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End All the Craziness Over North Korea
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North Korea has ‘entered the final stage of preparation for the test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile(ICBM)’. So crowed North Korea’s young leader, Kim Jong-un, in his New Year’s Day message aimed at tough-talking US president-elect, Donald Trump.

In case there was any doubt about Pyongyang’s meaning, Kim warned his nation would continue to build its ‘capability for preemptive strike’ as long as the US and its allies continued their nuclear threats and ‘war games they stage on our doorstep.’

Trump fired back, tweeting that North Korea’s nuclear threats against the US ‘won’t happen.’ Well, not if tweets can shoot down incoming ICBM’s.

A lot of Americans dismissed Kim’s braggadocio as more hot air from a world-class producer. But one should not quickly dismiss North Korea’s claims. The US has always underestimated North Korea.

But there no need to squander trillions on new anti-missile defenses based in Alaska and California that may not work as advertised. North Korea’s missiles are designed to deter a US attack.

The alleged dire threat from North Korea can be better and more swiftly resolved by intelligent diplomacy and some calm thinking.

North Korea is a small, backwards, dirt poor nation of 25 million that has been under a fierce US-imposed sanctions regime for over half a century. Call it a North Asian Cuba. Without modest economic and military help from China, North Korea would likely have collapsed long ago. It remains under constant siege by the US and allies.

It’s easy to dismiss pip-squeak North Korea and sneer at its pretensions to major power status. That would be a mistake. In 1950, at the time of the Korean War, North Korea’s economy was larger than that of South Korea thanks to Japan’s colonial industrial policies. Korea’s Communists, like their allies in China, took the lead in fighting Japanese occupation. America suffered heavy casualties fighting North Korean forces.

To many Koreans, particularly young ones, North Korea is the authentic Korea while South Korea remains a well-off but politically powerless American semi-protectorate. The humiliating collapse and impeachment of South Korea’s first female president, scandal-ridden Park Geun-hye, only reinforces the South’s image as a rudderless ship in stormy seas.

The big question remains, is Kim Jong-un really near to deploying an ICBM that can deliver a nuclear warhead to America? The answer appears to be yes.

A consensus of military experts now accepts that North Korea has at least ten nuclear devices, and maybe possesses up to 30. Some have been miniaturized so they can fit atop the North’s medium-ranged missiles, thus threatening South Korea, much of Japan, Okinawa and perhaps the major US Pacific base at Guam.


North Korea is steadily developing the means of putting another stage atop its proven medium-range missiles that can allow the enhanced missile to strike parts of North America. But having a few nuclear-armed ICBM’s – as India does already – does not mean that the US faces Armageddon, as too many ill-informed politicians claim.

As leader Kim stated on new year, his nation’s ICBM program has two objectives: counter US threats to use its tactical nuclear weapons based in South Korea, Guam, Okinawa and at sea on the 7th Fleet against North Korea in the event of a war. Or, as Pyongyang greatly fears, a surprise decapitating first nuclear strike to wipe out North Korea’s leadership and command/control targets. Russia, by the way, shares similar fears of a surprise US strike.

Second, Kim calls on the US and South Korea to stop their huge annual military exercises practicing for a land and amphibious invasion of North Korea. Each fall these very provocative war games send North Korea into a frenzy of bloodthirsty threats and sabre rattling. Meanwhile, South Korea’s intelligence agencies pump out all sorts of gruesome stories about the Kim regime, many of them totally fake, that are eagerly amplified by South Korean and American media.

One of these days, the war games and barrages of threats could lead to a real shooting war. But, unlike US Congressmen and the media, who constantly fabricate scare stories about foreign dangers, many South Koreans remain blasé about North Korea and far more concerned about their own imploding government than Kim’s bombast. As in the US, fundamentalist Christian sects in South Korea play a key role in fostering alarms about North Korea.

North Korea is rattling its cage in hopes of easing or ending the US-led embargo and military threats against Pyongyang. What it really craves is long-denied recognition by Washington and an end to US regime-change efforts. Pyongyang has long asked the US for a peace pact to end the Korean War. South Korea keeps pressing the US to keep North Korea isolated – but not too isolated lest the eccentric communist regime collapse, sending millions of starving refugees south.

Meanwhile, Washington’s pro-Israel neocons keep trying to sabotage any agreements with Pyongyang. They fear the North will supply more missiles and technology to Iran.

