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The Empty Quarters of U.S. Politics
Two missing species: libertarian voters and populist racist politicians.
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Howard Schultz, the coffee billionaire, who imagined that he could attract broad support as a “centrist,” turns out to have an approval rating of 4 percent, versus 40 percent disapproval.

Ralph Northam, a Democrat who won the governorship of Virginia in a landslide, is facing a firestorm of denunciation from his own party over racist images on his medical school yearbook page.

Donald Trump, who ran on promises to expand health care and raise taxes on the rich, began betraying his working-class supporters the moment he took office, pushing through big tax cuts for the rich while trying to take health coverage away from millions.

These are, it turns out, related stories, all of them tied to the two great absences in American political life.

One is the absence of socially liberal, economically conservative voters. These were the people Schultz thought he could appeal to; but basically they don’t exist, accounting for only around, yes, 4 percent of the electorate.

The other is the absence of economically liberal, socially conservative politicians — let’s be blunt and just say “racist populists.” There are plenty of voters who would like that mix, and Trump pretended to be their man; but he wasn’t, and neither is anyone else.

Understanding these empty quarters is, I’d argue, the key to understanding U.S. politics.

Once upon a time there were racist populists in Congress: The New Deal coalition relied on a large contingent of segregationist Dixiecrats. But this was always unstable. In practice, advocating economic inclusion seems to spill over into advocacy of racial and social inclusion, too. By the 1940s, Northern Democrats were already more pro-civil rights than Northern Republicans, and as the Northam affair shows, the party now has very little tolerance for even the appearance of racism.

Meanwhile, the modern Republican Party is all about cutting taxes on the rich and benefits for the poor and the middle class. And Trump, despite his campaign posturing, has turned out to be no different.

Hence the failure of our political system to serve socially conservative/racist voters who also want to tax the rich and preserve Social Security. Democrats won’t ratify their racism; Republicans, who have no such compunctions, will — remember, the party establishment solidly backed Roy Moore’s Senate bid — but won’t protect the programs they depend on.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Neoliberalism, Populism, Racism 
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  1. Paul Krugman is a baby boomer, pissant globalizer bastard, but he has made reasonable comments about immigration in the past.

    Paul Krugman is a high IQ moron who has occasional bouts of clarity on the anti-worker aspects of mass legal immigration and illegal immigration. Krugman had it right in 2006 when he said that mass immigration lowers wages for workers in the USA.

    Krugman in NY Times 2006:

    First, the benefits of immigration to the population already here are small. The reason is that immigrant workers are, at least roughly speaking, paid their “marginal product”: an immigrant worker is paid roughly the value of the additional goods and services he or she enables the U.S. economy to produce. That means that there isn’t anything left over to increase the income of the people already here.

    My second negative point is that immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants. That’s just supply and demand: we’re talking about large increases in the number of low-skill workers relative to other inputs into production, so it’s inevitable that this means a fall in wages. Mr. Borjas and Mr. Katz have to go through a lot of number-crunching to turn that general proposition into specific estimates of the wage impact, but the general point seems impossible to deny.

    Tweet from 2015:

    • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
  2. @Charles Pewitt

    I agree Paul Krugman is a high IQ moron.

    However, Krugman is also a relentless partisan hack. So his expert analysis always ends up supporting the current Democrat talking points — whatever they may be.

    Here, Krugman is disparaging any move to the center as the DNC wants to keep the Dems unified on the left and keep Schultz (or anyone like him) out of the race. Of course, the real reason Schultz has massively negative polling is because the Democrat establishment has been savaging him for precisely this reason.

    Likewise, to Krugman a “Racist” politician is anyone who holds the same immigration position as Krugman did in 2006, which is now anathema to the Dem’s new Open Borders electoral strategy.

    It’s only a matter of time until Krugman starts talking up Kamala Harris as the best thing that could happen for the economy.

    • Agree: A123, vinteuil
  3. Anon[732] • Disclaimer says:

    Paul Krugman isn’t wrong.

    What he is omitting is a lot:

    1. Those racist “populists” were expecting “their guy” in every election that they’ve ever won, and they’ve always been the core voting block of the conservative party.

    What this means is that they’e been disenfranchised for decades, mostly thanks to the post-WWII liberal philo-Semitic ideological wave exploited by the Jewish Neocon group that enabled socially-liberal pro-Jewish-nationalist presidents to supplant socially conservative presidents.

    They would use tribal dog whistles in elections only to be neutral or even enable socially-liberal policies once in office.

