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Dear friends

In March I was sued for libel by the chairman of the Campaign Against Anti Semitism (CAA), Gideon Falter, for suggesting that ‘Antisemitism is a business plan.’ As CAA has explained its objective, the lawsuit was intended both to silence me and to wreck my career. Campaign Against Anti Semitism’s web site states that renowned media lawyer Mark Lewis “devised a strategy for bringing libel actions which he and Campaign Against Antisemitism have begun to use to force antisemites into either apologising in court, or paying substantial damages.” And as CAA boasts in its promotional video, “We ensure antisemites face criminal, professional and reputational consequences.”

And of course, the libel suit didn’t manage to silence me. I am at least as prolific and focused as I was before the lawsuit. I am still performing and giving talks around the world, I still publish my writings on a daily basis. In fact, Mark Lewis, the man who ‘devised the strategy’ intended to silence me, is now defending himself in the disciplinary tribunal for solicitors ( ) for sending “offensive and profane communications.” Instead of managing to obliterate my career, Mark Lewis has left his law firm (Seddons) and is moving to Israel.

Defending myself against the libel charge has been time consuming and extraordinarily expensive; the costs of defending a libel suit in Britain are insanely extortionate. Last March I was left with no option other than asking for your financial support. I was astounded and deeply touched by your quick and generous response. This allowed me to respond to the claim and confirmed to me that fatigue with the strategies used by organisations like CAA is solid and global. I was reassured that I wasn’t alone.

The case has now settled but I am left with a huge hole in my pocket. Although I am selling some of my musical instruments and have made other arrangements to try to raise the necessary funds, I remain short about £40.000. Unfortunately, I need additional support. Asking you for money is very upsetting for me but this is an important battle for all of us.

I am grateful for any help you can provide, it is heartening to know that you stand with me in support of free speech, and that you will help me manage the consequences of exercising our most important right.

Thanks so much


Paypal – I am currently in dispute with paypal and would rather not use this platform. However, if you insist on using paypal please contact me: giladatzmon(at)

Bitcoin: 1JJ7V5YzeKkhrEKRq263uE8E72XSQUa7Dy

Ether: 0xb4FC6E150ADf36D61F066a693f8cDf517aFbC87C


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  1. How does ” ‘Antisemitism is a business plan.’ ” even support a defamation suit? There’s no verifiable statement of fact, and it doesn’t harm anyone’s reputation.

    • Replies: @CalDre
    , @jamesc
  2. T. Weed says:

    Hello, Gilad. I’d be happy to send a check for $100 somewhere, or a money order of some kind. I’ve never heard of those other choices you list, and I don’t do paypal. Do you have an American friend or agent who could cash an American check and send you the $? $100 isn’t much against the debt you have, but there must be a lot of Americans who know of your writings, who are angry at the forces which have put you in such plight, who would similarly send modest amounts.

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  3. Rational says:


    Sir, I am sorry to hear that “Antisemitism is a business plan” is considered actionable “defamation” in UK. Who was “defamed”? Only the person who was defamed can bring an action, not some group.

    Luckily, in US, there is the first amendment. There is NO group libel. So if you say “Group X is all evil”, or are thieves, you cannot be sued.

    Yes, I hope all of us can help you to the extent we can afford. And good luck. But move to US, please.

    • Replies: @Gilad Atzmon
  4. anon[989] • Disclaimer says:

    As CAA has explained its objective, the lawsuit was intended both to silence me and to wreck my career…

    this is what they do to all of us, no matter how small

  5. Mike P says:

    Gilad, you’ve got to offer some better payment methods than bitcoin. Have a look at some paypal alternatives and get back to us. I will pitch in $100 once you do.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
  6. @T. Weed

    Hello T , thanks so much ,,, yep please write to me to giladatzmon(at) and I will instruct you what o do… all the best and tx again

  7. @Rational

    correct you have 1st amendment in the USA. In Britain we were committed to Athenian values, it worked for a lon while but no longer.. and BTW your elementary freedoms in the USA are at great danger at the moment… beware…

    • Replies: @lawfare
  8. They always go too far. They never learn. Eventually, people get so sick of their anti-Christ ways that they turn on them.