Instead of building more elaborate anti-missile systems, why not have Donald Trump invite Kim Jong-un to a nice lunch in Beijing and work out a deal that will end the state of war between North Korea and the US in exchange for Kim ending his nuclear programs. The US recognizes all kinds of unsavory regimes around the globe. Why keep pounding on Kim when diplomacy and trade are the grown-up answer. A few friendly tweets from Trump might even be a good start.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: North Korea 
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  1. I agree with all of this, except that “Kim ending his nuclear programs” is not going to happen: no one would trust any US ‘deals’. But the rest’s all true, and the short version is: stop bullying.

    And not only in dealing with N.Korea, in general: just stop bullying.

  2. Richard S says:

    I think your analysis misjudges the geopolitical realities, of which I’m sure the DPRK leadership is quite well aware. *Any* ICBM launches with an active warhead will be responded to with instant annihilation. Even if the target is Japan or ROK, 25 million northerners will be reduced to scorch marks on the ground within a quarter of an hour.

    • Replies: @Whirlpool
  3. Whirlpool says:
    @Richard S

    Too simplistic… What about the irradiated Chinese, South Koreans and perhaps even Russians that such a nuclear response would inevitably cause?

    • Replies: @Steel T Post
  4. dearieme says:

    “Korea’s Communists, like their allies in China, took the lead in fighting Japanese occupation”: I don’t know about Korea but surely that is false about China?

  5. “The big question remains, is Kim Jong-un really near to deploying an ICBM that can deliver a nuclear warhead to America? The answer appears to be yes.”

    The answer would be, “So what?” Any one of the six metropolitan areas he could take out would be no big loss to the US, and doing so would result in the ultimate in regime change, so there is no upside whatsoever to the Norks launching a bolt out of the blue.

    Given some of Kim’s predelictions, maybe Trump can talk him into opening the next Disney World or Macau in his corner of Asia. What if the Norks really want to pull themselves out of the mud, ala China? We’ll never know as long as the neo-cons keep talking up the grave Nork threat.

  6. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Why doesn’t the USA just leave the Korean peninsula altogether? Let South Korea look after itself? The USA has been in Korea since 1950. That is now 67 years. Enough. Time to bring the boys home. Without any American troops in the Korean peninsula, North Korea would be about as much of a problem for America as it is for Mexico.

  7. This part is outright false:

    Some have been miniaturized so they can fit atop the North’s medium-ranged missiles, thus threatening South Korea, much of Japan, Okinawa and perhaps the major US Pacific base at Guam.

    North Korea is steadily developing the means of putting another stage atop its proven medium-range missiles that can allow the enhanced missile to strike parts of North America.


    The North has no missiles that can hit North America or even Hawaii and adding a stage is unworkable. There is no evidence of miniaturized nuclear weapons, which is extremely complex. This garbage comes from the military contractors pushing their missile defense scams supported by their prospective employees wearing stars in the Pentagon. For example, they’ve been ripping off American taxpayers and now the Japanese by selling small, expensive SM-3 missiles to defend against long range missiles even though they can’t even reach half the altitude needed to intercept nonexistent North Korea and Iranian long range missiles!

  8. @Whirlpool

    Fallout radiation to other nations like China or S. Korea or Japan is avoided by air-burst nukes. Fallout radiation is a problem only with ground-bursts, where the soil is sucked up into the fireball and then falls back.

    Maybe Truman should have let MacArthur do what he wanted to do with nukes at the Yalu River back in the day.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  9. Dan Hayes says:
    @Steel T Post

    Nukes at Yallu was only one of possibilities suggested by MacArthur. Although in agreement with you maybe it should have been done.

  10. Renoman says:

    Let’s just suppose he gets a missile off and takes out a city close by. What next? Say we do nothing, I suspect the Chinese would not be long in putting a stop to things. If not I imagine the US could park a submarine offshore and pave the Country in very short order. Perhaps just drive up the coast with said submarine in plain site of shore with a fighter jet escort, that should cause enough soiled underwear to calm things down. I doubt Kim has a death wish, the rest of the media frenzy is just the usual boogie man CIA we need an enemy we need more guns BS.

  11. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    It is up to Koreans to change the narrative, but they are a servile doggish lot.

    They lack agency. They may have work ethic and energy, but no agency.

    Energy without agency will just get you slavishness.

