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Former Breitbart editor Katie McHugh’s voyage from politically incorrect mini-celebrity to Southern Poverty Law Center informant provided plenty of sensationalist media last month.

The 29-year-old McHugh, who is based out of Oakton, Virginia, decided to publicly come out as the person who violated her friends and colleagues’ trust, likely in pursuit of a Christian Picciolini style “deradicalization” career.

According to McHugh’s narrative, rehashed in a recent Slate podcast, she was being “radicalized” by members of the Trump administration, paleo-conservatives and alt-rights. McHugh goes further by claiming to have been a victim of peer pressure and a cult-like environment.

After a dozen interviews with people who knew Katie McHugh personally from 2015-18 and scores of emails we have reviewed, National Justice can report that Katie McHugh has left out big details in her story, particularly a case where she personally entrapped unknowing people in an event she organized, who she later sold out to left-wing political police.

McHugh is reported to have given every email, every phone number and every text message she ever received during this period to opposition researchers and political police, like Rosie Gray and the SPLC.

There is no hard evidence, but sources close to McHugh speculate she may have received a 5-figure sum for these private communications.

Fired From Breitbart

Multiple sources told National Justice that McHugh’s famous firing from Breitbart in 2017 was not the product of “radicalization,” but of her chronic alcoholism.

By the time of her firing, McHugh had become known as someone who would get drunk by herself (a habit confirmed by everyone who knew her personally) and then log onto to social media to make inflammatory comments for attention. There is no evidence McHugh ever had any concrete political beliefs, but she got addicted to being in the spotlight.

Friends who knew her at the time and she now paints as “extremists,” including some who could be considered white nationalists, warned her over and over again to stop picking fights and saying inflammatory things on her public Twitter account to protect her employment, according to emails reviewed by National Justice.

It wasn’t that she was saying anything most Americans would even disagree with, it was that she needed her job due to her serious health problems.

After multiple warnings from another Breitbart editor, Brandon Darby, McHugh was finally dismissed by the company’s management.

David Irving Event

After her firing, McHugh hopped from gig to gig until finally running out of options.

At this point, McHugh already had a reputation as a volatile and mentally unstable alcoholic, but she had no place to go and she was running out of insulin.

A network of nationalists took pity upon her situation and tried to give her a helping hand: odd-jobs, places to sleep, and most important of all, warmth, comraderie and friendship.

McHugh one day decided to use her network to make some money, and presented a novel idea: to host a conference featuring eminent historian David Irving.

Most of the people in her circle of friends, some white nationalists but many standard paleo-conservatives, were not familiar with Irving. Irving is known for his work contradicting the victor’s narrative on the Second World War. He has suffered a great deal throughout his life, including going to prison, for his commitment to historical truth.

Listening to Irving’s lectures is a privilege, but because of the dissident nature of his work, McHugh has been demonizing and hurting those who attended her event in the press!

“I had no idea who David Irving was” an attendee told National Justice, “the understanding everyone had was that this was basically just a way to help Katie make a little cash.”

In the following email chain sent to attendees, McHugh is clearly identified as the organizer. She has omitted this fact from her interviews with Zionist witch-hunters Rosie Gray and Joseph Bernstein, who she has given other people’s personal information to… for attending!

Dubious Rape Allegations

During this time, McHugh had gotten into the habit of making dubious accusations of sexual assault.

In one case, McHugh claimed one of the men she was sleeping with had forced himself on her after she got high. This caused a large commotion in her support network, many who believed her.

The problem is, McHugh did not take the claim to the police. She had fooled many into thinking she had, but when she interviewed with Rosie Gray, what she had on this man was a police report for “stalking” and “hacking.”

Another bizarre case was when McHugh told friends a man physically apprehended her and tried to sexually assault her while she went out to do errands but she managed to get away. Again, the police were not contacted.

Randi Kreger’s best selling book, Stop Walking on Eggshells, reveals that making phony rape and domestic abuse accusations are a telltale symptom of pathological narcissism. It is especially common in people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder.

Path of Destruction

So far, McHugh has ruined countless people, most of it just for talking to her and trying to help her when she was in need. One man lost his job at the Daily Caller for the crime of asking American Renaissance to see if they would hire her when every other door in her career closed.

Many people she now paints as ghouls and monsters tried to save her from her own low moral character and lack of impulse control.

McHugh claims her decision to destroy all the people she has ever met was fueled by her conversion to traditional Catholicism. The one who betrayed all his friends wasn’t Jesus, it was Judas!

Some of her new cowardly Trad Catholic friends have been cheering this horrific behavior on in back channels, National Justice is told. Do they know that the SPLC considers them to be a “hate group” as well?

And now, McHugh has donned the wig of a Bernie Sander’s PoMo-leftist.

Would she “dox” her Catholic friends fixated on abolishing abortion to the equally as fervent pro-abortion groups in Bernie world?

It’s inconceivable that anyone would trust this woman ever again in a social or professional setting. Even low-life hucksters like Jeff Schoep and Picciolini look noble in comparison. McHugh can only be described as completely lacking in sincere empathy for others, or downright mentally ill.

As with almost all the “re-educated” alt-righters, McHugh’s misery isn’t the fault of Adolf Hitler, Richard Spencer, Stephen Miller or anyone else.

She was despicable before and is despicable after.

