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No Reds Under Our Beds After All
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Not since the witchcraft hysteria of the Middle Ages have we seen such a display of human idiocy, credulity and absurdist behavior. I refer, of course, to the two-year witch hunt directed against President Donald Trump which hopefully just concluded last week – provided that the Hillaryites, Democratic dopes and secret staters who fueled this mania don’t manage to keep the pot boiling.

This column has said from Day 1 that claims Trump was somehow a Russian agent were absurd in the extreme. So too charges that Moscow had somehow rigged US elections. Nonsense. We know it’s the US that helps rig elections around the globe, not those bumbling Russians who can’t afford the big bribes such nefarious activity requires.

What Muller found after he turned over the big rock was a bevy of slithering, slimy creatures, shyster lawyers, and sleazes that are normally part of New York’s land development industry. No surprise at all that they surrounded developer Trump. Son-in-law Jared Kushner hails from this same milieu. The Kushners are pajama-party buddies with Israel’s leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now that the Muller investigation found no collusion between the Trump camp and the Kremlin, we Americans owe a great big apology to Vladimir Putin for all the slander he has suffered. Too bad he can’t sue the legions of liars and propagandists who heaped abuse on him and, incidentally, pushed the US and Russia to the edge of war.

People who swallowed these absurdist claims really should question their own grasp of reality. Those who believed that the evil Kremlin was manipulating votes in Alabama or Missouri would make good candidates for Scientology or the John Birch Society.

They were the simple fools. Worse, were the propagandists who promoted the disgusting Steele dossier, a farrago of lies concocted by British intelligence and apparently promoted by the late John McCain and Trump-hating TV networks. One senses Hillary Clinton’s hand in all this. Hell indeed hath no fury like a woman scorned.

It’s so laughably ironic that while the witch hunt sought a non-existent Kremlin master manipulator, the real foreign string-puller was sitting in the White House Oval office chortling away: Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and, behind him, the moneybags patron of Trump and Netanyahu, American billionaire gambling mogul, Sheldon Adelson, the godfather of Greater Israel.

The three amigos had just pulled off one of the most outrageous violations of international law by blessing Israel’s annexation of the highly strategic Golan Heights that Israel had seized in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. This usurpation was so egregious that all 14 members of the UN Security Council condemned it. Even usually wimpy Canada blasted the US.

Giving Golan to Israel means it has permanently secured new water sources from the Mount Hermon range, artillery and electronic intelligence positions overlooking Damascus, and the launching pad for new Israeli land expansion into Lebanon and Syria. Israel is said to be preparing for a new war against Lebanon, Syria and Gaza.


In contrast to this cynical business over Golan, the Trump administration is still hitting Russia with heavy sanctions over Moscow’s re-occupation of Crimea, a strategic peninsula that was Russian for over 300 years. So Israel can grab Golan but Russia must vacate Crimea. The logic of sleazy politics.

We also learned last week that according to State Secretary Mike Pompeo, Trump might have been sent by us by God, like ancient Israel’s Queen Esther, to defend Israel from the wicked Persians. Up to a quarter of Americans, and particularly Bible Belt voters, believe such crazy nonsense. For them, Trump is a heroic Crusading Christian warrior.

This is as nutty as Trump being a Commie Manchurian candidate. We seem to be living in an era of absurdity and medieval superstition. No wonder so many nations around the globe fear us. We too often look like militant Scientologists with nuclear weapons.

Fortunately, the cool, calm, collected Vladimir Putin remains in charge of the other side in spite of our best efforts to overthrow or provoke him.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Giving Golan to Israel means ……………

    As if the Golan was Trump’s to give. Israel will keep the Golan if She can defend it.

    • Agree: foolisholdman
  2. Alistair says:

    Trump is an asset of Russian Oligarchy who are closely associated with the Russian government.

    In early 1990’s, Trump was in deep financial troubles; with near One billion dollars in personal debt he had to take bankruptcy – after taking the bankruptcy, Trump no longer could borrow from the regular banking network to carry on with his highly leveraged real estate businesses. so, there came the Russian Oligarchs to rescue him, and ever since he became an asset of the Russian Oligarchy in the USA.

    In the early 1990’s, Russia was in turmoil; massive transition of public assets to private hands brought chaos, misery and uncertainty to the ordinary Russians who could no longer afford the basic staples; food was scarce, so was public safety; violence drug and prostitution were rampaging the Eastern Europe while Russian military disintegrating from within; in such gloomy days, president Boris Yeltsin’s administration transferred the power to Vladimir Putin in 1999.

