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‘Racialists’ Are Cheered by Trump’s Latest Strategy

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OAKTON, Va. — Jared Taylor hits play, and the first Donald Trump ad of the general election unfolds across his breakfast table. Syrian refugees streaming across a border. Hordes of immigrants, crowded onto trains.

“Donald Trump’s America is secure,” rumbles a narrator. “Terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. The border, secure; our families, safe.”

Taylor, one of America’s foremost “racialists,” is impressed and relieved. “That’s a powerful appeal,” he said. “If he can just stick to that, he is in very good shape.”

From his Fairfax County home, Taylor has edited the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance and organized racialist conferences under the “AmRen” banner. He said that Trump should “concentrate on his natural constituency, which is white people,” suggesting that winning 65 percent of the white vote would overwhelm any Democratic gains with minorities.

When Trump made Breitbart News CEO Steve Bannon his campaign’s chief executive last week, Taylor found reasons to celebrate. It was the latest sign for white nationalists, once dismissed as fringe, that their worldview was gaining popularity and that the old Republican Party was coming to an end.

The rise of the alt-right — named for the Alternative Right website that the “identitarian” nationalist Richard Spencer set up in 2010 and adopted by those opposed to multiculturalism and mass immigration — has come to define how many of its adherents see Trump. There’s less talk now about a “pivot,” or a moment when Trump will adopt the ideas of people that he conquered. His strategy now resembles the alt-right dream of maximizing the white vote — even as polling shows his standing with white voters falls short of Mitt Romney’s in 2012.

Trump’s newest speeches, read from a teleprompter, hit all of their favorite notes. “I don’t think Trump had mentioned ‘sanctuary cities’ previously,” Spencer said in an interview. “There’s reason to believe that Bannon is returning him to his powerful, populist message — indeed, honing it. [Former campaign chairman Paul] Manafort was turning Trump into a standard Republican, with the [Mike] Pence [vice-presidential] choice, the economic policy, talk of how ‘Hillary is the real racist,’ if not quite in those words. Bannon is making me hope again, making Trump Trump again.”

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59 Comments to "‘Racialists’ Are Cheered by Trump’s Latest Strategy"

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  1. Then why’s he giving signals he will equivocate on deportation? Why’s he toning down his “alpha male” image?

    Face it. Even though he’s going to lose, he desperately needs to win. And I don’t mean some psychiatric sense of “desperate.” If he loses, he won’t be able to intervene against the Trump University massacre. It will be the end of Trump and his whole stinking family.

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  2. Obviously, this is a shameless hit piece.

    Nevertheless, a racialist strategy is a losing one. Trump ought to buy swaths of airtime and tell Americans, yes even dark-skinned Americans, that they are about to be sodomized by Clinton, Ryan, McConnell et. al. and their corporate and foreign patrons for another 8 years. He should commit to being a one-term reformist President, and he should encourage outsiders such as Jesse Ventura to compete to succeed him.

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  3. You can be nationalistic and attract a good number of minorities. They do it in Singapore. A good percentage of people in general don’t care half as much about racism as the liberal white elites make it sound. You just gotta have the right rhetoric.

  4. “alt-right” consists of twitter trolls and a few blogs, but yeah they are going to be the string-pullers in a Trump presidency

  5. Blah, blah, blah…More Anti-Trump excrement for the leading Anti-Trump troll of this wonderful website. We get it: you despise Trump–which is fine, that’s your opinion–but we don’t you seek out other digs where you would be more at home (e.g., Huffington Post, N.Y. Times, NPR, et al.)? Can’t you come up with something to occupy your time? Oh that’s right, you’re a troll so that’s not going to happen any time soon.

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  6. So, Steve, when do we get the end of the whole stinking cesspool of Clintons?

    Or are you hoping for an appointment at the Clinton Foundation, or for an invitation to accompany Bill to Epstein’s Island for a little polite kiddie diddling?

