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A Cure for Trumpism
The case for a conservative politics that stresses the national interest abroad and national solidarity at home.

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When Donald Trump accepts the Republican nomination on Thursday in Cleveland, it will represent a stunning moment in American politics — the triumph of a raw populism, embodied by a shameless demagogue, over both the official establishment and the official ideology of a major political party.

We didn’t see Trump’s apotheosis coming. But in our 2008 book, “Grand New Party,” we pointed out that despite its “party of the rich” reputation, the Republican Party increasingly depended on mostly white working-class support, even as its policy agenda was increasingly unresponsive to working-class voters’ problems and concerns.

Now Trump has brought this tension fully into the open and ruthlessly exploited it. His primary-season base was more working class and less religious and libertarian than is usual for Republican nominees, and his campaign trafficked in overtly populist rather than ideologically conservative appeals: protectionist talk on trade and immigration, an “America First” foreign policy vision, a promise to protect Social Security and Medicare and an unsubtle emphasis on white identity and white nostalgia.

Of course Trumpism is also a celebrity-driven cult of personality, forged by its leader’s unique reality-television appeal. This has made it relatively easy for the Republican Party’s leaders to hope that his campaign is sui generis, that when he loses in November (as most of them still expect) there won’t be a coherent Trumpism after Trump.

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26 Comments to "A Cure for Trumpism"

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  1. I vomit at the dripping liberal schmaltz of this article. Douche-Hat cannot understand the legitimate philosophical basis of Trump’s appeal, so he chalks it up to raw, naked populism ruthlessly exploited by a veteran showman—the old unwashed-masses clamoring-for-their-Barabbas canard. This seems to be the line adopted by most Movement Conservatives ever since it became clear that Trump wasn’t imploding and wasn’t going away. They claim that Trump’s message is devoid of content. To this it needs to be answered that Trump is more or less living out a platform that has had plenty of intellectual heavyweights championing it for decades. Pat Buchanan, Sam Francis, Lawrence Auster—the entire smorgasbord of alt-right source material—are treated as though they never existed, as though they themselves weren’t standing firmly in a tradition that included the leading luminaries of past centuries, informed and justified by revealed religion and natural law. In response to the verdict of millennia, Douche-Hat & Co. can only produce this grating and kooky nonsense that future generation are sure to find as insipid as I do. I thank God for the fact that the Trump revolution is revealing them for the castrated irrelevancies that they are.

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  2. Trump chose a bible thumper (who doesn’t believe in cave men) for his running mate. You would think the Dautard would give him credit.

  3. One guffaws.

    Only two thoughts beyond that.

    1. If they’d been pushing this agenda for the past 15 years, maybe. They pushed the opposite on all particulars. Too late to back out now.

    2. Douthat and Salam are at pains to concede that such a nationalist politics is exclusive in one sense- it presumes the existence of an American national community and places its interests ahead of those of humanity. Well duh.

  4. Idiots. Trump is succeeding and I hope will be our next President precisely because he has articulated the very real concerns of a large majority of Americans and proposed reasonable policies for resolving them. The collective response of the elites has been the equivalent of sticking beans in their ears and screaming na-na-na as loudly as they can.

    The elites’ analyses of Trump’s appeal are travesties of the reality. Their arguments against his analyses and policies are mostly non-existent. Upon close examination they fray into calumny or appeals to some strange morality that is never fully explicated.

    Just for one example, Trump’s ideas for a border fence on the USA’s southern border are constantly attacked as impossible or immoral but without any analyses. That such diverse countries as Israel, Hungary, and Kenya(!!!) have successfully used such borders is utterly ignored. Trump supporters have provided reasonable plans for building such a wall including the likely costs and benefits. Reasonable analyses suggest that such a wall could be readily built using Israeli technology. It could easily be financed by a ten percent tax on Mexican immigrants’ remittances to Mexico. Even estimated reductions in the projected welfare payments to illegals and their descendants may be enough to pay for such a wall.

