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4Chan Claims to Have Fabricated Anti-Trump Report As A Hoax

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In a story that is getting more surreal by the minute, a post on 4Chan now claims that the infamous “golden showers” scene in the unverified 35-page dossier, allegedly compiled by a British intelligence officer, was a hoax and fabricated by a member of the chatboard as “fanfiction”, then sent to Rick Wilson, who proceeded to send it to the CIA, which then put it in their official classified intelligence report on the election.

Here is 4Chan’s explanation of how the story came to light:

>/pol/acks mailed fanfiction to anti-trump pundit Rick Wilson about trump making people piss on a bed obama slept in
>he thought it was real and gave it to the CIA
>the central intelligence agency of the united states of america put this in their official classified intelligence report on russian involvement in the election
>donald trump and obama have both read this pol/acks fanfiction
>the cia has concluded that the russian plans to blackmail trump with this story we made up
just let that sink in what we have become.

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58 Comments to "4Chan Claims to Have Fabricated Anti-Trump Report As A Hoax"

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  1. I was hoping you would pick this up. We need Erdogan. We have major purging to do.

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  2. In one sense, I find this not the least bit surprising (even if in another sense I am astounded day-by-day at the world I am actually living in).

  3. says:
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    I think the dossier is bullshit but people in McMullin’s camp (eg Rick Wilson, @RadioFreeTom, @20committee) were talking about a Trump sex tape for *a long time*.

    Someone probably saw this and then happened to make a 4chan thread *after* these guys were talking about it.

    It’s almost certain that 4chan has nothing to do with this. It’s bullshit for other reasons

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  4. In a story that is getting more surreal by the minute

    Surreal? I’d say, the last few months feel more like a reenactment of Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire… A manifestation of decay and a premonition of eventual collapse…

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  5. The whole story is an unbelievable brew of mediocrity and sick mendacity. Is it possible that this same nation landed a first man on the moon? I doubt it now.

    I am on verge of tuning out of this Russian Hacking story and all the related garbage from the Central Stupidity Agency. US lost intelligence long time ago, the latest report even gets ‘F’ for the English language quality. The God obviously made the Americans stupid, and only then mad, in preparation to destroying them.

    I do not think that good Americans can help the bad Americans, the whole place is going down the drain rapidly.

  6. I love this millenium. On 9/11 it began as thriller, then turned into soap opera and now it is pure slapstick comedy. I will continue to watch this show, it is worth it.

  7. The MSM will reveal it’s a hoax by asking the “right” question at today’s press conference.


  8. I was born and raised in a vast mental asylum. We had all learned in the asylum that to speak or even think in any mode other than the collective insane voice of the other asylum residents would mark one as different and dangerous. There were consequences for this defection as the guards and the leaders, though insane themselves, were armed. more

  9. The USA’s fake news sources give a new meaning to Yellow Journalism.

    My personal favorite was the fake reporter on NPR this morning, who basically stated that she had learned some really, really disgusting information about that disgusting Donald Trump creature but it was so disgusting that she got the vapors thinking about it so she would not disgust her listeners with any of the disgusting details, although she hoped they would satisfy their prurient interest via the disgusting details provided by some other fake news source.

    Meanwhile: The million dollar bribe the Clinton’s got to enrich a Canadian crony and sell yellowcake to Russia: crickets! The likely connection between the pervert Podesta brothers and Madeline McCann’s abduction: crickets!

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  10. says:
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    The major media were eager to run with the story even though taking just one glance at the supposed report I could see that it was totally fake and clumsily so. It didn’t even seem designed to be taken seriously. Crazy man McCain also had a hand in promoting it. Wonder what that jerk’s motives are. The mainstream media are really cranking out the fake news as quick as they can.

  11. I’m a bit skeptical about the claim. While it could be true, imageboards (like 4chan) have rather limited control over what users post. It’s the mainstay of their appeal. They can edit or delete posts and ban posters by IP address – and that’s it.
    Other than IP addy, they have no idea who’s posting what – and if the poster is using an IP proxy they can’t even be sure there. It’s why law enforcement generally leave them alone, too hard to trace. If someone posts something illegal, they remove it and that’s that.

  12. says:
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    Note that some writers here on UNZ ban or over-moderate “anon” accounts.

    That is practically an invitation to an organized program of infiltration.

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  13. Surreal? I’d say, the last few months feel more like a reenactment of Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire… A manifestation of decay and a premonition of eventual collapse…

    More like reenacting of Roman Empire at the peak of its power and wealth. The age of decline was age of ascetic life, discipline and deep religious faith.