    Trump would have to work 45 hours a day for the rest of his life to get honorable mention in the column of King of Graft and Corruption, given that HillBilly have a lock on the win for that.

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  7. Trump himself is unimportant.

    What is important is that the Trump Phenomenon signals that the faux, debt-based prosperity of the last 50 years has about reached apogee.

    It’s increasingly difficult to explain to Americans why their jobs were exported while at the same time, the world’s people were invited in to swamp the labor market and depress wages.

    Maybe flooding the country with Bread and Circuses has limits. I think we’re seeing them.

    The consent that underlies the counterfeit coin of Washington DC and its MSM acolytes is now paper-thin. Should the Trump Phenomenon’s signal be real, it really doesn’t matter if he is elected in November. A President Hillary will undoubtedly push full speed ahead on the Left-lunatics’ policies and if as I suspect, it simply causes consent to evaporate faster, she’ll be lucky to pull a Nixon. More likely, she’ll be hounded into either the grave or the crowbar motel for crimes already well known but temporarily ignored.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
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  8. You can be nationalistic and attract a good number of minorities.

    Especially if those minorities grasp that if the Hard Left (from Invite-the-world & BLM to Trannies to everything else) get their way, that which they like about living in America will cease to exist.

    Everyone wants the golden eggs of the Anglosphere. Why else would they come here? But if they could create those golden eggs themselves, they’d do so at home, wouldn’t they? It’s not like, for example, North American dirt is somehow magic, is it? The dirt doesn’t imbue newcomers with abilities they lacked before they came here.

    I find it astonishing that people who LIKE what the USA has to offer are so intent on marginalizing, both in political power and in raw numbers, the people who actually produce that stuff.

    It shows a decided lack of intelligence.

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  9. Obviously, this is a shameless hit piece.

    I don’t believe Richard Spencer would view it as a hit piece. Spencer has previously praised it’s author, David Weigel:

    #Cuckservative in WaPO

    Richard B. Spencer · July 29, 2015

    Dave Weigel is one of the best, and certainly most entertaining, political journalists in the Beltway. He’s written an excellent rundown on the #Cuckservative phenomenon and included some choice quotes from me.

  10. LandLubb, good take. I grew up on Washpost, my folks settled in the region in 1956. It’s become a disgusting rag (for oh, 25 years now), a billboard for Hillary. Amazon-Boy Jeff Bezos rescued it from failure and built new offices a few years back. But Trump is really in their heads. They skip, simply don’t publish ANYTHING on Hillary and every day, 6 new hit pieces come out on Trump from their collection of liberal retarded “columnists”. They of course are merely typing out what Bezos directs. Bezos personally approves of everything on the front page and in Op/Eds. He is in the sack for Hillary and that’s that and he doesn’t give two farts about the future of the paper.

    The paper loses $60 million a month, it’s burning serious cash and only Liberals pay any attention to it. Ad rates and buys are way, way down and rumor has it he may burn the whole enterprise down if after all this, Hillary loses. He is completely out of journalistic credibility as is the Chicago Times and NY Times, those supported by a billionaire down in Mexico that needs positive publicity and love-stories about the immigrants he coaches to come here. In their rabid abandonment of honest journalistic practices trying to get Hillary elected, they in effect, burned these papers. No one reads them anymore, except liberals who read for comfort.

    In actually print, WashPost is fish-wrap, good for nothing else.

  11. Weigel = Shreik ….err…..Shrike……noted uber troll over at

  12. An explicitly racialist strategy is a losing one, which is why Trump is doing exactly what you suggest, accompanied by an implicitly pro-White strategy that keeps us in the alt-right, the intellectual frontrunners of Trumpism, on board.

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  13. An “alt-right” takeover of the Republican party is a great thing–for Democrats.

    The white nationalist message can’t win. It couldn’t win in the 1960s when the white majority was enormous. It sure as shit can’t win now. I have a feeling the alt-right is going to keep knee-capping the Republicans for at least a couple more elections. I hope so.