    This issue could be resolved much faster if some sensible and conscientious South Koreans and Korean-Americans(and other diaspora Koreans) stepped up to the plate to speak some plain truth.


    We can’t expect the truth from North Korea, a nation of lies, wrapped in a lie, in a lie.
    North Korean Narrative is that the Great Kim liberated Korea from the Japanese but evil American Imperialists got in the way. There is precious little talk of Soviet role in establishing the Kim regime or China’s role in bailing out North Korea in the Korean War.
    North Korea isn’t about nationalism or patriotism. It is about dynasticism of the gross Kims, and any amount of lies will be spun to keep Kims in power.

    We can’t expect much truth in the US. While there are American scholars who know the historical truth, they have no emotional investment in popularizing it. They just see Korea as a pawn in the game between Japan and China. They are not pro-Korean in the way that Jewish scholars are pro-Zionist. Their main interest in Korea is political and strategic, not national, historical, or cultural. Also, many scholars are little more than shills and hacks for the System caught up in the Global Game. Korea is a pawn, nothing more, just like all the other small nations are pawns and puppets.

    As for the US government, it fears the true narrative as much as North Korea does. Neither side wants to admit that North Korea is the product of US foreign policy that requested Soviet entry into North Asia. According to US textbooks and narrative, the division of Korea was just an unfortunate accident of WWII coming to a close… like in Eastern Europe. But this is false. It’s true that there was little US could do to save Eastern Europe from the Soviet juggernaut.
    But Soviets entered North Asia only because of the request of Americans who could have made it clear that either Soviets take all of Korea or none of it so that Americans will do the job.

    FDR’s position was for Stalin to take all of Korea. Full stalinization of Korea would have been dire, but it would have led to a united country and there would have been no Korean War that killed millions and divided countless families and still remains a scar.
    But after FDR died, Truman went for something terrible. Instead of letting Soviets have all of it or demanding US will deal with all of Korea, US decided to divide up Korean with USSR, thus setting the grounds for all the real war and cold war and other headaches to come. From a political viewpoint, it’s terrible enough. From a human cost, it was catastrophic.
    But since South Korea is such a compliant ally and good whore, the US wants to maintain the narrative of itself as the Leader of the Free World defending southern half of Korea from the evil of communist tyranny… even though Soviets entered Korea and installed the Kim regime only because the US wanted Soviets to deal with the Japanese. (In retrospect, it would have made more sense for US to arm the Chinese troops and use their manpower to take on the Japanese who were cut off from supplies and on the ropes. But that would have led to a united and empowered China under KMT. Perhaps, even if unconsciously, the West felt it was advantageous to divide Asian nations in half to keep them less powerful. This was done not only to Korea and Vietnam but to China itself. Maybe Americans thought China would remain forever divided between Mao’s north and Chiang’s South. But Mao had the wherewithal to unite the big country and give aid to Korea and Vietnam to try to do the same. A united nation is more powerful. Yet, ironically, the economic model that led to rise of Asia came from US satellites like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. History is funny that way. United China and united Vietnam made progress by imitating the satellite puppets of America. Still, their unity gives them long-term stability and power, whereas Korea still aches from the division.)

    Anyway, in order to deal with the Korean problem, we need a new narrative, which really do matter as they define the moral balance of parties involved.
    In Korea, the current narrative is totally useless since it’s filled with lies.
    Only a proper narrative can lead to a better understanding and sensible solutions.

    First, we must do away with the false narrative of US as noble savior and defender of Korea. US and UK first forced Japan open, and when Japan was willing to join the imperialist game, US and UK tolerated and even endorsed Japan’s takeover of Northeast Asia that included Korea. US and UK saw this as a check on Russian power. And they felt flattered that a non-white power was learning from the West and spreading modernization to other benighted lands. (As imperialism does lead to development and improvement in many areas, there was some validity to this.) Japan was okay with US takeover of Philippines, and US reciprocated with Japan’s takeover of Korea. There was no American sympathy for Koreans whatsoever except among some Christian missionaries who, however, were willing to work under Japanese colonialism to spread the Gospel. Indeed, even the Christian missionaries saw Japanese rule over Korea as a good thing since Japanese tolerated and allowed some degree of proselytizing, at least until US-Japan relations got really sour. On the other hand, Christian missionaries also gave protection and moral support to many independence activists.