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Last September, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu hinted that they were working on a mutual defense pact. Such a treaty, if signed, would officially and permanently mandate an American military intervention if Israel were to ever start a conflict with its neighbors.

The Trump administration is desperate to get this done, but Netanyahu is having trouble selling the idea to his rival Benny Gantz. The Likud party has so far been unable to form a government and Netanyahu is battling corruption charges. As a side note, two major GOP donors, Sheldon Adelson and Larry Ellison, are defense witnesses in Bibi’s case.

The major reason why some sectors of the Israeli state want Netanyahu gone is that they believe his government’s belligerence is responsible for Iran’s stunning rise. Netanyahu has chosen Israel-above-all unilateralism using Zion’s cats-paws in Washington to try and bully Tehran, but have walked all over Chinese and Russian interests in the process.

Two years into the Trump/Israel “maximum pressure” campaign, Iran is not only more powerful than before, it is participating in joint war games with China and Russia. This has angered competing Jewish factions inside Israel, who preferred the Obama method of passively subverting Iran through its countries pro-US/pro-Europe “moderate” liberal reformists. Hassan Rouhani, who they saw as the Persian “Gorbachev,” has now been fully discredited in the eyes of his people thanks to Trump and Netanyahu.

While all segments of Israeli society are having a public debate on the pros and cons of a military pact for their country, here in the US nobody has consulted with the 1.3 million active-duty American servicemen who will die in a world war to expand Israel’s borders.

JINSA’s Plan

Lindsay Graham has told Jews at private events that he is working on this bill and is confident it will be ratified in the Senate. So far, the only people within US borders participating in this conversation are the Republican Jewish Coalition and JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security of America). The latter fifth column is writing the terms of the treaty.

Last July, JINSA released details of the pact they want Graham to push through, titled “For a Narrow US-Israel Defense Pact,” which can be obtained online (I will not link to downloads on JINSA’s website for security reasons).

The policy paper demands that Israel be granted special access to intelligence collected by the “Five Eyes Alliance” (Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada and the US), officially turning the entire Anglo-Saxon world into a global Jewish spy network (which is already unofficially true).

Furthermore, it calls on the war clause be triggered if any country “threatens” to use chemical of nuclear weapons against the Jewish state or physically undermines Israel’s economic activities. This is very open-ended.

The most ludicrous part of the Graham/JINSA’s treaty is section 3.4, where Israel is under no obligation to notify or seek approval from the United States when it decides to engage in a military attack against another party.

In other words, if Israel decides to start a war with Iran (or China, or Russia, or all of them), it doesn’t have to discuss this with its “ally” first. Israel reserves its right to act unilaterally and America must go along for the ride whether we want to or not.

America gets absolutely nothing from joining such an agreement, except the possibility of a catastrophic world war that can be started by unstable psychopaths like Benjamin Netanyahu without warning, whenever they please.

The US has not signed a mutual defense treaty since 1962.

It’s time the 98% start demanding Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham include us in this debate, and prepare to protest as soon as this bill hits the Senate floor.

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When the Trump administration revived Reagan-relic Zionist Elliot Abrams early this year to orchestrate regime change in Venezuela, a new era of instability was born in the Western Hemisphere.

Approaching a year into this project, the domestic flames have mostly been put out by the willful Nicolas Maduro, while Washington-backed liberals in Chile, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador face popular unrest.

This is another neo-conservative bomb that underestimated its opposition and has blown up in the Trump administration’s face.

In Chile, once held up as the model of liberal democracy and global capitalist development, falling copper demand, low wages, mass unemployment and a rise in the subway fare have led to massive street demonstrations against president Sebastian Pinera.

Pinera, a corrupt multi-billionaire who made his money through credit card usury, has an approval rating of 14%.

Rather than resign, the man who attacked Maduro as a “dictator” is dispatching the military against his own people to cling to power, showing the world what liberal “democracy” looks like underneath the flashing billboards and rainbow flags.

Pinera’s security forces have so far killed multiple people and maimed thousands. In true cowardly form, the president is now condemning his own troops for defending his regime.

Oligarchs prefer institutions that pretend to be neutral so that they can spin personal blame off onto underlings and abstract scapegoats.

In Colombia, the rule of another Pentagon puppet, Ivan Duque Marquez, has also been tested.

Marquez has proudly touted Colombia’s GDP growth in recent years as an achievement (which he always contrasts with regional rival, Venezuela), but like in Chile, the financial prosperity has only benefited the urban elite. Plans to cut old age pensions and lower the minimum wage were the straw that broke the camel’s back.

These incidents are irony on steroids. Pinera and Marquez both worked with Abrams to undermine Venezuela, giving Maduro’s government “hours” until collapse during the flare up last spring.

Now the human rights democrats are the ones facing disorder, this time largely organic rather than NED created, and they are behaving no different than Maduro’s government did.

In Ecuador, Lenin Moreno’s attempts to undo reforms by his predecessor Rafael Correa led to riots that forced him out of the nation’s capital. Moreno has embarked on a mass privatization spree and famously revoked Julian Assange’s asylum in exchange for a $4.2 billion dollar International Monetary Fund loan his people don’t want, and definitely don’t want to have to pay back.

Who’s to Blame?

According to an enraged Abrams, 88-year-old Raul Castro and Venezuelan agents are responsible for the regional chaos. There is some evidence to suggest Bolivarian agents are indeed playing a role in at least supporting these uprisings.

