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March 15th Digest
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Ranking first this last week was my own article spurred by the recent wave of new book censorship at Amazon, during which works of serious scholarship, in some cases decades old, were suddenly banned by a company holding a near-total monopoly over online book sales. Just a few months ago, I had discovered a meticulously-researched volume demonstrating that the widely-accepted story of Leo Frank, one of the most famous lynchings in American history, which led to the foundation of the ADL, was almost certainly false. Now, apparently under ADL pressure, Amazon has banned that book along with many dozens of others, with the censorship likely to vastly expand to numerous related topics unless it is strongly opposed. My lengthy recapitulation of numerous issues, many covered in my previous articles, provoked almost 500 comments, totaling 50,000 words.

Issues regarding Jews, the Israel Lobby, and Anti-Semitism dominated many of the other most popular articles as well, with a photo-finish tie between articles by Philip Giraldi and Gilad Atzmon for second and third place, while a piece by C.J. Hopkins held the sixth slot. The first of these focused on the apparent “dual loyalty” of so many prominent American politicians on foreign policy issues, the second on why Jews are continuing to repeat the social and political behaviors that brought them disaster in the past, and the last on the endless media exaggerations of supposed new “anti-Semitism” in leading European countries such as Britain and France. As might be expected, these topics provoked huge waves of contentious commentary, numbering well over 1,000 between them, and totaling nearly 120,000 words.

Fourth place was held by James Thompson’s exploration of the possible factors between the sudden crash of a second Boeing 737 airliner, which eventually led to the complete worldwide grounding of the fleet. He quickly suggested that the complex software used in the system was probably to blame, and expert opinions are now leaning in the same direction. Numerous commenters, some of them apparently with considerable technical expertise, added their insights to the discussion, which quickly passed 20,000 words.

Finally, fifth place was held by Paul Kersey’s harsh critique of the new Captain Marvel film by Disney, which reshapes the original male comic book figure into a feminist hero, possessing so many of the ideological attitudes common among the Hollywood elite.

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