    That is a form of political corruption and disenfranchisement that points to some inherent flaw in the system that enables Presidents, without incurring a significant behavior-shaping penalty, to serve an agenda other than that of their constituent voter base.

    It also points to a flaw that enables that agenda to survive as a significant influencer for decades, deeply and undemocratically embedded in the system.

    2. Those social conservative “racists” have nothing on Paul Krugman’s religion, which specifically states that all non-Jews are not human, that they are impure, and that this impurity is one day to be cleansed from the Earth (see the Zohar).

    I do like that Krugman tacitly admitted that one half of this nation has again been disenfranchised, essentially highlighting the corrupt nature of our nominal representative democracy. Which begs the question that asks for the source of the corruption. The answer to which includes his ethnic group as a large percentage of the problem.

    Thanks for the honesty, Paul. Naming our desires is always better than misnaming or ignoring them, which is what people like Krugman have been doing since WWII but seemingly cannot get away with any longer. Happy Days.

    • Agree: Hail
    • Replies: @Hail
    , @sally_at_the_place
  4. A123 says:

    The authoritarian left of the National Socialist Democrats [DNC] and their Fake Stream Media flunkies talked up 3rd party candidates like Perot when they would hurt the GOP candidate.

    Schultz would be a threat to the National Socialist cause, so of course, the Fake Stream Media is all-in trying to discourage him.

    Is anyone surprised?????

  5. TG says:

    Bottom line: Krugman – like any economist who was gifted with a fake Nobel Prize in Economics by his wealthy patrons (the Nobel Prize in Economics does not exist – check out wikipedia!) – is a whore whose only function is to protect the left flank of our corrupt and rapacious elite.

    He’s not a moron, and he’s certainly not a liberal. His job – which pays very well mind you – is to pretend to be a sorta-kinda Keynesian New Dealer, but in reality, anything that the rich wants, he will end up defending. And even if he sorta kinda claims to be opposing something that the rich want which will impoverish the rest of us, when it comes to the bottom line, he will ruthlessly attack any opposition to these policies.

  6. Anonymous[241] • Disclaimer says:

    The genius of libertine elites in the last half century has been to identify “social conservatism” with “racism”, and to create the insinuation that any hint of “racism” conceals an underlying desire for genocide. Any sort of social conservatism is “hate” and morally indistinguishable from racism, which is Nazism, which involves the wanton murder and mutilation of children just because of “who they are”.

    And yet today we have politicians advocating the literal killing of born babies, and a medical complex that sanctions the literal sexual mutilation of children. And the people who oppose this are “Nazis”.

    Some sort of racial realism seems to be a natural part of the human condition, but ultimately the leftist focus on “racism” is a tool to protect the sexual libertinism of elites.

    Krugman is actually on to something, be he is playing a dirty game.

  7. The other is the absence of economically liberal, socially conservative politicians — let’s be blunt and just say “racist populists.” There are plenty of voters who would like that mix, and Trump pretended to be their man; but he wasn’t, and neither is anyone else.

    Of course. But if you’re part of the elite that actually runs the system, then this absence is a feature, not a bug. There: mystery solved!

  8. dvorak says:

    anything that the rich wants, he will end up defending

    He was against the 2008 bank bailout and favored temporary nationalization of the big banks.

  9. @TG

    Excellent comment.

    …but in reality, anything that the rich wants, he will end up defending.

    That’s it for sure. A paid bigmouth with exposure. And for those who claim he’s “high IQ,” all I have to say is what does that have to do with anything? High IQ dingle berries are still dingle berries…

  10. The RACE WAR has already started….White Males, however, have yet to comprehend this obvious fact. American Immigration Policy is now under the control of China through Chinese “American” Federal Judges…..

    What happens when millions of WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES come to the full realization that the Democratic Party wants to exterminate them?

    Why stop at partition?….Why not take California back rather than have the Han People and Hindu geneline own it?

    Every GD WHITE LIBERAL GREEDY CHEATING CLASS BILLIONAIRE OLIGARCH deserves to be dipped in a vat of car battery acid until they look like rotting geselta fish….

    Our side must start throwing the RACISM charge back at the Democratic Party……


    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  11. APilgrim says:

    Paul Krugman is a 2-bit, lying hack, IMHPO.

  12. Rags says:

    Boy do the disloyal opposition love this racism crap. They will be screaming “racism” as we are drowning in a globalist totalitarian dystopia. Well, it is the Gotham Times, isn’t it?

