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To Hell with U.S. Jobs, Let's Get Iran!
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President Trump keeps vowing to create more jobs in America. But his actions often speak differently. The most egregious example was Trump’s cancellation of the multi-national Iran nuclear treaty that had been welcomed by the world as a major step to Mideast denuclearization.

In abrogating the international treaty signed by the US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China, the US humiliated its allies and rivals who were strongly in favor of the accord. Iran had already handed 97% of its enriched uranium to Russia, shut down reactors and centrifuges, and allowed UN inspectors to run all over its nuclear facilities when Trump tore up the deal that had been under negotiation since 2015.

Iran has been under a harsh US-led trade embargo since its 1979 revolution that was designed to cripple its economy and military and drive the people to rebel against their government. Washington used the same tactics – without success – against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

So intense is the Trump administration’s hatred for Islamic Iran that it decided to scrap the multinational nuclear deal that would have meant opening Iran to western commerce and a bonanza for US and European companies. The key element of the deal was to have been the sale of some 210 commercial jet airliners to Iran by the US and the European Union, a deal worth some $40-50 billion, not counting future sales of spare parts.

The US embargo of Iran since 1979 has made it unable to modernize its commercial airline fleet. Iran was denied modern aircraft, spare parts, engines and instruments, leaving it with decaying aircraft from the 1970’s.

The grim result of the US-imposed embargo has been 17 crashes of Iranian civilian aircraft with 1500 deaths.

Most of Iran’s commercial aircraft – a grab bag of old, mostly 25-year old Boeing, Airbus, Chinese and Soviet aircraft – are flying coffins. Iran’s maintenance, training and air traffic control are substandard. Flying over and around Iran’s lofty mountains is a challenge for the best of pilots, even for a handful of newer ATR turboprop aircraft.

Washington’s denial to Iran of Boeing Aircraft (and Airbus planes because they contain US-made parts), means the loss of tens of thousands of highly-paid jobs in the US and Europe. Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, claims he talked Trump into canceling the Iran nuclear deal and the Boeing orders.

It’s hard to validate Netanyahu’s claim but it is clear that America’s ever more powerful Israel lobby and its ally fundamentalist Christian Zionists played a key role in thwarting the Iran nuclear deal and sale of commercial aircraft.

We don’t yet know the full cost of lost American jobs and business to help keep Iran isolated. But one could argue that part of the $20 billion lost should be counted as part of annual US aid to Israel.


Russia and China’s aircraft industries will soon be able to deliver modern passenger aircraft to Iran and accept payment in oil. China’s C919 and ARJ21 are now nearing service. Russia’s Sukhoi Superjet 100 will be ready soon. Trump could be cutting off his nose to spite his face.

Trump and his allies are trying to push Iran into a corner and provoke it to lash out at US forces that are poised around it. A navel clash in the Gulf is the obvious pretext for war.

While the US goes after Iran, it has opened a new anti-Muslim front against old ally Turkey by imposing heavy duties on Ankara’s exports to the US and attacking the always vulnerable Turkish lira. This, in turn, has set off a financial crisis across Europe, notably among EU banks that have large, soft loans made to Turkey.

Trump & Co. are trying to force Turkey to bend the knee and support US-Israeli-Saudi policy goals. Turkey and Iran remain the last significant supporters in the region of the Palestinians. Trump and the New York City real estate developers, and the money men who surround him, are determined to show the independent-minded Iranians and Turks who is the big boss.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Donald Trump, Iran 
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  1. Miro23 says:

    While the US goes after Iran, it has opened a new anti-Muslim front against old ally Turkey by imposing heavy duties on Ankara’s exports to the US and attacking the always vulnerable Turkish lira. This, in turn, has set off a financial crisis across Europe, notably among EU banks that have large, soft loans made to Turkey.

    The US also backed the Gulenist coup against Erdogan .

    The Turks can legitimately decide to leave NATO, and let individual European countries (inc. Russia) make their own relationships with Turkey without giving in to US threats, and at some point, European governments also need do some new thinking with regard to the US, and look realistically at what it’s doing with its packs of lies about WMD, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Russia hacking etc. and its constant threats and aggression.

    • Replies: @Eileen Kuch
  2. Greater Israel is the world’s foremost superpower because Greater Israel manages/controls much of Washington–not to mention countless key institutions inside the United States. The breadth of crypto-Israeli penetration is as staggering as it is incalculable. Even our mass media has been captured.

    ‘America First’ Pres. Trump’s capitulation to Bibi vis-a-vis Iran is more evidence of this grotesque and persistent distortion.

    The complacent, conformist, unwitting, anti-intellectual, sports-crazed, and tv-addicted citizens of Zio-America live under soft Israeli occupation. And they don’t even know it.

    In fact, they don’t even want to know. Many would angrily deny this assertion. Some violently. It’s simply too upsetting.

    Therefore, even discussing this phenomena can be dangerous. Better to shut up and simply watch The Game. Go team go!

    • Agree: Druid
  3. Eighthman says:

    Will there be a false flag to blame on Iran? Seems like they need a pretext.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  4. “But one could argue that part of the $20 billion lost should be counted as part of annual US aid to Israel.”

    Kind of begs the question why we are giving any aid to a first-world country with a GDP growth rate in the 3% to 4% rate for years (even while we were stuck below 2%) and an unemployment rate below 4%.

