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Memories of an Anti-Semitic State Department
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The former C.I.A. officer Valerie Plame Wilson made news with her Twitter account last week when, on the first day of Rosh Hashana, she shared an article that said, “America’s Jews are driving America’s wars: Shouldn’t they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East?”

The article, which appeared on a fringe website, said that Jewish neoconservatives were pushing for a war with Iran. Ms. Wilson, whose identity as a covert operative was leaked in 2003 by members of the George W. Bush administration nettled by the opposition of her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, to the Iraq war, repeated the well-worn narrative that Jewish neoconservatives promoted the invasion of Iraq — and are beating the drum for a conflict with Iran.

Of course, most Jews are not neoconservatives, and most neoconservatives are not Jewish. In any case, it was two influential non-Jews, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who played the central role with President Bush in deciding to invade Iraq in 2003. Ignoring the old saying about when you are in a hole you should stop digging, Ms. Wilson made some excuses and then mentioned that she is of Jewish descent. Finally, she apologized.

I have little interest in piling on Ms. Wilson. But the whole affair brought back some memories about how Jews were perceived within the national security apparatus for a long time. When I began working in the Pentagon during President Jimmy Carter’s administration, there was an unspoken but unmistakable assumption: If you were Jewish, you could not work on the Middle East because you would be biased.

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  1. Of course, most Jews are not neoconservatives, and most neoconservatives are not Jewish. In any case, it was two influential non-Jews, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld,

    Goy neocons like Cheney, Rummy, and Bolton(and Haley) are followers, not leaders of Neocon movement. Those goyim got on the bandwagon precisely because Jews have so much power. They figured that if they do what Jews want and if it succeeds, maybe more Jews will come over to the GOP. In any movement, there are those who leads, and those who follow. Even though Cheney and Rumsfeld held high office, they were following the agenda of the Donor Class of American Politics.

    Cheney has no ideology. He will whore out to anyone. Rumseld is a suit. He executes plans. He has no ideology or vision. In contrast, Neocons have a vision and an ideology and an ethnic agenda. Is it any surprise that US foreign policy continued to be the same under Obama and then now under Trump? Look at all the hysteria about Russia. Which ethnic group is stirring it up?

    And if, as the writer says, most neocons are not Jewish and not looking out for Jewish interests, why is it that all of them, Jewish or goy, tend to be MOST hostile to nations hated by Jews and Israel, and that means even Liberal Jews.
    Liberal Jews hate Russia, and neocons hate Russia. Liberal Jews hate Iran, and neocons hate Iran. Liberal Jews hate Syria, and Neocons hate Syria. Liberal Jews used Obama to destroy Ukraine and Libya and totally mess up Syria.

    Also, isn’t today’s philosemitic State Department worse than the ‘antisemitic’ one of the past? When SD was ‘antisemitic’, it didn’t give Jews everything they wanted. And Jews like Pollard had to pay the price for spying. And let’s not forget that many Jews during the early days of the Cold War deeply compromised US security by spying for Soviets, indeed even passing Bomb secrets to mass killer Stalin. Imagine if Muslim-Americans slipped atom bomb secrets to Muslim terrorists. Imagine if German-Americans slipped Bomb Secrets to Nazi regime. Imagine if Japanese Americans slipped Bomb secrets to Japanese militarists.

    Given that so many Jews were on the radical left, it made good sense for US government to be wary of Jews.

    And today? SD is totally dominated by Jewish Power, and what has it given us? Stupid ‘new cold war’ with Russia simply because Jews are sour at Russian sovereignty. Jews seem to believe that Russia belongs to Jews and not to dummy Russians who are seen as cattle(like how pigs in Animal Farm see the horse). And of course, all these wars in the Middle East that destroyed so many lives. It will takes yrs and yrs for these nations to recover and rebuild.

    Given the damage of philosemitism(or even Jewish supremacism) that US foreign policy has done since the Clinton Era, maybe things were better in the past when Jews were seen with some suspicion.

    PS. It’s true that not all Jews are neocons and not all Jews support US foreign policy. But by ‘Jews’, surely Giraldi meant Jewish Power. It’s like, if we say, “Japanese invaded Manchuria”, we don’t mean every Japanese nor do we mean that every Japanese supported Japanese imperialist aggression.

  2. Dan Hayes says:

    “The article appeared on a fringe web site.”

    Hah, Hah, and Hah!

  3. FKA Max says: • Website

    TEDxBerlin 11/15/10 – Janine Wedel – Shadow Elites

    He fails upwards. – Janine R. Wedel referring to Lawrence Henry “Larry” Summers

    • Replies: @FKA Max
    , @Dan Hayes
  4. utu says:

    If you were Jewish, you could not work on the Middle East because you would be biased.

    Very sensible and prudent rule. It worked.

  5. polskijoe says:

    a better question is what percentage of ultra rich neocons and politican neocons are Jewish. im sure its more than 2%

    think of the Jesus story. Jews pressured the Romans to kill him. possibly the same with neoconservativs.

  6. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Janine Wedel closes her speech in Berlin with a striking quote as personally told to her by a neoconservative close to what she terms the “Neocon core”:

    “There Is No Conflict of Interest,
    Because We Define The Interest.”

    • Allen McDuffee, “Think tank: Neocons’ influence remains strong under Obama.” The Raw Story, June 9, 2010.

    Perhaps more important [to the success of the neoconservatives] than the institutions and financial support is the modus operandi of the neoconservatives, according to Janine Wedel… A small subset of neocons, a ‘neocon core’ has been working together for more than 30 years ‘to remake American foreign policy according to their own vision.‘”

  7. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    In 1 AD the Jewish crowd clamored, “Give us Barabbas [i.e. free Barabbas]; crucify Jesus!
    Barabbas was a criminal, an insurrectionist. Jesus — was not.

    By 1933 the Jewish crown around Franklin Roosevelt clamored, “ally with Stalin, kill Hitler!”
    Even before Hitler became chancellor, Stalin had engineered the deaths of millions. Hitler — had not.

  8. Dan Hayes says:
    @FKA Max


    I have listened to a fair amount of TED talks on NPR. Knowing the venue and talks heard, I took it for granted that TED was just another one of the myriad liberal/progressive propaganda organs.

    So I was more than pleasantly surprised on watching this talk. Either my previous judgements were invalid or somehow or other Ms Wedel slipped through the cracks.

    In any event, thanks for bringing this talk to my attention (and for our patron Ron).

  9. bjondo says:

    Dennis Ross is one of those Israel-first Jew who should be banned from any govt position except toilet cleaner.

    His writings belong in one of the toilets he could clean.

  10. MEH 0910 says:

    Ron Unz, the page can’t be found on the next item in the Forum.

    We’re sorry. That page could not be found.

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