  13. @dvorak

    He was also against breaking up the banks.

    Any stock I put in Krugman quickly evaporated some years back when he dodged any kind of debate with Steve Keen for months on end, issued a statement kind of response that addressed nothing Keen covered, & said thats that.

    He’s a shill for Wall Street. Fake opposition.

    And the partisan nonsense grates too.

  14. @War for Blair Mountain

    Steve King would hardly have been treated any worse if he HAD said that, because, of course, what he DID say meant the same thing to his deplorable constituents after you decode the “dog whistle.”

  15. nsa says:

    The Krugster is just ramming home the obvious: it is not just the 0.1% WNs who lack representation in the former USA. The 2% jooies now have more pull in Wash DC than the 50% middle / lower class white deplorables. Just examine the policies being advanced by Trumpstein, the crypto jew: huge tax cuts and subsidies for the elites, silly wars to advance the greater Izzyville jihad, massive money printing to goose asset values and inflate away wage gains for anyone not getting a government check with automatic COLA. Trumpstein and his jooie sponsors are laughing their asses off……….

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  16. @dvorak

    He was against the 2008 bank bailout and favored temporary nationalization of the big banks.

    Now that’s funny. He was free to up his creds by saying that knowing full well they’d get bailed out in any case. The Trumpster said a lot of things too…

  17. Due to the post-WWII economic-boom space that they occupied during their working years, Baby Boomers have a distorted, fuzzy-focused view of what matters at ground level.

    They can afford to be high and mighty about PC social grievances, like racism and sexism, due to two streams of cushiony SS income per household and, in many cases, the two 401k streams assured by assortative mating, a Boomer innovation which has halved the size of the college-educated middle class by keeping two household-supporting jobs under one roof, with a layercake of absenteeism privileges and crony-parenting workplace cliques ensuring that parents at the top and the bottom of the wage pool are above-firing during working years.

    All during their childbearing years, they enjoyed the wealth concentration from two salaried jobs that could have supported two separate households in middle-class style, plus child tax credits to relieve the burden of parenthood for the well-vacationed dual earners in their big house. Boomer dual high earners, with low-wage daycare workers or elderly grandparents doing the work of raising their kids, enjoyed those dual income streams all during their younger years, as do the top 20% of Xer and Millennial parents, while the single, childless citizens, noncustodial parents and single parents with kids over 18 in the bottom 80%, in this less-married nation, struggle to afford rent that now consumes more than half of their earned-only, non-tax-favored income.

    Housing, not healthcare, is the biggest issue for most non-welfare-eligible citizens under Medicare age—the age when most people use healthcare services on a regular basis—although Dems have done a lot to add free healthcare to the array of other freebies that Uncle Sam provides to single-breadwinner parents, the other group consuming a lot of healthcare.

    All of those freebies undercut wages and job access for non-welfare-eligible citizens, rigging the labor market for select citizens and noncitizens by helping the womb-productive single mommas and the womb-productive, welfare-eligible legal / illegal immigrants work for rock-bottom wages.

    They can afford to do it because government covers the cost of housing, food and electricity for them, in addition to boosting up their paychecks through monthly cash assistance, womb-privileged witholding from the progressive tax code and up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credit cash for the moms to spend on arms full of $900 tattoos and beach trips with boyfriends.

    Sexism: I’d say that the fake womb-productivity-based feminist cronies have paved the way for the single moms, the married moms with spousal income and the divorced moms with rent-covering child support, making sure they can discriminate openly in the many “voted-best-for-moms” office jobs, crying sexism while locking out the childless, single women who need for earned-only income to cover all bills, including rent, food and other basic costs that have been going up, up, up, hyperinflatiing in a way that is actually felt by the non-womb-productive, non-welfare-eligible women who compete with those pay-per-birth moms and by wombless men, competing with hordes of pay-per-birth legal / illegal immigrants for jobs.

    Racism, please: percent-wise, minorites get a disproportionate share of that pay-per-birth welfare platter and are above racism in many cutthroat, majority-minority government and corporate jobs.

    Baby Boomers can afford to be worried about fake racism and fake sexism.

    But, in reality, racism certainly was not a big problem for Southerners in the Eighties, quite the opposite. It was the Prince and Michael Jackson-loving generation, a generation that—except for the top 1 to 20% of dual-earner parents—has not fared as well as the Boomer Generation in this asset-inflating bubble-based economy of womb-privileged dual earners who are taking it all, job-wise, while taking little financial risk to create jobs. They throw a lot of cake crumbs to the welfare-cushioned households of single-breadwinner womb producers with US-born kids, kicking the rest of us in the head in every economic-policy move.