    The Israeli economy is in better shape than the US economy; they should be giving us aid.

  5. @Eighthman

    May be wrong, but isn’t there an US Court that blamed & awarded damages against Iran for the 9/11 shenanigans ? If true, is bizarre, hilarious & typically foul….

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  6. Renoman says:

    Israel is wrecking the World, between the banking and the bombs they are just terrible.

    • Replies: @Druid
  7. Virgile says:

    While Syria has been weakened by 8 years of wars, it is Iraq that will move quietly to join the anti-Israel block.. Israel will never be left off the hook.

  8. mijj says:

    > “Trump’s cancellation of the multi-national Iran nuclear treaty that had been welcomed by the world as a major step to Mideast denuclearization.”

    Point of Order: Mideast denuclearization = stripping Israel of its nukes.

  9. @animalogic

    There was a court in New York that gave an award against Iran. Iran didn’t lower itself to defend and the court gave a default judgement.

    The most I have seen was that some of the Saudi hijackers flew from Europe to Saudi and had a stop over in Iran for some airline related reason. Iran has a policy of not stamping the passports of Saudis that pass through Iran to keep the Saudi government from jailing the travelers.

    So the NeoCons in the “conservative” media jumped on this as Iran planning and aiding the attacks.

    • Replies: @Si1ver1ock
  10. @Chris Mallory

    The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, probably the second most corrupt court in the US.

  11. I’m wondering if Erdogan is planning a strategic default designed to take down the EU. There was an article which suggested that he might use the situation to let pro-American businesses go under while bailing out those that are loyal to Turkey.

    As I understand it, Turkey has been holding back a wave of refugees. If Turkey’s economy crashes, he could use that as an excuse to release the refugees into Europe, since Turkey can no longer afford to maintain them.

    Then there is Syria. Does the US need Turkey to maintain its operations in Syria? What happens to the Kurds when the US leaves. Is the Iraq government tilting towards Iran?

    It looks like the situation is heading for a reordering of the Middle East with America as the odd man out.

    • Replies: @Mike P
    , @didi
  12. Why no invasion of South Africa? Saving the whites there from the government’s genocide seems the only emergency in the world today.

  13. mr meener says:

    besides getting on their knees to serve Israel the entire west along with Putin also japan etc will now be punished for 100’s of billions lost in contracts with Iran over these sanctions. the demonic jews are worse then the black plague. they have no reason to exist unless they cause death misery mass starvation torture etc

  14. Mike P says:

    Good points. It’s hard to see the U.S. “winning” by letting their relationships with Turkey degrade further and further.

  15. Moi says:

    No surprise, since the American people decided to elect a self-centered, egotistical, amoral blowhard as prez.

    Our Iran policy is cut from the same cloth as Christian Europe and America’s hatred of Muslims that goes back many centuries. Nothing new here.

    • Replies: @mr meener
  16. didi says:

    This is rich. Immediately after WW2 millions of Turks migrated to Western Europe in search of work. As a result there are big Turkish quarters in almost every major WE city. I do not criticize these migrants. I point out the hypocrisy of countries whose citizens left because of economic distress but their governments now deny entry of refugees from the Middle East.

    • Replies: @Herald
  17. Druid says:

    Depressingly true. And they’ve done it before, most recently in the Soviet Union and Europe, and still no one does anything. Fear!!!!

  18. mr meener says:

    yes and haggary Clinton would have cut off relations with israel

    • Replies: @Moi
  19. Moi says:
    @mr meener

    Cackling Clinton would probably be worse, but Trump is prez, not her right now. My opinion of Obama is equally negative.

    • Replies: @Herald
  20. Herald says:

    Those migrants will have no intention of staying in Turkey. The EU is where they want to go and Erdogan can open the floodgates if he so chooses. No immediate problem for the US but for its EU lackeys it’s a different story.

  21. Herald says:

    Fair point. Trump is President and is the one who is caving in to Zionist demands. What the nasty Hillary would have done is both hypothetical and irrelevant.

  22. @Miro23

    You’re absolutely right, Miro23, and I agree wholeheartedly. The Trump Administration’s cutting off its own nose to spite its face. What Trump should be doing is working on repairing the nation’s crumbling infrastructure (and that includes lots of US jobs), not threatening war on Iran, a nation that hasn’t attacked its neighbors in over 400 years.
    What’s a real threat to world peace isn’t Iran, China, Russia, or the DPRK, it’s the only nuclear-armed country in the entire Middle East that’s the threat. That very nation created ISIS to help pave the way for its expansion into Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, and a part of Saudi Arabia. Trump has to end all military largesse to this aggressive, rogue nation and use that money to fund sorely needed infrastructure repairs.
    In addition to the above-mentioned action, Trump must also close all overseas bases and bring all the troops and their equipment back home, which would also save tons of money. The only bases that may be needed outside the US would be Guam and some other Pacific islands the US owns as territories.
    The US Empire has no choice now; just as Britain lost its Empire after WWII, so does the US have to lose its Empire, without a shot being fired.

  23. Ironwrkr says:

    Maniac Muslims are trying to build a nuke and we can’t have that. I am glad we are squeezing them and if Boeing sells a couple less airplanes, so what? And the U.S. did not sign a treaty.

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