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Absorbing the Impossible

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I sat watching in astonishment. The one who couldn’t bear to show up to concede was not, as expected, Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton.

I thought the hard-core support for Trump had dwindled down to a hardy band of loyalists: Rudy, Newt, Chris, Sarah, Kellyanne, Omarosa, the kids, Melania — the woman who told him “If you run, you’ll win” — Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Matt Drudge, Ann Coulter, Jeff Sessions, Corey Lewandowski, Steve Bannon, Hope Hicks, David Bossie, Alex Jones, Bill Mitchell, Mike Pence and my brother, Kevin.

The Republican establishment couldn’t stand Trump. The Democratic establishment mocked him. The Republican nominee didn’t even really seem to have much of a campaign. He spent more on “Make America Great” hats than on polling. When I visited his campaign headquarters this summer, there were more pictures, paintings and cardboard cutouts of Trump around than Trump advisers. If you don’t count Newt Gingrich — and I don’t — only one major political historian, Allan Lichtman, had predicted that Trump would win.

But then the impossible happened. As Salena Zito had presciently written in The Atlantic: “The press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

When the Apocalypse came at midnight and the TV analysts — even on Fox — were scrambling to reverse their analyses and justify their bad polling data; and the stock exchanges had to temporarily halt the futures market because it was falling too fast, and the world was spinning off its axis, I called my conservative brother to see what the heck was going on.

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  1. The Dilbert cartoonist, Scott Adams, has been predicting a Trump victory for over a year now…..with no hedging. He is also a professional hypnotist and has explained in detail the various methods of persuasion being employed by Der Trumpster. Many forget Trump is a master showman with 14 years of TV experience….so he has a very deep insight into the psyche of the american public. There is probably no one else in America brash and smart enough to take on both parties, the vile KM (kosher media), the immigration lobby, the PC police, etc and triumph over all of them. And do not overlook the sexual aspect of Trump….how many voters have been banging their 200 pound wives while fantasizing about Melania and Ivanka?

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  2. Bottom line: Trump is smart. Very, VERY smart.

  3. Except for the author’s apparent belief that Sanders and Warren are anti-establishment, an excellent article on the reasons for Trump’s win, here:

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  4. These people – the ‘élite’, as the powerful and their minstrels self-name – display some truths about what is seen as mental illness.

    That madness is a relative concept based on the straying from relative truths/beliefs.

    What is folly to the ‘élite’ is reality to the masses; and the reverse is true too.

    We remember Krugman praising diversity and telling us its beauty recounting his walk in a park near his residence.

    One can’t believe they could be speaking sincerely, and most probably they aren’t always and they aren’t early in their career.
    But later, after they have spent enough time in their bubble interacting with people from the same bubble only…

    There is nothing humans can not believe when they need to, Jim Powell, The Breaking of Eggs

    They are part of the winning team. At this point, the way to minimize mental stress is to really believe what they have to say, write, and ever have to show their belief in.

    It’s up to us, the others, to capsize their bubble.
    Demographics, and a stop to unhelpful immigration, are the first order of business.

    But how to straight those issues while accepting a completely false narrative on race (that, in order to protect their lies, they have made simply impossible to mention)?

    Absorbing the impossible, including the impossibly self-centered, the impossibly haughty and the impossibly biased. That is to read the NYT and the other MSM.

    As for Krugman’s America we don’t know does he know the secret area in the NYT’s building?
    I guess if he wants to tell his readers about the America they don’t know that’s where he should start from.

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  5. This is a quote from an article by Patrick Caddell:

    “Despite everything we are told day and night – that the political battle in America is between Democrats and Republicans – two thirds of the American people believe that the battle lines are drawn between mainstream America and its ruling Political Class….This is something the political class and mainstream media refuse to recognize much less acknowledge.”  

    The media totally missed what’s going on across the country. The majority does not want 4 more years of Obama’s policies.