But if true, that would mean tiny Cuba and struggling Venezuela are able to seriously challenge US hegemony in its own satellite states. Whatever the extent of Cuban or Venezuelan subversion is, they clearly have a lot to work with. New world order economics are very unpopular.

US sanctions have made it impossible for Venezuela to import necessary goods, while nothing is hampering Chile.

On paper, Chile’s per capita income is the highest in Latin America, at $25,222, higher than the regions two traditionally white-majority states of Argentina (third, at $20,567) and Uruguay (second, $23,530).

But Chile’s GINI coefficient, a measure of income inequality, is sandwiched in between Venezuela and Ecuador (two countries whose abusive plutocracies led to populist revolutions) at 46.6 compared to Uruguay, at 39 (the least unequal country in Latin America).

In other words, working class Chileans see that there is plenty of wealth circulating in the system yet its public institutions lack funding or are non-existent. The backlash is long overdue.

As for Abrams’ project, a transsexual leading the anti-Maduro opposition has basically admitted that their hopes have been dashed.

Other signs suggest that they are putting this objective on the backburner. The Jew appointed by pretend-president Juan Guiado to restore Wall Street’s control of Venezuela, Ricardo Hausmann, has given up and disassociated from the clown crowned “legitimate leader” of a major OPEC country over Instagram.

How Many More Foreign Policy Blunders?

Now the attention deficit disordered Pentagon is fixating on Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, an old foe of Abrams.

Here, the CIA is bringing together radical feminists, businessmen and Catholic clerics into a bizarre coalition in hopese of overthrowing the elected Sandinistas.

Last week the White House declared Nicaragua’s internal political issues a “national emergency.” Why this is a national emergency for America is not explained in the bombastic press release.

Former Bush administration official, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, has been highly critical of US interventions in Latin America, and specifically blamed Abrams’ economic strangulation of Venezuela for causing millions of its citizens to emigrate. If the Venezuelans are now organizing their own operations in Chile, Ecuador, etc, they wouldn’t have been without attempts at overthrowing Maduro. Trying to starve the Nicaraguans will likely end the same.

Like with Iran, the Obama administration’s passive-aggression has proven more effective than the Trump administration’s in-your-face Zionist hawks.

By forcing the Venezuelans, Iranians, Chinese, and Russians into a corner, permanent Washington has provoked a fight or flight response.

These nations now understand that they’re much stronger than they previously thought. They are vigorously striking at the giant’s clay feet.

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Last month, Michael White was acquitted of voluntary manslaughter in the stabbing of Sean Schellenger.

White, who is black, approached and began challenging the 37-year-old white man while he was engaged in a traffic dispute with an unrelated driver in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square.

Witnesses said White and Schellenger both squared up for a fist fight, only for White to pull out a knife and stab the unarmed man in the back with a 12 inch knife. Schellenger died.

The incident was caught on tape, which police used as evidence to charge White with first degree murder.

However, when the races of the two men became public, anti-white activists began a social media campaign claiming White used his weapon in self-defense before any of the facts in the case had come out. It’s worth noting that Pennsylvania is not a Stand-Your-Ground state.

The District Attorney, a Jewish lawyer named Larry Krasner, then dropped the charges multiple times until arriving at voluntary manslaughter, which put White’s predictable defense on a silver platter.

Nobody disputed that White had killed Schellenger with an illegal knife, but instead that the dead victim was “racist,” so he deserved it. None of the multiple witnesses at the scene ever substantiated White’s claim that Schellenger racially abused him.

His defense team made it up so that black jurors would hang the verdict. When proving intent to kill under this specific statute eluded the prosecution, he was acquitted.

Larry Krasner is accused of throwing the case.

The George Soros Prosecutor

Krasner, who once joked that he was too extreme to ever be elected chief prosecutor even in a deep blue city, won the DA’s race in Philadelphia in 2017 by outspending all of his opponents by large amounts of money.

Krasner dedicated almost $2 million dollars to this small race. He campaigned against white privilege and “institutional racism,” with a plan to legalize a whole multitude of quality of life offenses like defecating in the street, shoplifting and doing drugs in public,as well as reducing the prison population, which he claims is large due to hate and bigotry.

On his own, Krasner would’ve only had a few hundred thousand dollars raised for his long shot, Shaun King endorsed campaign. That is, until George Soros cut him a $1.7 million dollar check in a stunning act of plutocratic intervention.

Large multicultural cities are known for having extremely low voter turnout in local races, and Krasner capitalized on this. With 59,363 votes in the Democratic Primary (the only election that matters in Philly), he became the top cop in a city of 1.6 million.

In his first week in office, Krasner fired 31 prosecutors in his department that he deemed too apolitical.

Other reforms were made, such as punishing criminals with the most minimum statute possible, discouraging probation, decriminalizing prostitution and most drugs, and even encouraging gun crimes be taken to a court-diversionary program (ARD).

Soros spends millions every year lobbying to take guns from law-abiding white people, but when black criminals are caught carrying firearms, his minions make them take a class.

Jewish media allies of Soros and Krasner have praised these changes. Their claim is that critics and victim’s rights groups are merely racists who are ignoring that crime overall is going down.

What’s missing from their fake data is simple: police aren’t bothering to register because Krasner’s office won’t prosecute them.

But you can’t lie about dead bodies. In Krasner’s first year, the homicide rate shot up 12% in one of the deadliest years on record for a city with an already high murder rate.