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  14. […] Moscow without prostitutes being involved, be it a poorly-written Hollywood film or what looks like an internet hoax being passed to the CIA who then took it seriously.  Whenever anything slightly dodgy is happening […]

  15. I am just sick to my stomach…I ache for my country… God help us…

  16. It’s quite simple. Russia has penetrated the FBI, CIA, and NSA at the highest levels. Their moles were instructed to weaken their agencies by making them laughing stocks. They’ve succeeded. Cunning wee fella, that Putin.

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  17. says:
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    If Russia has such tape, so do Jews with far greater penetration into worldwide info.

    Pro-Hillary Jews would have used it against Trump in the election.

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  18. the peak started in 1950. we are already in decline. it started with reagan.

  19. says:
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    Media that still cover up the McCain POW-story go with Trump-wee-wee story.

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  20. Rome in the early empire, i.e. first century A.D. See Tacitus’ Annals and Suetonius’ History for a phantasmagoria of intrigue, corruption, treason, deception, murder. The reigns of Tiberius, Caligula and Nero, and, if Robert Graves (I, Claudius and Claudius the God) is to be believed, Augustus as well.

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  21. says:
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    Even if the dossier is true, I don’t know what the surprise is. Those pussy tapes and all the stuff on Howard Stern are far more salacious. Voters knowingly voted for Trump after knowing all this and assuming much worse.

  22. says:
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    Why is McCain so bitter about Trump?

    McCain put himself in the role of Apologetic White Man. So, he groveled to Obama in his defeat. He sucks up to Jewish Power at every turn. He bends over backwards to the Mexican invasion. McCain believes that his role as White Man must be to be generous, apologetic, and magnanimous(even though his ilk no longer have the power to be such).
    McCain’s self-image is paradoxical. He believes he must be indulgent with the demands of Jews, blacks, browns, and etc because he is the Great White Man with the Power and Privilege. He is their protector, and such magnanimity is necessary because of the Historical Sins of the Great White Man. But it’s all just a hollow outlook because, in political fact, McCain is a second-rate intellect totally controlled by Neocon Power.

    Anyway, since McCain can’t feel tough and big with Jews, blacks, and browns — with whom he is always in softie-apologetic mode — , he has to find his target overseas. And it’s been Iran and especially Russia. Since PC says white Americans must be sensitive about non-whites(at least those in the US), McCain’s repressed fury has been directed at Russia the White Nation. And of course, Jews love this since they hate Russia too. So, they use their white dog McCain against White Russia. And since McCain is allowed full outlet to his repressed fury in regard to Russia, he’s been esp aggressive against Russia. It is in anti-Russian fury that McCain finds his manhood. It’s like a dog that is forbidden to bark at people will bark like mad at another dog if allowed by owner. All that repressed rage comes out in full force as the dog finally gets to bark and growl like a tough predator. It foams at the mouth and overdoes it.
    So, when Jews set McCain loose on the Russians, McCain goes nuts.
    Of course, McCain doesn’t see it that way. In his self-delusion, he is the Great White Man or Great White Dog defending ‘democracy’, ‘human rights’, and etc. And he is defending the world from the evil Russians who wanna conquer all.

    Anyway, that narrative has been necessary to uphold McCain’s self-image. As a Great White Man, he is morally obligated to defer to non-whites(at least those in the US). And as Great American Warrior, he must stand up to ‘expansive’ Russia. This narrative even ennobles his loss to Obama. After all, he can tell himself that he magnanimously and graciously stepped aside for the Negro cuz of the White Man’s Sins. And it gives cover to McCain’s servility to Open Borders. Even though he’s just sucking up to the Jewish Lobby and Big Business, he can say he’s the Great White Man showing humane compassion for all those poor ‘beaners’. And if he feels too mushy and soft at home, he can prove his mettle by growling and barking at Russia!

    But then, Trump comes along and blows away this narrative. Trump shows that he can call out harshly on illegal immigrants. He can also cite black crime problems. He can also bash Muslims. He can even make a few hits on Jewish influence. And most hurtful of all to McCain, Trump proves that one can reach out to Russia and still seem strong and confident. So, Trumpism makes a total mockery of McCainism.

    Btw, since McCain tried to spill the beans or piss the pants on Trump, I think this is an ideal time for all internet-folks to spill the beans on the REAL TRUTH about McCain’s record as POW and role in the rapprochement with Vietnam that may have covered up some gruesome facts about missing prisoners.

  23. I like the way Golden Showergate is shaping up; as even more shit in the leftist media’s faces.

    I am just sick to my stomach…I ache for my country… God help us…

    Nah. This is like when you lance a boil, or draw poison from a wound, or the delerium of a high fever; part of the healing process. America needs to see how full of shit the media is.