    US suddenly took on the role of defender of Asia when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. This role was as odd as the one played by the Japanese. Japanese posed as defenders of Asian brethren while ruthlessly crushing, raping, and pillaging them. Americans posed as saviors of Asian victims of evil Japanese while playing up every anti-Asian stereotype in relation to the Japanese. As most Americans couldn’t tell a ‘Jap’ from a ‘gook’ from a ‘chink’, the dehumanization of the Japanese only led to American contempt for other Asians after the war. “They all looked alike” after all, and all ate rice. Unsurprisingly, US policy went from “save a noble Chinaman from the evil Jap” to “Save the polite Japanese from the savage Commie Chink”. And save the gooks from the chinks too — or save the good gooks under Christian Rhee from the bad gooks under Soviet Kim — , but who can tell which is which, so drop all the bombs left over from WWII on North Korea and let God sort it out.

    Yes, US did defend South from the North and eventually China, but US policy created a divided Korea. And US policy played a big part in setting the grounds for the Korean War, especially by signaling that it would not defend South from an attack by the North, which emboldened Stalin, Mao, and Kim. Also, even though war is hell and all sides commit horrors, US bombing of North Korea has to go down as one of the great war crimes of the century. Just how do you drop more bombs on that backward nation than on great industrial powers during WWII? And mostly on civilians?

    Historical apologies are useless(and often self-serving) and reparations lead to moral corruption(as with Jews forever demanding free stuff and South Koreans cooking up more excuses to squeeze the Japanese), but acknowledging history is necessary for truth and better policy. And there are too many lies on the Korean issue.

    North Korea doesn’t want to admit it exists only because of US policy. And if US has anything in common with North Korea, it is on this very matter. US doesn’t want to take responsibility as the key player that led to the division of the North that was unnecessary and could have been avoided with better and more insistent US negotiations with Soviets.

    Since North Korea and US don’t want to deal with the truth, it is left to South Korea, a democracy where people can talk more freely. But even there, the knee-jerk anti-communist pro-American rightists have imposed laws that silence anyone who threatens the Narrative of the US as sacred defender and holy ally of the South against the evil North. There is a reason for this. Due to rightist collaboration with Japanese during colonization, a new Korea would have been led by leftists(if not necessarily communists) who’d resisted the Japanese. As US feared communist takeover, it protected the collaborationist class and put them in seats of power, and these quisling-vichy-ites owe their power and privilege to US protection. Now, it may well be that their rule was actually better for Korea as leftists tend to mess things up economically. But from a historical moral viewpoint, it was an injustice. But as whores who gained everything under US power and protection, this class of people who are still influential in Korea are adamant about invoking National Security to silence or ban anyone who is deemed admiring of North Korea and overly critical of US-Korea ties.

    The anti-American forces in South Korea used to be on the Left, but with the total fall of communism and Marxism, the Korean left has degenerated much like the left everywhere. It is now all about homosexual politics and Diversity, thus little more than shills for the globalist enterprise. If the Korean Right is a puppet of the Pentagon, the Korean Left is puppet of Harvard University and MTV. Both are equally worthless. Sort of like the bogus neocon ‘right’ in the US and the bogus ‘left’ in the West that both whore out to Globalism but never defend the nation or the native working masses.

    So, if North Korea, the US, and even South Korea are unwilling to speak the truth, then who will? Korean-Americans? But most of these shallow clowns are into tattoo, rap culture, bling, and hedonism(if less educated) OR political correctness, homo adoration, and status approval(if more educated). It’s been said that having children makes a family more conservative, but this can make it more PC as well. Parents want to protect their kids. One way to protect kids is to ensure their success. So, Asian parents tell their kids to conform to anything associated with power and privilege to gain success. And since PC rules, these kids become the biggest PC morons in the world. Is it any wonder that Asian Americans are among the most ‘progressive’ robots in America mouthing the same gibberish fed to them by their teachers? As Asian parents lack intellectual interest, they don’t care what they kids believe as long as they ‘succeed’ and gain ‘status’.

