruiting throughout Latin America, don’t you? Oh, yes Marcus…the recruiters say they can’t trust Americans to do what has to be done to rid the country of ignorant people like you. I would gladly pull the cord on the guillotine, Marcus!

    I bet you’re a “Trumpster’, be careful when “Q” talks about Marshall Law and Military Courts, Marcus. Trumpsters believe they are going to be used against the “Evil Democrat Socialists”, how fucking funny does that sound, what’s worse is they will go along with it and drive themselves to the FEMA camps! Don’t you try to tell me who is corrupt Marcus, tell me who is not!

    By the way, Marcus I don’t live in the US, I’m self sufficient except for power, but I’m working on it! I can buy a generator if I can’t make one that requires no input to generate power. Oh, my family is one of the biggest, richest and politically connected in Northern Mexico. My cousin’s were Rodeo Champions not just in Mexico, Marcus. Why do I tell you that? Because it takes big Cowboys to ride the big bulls at the rodeo. That means we are a Big breed of Alpha Males!

    Make yourself useful and go find me an article that says the US government is not corrupt, pendjo! Do you even know what a pendjo is? It’s a pubic hair….jajaja

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Commentator Mike
  306. Marcus says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    The gist of your comments (and Fred’s articles) is “Mexico isn’t that bad,” when it quite obviously is that bad. And it’s not just campesinos who come to the US, many (most?) of Mexico’s “best and brightest” do as well. Why should we not resent Mexico for being content to use emigration as a pressure valve instead of solving its problems? Of course, our corrupt ruling class deserves most of the blame for allowing the immigration in the first place, but Mexico isn’t blameless.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  307. Marcus says:
    @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    The indigenismo stuff didn’t start in the US, it got a boost from US anti-colonial propaganda though.

  308. I want you guys to see how the US manipulate a country’s economy using the Wall Street Firm’s as their weapon. The first article was written while Pena Nieto, who is under investigation for committing wide spread fraud, taking money from El Chapo and while PEMEX was being looted.


    Of all the MINT countries, it is perhaps Mexico that financial investors are most excited about. With a population of over 113 million – making it the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world – Mexico has one of the world’s largest economies. Mexico owes much of its rising wealth to oil, as the tenth largest oil producer in the world, but it also now boasts the sixth largest electronics industry in the world, growing 20% between 2010 and 2011, manufacturing products such as display screens. Mexico is the largest silver producer in the world and it is also growing as a commodity producer, with experts speculating that it could take over China’s position as the world’s leading provider of affordable mass production.

    Mexico’s geographical location is set to give the country an advantage as patterns of world trade change. Not only does Mexico neighbour the USA, but it’s also perfectly placed to trade with Latin America, making it a good candidate for distribution operations. President Enrique Pena Nieto is leading widespread national reforms in every area, from education, energy and fiscal policy to the institution of government itself.

    Due to rapid advances in Mexico’s infrastructure, a growing middle class and rapidly declining poverty rates, forecasts predict the country will enjoy a higher GDP per capita than all but three European countries by 2050. Average income for 2012 was $10,600, which IMF Goldman Sachs predicts will rise to $48,000 by 2050. But it’s the forecast level of GDP growth at 4.0% between 2015 and 2050, when Mexico may have the fifth largest economy in the world, that makes the country an attractive proposition for overseas investors looking to capitalise on the potential of this emerging market.

    Now read what the Wall Street Firms write about the Mexican economy after the people elect a new President that vowed to fight corruption.

    “Economic forecasts from Goldman Sachs to the International Monetary Fund suggest Mexico’s growth will disappoint this year—again. In January, the IMF cut its 2019 forecast to 2.1 percent, down 0.4 percent from October 2018, and its forecast for 2020 to 2.2 percent, 0.5 percent lower. That is against an expected world average GDP growth rate of 3.5 percent in 2019 and 3.6 percent in 2020. The Achilles’ heel for Mexico is weak productivity growth. Fully 70 percent of Mexico’s GDP growth since 1990 has come from an expanding pool of workers, and only 30 percent from higher productivity. As expansion in the working-age population declines, Mexico’s growth will depend even more on raising the productivity of each worker. What is Mexico’s core productivity problem? The answer is a ‘missing middle’ of firms and consumers. It lacks sufficient modern, globally competitive firms offering high-wage employment that could boost citizens’ purchasing power and fuel consumption. Disappointingly, growth in employment continues to come mostly from less productive parts of industry. The few large, productive companies are not creating jobs fast enough to absorb workers from small, unproductive and often informal businesses. Over past decades, Mexico has progressed slowly but surely through multiple political transitions and the economic headwinds following the 2007 recession. Its opening up to trade and foreign investment, successful integration of its automotive and aerospace industries in North American value chains, and much improved macroeconomic and fiscal stability are solid foundations for the future. Mexico’s challenge continues to be broadening the pool of modern companies and reigniting domestic demand growth that can create a virtuous growth cycle.”

    This was published after Mexico began investigating corrupt officials, PEMEX theft, the new airport was not being funded by Carlos Slim, but by Mexican Workers Retirement Funds. The Airport was being built on swamp lands that were purchase by Slim and his buddies for pennies and sold to the project for thousands. Pena Nieto signed billion dollar contracts with Canadian and US companies to build a Gas Pipeline to Mexico and purchased gas from them, while the pipeline crossed over one of the largest gas deposits in the Americas.

