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Why Deal When Israel Holds All the Cards?
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Did anyone really think that John Kerry’s nine-month effort to produce a Palestinian mini-state would ever work? If so, they were either ignorant of the Mideast, naïve, or deeply cynical.

The best one could say about Kerry’s fiasco was that it was a charade designed to show America’s Arab allies that Washington was really making an effort to resolve the nearly seven-decade suffering of the 5 million homeless Palestinians.

In 2002, I wrote that the latest Arab-Israel peace initiative – called “the roadmap to peace” – would be a dead end in the desert. So it was, and so was each ensuing peace spasm as Washington beseeched, begged , implored, cajoled and pleaded with Israel to allow creation of a small, semi-independent Palestinian state on the Israel-occupied West Bank.

Oooops! New Jersey governor Chris Christie, the Republican frontrunner for president, went to Las Vegas to lick the hand of Uber Zionist media mogul billionaire Sheldon Adelson. While kow-towing to Adelson, who made his billions by exploiting poor people’s addiction to gambling, Christie made what could be a fatal faux pas.

The New Jersey governor referred to what the United Nations terms the “Israeli-occupied West Bank” as the “Israeli-occupied West Bank.” Adelson, a chief financier of militant Jewish settlers on the West Bank and Golan, went ballistic. No, no, no! It’s Judea and Samaria, thundered the casino mogul, given to the chosen people by God himself!

Poor Christie slunk back to New Jersey. His plain speaking may cost him the presidential nomination. Adelson repeated his offer to give a sufficiently pro-Greater Israel Republican candidate $100 million.

This sickening tale of dirty money and an American political process totally corrupted by now unlimited money explains why Israel has no intention of signing a peace deal with the Palestinians. Why should it?

First, Israel’s ruling Likud Party and its even more extreme allies have vowed there will never be a Palestinian state. Period. In their view, all of Palestine belongs to the Jews, even if they hail from Russia, Morocco, Poland or Lithuania. As the late Gen. Ariel Sharon so often proclaimed, the true Palestinian state is Jordan. There will be no return to pre-1967 borders.

Second, Palestinians don’t exist, as the late Israeli PM Golda Meir was so fond of saying: they are merely landless Bedouin. How ironic that the Jewish thinker Arthur Koestler wrote much the same about the Jews, calling them descendants of nomadic Khazars.

Third, as Sharon used to boast, “don’t worry about the US. I control the US!” Israel’s right wing has turned the US Congress into performing seals. Any US official or politician deemed insufficiently pro-Israel has a short career. Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu even humiliated President Obama and VP Joe Biden – and was cheered by Congress.


Fourth, Israel holds all the cards. US Mideast policy is determined by the potent Israel lobby. Israel grows rich from US aid ($3-5 billion annually) and new energy discoveries. Its economy thrives and its tech sector is a world leader. Israel has annexed the region’s key water sources.

Militarily, Israel could conquer much of the Mideast in mere days. Israel’s American allies, known as neocons, engineered the Iraq war that destroyed Israel’s most capable Arab enemy. Now, thanks again to the neocons, the other serious enemy, Syria, lies in ruins.

Egypt, the Arab world’s leading power, is now run by a brutal fascist regime that is secretly allied with Israel. Distant Iran offers no current military challenge to Israel. Besides, nuclear-armed Israel has unlimited American military and financial backing.

Palestinians are split between the useless PLO – a sock puppet for the US and Israel – and Hamas, locked up in Gaza. They pose only nuisance value to Israel. The only serious remaining Arab fighting force is Lebanon’s Hezbollah – but it is only effective when fighting at home.

Israel’s right is quite prepared to enforce an apartheid state where Arabs have few rights and no political power. It’s no coincidence that Israel and apartheid South Africa were the closest of allies.

Finally, Israel’s Zionist hard right has always been reluctant to fix the nation’s borders with Syria and Lebanon. Who knows what Israel’s final borders will look like. Some on Israel’s hard right see golden opportunities in a collapsing, fragmented Arab world.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Israel/Palestine, Neocons 
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  1. NB says: • Website

    Margolis claims: as Sharon used to boast, “don’t worry about the US. I control the US!”
    This is widely considered a fake quote. It was originally reported in the US here:
    and being a reputable news source, they retracted it, as there’s no evidence Sharon actually said that.
    “Editor’s note: Georgie Anne Geyer’s May 10 column included a quote from Ariel Sharon, “I control America.” This quote was widely reported in the Palestinian press but cannot be confirmed in independent sources. Geyer and Universal Press Syndicate regret not having attributed the quote more specifically.”

    Note how Margolis even worded his statement as though Sharon habitually said that.

    As far as I know Golda Meir never said “Palestinians don’t exist” in the present tense. She said they didn’t exist in the past tense, which is technically true, as Palestinians did not identify as a people (distinct from other Levantine Arabs) a century ago. That does not change the fact that they do today and that they deserve the right of self-determination like all other peoples.