    The ultimate emptiness of the elites’ policies is shown by the comment policies on all their major outlets. Pains are taken to ensure that no one is allowed to punch holes through their vaporous balthering. I’d post this to the NYT but their editorial board is literally afraid to hear or spread it.

    Of course, the elites’ anti-rational and borderline insane response to Trump is not really irrational. They and their clients in the political class, the MSM, and academia are desperately protecting their self-interest. They’ll come out just fine in the open-borders, globalist economy which they envision. That this will destroy the lives of the vast majority of their fellow citizens and the lives of those citizens descendants and drive a stake through the heart of what little is left of our constitutional republic is of no real concern to them.

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  5. It’s getting harder and harder not to stumble into the NYT, WaPo, or the countless other suchlikes.

    As to the NYT specifically, it was a piece by Roger Cohen where he mourned for humans lacking drive to freedom as proved by their acceptance of Putin to convince me it had to be the last one.
    I mean, Mr. Cohen, is Putin’s tyranny what first comes to your mind as an example of people being disinclined towards truth, freedom, self-respect? Really?

    Don’t you think they’d start commanding respect to the little yett jumpy WaPo crew sputtering racism overtly? The people who’d demand respect and fairness, I mean.

    I didn’t read the piece, jumping to the comments section.

    I guess I can see the reasons for the choice to publish this thing here, and agree with them.
    This time I only blame my stomach, and its limited resilience.

  6. Part of the reason is that all Americans live under the same government, and if its policies fail the most vulnerable among us, its very legitimacy is in question.

    No, boys, you don’t have that quite right. Try it this way: Part of the reason is that all subjects of the US Empire live under the same regime, and since our supervisors break their own “laws” and can no longer be bothered to make even a weak effort to hide their doing so, its very legitimacy is such a bad joke that even the brain-dead begin to notice.

    Another part, however, is that as Americans we are — or ought to be — linked by bonds of affection and a sense of shared fate.

    Can anyone give me a reason why “Americans” are — or ought to be — linked by bonds of affection and a sense of shared fate? What’s an “American,” anyway — anyone who lives in either North or South America? Don’t know about you, but I have a lot more in common with pretty much any (white) European than with a Brazilian. Or a Mexican, for that matter. Is it a matter of geography? I live in northeast Indiana. Plenty of Canadians live much closer to me than do Californians, Arizonans, Floridians, et infinite cetera. And I think I probably have more in common with those Canadians, too. “Bonds of affection?” What are we talking about here, family? (Actually, yes, and sorry — you guys aren’t my kin.) “Shared fate?” How much of my fate is shared with, say, the millionaires living in the DC area? Don’t make me laugh.

    Truth is, even the white part of the United States is way-the-hell too big to be, organically, a country … to say nothing of the brown and black parts. Twenty-five years ago, it suddenly became obvious that the sprawling Union of Soviet Socialist Republics wasn’t a “country” — it was remarkably-diverse prison whose peoples didn’t care for their status as inmates. Similarly, we’re seeing today that the “European Union” is a doomed attempt to glue together groups of people who don’t like being glued together. It’s time and way past time for the US Empire to also break up into workable chunks.

  7. By the way, I had just enough morbid curiosity about the decomposing corpse of the late, unlamented National Review to look up the Wikipedia article on Reihan Salam. I had a little bet with myself that his middle name would turn out to be “Hussein.” I lost. It’s “Morshed.” Heh!

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  8. Mickey Kaus argued about this column with Reihan on Twitter on Sunday. I could only read Kaus’s tweets, because Reihan has blocked me, but Kaus’s point was essentially that the quickest and best odds of enacting Trumpism was to vote for Trump, and that Ross and Reihan hadn’t made a convincing case for why voters shouldn’t do so.

  9. Criticism of Trump reduces to the fact that his plans run counter to Jewish ethnic and Jewish ethnomythological interests, which include the utter destruction of the West and its people– through immigration, through multiculturalism, through endless wars fought for Greatest Ally, through the complex fantasy financial system Jews have graciously provided for us.