    Mexico is now being downgraded for stopping theft, corruption and refusing loans from the IMF. To be honest with you of folks, we could care less what the US and Wall Street, rate our economy or forecast our future growth to be. What really bothers us is the Mexican attacks against the President, attacks from the PRI/PAN the very ones that sold out the country to US interests.

    Thanks to the morning meetings held by the President every morning, people, YouTubers, Politicians and Leaders from Central America, South America and Spain are recognizing AMLO as a chance for hope and change. I suggest people on here go on YouTube and search for AMLO and go to the different videos…That’s all I have to say…

  309. @Marcus


    Listen to me and listen to me good! Marcello Ebrat, the Mexican Foreign Minister told “Stupid” Pompeo, “That the US knows how many illegals cross (are let in), the US knows the amount of drugs that are allowed in and the US knows how many weapons are smuggled into Mexico”! To stop threatening Mexico with a trade war, because Mexico knows who is behind all of those complaints.

    Unless you visit Mexico, talk to Mexicans or have some magic crystal ball, I say to you Marcus please shut up, because people like you spread lies believing you know what goes on in Mexico. I attached a couple of clips from foreigners visiting or living in Mexico. The Vadaboon is from a Swiss Ex-Banker that moved to Mexico and is very popular, check out the WeroWero channel (2 Germans), there are a bunch of people that have you tube channels.


    While people in the US hate, people from all over the world enjoy the unique Mexican Experience. Take a deep breath any realize that hate is bread into American Society! I will close this comment with this:

    Against the Contagion of Hatred
    by Ada Limón

    I commit to take action because I want to believe in a good world again. Every day something reminds me that we are being ruled by a man, by men, by politicians filled with hatred. Their hatred must feel so large within them. It must swell up and feel like power. Their hatred must feel like strength or something like deification. I wonder what it would be like to walk around with so much hatred. Their hatred must feed them, clothe them, must feel like safety and warmth. Their hatred must unite them, must feel like friendship, kinship. It must feel even like love. Their hatred must move through them like a bolt of energy, must ignite them to anoint others with their hatred. What must it be like to feast on rage daily, to believe your hatred is righteous, God-given, to feel blessed with hatred?

    It’s contagious. Hatred. It’s poison and it infiltrates not just our bodies and our minds, but the rivers and the trees and the land around us. How do we move in this world where hatred has been given so much power, where hatred has named us, called us illegal or called us invisible, told us we do not matter, do not have the right to control our own bodies, do not have the right to love whom we want to love? Hatred tells us we do not know what the truth is anymore. It has become our hissing national language. It has become our flag and our mantra.

    I cannot match the hatred with more hatred. I will not meet flame with fire. I want something different for our future, something I cannot yet imagine but can feel its possibility. I can at least love that possibility, a world we’ve yet to build.

  310. @Sam Coulton

    Men who marry women outside their own group are dorks. I have yet to see a white “man” with an Asian women who I couldn’t beat up with one hand. They’re losers who can’t get attractive women within their own group. Also, this trend of white men/Asian women create an ugly half breed with no history, no sense of their own culture, the perfect consumer. I knew you were one of these selfish boomers just trying to normalize your own behavior.

  311. @Marcus

    What an ugly family. I’ve always hated John Derbyshire.

    • Replies: @Marcus
  312. @Marcus

    Each to his own taste, I guess. To me, Mrs. Derb is HOT!! Especially when you consider she’s got to be around 50; late forties at least just based on the kids’ ages, and quite possibly closer to 60. I will say that the kids aren’t nearly as good-looking as most of the Eurasians I’ve met.

    • Replies: @Rex Little
  313. Marcus says:

    He’s a loser, but it was sort of understandable for dorkish men of his generation since Western women were at peak feminist retardation (I wonder if there’s any evidence for Asian women being better wives though). Now all women are equally infected, there’s no excuse.

    • Replies: @AlbionRevisited
  314. bonix says:
    @Q. Shtik

    Typical commentary from these writers based on ‘me love and care for immigrants’ i.e. whites, Latinos, Asian because they submit to me and easily forget the crap we’ve imposed upon them, unlike the kneegrows that fuel your sadistic nature and refuse to be European-like and bow to you. Most of you are immigrants who’ve run like cowards bitching how (Insert Group) who abused or attacked you only to arrive in Amerikkka to abuse and subjugate former slaves who are more American than any of you will ever become.

    They do not burn cities, loot stores in flash mobs, or engage in gang attacks on whites. There is no Brown Lives Matter. They intermarry. They serve in the military. They don’t do race riots. They start businesses. They work

    Good to know that these US whites have never burned Black towns, looted their business from sick mobs, engaged in gang attacks on Blacks. They never claimed white rule over Blacks. Hung Blacks on the frivolous accusation of looking at a white woman. How unamerican Blacks who did not accept their 2nd class statues in the military at a time of war. The white race riots, the Black businesses destroyed by white mobs. The hate directed to Blacks not only by working next to whites but excelling beyond your utter incompetence,

    Whites from the upper and lower echelons of US societies are always in Latin and Asian countries looking for nonwhite women who fetishize over young, old, unattractive white male losers who can’t make it in a country designed for their success

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  315. Winston says:

    Fred, America needs immigrants. It doesn’t have enough. Who’s going to take care f the Boomers? What about labor shortage?
    Labor shortage in the United States becoming an increasingly dire issue

  316. @Alejo

    Sr. Alejo,

    I see how easy people “sell out” to foreign interests, all one has to do is look at the treasonous American politicians and corporations. They allow another country (British/Israel)to run their government, to print their money and tell them what to do.