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  14. I hope your fainting couch is located near your computer. Oh, my!

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  15. Why do you leftist trolls darken the door of this website? Have you nothing better to do at all? Are you so starved for attention?

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  16. Fun. Probably. Not really.

  17. So, Steve, when do we get the end of the whole stinking cesspool of Clintons?

    Well, maybe when we get rid of Ivanka, Chelsea and will die of boredom and her parents of grief.

    [Doesn't it bother you that Ivanka is great friends with the witch's brood?]

  18. Why do you leftist trolls darken the door of this website? Have you nothing better to do at all? Are you so starved for attention?

    I doubt that’s the explanation, since I rarely check back.

    I do the same on the Hillary boards; I hate both candidates equally. With no electoral alternatives, what do you expect me to do? Riot?

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  19. Would be nice if you upped your game a bit. Nothing wrong with trolling, if real information is offered and exchanged.

  20. You’re getting paid for this?

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  21. Trump’s message isn’t white nationalist — it’s nationalist. The same America-first policies on immigration and trade would help non-white Americans too. Which is why they are the core of Trump’s appeal to blacks now (along with his emphasis on law & order).

    The beauty of nationalism is that it can appeal to most of the nation on the same terms. Dems’ identity politics, in contrast, can’t: affirmative action may appeal to minorities but it turns off white men; amnesty and open borders may appeal to illegal aliens and anchor babies, but it turns off many natives and legal immigrants. Easy-on-crime policies may appeal to felons and ex-felons but won’t appeal to many law-abiding members of minority communities. And so on.

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  22. “she’ll be hounded into either the grave or the crowbar motel”

    I think it’s “graybar motel.” The Crowbar Motel is where you go to change a flat tire.

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  23. Clinton plans Thursday address in Nevada on Trump and the ‘alt-right’

    Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Thursday plans to deliver a speech on the connection between Republican Donald Trump’s campaign and the “disturbing ‘alt-right’ political philosophy,” a Clinton aide said.

    The address, planned for Reno, Nev., follows a report this past weekend in The Washington Post that the so-called alt-right has been heartened by Trump’s candidacy, seeing recent moves by the candidate as consistent with the alt-right’s goal of maximizing the white vote in November.

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  24. i saw the commercial for trump. the overall production quality seems a bit low. the words ‘secure’ & ‘safe’ are each repeated, just to make sure the yahoos get it.
    clinton’s ad, on the other hand – kids watching trump on tv – seems of higher quality and more intelligently done. the more effective of the two.

  25. That’s rich coming from someone who got thrown off the bar after being “charged with 28 counts of misconduct…[and committing] acts of moral turpitude involving at least $182,000 in client funds and lent his name to be used by a non-lawyer.”

    I guess it’s what certain persons get for flopping out of Johns Hopkins so badly they ended up at a shoddy, 50% acceptance rate diploma mill.

    The Ivy grads of JH ’70 salute you, Ronald. Seems your betters got the last laugh, again.

  26. I’m not celebrating. The problem with the alt-right today is that it’s basically become white nationalism and nothing else.

    The alt-right before Trump was a loose collection of criticisms directed at liberal democracy, European humanism, egalitarianism, etc. If those things were defeated, humanity and nationalism in general would benefit, and white nationalism along with it. It was relatively diverse, and attracted many minorities at least with its traditionalist leanings. Yes, racialism was part of it. Emphasis: part of. But a great number of its followers were people who simply didn’t buy wholesale the relativism and mental gymnastics that has characterized western social thinking for the last 100 years. Then white nationalists came in and basically offended/chased everybody out, ensuring their own fate as an radical but irrelevant minority. It’s become less about dismantling democracy, and more about cucks and rare Pepes.