  10. The way I see it you can only suppress nationalism for so long. If Trump loses, and “Trumpism” goes, it would be replaced by full blown, in-your-face nationalism. Not necessarily a bad thing, although potentially ruinous given the immature state of white nationalism.

  11. Trump is succeeding and I hope will be our next President precisely because he has articulated the very real concerns of a large majority of Americans and proposed reasonable policies for resolving them.

    They can’t admit the truth. If we are lucky Trump’s election as President will be such a shock for them, they will all die of heart attacks. (Hey, we all have to have our little fantasies!)

  12. Why in heaven’s name should any American ever listen to anything a Muslim escapee from Bangladesh has to say about “America”?

    My basic rule: if you can’t even tell by their name whether they are male or female (or even a human as opposed to a Web app) don’t listen to them

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  13. If the establishment thinks this stuff is going to fade as whites – the glue that holds this mess together, and the only adult in the room – fade as a percentage of the population, they have things precisely backwards.

    If they’re lucky they’ll preside over a shriveling of the welfare state and big gov’t, to a condition much like that in Mexico, with a small upper class living in gated communities, and a large lower class fending for itself.

    If they’re not, hello Yugoslavia.

  14. Oh, and once the state shrivels away, hello non-state competitors (FARC, drug cartels, whatever).

  15. Keep pretending that Trump is a demagogue whipping up the unwashed masses. He is representing what about half of the voters think. We have legitimate grievances that the Left obliterates with its “the opposition if evil” rhetoric.

    This country isn’t working for the majority who happen to be majority white. The economy has been fried by Central Banks’ serial bubble blowing. Free trade has nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with impoverishing the developed nations’ working classes. These issues hide behind the rise of acceptable racism against whites, and the erasing of borders by claiming everyone, everywhere is entitled to that which formerly belonged to those who had earned it through generations of hard work.

    We aren’t going away. Look at Germany, France, Britain or here. We have only begun to fight through the liberal stonewall that the ONLY people on this planet not entitled to a self interest, a community, or nativity are whites.

  16. Trump’s intentions are known only to Trump. Anyone claiming to know them – don’t. If Trump would sign a contract agreeing to remove the walking dead unelected government terrorists, like so-sorry-soros (small case intended) mentioned in link below, along with the rest of the mafia of vampires that are well known by now, I would vote for him regardless of the statements that almost made me barf. It would have to be iron-clad and the penalty for not fulfilling his obligations would be high, like trillions. I just throw that out there, I have no clue how much he’s hoarded. Judge Jeannie could write it. Maybe she should be VP. Maybe we should just hire-her.

    Maybe we should also add: globalizing their funds, which were obtained criminally, and use them to rebuild the countries they destroyed along with reparations for damage caused in coups and other crimes against humanity. And: establishing a new form of governance that everyone has a say in designing.

  17. Douthat is Catholic and Reihan is Muslim.

  18. My basic rule: if you can’t even tell by their name whether they are male or female (or even a human as opposed to a Web app) don’t listen to them

    That goes for the ambiguous name Hillary as well.

  19. The alternative to Trump is endless war, endless immigration by inimical alien forces, and continued dictatorial rule by the Globalist elites and their ruthlessly corrupt servants, especially Hillary. That’s what you’re for, and don’t try to BS your way out of it….

  20. Good call to open with an insult.

    At the convention, we will get to see every republican that Trump and acolytes have not insulted.

    It is going to be packed.

    It is going to be huge.

  21. Shorter Douthat and Salam:”It was supposed to have been us giving the unwashed masses their salvation, that dastardly Donald Trump ruined everything!”

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  22. The labeling of Trump as a ‘shameless demagogue’ without also including Obama in that category made me think this was a comedy piece. Then I realized it was written by a deeply infected Progtard and I grokked the motives behind it.

  23. Immigrant from former USSR [AKA "Florida Resident"]
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    Parsifal wrote:

    Shorter Douthat and Salam:”It was supposed to have been us giving the unwashed masses their salvation, that dastardly Donald Trump ruined everything!”

    Very true and verywell noted. Thank you.

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