    Today Trump talked very well about Mexico and the new President AMLO. Mexico is making good progress fighting for National interests. Recovering stolen resources, freezing accounts and allowing the citizen to participate in the direction they want their country to move (by Voting). Not even the US puts out a vote to ask the people what they want the President to do. True Democracy at work, what the MSM calls Socialist, Leftist!

    Que te la pase muy bien Sr. Alejo…

    Saludos desde Nuevo Leon, Mexico…J.G.

  317. @Jeff Stryker

    Jeff Stryker,

    That’s the second comment you send me that parallels the comments I posted here. Did I finally make sense to you Jeff? You wrote everything that I wrote on my previous posts! Did you see the light Jeff! I’m so proud of you brother, you did not once use the ugly words you have in the past, not one racist sounding word Jeff…I agree with your comment! I saw the movie you mentioned last night, it was interesting for sure!

    Take Care Jeff, Keep it up, smart people should not fall into that racist trap the Zionists have laid out!


  318. Michelle says:

    Don’t we white people, aka round eyes, do the same on Halloween? My neighbors just gifted me with a mermaid skeleton. I mean, come on. Skullies are very popular amongst most of my friends, Right and Left. The Right love to collect animal skulls and get mean looking skull tattoos. The left love to celebrate Day of the Dead. My far left neighbor just gave me a ceramic “Sugar Skull” with a tiny plant in it. She is half Salvadoran and said that during her ride home with the sugar skulls her Latina Uber driver chided her over the “Satanic” skull figurines. My co-worker from Panama won’t come near any skulls, nor other macabre figurines, in our work area
    Her mother was from Jamaica and she thinks that stuff is all dangerous voodoo. I believe that on the website, “Stuff White People Like” Halloween is listed.

  319. EL NORTE seemed to sum up illegal immigration. It is a result of Blancos, ultimately. Though curiously the Mestizos are the ones who directly attack the Mayans in the film-the soldier El Puma and the “Coyote” at the border. Even the “Blanco” who gets the Mayans over the border through the tunnel of rodents is doing it for his own profit, though we sense that he actually feels some sympathy for the Guatemalan Indians.

    To some degree, as EL NORTE points out, the “Blanco” and Mestizo of Latin America is most directly responsible for illegal immigration of Mayans (Or other Indian campesinos”) to the United States.

    I have not insulted anyone here. I simply state facts. That film reiterates them, though it overlooked the degree to which Washington aligns itself with the right-wing (Or did during the Cold War) of Central America during the 80’s when the film was

    Mexico is a country I have not been but the racial conflict between Blanco landowners and Mayan campesinos is not as stark in Mexico because Mexico has-as its name indicates-long become a nation of “mestizos” into which both the Indian and the Blanco have assimilated culturally, even if economically the Mexican “Blancos” own everything.

    We can argue the degree to which Washington unwisely injects itself in Latin America all the way back to Allende in Chile and the United Fruit Company to Venezuela today. It shouldn’t do so. We can both agree. Both for moral reasons and because the involvement of Washington DC simply creates more illegal immigrants to the United States.

    However, Latin America has always had uneasy relations between the campesino Indian and the Blanco. And Europeans in Latin America will align themselves with Washington, the CIA or Mickey Mouse to remain in control of the country. They have to. They are outnumbered by Indians, by blacks, by Mulatto, by Mestizos.

  320. @bonix

    Most whites in the Northern US had nothing to do with any of this, my own ancestors included. Italians, Polish, Germans like Trump all arrived 50 years after the Civil War to Northern States.

    Polish of Detroit or Chicago never lynched African-Americans. You are lumping all whites into a small region of the US South and that is racist. Most white Americans are not from the South and arrived directly in New Jersey or Chicago or Boston from Europe.

    It is ironic then, that the whites who suffered the most were not KKK in small towns in the South but Polish-American elderly in Detroit, for example. Or Irish in Boston who coped with integrated schools.

    The problem of black crime has seemingly reached its nadir not in the swamps of the South or rural small towns where lynchings occurred but in major cities like Chicago whose white populations are the children or grandchildren of immigrants who had nothing to do with slavery and who arrived long after the Civil War.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  321. The problem with Fred’s argument is that he believes that “anybody” can become an American. He notes that second and third generation immigrants usually speak English. But the ability of immigrants to learn English after a few generations does not mean that they have assimilated. Cultural values persist for many generations. You might say, well haven’t the Italian’s assimilated? Yes, they have. And they brought the Mafia to America; which is like cancer. Italians speak perfect English; but getting rid of them and Mafia will be a very tough job. They even own the Bank of America.

    It’s the same with the Jewish people. They love communism, and they speak perfect English, too.
    They constantly talk about the “Judeo-Christian” ideal. But there is no such thing. The Jewish religion in America is just a political front for the communists. And believe me, they are ruthless. The Mexicans love communism, too. It’s funny how Fred never mentions the Communist Party of Mexico. It’s huge. And all those Mexicans who come to America will vote for higher and higher taxes until they have extracted as much wealth as they possibly can from white people. So don’t be fooled by Fred’s claim that Mexicans are “good people.” Mexicans are horrible people. I live in California and see La Raza flags everywhere. As far as the Mexicans are concerned, it’s a life and death struggle to conquer the United States. It really is an invasion.

