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The Plain People Spoke on November 8. Will the Powerful Listen?

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Let’s be honest with ourselves. The old political order deserved to die. The moneyed interests that manipulate both political parties and finance the elaborate electoral machinery that shapes so-called “public opinion” effectively suffocated American democracy a long while back. In our modern high-tech society, the notion that we are self-governing citizens has been turned into a cynical joke.

People knew this, sort of. As long as things were going good in their lives, most people learned to live with it. Both parties made pretty promises during campaigns, but average folks understood that these were mostly garbage. Whatever it took to win the election. Voting became a marginal option, since most people had learned to expect that not much would be changed.

The actual facts of governing—the real meat of power politics—were reserved for privileged circles who needed to know what was going down, the lobbyists and do-gooders and agents of heavyweight influence. The news media made sure that the real struggles of governing were dumbed down for average readers so as not to disturb their innocent ignorance.

This is the system that Donald Trump and his army of mobilized citizens blew up on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. I predict that this date will live forever in the annals of small-d democracy. The governing system was overthrown by the plain people, who are mostly ignored by systems of power and influence. These folks literally didn’t count with the bean counters who organize campaign strategies or with the economists who measure something called “GDP” or the reporters who explain to the untutored public what the economists said.

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13 Comments to "The Plain People Spoke on November 8. Will the Powerful Listen?"

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  1. This idiot voted for Hillary. Wants to talk about small d democracy. I recommend you give it a pass.

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  2. “The old political order deserved to die.”???

    Were you born after November 8, Mr. Greider?

    Trump is a member of the same 1% as usual. He is a White racist, womanizer, corrupt, and Wall Street dog like the old political elites.

    Nothing has changed for America’s 99% sheep.

    On November 6, 2016, David Peyman, senior adviser on Jewish interests for the Trump-Pence campaign, penned an article at the ‘Times of Israel’, entitled, “Donald Trump, America’s First Jewish President.”

    Peyman’s claim was supported by Armin Rosen at the Tablet Magazine (November 11) with an article, entitled, Trump’s Jews – listing the president-elect’s Jewish family members, friends and donors, such as, Jason Greenblatt, who testified that Trump doesn’t hate Israel or Jews, David M. Friedman, Michael Cohen, Ivanka Trump, Donald’s daughter who is a Jewish convert, Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s Jewish husband, Charles Kushner, Jared’s father, and donors Steven Mnuchin, and Sheldon Adelson, the gambling Mughal.

    I rest my case.

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  3. This whole election has been an exercise in hubris and worse on the part of the Establishment.

    They unequivocally believe that they live on a higher plane and are entitled to dictate to the rest (in an enlightened way) what policies are good for them, with a nasty blend into the classic criminal rationalization of, “I’m smart and they’re dumb, so I have a right to do what I want with them”.

    “Smart moves” in no particular order:

    - Outsource their jobs to Asia for record extra profits (new Services Economy).
    - Speculate with their bank deposits and get them to pay for a bailout when it goes wrong.
    - Get them to pay for and fight Israel’s wars (the Establishment’s Zionist component)
    - Destroy the Middle East tell them it’s “Bringing Democracy”.
    - Con them with fake WMD stories.
    - Tell them that they’re racists if they oppose mass immigration (importing Democrats).
    - Devalue their currency with QE and send the new money to Wall St.
    - Tell them that the media are “Fair and Balanced” while they’re fed propaganda.
    - Organize a fake Establishment vs. Establishment election (Bush vs. Clinton) and claim that it’s Democracy.

    The basic problem is that the Establishment feels no obligation whatsoever towards the US population. They’re only there to be exploited.

    Let’s be honest with ourselves. The old political order deserved to die.

  4. says:
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    Neo-liberal or neo-conservative, machts nichts.
    America has deep rooted problems of Wall Street and Washington variety that strangle honesty and fair treatment of citizenry. Trump represents naive hope that Clinton sold out long ago. Paralysis in Washington soon resulting from outsider bumping against entrenched lobbyist congress whores who are indebted to mammon.

  5. The Red State Blues

    “I am a man of constant sorrow,
    I’ve seen trouble all my days;
    I’ll bid farewell to old Kentucky,
    The place where I was born and raised.”


