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A Nation of Fly Larvae: Obama and Gun Control
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I’m going to move to Mexico. I swear I am. Except that I already have. Well, I’m going to move there twice. It’s to get away from Hussein Obama.

Who is this President? How did we get him? Does he have anything in common with me? Is there anything even American about him? He is an African of Islamo-Indonesian culture, deeply hostile to America and white people and ruling with a dictatorial style more like that of Shaka Zulu than Thomas Jefferson.

Yet I confess to a grudging admiration. He, belonging to one of the virile peoples—blacks, Hispanics, and Moslems–has keenly diagnosed the weakness of American society:

There is no one who will say ”No.”

The Supreme Court? Nine corpses in a wax museum. Congress? If they all poisoned themselves nobody would notice. Though it would still be worth doing.

A President with brass balls—and god knows Hussein Obama has them—can do anything with an executive order. Anything. And we obey. “Yass, Bwana. What you say, Bwana.” Gun control? No problem. The Constitution? Say what? Wars anywhere and everywhere? Congress can read about them in the papers. It is astonishing.

More correctly, the European population–pale, white, feeble things wriggling like fly grubs in the corruption of a putrefying body politic—obey. Blacks and Moslems do not allow themselves to be pushed around. They are, whatever else they are, virile. They look to be history’s winners. Though not civilization’s.

Hussein Obama is something new, a President completely unconcerned with law, the principles of American governance, or the wishes of the majority. Most presidents engage in corruption and pillage within the Constitution, or at least within commuting range of it. This is the American way: Malfeasance, but within the rules. There are proprieties.

Hussein simply ignores the rules. He has no affection for European culture because he has no roots in it. Africa did not develop democracy or constitutional government, perhaps because doing so would have required writing. The Moslem world is equally dictatorial. Neither culture is much given to abstractions. Obama wants what he wants. Period.

Now he wants gun control. This means disarming people he doesn’t like. Controlling guns doesn’t prevent crime. Mexico has strict gun control Does anyone get shot in Mexico?

Nah. Never.

Guns? What have guns got to do with our problems? I, having a romantic attachment to the far-off days of constitutional government, law, low crime, and what was once called “civilization,” find myself asking:

When murders are overwhelmingly committed by blacks and Hispanics, do we have a gun problem, or a black-and-Hispanic problem?

When terrorism is overwhelmingly committed by Moslems, is the problem Islamophobia, or Moslems?

When malls are looted and cities burned overwhelmingly by black mobs, is the solution to outlaw malls and cities, or to control the mobs?

When Moslems mutilate their daughters, is the problem Patriarchy, or Moslems? (I have daughters. For such mutilation there should be a death penalty.)

We know the answers to the foregoing. However, there is the now-standard American approach of refusing to admit the obvious nature of problems. This precludes solving them. The downstream consequences are going to be fascinating.

I know, Hussein knows, we all know, that outlawing guns means disarming whites. Nobody is going to go into the depths of darkest Chicago and try to de-gun the occupants. As the looting and burning and destruction grow, as the looters and burners realize that no one is going to stop them, wise people want guns, for when. This will not have a happy ending.

Hussein, in what looks like racial vengeance brings in, as fast as he can get away with, large populations of his two ethnic groups, Africans and Mohammedans and, apparently because they are not white, Hispanics. This will have, is having, enormous consequences for the country, all brought about by one man with the will to do it. No popular vote, not a whimper from Congress. When poked, the vaunted American polity turns out to have the strength of a continental beached jellyfish.

In Third World countries with high rates of violence, the civilized population moves into gated communities with guards, often armed, at the entrances. It is what happened in the declining days of the Roman Empire, the gated communities being called “castles.” It is happening in America.New York Times: ”The phenomenon of walled cities and gated communities is a dramatic manifestation of a new fortress mentality growing in America….”

As the kids say, “Duh.”

Now I see that American whites are buying “safe rooms.” “A safe room or panic room is a fortified room that is installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe shelter, or hiding place, for the inhabitants in the event of a break in, home invasion….”

Now, who do you suppose the people in their safe rooms are afraid of? Is it Norwegian tourists of Viking persuasion waving swords, or feral Girl Scouts selling exploding cookies? Or hunting bends bands of savage rabbis armed with lead-weighted violins?

In reality of course it is blacks and Obama’s imports who drive the enfortressification of America. In a white neighborhood, or for that matter Chinese or Indian or Korean, you don’t need “safe rooms.” (Only occasionally are innocents found beaten to death with Ming vases. Usually wearing a helmet is sufficient protection because the porcelain is thin.)

Here we have yet more symptoms of America’s descent into the Third World. At all levels America’s governments cannot or will not enforce the laws. Standards of living fall, a rich oligarchy rules for its own benefit, merit gives way to racial nepotism, moronic students control the universities, and educational standards fall sharply to disguise the failures of, of course, the affirmative-action classes.

“Safe Rooms” are the last, pathetic, contemptible line of defense of frightened, passive white people against uncontrolled crime. The first and best defense is a culture that doesn’t commit crime and slams hard any intruding criminal. But this is racism. The second is a Ruger Redhawk and the will to use it, but if the remains are of the wrong color it’s a hate crime. Gated communities are subject to being found racist and forced to let in inner-city hunter-gatherers at subsidized rent. That leaves Safe Rooms.

Realistically–Oh! Odious word!—what can be done about the crime and looting of shopping centers? Nothing. Nothing, anyway, without igniting an epochal conflagration. The only way to stop confident looters is with force—and twenty cities would go up in flames. Who is going to risk it? And, one might ask, how is all of this going to help blacks?

It would be nice to have the rule of law, the same laws for everybody, but it is not the American way. Fly larvae. I’ll write from Mexico.