    Then Fred tries to disarm any criticism by referring to White America as the “Dissident Right.” Well, we all know that dissidents are the “minority” and political extremists. So he’s really claiming that the majority of “reasonable” Americans are in favor of Mexican immigration. But that’s not true. Nothing destroys a nice neighborhood faster than Mexicans. They have ten cars parked in front of the house; they play loud music; and they have nothing in common with other people. I have never met one single person who wanted a Mexican neighbor. And then there is the fact that they are a huge financial drain; they expect free education, free medical care, free food; and free daycare, too. They want free everything. Do they appreciate it? Hell, no. They swear that someday they will take-over America. They’re proud to call themselves the enemy. Mexicans are full of malice toward the American people. Right now, they are just biding their time. So any kind of compromise with the Hispanics is pointless. They are just like black people; they will negotiate in bad faith forever. The only answer is to send all them home. American society cannot tolerate Hispanic violence, gangs, drugs, prostitution, and political intrigue. It’s bankrupting the country, destroying our culture, and we are actually financing a group of people who want to kill us. Bringing a bunch of communists to America is not “diversity.” It’s suicide. Already our big cities are uninhabitable because of them. We need to sweep the country, gather up all of the Hispanics, and put them on a bus back to Tijuana. Except for the Cubans, who will go back to Cuba. They’re even worse than the Mexicans.

    In the future, when you walk down any street in Chicago, you should only see a clean, nice neighborhood with nice white people; and English will be the only language. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

    • Replies: @RWS
  322. @J. Gutierrez


    re: power

    Don’t waste your time trying trying to discover some novel free energy source. Just calculate your power needs and go to and look for an appropriate solar panel system. Say something like this for all your needs:

    Just investigate and see what’s best. You can still use the grid if your need exceeds the limit or get extra panels. Also get a rooftop solar water heater for your hot water at a few hundred dollars on and you’re good to go and energy self-sufficient. You’ve got plenty of sunshine in Mexico so just power up to the sun and enjoy.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  323. @Alejo

    Argentina a failed state ?? Any idea what does it that mean ?

    You must be an Argie.

    Well, the country is on the road to yet another default on its loans, which will likely trigger the third major crisis for the Argentine peso in 20 years. None of its neighbors have had anything of the like, especially not Chile.

    Am well aware of the sizable community of Chileans in Argentina. No surprise—the Chilean peso goes further across the Andes.

    I was coincidentally in Argentina when their peso tanked in 2002. My money—American dollars and Chilean pesos—seemed to go on forever. My cousin and I lived like royalty in Mendoza, Rosario, and Buenos Aires; and at the end carted back two large suitcases full of books that I had acquired on the cheap in the capital.

    And regarding the levels of corruption, ….Chile and Uruguay same levels of corruption as in the US ? Are you kidding ?

    USA: 22
    Uruguay: 23
    Chile: 27
    Argentina: 85

  324. MEH 0910 says:

    South Park clip:

    Puppet Show
    Mexican Joker s23e01

    The staff at the Detention Center stage a puppet show to teach the kids about the danger of Mexican Joker.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
    , @MEH 0910
  325. Punisher says:
    @Dennnis Roe

    Dennnis Roe this country is already going down. Look at our infrastructure it is old and falling apart. We have so many shootings all the time which is a break down of society. We have swarms of homeless people and the opioid crisis. People are killing themselves because they cant get a job. This country is like a third world country already.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  326. @Commentator Mike

    Commentator Mike,

    I’ll check it out…I was looking at the Benitez patent from a Mexican engineer that developed a charging circuit for batteries back in 1920’s. It was shelved until a few years ago. The Tesla Switch and the Bedini motor are based on his patent. He had to build his own pulse switching device because of the back EMF, this allowed the electricity generated to pulse through the device and a converter and store it into a battery bank, the battery bank connected to a DC motor that turned the AC generator.

    I have a lot of roof space at the ranch, to install solar panels. Mike you live in Australia right? You’ve heard of Yule Brown, the guy who used electricity to create what’s call “Brown’s Gas”. He sold a torch that used that gas to cut metals. I saw a video that showed that torch cut different types of metals and thickness with ease. They said the molecules in the different types of metals reacted differently when the torch was applied which allowed the metal to be cut. They said it would be a great application to use in the mining industry because the heat would effect each type of metal differently and would result in each metal melting according to their molecular makeup separating themselves from the other metals. This would eliminate the use of toxic chemicals currently used in the extraction process, such as mercury. He also sold a generator that ran on that gas, basically all you did was fill it up with water and it ran.

    I thought you might be interested seeing that Australia is a major gold producer.

    Thank you Mike….

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  327. @Punisher


    Sometimes I wonder why do some people see exactly what is going on and other people living in the same exact place see things completely different. I see this occurring in Mexico, too. But not to the extent as I see in the US. I think it has something to do with the way each person processes information. Certain people who drink liquor, have a decent conversation and drive home. Other people who drink liquor, slur their words and can barely stand up.

