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Republican Ron Unz Enters California U.S. Senate Race

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Proposition 227 author Ron Unz addresses the media and proponents of the proposal to end bilingual education in the state in Los Angeles on June 2, 1998. Prop. 227 passed by a wide margin in the primary election. CHRIS PIZZELLO AP/Sacramento Bee

Ron Unz, the conservative critic of bilingual education who in recent years has championed incrementally increasing the statewide minimum wage, said Wednesday he will enter California’s crowded race for U.S. Senate.

Unz, a candidate for governor against fellow Republican Pete Wilson in 1994, said his chief motivation for mounting the uphill challenge is to help raise awareness about a fall ballot measure that would largely overturn his voter-approved Proposition 227, the 1998 initiative requiring schools to teach in English.

“Believe me, this was a last-minute decision,” Unz said by phone. He plans an unorthodox campaign in which he will ask donors to contribute no more than $99. “I never considered getting back into California politics.”

But the fact that GOP lawmakers joined their Democratic colleagues in voting to place the repeal before voters “just shows how worthless the Republicans are,” said Unz, adding he has a pro-immigrant background. The Legislature’s action two years ago was “just the sort of total idiocy that explains the disgust most voters have with the establishment politicians of both parties.”

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32 Comments to "Republican Ron Unz Enters California U.S. Senate Race"

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  1. Dear Mr. Unz:

    The political winds are blowing ever-more-strongly rightward as the Trump phenomenon serves to awaken the people from their long decades of leftoid somnambulism. Weigh anchor on the spring tide, unfurl your sails, and hoist Old Glory!

    “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”

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  2. I can’t vote for you Mr. Unz. I live in Louisiana. Can’t send you my rent money either. But you have my blessing. A word of caution. You could end up in the United States Senate. Its a cesspool of crime and corruption.

    • Agree: Jeff77450
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  3. I’m pro-multi-linguist myself. In Canada, we have two official languages – English and French. Our current prime minister Justin Trudeau is bilingual.

    Unfortunately, Trudeau’s predecessor, Israel-First Stephen Harper spoke lousy French.

    I myself can read, write or speak English, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, and some Arabic.

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  4. says:
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    “Multi-lingualism” only makes sense if one has a mastery of at least the primarily spoken language. If you can’t understand the principles and grammatical structure of one, you can’t understand the other. I don’t know a single person in BC who speaks french, so your point about Canadian official languages is moot, and really just goes to show that politics is restricting a huge proportion of the country who would otherwise be qualified (but didn’t grow up in either Ontario or Quebec).

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  5. Eustace Tilley (not) [AKA "Schiller/Nietzsche"]
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    Mais, tristement, vous parlez merde seulement dans toutes ces langues.

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  6. Good luck Ron. I greatly appreciate your financial support of Razib Khan and Greg Cochran, I am quite sure they couldn’t have had the time to write what they have written without your support. I don’t for the life of me see how any “populist” is not first and foremost for the raising of the minimum wage. You are, so good luck.

    You clearly give a shit about bigger things than your self aggrandizement, AND you have made a difference. You have, keep up the good work.

    Elected politicians, I am sad to say, isn’t for thinkers that reach, it is for salesmen that stoke the 51% the right way. Win or lose, you are a good man who cares, and your influence has already made a big difference.

  7. Not to be (too much of) a jerk, but how does running for federal office affect the actions of the state legislature regarding state law? I’m not getting it,

    Why not do another initiative, or run for governor?

  8. ” I don’t know a single person in BC who speaks french, so your point about Canadian official languages is moot, and really just goes to show that politics is restricting a huge proportion of the country who would otherwise be qualified (but didn’t grow up in either Ontario or Quebec).”

    I’ve heard this complaint from English speaking Canadians, but really if the country is run like it should be nearly all the political action should be at the provincial level, where in eight of the ten provinces the only language you have to master is in English. I realize the federal government got out of hand in the US, but there were historical reasons involved that shouldn’t apply to Canada (no Civil War, no need or desire to play great power international politics). Of course there is a reasonable argument to be made that the way to handle the situation was to really make sure the provinces remained autonomous, so it would matter even less what language the federal government and federal politics was conducted in.

    It actually works the other way, Chretien was told he had to improve his English if he wanted a career in federal politics, which he did from non-existent to weak/ passable.

    The situation in the US is not really analogous. The French Canadian community predates the English speaking community and still makes up a sizeable percentage of the overall population. While there are some parts of the country that were Spanish speaking before 1776 and were later conquered, language issues in the US historically have always cropped up when large numbers of immigrants arrive and people get the idea that they shouldn’t be required to speak English, at least right away. This is what is happening now. In the past, they have always been required to speak English, the second generation does so, and the issue then goes away until the next wave of immigration. Despite California having been part of Mexico, the Spanish speaking population is due entirely to relatively recent immigrants, few people can trace their ancestry to the pre-1848 population.

  9. Canadian Constitution doesn’t give a damn which part of Canada you live in. English and French were declared official languages by Canadian parliament.

    Don’t forget, French settlers came first before the English-speaking American drag the butts in Canada – meaning ‘The village’ in Native’s language.

    O’Canada: #Charlie Hebdo denier banned

  10. Did I mention I can read your mother tongue ‘Yiddish’!!

  11. I myself can read, write or speak English, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, and some Arabic.

    You know who tend to have a high verbal intelligence and facility with languages… Jews! Are you one??

    • Replies:
  12. Great news, even if it sounds like you felt you had to do it in order to preserve hard-won gains.