(Republished from Fred on Everything by permission of author or representative)
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  1. what can be done about the crime and looting of shopping centers? Nothing. Nothing, anyway, without igniting an epochal conflagration.

    Great. What are they going to eat next month?
    Maybe those lusty Mexican campesinos will take Christian pity on the wretches, and slip them the odd bag of corn.
    They’re welcome to walk up to where I’m fishing and join in. Pretty chilly and damp, though, you have to be born to it to stick it.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  2. DDD says:

    Honestly Fred confuses me. There are some articles I read where he sounds like a liberal guilt ridden sjw and others like this one where he sounds like an extreme right winger who loves Mexicans.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Stan D Mute
  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    That’s the whole point – when did individualism fly out the window? Like most thinkers, Fred doesn’t fit in a box. Come to think of it – when did thinking fly out the window?

    • Agree: Vendetta
  4. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Mex better than blax.

    • Replies: @Son of Dixie
  5. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Muslim and African invasion of Europe.

    Invasion of Land = Territorial Rape = TERRAPE.

  6. pyrrhus says:

    The Supreme Court? Nine corpses in a wax museum. Congress? If they all poisoned themselves nobody would notice. Though it would still be worth doing.
    Epic! I’m going to steal this….

  7. @Priss Factor

    I’d say Mexicans are far more destructive to American society than your run of th mill Black. Mexicans organize and put their own in local government. They are savvy on how to rob the middle class taxpayer by sucking up welfare and section eight housing.

    Black are basically mouth breathers not capable of mass organization. They are more violent, but the majority of their crimes are are one each other, so who cares? I don’t.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @Dr. X
  8. It really is to the point that democracy is subverted when the President rules by decree, whether in matters of unilaterally conducting secretive wars or overruling congress in domestic legislation.

  9. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Fred Fred, Cabbage Head, you make some good points but you don’t make the essential point.

    Obama is not a virile Negro. If anything, he is a cuckgro. Most of his presidency hasn’t been about black power or Muslim power. It’s been sucking up to Jewish power and Homo power. 80% of his prezidency has been devoted to serving Jewish Wall Street, Zionist foreign policy(in Middle East and against Russia), pushing homo stuff, tranny stuff, and other such crap. Also, US is different from EU. Muslims will never amount to anything in the US. In the US, the most immigrants come from Latin America, esp Mexico, and from Asia, especially China and India. How does that help the Negro? Such may help the Democratic Party, but it only puts more competitive pressure on the jivers.

    While most Negroes are Democratic, the majority are not crazy about immigration. They see how what it is doing to the Negroes. I mean Negroes feel pushed back by both homo agenda and immigration. That’s why Negroes be flipping out with Black Lives Matter. Though ostensibly about white cops killing hapless Negroes, a lot of this pent-up fury has to do with the fact that, under Obama, homos and immigrants got far more prizes than Negroes, and all at the behest of Jews.

    Also, the main force behind Gun Control are not Negroes but Jews. Negroes may not be pro-NRA but they luvs them guns and be wondering how to get theyselves some mo’.
    It be the Jews who are really invested in taking guns away. Why?
    It’s because Jews are 2% while gentiles are 98%. In Israel, Jews like the idear of gun ownership since it means majority Jews got guns to blow away the raggers if them buggers were to get out of line.
    But in the US, it means gentiles got most guns, and even armed Jews are no match for that.

    THAT is why Jews wanna take away our guns. Jews have control over government, military, police, and etc. Since Jews got the politicians, courts, lawyers, and bureaucracies on their side and since the police and military must take orders from Big Government, Jews know they got a lock on Institutional Firepower.
    And Jews know that if they push too hard with PC, white folks might eventually fight back. Guns are the new pitchforks. Also, there is rising rage among the masses of all color cuz the 1% gets richer while the rest don’t do as well or even badly. So, Jews wanna take our guns away. That way, Jews can push us around like the EU elites can push around the unarmed European masses.

    The War on the Second Amendment is a Jewish Project. It’s like the Homo Agenda was a Jewish project. Indeed, Jews are now admitting that they were behind the homo agenda. Since the majority of Americans now worship the holy anus as the new god, Jews wanna take credit for the new faith.

    Obama is just taking orders from the Jews. After all, gun control is NOT a big issue among blacks. It is the biggest issue among Jews. Jews hate the idea of armed gentiles.
    But it is also the issue among the Liberal White Elites who have been Europeanized in their neo-aristocratism.

    The difference between US and Europe was this. Europe was ruled by aristocrats. They owned most of the horses and rode high. And only they had the privilege to own swords and guns for the most part. Most people were farmers and peasants with no horses, no guns(except for crude musket for shooting rabbits sometimes), and little or no land. They owned nothing much, therefore had little to protect. Without property, they worked for the aristocrats who owned the weapons. Aristocrats monopolized weaponry in the name of protecting the people but, as often as not, it was to protect their own privilege from the peons.

    In the US, ordinary folks could own land cuz there was so much of it. And since mobility was crucial in a vast country, many Americans owned horses. And as ordinary people had property to protect on their own(from animals, Indians, and others), they needed guns. Also, as US was founded as a democracy or republic, the notion of aristocratic privilege was rejected. Anyone could own guns(unless he be a Negro). And that was the basis of the US system.

    So, if in Europe, weaponry was a privilege, in the US it was a right. And this was a great advance in democracy. But there was a downside. Too many people went around killing each other, like the wars with Billy the Kid and in all those Sam Peckinpah films. Take PAT GARRETT & BILLY THE KID. Just about every other scene has someone shooting someone. And people drank a lot, and we know drinking and carrying guns is as dangerous as drinking and driving.

