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Murder in Paris
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Have the long-feared lone wolf attacks, possibly threatened by al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, begun? The twin massacres in Paris suggest that the Mideast’s mayhem and mass killings are again spilling over into Europe.

Paris remains in chaos. Its Peripherique ring highway is still closed, producing traffic madness across the capitol. Some 60,000 troops and police saturated Paris. As I write, there are reports of a new attack in Montpelier, in southern France.

I visited the Paris office of the French satirical magazine, “Charlie Hebdo,” while on tour for my last book. It was located on a non-descript street of the non-chic 11th arrondisement, a popular venue for youthful Parisians.

“Charlie’s” brilliant cartoonists were rapier sharp and merciless. They went looking for controversy and notoriety –and found it. Previous death threats and a past fire-bomb attack culminated on Wednesday in a commando-style assault by two masked men with AK-47’s, crying out “Charlie is dead!” Indeed, eight or more of its staff, a visitor, and two police guards were killed and others wounded.

The Muslim world and its leaders were special targets for “Charlie.” The magazine had a modest circulation. Like a right-wing Danish newspaper in recent years, the left-leaning “Charlie” provoked outrage and fury across the Muslim world.

In Islam, it is strictly forbidden to depict the Prophet of Islam. Doing so is one of the most serious provocations against Islam and a certain way to infuriate even moderate Muslims – though in no way does doing so justify violence. But many Muslim don’t think this way.

These mocking western media portrayals of the prophet were seen by many Muslims as part of a growing attack on Islam by the western world that began with George Bush’s invasion of Iraq – the Pandora’s box that has indirectly led to many of these outrages.

Shortly after the “Charlie” outrage, a French policewoman was gunned down and a Kosher food store seized by another attacker. Four people there may have died when it was stormed by French elite special police, the Gendarmerie Mobile.

The two men who attacked “Charlie” were cornered on Friday in a printing plant northwest of Paris. They chose to go down with guns blazing. The horror shows in Paris was over.

France has particularly suffered from the growing tensions between the West and Islam because it has Europe’s largest Muslim population – some 6.5 million people of North African and Black African origin as well as Europe’s largest Jewish population.

Making matters worse, most of France’s Muslims are third class citizens marginalized by French society and discriminated against, living in poverty with no prospects for their futures. They have become an angry, dangerous, alienated sub-class seething with resentment and prone to criminality. The French-born men of Algerian origin men who killed “Charlie Hebdo” came from there. The food market attacker was of black African origin.


Until recently, Islam meant little or nothing to young French of Muslim origin. Islam was the antique faith of their grandparents’ Africa. But the destruction of Iraq, Syria and Libya by the western powers released fanaticism and anarchism from out of the burning Mideast, and fury against the western powers, notably the United States and France.

To put things in context, France has emerged as one of the most active interveners in the Muslim world, conducting military operations in Libya, Mali, Chad, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, Djibouti, Abu Dhabi, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Critics accused France of a new era of Mideast and African colonialism.

As France increasingly wages small wars in the Muslim world, Islamophobia is surging in France, propelled by continued immigration and the rapid rise of the hard right National Front.

I interviewed its founder, former paratrooper Jean-Marie Le Pen, 16 years ago. He claimed, “immigration equals invasion.” Muslims, said Le Pen, had to be expelled before taking over France.

Today, the National Front is led by his softer-spoken heir, daughter Marine. Her party is benefitting from the collapse of the French left and its much derided leader, President Francois Hollande. The National Front may actually win the next elections in 2017.

The “Charlie” massacre is a boon for all anti-Islamist and neo-Nazi parties across Europe. Islamophobia, the hallmark of most rightwing parties, is our era’s version of 1930’s anti-Semitism.

When Muslims kill, the crime become a political cause celebre that we call by the nonsense term “terrorism.” When Christians, like Norway’s Anders Breivik, massacre 77 schoolchildren, it’s just a crime by a madman. Western politicians have cynically used Islamophobia to advanced rightwing political agendas and curtail freedoms.

There has been a spate of attacks in France during recent months by individual Muslims who were either demented or crazed by ISIS internet propaganda. They, and the Paris attackers, have inflicted untold damage on their fellow Muslims.

Ominously, the leader of ISIS has called for waves of “lone wolf” attacks against Europe in revenge for its military interventions in Iraq and Syria. French security officials are deeply concerned by this threat. This week’s Paris attacks could be an opening salvo.

“The “lone wolf” attackers will be our versions of US drone attacks,” in the words of one jihadi.

France remains in shock. Those lamenting freedom of press should not forget western attacks on al-Jazeera bureau in Baghdad and against Serb, Iraqi and Libyan TV.

Let us also recall the sage words about free speech by US Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter: freedom of speech is not absolute. It does not permit a person to yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater.”

But nothing justified this week’s savagery in Paris.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Charlie Hebdo, France, Islam, Terrorism 
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  1. “When Christians, like Norway’s Anders Breivik, massacre 77 schoolchildren, it’s just a crime by a madman. ”

    He wasn’t even a believing Christiam – he seems to have been motivated more by right-liberal anti-Islamism, the ideology of Fortuyn/Van Gogh/Wilders in Holland, Bat Ye’or and the Gates of Vienna crowd, the EDL etc. Not that they are responsible, but that was his moral framework.