    Most single, non-welfare-eligible Xers, like most single, non-welfare-eligible Millennials, face a job market where the average “employed” person is a part-time worker. At least, millennials are still in the fun-employment stage of life, wherein they can get the youth-dominated jobs that pay far too little to cover the cost of rent unless they are being paid by our government six ways to Sunday to have sex and reproduce in a single-breadwinner household.

    Then they can work the rigged system, working in the plentiful part-time and temp jobs, staying under the earned-income limits for multiple welfare programs during working months. Those liberal social programs hoist up their wages, not due to working harder or meeting the quotas every month, based on how many kids they pump out.

    It is not working to increase the labor force-participation rate among working-aged citizens. Because, it disincentives hard work.

    It works the same way for legal and illegal immigrants in single-breadwinner households, including for the many mommas toting SS cards for multiple US-born kids, reporting just enough under-the-table income from a sole male breadwinner to stay under the earned-income limits for the pay-per-birth welfare programs.

    The rest of us have to deal with the nascent hyperinflation that is putting the dignity of a simple, one-room apartment out of reach. We have to cover that unaffordable rent on the part-time, temp, gig and churn jobs, voted best for (frequently absentee and above-firing) crony moms, with their potpourri of welfare and their child tax credits, the most beleaguered and discriminated-against group of females in history, doubly so if their above-firing status is increased by darker skin pigmentation, affirmative action and EEOC legal protections.

  18. Hail says: • Website

    Excellent analysis.

    It’s a shame this is under an Anon. It would be good to see more commentary from whoever this Anon[732] was. If Anon, we get:

    Commenting History Unavailable

  19. You seriously expect me to read this? Krugman is pretty good at rationalizing the various components of the progressive creed — but why would that interest anyone who’s at Unz Review?

  20. In other words, they wanted a Netanyahu for white goyim.

    The sooner ALL middle class and poor realize that they have more in common with each other than with the capitalist ruling class the better. Our foes are the elite overlords, not the other slaves. I think more and more people realize this, but vermin like Krugman like to be dramatic.

    Democrat and Republican puppets, and the corrupt media use identity politics to divide and rule over the slaves. Neither are your friend as far as I can tell, they are the enemy of the people. Don’t forget it. The Trump regime included.

    Charlottesville and the Problem of Left & Right Identity Politics in America

    Why Inciting Emotions and Playing Political ID Games are Counterproductive

    • Replies: @Anon
  21. Mark G. says:

    Because of a winner take all system instead of proportional representation it leads to two parties instead of a multiple party system. Populists have trouble taking over one of the major parties for 3 reasons. Their demographics lean toward lower income and less educated voters and those groups vote less and donate less, leading to less political power. Second, a lot of populists are actually black or Hispanic but populists are more likely to be more racialist. This means someone like a black populist wouldn’t vote for a white populist or vice versa. Third, any populist position that becomes extremely popular would be adopted by one of the two major parties. The libertarians have the same problem of having their most popular ideas adopted by one of the major parties. They also have the additional problem of appealing more to a highly educated, higher income, less religious, white and male voter. That group will be decreasing as a percentage of the population due to future demographic changes and it will move the country away from, instead of towards, a libertarian direction.

  22. President Trump has stabbed the American people in the back by breaking his campaign promises.

    • Replies: @Hail
  23. Amon says:

    Only idiots trust what Wikipedia says.

  24. @nsa

    Federal civilian employees have receive NO cost-of-living adjustment for about half of the past twelve years. I also want a smaller, less intrusive, less costly federal government, but let’s not repeat embarrassingly inaccurate “conservative” talking points either.

    It’s not just or wise to grind federal employees down by letting them fall ever farther behind price inflation. Better to gradually reduce the size of the federal workforce but properly compensate the remaining workers with COLAs that stay ahead of inflation every single year.

  25. Hail says: • Website
    @Charles Pewitt

    This fits in with Krugman’s point nicely:

    The other is the absence of economically liberal, socially conservative politicians — let’s be blunt and just say “racist populists.” There are plenty of voters who would like that mix, and Trump pretended to be their man; but he wasn’t, and neither is anyone else.

    The Krugmans, our ‘regime’ class, get it. And they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    The dog-and-pony show of nonstop outrage will go on, but more than a few realize Trump is no MAGA president, in practice. He is a plutocrat president with a Twitter-troll tinge to him.