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  6. Yes, among detached pundits like Irishwoman Dowd, this passes as passes as wry insight

    A wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not know that a gaggle of white Republican men afraid of extinction are out to trip her up.

    After all, these guys have never needed to speak inspirational words to others like them, as Sotomayor has done. They’ve had codes, handshakes and clubs to do that.

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  7. If I wanted to read the ravings of a cunt, I’d go read Maureen Doud at NYTimes..oh, wait? Huh? She’s HERE now?

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  8. The one who couldn’t bear to show up to concede was not, as expected, Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton.

    And the ones not willing to accept the election results weren’t those on the right, but those on the left.

    the stock exchanges had to temporarily halt the futures market because it was falling too fast

    then hit record highs

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  9. It’s a re-run of this in re Nixon v McGovern

    The clearest example of the bizarrely naive quality of hermetic liberal provincialism was attributed to the New Yorker film critic Pauline Kael almost 40 years ago, and has been discussed in right-wing circles ever since. It went something like this: “I can’t believe Nixon won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him.”

  10. This silly girl Dowd believes that Trump is “head of the offensive birther movement”. How could she have missed the birth of the birthers in Hillary’s primary campaign eight years ago? Twerp.

  11. This article is written by the delusional Dowd who actually believes the echo chamber’s propaganda. No more proof she is an idiot and a tool is needed.

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  12. Your link is just more delusional leftist pap. Parry is a tool, and you need better reading material.

  13. Dowd still pushing the party line (lies).
    Wrong on every point…..except Hillary’s criminality.

  14. Even this article makes it sound like ALL previous POTUS went in with global diplomacy expertise.
    Peanut farmer, actor, community organizer…..

  15. She can’t say “I was wr….wrrrrr…wrooo….”

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  16. There’s no need for that kind of language at Mr. Unz is gracious enough to put up with loutish comments, but there’s no need for foul language.

    Enjoy the victory and be gracious, that’s the sign of a true winner. Real winners don’t gloat, unless you want to be like the ones you detest.

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  17. You are absolutely right……it was wrong to call the dried up old crone a “cunt”. The word “cunt” implies an operating female sex organ still responding to manipulation by exuding mucous lube and dropping eggs through the fallopian tubes down into the uterus, ready to be fertilized…..this process indicating fecundity allowing the life support system supporting the “cunt” to get away with lots of dubious behavior with respect to males. The old crone hasn’t dropped any eggs or generated any natural lube in at least thirty years i.e. no possibility of being a “cunt”.

  18. What on earth is someone like Maureen Dowd good for? That’s really the point of this election! The average plumber provides far more to the nation than this self-important windbag ever has or ever will. Go to hell, Maureen, maybe you provide a service there!

  19. I’m just so happy. I can’t predict if Trump will be able to make any changes or not. The big obstacle is the federal courts and the fabulously wealthy liberal legal foundations.

    Every time a bill is passed that liberals don’t like a lawsuit is filed the next day and within a week some %^*(#$%^&**** obscenity of a federal judge has issued an injunction against it. The injunction prevents the law from being implemented. And in a year or so the law is overturned. Examples are the California laws against giving welfare to illegals and forbidding gay marriage. They were quickly overturned by federal judges and injunctions were issued within days of filing.

    But Trump’s election has been such a slap in the face to the liberals who hate me and mine because we are White hetero goyim I’m just in a state of euphoria. There is a song: “Oh Happy Day” That’s my song.

  20. The one who couldn’t bear to show up to concede was not, as expected, Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton.

    Not only is The Narrative wrong, it’s so wrong the opposite is true.

