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July 19th Digest
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Clustered tightly together in readership over the last seven days were three articles, any of which would have easily ranked first in a typical week, and which together propelled our website to record-setting traffic.

Ranking first was the Saker’s lengthy discussion of America’s current public media obsession with homosexuality, transgenderism, and various other sexual issues which would have seemed strange and peculiar just a decade or two ago, or in some cases, just a few years ago. This topic has unsurprisingly already provoked nearly 500 contentious comments, totaling almost 50,000 words.

Second place was held by my own even longer analysis of the historical reality of organized crime in our society over most of the twentieth century, which actually exerted a far greater force than most would reality, including with regard to the politics and development of California in the postwar era and reaching into our highest courts national courts and Hollywood. The resulting discussion has also reached nearly 500 comments, totaling well over 50,000 words.

The third most popular article was former CIA officer Philip Giraldi’s discussion of the Jeffrey Epstein case now suddenly dominating the news, and the question of whether his alleged involvement with large numbers of under-age girls and numerous wealthy and powerful individuals might suggest that he was working for the Israeli Mossad, perhaps as part of a blackmail operation. This thesis was discussed in nearly 500 comments, totaling over 50,000 words.

The fourth ranking piece was also by Giraldi focusing on the recent controversy in a Florida public school, in which a principal was removed for his lack of personal certainty in the reality of the Holocaust, emphasizing the strange skew of our modern American educational system, in which ideologically-charged discussions of slavery and the Holocaust are seemingly given pride of place over teaching of more traditional subjects. Nearly 600 comments totaling over 65,000 words debated these issues.

Rounding out our most popular featured articles was a perennial favorite by anthropologist Peter Frost on the tribulations of the single male and Linh Dinh’s commentary on his current life in Vietnam and his perspective on American developments.

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