In 2019, the homicide rate continues to climb. This year is on track to become the deadliest Philadelphia has seen in more than a decade.

While blacks have been handed carte blanche to murder white people, they don’t have any protection from other blacks in Soros’ anarcho-tyrannical dystopia.

In just the last month, scores of children have been shot to death or critically injured, all of them black and most under the age of 10. Krasner and his activist lawyer team have been busy trying to vacate the death penalty for a man convicted of murdering an infant for fun after killing its parents, making no legal arguments or presenting any evidence other than they don’t want to punish him.

All of this is predictable when you look at the DA’s office’s philosophy on prosecuting black gang members. One beneficiary of Krasner’s reforms, Ma’alik Jackson-Wallace, was arrested twice in a short time span for having an illegally concealed gun, yet given ARD-probation and then released on unsecured bail, since bail bonds are being phased out. By his 3rd strike a few months later, Jackson-Wallace finally shot a man to death at 10:30 in the morning.

A Virus Sweeping the Nation

Soros’ money has been corrupting the criminal justice system in other big cities as well, and more is to come. His agenda is to put mostly Jews and non-white women with a track record of anti-white hostility in charge of who goes to jail and who doesn’t.

Chicago DA Kim Foxx, famous for dropping all charges against Jussie Smollett in an act of corruption that shocked everyone, received $408,000 from Soros’ PAC in her race. Foxx’s re-election effort is being massively bankrolled by Jewry, with Fred Eyechaner giving her $811,000, Michael Sacks pitching in $212,250 and Michael Rubin contributing $105,800 – they seem to like what she’s doing.

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Last month, two members of the New York chapter of the Proud Boys, Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were sentenced for four years in prison related to a brawl last year near the Metropolitian Republican Club.

The men went to the venue to attend a comedy show by Gavin McInnes. When the event was over, masked anarchists ambushed them around a street corner, but the Proud Boys won the fight.

The NYPD did not arrest any of them on the night of the incident, as there were no victims or serious injuries. It was only after a social media campaign using footage from misleading angles taken by left-wing political activists Shay Horse (who is currently suing the police in Washington DC for arresting him during rallies at Trump’s inauguration) and Sandi Bachom that other activists in the media and New York political establishment ordered the police to act.

It’s hard to argue that men sneaking around in the shadows wearing baraclavas and refusing to talk to the police are “victims,” but the prosecutor Joshua Steinglass argued just that. In an almost unprecedented mockery of American justice, defendants Maxwell Hare and John Kinsman were not able to face their accusers as nobody was accusing them other than anonymous tweets from “NYC Antifa”, nor did the anarchist “victims” testify against them.

Jake Offenharz, a hard leftist being platformed by the Gothamist, was largely responsible for the narrative that led to Governor Andrew Cuomo ordering the draconian crackdown.

According to a lie concocted by Offenharz picked up by mainstream outlets, Hare was bragging about beating the “foreigners,” when audio clearly proves he said “four” (the number of antifa members they fought). This was compounded by claims that the scuffle was fueled by “homophobia” because some of the Proud Boys said “faggot” in the heat of the moment.

The Proud Boys were further dragged with claims that they are Nazis, skinheads, white supremacists and other labels. Even a cursory examination of writings and footage of the Proud Boys shows they are far more multiracial than the Democratic Socialists of America, have numerous Jews and homosexuals in their organization, and are by and large just a flag-waving Trump fan-club.

One of the men being imprisoned, Kinsman, is in an interracial relationship, while Hare is known among New York Proud Boys to be unusually hostile to “racist” speech.

But when they were before Judge Mark Dwyer, the facts were all irrelevant and their white skin was the only relevant factor in the case, with Dwyer rationalizing his extreme penalty by exclaiming: “I know enough about history to know what happened in Europe in the 30s,” and going on to suggest that hipster clown Gavin McInnes is Hitler.

The conservative movement has by and large been silent about this travesty, largely motivated by pressure from Zionist groups like the Anti-Defamation League or the lack of “respectability” of men in Fred Perrys filmed physically defending themselves and their liberty. With a few exceptions like Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, it’s safe to say they have thrown the Proud Boys under the bus in this case.

The Antifa Police State

Most of the major players involved in setting up Hare and Kinsman are Jewish (Bachom, Offenharz, Steinglass, etc), and while the Proud Boys by and large do not harbor skepticism towards organized Jewry, the latter have been doing everything in their power to stick their faces right in it.

Last week the Proud Boys rallied for Hare and Kinsman, which coincided with banner drop over the Queens Midtown Tunnel mocking Governor Cuomo as “Fredo,” – a mocking term inside the Italian community that famously triggered Cuomo’s brother to have a meltdown – and another one in Brooklyn bringing attention to Judge Mark Dwyer’s politically selective court.

The mainstream media and Cuomo only reacted to the “Fredo” banner, but what really angered left-wing extremists was the banner exemplifying the Dwyer’s double standard in Williamsburg.

“The banner was not anti-Semitic at all. The point was to inform the Orthodox community how a Rabbi who was convicted of molesting children was given a year, mostly time served, by Mark Dwyer and released back into their community, while two patriots involved in a minor scuffle were given four years by the same judge” a Proud Boy told National Justice when reached for comment.