  21. Give the devil her due; may be she is not a complete idiot if she is willing to reconsider things when her own family confronts her with some reality. Dowd at least is open-minded enough to talk to her brother, who’s entire family voted for Trump. And looks like she allowed his insight into her column without any real criticism. For a NYT columnist to get this published is remarkable; there really is a white working and middle class that’s tired of all the BS and nonsense they’ve been selling. And they’ve been selling it pretty without a second thought much less any reflection since the day Reagan flew home. Because every other NYT columnist and bunch in the GOPe places like NR and WS are completely comfortable badmouthing Trump voters as racist and worse rather than even discuss their beliefs(spare the loons like Kevin Williamson who believe ‘free trade” requires daily economic suicide). David Brooks, Jonah Goldberg and George Will don’t have a middle class Irish-American brother in suburbia.At least here Dowd acts like an old time reporter who will rethink things like this. when so confronted

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  22. I’ve read enough of her BS over the years to know she is an idiot and worse. Her and the rest of the Left deserve nothing but derision.

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  23. says:
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    I’d also been predicting a Trump win, barring cheating/rigging from the left. He was clearly much more popular than Hillary, and I expected that most of the ‘Undecideds’ were Trump supporters who couldn’t publicly voice it due to extreme demonizing of Trump and his supporters from the left.

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  24. I won’t here provide the footnotes and references, but the election was lost by the Establishment because white people voted for Trump and against handouts to minorities.

    The other major factor in Hillary’s loss was, no one felt enthusiastic about her. Trump got fewer votes, total, than the Republican nominees in the last two Presidential elections, but Clinton votes, while more than Trump’s, were far short of the Democratic votes in 2008 and 2012. Voters were supposed to vote for her based solely on the fact that she wasn’t Trump.

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  25. My very Oakland ghetto raised Chinese-Vietnamese-American co-worker picks up her 5 year old cousin from the school across the street from our workplace every day. She brings him in and he hangs out til her shift is over. He loves to hang out in my cubicle under my left armpit. I have a vicious cold and did not want him to catch it but on Election Day he overcame my efforts to keep him away from me, complaining that he couldn’t get into his favorite spot and when I told him I did not want him to get sick, he said, “But you’re not coughing and I am already sick!”

    He follows me around like a puppy, which is very flattering. I work at a polling place and can see the voters right outside my window. , The 5 year old noticed the flow of voters and asked me what they were doing.

    “They are voting”, I answered.
    “For what?” he asked.
    “For President”, I replied.
    “Oh, he said, I voted at my school today. I voted for Donald Trump.”
    “Why, I asked, is it because he’s a boy?”
    “Yeah, he said, all the boys voted for Donald Trump”.

    Last week he looked at the pic I have pinned up of George Washington and asked me if it was he.

    “Yes”, I told him.

    “He was our very firstest President”, he told me.

  26. The American elites, like their Soviet counterparts, apparently really believe their own bullshit.

  27. ” but the election was lost by the Establishment because white people voted for Trump and against handouts to minorities.”

    That is nonsense. The handouts in the main go to the one percent–a trillion here, a trillion there.

    Trump seemed to be anti-war, at least against war with Russia. And seventy percent of the electorate since the second Bush midterm, as polls have shown, have been antiwar. Moreover, Trump forecefully attacked Bush the Younger and the war in Iraq.

    That was Trump’s Obama card.

    In the Rust Belt Trump played the Bill Clinton card–”It’s the economy, stupid,” while Hillary Clinton played up to Wall Street and against Sanders.

    No doubt Trump got a lot of “white” votes from racists and supremacists, English only groups, and anti-immigration people, especially those who are anti-illegal immigration or against Mexicans in general.

    Put all those together and he would not have won.

    Interestingly enough the Democrats and Progressives share the same myth with the racially or ethnically motivated voters for Trump, making that small minority seem much larger than it is.

    Which only proves what easily manipulated tools they are.

    Sowing such dissension between races and ethicities has been part of the Capitalist puppeteer armory for nearly a century.

    It’s very profitable as well–there’s always a plentiful supply of scabs, black, white, immigrants, etc. to move in and keep wages low when the workers or unions get a bit uppity.

  28. What I find most interesting about her ululations is that she thinks that if something were important, or developing, or valued among the electorate, she would know about it.