    Under president Putin, order has been restored, he tried to build a bridge to Russian Oligarchs; he allowed them to keep their money as long as they worked closely with the Russian state; at first, the Oligarchy resisted any cooperation with the Russian Government – in order to assert his authority over the Russian matters, Putin therefore, ordered arrests, assassinations and exiled a few among the most prominent Russian Oligarchs, so, eventually, the Oligarchs have conceded to president Putin. As such, since mid 2000’s, Russian Oligarchy has been closely cooperating with the Russian government – mutually sharing assets, intelligence and other resources with Russian Government in service of Russia’s global strategic objectives.

    Coincidentally, the majority of the Russian Oligarchs are Zionist-Jews who have very close ties to Israeli government, in fact, many of them have Russian-Israeli double citizenship.

    And there comes Donald Trump’s new boss, though originally an asset of the Russian Oligarchy, Trump has been lent or “transferred” to the Russian state to assume his new role in the United States.

  3. The danger is everyone becoming distracted from what is really happening. That is – the US and Russia are on course for war, world war. None of the evidence, or the logic, can suggest any other explanation. The two countries have withdrawn from the INF treaty and are unlikely to renew START. There is a NATO build-up against the Russian border that Moscow sees as an existential threat. The Kremlin must also feel uneasy about a possible attack on Iran. Regime change there could destabilize the whole region, affecting Russia near-abroad and even posing an existential threat to Putin. Every nation has what it sees as core interests that have to be defended at any cost (even nuclear war). The challenge is avoiding the clash of core interests in a scenario where neither side can back done. History tells us that is the direction we are heading.

    • Replies: @Alistair
  4. Alistair says:
    @peter mcloughlin

    Like Germany in 1940’s, America has the power to engage in multiple wars with the entire planet but she cannot win them.

    Since the end of the Vietnam war and defeat of the US in 1974, America had only engaged in small wars where it had the “absolute superiority and control” over all aspect of the conflict, and yet, the Afghan and Iraq conflicts are still dragging on with no end in sight – a war with Russia will be suicidal for the US. as to Iran, Iranians have made it quite clear that a war against iran will not be contained in the Middle east, American and Zionists interests will be targeted around the world, therefore, the US cannot control all the aspects of the conflict against Iranians, much less against Russians; the global trade will collapse and global depressions will follow everywhere, other powers; China, Europeans, Japan, UK. India, Brazil, and the rest of the world could not allow the US military adventurism at their expense, they will stop the US, even militarily if needed.

    For America, war is a profit-driven-business-venture and business needs certainty which the US cannot assure in case of conflict against iran or Russia, unless it’s willing to take suicidal risk like Adolf Hitler did in 1940’s which had resulted in total defeat, destruction and division of Germany.

    • Replies: @Wally
  5. No, don’t you understand? You are writing for the wrong magazine. Everybody on here says there ARE reds under our beds. The geniuses.

    • Replies: @Wally
  6. Newsflash: Putin n Trump announce their gay marriage, thus uniting the two most powerful political entities in the world. The world is breathing a sigh of relief as both countries will clearly be better off. Russian troops are moving into the White House while Trump thumbs his nose at Dems, whose pro-gay marriage policies are preventing them from mounting any criticism.

  7. gsjackson says:

    “One senses Hillary Clinton’s hand in all this.” Do ya think? The whole farce started as a diversionary tactic by the Clinton campaign to distract attention from the Wikileaks emails showing that Clinton and the DNC rigged the primaries against Sanders, that she knew the US was giving money to ISIS, and that she might be involved with a pedophile ring. One might say that she couldn’t have imagined this tactic would be so successful, but then we now know that the presstitutes take instructions directly from the Deep State Clinton serves, no matter how absurd it makes them seem.

  8. Priss Factor [AKA "Asagirian"] says: • Website

    No reds under our beds but diapers everywhere. Government is romper room.

  9. Wally says:

    ” unless it’s willing to take suicidal risk like Adolf Hitler did in 1940’s which had resulted in total defeat, destruction and division of Germany.”

    Nonsense. You really mean being forced to attack the USSR before the USSR’s planned invasion got underway.

    Why Germany Attacked the Soviet Union, Hitler’s Declaration of War Against the USSR – Two Historic Documents:

  10. Wally says:

    No, as in your case, there are mainly just lazy unskilled breeders looking for a free ride.

  11. Renoman says:

    The Democrats seem a very simple people, low IQ, can’t read, have no understanding of geography. It’s a terrible shame.

  12. Dont let your guard down now. This is part 4. watch other parts

  13. rosemerry says:

    “Trump is an asset of Russian Oligarchy who are closely associated with the Russian government. ”

    Trump has no idea of international relations and the USA under any Administration cares not at all for cooperation, negotiations or sovereignty.

    Don’t blame the Russian government or President Putin for any of the disasters of policy from the US political parties, and their media delight in lies and filth.

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