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Paul Ryan’s Primary Challenger Hires Widely Recognized Anti-Semite As Spox
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A controversial Republican candidate challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced Friday that his campaign hired Kevin MacDonald as its spokesperson, a former professor at California State University, Long Beach who is widely recognized as an anti-Semite.

Paul Nehlen said in a statement that he reached out to MacDonald “after reading some of Dr. MacDonald’s work.”

“We hit it off, and well, here we are,” Nehlen said. “When I broached the subject of Dr. MacDonald’s interest in joining the campaign with my current spokesman, Josh Smith, Josh’s reaction was, ‘The man is a legend. If he wants to help you, tell him yes immediately.’”

According to the Anti-Defamation League, MacDonald was first recognized for his anti-Semitic views when he wrote a series of books arguing that Jews are “a hostile elite” in the U.S. whose goal is to undermine America’s European ties and “destroy Europeans.” He is also the leader of the American Freedom Party, a white supremacist group whose goal is to “to restore and preserve the legitimacy of White identity, White heritage, and expressions of White interests,” according to the ADL.

MacDonald has claimed that Jews are trying to change the “racial hierarchy” in the U.S. by promoting immigration from non-European countries, and he has said that Jewish people lack the “moral idealism” that he claims white people possess. MacDonald has written, appeared on and edited for several openly racist media outlets like the Occidental Observer and The Political Cesspool.

In April 2013 he wrote in the Occidental Observer: “Given the prospect that Jews will continue as an elite hostile toward White America and given the ethnic/racial transformation of the country resulting from importing millions of people who do not identify with the traditional people and culture of the country (presumably the Boston bombers) and often have historical grudges of their own to grind, the future of Whites in America is grim indeed.”

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Anti-Semitism, Jews, Paul Ryan 
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  1. Watch the MSM keep the insurgent Nehlen campaign totally invisible and completely ‘disrespectable’.

    Bad for the Jews = morally reprehensible.

    The Fourth Estate is a powerful tool of the hostile elite. With it, they shape/control the headlines, the conversation, the narrative.

    They tell us what is ‘mainstream’, what is’moderate’. And what isn’t.

    Their political agenda becomes ‘our’ political agenda.

    The pro-Zionist, anti-white MSM is a crucial element within the Deep State. Administrations come and go. But they remain.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
  2. WHAT says:

    Not a good move. Not because of the books(man effectively put a solid factual base under AR), but because of how your typical normie perceives this “muh antisemite” bullshit. Sure, it`s losing its power, but it`s not dead yet.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  3. KenH says:

    MacDonald has written, appeared on and edited for several

    openly racist

    media outlets like the Occidental Observer and The Political Cesspool.

    Openly racist media outlet means an outlet that merely addresses issues from a pro-white perspective which of course is totally unacceptable in “free” America.

    According to the Anti-Defamation League, MacDonald was first recognized for his anti-Semitic views when he wrote a series of books arguing that Jews are “a hostile elite” in the U.S. whose goal is to….

    Again, the ADL refuses to honestly address MacDonald’s research and dismisses it as “anti-semitism” since it reveals their true and ongoing agenda of deliberately harming white racial interests with malice aforethought.

    • Replies: @SMK
  4. I’m glad to see that Kevin MacDonald is finally starting to get some of the recognition he deserves.

    Frankly, he is one of the least hateful men you will ever meet – fact based, soft spoken and moderate.

    • Replies: @PeterMx
  5. This is good. The more Americans who are exposed to MacDonald’s work the better. I hope he becomes a huge issue in the media.

  6. I like it!
    There may be hope for America after all.
    The Saccone guy running in Penn. is a horrible pick, seems the Repubs want to lose that one.

    Corruption, bribery, and blackmail still rule DC though, until it is stopped, don’t expect much change..

  7. fnn says:

    Aside from all that, MacDonald is also a Wisconsin native.

  8. SMK says: • Website

    Cheers to Nehlen. But, lamentably, he’s a minority of one and he won’t defeat the odious Paul Ryan, thanks to the media and it’s lies and propaganda. Kevin MacDonald is vilified as an anti-Semite, even a Nazi, for telling the truth about the Jewish elites/overclass, as opposed to Jews as a group, and their anti-white paranoia, fears, hatred, motives, power, and influence, vastly disproportionate in that they are only 2% of the population. But his critique is a half-truth in that a majority of the anti-white elites and governing-classes are white gentiles with large minorities of blacks and Mestizos/Amerindians.

  9. @WHAT

    I would guess Nehlen understands he has no chance of winning but is trying to get his alternative viewpoint into the conversation. Given that, hiring MacDonald is wise since MacDonald has devoted his life to thinking about these issues and will be very articulate even in defense of opinions that most people reject out of hand. It will be interesting to see whether he gets the silent treatment or the media tries to milk his controversial views for clickbait or whatever you call the paper press equivalent.

  10. PeterMx says:
    @John Gruskos

    Exactly. He is a scientist that seeks the truth and his opponents don’t like the truth if it hurts their interests.

  11. Kevin MacDonald is a free thinking American who has been labeled an anti-Semite by the ADL, a quasi police agency formed to track and profile Americans suspected of being critical of Zion/Jews/Israel. It disregards the racist policies of Israel, but polices the American population looking for anyone who dares to criticize a person of Jewish heritage, or doesn’t put Israel first. Often costing the targeted individual, such as Professor MacDonald, their career. The JDL like the ADL and the SCLC should be disbanded as they are cleverly racist orgs which do not in any way promote justice and equality. Sue me if I’m wrong.

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