    I’m glad I can drink people under the table…

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  328. @J. Gutierrez


    No I’m not in Australia and am not in the sunshine zone so solar is not of much use to me. Unlike you I prefer not to reveal personal information. I used to be very interested in innovations and technology but have lost interest. Geopolitics interests me more these days. And probably religion later on as I age. Good luck with your search for energy solutions.

    • Replies: @J. Gutierrez
  329. GavinCato says:

    Something is missing in these discussions. People feel a natural bond with those who speak the same language, have the same culture and look like each other. Did you ever notice that the black magazine write about black celebrities and have black faces in the ads? The Spanish language ones use almost exclusively light skinned Latinos. New schools in black communities are always named after a black person. They need a role model and it is assumed that he must look like the students. That is why diversity and multiculturalism are bound to fail. Also, it is not good to bring in people who get to the front of line for government jobs due to affirmative action. How can you talk about assimilation if we can’t define what we are assimilating to? Historically that was Christian Europe. Is there another option or are we going with crass mass market culture like blue jeans, TV shows, pop music and Pepsi?

  330. GavinCato,

    You’re right about something missing, whites never assimilated, they came and took what they wanted! Now they expect all other people to assimilate to their “Hollywood Constructed Fake Existence”. History says, they were the “good guys” and the “Native Americans” were savages, not worthy of owning such a rich land! That they were the “Good Guys” when they sent a bunch of Tennessee hillbillies to Florida so they can take Spanish land, the Mexicans were “Catholics and Mixed” too stupid to be occupying, the lands given to them, by “God” (Manifest Destiny). Hollywood did a fine job creating “heroes” of the invaders and “bad hombres” of anyone that stood in their way.

    How can anyone assimilate to made up culture! A fake existence, brought to you by a group of Jewish Zionists, that gave people the illusion of the Great American Dream, through their movies. The was no “Leave it to Beaver” or “Mary Tyler Moore Show’, or “Happy Days” all that was fantasy. Reality was the Korean War, Vietnam War, the Murder of JFK, Martin Luther King, RFK, etc.

    I think all people including whites that are currently living in the US need to assimilate to the culture that was there before the Spanish, French, British, German, etc. The Native Americans. If assimilation is required to live on their land, then let it be it, everyone assimilate! But, wait…you can’t do that, you have nothing to assimilate to…you whites murdered them, put them in prisons called reservations, where they became alcoholics.

    Well, you guys should just assimilate to Mexican Culture, we can drink tequila, listen to mariachi music and watch Futbol Soccer. It’s much better than invading Venezuela, watching your president get accused of crime after crime, or taking it up the ass by the Zionists. Adopting our Mexican Culture will have immediate effects, instant street cred. You will have no problem walking up to a bunch of Crips on the corner and saying, “Orale, hommies, I need you vatos to ride with me, this fucking pedo Epstein been pimping out my homie’s daughter man”! “I wanna go bust a cap in that fucking pervert, “Training Day” style!

    Then the Bankers, Wall Street, etc. The mother fuckers getting away with shit, will no longer do anything for fear of getting blasted by, GavinCato and his suburban Crips.

    LOL, Just throwing it out there!!!!

    From sunny Mexico with love….J.G.

  331. @Commentator Mike


    Are you with that fucking Jeff Stryker! LOL just kidding, Jeff has turned a new leaf…I think I can take a little credit for it. Jajaja

    Take care “My Brother”…I give motherfuckers my address they can come and pay me a visit!

    Too, old to be Scared, too crazy to give a Fuck!

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  332. @Jeff Stryker

    Most whites in the South had nothing to do with slavery. As far as racism goes, whites in the North always viewed themselves as superior to blacks, and wanted a white society, which is why the industrial cities of the North were built by Europeans instead of blacks. Prior to the 1920s, blacks were largely shunned as potential laborers and citizens in the North.

    A good case can be made that the average industrial worker in the North benefited more from the labor of blacks through cheap raw materials for manufacturing, than the average white in the South who was competing against free or cheap black labor to supply the raw materials ever did.

    You don’t even view southern whites as your equal, so don’t claim that racism against blacks isn’t a feature of northern society, when it always has been.

    • Replies: @Punisher
  333. Webster says:

    The objections of the Dissident Right are not always frivolous or merely loutish.
    Jesus. I mean Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. You actually said something true, though it was wrapped in a vicious backhander and you probably didn’t even realize you were saying it.
    BTW people who don’t agree with your meanderings into logic are not necessarily right wing.

  334. Webster says:

    Good comments here though. If the unz had to depend on its authors for entertainment they would soon go out of business. Kinda like a bowling alley with no balls.

  335. Webster says:

    By the way it didn’t escape me that bowling allies are composed of white pins being knocked over by black balls. Excuse me, but I am not the leader of France.

  336. MEH 0910 says:

  337. @Marcus

    They’re definitely better wives. For most white guys, getting an Asian girlfriend is a whole lot better than being alone or marrying some obese tattooed white women with 30 previous sexual partners. I understand why white guys do it, but it’s still disappointing. Western societies have declined so rapidly, but it’s not nearly as bad in central and Eastern Europe, so there’s still some hope.