    The alt-right could have been a big-tent ideology that attracted all kinds of bigots, nationalists, political realists etc. And I mean actual ideological bigots, not what western media calls people who sound mean. These types are more common than you think, especially among middle to higher class minorities. On the lower class end, a lot of non-whites can abide a natural degree of tribalism, much more so than oversensitive white liberals who only know racism as a sinful taboo.

    In order to overthrow the cultural and political mores of the modern western world, it is imperative that the alt-right embraces outside, non-western perspectives, maybe even using demographics as a judo move against the increasingly cloistered liberal elite. If not, then the alt-right will fail for the same reason white nationalism has failed.

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  27. Oh dear.

    If Trump indulges in flip-flopping on an issue so relevant to the wage and employment levels of low-skilled, working-class Americans, the resulting backlash will make Romney’s baptism by fire in the primaries look like Martha’s Vineyard.

    The continued presence of eleven million cheap foreign laborers will cause infinitely more harm to our domestic workforce than any future trade deals with Vietnam or Brunei. Any electoral victory by Trump will legitimize that presence and entrench it with the endorsement of working class whites. Throwing him under the bus and hoping for another standard-bearer to emerge is becoming an increasingly appealing option.

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  28. I can’t wait to see her try to explain Pepe and other dank memes to the assembled normies.

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  29. Is Hildebeest’s similar to LBJ’s daisy girl?

  30. Who would prosecute Hillary, her own administration?

  31. Yeah, Jared Taylor and those “white nationalists” are evil, evil people.

    Meanwhile The Tablet is considered to be a perfectly respectable web site, even though it looks at Jews in exactly the way Taylor look at whites.

    Here’s a collection of articles from The Tablet fretting about the danger of intermarriage., or miscegenation between Jew and gentile.

    There’s a lot of them, keep scrolling down and hitting “more”.

  32. I notice the Democratic party does just fine with its black nationalist, Jewish nationalist, and Hispanic nationalist message, so there is no logically inherent reason why a white nationalist message need be a political loser.

    Regardless, in spite of the comically obvious fearful projections of Jews like Weigel, Trump is not running as a “white nationalist”, he’s running as an American nationalist.

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  33. For those of you of think an “alt right” or “white nationalist” mensage won’t do it…


    Well, if you believe an “alt-right” or a “white nationalist” “world” is great, then you believe most people will want it. . . they just don’t know it yet.

    It’s like “safe” being a code word for no immigration and power to cops over inner citty black criminals.

    You don’t say you will hunt all mexicans and deport them or that you will allow cops to kill blacks… you say that you will make america safe again. The “alt right” “white nationalist” mensage is implicit.

    You don’t say: I am going to deny the entry of children who are fleeing war.
    You say: We will not allow criminals and terrorists in the U.S. and we will be doing this by not allowing muslim immigration to this country.

    I think you get my point…

  34. The Crowbar Motel is where you go to change a flat tire

    Old joke: How do you separate the men from the boys on Mykonos?

    With a crowbar.

  35. You make him sound positively Clintonian.

  36. If he doesn’t walk this immigration flip-flop back, I’m out. Donald Kasich, Jeb Trump.

    He could have had get-out-the-vote drives in every poor White city in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina, etc., and propounded a pro-White message, but instead he’s going to spend all his time talking about the suffering of city-burning blacks while abandoning his base on immigration. Absolutely pathetic. I’m embarrassed.

  37. I don’t know if I’d go quite that far.
    This quite recent article from TheRightStuff makes a pretty difficult-to-address case for the virtual inevitability of de facto white nationalism the less white the country gets:

    Well…either that, or it will be too little too late in too few people.
    I don’t take a particular stance on the matter, but I’m just not as convinced of its failure and supposedly permanent unfeasabiltiy as you seem to be.