    Since success and privilege matter most to Korean-Americans, they will whore out to the Narrative of noble US as leader of free world defending damsel in distress South from the Big Bad Wolf of the North. Korean-Americans in universities and government trot this BS line to win position and place to show off their status when, in fact, they are nothing but collaborationist whores of globalism. Unlike Jewish intellectuals who showed some guts and chutzpah in forging a Narrative that challenged that of the Wasps, Korean-Americans, like all Asian-Americans, just learn by rote the Narrative taught to them by the ruling institutions.
    These Asian-Americans may flatter themselves are ‘free thinkers’ because they are ‘progressive’, but the pissant clowns are blind to the fact that PC shuts many more doors of inquiry than opens them. Besides, the main priority of most Asian-American ‘progressives’ is to spread ‘gay marriage’ in Asia so that they will win doggy approval from their Western peers. Your average Korean-American ‘progressive’ is too busy condemning South Korea for not being pro-gay and pro-diversity enough to realize that such are essentially globalist tools of neo-imperialism to weaken every nation.

    Since US has a specific goal for South Korea and since Korean-Americans are just status-seeking whores and dogs, they will not play the role of speaker of truth to power. Korean-American parents would be awful proud to see their kids graduate from West Point. They don’t care if US wages war on North Korea over some bogus issue and make Korean-Americans in the military kill other Koreans.
    Now, suppose US were to come under control by Palestinian-Americans who make Israel out to be the worst rogue nation on Earth. And suppose these warmongering Palestinian elites cook up excuses to wage war on Israel. How many Jewish-Americans would gladly kill fellow Jews in the name of ‘human rights’ and punishing ‘rogue’ Israel? Not many. But these uncle tom Koreans will do anything to seek approval from whomever they consider to be superior.

    Now, is North Korea a ‘rogue’ nation? No. It is a pitiful nation ruled by a vile regime. But what is rogue about it? Yes, it has engaged in terrorism and various criminal enterprises, but then, so have Saudi Arabia and Israel and Nigeria. Why don’t US call them rogue nations? There are tons of illegal activity coming out of Israel. North Korea specializes in US current counterfeiting, but Israel is tops in many organized criminal activities all around the world, including white slavery.
    Also, what nation has North Korea attacked? It only tried to unite with the South in the Korean War, but this was no different than any divided nation trying tore unite. It isn’t an invasion when you try to unite your nation. Yes, Kim was a bad guy and Stalinism sucks, but there was nothing wrong in one bunch of Koreans trying to unite with another bunch. What other nations did North Korea try to invade? Iran too has been a peaceful nation, but it is categorized as ‘rogue’. In contrast, US supported Iraq’s attack on Iran and even its use of poison gas in the 1980s. US also cooked up lies and destroyed one nation after another in the Middle East. And it increased tensions to dangerous levels in Europe over Russia when the Cold War is long over. So, even if North Korea is a vile nation — yes it is — , it hasn’t posed any threat to the world whereas the US has been a curse around the world since the end of the Cold War. While the vile Kim regime should be torn to pieces by dogs and its people for its tyrannical ways, North Korea’s place in the world has been downright sober and responsible compared to that of the US that is controlled by vile and vicious Zionists who will sacrifice any number of gentiles to further their tribal interests.

    Seriously, is North Korea a threat to China, Russia, Japan, or the US? It is maybe a threat to South Korea, but then, if South Korea still cannot defend itself from the impoverished north with 1/40th its economy and less than 1/2 its population, it deserves to be invaded. What a bunch of cowards.How much richer do South Koreans have to be in order to defend themselves from a starving peasant economy? And if South Korea is really under such threat. why are all these lousy Koreans moving to America while expecting American boys to do the dying for them? Not a single American should give his life for these lowlife cowards and wussies.