    • Replies: @masmanz
  2. Vendetta says:

    How did the pied-noires fare in Algeria after French rule ended? Did the Algerians appreciate the vibrant diversity French rule had brought to their country? The whole point of having separate countries was so that each of them would be ruled by its own native people. Algeria for the Algerians, France for the French.

    European Jews of yesterday were a totally different group from the European Muslims of today. The Jews were a longstanding, wealthy, educated, successful, integrated model minority, hated largely for the disproportionate wealth and influence of their uppermost class. European Muslims are by and large recent transplants, uneducated, unintegrated (largely by their own choice), and whose communities are rampant with street crime, easily stirred into violence, and, unlike the Jews, nurture small groups of violent fanatics.

    Europe of the 1930s was not at war with any Jewish countries. Europe and Western civilization of the 1930s was not hated by the many if not most of the Jewish population. Jews of the 1930s did not routinely perpetrate violence in European cities. No popular Jewish movements or groups sought to impose Jewish religious rule in European countries or carried out terroristic campaigns in European capitals.

    There is an absolutely false equivalency at play here.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Jim
  3. Dave says:

    Poor Eric needs to step back, take a deep breath, and then read Peter Frost’s post on the same subject.
    Much clearer and providing some necessary historical and cultural context to what is taking place in France.
    Eric has his Uber Progressive shtick down pat. A little less empty moral posturing and a little more critical thinking is in order.

    • Replies: @Traveler
  4. Roach says: • Website

    Nothing justifies Muslim immigration to Europe. Nothing justifies immigrants not conforming to their host societies. Nothing justifies the Muslim heresy. And nothing justifies the absurd situation of Westerners changing their way of life to accommodate newcomers who have contributed almost nothing to our collective life.

    Go read Suicide of the West and ask yourself why you’re embracing the leftist paradigm.

    • Replies: @didi
    , @Realist
  5. Robert says:


    This is another tragedy caused by the alien invasion.

    So why are the govts. of white nations giving so many visas to people from non-white nations?

    There is a long list of links to the most power lobbies that demand more alien invasion in this one article below, links the lobby’s own websites and statements where they DEMAND more alien invasion.

  6. Harold says:

    When Muslims kill, the crime become a political cause celebre that we call by the nonsense term “terrorism.” When Christians, like Norway’s Anders Breivik, massacre 77 schoolchildren, it’s just a crime by a madman.

    Margolis lives in an alternative reality. When Muslims kill, it had “nothing to do with Islam.” When a bomb was planted in Times Square the media speculated about the probable right-wing ideological motivations of the bomber. Later the bomber turns out to be Muslim; nothing to see here move along!

  7. When I toured Europe in 1986, France required that we get Visas because of the recent spate of Muslim bombings in Paris. Military men, armed with assault rifles and machine guns were on every corner and saturated the train stations. This low-level war has been going on for a long time but we forget. This incident too will be soon forgotten in the excitement and stimulation brought about by the next tragedy. Maybe we don’t take real steps to solve this problem because we’re addicted to the rush.

  8. Numinous says:

    Let us also recall the sage words about free speech by US Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter: freedom of speech is not absolute. It does not permit a person to yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater.”

    I thought that was Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (A quick Google search seems to indicate that too.)

  9. didi says:

    It would be good to remember that Algeria was once a province of France with representatives in Parliament. Napoleon III allowed all of Algerian residents to apply for French citizenship. Algerian Jews were automatic French citizens. So much for “invasion”. It was the French who invaded North Africa and “flooded” its lands with French soldiers and colonists. Where are the Muslim soldiers in Paris forcing France to accept your “flooding”?

    • Replies: @Jim
  10. I’m very displeased with Eric’s one sided piece. Shameful reporting. I expected alot more from Eric.Hit piece against Muslims–ratcheting the hatred–way to go Eric–shows your tribe allegiance :^(

    Charlie Hebdo establishment was going bankrupt-flat broke and no customers. where did they get money to exist??? They operated as a anti Muslim operation for years. Knock it off Eric.

  11. Moi says:

    Perhaps I was taking a nap, but have Muslims been invading or bombing western countries?

    • Replies: @Simon in London
    , @Jim
  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Wow there is sure a whole lot of ignorant morons who are hating on this article. Judging by the stench emanating from my computer screen and their complete lack of knowledge I can only assume their French.

  13. Realist says:

    Diversity of race and culture is a fatal mistake.

    • Replies: @Eileen Kuch
  14. miles says:

    Anders Brevik was an atheist from what I’ve read in a couple of different places, not a Christian. Ive noticed left-leaning authors keep wanting to ascribe Christianity to Brevik. At what point are we libeling other Christians by doing this?