He is referring to the case of Williamsburg Rabbi Baruch Leibovits, who pled guilty to 8 counts of sexually abusing a minor. Judge Dwyer sentenced Leibovits to a year with time served, which meant the Rabbi only did an additional three months for the repeated abuse of a child from 2004 to 2005.

Career-oriented individuals like Dwyer often codify corrupt rulings from the shadows. With these banners, Dwyer is exposed as what he is: an accomplice in the rape of children as well as in codifying tyranny against decent men doing what is right.

Sadly, instead of being outraged, members of the Jewish community and extreme-left groups lashed out against the banner, accusing them of “anti-Semitism” anyway.

Twitter personality @AntifashGordon , who rarely breaks from posting people’s personal information on social media, unleashed a hysterical tweet storm against links between Jews and child sexual abuse. Antifash Gordon is Jewish himself, and widely believed to be a member of a Judeocentric communist group ominously named “Outlive Them.”

Another Zionist tweeter, Lireal Lowenstein, demanded Cuomo comment on the banner “targeting Jews.”

The twitter account belonging to New York City Antifa went one step further, posting a video of themselves burning the banner.

In the video, two Brooklyn-based anarchists, Christian Erazo (of the EastRev music label) and a skinhead who goes by “Ian Edward” are shown with their faces obscured, igniting the strip of cloth in what appears to be a decaying warehouse. Erazo, in the flatcap and boots, and Ian, in the Adidas shirt, have both been trying to astroturf a soccer hooligan group centered around the third-tier team, the New York Cosmos.

“Brigada 71,” the gang in question, organizes out of the East River Bar in the heavily gentrified Williamsburg bridge area. These “antifa” hooligans are best known for trying to pick fights with Guatemalan immigrants they have labeled Neo-Nazis.

When asked about whether the Proud Boys were intimidated by the alliance of media, cops, communist groups and Andrew Cuomo outright threatening them, they doubled down with moral certainty.

“One of our guys had a baby born while he was locked up. He will not know his child until they are 4 years old. These people are heartless animals.

We will not be the bodies Cuomo and company build their political careers on. We will continue to embarrass him and his Antifa lackeys for 4 years if we have to. The Proud Boys aren’t going anywhere.”

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An organization run by veteran left-wing extremist Daryle Lamont Jenkins, One People’s Project, has 501(c)(3) status, according to a public document obtained by National Justice.

The IRS filing shows that OPP received favorable determination in March 2017, which means that people subsidizing his group’s activities can write contributions off on their taxes. The above image, obtained through Open Source Intelligence, shows Jenkins tabling the “Antifa” booth at the 2018 New York Left Forum.

Jenkins, based out of Somerset, New Jersey, is a prominent figure in violent left-wing paramilitary circles and one of their chief spokesmen. In 2018, a film called “Skin” dramatized Jenkins’ collaborative effort with the Southern Poverty Law Center to remove tattoos from a skinhead.

A source familiar with paramilitary groups organizing in Philadelphia and New Jersey told us that Jenkins plays the role of bridging the gap between masked terrorists and respectable liberals.

Jenkins is close friends with Thomas J Kennan, another native of Somerset who moved to Philadelphia at the same time Jenkins was there and was the de facto leader of Philly Antifa.

Keenan is currently being charged with a 12-on-2 gang assault against two Mexican-descended off-duty Marines, which is being upgraded to a hate crime due to his alleged use of racial slurs during the unprovoked attack. Losing Keenan and Jenkins leaving Philadelphia have weakened Philly Antifa.

Jenkins’ OPP pioneered the tactic of “doxing” political rivals, where the personal information of nationalists and conservatives is published on the internet in order to intimidate them and their families into silence.

Jenkins has publicly stated that he was inspired by anti-abortion terrorists of the 1980s and 90s, who would publish the information of abortion doctors with the unspoken understanding that they would be targeted for assaults or assassinations. The Nuremberg FIles, a directory of the home addresses belonging to abortion doctors, was utilized in the shooting of Barnett Slepian.

OPP’s activities are in flagrant violation of their 501(c)(3) obligations, and it’s shocking that an IRS investigation did not uncover this.

Concerned citizens can file a complaint here.

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Watching the last Democratic debate, you would think the candidates were vying for an electorate that is 90% black and illegal alien.

Issues like jobs, infrastructure, even foreign policy were largely ignored.

The novel, populist positions of Bernie Sanders have been canceled out by his insane immigration platform. Elizabeth Warren, who is attempting to synthesize Hillary and Bernie, recently presented a policy proposal on “white nationalist violence” that would include suspending the 2nd Amendment rights of nationalists and unleash the intelligence services on dissidents. All she would be doing is codifying something that is already happening under Trump, but the only other two candidates that took this aggressively anti-white position – Julian Castro and Beto O’Rourke – are non-competitive for a reason.

America’s billionaires don’t mind Warren (three are funding her) and think Bernie is harmless. While the plutocracy still has some faith in Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, and Corey Booker, Democratic donors are hedging their bets against a wealth tax candidate winning by paying Congress to eventually block it, and in Warren’s case, outright dropping Medicare For All during the general election.

The parasites in the shadows making a mockery out of representative democracy have good reason to be confident: they are already starting to corrupt the 2020 elections.

Open Secrets analyzed the most recent donor data for the top 10 political donors going into next year’s first quarter.

Unsurprisingly, 8 out of 10 of these fat cats are Jews.