    True, North Korea acts belligerent in ‘gangsta’ manner. It goes for huff-and-puff antics. Part of it is for domestic propaganda purposes, the myth that North Korea is a great power. It’s all clown-act, nothing to take seriously. But there are real reasons why North Korea needs nuclear weapons, and it is because US is a truly a rogue nation that will cook up any lies to destroy anything to appease the Zionists. It was the US, under Neocon pressure, that undid and unraveled all possible rapprochement between US and North Korea. Zionists hate the fact that North might trade nuclear secrets with Arab or Muslim nations. Never mind Israel’s own huge arsenal. Jews will say Israel deserves to defend itself because it is a democracy. Okay, Israel is a much better place for Jews than North Korea is for North Koreans, but the moral dynamics are far more complicated. Israel is a much nicer place — even for Arabs there — , but Israel was founded through ethnic cleansing and imperialism whereas North Koreans are just natives living on their own land. They stole nothing from no one, and their one big ‘crime’ was trying to unite the nation once again — the same dream held by leaders of the south. So, from a historical viewpoint, Israel is worse than North Korea because even though Israel is democratic and more humane as a political system, it was founded by taking land from another people and, furthermore, still continues to occupy them. North Korea, as miserable as it is, only rules over its own territory and own people. And there is no indication that North Korea has aims on any other nation. I mean seriously, is North gonna invade China, Russia, or Japan? If it could, it would take the South, but the North is now in defensive mode. It talks big and tough out of fear, especially after the US cooked up total nonsense to destroy one nation after another at the behest of Zionists and the military industrial complex.
    And why do Jews care so much about North Korea? Because they care so much about human rights and the plight of the poor? Really? These same Zionists who said it was worth it to allow 500,000 Iraqi children to die of malnutrition? These same Zionists who turn a blind eye to massacres in Gaza? These same Zionists who work with Saudis to fund and aid Jihadis who’ve turned entire areas of Syria into hell on earth? These same Zionists who raped Russia and left millions of destitute Russians to die of cold and sickness? These same Zionists who work with neo-Nazis in Ukraine to tear that nation apart?
    No, the ONLY reason why Zionists are interested in North Korea is because they don’t want it share technology with nations disliked by Israel. According to Zionist supremacists, ONLY Israel has the right to have WMD to defend itself. Other nations should be defenseless and be easy pickings IF the Zionist-controlled US decides to give thumbs down to them.

    Also, as rotten as the North Korean regime and statist-run economy are, the reason for dire economics of North Korea cannot be blamed on N. Korea alone. It’s the sanctions. If South Korea were hit with the same sanctions, it would suffer greatly also despite having a market economy. If Israel were hit with the same kinds of sanctions — for Nakba or nuclear weapons or Occupation or any number of reasons — , it too would lead to mass poverty and starvation.

    Now, what has been the main reason for the sanctions? North Korea has a nuclear program and may have nukes. Well, if that is so bad, why not go after Israel? And why shouldn’t North Korea have nukes when the US invaded and destroyed nations without nukes? If Poles in 1939 could have had nukes, it should have. Imagine Hitler complaining that Poles should get rid of them so Germans could invade more easily.

    US foreign policy has demonstrated itself to be rogue and criminal after the Cold War. It is sick, demented, and criminal. While Kim regime is vile and nutty — like Gaddafi — , any regime wants to survive at the very least. And given US actions and the worthlessness of US promises, it is totally rational for North Korea to have nukes and as many of them as possible. And given all the innocent North Korean civilians that the US killed in the war without ever acknowledging this great crime, the US has no right to start another war and kill more people there. That would rather be like Germans killing more Jews and Japanese killing more Chinese in Nanking.
    The only reason for having war with North Korea is IF North Korea attacks first. Now, the only place North might attack is the South, but the North knows this is not doable. For one thing, the South is too advanced and has much better military arsenal. Also, neither Russia or China will side with the North if the North were to attack. They will join the international community in condemning North Korea. Thus isolated, the North will be able to sustain the war for just a few weeks. And then, it will be defeated and wiped off the map.

    So, it is time to drop the charade about the Northern Threat. It is time to see North trash-talking for what it is: braggadocio of a clown.

    What can be done is to call for end of hostilities at the official level. End all sanctions. Let North develop its own economy in its own way and develop closer ties with the South and then gradually work towards reunification. And let US troops move out of the South, and let Koreans fix their own problems and finally grow up than remain children clinging to Uncle Sam.

    But for this to happen, we need a New Narrative based on the truth. Now, given that the North is ruled by repressive regime, we can’t expect much truth from them.
    But as US, South Korea, and Korean-Americans have sufficient freedom to speak the truth, they need to go back to the historical origins of how the Division came about. US need not apologize but merely acknowledge that its policy led to a undeserved ‘punishment’ of a nation that had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor. If anything, Japan should have been divided like Germany after WWII.
    But then, there are those in the US who don’t want a united Korea because it means US might have to leave the peninsula, its only military beachhead on the Asian continent. Also, US values South Korea as its hard-working, slavish, blow-jobbing whore. A united Korea might stop acting like such a total dog and whore and work on nationalism than ‘gay rights’ and ‘diversity’ to develop a united nation. US globalists seek a borderless world and that means turning South Korea into Puerto Rico.