    Being one of those New York Timesy inner circle people and all. Coz after all, they know EVERYTHING! Often even before it happens!

  29. Well, the United States of P. T. Barnum finally got another P.T. Barnum, this time for president.

    That is not to underestimate or disparage Trump in any way–though it speaks volumes about the childishness and imbecility of the electorate.

    How will it work out? Still too early to tell. But one thing is sure, the Super-Recession which began in 2008 under Bush and continues through Obama to the present, is not going to be cured in anything less than ten years more and only by making exactly the right moves and in the right sequence–none which either Bush or Obama made.

    Does Trump have any idea what those moves might be, as opposed to what the Wall Streeters say they are, which includes pushing a virtual recovery instead of a real one and pushing for war and a two class state, themselves and the rest?

    One has no idea but one will see soon enough.

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  30. Her and the rest of the Left deserve nothing but derision.

    To get nothing but derision leads to hostility, a kind of hostility that is unconditional.

    The rest of the Left is half the voters, which have been increasingly coming to the right side. They would continue coming – if the Right applies derision selectively.

    (* That’s the only possible response to a loss of minimum of respect.
    Think Warsaw Jews 1944. )

    I’ve read enough of her BS over the years to know she is an idiot and worse.

    Everyone here is aware of her role. Posting insults at her here is so banal and so impotent, it is a reenactment of the Orwellian Two Minutes Hate.

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  31. Perhaps she should start with “I was not completely correct.”

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  32. Guess What? You still don’t have to read her. Take advantage of your own free will and don’t open the article. Quit acting lIke a progressive.

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  33. Hey Mike — Thanks for the heads-up on the Caddell article, but please post the link.

    Here’s something Caddell wrote four days ago that might be what you’re referring to (I didn’t re-read it):

  34. Look at the protestors, almost all white kids. What should our attitude be to them? You tell me.

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  35. Remember 1968.
    We were the future then.
    They are the future now.
    Read it and weep, just as my grandparents did in 1968.
    If memory serves, the things that agitated us in 1968 are the things that
    agitate them now.
    If you cannot remember 1968 due to lack of age or surfeit of same;
    enjoy the reruns.

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  36. 1968 at least a few good causes like a anti-Vietnam War. These kids want war with the other nuclear powers of the world (which is hilarious consider their physical and mental frailty).

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  37. I was there in 68 –as an observer. They marched against war then. Now they’re oblivious to war. Now the pantomime continues but they struggle to identify an issue.

    Their issue seems to be representative democracy if the outcome doesn’t suite them. Probably view it as a microagression.

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  38. Guess you musta slept through it, Mo, but turns out that complete economic free-fall and subsequent Collapse of Everything Everywhere were over lickety-split.

    As Armageddons go, if y’ blinked – y’ missed it.

  39. Two words: Kent. State.

  40. If anything they’d support war (thought they wouldn’t want to do the actual fighting) for instance to spread LGBTQA-Z in Russia or something, but not in Sudan, since it would be problematic and intersectional to colonially interfere with PoC culture.

  41. Or like in “Mega Mind”.
    You were right, and I was………less right.

  42. Voters were supposed to vote for her based solely on the fact that she wasn’t Trump.

    Voters were also advised to vote for Hillary because she has a vagina, is an effective and oppressed progressive, and that Trump supporters are racist-Nazi-white supremacist-white trash-ignorant-white privileged-inbred-Klan.

    Despite Trump’s victory, the US and Israel are still extremely solid diversity ideology hegemons.

  43. Enjoy the victory and be gracious, that’s the sign of a true winner. Real winners don’t gloat, unless you want to be like the ones you detest.

    Hey bacon, why don’t you put an egg in your shoe and beat it?

  44. Then as now…

    “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful”.

    - Seneca

  45. And it’s been pointed out that Clinton voters (who surely must have known that, were she elected, Hillary would very probably start a war with Russia) are overwhelmingly concentrated in the biggest cities – which of course would be the first to be utterly annihilated by incoming ICBMs.