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  38. While I’m sure that holds true for the most conscientious and independently successful members of minority communities,

    I don’t share your optimism in general, as there is a very visible tendency among many of the more “white-presenting” POC to adopt conventional white liberal views like socially deterministic rationalizations for minority crime, only to weaponize and promote these views that much more virulently due to subconscious clannishness towards their co-ethnics (or similarly “oppressed” interest groups whose complaints coincide). And as if that weren’t enough, all of this is then tends to be amplified and enabled by the overwhelming sense of entitlement that above-average IQ in a minority activist lends itself to, as well as the completely unquestioning, fatal tendency of these quasi-elite self-identified outsiders to project their own capacity for intelligence onto other members of their ethnic groups (per the corollary of the infamous Dunning-Kruger Effect.)

    These are people who feel profoundly alienated from–for instance–black culture, but who sublimate and subsequently project this existential unease onto whites whom they are actually more similar to in behavior and personality, but resent nonetheless for the fact that they themselves are unable to actually become white. It’s an incredibly caustic form of envy that masquerades as a noble struggle but in order to function as a narcissistic defense, relies upon burying the truth of its origins progressively deeper under narratives of struggle and oppression.

    …And all of this wasn’t even touching upon the matter of the law-abiding minorities (of various IQ levels) who nonetheless feel a misguided sense of loyalty to the felons in their immediate circles of family and friendship.

    I don’t mean to paint all minorities–especially not the smart fraction(s)–in overly broad, absolute strokes, but I feel like it’s a pretty destructive form of self-deception to deny the risks I’ve outlined. I truly wish these concerns were not real, or that there were some more satisfactory means to tackle them, philosophically and politically.

    • Replies:
  39. To be fair, there’s a difference between the whole IQ-blind “magic dirt” environmental determinism worldview that any and all immigrants can/will/should be Americanized, versus the factually accurate HBD observation that the most intelligent immigrants from their respective nations would do well here and not so much over there because living in a nation filled with incompetent, superstitious, violent morons does not present nearly as many or as rewarding options for financially successful and personally rewarding careers–not to mention personal safety/health and the overall survivability of offspring. Being smart is a great way to incur the wrath of the local Untermenschen. The mass exodus of the smart fractions of second and third world countries is just a predictable phenomenon of rational self-interest on a large scale–hence its popular designation of “Brain Drain.”

    • Replies:
  40. YT is expected to be a willing beast of burden, any complaints are seen as “whining” or worse “paranoid fears”. And to be clear, Trump is not the target, his base is. Agitate and humiliate.

    Man up, shut up.

    • Replies:
  41. The mass exodus of the smart fractions of second and third world countries

    So, a case can be made that if an American truly cares about 2nd and 3rd world peoples, that person should be in favor of blocking the immigration of the right side of the bell curve.

    • Replies:
  42. If this is America you’re talking about, then it would probably take white separatism to create white nationalism.

  43. Trump’s sold us out, friends. That is a fact, friends. Hope for deportation, expect mass amnesty.

    From his immigration town hall with Fox News: (Listen for exactly three minutes)

    Eleven million people who act as a national wage depressant while their families strain the social welfare, educational, and political systems of our nation to the tune of one hundred billion dollars a year cannot be allowed to continue their illegitimate residence here. Trump’s “softening” on this issue and in regard to the H-1B visa program is entirely unacceptable. With this delightful announcement, the white working class of the United States have been given license to do their part and stay home on Election Day.

  44. According to people like Haidt, one feature of dignity culture is that one should not respond to every slight and that some slights are not worth losing one’s composure about. That makes a lot of sense to me, but aloofness towards offense can be a problem.

    One serious problem is that the tendency to “shrug off” offence can be exploited ruthlessly by those who want to take advantage of you and don’t want you to do anything about it. It is a good thing to be able to “stay above the fray” sometimes, but not all the time. The enemies call you “fragile”, “whiny” and “not a real man” because they want you to stay quiet as they harm you.