    Any US official or politician deemed insufficiently pro-Israel has a short career.
    Ron Paul served many years in Congress, so…

  2. Harold says:

    Margolis, come on confess: You put that alleged Sharon quote in just for NB didn’t you?

  3. When will we admit that the “Peace Process,” is a sham. It serves no functional purpose while providing the Israelis cover for a slow motion Anschluss. I call it the piece by piece process.

    Serious powers engage in such pointless exercises to the detriment of their standing in the world. If the USA stopped the pretense of honest brokerage in this rigged game, exactly the same events would take place. But at least they would not be happening while we sit at the table with the Zionist perpetrators.

  4. There is no surprise that Christie went to kiss the ring of a Republican oligarch, but how about the views of the other oligarchs that rule the US? Also could Israel really conquer the Middle East? I remember Margolis dismissing the threat of Al Qaeda like groups against Israel while claiming Israel is a virtually impenetrable fortress. Is that really the case?

    American officials blame Israel’s right wing government for the failure of the peace talks. I hope during their reevaluation that they consider stopping American support and funding if the US plan is not immediately adopted by all participants. If America must stay involved then I hope the US goes to the UN and place international sanctions on them to enforce a speedy enforcement of the American plan. It is a shame because Abbas was willing to deal and make concessions according to American officials:,7340,L-4515821,00.html

  5. KA says: • Website


    The English reference book Modern history or the present state of all nations written in 1744 stated that “Jerusalem is still reckoned the capital city of Palestine”.[133]
    Modern History or present state of all nations (1744) by Salmon Thomas

  6. Mark Green says: • Website

    Sharon’s boast ‘we control America’ was allegedly broadcast in Hebrew on some Israel radio station over a decade ago. The conversation’s been lost and the quote cannot be verified or disproven either way. Naturally, full time Jewish activists and various internet trolls claim that Sharon’s alleged statement is a ‘fraud’ like the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was a ‘forgery’. Forgery? That expression in this context means that the author of “Protocols” wasn’t Jewish. But how would they possibly know? At this point, we will probably never actually know who wrote that ‘infamous’ book. But what matters now is this: is there truth in any of these claims?

    Indeed, it doesn’t much matter who said or wrote what. Candid and critical observations about Israel in public life are mostly forbidden and/or highly censored anyway. But this fact is undeniable: Ariel Sharon and his cronies take no orders from any American President.

    I remember when Bush Jr. actually ordered Israel “out of the West Bank” back in 2003. Sharon didn’t even respond. And there was no downside. Unrivaled levels of US aid to Israel simply never stop flowing. And it doesn’t matter what Israel does in Gaza or the West Bank, what nation they bomb, or who they assassinate. In official Washington, Israel lives comfortably above the law.

    And when it comes to US policies in the Middle East, Israel clearly does control America. Only a dishonest partisan would claim otherwise. And then there’s Hollywood, the mainstream news media, Wall St., and other areas of American life which have attained a distinctly Yiddish accent.

    There has been an enormous shift in power in America over the past 50 years. Jewish power and influence has grown. Denying it doesn’t make it any less so.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It does seem like our leaders are groveling for favor or cowering in terror. Check out the Saturday Night Live skit on YouTube which wasn’t aired after the ADL previewed it. It nonetheless rings true, and a number of Jews were involved in making it. The most effective voice on behalf of the Palestinians belongs to sympathetic Jews such as Noam Chomsky and Glen Greenwald. These individuals cannot rationally be called anti-Semites, though that won’t stop World Net Daily from trying.

    Fear of Jewish disapproval has led to some serious problems. Firstly, there is little criticism of laws in Europe and “speech codes” here punishing people for holding certain opinions. Though Holocaust Denial was the first to be outlawed, the slippery slope kicked in and a wide range of right-wing opinion is outlawed. So much for democracy, which cannot exist without freedom of speech. Meanwhile Israel officially denies the Armenian genocide, as a favor to Turkey.

    Secondly, the ideal of intellectual integrity itself is threatened when anyone who wishes to succeed or even be tolerated must pay lip service to a wide variety of dubious opinions. For example, the founders of Israel sometimes resorted to terrorism against the British and the Arabs but to point that out in a discussion of foreign policy would be considered outrageous. Again, if America had a department of Irish affairs staffed by O’ Leary, O’ Donnell, O’Reilly, Fitzpatrick, and Mariotti (nee O’Toole) and if they were resolutely on the side of the IRA against Britain, one might raise the question of bias, but no such question may be raised concerning the analogous situation in the State Department.

    I suspect that most Jews would be willing to see a more independent posture from our opinion makers, but, if not, that needs to discussed.

  8. Blake says:

    I hardly see what America can offer. It’s not exactly their land to have given it to anyone anyway. If immigrants don’t want to assimilate with the locals they should not go to that land. Simple as that.

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