    So, there was need for the law, like in HIGH NOON, because unless there was the lawman to set things right, Frank Miller and his ilk(or the ghastly white negro Liberty Valance) might ride into town and make a lot of fuss with full of cuss.

    And this balance held until the 60s… but then, Negroes went nuts and demanded more guns, and then, there was breakdown of black family and Negro kids grew up with rap music, drug trade, and guns, and all hell broke loose. And drug culture in the US made drug trade lucrative in Latin America, and soon, Latinos were shooting one another to sell drugs to gringo and negro.

    Of course, because Negroes got more dangerous with guns since the 60s, there is more need for whites to have guns to protect theyselves from gun-toting Negroes who be shooting up entire towns.

    Now, some might say.. “why not get rid of all guns?”

    If US were all white, this might work, or at least work better. But the problem is US has tons of Negroes, indeed over 40 million, and dat sho be a lot of jivers.
    And Negroes are bigger, tougher, stronger, more muscled, more aggressive, and wilder. So, in a gunless world, a lot of white guys will end up like the dude assaulted by Willie Horton. If a Negro enters a whitey’s home and gets into a fight, the white man will generally not be able to win. The Negro will whup the whitey like Jack Johnson whupped all them white boys and then he will hump white woman. Of course, it’ s now the case that white boys and girls are so worshipful of the Negro athlete and Negro rapper that white boys are willing to play cuck while white ho’s go with Negroes.
    Even so, there are white folks who wanna get away from neo-Africa in the US or at least protect themselves from black violence. And the only way is to own guns since the white man cannot prevail against the Negro in most cases with his fist.

    But Jews don’t care about white gentiles. Jews feel toward white gentiles the way they feel toward Palestinians. Contempt. Jews just wanna get control over whites.
    Whites love and worship Jews. Jews look down on whites as dumbass sheeple and better to keep them as sheeple than have them turn into wolfmen.

    Obama serves the Jews. Now, one could argue this is Section 8 policy is pro-Negro in forcing integration on white communities. But even this has been driven by powerful rich urban Jews. Rich urban Jews wanna send more black OUT of cities like NY and Chicago, and that means relocating Negro trash into less privileged white suburbs, small towns, and rural areas. Also, Jews like the idea of these relocated Negroes emasculating white boys and taking white women.
    Just look at the movie SPECTACULAR NOW where a bigass Negro intimidates a white boy and takes the blonde girl. And look at the new LANCELOT series with some bigass Negro as top knight and sexual conqueror. This way, white consciousness and power will be cucked and destroyed all over. Jews wanna send Negroes into every community so that the top high school athletes will be blacks who will then hump the white prom queen while white boys are reduced to benchwarmer status. Lancelot has become Mandingolot. Sheeeeeeiiiit!

    So, unless we talk about Jewish power, we aint going nowhere.

  10. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @Son of Dixie

    You gotta be shi**ing me.

    Mexers are angels compared to the ghastroes.

  11. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    One problem with our world is the pathologicalization of White Mannery.

    It is natural for the men of any race to feel protective of their own women: mothers, wives, daughters, sisters. It is natural for the men to feel threatened by the prospect their women being taken by men of other races, whether such happens willingly or unwillingly.

    This is why Ethan Edwards is so pissed in THE SEARCHERS. He wants to save white Debbie from the Indians. Later, when she tells Marty that she’s now part of the Comanches, Ethan feels betrayed and tries to rub her out.
    It’s like the scene in STAGECOACH. The Southern gentleman puts a gun to the white woman’s head because it’s better she die than be taken by Indians to be raped or used as creator of red babies.

    This is a natural thing. After all, we are told of how humiliating it was for Negro men to live under the honker slave master. In 12 YRS A NEGRO, we see how humiliating it was for Negro manhood to be helpless to stop the horny white guy from putting his whitey hands on a fine looking black mama, mmm mmm mmm.
    Imagine if you’re a Negro man living as a slave under a hornball white massuh who wants to take your woman. But you can’t do nothing about it cuz if you cuss out the massuh, he gonna whup you until you say ‘Toby’. So, you have to live in shame as your black woman is taken by the nasty white dude. But it can even be WORSE! What if the black biatch decides to act like sizzling hot ho Rihanna and shake her ass before the white massuh and present herself freely to the hornball white boy. That would be doubly humiliating. Not only does the whitey have power over you but the bitchass ho done freely betrayed you like Teresa went off with Mapache in THE WILD BUNCH.


    Now, no one would say there was anything wrong with black Africans trying to protect their land and womenfolk from slavers(Arab or white). And no one would say a black guy under slavery should have celebrated his cuckery as the white massuh took his woman by force or cuz the ho decided to freely shake her ass before the massuh like nasty ho Rihanna in the Umbrella music video. No one would say the Negro male should celebrate such thing as interracial love or breaking the race barrier or some such. It be humiliating to his fried-chicken munching ass.

    BUT, we are said that it is wrong and evil for white men to feel protective of their women. I suppose white guys should have been celebrating the mass rape of women by Mongols or Turks long ago.
    We are also told that it is wrong for white men to feel possessive of their own women, with whom they’d evolved together for 10,000s of yrs. No, white women exist to be dress like whores, act like whores, and spread their legs to the world, especially rich Jews and Negroes–and now, even hornball male Mooslims who arrive by countless boatloads.