    Having thought it over carefully, my best guess is that they have become so detached from reality that they honestly think a war with Russia could be fought and won. Or is it some kind of repressed Freudian death wish?

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  46. Maureen might want to take some time off and go live in fly over country. Her brother, Kevin, could write her columns since he seems to have a better understanding of what is going on in America politically.

    Nobel laureate Bob Dylan wrote ‘Something is happening but you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Jones’ but he could sing the tune today and insert ‘Karl Rove’ for Mr. Jones and it would be up to date.

    If the Supreme Court would uphold the 3/5 clause in our Constitution most elections would look like the 2016 edition. The Democrats are a permanent minority party without their slave auxiliary vote and its beginning to look like a sizable portion of the ‘slave vote’ are opening their eyes and realizing 80 years of voting Democrat has gotten them nowhere. That the KKK no longer exists save in their imaginations and white racism does not lie behind black failure or getting shot to death by police. Trump, like most Americans, want blacks to do well. Only the Democrats are content to see them as economic and social cripples.

  47. ” finally got another PT Barnum, this time for president”.

    OK so you would have rather seen HC win, as there were only two choices, which reveals your blatent stupidity and low IQ, so now what.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member since 1973, and pro jazz artist.

  48. What are you, a traffic cop? Or the milk-line monitor? When you tell others what to say or not to say or even TO say you become the progressive. I said what most thought. Someone has to. Did that trigger your precious sensibilities?

    Just askin’.

  49. He was clearly much more popular than Hillary

    I think everyone’s vastly underestimating Hillary’s extreme unlikability. She’s been hinking Americans out with her creepy Lady Macbeth vibes for a quarter-century now, remember.

    Most of the ‘Undecideds’ were Trump supporters who couldn’t publicly voice it due to extreme demonizing of Trump and his supporters from the left.

    Bingo. Also, incidentally, the #1 reason the winner of this election was not just the right guy but the good guy. A political party, in unholy partnership with the vast media leviathan just as unholy, created a climate where law-abiding citizens of the United States of America had eminent reasons to fear opening their mouths to voice their honest preference in a national election. If you still aren’t sure who the villains are in the scenario just described, then we have at last reached Peak Moral Relativity.

  50. {… honestly think a war with Russia could be fought and won.}

    I don’t think it’s just those who voted for Clinton.
    Americans have no national collective memory of war, because there has been no devastating war on continental US since the Civil War.
    Europeans and Russians do.

    Except for those who went and fought in some distant lands, war for most Americans is an abstraction. And the general view is that US military is omnipotent and US has won every war since its founding. E.g. the explanation that US military actually won in Viet Nam, but was hamstrung by politicians is very plausible and comforting to your average voter. Let’s remember that at both Republican and Democratic conventions attendees went wild when there were promises to “go looking for dragons to slay.”

    It is very hard for most people to imagine something they have not experienced. I am guessing most Americans think a war with Russia will be “over there”, and nothing will happen here, like all wars US has fought.

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  51. Well, I’ve never experienced a thermonuclear war, but I can vividly imagine what it would be like. For a very short while.

    • Replies:
  52. Having thought it over carefully, my best guess is that they have become so detached from reality that they honestly think a war with Russia could be fought and won.

    I think there are people who are dumb enough to think that a war with Russia won’t go nuclear. However, from what I have read, every computer simulation of a major land war with Russia goes nuclear surprisingly fast, and it makes sense. At some point a major army or naval force is going to be either forced to surrender or use tactical nukes to get itself out of trouble. Once that happens, the caps for the strategic nukes will be taken off. Nobody is willing to lose maybe 500,000 men without doing something.

    • Replies:
  53. {but I can vividly imagine what it would be like.}

    Same here.
    But your average Joe Blow can’t.
    And most Americans – most, not all – do not have the ability and/or the inclination to vividly imagine.
    People like you are in the minority.