    • Replies: @Ron B Liebermann
  338. Reed says that the Dissident Right doesn’t like Latinos. My experience with Latinos is that they don’t like us whites. I have spoken to many of them and they insist that we (and sometimes they get personal and point their finger at me and say I) stole their land away from them in the 1800’s. This happens even though I make sure to treat them with respect and I do NOT bring up race. How are we whites supposed to get along with people who think like this?

    Also, assimilation means that many whites will miscegenate with the Latinos. How is this good for white people of European descent? This will cause us to slowly be blended out of existence. We already are getting dangerously close to becoming a minority in America, which was created by whites for whites.

    My desire to separate from Latinos is NOT because I don’t like them, even though as I have said they have animosity towards my people. I want to separate from them because I want my people to survive as a distinct race and to have self-determination. My solution has always been separation through an ethnostate on this continent. This is really the only solution.

    (For those whites who love diversity, they can continue living in America. For whites like me who want self-determination, we need the separate homeland.)

  339. Punisher says:

    Gaydad69 You mention Hispanics hate Yanqui and have an IQ 10 to 20 points lower than white people. What about black people. They hate white people look at all the black on white crime. Their IQ is about 10 to 20 points lower than whites and if it wasn’t for affirmative action they would not be given and able to function in a lot of jobs plus they burn down cities causing lots of monetary damage they loot stores and beat and kill white people for no reason

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  340. Punisher says:

    OilcanFloyd even if white people in the North were racist years ago there are white people whose parents immigrated to America in the 50’s, 60’s like my father who immigrated from Hungary in 1957 who get discriminated against by mean and racist black people. I have been discriminated against by black people and my father had nothing to do with slavery or discrimination against black people.

    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  341. @J. Gutierrez

    Your referenced Mexican inventors are all Jews.

  342. @Punisher

    The funny thing is that the Left is always gloating about displacing whites, but blacks have already been displaced, and they still vote 90% or more for the very people who wish to displace them the most. The same can’t be said of whites. If only white Americans were allowed to vote, American politics would be very different.

  343. @Punisher

    OilcanFloyd even if white people in the North were racist years ago there are white people whose parents immigrated to America in the 50’s, 60’s like my father who immigrated from Hungary in 1957 who get discriminated against by mean and racist black people…

    Stryker is always going on about how racist and dumb whites in the South are, and how whites in the North are wonderfully superior egalitarians whose existence has been made worse by the Africans introduced to North America by white southerners.

    That’s all BS! His ancestors (if he is an American) would have never settled in Chicago after the Civil War if the North hadn’t explicitly rejected the migration of black labor from the South, and sought out European immigrants to settle and build the industry of the North after the War. Northerners were explicit about their wish to keep the region white long after the Civil War, and adopted immigration policies that their wishes.

    The white working and middle classes of the North benefited from the cheap raw materials from the South, that fueled many of their industries, far more than their counterparts in the South who had to compete with the free or cheap labor of blacks ever did.

  344. @J. Gutierrez

    In the case of Mexicans, it is because of the Indian blood which is considerable in poorer ones. European Mexicans from Mexico City are not generally public disruptions because of alcohol. Yaqui and Aztec are.

  345. Carax says:

    At least ninety percent of migrants from Third World countries pouring into Europe do not understand what assimilation means today and nor will they ever understand it. Thus I feel justified, as a citizen of a European country, to have a fervent dislike, if not disgust, of most foreigners from the Third World, because it just so happens they have little intention of assimilating into my country. Their only plans are to permanently ride the cart not pull it in our economies. Gee, all those doctors, engineers just flooding into Europe from the Congo these days. So I have a dam good reason for disliking them and if I had my way I would drop them off at some nice safe place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Now America in some ways is a worse mess than Europe, and Europe these days is pretty bad. I left America long ago before it turned into the hell-hole plantation and Idiocracy it has become today. Even many American multimillionaire are some of the dumbest people ever to have walked the face of the earth. I lived there I was a dissident right-winger and find it quite ignorant when someone like Fred Reed will broad-brush all Right wing dissidents as hateful. Just so happens latinos and blacks hate whites too, so everyone is just about even. The tragedy is that most whites don’t know their own history and don’t know that whites (indentured servants from England) in colonial America were slaves before blacks but yet are stupid enough to believe the reparations baloney some of those cretinous left-wing “professors” are going on about. Many blacks also earned their freedom and those after they got their freedom ended up worse off. But then we are all slaves these days, regardless of our color. The new global economic world order and the elite who run it want to make sure of that.

  346. @J. Gutierrez

    Are you with that fucking Jeff Stryker!

    J.G. you live in Mexico and from your writings you are not very critical of Mexico or Mexicans so you can’t really be considered a dissident, and I suppose you can publish in your own name no problem. Some of us others may be considered dissidents where we are. I know the term “dissident” may sound pretentious, but let’s face it dissidents in the old USSR and Eastern Europe weren’t doing much else other than spreading their thoughts and opinions to others or criticising the authorities and their ideology, and they still faced prosecution and persecution. I don’t consider anything that I write as being especially hateful but whether it may be in breach of all the various laws: hate speech, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, etc. or not it isn’t really for me to say. So some of us prefer to stay incognito behind pen names. It is after all the etiquette of dissident conduct in the virtual world of the Internet and I’d rather not breach it.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  347. A Texan says:

    The U.S. Constitution was drawn up to protect the rights of white protestant males who owned property. Fascinating to see it expand to include so many, only history will tell if it survives the diminishing of the white man.