    Dearieme, that seems like wishful thinking from someone very eager to see American intelligence apparatus discredited. Seems sort of a non-sequitur, really. It’s the media that wind up looking bad. The intelligence apparatus is too removed; who’s to know that any of them were involved at all? They’re not on the record.

    Crazy man McCain also had a hand in promoting it. Wonder what that jerk’s motives are.

    I assume that’s sarcasm, but for the people who don’t know:

    1. McCain is a piece of shit.
    2. McCain is such a piece of shit, that his daughter’s a piece of shit, too.
    3. McCain is a treacherous piece of shit.
    4. McCain’s daughter is a treacherous piece of shit.
    5. McCain hates Trump, and Trump hates McCain.
    6. I hate McCain, and all American patriots hate McCain.
    7. McCain is a neocon stooge.

    The whole story is an unbelievable brew of mediocrity and sick mendacity. Is it possible that this same nation landed the only men on the moon? I doubt it now.


    Note that some writers here on UNZ ban or over-moderate “anon” accounts.

    That is practically an invitation to an organized program of infiltration.

    How so?

  24. This is the overarching theme that is peaking with Golden Showergate (wherein the media bathes in a golden shower of piss); “dear lord, thank you for removing the untouchable messiah Hussein from office, and putting someone our Masters hate into office, so we can go back to pretending to have real jobs.”

  25. Why is McCain so bitter about Trump?

    1. He lost, Trump won.
    2. He groveled, Trump fought.
    3. He is a tool, Trump is a tool-user.
    4. He is Invade-the-World, Invite-the-World, globalist neocon. Trump is a nationalist.
    5. Trump dared to talk trash to him, after he talked trash to Trump.
    6. He’s a scumbag.

    I could go on, but that’s the gist.

  26. Also, Trump’s epic Maverick campaign totally put McCain’s bogus, Big-Media-crafted “Maverick” image in the shade.

  27. Do Israeli firms still do most of the billing for US telecoms companies (IIRC Steve mentioned it once), and do they do billing in Europe too? That’s some useful Big Data.

  28. says:
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    So much of how the media work can be summed up by this scene:

    Plenty of journos are bought and sold. They are propagandists, agents, advocates, whores. The hitmen of those who hire and pay them.

  29. says:
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    “”I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news,” Trump said while pointing his index finger squarely at CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta.”

  30. “”I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news,” Trump said while pointing his index finger squarely at CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta.”

    It’s gonna be a fun 4 years. Trump doesn’t have any more respect for the media than he should. I.e., none.

  31. What to make out of this?

    Donald Trump’s Legal Team Won a ‘Russia Law Firm of The Year’ Award

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  32. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Trump really was watching whores pee in the Ritz Carlton and jacking off to anime in a theater full of whores. With the story going public, the blackmail aspect has lost its leverage. Once the bomb goes off, you can no longer threaten to detonate the bomb. Trump is a free man! I’d just love it if Trump said in his inaugural address, “Yeah I like to watch golden showers and jack off to anime in the company of whores. So what? Let’s get down to business.”

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  33. says:
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    AFAIK, I think none of them broke U.S. laws, especially since Trump was a free citizen. Do we have laws against specific sex acts, by U.S. citizens, in other countries? I am not even sure pedophilia when practiced out of jurisdiction can be prosecuted.

    • Replies:
  34. Freely available on the internet are tapes of the many propaganda broadcasts made by Tokyo Rose McCain from the Hanoi Hilton. His fellow POWs referred to the admiral’s kid as “songbird”…can’t imagine why. Songbird has always been treated well by the KM (kosher media), possibly as a return favor for his father, the admiral, covering up and sugar coating the vile jooie attack on the USS Liberty, killing and wounding many American sailors. The broad daylight attack lasted hours, decimating a ship openly flying the US flag and clearly marked with USN numbers. Lastly, a reporter in year 2000 (when Songbird was running for Prez) went to Vietnam and interviewed many of Songbird’s jailers. They all loved “Johnny” and said they got along famously together. When asked about torture, they just scoffed and said it was possibly a fabrication he needed to avoid court marshal upon returning to the US.

  35. US is an imbecile with nuclear weapons as toys.

    • Replies:
  36. Doing something in a hotel room with consenting adults doesn’t break any (obvious) laws.
    Unlike what Hillary did with her emails. Per Napolitano a real investigation is looking likely. Could there be also a misdirection agenda here—keep laying new trails that lead away from Hillary and her pretty well established crimes?

    Regarding odd sexual habits, I heard a rumor about Kerry’s preference via the roommate of someone who dated him. Maybe something he picked up at Scull & Bones.
    Oh, and yes, there’s Bill Clinton.
    It would have been A-OK to have HIM in the WH again!! As the First Gentleman?
    It would certainly have been good for a lot of jokes.
    There are so many reasons why the Clinton candidacy was madness.
    And the madness just continues. They can’t stop. It’s like rabies.
    What kind of stake can be driven into the heart of these rabid maniacs?