  54. I suppose quite a few older Americans still have memory of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which would be the point that you’d eventually get to in a War with Russia. That’s still possible in a Trump administration, if for no other reason than Turkey’s longstanding pro-Western deep state being systematically purged while Erdogan seems to have little inhibition with regard to military adventurism – shooting at Russian jets in Syrian airspace.

    I’d ask any liberal what the value of NATO is insofar as an autocratic Islamist seems to want to give Russia a casus belli by his aggression – I for one don’t want to die in a nuclear Holocaust because some nutty Islamist Turk went and started a fight he couldn’t finish for no good reason.

    The Millennials only know Putin as some bogeyman the Democrat-friendly media created for short term political use in the Presidential election, and as someone who won’t let Pussy Riot bring open degeneracy to Russia. They’d likely beat the war drums (not thinking that they’d have to fight, which is for those deplorables) because hating Putin is now a given part of Democratic party allegiance.

  55. says:
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    ¡Hemos pasado!

    ¡No pasarán!, decían los marxistas.
    ¡No pasarán!, gritaban por las calles.
    ¡No pasarán!, se oía a todas horas
    por plazas y plazuelas con voces miserables.
    ¡No pasarán!

    ¡No pasarán!, la burla cruel y el reto.
    ¡No pasarán!, pasquín de las paredes.
    ¡No pasarán!, gritaban por el micro,
    chillaban en la prensa y en todos los papeles.
    ¡No pasarán!

    ¡Ya hemos pasao!, decimos los facciosos.
    ¡Ya hemos pasao!, gritamos los rebeldes.
    ¡Ya hemos pasao!, y estamos en el Prado,
    mirando frente a frente a la señá Cibeles.
    ¡Ya hemos pasao!

    ¡Ya hemos pasao!, y estamos en las Cavas.
    ¡Ya hemos pasao!, con alma y corazón.
    ¡Ya hemos pasao!, y estamos esperando
    pa ver caer la bola de la Gobernación.
    ¡Ya hemos pasao!

    I’ve been waiting for a good time to use this …

    • Replies:
  56. “…war for most Americans is an abstraction. And the general view is that US military is omnipotent…”

    In fact, just like British (Imperial) volunteer troops arriving at the Somme and expecting a replay of the Boer war.

  57. I’ve been waiting for a good time to use this …

    Just a moment please – that was a Civil War. We haven’t got that far yet.

  58. Right now, because Trump won, it is a Mexican standoff, but triangular rather than dual. The US attempts to intervene in Syria are based on the insight that it is strategically impossible for the US, the Israelis, the Saudis, et al. to attack Iran without a Syria under their control or in chaos.

    Now note well–Trump sees no purpose in the US being in Syria but apparently he has seconded the Israeli, Saudi, etc. desire to attack Iran.

    Meanwhile the Israelis, who have openly admitted supporting ISIS, have just declared that they will tolerate no Iran presence in Syria.

    Also note how careful the Russians have been in congratualting Trump and expressing their interest in a new US and RF relationship. Obviously they are relieved, rightly, that Clinton is not in. But do you really think they trust Trump?

    The whole pivot is Iran again and what the Russians may or may not do if Iran is attacked by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.

    Trump’s experience is with real estate and he prides himself on being a deal maker. You don’t suppose he thinks he can offer a free hand to the RF in Syria in exchange for a free hand with Iran, do you?

    If Trump thinks he is playing monopoly in the Middle East with Russia involved, even just in regard to Iran, and that it is all about Park Place and Marvin Gardens, he has some surprises coming and the US, Deep State and Shallow State as well.

    • Replies:
  59. I think even Trump knows that Iran is a potential bigger mess than Iraq. Israel and Saudi Arabia can do nothing to Iran without us. One can never say never but even Obama kept putting Adolph Netanyahu off. I hope he stays out.

  60. I guess Ms. Dowd failed to listen to any of Donald Trump’s speeches. The arrogance and stupidity of these so-called journalists never ceases to amaze me.

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