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For Immigrant Trump Voter, Tensions Reach Boiling Point at Home
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Amelia Gutierrez’s parents have one rule at the dinner table of their Discovery Bay home: Don’t talk politics.

Too many wisecracks about Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson’s “sleepy” persona and how Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is “unqualified” can result in the 15-year-old losing her phone privileges.

As the daughter of a man who emigrated from Mexico, she said, it’s tough to keep quiet about a president she considers a bully. Her father, however, is different from the majority of Latino voters in at least one respect — he’s a steadfast supporter of President Trump.

Marco Gutierrez said a vote for Trump was the surest way to preserve the American dream he and his wife worked so hard to realize and make a better life for his daughter and her five siblings.

Amelia is the second oldest of the Gutierrez children, though her father said that his oldest son at 23 hasn’t expressed his political beliefs as strongly as his eldest daughter, who he hopes will someday see things his way.

“He’s fought opposition with fortitude,” Marco Gutierrez, 43, said of Trump. “He’s not afraid what people might say about him. He stays true to his message and himself.”

National exit polls have estimated that Trump won 28 percent of the Latino vote in November, after a campaign in which he promised to build “a great wall” along the Mexican border and said a U.S.-born Latino judge who was hearing a lawsuit against his company should be disqualified because he was “Mexican.”

For the Gutierrez family, the partisan divide between those who believe the new president will “make America great again” and those who consider themselves the resistance has become intimate and personal.

“I love my father so much. I’ll always love him — he’s my dad,” said Amelia Gutierrez, a ninth-grade student at Heritage High School in Brentwood. “But his views are very ignorant, and I can’t really have a conversation (with him) because he sort of just knocks my ideas down.”

Marco Gutierrez’s wife, Jennifer — whom he met in algebra class at Antioch High School — was born in the United States and has some Mexican heritage. She, too, voted for Trump.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Donald Trump, Hispanics, Immigration 
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  1. Dan Hayes says:

    School and peer indoctrination trumps parental indoctrination!

    • Agree: woodNfish
  2. This is a nice choice for a story that illustrates two sides of an issue. We can see a dialectic going on between two generations of the same family.

    It is noteworthy, and perhaps paradoxical, that the elder, who was an immigrant, opposes his own, American-born daughter’s open borders view. However, it is common for those who have succeeded and established themselves here to want to preserve what they came for and earned. My wife is an immigrant who voted for Trump too.

    The immigration debate is not so much about who comes here as it is about how many — and who should control entry. Conservative, legal immigrants like my wife and Mr. Guitierrez typically feel that only those who follow our rules of entry and are likely to assimilate should be invited, and then only in carefully-managed numbers. To do anything else is to risk overtaxing and spoiling the whole point of coming here in the first place.

    To those who say, “yes, but why should the previous immigrants be allowed to shut the doors,” I say again it is a process that needs to be managed. Far too many are coming in now for the system to absorb them: they are changing the very thing they covet.

  3. The article continues a disservice that has been the province of MSM for ages. To refer to immigrants as of one type and neglecting to add the word illegal when referring to the undocumented is a kind of spin. It is similar to referring to Trump’s new wall with out specifying that at best it would be an add on to a 500 mile wall in place, much of which can be credited to Obama.
    Also harping on Trump’s immigrant policy without referring to Obama’s major deportations also begs the question. Distorting language over time makes it useless.

    • Replies: @Gandydancer
  4. @Buzz Mohawk

    Well said Buzz. And I think Amelia is not the first sixteen year old to think her father is “ignorant”.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  5. woodNfish says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    My grandparents immigrated here as well, but that was then and this is now. We no longer need any immigrants. We have the population to do whatever we need or want to do. We should end all immigration and let those people fix the problems in their own countries that prevent them from having what we have. (Of course they’d have to be smart, white, and driven as the people who have built this country were and are.)

    • Replies: @in the middle
  6. @Buzz Mohawk

    My wife is likewise a LEGAL immigrant (who speaks fluent English and loves the USA) who enthusiastically supported Trump.

    I am the descendant of LEGAL immigrants on both sides and proudly supported Trump. I’d like to see far more “drastic” measures to curtail both illegal and legal immigration than Trump has ever mentioned.

  7. Alfa158 says:

    I can understand why a ninth grader is still too clueless to be able to figure out that if your ideas keep getting knocked down, then maybe your ideas don’t have a leg to stand on. The tragedy is all the middle age Progs with stacks of degrees who keep getting their ideas knocked down and still haven’t twigged to why that might be.
    BTW, my family respected American laws and waited on a list for ten (10 years) in the fifties before we got immigration approval and emigrated to the US. And this was supposedley in a period when European immigrants were favored. In the years before we qualified for citizenship we also had to file a report every year with our current address. You can imagine how I feel about immigrants who just come on in when they feel like it.

    • Agree: PiltdownMan
  8. @Robert Magill

    “Also harping on Trump’s immigrant policy without referring to Obama’s major deportations also begs the question.”

    Obama gutted the deportation effort, but hid this for a while by counting what had formerly been called “returns” as “removals”. Gruber was right. At least about you.

  9. Typical spoiled teenager. She thinks that her father, who has to live in the real world, who has to bear the responsibility of supporting a family, who has a lifetime of experience and wisdom, has “ignorant views”? As a public high school teacher in Northern California I can attest to the fact that the child’s beliefs are the direct result of an education system where indoctrination replaced education.

    • Replies: @Backwoods Bob
  10. The teenager leans liberal on social issues, and her middle-aged father swings conservative. She thinks he’s stubborn and behind the times. He’s tired of hearing about it during dinner. Stop the presses, right?