  45. I don’t share your optimism in general, ( … ) many of the more “white-presenting” POC to adopt conventional white liberal views ( … ) weaponize and promote these views ( … ) subconscious clannishness towards their co-ethnics (or similarly “oppressed” interest groups whose complaints coincide). ( … )

    I find profoundly disturbing the number of vocal POCs who flat out hate white people even as they spend their whole life hanging out with white people and not fitting in at all with their fellow POCs. One encounters such people in many places. The ones I notice are POCs in various implicitly white subcultures, but they can also be found in politics, including in the republican party. I don’t understand those people and find them *sickening*. My social embedding into white circles has resulted in me strongly identifying with whites. It has resulted in me coming to hate, too, the enemies of the legitimate owners of western civilization. It means that If I could vote in Germany, I’d vote Afd at the very least. It means that I tell people that I am 100.000% against BLM and that I give 0.000% credit to BLM and that I never, ever take BLM’s side. It means that I strongly agree with criticizing the power of the ((( rootless cosmopolitans ))). It means the recent realization that even high IQ immigration is potentially dangerous for a people because foreigners, unless they’re weirdoes, do not take the side of the natives, in general. My family is full of decent IQ black people but I’m the only one with any real sympathy for Europeans. The others are there for the money and the convenient passports and some of them are involved in far left activism (of the silly SJW intersectional feminism variety).

    The above problem is made worse by the current antiwhite climate in the western world because some of those white-hating POCs are empty vessels who would not have come up with antiwhite hatred on their own. They go to university and all of a suddent there are ((( profs ))) and eloi like white people making them feel very important and morally superior all of sudden by virtue of being black. Women POCs would be particularly interested in acquiring all that status with no effort required.
    I don’t mean to paint all minorities–especially not the smart fraction(s)–in overly broad, absolute strokes, but I feel like it’s a pretty destructive form of self-deception to deny the risks I’ve outlined. I truly wish these concerns were not real, or that there were some more satisfactory means to tackle them, philosophically and politically.
    The concerns are real and utterly legitimate.

  46. “More Anti-Trump excrement for the leading Anti-Trump troll of this wonderful website.”

    I thought that was Tiny Dick……Duck.

  47. “Nationalist” sounds noble.
    “White Nationalist” sounds evil.

  48. You guys are like children. “Maybe she’ll mention us on the TV!” That’s the attitude of hoaxers, not a movement. It’s cute you think you’re a movement, but people aren’t going to become huge racist dipshits because you MS-painted a frog.

  49. lol try again

  50. Trump already adopted Jeb!’s amnesty plan and appears to rely on the Heritage Foundation and assorted Romney goons for the majority of his economic and foreign policy, aside from the stump speech lies like trade and overseas wars. Funny thing about that, incidentally: Clinton 1992, Kerry 2004, Obama 2008, Clinton 2008, and now Trump 2016 all promised to properly renegotiate or pull out of NAFTA and stop foreign interventionism. Both Hillary and Trump advocated for exactly the same Libyan war policy in 2011.

    Trump is a nationalist in the same way Hillary’s a progressive.

  51. This is delusional. Trump’s “latest strategy” is a complete return to Bush open borders and Mexican invasion. Trump has stopped being Trump. He’s Jeb.

    There’s no reason for any actual American, let alone “alt right” Americans, to support him now.

  52. Ah, Mr. Diamond, the reason for your desperate fear of the coming Trump victory is obvious. What a pity you Neo-Con parasites just don´t crawl off and die.

  53. No, Diamond, you do not “hate both candidates equally”. You hate Trump because he poses a mortal threat to your entire worldview, to say nothing of your “interests”. Look, pal, the cat is out of the bag. You can stop pretending. We KNOW and you KNOW we KNOW. White Americans have no intention of simply letting a grab bag of Marxists, Alinskyites, foreigners and subversives steal the country our ancestors created. You might want to look into obtaining a passport from St. Lucia or Belize. You may need it soon.

  54. says:
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    As somebody wrote: “Does race exist? Do hills exist?”

  55. Ah, but the conundrum is that the only ones worth caring about (in any group, really) ARE the smart fraction. Anything else is a huge fake-out.

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