    We are told it is wrong for white fathers to raise their girls properly into decent womenfolk. It is wrong to be a father like Bonasera or Don Vito Corleone in THE GODFATHER who believe in family honor. Instead, white fathers must be like Billy Ray Cyrus and offer their daughters to the mammon to end up like Miley Cyrus, whose vile antics are NEVER denounced by the Jew-run media.
    Brian Williams is lauded for raising a daughter who gets a rimjob on primetime TV.
    Emma Sulkowicz has rich elite parents, and she went to an elite college, but her idea of communication with friend is sending texts like ‘fuc* me in the butt’.
    I mean WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO? The new rule for families is “produce daughters to offer to the mammon of whorishness and skankishness”, not to serve family honor and for the girls to grow into women seeking true love like in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

    Also, it needs to be said that the white race is living under slavery. There is classic slavery of putting people in chains. But there is another kind of slavery where a race has lost its freedom and power to survive and defend itself. Whites are intellectual, financial, and moral slaves of Jews who control dogma, banks, and media. Whites are demographic slaves to the Tide of Color. India says it’s gonna export 300 million excess dotters. Ragger Moos keep arriving in EU by the millions. Whites are also the physical slaves of blacks who are stronger, whupping white boys, and taking white girls. It is a globalist form of slavery.

    In this climate, naturally decent white males wanna regain pride and power. And since the race can only survive by unity of man and woman, white males feel possessive and protective of white women like Edward feels toward Bella in TWILIGHT(despite the fact that she smooched the Injun).
    But this natural passion is regarded as ‘sick’, ‘evil’, and ‘pathological’ because we are told that ‘racism’ is evil.
    But race-ism is the truth. Race is real, and it is good to preserve races and their native lands.

    Now, think about it. Suppose there’s a community where some white Christian punk is a pimp and uses Jewish women as sex slaves. Wouldn’t Jews feel upset? Wouldn’t a proud and decent Jewish man try to save the Jewish girls from the white gentile punk?
    Or suppose a white imperialist pimp exploits Arab women as hookers, sex entertainers, and etc. Wouldn’t the Moo be angry with white guys for treating Arab women as sexual property? Wouldn’t he see it as sexual imperialism?
    After all, no one can be very proud that US turned Saigon into one big prostitution ring in the Vietnam War. Indeed, many on the Left sided with the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese precisely because US was turning South Vietnam into one big sexual hooker colony of debauchery and tomfoolery.

    But for some reason, we are told that white men have NO RIGHT to feel protective and possessive of their own women. White fathers have no right to raise their girls decently and properly. Instead, the girls must be offered to Mammon to be whore-ized and to look to the likes of Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham as ‘role models’ or ‘whore models’.
    There used to be a time when most women were respectable. If a guy felt mighty hornery, he had to go see a hooker who acted the whore. (Amazingly, hookers in the old days dressed and acted more conservatively than girls from respectable families today.) But today, the whore style is the promoted style among womenfolk. In terms of style and expression, there is no difference between whore and non-whore.
    It’s like with the spread of ugly tattoos, the distinction between normal person and trashy freak has gone out the window.
    Even non-hookers dress like whores, act like whores, talk like whores, and they drink by gaping their mouths open while whiskey is poured down their throats, and their idear of ‘dancing’ is ‘twerking’ like they’re screwing someone.

    We need the Don Corleone School of Fatherhood and Child-Rearing.

    Travis Bickle was nutty in TAXI DRIVER, but his feelings toward Iris was honorable. He knew NY was messed up, he was messed up. But he wanted a white girl to go home and be raised right.
    In the original screenplay, the pimps were black, and Travis was trying to save a white girl from ghastly Negroes. For that reason, he’s been labeled a ‘racist’.
    But suppose we reverse the situation. Suppose a 12 yr old black girl is used by evil white pimps, and suppose a Leroy Bickle, a black cabbie, wants to save the black girl from white pimp exploiters. Would anyone condemn that? Of course not. We would cheer for the Negro like we would cheer for Paul Kersey in DEATH WISH.

    But for some reason, it is so evil for a white guy to feel protective and possessive of the women of his own race. Of course, Jews want it this way since Jews wanna drive a wedge between white men and white women cuz Jews know that no race has any chance unless the holy unity is maintained between men and women.

  12. Truth says:

    Hussein Obama is something new, a President completely unconcerned with law,

    Take your alzheimer’s medication today, Bro; you can’t afford to skip a day.

  13. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    The Logic of PC.

    Women can dress and act like whores, but you better not see them as whores because that would be ‘sexist’.

    African and Middle Eastern men can act like barbarians, but you better not see them as barbarians because that would be ‘racist’.

    So, women brashly act like whores, and African/Arab men brashly act like barbarians.

    And eventually, the proud sluts met the proud barbarians.


    Narrative Collapse for PC.

  14. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    We heard about the Attention-Deficit-Disorder.

    We also have Inhibition-Deficit-Disorder. I mean a culture that sees nothing wrong with ‘twerking’ is seriously messed up.

    And that leads to Affection-Deficit-Disorder. There is very little sense of true affection that may grow into love. It’s all about boing and ‘fuc* me in the butt’ Sulkowicz style.

    LOVE STORY is no great masterpiece, and Jenny could be irreverent at times, but I can’t imagine her sending a note to Oliver saying ‘fuc* me in the butt’.

    What happened to our culture?

  15. Eustace Tilley (not) [AKA "Schiller/Nietzsche"] says:
    @Priss Factor

    Negroes are not “tougher”. They prefer to attack with overwhelming numerical superiority (preferably against 80-y-o white women living alone) and cry like babies when they get hurt. They (contrary to white liberal dogma) lack discipline and do not make good combat soldiers.

    For a “tough” negro, see’s-death

    • Replies: @CJC
    , @Jim
    , @Truth
  16. Is Barack Obama a weeping mulatto or a virile Negro playing African Big Man? I’m not sure even he knows. But it speaks volumes for the lack of judgment on the part of the American people that such a person was allowed near the Oval Office, let alone elected and re-elected to it.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  17. @Diversity Heretic

    There’s an “American people” anymore?

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  18. CJC says:
    @Priss Factor

    An interesting observation, to say the least.