    And I’m a guy with golfing sorrows,
    Ive seen pitch shots go astray;
    I pray tomorrow I’ll get lucky,
    and for straight drives I’ll be praised.

    I grew up in New York City,
    In the land of kingdom come,
    So if by chance you visit Brooklyn
    Don’t say that’s where that I am from.

    I’ve heard a man whose name is Soros
    He is not from a place I know,
    Don’t listen to a thing he’s saying,
    ‘Cause he’s just dragging us real low!

  6. I appreciate and commiserate with this article from The Nation. My take on this magazine is that with a few notable exceptions, e.g., this article, it is delusionally politically left, its political coloration ranging from pink hue to deep red. But there is one notable exception. I have always been puzzled by the common sense of one of its frequent contributors Prof. Steve Cohen regarding current-day Russia. Is this common sense attitude due to a residual affection for a long-lost Soviet Russia, or due to the fact that Cohen is married to The Nation’s editor/financial angel? Just asking.

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  7. Wish you would tell that to the old holocaust haunted Jews of Los Angeles. They are claiming that the Republicans are already planning the concentration camps for Jews. I thought I’d heard every Jewish wail but that one is unbelievable.
    What with listening to the old ladies wailing that Trump will overturn Roe vs Wade and outlaw birth control and now the concentration camp c**p, I think I’ll pack up the car and head north for a few months.

    I haven’t read the latest issue of Jewish Journal because I can just imagine what’s in it. It has a picture of Trump on the cover of Trump looking like a member of the Hitler Youth. 2 Weeks ago the publication had an article weeping and wailing that all, not some, but all Trump supporters are anti semites, neo Nazis, anti gay, anti trans gender, anti women, anti disabled, anti black muslim Hispanic and anti Asian.

    They’re also claiming that Trumps campaign manager Kellyanne Conway belongs to some Aryan brotherhood group.

    And then, these people who live in 5 to 10 million dollar houses are complaining that Ms Conway lives in a 5 million dollar house.

    Then there is the fact that The Nation has backed communism and anti White racism since forever. They were still going on that the Rosenbergs were either
    A Not guilty B Were guilty but their information did not help the soviets build the atom bomb right up to about 1980.

  8. And I realize that many Americans (including my own kinfolk) are profoundly alarmed about the potential violence expressed by Trump and his legions.

    Obligatory The Nation idiocy. Greider is streetwise enough to know that at least 99.9% of the violence comes from anti-Trump forces.

  9. says:
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    This comes from The Nation, a place where they worry over people having not understood yet that racism is a white people problem.

    No thanks.

  10. The only “left” the Nation has ever occupied is left field.

  11. I think he’s right the old system deserves to die. If anyone thinks it has died they are kidding themselves.

    When the people of the west cast off the chains of sexual perversion and lust and madness, and say no to the evils government has been encouraging for 50 years to corrupt them, on that day, only on that day will the current system and and all its evil perpetrators fall.

    When people overthrow abortion and let innocent children grow inside their mothers womb, when they reject violent pornographic entertainment, the temptations of adultery and promiscuity, and drug abuse, on that day the evil bastards who have built their political power on corrupting others will fall.

    No free man, no independent free man can exist without morality, and everyone should recognise by now that no free and fair society can allow governments to spend taxpayers dollars propping up and supporting evil by unfair and unjust law making.

    Our current system sustains itself by corrupting people in every way and destroying their lives and their dignity. It then occupies itself stealing from the people either by inflation or forcing them into debt or simply regulating them into penury, as well of course as excessive taxation.

    It ain’t over till people say we have hit the bottom.

  12. The Plain People Spoke on November 8. Will the Powerful Listen?

    Possibly momentarily, but only if they have to for some reason or another. Then it’s back to the same ‘ol. They spend their bored, sick lives despising the rest of us and conniving one trap after another, forever.

    An occasional victory may be celebrated for a short time, but the war is never over.

  13. It must have been the mention of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, perhaps his shade in the Isles of the Blest visited, with a prediction for 2020, granting that there is a 2020, to wit:

    The ersatz reformer Elizabeth Warren against the ersatz reformer President Trump.

    In other words, the same old same old.

    That’s a relief though. If it is accurate, it must mean Trump will still be around and there will be no President Pence.

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