    As long as US has the moral upperhand over South Koreans and Korean-Americans — who are shameless globalist whores and quislings — , US interests(currently dominated by vicious Zionists) will dominate Korean affairs.
    The current Narrative morally favors America as a generous and selfless defender of helpless South Koreans from the rabid North Korean wolf. South Korea is little red-riding-hood who needs US as the hunter against the evil wolf North Korea.

    But in fact, US interests since end of the Cold War have been detrimental to Korea.

    It is natural that Korea eventually return to the Chinese orbit. That’s been the case for 1000s of yrs. US entered the scene because of power vacuum caused by one crisis after another and then the Cold War. US has to eventually move out of the Pacific Asia. It is only right, as the Pacific West isn’t controlled by the Chinese or Japanese military. Why should Asian Pacific be forever the lake of US armed forces?
    Now, Koreans surely got a lot out of the 20th century because they were torn from the Chinese orbit. As China has become stagnant and rotten, Korea had more to gain from Japanese rule in the first half of 20th century. And in the second half, there was an interesting political experiment of two Koreans under two different systems, with history proving the Anglo-capitalist-democratic system to be superior(as long as it manages to remain free of the claws of globalist Zionists who have ruined the American experiment).
    But China modernized and turning into great power once again, it is time for smaller Asian nations to grow closer to China, and US should respect this, and phase out a withdrawal in stead of keeping playing these ridiculous pivot games that only increase tensions.

    US has a great future with trade with Latin America(though immigration should be strictly controlled). Indeed, all of North America and South America can prosper greatly all on their own without Asia, Europe, and Africa if they do things right. US should not waste resources on endless Wars for Israel, some dumb ‘new cold war’ with Russia, and whatever, mostly to appease the sick supremacism of Zionist globalists. Thankfully, there is a vocal Jewish community developing in its criticism of the total bankruptcy of the Zionists who’ve turned both political parties of dung-heaps.

    In a fantasy scenario, if the idiot child Kim of North Korea could swallow a truth-and-integrity pill, he could speak the truth and work toward a saner future.
    Imagine if this clown stopped acting da gangsta like Gaddafi and talked soberly about the problems between North and the US. Suppose he were to appear before a foreign press and calmly express why his nation needs nukes because US has been a rogue state. Imagine if he could accept the fact that North Korea is the product of US foreign policy, and that fact should be acknowledged in new relations between US and Korea.
    People would listen around the world and show some sympathy. But fat-boy is an intellectual zero, spent his time in Europe stuffing his mouth with cheese and stuffing his ears with Michael Jackson. He thinks like a celebrity and wants to play gansta. Great irony of fat Kim is that he is so impossible because he swallowed too much vain Western Pop culture.

    Korean parenting surely sucks. If it’s not the Nut Rage, it’s the Kimpossible.

    Let the stupid Koreans go their own way finally, and American can focus on building ties between North and South America for the New World Future.

  12. anon • Disclaimer says:

    It’s really China’s problem.

    The US is holding back both Japan and South Korea from building their own nukes. But an effective nuclear threat by the norks would push both countries into doing just that.

    But however it is accomplished — there is nothing in it for the US.

  13. observer4 says:

    The americans do not want north and south Korea to unite in peace, because then Korea would be a regional superpower with nukes, with which it could threaten Japan.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    According to Joe Biden, Japan has nukes in the screwdriver-ready stage —

    “Referring to Pyongyang’s recent nuclear test and missile launches in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions, Biden said that if China and the United States fail to take effective action against North Korea, “What happens if Japan, who could go nuclear tomorrow? They have the capacity to do it virtually overnight.” ”

    In other words, the playing field is nearly level, so let the Japanese fend for themselves.

    Or change their behavior — knock the chip off their collective shoulder.

    Or — the Japanese and North Koreans could meet at a Ben & Jerry summit: the best way to deal with an enemy is to make him/her your friend ( + mint chocolate chip ice cream). (or cherry garcia).

  15. […] huge annual military exercises with South Korea, complete with mock amphibious landings, which sent Pyongyang into “a frenzy of bloodthirsty threats and sabre […]

  16. […] annual military exerciseswith South Korea, complete with mock amphibious landings, which sent Pyongyang into “a frenzy of bloodthirsty threats and sabre […]

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