  11. @woodNfish

    I believe the Chinese build the rail roads, Italians the Pizzerias, and Spaniards the missions etc. If you look at them, whiteness is missing. Unless you live in areas where some people are described as ‘dark whites’, LOL, that is Fanny. Or we can describe ALL Europeans as ‘whites’, and since all those millions of new ‘europeans’ migrants, next wave of Europeans will be, well, not that white.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
    , @dcite
  12. From the article:

    “She’s an Audrey Hepburn fan who dreams of one day becoming an actress. She spends her days mimicking dance moves she sees in music videos and listens to Beyoncé, Adele and Miley Cyrus on repeat.”

    A fat, lazy, homely, entitled and brainwashed adolescent living in an alternate reality, calling her working father ignorant. Sure honey, just keep doing nothing but watching music videos and eating cheetos – that will make you a famous actress in no time.

    Her idol Hepburn was working hard in ballet at the same age and won a ballet scholarship. All this fat girl has developed is a foul mouth. Hepburn’s father was a fascist, abandoned her family, and she lived under German occupation both suffering from malnutrition and seeing Jews being shipped off to the concentration camps. There could not be two more opposite childhoods.

    Ironic too that obviously the bullying is by the school system, against anyone supporting Trump – but she calls him the bully. She’s learned the liberal left’s tactic of accusing the target of the very thing you are doing yourself.

  13. woodNfish says:
    @in the middle

    You need an ethnicity lesson. Spaniards are white Europeans as are Italians. The railroads in the US were designed by whites who also invented the steam engine. They were mostly built by whites also, but in the US west, chinese labor was brought in to help lay the tracks under the direction of whites because the US didn’t have the population needed to do it. That is no longer true. We have more than enough people to do anything we need without any more foreign labor.

    As for the muslim hoards invading Europe, they aren’t European and they don’t assimilate.

  14. Jason Liu says:

    This is as much a young vs old thing. I’d bet you could find the same disagreement in many white families. Another reason why voting age should be 30+.

  15. dcite says:
    @in the middle

    Are you nuts? The European Spanish and Italians were/are white. There is some variation in skin tone, but many Europeans were a light olive tone. It was not rare. Look at the old master paintings frm the 1500s and 1600s. Plenty of phenotypes on display if you want to know how they looked then (not much different than now). Or just go there and look at the natives.
    “Whiteness” was not “missing.” When leftists want to accuse whites of being oppressors,the Spanish get called white. If they seem victimized, they are “poc”. Hilarious.

  16. “But his views are very ignorant, and I can’t really have a conversation (with him) because he sort of just knocks my ideas down.”

    That a ninth grader says and thinks this is not at all unusual, and not news. Most adolescents in our times, especially girls, go through a phase of thinking that father is deeply wrong. What’s different now is that the culture at large and schooling lends support to the teen through whatever she views in the media, thus effectively intervening in what should be a matter of parenting and family.

    It used to happen in earlier times too, but most were schooled to think that father knew best, and would work out their feelings and understanding on their own, coming to an equilibrium inter-generational understanding without involvement of the world outside. Truly, the Sixties have changed everything.

  17. MarkinLA says:

    It was refreshing to have Sessions use the correct legal term “illegal aliens” in his speech. The leftist radio hosts were going on about the use of the word aliens using that old canard – did they come from Mars.

  18. @Philip Nolan

    I couldn’t agree more, Philip and disagree pretty strongly with those saying this kind of disagreement is normal. Looking back in history, we didn’t have children rejecting prohibitions on murder, giving false testimony, robbery, rape – all crimes.

    In the case of disagreement on one thing or another, children who said something so reprehensible about their father (in public!) were considered extremely disrespectful and discipline would have been expected. (Honor thy father and mother).

    Illegal immigration is a crime. A lot of us, especially those like my wife and I who have been through the hell of LEGAL immigration are sick to death of the liberal left incessantly conflating ILLEGAL immigration with LEGAL immigration in order to falsely claim Trump is against LEGAL immigration.

    In a school, this should be precisely the place where a logical fallacy and sophistry would be exposed. Regardless of how a teacher felt personally regarding Trump, a dishonest form of debate should never be allowed.

    But they aren’t schools. They’re indoctrination camps. Lying is just fine, calling your parents ignorant is just fine, and being fat/lazy at the same time you expect to be a famous movie star is just fine.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  19. Eagle Eye says:

    From the original article:

    But since the election, she’s become more sensitive to the realities that Trump’s policy decisions might have on her future with … the threat of funding being cut to Planned Parenthood.

    So the 15-year old young lady is already concerned about the risk of unplanned parenthood and counting on having to be bailed out by Margaret Sanger’s abortion factory (aka as the “Negro Project”) which, of course, was designed precisely to counter the procreative actions of “undesirable” or “irresponsible” groups.

  20. @WorkingClass

    This young lady is exposed to the continuous lunatic leftist rantings of her teachers , and she feels that they are more qualified to voice an opinion on any and all political issues, than her “ignorant” father.
    Fact is her teachers have, if not overtly than coverty, informed her of her father’s ” ignorance”
    as the complete detachment from parental guidance and authority has always been one of the prime goals of the Frankfurters.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US army vet and pro jazz artist.

  21. @Backwoods Bob

    ” LEGAL immigration” : The depraved leftist German media, in it’s totality, rants on and on about how DT is planing to deport “all” immigrants, they never use the expression : “Illegal”

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US army vet and pro jazz artist.

  22. MarkinLA says:

    Anybody still holding onto the notion that Obama was deporting more than any other President should read this:

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