    The major problem is that other cultures are incapable of valuing it along with the Bill of Rights. Even the allegedly high IQ Asians and Indians with a dot will almost to a tee vote for more statism if given the chance. It’s bad enough too few Americans value it.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  348. @Commentator Mike

    Mike. You seem like the sort of down-to-earth Brit white collar professional I would sit and have a pint with. Many of the posters here are not.

    They’re nutcases. I don’t live in the United States and cannot get fired from my job overseas. But some of the black posters have had negative reactions to me and a few of the Chinese males as well.

    I cannot begin to fathom why anyone would post a comment under their real name.

    What is surprising is that below the surface, sadly, most ordinary white men like ourselves agree on this website. Every excellent post you make is simply an affirmation of the truth. Your comments are spot on.

    The internet is a secret society. It is where ordinary common white men like ourselves gather to agree that the world has simply become warped in the lifetimes of anyone born before 1985 or so.

  349. MEH 0910 says:

    • Replies: @RWS
  350. America is not a nonstop assimilation machine. We’ve been forced into it – and it is destroying America.

    In fact we can make most of them leave without ICE deportations. Stop putting braces on their teeth at the border! Cut off welfare and medical. Stop educating them. Stop hiring them. NEVER legalize them – or America is over.

    Think we don’t have the will? Enough American deaths and disaster – will definitely wake up the public.

    If not – well then we’ve got a lot of work to do:

    – Over 5,000 Americans die at the hands of illegals every year. I think that includes the infamous Latino drunk driving problem – as well as the staggering murder rates combined. At least I hope it includes both stats.

    – Then there’s the avg Mexican IQ of 85ish. Guatemala and Honduras about 80. The army has lowered IQ minimum to 82 or 83 – and it’s still not low enough.

    – About 70% – of 2nd and 3rd generation Latinos – are still on some or full public assistance.

    When does that “assimilation” actually happen?

  351. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    South Park clip is now on YouTube:

    Puppet Show – “Mexican Joker ” – s23e01 – South Park

    • Replies: @RWS
  352. MEH 0910 says:

    • Replies: @RWS
  353. Nico says:
    @Rex Little

    In the case of illegals, the latter is open to question, which I will do shortly.

    As far as amnesty goes Reed appears to acknowledge it is a bad idea and then argue it is the least bad option with respect to illegal aliens. I think such a position is demonstrably false. He doesn’t do his credibility any favors (not that I think he cares much) in repeating Andrew Yang talking points.

    I strongly suspect you [Reed] know this, and do it with intent to provoke.

    Indeed, and I’d like for him to know (that is, if I thought he’d ever care) that while his trolling the un-nuanced and un-nuancable dregs of the alt-right must be great fun for him given his current place in life (contrast his tone with that of Allan Wall), for those of us who do wish we could get on with doing something productive about the demographic catastrophe of the United States it is only slightly less annoying than the virtue signals of a NeverTrumper.

    On the other hand, I suspect that given his current residence and spouse (going by not only her nationality but also what he has hinted about her personality), there is an element of fawning not altogether unlike virtue signaling in its psychological workings, albeit on a smaller scale. Actually, I would be willing to bet at least a modest sum that if that union ever went sour he would change his tone quite swiftly.

  354. MEH 0910 says:

  355. RWS says:
    @Ron B Liebermann

    I’m reading this late at night and so not certain whether Mr. Liebermann is serious or ironic or other in his comment. But I largely agree with what he has written — and I spend much of the year in a Latin American country (no, not Mexico) which I like and where it’s widely understood that the United Suckers of America accept the worst elements of Mexican and Central American societies, and pay the criminal invaders to sap the country of its energy, morality, and other resources.

    Really, there can be no further toleration of the invasion if the country wishes to live.

  356. RWS says:
    @MEH 0910

    “Risky”? Swimming across a narrow, slow-moving stream?

    Only if you don’t know how to swim!

    Seriously, there is very little risk nowadays in invading the United States. One would have to be carrying contraband openly — and perhaps not even then.

  357. RWS says:
    @MEH 0910

    “In the eyes of Christ.”

    Of course. Christianity has been burlesqued by the American ruling class for how many generations, now?

  358. RWS says:
    @MEH 0910

    A good idea, as many (most?) repeat border-jumpers give different names and show different (if any) identifying documents in each incursion.

    But the real question is, will the federal government actually employ the information gained to punish or expel the wrongdoers?

  359. @Rex Little

    Update: based on information in Derb’s latest diary posting, his wife was born in 1963. The picture posted here at #305 is dated 2014, so she’d be 51 there.

  360. MEH 0910 says:

  361. @AlbionRevisited

    You are so right. I’m shocked when I see what has happened to all the girls in America. I certainly wouldn’t marry one. But there’s another issue: we can’t just give-up on American girls; after all, those are our future wives and mothers. So the answer is not to marry a Filipino girl. The answer is to take control of the American culture and landscape; so that we can save as many girls as possible, and then create a new environment where girls in the future will grow up to become sweet, happy, feminine, and loyal.

    To achieve that, we will have to stop fooling around. Up until now, the right has been satisfied to sit back, and let the left get whatever it wants. That’s why we have pornography, tattoo’s, sexual chaos, rampant drug use, and destroyed families. So turning everything around isn’t a question of “expressing our opinion.” It’s gone way beyond that. Only the most drastic measures will save this country. We need to eliminate all of the unhealthy elements; and expel all of the people who shouldn’t be here. That means two or three years of direct action. And then thirty years of rebuilding.