    Can’t wait to see the platform, heading to google now…

  13. says:
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    If you came close to winning, the media might discover this site and some of the articles and commenters here, which might not help so much.

  14. I can’t vote for Unz either (I live in Minnesota), but, of course, I wish him the best.

    If Unz ever makes it to the Parliament of Whores–er, uh, Knesset West–I’m sorry, the U.S. Congress–it’ll require a Herculean effort on his part to avoid the taint of the District of Corruption.

  15. Excellent news! Good luck, Ron. I wish I could vote for you, but I (unfortunately) don’t live in California. I’ve got some relatives in California who are (unfortunately) Democrats, but I’ll see if I can convince some of them to vote Unz. I really think you have a good shot at this. Keep us posted. With all the corrupt and incompetent politicians we have in this country, it’d be amazing to have you show up to the Senate and speak for us.


  16. Good luck, Ron! No matter what the outcome is of your latest political venture, you have created one of the most dynamic and interesting news/commentary sites on the internet. Thank you!

  17. I don’t care what language Mexicans speak. Just so they speak it in Mexico

  18. Here goes another ‘genius’ with brain inside his lower part. If Jews had “high verbal intelligence”, they would not be expelled from almost every European nation – over 108 times.

    In fact, population (13 million) basis – there are more stupid people among Jewish communities than other races. Take for example, on June 18, 2015, during his speech honoring Hollywood Jewish actor Michael Douglas, Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t control his lying Zionist itch. He claimed that the “Jewish cow” is far better than any other cow in the world – including India’s Holy Cow.

    “I was in China with President Xi and they said: We want to have your dairy industry. They drink a lot of milk in China. And I said: Well, that’s a very good choice because you know which cow produces more milk per cow than any other cow? You think it’s a Dutch cow or French cow? No, it’s a Jewish cow. It’s a computerized cow. Every moo is computerized,” Netanyahu boasted……

    • Replies:
  19. You can’t be serious. Ashkenazi Jewish mean IQ being one standard deviation above the 100 mean IQ of Western nations is the most well established and robust fact in the social science. For a reference… see basically any scholarly article on IQ ever.

    So given this, I am suspecting that you are a Jew given your self-admitted command of languages.

    • Replies:
  20. says:
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    Ashkenazis are not Jews. They are Zionists, but not Jews.

    • Replies:
  21. “I can’t vote for Unz either; I live in ….”

    You people by and large are an intelligent lot, so I’m surprised you don’t think outside the box like Democrats. Hell, I live outside the country, and I’m of a mind to find a way vote for Unz. Where there’s a will, there’s a way ;)

  22. I am Brazilian, thus deeply concerned over the immigration issue in America and Europe. Were I an American, Mr. Unz would never have my vote, since he claims to have a “pro-immigrant background”. If I understand anything at all about this site, he shouldn’t have the vote of 99% of The Unz Review readers. But I begin to suspect I don’t understand anything at all about anything at all. Or perhaps I am only just beginning to.

  23. Enough multi-lingualism. Let’s force Muslim countries to cater to every language in the book.

    And to acknowledge their collective history of castrating and genitally mutilating hundreds of thousands of black slaves, of course.

  24. Immigrant from former USSR [AKA "Florida Resident"]
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    Dear Mr. Unz:
    Is it legal for me to send you my support in the form of $99.00 ?
    I am Florida resident, both by handle and by actual residence.
    I am US citizen.
    If yes, then what is the address ?
    My intent is to use credit card, since I do not have pay-pal account.
    God speed, Mr. Unz !

  25. Ashkenazis are not Jews.

    I’m not sure what this comment is supposed to mean. Jews are Jews.

    Are you attempting to suggest that Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from pre-diaspora Jews?? If so I’ve got bad news for you because all available Y-chromosome and autosomal DNA evidence says you’re wrong.

  26. While he’d probably make a good senator, I am concerned he would make the serious problem of Jewish over-representation and merit-adjusted Asian under-representation in Congress worse.

  27. If so I’ve got bad news for you because all available Y-chromosome and autosomal DNA evidence says you’re wrong.

    My Y chromosome is about 99%+ Ashkenazi, with the other 1% randomly in Italy, Northern Europe, and Pashtuns. No evidence my paternal line ancestor spent much time in modern Israel or had anything to do with the Jews of the Bible. Other Ashkenazi Y’s seems to come from the Caucasus.

    As for autosomal DNA, 23andme has no trouble finding me “0.0% Middle Eastern” but assigns plenty of my autosomal DNA into “Broadly Northwestern European” “Broadly Southern European” and “Broadly European” categories.

    In other words, as a partial Jew on both sides, 23andme can’t tell quite say which genes are Ashkenazi and which are just “Broadly Northwestern European”, but has no trouble saying I am 0.0% “Middle Eastern.”

  28. Ron Unz has my vote. He understands what is wrong with “bilingual education” and why it doesn’t work except to create enclaves of citizens and non-citizens who acquire playground English while their cultures are actively destroyed otherwise by a pubic “education”. What a disservice to this country.

  29. I strongly prefer EITC style wage subsidies over raising the minimum wage. Otherwise, I would give the $99.
    I haven’t read Unz’s the minimum wage arguments much, but we have plenty of low-skilled americans who we should encourage to work, rather than pricing them out of the labor market. (You may have to include the pleasantness of the job into the wage to fully understand this argument. If employers are subsidized to hire people, then they will also face more pressure to compete on job quality to attract workers, at the lower end of the labor market.)

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