George Marcus (Democrat)

Marcus is a Greek immigrant who made his billions as a real estate speculator. He largely gives to typical bourgeois prestige causes like universities, but has now allocated $2.5 million dollars to Democratic Congressional candidates and PACs focused on grabbing guns.

Marcus appears to be a business-as-usual neo-liberal, hosting fundraisers for Joe Biden, Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi.

The property magnate appears to be largely concerned with what anyone playing Monopoly with real life people should fear: an armed uprising.

Henry and Marsha Laufer (Democrat)

Jewish hedge fund manager Henry Laufer keeps a low-profile, but gained some fame when he made $390,000,000 during the 2008 financial crisis. His firm, Renaissance, now controls $30 billion in assets.

Laufer and his business partner Jim Simons burned $14 million on Hillary Clinton in 2016. Laufer bet wrong again when he financed “climate change” candidate Jay Inslee’s failed bid for president.

He is currently spending $2.8 million on figures like Nancy Pelosi and disgraced, corrupt Congresswoman Debbie Wasser-Shultz’s re-election campaign.

The Laufer’s are also generous patrons of Media Matters for America, the anti-free speech organization that has made multiple attempts to get Tucker Carlson off the air.

Karla Jurvetson (Democrat)

Jurvetson, whose real surname is Tinklenberg, is a physician who recently divorced billionaire Steve Jurvetson.

Her ex-husband is a big player in Silicon Valley, known for hosting drug-fueled orgies where mentally disturbed tech CEOs dress up like bunny rabbits.

Jurvetson has been a figure of embarrassment for Elizabeth Warren, who is trying to steal Bernie Sanders voters with promises of keeping plutocratic money at bay. Dr. Jurvetson not only provided the big check that got Warren’s campaign started, she now has the candidate scrambling for an explanation after funding dark money astroturf ads that have been circulating in Iowa. The PAC in question, Women.Vote! is funded by millions of dollars Jurvetson has made speculating on Chinese stocks.

Aside from funding Warren under the table, she has dedicated $2.8 million this election cycle in funding Stacey Abrams Super-PAC and countless corporate-feminist causes.

Paul Singer (GOP)

If you’re wondering why so many prominent conservative figures are porn stars and homosexuals, it’s all downstream from international Jew Paul Singer.

Singer, who puts the “vulture” in “vulture capitalist,” is one of the countries top funders of homosexual activism and the reason the Republican party did not fight against gay marriage. He was instrumental in paying to obtain the infamous “Steele Dossier,” which falsely claimed Donald Trump was being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin with video of prostitutes urinating on him in Russia. He has a wide array of politicians, journalists and other influential people in his pocket, largely dedicated to pushing hawkish Israel policies, homosexuality and discrediting critics of capitalism.

Going into 2020, the hedge fund oligarch is pouring $3.4 million dollars into Lindsey Graham’s PAC, the WFW Fund (dedicated to financing female conservatives) and the American Unity PAC (a group dedicated to advancing homosexual activists inside the Republican party).

Deborah Simon (Democrat)

The Jew Simon inherited her money from her property development father, Melvin Simon, of Simon Property Group. The elder Simon was the subject of multiple lawsuits when he ripped off his shareholders and paid himself a $120 million dollar bonus.

Deborah has so far spent $3.5 million dollars on various Democratic PACs, including $1 million dedicated to bankrolling David Brock’s operations.

Bernard Marcus (GOP)

Bernard Marcus, the Jewish emigre who founded Home Depot, was one of the a handful of billionaires to give Donald Trump big donations during his 2016 presidential run.

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The Jewish Telegraph Agency published an opinion piece today framing a podcast I co-host with Mike Enoch, Strike and Mike, as a more urgent threat to Jews than the rash of blacks stabbing and beating Hasids in Brooklyn.

The author, Rabbi Avi Shafran, quotes a segment we did on the well-funded astroturfed fad, the Impossible Burger, and the Jewish role in the neo-liberal push to use global warming claims to put the burden of climate-austerity on the consumption habits of working people in largely white, Western nations.

Shafran dismissed this as a paranoid conspiracy theory, even though we never claimed Jews were the only people involved. Then again, the same Rabbi dismissed Jewish abuse-victims decrying the crisis of child molestation and subsequent systematic coverups in the Orthodox community as conspiracy theorists as well!

Here we see an interesting feature in the Jewish intelligentsia’s phony moral panic about “anti-Semitism”: they aren’t concerned with people assaulting them or vandalizing their property. They’re mad at the idea that white people are politically asserting themselves in the face of a privileged and corrupt Jewish oligarchy and demanding at least some input over the future of our lands.

While the Rabbi waves away any concern about blacks attacking Jews and their property, the Anti-Defamation League fiendishly cheered when a 21-year-old white man was sentenced to three years in prison after an undercover federal agent talked him and his girlfriend into spray painting a Swastika outside a Synagogue (courts found $700 dollars in damage, and that’s a high estimate).

Their obsession lies with suppressing political ideas and terrorizing the white public using their community’s special partnership with the American Cheka (FBI), not criminal acts against Jews.

The War on Meat-Eating

Vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat are nothing new. Many people choose to consume these products for ethical or health reasons, and that is their right.

There is only an issue when technocratic ghouls begin pushing austerity through the back door by suggesting turning meat and dairy products into sin-taxxed luxury items in the name of fighting climate change.

