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Arrest Rates Remain Higher Among Minorities, State Report Shows

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Arrest rates have dropped for all racial groups in California over the past decade, but African Americans are still much more likely than whites to be arrested on felony charges, the state attorney general’s office reported Friday.

In 2015, blacks were 10 times as likely as whites to be arrested on robbery charges and three to five times as likely to be arrested on charges of burglary, theft or assault, the report said. For felonies involving narcotics, black men were six times as likely as white men to be arrested, and black women were 2.9 times as likely as white women.

The disparity was even larger for charges of prostitution, in which black women were 20 times as likely to be arrested as white women.

The differences were much less for Latinos, who were about twice as likely as non-Latino whites to be arrested for robbery and were arrested at about the same rate as whites for narcotics. The report also noted that the racial gap was much larger a decade ago, when African Americans in California were about 17 times as likely as whites to be arrested on narcotics charges.

The report, part of a year-old project by the state attorney general’s office to study arrest records statewide, comes at a time of national controversy and protests over racial issues in law enforcement and police killings of black men.

The data show “pervasive inequalities in our criminal justice system,” Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a statement accompanying the report. “We must continue the national dialogue about criminal justice reform and promote the American idea that we are all equal under the law.”

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11 Comments to "Arrest Rates Remain Higher Among Minorities, State Report Shows"

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  1. Pity – the Blacks beat the persecuted Whites here too.

    Kamala Devi Harris, a Democrat, is running for California Senate seat. According to the ‘Jew York Times’ (May 25, 2016), if she wins in November, she will be the second BLACK senator in California state.

    For JYT, Barack Obama is BLACK even though his mother is White. Kamala Harris is BLACK even though her mother is a Hindu from India.

    No wonder JYT says Hillary Clinton is kosher …..

    Why is this disparity in crime charges? Because FBI, and police officers from all major cities are trained by Israelis in Israel or in America – with all expenses paid by ADL, and other Jewish groups.

    In 2014, ex-Israeli soldier Eran Efrati, explained how Israel Occupation Force (IOF) have militarized foreign law enforcement agencies in countries like the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, India, etc. “Israeli soldiers are intensely trained for a war, whilst their actual military duties are to subdue and control Palestinians,” he said. Watch video below.

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  2. I think we can all agree that the obvious cause of these disparities is racism and the obvious solution is to stop arresting black people. Gosh, what a wonderful world that would be if they were freed from the oppressive yoke of white prejudice and could just give in to their hunter-gatherer impulses. They would at least be fully themselves and no matter the cost, it would be worth it to see them so happy.

  3. Two possible solutions:

    1. Arrest more whites. Since whites are a larger group than blacks its going to take a commensurate increase in white criminality. I suppose one could surmise that crime levels are already that high but that racist cops are just ‘don’ worry ’bout it’ with the white criminals. But the Nat’l Crime Victimization study doesn’t back up that assertion. I was going to say we could start arresting whites for minor offenses but then that wouldn’t help when comparing racial percentages for ‘specific’ crimes like rape, etc.

    2. Arrest fewer blacks. Well, then this is the answer they want, isn’t it? This is really their problem with law enforcement. Black people want white people to stop arresting them for committing crimes, or at least cut it back a great deal. The left and the black community is convinced that this will bring greater harmony to the streets.

    There’s gotta be a good way for me to make money off of idiots like that.

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  4. The data show “pervasive inequalities in our criminal justice system,” Attorney General Kamala Harris said in a statement accompanying the report. “We must continue the national dialogue about criminal justice reform and promote the American idea that we are all equal under the law.”

    The ideal solution is to pro-actively relocate all democrats and neocons to a federal prison.

    Imprisonment is the next best equalizer to death.

    Benefits of pre-imprisonment of democrats and neocons would be significantly less crime, less war, less rioting, no political correctness, end of national socialism, and the economy would improve drastically.

    Federal prisons are an ideal existence for a democrat and a neocon, because everything they cherish is free in a prison.



    Free food
    Free clean water and showers
    Free shelter
    Free medical
    Free dental
    Free washed clothes and free shoes
    Free toiletries
    Free Public Transportation
    Free Birth Control
    Free transsexual operations
    Free 24 hour security
    Free TV
    Free no-qualification jobs
    Free education
    Lots of anal and oral sodomy
    Lots of left wing friends
    Armed guards and Disarmed civilians
    Hate and triggering speech is officially suppressed
    Free Athletic Equipment Access
    Cultural and ethnic diversity
    Pay no Taxes
    Freedom from Religion
    Solitary Safe Spaces
    Free Books and magazines
    Free Mental Health counseling and therapies
    Free drugs and therapies

  5. Reducing the threshold for criminality is what California has done to lower the black crime rate. The threshold for felony theft was raised to $950 so the lout who snatches your purse or cell phone only committed a misdemeanor unless it was a Louis Vuitton bag. If you are a police chief or D.A. in California it would also behoove you to stay away from felony battery charges if the victim is not permanently injured by the attack.

  6. says:
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    Having a double passport and the resources to leave this “country” at will, I dare say elements of amusement may not be lacking in how things evolve.

    Remember “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”?

    At certain junctures along history, a people begins to feel love for enslavement.

  7. I wonder why they didn’t discuss Asians. Surely those evil racist whites are arresting Asians at disproportionate rates as well.

  8. While this is interesting, I went to see the data file for more details, and the “summary file” is a 2.36GB CSV, which is larger than my version of Excel can handle.

    Is there someone better with database software and skills who can provide a real summary of the data?

  9. “pervasive inequalities in our criminal justice system,”

    WTF? I’m not sure what that means? Does that mean cops are really busting 10x more whites for crimes than the numbers show but doing the secret handshake, the wink and nod, and letting them ago but arresting POC for every single thing?

    Or are POC really just innocent and the cops bust them for no reason what so ever and then just make up a crime?

    It certainly can NOT mean that POC are just doing more crimes……that simply can not be true.

  10. How about ending the War on Drugs? Then you would cut crime rate without endangering whites .

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