  19. CJC says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    You’re right about that. They tend to be cowardly, and prefer weaker targets.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  20. Jim says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    In African wars small number of white mercenaries totaaly outclass Africans as fighter.

    • Replies: @Discard
  21. Truth says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    Negroes are not “tougher”. They prefer to attack with overwhelming numerical superiority</blockquote


    And there's something unusual about this strategy, Ulysses Grant?

  22. @Reg Cæsar

    You’re right. Amend my comment to read “electorate within the borders of the United States of America.”

  23. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “You’re right about that. They tend to be cowardly, and prefer weaker targets.”

    Look, you’re talking about bullies and criminals.

    Bullies and criminals come in all colors, and they look for weaker targets.
    But that doesn’t mean they ain’t strong. ALL PREDATORS in nature prefer weaker targets. A lion or hyena prefer to attack a wounded, old, or weak zebra or buffalo than a healthy powerful one.

    So, if Negroes wanna rob, they wanna look for the easiest targets. Only an idiot criminal would try to rob the house of a police captain.

    But such kind of behavior exist among all races. White criminals and bullies seek weaker targets too.

    But look at the history of early boxing. It was usually white boxers who ducked black boxers. And if black boxers ducked fighters, it was other black boxers.

    For a long time, white guys avoided Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson took on all white fighters but ducked black boxers. Jack Dempsey ducked black fighters. Joe Louis took on all white fighters but usually ducked black fighters.

    Now, look at football. Almost all running backs are black. Most receivers are black. Most defensive guys are black. Why is that? Defensive line needs more explosive strength to penetrate through offensive line to tackle the quarterback and running back. Sprints in track and field are dominated by blacks.

    Look at racial violence in poor communities with black thugs and white thugs. Why are there more cases of black thugs beating up white thugs than vice versa?

    You guys are living in denial. I grew up with the reality. I attended a city school with whites and blacks, and white boys were terrified of black kids who said ‘after school’, meaning ‘I’s gonna whup your ass after school.’

    But because back then at least, because the culture was racially segregated—with white kids mostly listening to white music and black kids mostly listening to black music(and besides, black music back then was mellower and nicer)—, white girls usually stuck with white boys.
    But today, not only do black boys whup white boys but the interracist influence of pornified rap and hip hop culture and TV shows with tons of interracism has created a very different climate.

    Also, with breakdown of white families and whore-izing of white girls, many are gonna have chillun with Negro punks out of wedlock.

    But you just wanna carry on with the denial.

    Unless you face the hard truth, you will spin a web of lies around yourself.

    If you wanna save your race, you gotta admit that black race is a physical and sexual menace to the white race. ONLY THEN will you gain the moral justification for segregation that calls for safe spaces for white safety, security, prosperity, and pride.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  24. Svigor says:

    It’s because Jews are 2% while gentiles are 98%. In Israel, Jews like the idear of gun ownership since it means majority Jews got guns to blow away the raggers if them buggers were to get out of line.
    But in the US, it means gentiles got most guns, and even armed Jews are no match for that.

    Seems more like statism to me. Leftist statism here, where Jews form the leadership and piggy bank for the “gun control” movement, rightist statism in Israel, where the gun laws are pretty restrictive already.

  25. Svigor says:

    I dunno, those Russian brothers sure knocked out a lot of negroes.

  26. Eustace Tilley (not) [AKA "Schiller/Nietzsche"] says:

    Praise be to Allah! No sooner do I finish my Friday evening prayers than another dindu appears, like a genie from my magic lamp!

  27. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    This EU crisis is the result of the paperizing of citizenship.

    It’s like currency.

    At one time, currency was backed by gold. So, it wasn’t just a piece of paper. It had solid backing.

    Likewise, citizenship was backed by blood. So, it wasn’t just a piece of paper. Blood is real, ink is manufactured.

    When currency lost gold backing, banks could just print more and more. Currency and value could be toyed with by the globalist banks as they saw it. The value of currency became a matter of manipulation by globalist banks.

    When citizenship lost blood backing, politicians and bureaucrats(and hackademics of Jewish oligarchs) could just write any bunch of new laws to expand citizenship to just about anyone.

    So, in the US, citizenship used to be defacto by blood. One had to be European for the most part. But then, with the 65 immigration act, US citizenship lost its blood backing and became all about legal paper work, and we know laws written in ink can be toyed with politicians and lawyers.
    So, we now have needless QUANTITATIVE EASING of masses of outsiders into EU and US. Now, even illegals are being issued driver’s licenses and voting rights in places like California. Since US citizenship is no longer backed by blood but by paper-and-ink manipulation by politicians and bureaucrats — the puppets of oligarchs and PC —, even illegal can be made legal with flick of the pen.

    Since the idea of ‘American’ or ‘European’ — or ‘Australian’ or ‘Canadian’ — no longer have backing in blood, anyone can be those things. So, millions of black Africans can be ‘Europeans’. Millions of Hindus and Chinese can be Canadian, Australian, or British.
    EUcrats always talk of ‘European values’ but when citizenship loses its backing in blood, European-ness loses its value like paper currency loses its value without gold backing.

    We need to return to the Blood Standard. Blood is real, ink is artificial. It’s like the difference between your real hair color and hair dye.
    One’s identity and one’s nation’s identity must be backed by blood.

  28. Gene Su says:

    I would like to comment that most self- defense shooting of black thugs are undertaken by black gun owners as opposed to whites.

  29. @DDD

    Honestly Fred confuses me. There are some articles I read where he sounds like a liberal guilt ridden sjw and others like this one where he sounds like an extreme right winger who loves Mexicans.