  15. joe says:

    Again the West does not get it. When you invade countries, steal their land and resources, kill their children, and destroy their culture they tend to become angry and retaliate. Just stay the hell out of the Middle East and the violence will stop. And all these proponents of free speech. Give me a break. Write or say something against Israel and go to jail or lose your job. And has anyone of those free speech hypocrites heard about Snowden, Assage, the killing by Netanyahu’s boys of seven journalists, the genocide in Gaza, and on and on. Oh, and yes the decapitations are barbaric while the drones that kill mainly civilians are civilized. And why shouldn’t the Muslims in Europe benefit from the societies that became wealthy by colonizing and exploiting those countries in the good old days of colonialism. In fact those country should all be receiving reparations from the West for the land, rsources,, and labor that the colonialists stole from them.

    • Replies: @Jim
  16. @Realist

    You’re exactly right; diversity of race and culture is a fatal mistake. God intended for the races to be separate, not to interbreed. Diverse races and cultures evolved within their own regions – Negroids around the equator and south; semitics in North Africa and the Middle East, and so on. Thus, the Creator never coerced any of these to intermingle; otherwise, He would have created one race.
    The only endangered race in modern times is the White race, as the world is populated by a vast number of yellows, browns, and blacks; and, these three majority races are being highly encouraged to mass migrate into the white nations, with the main purpose being integration and race-mixing. We certainly don’t see whites migrating to nations of the other races; so, why should these other races migrate to white nations?
    I think most of us know who’s behind all of this.

  17. Traveler says:

    Do yo have a link to that post, please?
    Many thanks.

  18. Wally says: • Website

    Another hasbara troll letting us know how wonderful Jews are.

    Oh yes, the Jews: the bride & groom at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral.

    So very precious they are.

    antisemite: any thought or person that a Jew doesn’t like.

  19. masmanz says:
    @Simon in London

    Whether Anders Breivik was a true Christian or not so true Christian it does not affect the point Eric Margolis is trying to make. Where were the demonstrations against him? Why didn’t Norway invite top officials from all over the world to march against this right-wing atrocity? After a short time hardly anyone remembers his name, his ideology, and what motivated him. No one would dare call for an screening of all white folks to make sure such incident never happens again.

  20. @masmanz

    ” No one would dare call for an screening of all white folks”

    Because Norway is white.

  21. @masmanz

    To answer your question, because demonstrations against Breivik would not further the multicultural, globalist Narrative. After all, if Breivik were truly xenophobic, i.e., viscerally hated immigrants as Western nationalists are constantly accused, then he would have pulled up to an immigrant community center and slaughtered the residents. Breivik did not blame the immigrants–they are what they are–and instead went after the offspring of the government officials who are subverting their own country, and who were themselves being groomed for succession.

    People like Breivik are put away with as little fuss as is possible for such a high-profile event. Make Breivik an extroverted organizer instead of a sociopathic loner, and you get a coup d’état instead of a massacre of teenagers at a political party camp.

  22. Jim says:

    I agree that Western intervention in the Middle East does not benefit most Westerners and I certainly don’t support it. But allowing mass migration of Middle Easterners to the West is madness. The West should separate itself as much as possible from the Islamic World.

  23. Jim says:

    Yes, of course, the problem is not Moslem soldiers but French madness that allows the takeover of France by North Africans.

  24. Jim says:

    Moslems are certainly invading France and much of the rest of Europe.

  25. Jim says:

    The case of Jews in the West is not the same thing as mass Moslem migration since Jews were never a large enough group to fundamentally threaten the existence of the West. Having said that it wuold also be dishonest to pretend that the history of Jewish-Gentile relations in the West has been very harmonious. In fact Jewish-Gentile relations over the history of the West have been marked by constant friction frequently exploding into horrific violence.

    Jews and Western European Gentiles are not terribly compatible with each other but mass Moslem migration is a much greater threat to the West than Jews ever were.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  26. Ron Unz says:

    It’s much better to avoid multiple very short responses and instead combine them into one or two much longer comments in order to avoid cluttering up the discussion thread.

    • Replies: @Harold
  27. Harold says:
    @Ron Unz

    I have seen you say this before, and the previous time, as this time, the reason for the multiple consecutive comments was to utilise the ‘reply’ feature.

    A technological solution would then be to make it easy to include several replies in one comment. I don’t have any good ideas, off the top of my head, for how the interface for such a feature would work.

    Maybe consecutive comments by the same author could share a header?

  28. Harold says:

    When Muslims kill, the crime become a political cause celebre that we call by the nonsense term “terrorism.” When Christians, like Norway’s Anders Breivik, massacre 77 schoolchildren, it’s just a crime by a madman.

    The reason the Charlie Hebdo killers are considered terrorists and Anders Breivik isn’t, is simple.

    The Charlie Hebdo people were killed for mocking the prophet Mohammed. Their killers are no longer in a postion to kill again, so do people now feel safe to mock Mohammed? No, they may be killed by others of the same ideology as the Charlie Hebdo killers. People have been terrorised into being circumspect about mocking Mohammed.

    The Norwegian youths were killed for belonging to a left-wing political organisation. Their killer is no longer in a position to kill again, so do people now feel safe to belong to that organisation? Yes, because they don’t believe they are likely to be killed by others of the same ideology as Breivik. People have not been terrorised because Breivik was a lone madman.

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