This is no conspiracy theory, it is documented in depth by Elaine Graham-Leigh in her 2015 book, A Diet of Austerity. Graham-Leigh, not a Nazi but a Marxist, meticulously documents why billionaires and neo-liberal think-tanks they fund would much rather place the blame for environmental degradation on ordinary people who have to drive to work and enjoy the simple pleasure of a hamburger instead of big business.

Critics, in other words, believe the world’s robber barons are pouring billions into climate change think-tanks with the long-term goal of extracting more wealth upwards by lowering our living standards even further. The green figleaf is their cover.

One of the most prominent contemporary global warming promoters, the Jew Lord Stern, argued exactly for this in 2009, by proclaiming that meat-eating should be demonized and treated like drunk-driving. And while another crusader against “cheap meat,” Jonothon Porritt, may not be Jewish, he has been elected to lead climate lobbying by the major institution’s representing the Jewish community in Britain.

Which brings us to Impossible Foods Inc and its overnight partnership with numerous fast food capitalists.

The zealot behind the “Impossible Burger,” Patrick Brown, is not a Jew, but his start-up was valued at $2 billion dollars before any appreciable number of faux-burgers were even sold.

That over-the-top market valuation is thanks in large part to “philanthropic” investments from financial heavy-hitters, like the Jews at Google and Dustin Moskovitz’s Open Philanthropy Project.

Their interest seems strange at first, plant-based meat-alternatives have been around for decades and are a small market. The choice to invest without regard for profit is really an endorsement of the plan Brown openly talks about: fully replacing all meat products by 2035!

On the Open Philanthropy Project’s page on Impossible Foods, we see specific approval for Brown’s tyrannical agenda. Their money, an unknown amount thanks to Impossible Foods staying private, is specifically earmarked for “R&D,” with a special interest in accelerating towards Brown’s end-goal and replacing chicken products as well.

Putting aside concerns about the myriad of potential deleterious health effects the GMO soy-based Impossible frankenburger can cause, there is no evidence that phasing out or banning the public’s access to meat will do much to help the environment.

The Facts On Carbon Emissions

Climate researcher Bjorn Lomborg, who believes in climate change but disagrees with neo-liberals on how to address warming, has found that 80% of carbon emissions come from modern amenities we take for granted like heating, electricity and transportation. A vegetarian diet would cut individual carbon emissions by a paltry 2%.

Solutions that do not get much attention, like reducing air travel with high-speed magnetic trains like the ones being constructed in China, would do much more. It would also require increasing taxes on the wealthy to pay for it.

Reductions in immigration to industrialized white countries, reversing the global trend towards mass urbanization and encouraging family planning in Africa and Asia would drastically aid the environment and reduce carbon emissions. Jewish Israelis can contribute by reducing the developed world’s highest birth rate.

Yet the same people claiming to be concerned with climate change also aggressively support transplanting the entirety of the non-white world into European majority nations, most who tend to settle in big overcrowded cities.

Moskovitz’s very same Open Philanthropy Project has a whole section of its fund (which has billions at its disposal) dedicated to keeping America’s borders wide open against the will of the majority.

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American Conservative’s Rod Dreher is frustrated at Chick-Fil-A telling Christians to suk-their-cok. His “Benedict Option” is why they can get away with it.

They are bending over to the elite consensus: unrestricted capitalist greed centered around the Big Brown Eye instead of the Golden Calf. The Christian charities Chick-Fil-A has historically funded, specializing in helping needy children, will no longer enjoy support from the chain.

According to opinion researcher Patrick Ruffini, in a multi-party democracy only 12% of Americans would vote for our oligarchy’s guiding ideology.

Dreher is right to perplexed. Business-wise Chick-Fil-A is winning the decade long cultural crusade against it by the Booty Warriors. They are now the third largest fast food restaurant in America.

So why does the Silent Majority keep losing?

The problem ultimately stems from the pride of every even-tempered conservative: a lack of an offense-oriented moral zeal.

Right-wingers assume society, economics and culture are governed by agents engaging in their immediate self-interest. This is the heritage of Adam Smith and Friedrich Hayek, omnipresent in conservative orthodoxy. Columnists as recently as September expressed this, scoffing at homosexual activists looking silly wasting their time and energy getting mad at fried chicken for not being gay enough. Wouldn’t they rather be doing poppers, going to an Abba concert or having an orgy?

Yet they got their way.

Both modern Christians and conservatives lack the authoritarian impulses of the lavender jackboot on their neck. While Jewish capitalists like Fred Eyechaner and Paul Singer donate $10s of millions of dollars to gay pressure groups and the two major parties (one to push the agenda, the other to throw the fight), the very owners of Chick-Fil-A, worth $11 billion themselves, refuse to translate money into either cultural or political power.

While the causes they fight for are anti-social and despicable, Jews demonstrate moral courage when walking all over the values of the majority.

When Starbucks’ left-liberal corporate activism began to hurt its profitability, Howard Schultz told shareholders unhappy about his controversial input on political controversies to sell their stake and leave.

Jews disprove the assertion that humans only engage with the world selfishly. This is something only taught to white people. Jews donate an extraordinary amount of their wealth to Zionist organizations, ethnic solidarity building and a wide array of political and cultural causes, which is why no decision is made anywhere in America without the Jewish community’s input (or veto). They have a sense of civic and racial duty most white people no longer have.