    • Replies: @Rex Little
  362. delmas says:
    @PJ London

    Yes, Fred we could all just sit back, put our feet up and have another beer Yes, and take Punisher’s defeatist attitude. Many Americans just want to do this, they don’t wish to put up any resistance. They’ve become born collaborators just like the French whom they often seem to abhor.
    However, there is the concept of the ethnostate: allotting huge independent territories inside the continental US where the minorities would move. There they could live as they see fit.

  363. @Ron B Liebermann

    So the answer is not to marry a Filipino girl. The answer is to take control of the American culture and landscape

    It’s not either-or; a man can marry a foreign woman and work to change the American culture. But the latter will take a long time and lots of help, if it can be achieved at all. For a man who wants to make the best of his own situation right now, and who isn’t attracted to what American women have become, marrying a Filipino (or Chinese, or Thai, or Ukrainian, or Mexican, etc.) girl may well be the answer.

    No guarantee, of course. The best relationship I ever had–the one I shouldn’t have let get away–was with a Chinese woman, but the worst of my three wives (and the only foreign one) is Thai/Chinese.

  364. MEH 0910 says:

  365. MEH 0910 says:

    Zero Tolerance (full film) | FRONTLINE

    Premiered Oct 22, 2019
    FRONTLINE investigates how President Trump turned immigration into a powerful political weapon that fueled division and violence.

    The documentary goes inside the efforts of three political insurgents to tap into populist anger, transform the Republican Party and crack down on immigration.

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  366. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    Zero Tolerance: Ann Coulter Interview | FRONTLINE

    Published on Oct 22, 2019
    Ann Coulter is a conservative commentator, columnist and the author of several books, including “Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole” and “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!”

    Coulter’s candid, full interview was conducted with FRONTLINE during the making of the October 2019 documentary “Zero Tolerance.”

    • Replies: @MEH 0910
  367. MEH 0910 says:
    @MEH 0910

    Zero Tolerance: Steven Bannon Interview | FRONTLINE

    Published on Oct 22, 2019
    Steve Bannon is a media executive and political strategist. He served as executive chairman of Breitbart News, as an adviser to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and later as chief strategist in the Trump White House.

    Bannon’s candid, full interview was conducted with FRONTLINE during the making of the October 2019 documentary “Zero Tolerance.”

  368. Mrwizzard says:

    I don’t know Fred, folks who have studied and reported on such things since the ’90s think that the US needs 500,000 to 550,00o immigrants a year just to maintain (not grow) the population since the birthrate among citizens has declined so. And since the birthrates in Europe are declining, these immigrants are not coming from ‘traditional’ sources. And, BTW the vast majority of European immigrants were not from the upper and middle classes, and were not considered ‘white’ no matter the color of their skin.

    We didn’t need Mexicans? Seriously? The Bracero program was developed to replace the Dust Bowl immigrant agriculture workers here In California who were being drafted and sent off to WW II and the citizen farmers of Japanese descent we relocated to such garden spots as Tulelake.

    I can tell you that in 14 years working in Social Services, my wife and co-workers did not have any person come in due to an immigrant from south of the border taking their agriculture work job. so, unless and until the ‘close the border and send them back’ crowd lines up with their families to take the ag, slaughterhouse, packing plant, and other menial jobs currently held by immigrants, they have no valid complaint and are not to be taken seriously,

  369. This is an older article, but I couldn’t shake the idiocy of the author. This really is a testament to just how far boomers and “conservatives” will go to avoid acknowledging reality.

    The US is more diverse than at any time in it’s history, and yet the middle class is worse for the wear. At what point point does the middle class get saved? Immigration is sold as a necessity to save social security, so how many more low skilled foreigners do we have to import until that goal is achieved? When will the infliction point be reached, and Americans start to see a return on the diversity investment? California has more hispanics than any other group, and yet the state is perpetually broke, and also on fire. There is not one single example anywhere in the world you can point to where replacement levels of immigration, legal or otherwise, has actually worked out and the country wasn’t fundamentally changed, forever. So good job Mr. Reed, I hope you have lots of children and grandchildren that will get to experience this brave new world you, and your entire generation, have allowed to fester and boil.

  370. Eric135 says:

    Non-white immigrants get preferential treatment over white U.S. citizens in college admissions, hiring, promotion, and government contracting. Latinos are considered non-white for affirmative action purposes.

    Many also go on welfare. It would be one thing if we had no welfare programs and no affirmative action. Then immigrants would have to “sink or swim”.

    Instead, many are a burden to the white taxpayers, who are then “thanked” by having their own children discriminated against.

    Many Latinos have a “reconquista” attitude, saying they want to take back the Southwest.

    They hold a grudge against Anglos when their anger should be directed at the ones who actually colonized them — the Spanish.

    But that would put them in the awkward position of hating themselves, since so many of them have Spanish blood running in their veins.

    Much easier for them to blame and take advantage of Anglos.

    Bottom line: Americans never asked for or wanted massive Third World immigration, but they got it anyway.

    This isn’t about hating immigrants. It’s about our government ignoring the will of the people and allowing discrimination against its own citizens.

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