    The Krugmans of our ruling class may still personally dislike the man, but I detect at least a hint here that Krugman has come to like the actual, lived anti-MAGA presidency of Jan. 2017 to Present.

  26. Trump wasn’t elected because of his position on taxes or health care, and Krugman knows that, of course. And no one voted for him because they were “racist” (although many voted AGAINST him because they were racist), and Krugman knows that, too. We voted for him because Paul Krugman hates him.

  27. Thomm says:

    President Trump has stabbed the American people in the back by breaking his campaign promises.

    No. He never pledged to halt legal immigration. Never.

    Trump is doing a great job, since he is consistent with core American values. What some fringe White Trashionalists want was never on the agenda. To the extent there was a candidate in sync with White Trashionalist values, it was Bernie Sanders.

    • Replies: @A.B. Prosper
    , @Anon
  28. @Thomm

    This is quite correct though your contempt for Americas working and poor Whites who just learning to protect themselves from everyone else who is quite racist and always will be is noted . Trump is a civic nationalist like most baby boomers.

    This means in his mind immigration needs to be legal of of decent quality.

    This is a foolish view IMO the only immigration that makes any sense for Americans is negative but the lust for lower wages has basically created a situation where that is not politically doable.

    This is the prime cause of more than 2 generations of low fertility with no end in sight along with the attendant dysfunction caused by mass immigration

    Still as the world population all reaches at or below replacement, even immigration will not be an option. This will not result in lower wages, the Country Club/Chamber of Commerce types would rather see the US burn than budge slightly understandable if wicked as wages would have to nearly double or housing decline a huge amount for things to pencil out

    The end result of civic nationalism could be a civil war but certainly will be that the US is a no longer industrialized and prosperous . we already see this with L.A. getting ready to take carpet out of city hall to prevent a typhus outbreak from the rats they can no longer control along with rotting infrastructure.

    Nothing President Trump can do will be able to fix any of this though at least he can buy time and with the fertility decline, less people in the future means less poverty anyway

    Heck stats and you I know its not that linear say in a couple of hundred years, and we’ve had below replacement fertility for almost a quarter of that now , the majority group will be Amish with a few other religious types out there (LDS especially FLDS, Orthodox, Traditionalists, a few Muslims and Evangelicals) It looks like that White Trashdinalists and you so put it will win the long game

    • Replies: @Thomm
  29. Visit for a podcast takedown of Cretin Krugman every week.

  30. Anon[112] • Disclaimer says:

    is a whore whose only function is to protect the left flank of our corrupt and rapacious elite.

    I would respectfully disagree and restate his primary motivation to be to protect Jewish tribal interests, similar to all influential Jews and especially those at the New York Times.

    He’s not a moron, and he’s certainly not a liberal.

    Consistent with his above motivation, he is absolutely a liberal (or at best a Neocon style gatekeeper when that is enough) when it comes to preaching to gentiles on social politics.

    Jews have to be considered to be two-faced in regard to the morality of social politics. As they long have been, but modern data gathering shows us the numbers as they vote for progressive candidates while supporting their own ethnonationalism.

    However, the reality is that both our long experience with them as well as a survey of their religion informs us that that modern data isn’t required to come to this conclusion. There’s is a religion of the political double standard, which is the core sign of a supremacist ideology.

    When it comes to his own tribe, Krugman is as ethno-nationalist as it gets: both in his direct or indirect defense of those tribal interests as well as his double-standard political attacks on the tribal interests of the white out-group.

    See the above article, wherein he is more than happy to promote white interests as racist but would never recommend a similar category for Jews (who have more inbreeding diseases than does the white out-group).

    This type of strategy extends across the scope of writing at the NYT. This weekend’s Magazine promotes agitprop on female “equality” within the sport of big wave surfing, highlighting their difficulty in being invited to competitions in which they have difficulty competing with men. Surfing is a goyish culture and sport.

    Meanwhile, in the paper’s own backyard, is several square miles of the most racially segregated neighborhoods in the nation that are full of Orthodox Jews who have a medieval culture when it comes to women. This rarely gets attention from the paper.

  31. Anon[228] • Disclaimer says:

    Disagree. Minority proximity is a major problem and will always be so. To believe anything else is to have something to gain as a minority or to be brainwashed.

    Proximity to their culture hurts our social norms and thus threatens civilization.

    Proximity to their genetics causes a major problem in that over time it creates a smarter minority political class that will attack us for resources at some point (as they now do).