For Chick-Fil-A, it makes perfect sense to acquiesce to the organized and fanatical gay protesters: they lose nothing by doing so.

Christians and conservatives have to get up to go to work in the morning or want to spend their free time with their children. Plus standing up for what’s right can lose you points in the American social credit system. The “live and let live” philosophy of the liberal right means nobody is going to picket the local chicken shop because they threw the Salvation Army under the bus.

Some would even say they don’t agree, but excuse this act of spinelessness as “well they have to do what’s best for their business.” Rod Dreher himself will probably continue stopping in for a chicken deluxe with waffle fries when nobody is looking.

You see institutions fail the public across the board thanks to this mindset. In Kentucky, a Donald Trump supporter had his camera destroyed by anarchists right in front of the police, who instead of arresting the culprit told him to stop antagonizing them by exercising his First Amendment rights. The cops correctly assume that the guy with the blue lives matter flag will choose the path of least resistance, so that’s whose rights get violated when forced to choose.

The City Journal published an article lamenting how Judeo-leftists in the press have succeeded in censoring a myriad of conservative columnists, even though most right-wingers in the media refuse to respond in kind. Andy Ngo was brutally assaulted while engaging in news-gathering, yet leftist groups masquerading as protectors of press freedom like the Committee for Protecting Journalists and the Columbia Journalism Review refuse to even pretend to condemn the communists that frequently beat him or physically intimidate his family with night time visits to their homes.

The conservative pride in being reasonable is now a conveyer belt to the West’s incineration.

The power of the left is framing every issue, big or small, as life or death. This triggers solidarity and altruism, which translates into collective power, which then changes the world.

Christians only seem to fight this hard with the abortion issue, where pro-life advocates argue that babies are being systematically murdered. Activists on this front fight with heart, but pro-abortion advocates match them, by claiming that banning the practice would lead to women dying. In many states, the well-funded abortion lobby has been fought to a stalemate.

All of this reminds me of a debate with a conservative leaning white nationalist, who suggested that calling the demographic replacement of whites in the West a “genocide” hurt the cause because it was a bit sensational.

But the point isn’t that it’s good marketing or semantically true, it’s that it energizes activists to fight with the passion, selflessness and desperation the situation demands.

Ultimately, for Christians and conservatives, the biggest flaw is the Republican party’s unholy alliance with capital. Homosexual activists can count on Democratic lawmakers across the country to use state power to ban Chick-Fil-A from opening in their cities. The GOP, on the other hand, is the party of the radically pro-gay, anti-white Jewish slavedrivers at Uber.

Those interested in defending decency and liberty must dismiss the banality of Rod Dreher’s “Benedict Option,” which suggests right-wingers drop out of society and hide in their suburban homes and churches in hopes the social engineers won’t notice them.

History has shown that the only way to fight the mob is to become one to contest the public square.

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Last year Gary Cohn, a Goldman Sachs Jewish robber baron who served as Trump’s economic advisor, met with a number of CEOs at a Wall Street Journal hosted event meant to promote the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.”

The law cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. Cohn asked how many in the audience were going to use their new savings to expand their businesses, but only a few raised their hand.

New numbers show Trump, who bashed high finance and campaigned on transforming the GOP into a worker’s party, has failed white labor and enriched America’s most despicable parasites.

The job growth Trump touts is being fueled by increases in consumer confidence and cheap credit, not investment. Low paying service and leisure jobs with no benefits and few hours remain the driving force in the labor market recovery.

Trump alone is hardly to blame for the collapse in manufacturing – the traditional pool of middle class jobs in the United States – but his tax cuts have exacerbated it. A worker shifting from manufacturing to one of the growing economic sectors can expect a pay cut of 20%.

It’s hard to think that Trump or the Jewish investment bankers formulating his economic policies (Larry Kudlow, Steve Mnuchin, previously Cohn) were unaware that their “Tax Cut and Jobs Act” would just encourage corporations and financial firms to engage in speculative practices like stock buybacks.

The Republican party has long argued that giving capital large tax cuts and free reign on price gouging spurred investment in research and jobs, but this is a lie. For example, the pharmaceutical industry always resists calls for regulation by asserting that the high prices they charge are necessary to fund internal scientific research, but a 2017 study found that they actually use most of their profits to repurchase shares on the stock market to deliver bigger profits to CEOs and shareholders.

With the Tax Cut and Jobs Act and cuts to federal reserve interest rates, speculation, not production, was massively incentivized. A year into the implementation of the Trump tax-cuts shows that real capital investment is negative, compared to previous years where it was up.

During the same period in 2018, S&P 500 companies spent $806 billion on stock buybacks, shattering all previous records. Even as economists predict a recession next year the stock market will remain stable, carried by a projected $570 billion in buybacks.

Why should companies like Apple invest in new ideas or new warehouses when they can just press a button and deliver huge profits to their shareholders by doing nothing?

This is a bad look for Trump. Today, for the first time in American history, people who work are taxed at a higher rate than idle or speculative finance capital.

The Republican party’s economic policies are an insult to the dignity of honest, productive work and a collapsing middle class.

The blood sweat and tears Trump’s rural and white working class voters expended seem to have been for nothing. The GOP’s suburban and gay, multicultural, libertarian “New Era Enterpriser” wings have used backing from plutocratic donors and think-tanks to shut out the “Country First” and “Market Skeptic” voters that once composed Trump’s base out of any prominent position in the administration.

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