    He makes sense most of the time for me. When he lauds Mexicans, he is writing of Mexicans in Mexico. His descriptions largely match my own perceptions although my travels are far afield from Fred’s massive American ex-pat region. Mexican towns and villages are nearly as safe as an American analog and Mexico’s cities are, like cities everywhere, a patchwork of good, not-so-good, and bad places. I avoid the areas known to have narco traffic and I’ve never visited anywhere in Mexico remotely as bad as Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, east St. Louis, etc.

    As I’ve always maintained and as Trump has announced through his bullhorn, Mexico is NOT sending her best and brightest to America as illegal immigrants. “Good” Mexicans of the type Fred knows are attending university in Mexico or abroad – they’re not running leaf blowers in Ron Unz’ neighborhood. We then take Mexico’s detritus and run it through America’s racial grievance and welfare state machinery to create a brand new species of criminal wastrel only slightly better than the negroes. (Note here too that Africans in Africa who’ve not been programmed with “hate whitey,” “blame whitey,” and “gimmedat!” are a fine, if dull witted, people) Mix in tens of billion$ in narcodollars each year and America is the sewer we see today.

    How is this contradictory? Mexicans are not the problem. America’s racial guilt and hatred for all things white and civilized is the problem. The Mexicans are only here because we have invited them. And they behave the way we have told them to behave.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Lucius
  30. @Stan D Mute

    Mexico is NOT sending her best and brightest to America

    Less brain drain than bladder drain.

  31. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Excellent. I was searching the digital wasteland for maggots and up pops this article on “A Nation Of Fly Larvae via Western Rifle Shooters Association.
    Finally, after 50 plus years, I find a bloody writer who writes like I think. I spent the afternoon clicking thru your webpage, spending time I had reserved for brass cleaning and reloading chores. How could I have missed your stuff all these years ? I know the answer, I was never indoors or sitting still long enough read more than a gum wrapper or fine print on a condom packet. Maybe I had read you, but with plain vanilla handle of Reed, and oncoming dementia its unlikely I would remember. Life on the edge and years of abuse has turned me into a sea cow, slow, and reflecting. And to think that my moldy collection of SOF issues may have more of your writing. Oh, and why was I searching for maggots ? I thought it would lead me to piece about Obama. And once again Google came thru.

  32. Blobby5 says:
    @Priss Factor

    Damn Priss…you are on fire!

    • Replies: @Truth
  33. @Priss Factor

    God damn it, that isn’t a comment; that is a meandering, confused dissertation. And it’s past time for you to knock it the hell off.

    Get yourself a website, write your lengthy inanities in ease and comfort, post them, and LINK them as comments on Unz. Your fans will thank you for the handy depository.

    This shit’s gotta stop. You have generated more froth and spit in one spot than Obama on campaign.

  34. @John Jeremiah Smith

    Note to self: found the “Ignore User” function. It could be done better, but not everyone can program.

  35. This column makes no sense. He accuses Americans of being weak and cowardly, but I didn’t move to Mexico. Neither did the rest of us still here. The coward lives down in Lake Chapala, heroically slinging insults from the safety of his gringo ghetto. And he’s running his mouth about safe rooms?

    Also, if Americans don’t respond forcefully to being marginalized, how do you explain Trump’s poll numbers? And didn’t Fred have some very choice insults for Trump? I believe he did. Fred really is not a very deep thinker.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Fred doesn’t like Trump because he attacked his precious pet noble savages-Mexicans. If Trump only attacked blacks then Fred would be Trump’s number one fan.

    • Replies: @Bragadocious
  37. Truth says:

    Damn Priss…you are on fire!

    I have to agree, Priss, there’s not question you’re a flame!

    • Replies: @Stephen R. Diamond
  38. I’m a white man, and I stand up to blacks all the time. In fact, I’ve even had to go into the ghetto and take care of business with certain blacks that even the other blacks couldn’t take care of. My job requires me to do that sort of thing from time to time. A tall and well-built white man in a uniform will pretty much get compliance from blacks and Mexicans as long as he stands his ground. I’ve learned this from experience.

    And I take serious issue with the notion that Barack Obama has “brass balls.” The only time Obama has balls is when he’s got someone else’s sack in his mouth. He is a petulant homosexual who walks around with an arrogant sneer simply because nobody has ever opposed him in his life. Everybody bent over for the magic negro, but that’s not going to happen anymore.

    I’ve known all along what that POS was all about. I was saying it way back in 2006 when the idea of his presidential run was first mooted. Very few people listened to me then, and it’s a pity that it has taken so long for significant numbers of Americans to wake up. However, the day is coming when he will meet with the wrath of the American people…and the God he’s continuously mocked.

    • Replies: @dcite
  39. I used to think gun owners are nuts, still think they are. but with our govt the way it is, everyone should buy guns.

  40. Che Guava says:
    @Expletive Deleted

    I like most of Fred’s writing, but I do think the death penalty for female genital mutilation is excessive.

    Enforced ‘sex-change’ surgery, with a subsequent gaol term would be much more fitting.

    CIrcumsion is a form of genital mutilation, comparable with the mildest form of female mutilation, I always wonder why it is taboo to raise that point.

    • Replies: @JSM
    , @dcite
  41. According to David Kopel, Mexico is the only other country with a constitutional provision protecting gun rights. But gun laws are strict any way. Counter-but, we all know how well how seriously any law is taken in Mexico.

    Well, any law but immigration.

  42. When terrorism is overwhelmingly committed by Moslems, is the problem Islamophobia, or Moslems?

    I seriously doubt this claim. Most terrorism is committed by US military. Anybody can try and correct my ignorance.

  43. Rurik says:

    However, there is the now-standard American approach of refusing to admit the obvious nature of problems. This precludes solving them..

