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Wall Street Journal Fires Jay Solomon Over Involvement with Arms Dealer
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The Wall Street Journal has fired chief foreign affairs correspondent Jay Solomon for what the paper called a “breach” and ethical lapses over his involvement with an Iranian-born arms dealer.

Washington Bureau Chief Paul Beckett made the announcement to staff during a hastily called meeting on Wednesday after meeting with senior editors in New York the day before. Beckett did not elaborate on Solomon’s situation, only to say that an upcoming Associated Press investigation would have more details. Beckett took no questions and asked any staffers who knew anything about the situation to come forward, according to multiple sources.

Shortly after the announcement, the Associated Press on Wednesday afternoon published an article that said Solomon was offered a 10 percent stake in a company called Denx LLC by “Farhad Azima, an Iranian-born aviation magnate who has ferried weapons for the CIA.” Azima, the article said, was also one of Solomon’s sources for years. Solomon’s involvement was unearthed as part of an AP investigation into Azima, in which the AP obtained a “collection of tens of thousands of emails his lawyers say was stolen by hackers,” which included conversations between Azima and Solomon.

According to the AP, Solomon spent more than a year discussing the business effort with Azima, though it’s not clear from those messages that Solomon took any concrete steps to make the ideas a reality. The hacked messages included one in which Solomon said in October 2014, “Our business opportunities are so promising.”

In another email from April 2015, Azima wrote to Solomon about a $725 million proposal contract with the United Arab Emirates that would “allow planes to spy on activity inside nearby Iran.” According to the emails, Solomon was expected to “ferry the proposal” to government representatives from the UAE at a lunch the next day.

“We all wish best of luck to Jay on his first defense sale,” Azima wrote in an email also sent to Solomon, according to the AP.

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  1. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Iranian-born arms dealer

    Iranian, that was his sin. Now if he had gotten involved with an Israeli arms dealer, he’d still have his job.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  2. @Greg Bacon

    Now if he had gotten involved with an Israeli arms dealer, he’d still have his job.

    True, and worse. The US Congress will stand and applaud probably kiss yer arse as well.

    “The Israeli press is picking up Grant Smith’s revelation from FBI documents that Benjamin Netanyahu was part of an Israeli smuggling ring that spirited nuclear triggers out of the U.S. in the 80s and 90s.”

  3. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Jay Solomon’s big mistake was to have gotten involved with an Iranian arms dealer.

    If he had gotten involved with an Israeli arms dealer instead, which is considered good and proper, his sin would have gotten quickly swept under the rug and forgotten.

    Of course the reporters who had discovered such cooperation with Israel would then be accused of antisemitism.

    Low and behold, an additional charge of sexual harassment from some cooperative sayanim work mate which would then provide the additional impetus necessary to get them fired and provide a warning to fellow reporters about embarrassing “our greatest ally”.

  4. Ivy says:

    With a little luck, there could be some firings at CNN and NYT after a severe grilling under oath of Loretta Lynch and John Podesta. Toss in Jimmy Comey for his NYT interactions and more faux-journalists could be exposed for their line-crossing into aiding and abetting the DNC and Clinton.

  5. mp says:

    Obviously made one of his senior spook handlers at the Journal angry. Maybe he can cop a gig at one of the CIA’s other mouthpieces–AP or the Washington Post. Or National Review. Just read the latest Michelle Malkin column about that moron who stole state property from NK, was arrested, released, and recently died. She was arguing the CIA line for more war against NK. If she’s not getting paid by Langley, she needs to give them a ring. Why do their work for free?

  6. We have no idea why the WSJ fired Solomon. We only know why it claimed it fired Solomon.

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