  37. That part shouldn’t really be disputed. What should be is why would the dossier include details ripped nearly word-for-word from what is easily qualified as fanfiction from someone with a piss fetish.

  38. says:
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    YES!!!! I heard the same report. I can’t wait to see the look on her voice (?) when she has to admit she was trolled by 4chan of all places…

    A boy can dream, can’t he?

  39. This is the worst they have on the guy?

    Think about it. There are worse perversions out there by far. Pedophilia, rape, snuff. Trump’s having a bunch of prostitutes urinate on a bed? It doesn’t even hurt anyone, it just gives the cleaning staff more work.

    • Replies: ,
  40. Nothing. If that doesn’t prove Trump is a Putin stooge, then what does?

  41. I haven’t read the Graves novels in decades, but I highly recommend them. In some ways he is just repackaging material from the ancient sources, but he is doing it well. If there are readers here who really have very little sense of Roman history, but are intrigued by its possible relevance to our own situation, go get “I, Claudius”. It is a straight-up novel that draws you in from the first few clauses.

  42. “Nothing. If that doesn’t prove Trump is a Putin stooge, then what does?”

    I have noticed in what I have read of this piss dossier that a lot of what Trump is being accused of are actions that supposedly some Russians took.

    They tried to do this, they tried to do that . . .
    And these actions taken by others make Trump a traitor or a stooge?

    It doesn’t break any laws in either country to try to induce Trump to invest in real estate in St. Petersburg. In fact, isn’t business the business of the USA? That was a time-honored connect to the Russians/Soviets, too. Cf Armand Hammer.

    And on the political front, if a nuclear-armed country were acting bellicose toward one, it would make sense to try to make friends with the least bellicose person available.

    Only the mad-dog rabid warmongers have something to gain from continuing to threaten Russia. Russia acts on them as does water on a rabid animal.
    “The vast majority of rabies cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) each year occur in wild animals like raccoons [MSM journalists], skunks [CIA] , bats [Clintonistas and Obamaphiles], and foxes [Zionists and neocons].”

  43. In a calm moment I realized that I am totally sick of any and all Trump talk, pro, contra, will he do this?, did he do that?, enough already!

    Even intelligent people who disdain reality shows and make fun of the mob’s absorption of such can’t seem to realize that they are watching a version of Jerry Springer and are totally captivated by the show.

    Trump is no savior. He may even be the ‘Beast’ ( not that I necessarily believe in the dogma). You can’t turn an aircraft carrier around like a Jetta and you can’t cure a disease that has metastasized the entire body by positive thinking.

    To the otherwise intelligent posters on, don’t lose sight of the old adage of bullshit baffling brains.

    Keep an eye on the Magician’s other hand….


  44. You are a fake anon and should post as anonymous. The real anon who makes sense is priss factotum.

  45. a phantasmagoria of intrigue, corruption, treason, deception, murder.

    That’s a bit on the purple side.

    The first six Caesars also presided over an Empire where, e.g., engineers were highly respected and given big interesting public works projects to do over an enormous territory.

    For all his classics expertise, Graves the poet wrote fiction. He had a taste for emotionalism sensationalism–a not uncommon tendency among Goddess worshipers.

    Those with massive gaps in their classical reading best stick to Tacitus (Histories and Annals) and Suetonius (Twelve Caesars), Cassius Dio on Augustus. Not a lifelong sickly and battle-shocked/neurasthenic British poet.

    I have respected him my entire adult and teenage life, but for history, go to historians.

    Also recommended:

    Carl J. Richard, The Founders and the Classics: Greece, Rome, and the American Enlightenment, mid-1990s.

    I haven’t read Caroline Winterer’s The Culture of Classicism: Ancient Greece and Rome in American Intellectual Life, 1780–1910, mid Aughts.

  46. Yeah, like DJT, the builder of renowned and luxurious hotels on such excellent terms with all his staff is going to “give the cleaning staff more work.”

    C’mon. This has Kek written all over it. It reads like the opening composition study in Fetish Fanfic Genre Writing 101.

  47. My favorite recipe for pulla includes dried cloudberries soaked in akvaviitti.

  48. see, When Tokyo Rose ran for President

  49. Hitler, according to some experts was a coprophiliac

  50. Trump’s having a bunch of prostitutes urinate on a bed?

    Why do various reports describe this as a sex act? Urinating on a bed, or in a bed, is not a sex act, it is incontinence. Was Trump supposed to be sexually aroused while this was going on. If so, I missed that part.

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