    Or hunting bends bands of savage rabbis armed with lead-weighted violins?

    no Fred, but virtually every single thing you mention is a direct consequence of the fact that a small tribe of ethically hostile people have taken control of America’s money supply, which has allowed them to buy up all the media and all the politicians and all the institutions of consequence in the entire dying (murdered) Western world.

    And it’s not a coincidence that you fear them too much to mention them, even as you write things like:

    refusing to admit the obvious nature of problems. This precludes solving them

    turns out to have the strength of a continental beached jellyfish

    Kudos to Priss for mentioning that the emperor is nekkid

    (note to Priss, it is Moloch who Billy Ray Cyrus is sacrificing his daughter to, not Mammon)

  44. Biff says:

    Obama has owners, and he does what he is told. His number one job was to sell the Bush doctrine to the left. After that his owners let him play in the sand box blowing things(people) up.

  45. @Anonymous

    I agree. His column really is garbage. And it could be so great. Just look at the fine work done by Allan Wall, another expat who lived in Mexico for 15 years. Wall never went native and tells us in frank terms exactly what Mexican society is like, even taking the time to translate a lot of the garbage their newspapers spew about America. Fred wants us to believe we’re the problem. He’s the Jimmy Carter of expats.

  46. Horace says:

    I agree with the spirit of the article.

    But I am absolutely astounded that Fred Reed would regard Barack Obama as someone with “balls” — the implication being that Barack Obama is a “real man”. I am absolutely astounded that he would imply that the black thugs on the street are “ballsy” or “real men”.

    Black thugs on the street may be muscular; the males among them may be even more muscular and they may be as dangerous as hell, but they’re not “men”; they’re not “ballsy” except in a purely carnal sense. They’re little boys and girls with childlike hostilities and appetites inhabiting the bodies of muscular adults. I would have expected Fred Reed to be able to tell the difference.

    And Hussein Obama certainly doesn’t have “balls”. He may have an insatiable desire for unlimited power and control; he may have zero regard for the rule of law, but that doesn’t make him “ballsy”. Any number of female monarchs and chiefs of state have the same characteristics.

    Hussein Obama — as other columnists have noted — is arguably a metrosexual president. My God, Fred; you’re talking about someone who was photographed wearing a tiara a few months ago. You’re talking about someone who bathed the White House in fruity rainbow colors after the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. Ballsy??????? HIM??????

    Hussein Obama hides behind the authority that trappings of all of the power that he has now give him and he hides behind the implied and actual threat posed by the aforementioned black thugs, who represent a good part of the reason that no one ever calls him on his illegal seizures of authority. I wouldn’t call that “ballsy” or “manly” at all.

  47. JSM says:
    @Che Guava

    CIrcumsion is a form of genital mutilation

    Yes. I value children. How can cutting off some of her parts around age 12 be worthy of death penalty but cutting off a helpless baby boy’s be so okey-dokey it’s done routinely in modern hospitals?!!

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  48. “I know, Hussein knows, we all know, that outlawing guns means disarming whites. ”

    – Most definitely this is the real reason for attempting to ban gun ownership. However, it is doubtful that many whites are aware of this at the conscious rather than subconscious level, or at least most are afraid to admit it. What I mean is that if I were to go down to the gun club that I belong to and ask random members why they believe that gun ownership is vital, their responses are likely to include anything except protection from feral blacks. Though many might respond with “self protection or “in case of home invasion”, tap dancing around the issue of the race of most offenders would be the norm.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  49. I hate to keep pointing this out but less than 50 Americans have been killed in the US by “Muslim Terrorists”.
    That’s about 2 weeks harvest for the cops.

    • Replies: @rod1963
    , @Bill Jones
  50. @Truth

    But is something burning besides his pants?

    • Replies: @Truth
  51. rod1963 says:
    @Bill Jones

    It’s nice to know you don’t give a rats ass about Americans being murdered by Muzzies or that you’re lying about the real number killed.

    Go back to your BLM buddies.

  52. @Bill Jones

    Insert “in the past decade”

  53. Dr. X says:
    @Son of Dixie

    “Black are basically mouth breathers not capable of mass organization. They are more violent, but the majority of their crimes are are one each other, so who cares? I don’t.”

    You’re correct — blacks are not capable of much of anything on their own except violence against each other. But that misses the main issue of race relations for the past fifty years, which is this: blacks are pawns used by liberal, urban “sophisticated” whites in their war against rural, conservative, religious, traditional whites. Do you think that the sandal-wearing liberals at Whole Foods and Starbucks actually LIKE morbidly obese blacks on welfare who shop at Wal-Mart and eat fried chicken? Hell, no. They PRETEND to like blacks because they know that working-class whites do not.

    You must admit that this has been an overwhelming success for the Left. The biggest Republican House majority in the last 80 years cowers and wets itself in fear before Obama, lest they be called “racists” — which happens anyway.

  54. AndrewR says:
    @The Original George

    People obviously want to protect their homes from burglars and other non-government criminals, but deep down I think most gun owners feel we are doing our part to keep the government in check.

    An unarmed populace is a very easy one to subdue. An armed populace means a lot of dead government agents will result from any attempt to truly subdue the populace.

  55. Obama is a rogue president who is out of control and must be stopped. He hates white people with a bitter, burning, envious rage and he wants to gloat over us while we suffer and die, all the while playing the part of the magic negro in order to convince the white useful idiots to give him as much power as he asks for.

    First he wants to beat us down both psychologically and economically, saddling us with confiscatory taxation, Obamacare, and stifling regulations of every kind imaginable. Then he imports millions of foreigners (murderous Muslims and worthless Mexicans) to destroy the fabric of our civil society. Next, he wishes to disarm us and make it impossible for us to legally purchase weapons wherewith to defend ourselves. After that, he will pardon hordes of black criminals out of our prisons and quarter them upon us with his “disparate impact” zoning regulations. This is to say nothing of the mess he’s made of foreign policy.