    • Agree: druid
  9. Play stupid games….win stupid prizes.

    • Replies: @Rabbinical Rube
  10. lawfare says:
    @Gilad Atzmon

    Sorry, but I don’t think “elementary freedoms in the USA” are in any danger – even from the Israel lobby (despite the high regard in which they hold themselves – courtesy of preening popinjays like Dersho-witless who mistake endless repetition of bibi talking points for insight).

    History is history and English is English. I’ll take the constitution over shurat damned-to-hell (is that the name of the zionist hasbara lawfare brigade?) any day.

    Yup, you need to move to the United States. That way you can meet our very own hasbara heads and go head-to-head with them – without fear of disaster.

    Sure, you’ll lose a few “friends”, jobs and be be denied tenure, but you sure won’t end up in prison – even debtor’s prison (the Bernie Made-Off route aside)…

    An added benefit is that Counsel Mueller might even put a few Israeli spies in the brig. You do you remember that great American patriot Pollard – yes?

  11. CalDre says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    It’s not but the allegation is much stronger. In particular, Atzmon allegedly (the article has been removed since Atzmon admitted it was libelous so I can’t judge it for myself) accused Campaign Against Anti-Semitism as using Antisemitism as a business plan and of fabricating and exaggerating anti-Semitic incidents to raise more money and profit.

    Some links on the topic (from Atzmon haters, to be sure, so focus on the facts of the case):

    The last article claims to quote the judge in the case as finding that Mr Atzmon had deliberately accused Falter (Chairman of the group) of:

    dishonestly fabricating anti-Semitic incidents; deliberately exaggerating the prevalence of anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic activity (including being too ready to characterise as anti-Semitism legitimate criticism of Israel); by doing these things Mr Falter therefore risked increasing anti-Semitism; Mr Falter’s motive was to obtain funds (including funds from the British taxpayer) to support the activities of the CAA and to provide his own income; the funds obtained by this fabrication and misrepresentation were consequently obtained by Mr Falter’s fraud; and Mr Falter is guilty of hypocrisy – he campaigns against anti-Semitism but he is content with its continued prevalence (even resorting to the manufacture of incidents) because his income and that of the CAA depend upon it.

    This basically amounts to a claim that Falter and Campaign Against Anti-Semitism were defrauding the public to raise money for themselves. Atzmon essentially ended up admitting in court all of his claims were false, based on the above judge rulings (which the judge made after reading the blog post in question). Presumably Atzmon figured he could not possibly prove those claims.

    Would definitely be much easier to defend those statements in the US, where the plaintiff would have to prove reckless disregard for the truth, rather than the defendant having to prove it is true.

  12. T. Weed says:

    anti-semitism, anti-semitism, why does one have to defend oneself against such a charge, as if it were as criminal and bad as, say, a child-molester. We..the world..will never be free of these freaks who can sit at stool, smell their stink, and still believe they’re made of finer stuff than the neighbor doing the same thing next door. Until we can say, Is Netanyahu a Semite? Ariel Sharon a Semite? Dershowitz a Semite? Then hell yes, I’m an anti-semite and proud of it!

    • Replies: @anonymous
  13. @Ken Davidson

    Exercise Free Speech…..get attacked by jews

  14. jamesc says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    The answer to your question is that UK libel law is a complicated thing and lawyers will argue over what words mean. In particular, there is a concept called (I seem to remember) something called an innuendo meaning, which is where someone can bring a libel action based not on the actual words, but on an alleged meaning.

    I suspect that might be what happened in this case, but do you own research, as I am not a lawyer.

  15. anonymous[276] • Disclaimer says:
    @T. Weed
  16. T. Weed says:

    Sorry, Anonymous, your reply is too cryptic, or I’m too dimwitted, to understand its meaning. Dangerous place for Jews?

  17. “Antisemitism” is a “business plan”??

    Only if a global extortion racket conducted by sociopathic war criminals is a business plan.

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