    Your economic view is the communist view. We reject that because it has always called for our destruction: culturally and racially (when it hasn’t called for outright genocide, which it often has).

    It calls for our destruction because that is the only way that it can work.

    Otherwise, as we differentiate from racial out-groups under a system that does not work to oppress racial groups toward so called equality, we or someone else becomes the new elite due to different social norms, preferences, and abilities / racial divides grow along economic lines / racial welfare demands and animosity increase / war, etc…

    In addition, any differentiated middle class group de facto threatens the elite group (always Jews) running the State that is always required to oppress differing races toward “equality” (de facto slave status), and therefore they are attacked / genocided to bring about your economic brotherhood fantasy.

    No thank you. All peoples were meant to live in their own cultures and communities. Everything else is either their cultural and racial destruction or a war waiting to happen.

  32. Anon[221] • Disclaimer says:

    There was never any agreement on your so called core American values. To state that they exist is to parrot Jewish nation-wrecking propaganda.

    There is nothing in the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights about progressive immigration values. Case closed.

    The subject is a political argument, full stop. An argument that can be traced to a somewhat distant past, but in recent memory was punctuated with the expressed lie that the demography of the United States would not change with the passage of the 1964 Immigration Act.

    It did change, is still changing, and the Act that facilitated that change was founded on a lie. Therefore, there is every right to reverse the actions of that Act, in full, but in reality as much as can be practically accomplished.

    We won’t be lectured by a brown-skinned communist who has everything to gain by being in proximity to our group, but whose own nation is a shit-hole that we had to conquer on two occasions to give civilization to. Which your people can barely keep together. Be careful or we’ll do it again. Your nation is over-populated, threatens world stability with its nuclear capability, and if you read the RigVeda we have never liked you.

    We elected Trump to reverse the demography change. That’s the agenda, implicit or otherwise. Everyone knows that, including Trump. The fact that such immigration will eventually result in progressive political dominance implies this agenda in-full. No Trump voter, in the core base, wants political and labor dilution that comes with hordes of culturally worthless brown men.

    If you would aspire to read and understand the Bible, which is the guiding text of the founders of this nation and all in Europe, you’d understand the danger that you are in and you would beg to take the first airplane back to whatever mud-hole your grandparents were from to lead an uneventful life under a tin roof. Like so many in this nation who I predict understand their eventual fate, instead you will suicidally sit here and promote acceleration. Your choice.

  33. @Anon

    what I like about this analysis is that it shows
    how powerful access to the media is
    how necessary propaganda is to election outcome
    the USA constitution never intended to
    allow the ordinary people a choice.
    to require campaigns to be conducted in an open, competitive manner.

    The structure of the constitution divides the nation of people into four groups

    1,000 Designers and Benefactors of the Constitution < permanent members of the USA
    2,000,000 of Bureaucrats and military officers < not members of the USA, but its advisors
    527 elected puppets of the Designers and Benefactors < temporary members of the USA
    175,000,000 democrats vs 175,000,000 Republicans < never allowed to be members of the USA.

  34. Thomm says:
    @A.B. Prosper

    It looks like that White Trashdinalists and you so put it will win the long game

    You completely fail to understand who the White Trashionalists are. They are all either gay (25%) or incel losers if heterosexual (75%). Either way, they do not reproduce.

    They are in fact wastebaskets that nature concentrated all genetic waste matter into, in order for removal from the gene pool to be swift.

    The wealth of their parentage is not a factor. Many come from wealthy families.

    Remember that the females of this wastematter subrace become the fat bluehaired feminists (since there are virtually no female White Trashionalists). These are the two genders of the defective wastematter subrace.

    • Replies: @dvorak
    , @vinteuil
  35. kaleidic says:

    Bar the dog whistle use of “racist,” this is actually, for once, a sound analysis. What Krugman calls the economically liberal, socially conservative quarter is basically the “New Deal” coalition through the Lyndon Johnson administration. While Johnson, himself, never said “We have lost the South for a generation,” this was in fact the outcome, as pushed along by Nixon, and the present day Democratic party is not helping matters with its SJW extremism.

  36. dvorak says:

    Subcontinental Thomm has devised a way to post on Unz while making traditional use of his culturally-rich shitting street.

  37. vinteuil says: • Website

    You really are a remarkably nasty guy.

  38. J1234 says:

    Paul Krugman, the world’s most simplistic intellectual. And I think he takes his no-bell prize with him to bed every night.

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