    It is obvious at this point that Obama is a threat to the well-being of the nation. His presidency needs to end immediately, and at this point I no longer care how it ends. He needs to be investigated and prosecuted for treason. He needs to meet with the justice he deserves, and ordinary Americans need to be freed from the yoke of his petulant homosexual tyranny.

  56. Discard says:

    I recall how the French could send a single company of Foreign Legionaires into some African horror show back in the ’70s or 80’s, and bring all or most of them back.

  57. Lucius says:
    @Stan D Mute

    I’ve often wondered why people have trouble separating the problem of illegal immigration from the country of Mexico. Why, the folks who come from Mexico are just horrible – Mexico must be a real hole!
    Indeed so, in the places and circumstances those immigrants come from. And we Americans take their worst and make them worser.
    In point of fact, the general character of Mexico is likely improved by illegal immigration to the US – many people I meet in business circles in Mexico have spent time in the US. Most have done so legally, either for study or on a temporary visa. None have stayed (obviously). This is not because they don’t have the opportunity to do so. I work in other countries, and with the US divisions of Mexican companies here. They are utterly devoid of Mexicans with degrees. I would say the number of college educated Mexicans who immigrates – legally or otherwise – is so near 0 as to be effectively 0.
    Imagine if inner city blacks were leaving en masse for Canada. How much effort would the US put into stopping them – even with our racial guilt? What would the US look like as a result? How would Canada judge Americans if that was their experience, and would it be fair?

  58. @Priss Factor

    Priss, are you going to suggest that relatively bright, capable white girls are thronging to blacks?

    I’m not buying it. The white girls I see pushing around black babies are 99% of the time obese, ugly, vacant-eyed slugs. The other 1% are girls so immersed in the dopamine stew of their addiction to a false claim of moral superiority that they shouldn’t reproduce anyway.

    This entire comment rant misses the point; just as the typical investor, seeking wealth, buys high and sells low, most of the people pushing the left-collectivist idiocy are responding to brain signals well below the level of the conscious. They literally don’t know what they do, and their addiction to their false sense of moral superiority renders them just as unable to be “fixed” as any heroin addict or rotting-toothed crack whore.

    The way of the tau is reversal. The trends we see are ripe for reversal, indicated by the panicked straight-line projecting of all sides.

    Much of today’s insane Narrative beautifully fits the addiction model of behavior.

  59. Che Guava says:

    Well said, Jsm.

    I am sure that you would be aware that FGM is a spectrum, ranging from procedures that are the same as those which are increasingly popular as elective surgery among adult women, to much more horrific ones.

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If the milder forms of FGM applied to a girl without consent are wrong, and there is a concensus on that, then so is circumsion of infant boys.

  60. dcite says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Always knew it. First time I saw him, he was on the cover of Time being advocated as a candidate for POTUS, mainly it seemed to me because he wasn’t white or exactly black or even very American, and had also lived in Asia. Next time I saw him three yrs later, he was the democratic candidate. I thought, oh, so that’s what all that nonsense was about. They chose him to be president.
    Every time somebody makes reference to that freak show called the POTUS and the “First Lady” I think, “they still believe that? Does nobody have eyes? Did Joan Rivers die for nothing?

    Also a pathological liar, extreme even compared with other politicians.

  61. dcite says:
    @Che Guava

    Not comparable really. Male circumcision removes the foreskin, not the penis. In FGM, even the “mildest”, the analogous organ is completely removed. Supposedly some people do a female circumcision that only removes the foreskin, but that’s rarely heard of. That would be comparable to male circumcision, but they don’t work with much light on the subject and it’s probably hard to see the details. FGM goes on in extensiveness to Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4, the last two pretty much obliterating any visible genitalia. The ideal of female allure is to look as if nothing was ever there. They actually say that. The victim is normally 4-8 years old, not 12. It takes about 6 women to hold the girl down down so it would be pretty hard on them if she were much older, much less near adolescence. From what I’ve read, the wedding night (or weeks) can scarcely be imagined by normal people with normal bodies inhabiting the rest of the world.
    This is an old custom rooted in African superstitions, and actually disapproved of by Islam–at least the more extreme kind. Yet those African countries that are Muslim do have the more extreme forms universally. When Mohammed, saw it performed among some of the Arab tribes, he recommended against it, or if they insisted, that they cut only minimally. He did, however, uphold male circumcision.
    In this day & age, no child, male or female, should have a bit cut off uneccessarily, imo. It goes against the rights of the child, and I’m surprised male baby circumcision has continued. In fact, it’s surprising it ever got so common. Non-Jewish Europeans never practiced it. It seems to have begun to be common in the late 1800s, and was probably another way to add to the doctor fees.

  62. Che Guava says:

    You are wrong.

    Check my previous post for more details. Don’t post if you have no clue what you are saying.

    I also doubt that the Asian Muslime populations have accepted this cruelty.

  63. dcite says:

    I was only talking about Muslims in Africa and Saudi Arabia. I know that Muslims in Asia do not do it. Nor do Muslims in Albania. It was about how African and Arabian customs of antiquity interracted with Islam in Africa and Arabia.

  64. @Priss Factor

    Excellent comment to the Fred-the-Larvae’s article. Actually, I found your comment more as a complement than as a critic of Fred’s article.

    Nevertheless, you failed to mention that Obama-bin-Laden, like most American presidents before him, is nothing but an obedient puppet of the oil magnates, Wall Street Bankster and CEOs of transnational corporations who control the Invisible Government of the United States — whose visible head is the Council on Foreign Relations.

    For a very good study of the Invisible Government I recommend the book Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People.

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