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Deflating the Churchill Myth
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Much of the Western world just honored the millions of soldiers fallen in the two world wars. But we also need to look beyond postwar myths and understand the tragic political mistakes that sent these soldiers to die in wars that might have been avoided.

In his powerful new book, Hitler, Churchill and the Unnecessary War, veteran politician and author Pat Buchanan challenges many historic taboos by claiming that Winston Churchill plunged Britain and its empire, including Canada, into wars whose outcome was disastrous for all concerned.

Other writers, me included, have made the same point for decades, but Buchanan has marshaled a formidable array of facts and historians to support his case.

For me, World War I was the most tragic 20th Century conflict. It was triggered by Serbia and Austro-Hungary. After Russia and France began gearing for war, Germany was dragged into the conflict by the doomsday machine of troop mobilization schedules. Britain could have halted the war, or let the continental powers fight until they came to a truce. But Churchill and his fellow imperialists determined to destroy Germany, a new rival to Britain’s wealth and power.


World War I should have ended in 1917 when both sides were exhausted and stalemated. America’s entry into the war resulted in Germany’s defeat and ensuing postwar suffering. The German, Habsburg, and Ottoman Empires were torn apart by the lupine victors and reduced to ruin, creating today’s unstable Balkans and Mideast.

Had Germany and its allies not been defeated, had a Carthaginian Peace not been imposed upon them at Versailles and Trianon, there might never have been a Hitler, Communist Russia or World War II. Europe’s Jews may have escaped destruction.

Churchill made the fatal error in World War II of backing Poland’s hold on Danzig even though Britain could do nothing to defend Poland, Yugoslavia, or Czechoslovakia from Hitler’s attempts to reunite million of Germans stranded in these new nations by the dreadful Versailles Treaty. Britain’s declaration of war on Germany over Poland led to a general European war. After suffering 5.6 million dead, Poland ended up occupied by the Soviet Union.

Buchanan’s heretical view, and mine, is that the Western democracies should have let Hitler expand his Reich eastward until it inevitably went to war with the even more dangerous Soviet Union. Once these despotisms had exhausted themselves, the Western democracies would have been left dominating Europe. The lives of millions of Western civilians and soldiers would have been spared.

In the end, Churchill and US President Franklin were so obsessed with crushing Germany, and so seduced by “Uncle Joe” Stalin, they handed half of Europe to the Soviet Union, a far more murderous and dangerous tyranny by an order of magnitude than Hitler’s Germany. From his Soviet gulag cell, Alexander Solzhenitsyn called Roosevelt and Churchill “stupid.”

Buchanan’s book is important because we see some Western leaders making the same grave errors as in the 20th Century and idolizing the arch imperialist, Churchill. The latest example: extension of NATO to Russia’s borders. As in the case of Poland in 1939, the West cannot defend the Baltic, Ukraine or Georgia, and has no vital interests there.

Yet NATO is giving the rulers of these nations the ability to drag them into a potential nuclear war with Russia. Georgia’s idiotic little aggression this fall offers a striking example. Ukraine’s independence must be guaranteed, but it must not be transformed into a dagger pointed at Russia’s underbelly.

Have we learned nothing from the 20th Century’s apocalyptic wars? As Buchanan says, Churchill’s giveaway of Eastern Europe at Moscow and Yalta was a far graver blunder than Chamberlain’s concessions at Munich in 1938.

Buchanan’s book strips away lingering war propaganda and shows the cynicism, lust for power, and foolishness of the “saintly” Allied war leaders and their “good” war.

As Ben Franklin said, there is no good war, nor bad peace.

Eric Margolis [send him mail], contributing foreign editor for Sun National Media Canada. He is the author of War at the Top of the World and the new book, American Raj: Liberation or Domination?: Resolving the Conflict Between the West and the Muslim World. See his website.

(Republished from LewRockwell by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: Pat Buchanan, World War II 
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  1. abubaqar says: • Website

    winston jacobson churchill was also a war criminal zionist jew hiding behind a christian facade.

    we have been brainwashed regularly to believe that Herr Hitler was a bad man and the most evil man in history whereas whatever he did has been done worse by the anglo- saxon europeans and they masters, the zionist jews!

    In 1943 Mr Churchill ordered the mass starvation of the indian people due to the japanese army coming to the borders of India at Imphal and Kohima.

    More then 10,000,000 million indians were starved to death by the British army on the orders of this evil man who stated clearly:


    This crime was hidden under the guise of THE BENGAL FAMINE where as there was no famine which actually occurred.

    The jews are fooling the world into believing 6 million of them were murdered even though Dr David Cole has proved them wrong(see youtube) and the world somehow has to pay these tyrants and murderers reparations for doing exactly the same to the palestinians today.

    when will the indians and palestinians get justice for the wrong being done to them and what was done in history?

    • Replies: @ANON
  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    It is important to consider that both Churchill and FDR were highest ranked Masons and that played a huge role in the US role of getting yanked from isolationism and into WWII. Churchill was aimed at using the war to advance England’s Imperialism for its bankers. FDR was well aware of the Mason Churchill’s wants for Imperialism for England’s war profits.

    FDR intended to prevent Churchill’s Imperialism advancement via a system of what was called Four Freedoms. When Mason FDR died in Warm Springs, Ga. Stalin thought he was murdered by the Churchill gang. FDR was about to implement plans to take back Hong Kong from England and return it to China, as well as take back Vietnam and Algeria and give them rights for self determination. And, FDR was about to place England under International Control to prevent any Imperialism from ever being possible for England to get back into the Colonialism games against the world.

    FDR was also going to partner with Stalin and work for peaceful coexistence, and corrupt Mason Churchill saw that as the end of England. So, it appears that Stalin may have been correct that FDR was poisoned by the Churchill Gang, which also worked to poison Stalin.

    Since we did not learn well from that history, we also lost JFK at a pivotal moment in time when JFK was about to take down the Texas Mason based Mil / Ind Network that sought Imperialism like control over the US in those times.

    FDR planned the same type Mason interests that the US founding fathers planned to end English Imperialism over the Colonies, and JFK was a chip off the old FDR block plans to control the English Masons intent on Imperialism over the US again.

    Today, the US is still hamstrung from this missing history of how Imperialism kills US presidents to gain power and control over America and Americans.

    It is time for the history to be fully understood and to again let real freedom ring!

    • Replies: @Anon
  3. Why do think that Churchill and Roosevelt made any mistakes? What they agreed to was quite intentional with malice aforethought.

  4. We … perpetuate war by exalting its sacrifices.

    William Bradford Huie, “The Americanization of Emily” (1964 movie, quote by character played by James Garner)

  5. abubaqar says: • Website

    jim phelps when you mention the winston churchill gang please make it clearly understood it is the zionist jews currently in power in most of the world.

  6. da says:

    If, if, if. If Britain had not fought Italy in Africa and Greece, Hitler could have launched his invasion of the USSR several months earlier, and he wouldn’t have needed to deploy and maintain troops in Greece and North Africa. With the additional troops and an earlier start, Hitler would have likely captured Moscow in 1941 before the snow set-in and could have defeated the Soviet Union. With Germany in control of most of Europe and the USSR, how long would the western powers have lasted? What if Hitler had joined forces with Japan in 1942? Would Guadalcanal have been a US defeat?

    You can play the if game all day but it gets you nowhere.

  7. Roosevelt was a 5th columnist Jewish Communist traitor to the US, who actually referred in private to the American people as ‘the enemy’, in typical revolutionary Communist fashion.

    Without the WWII lend-lease program, which sent hundreds of millions of tons of American armaments and military supplies to Russia, without which Stalin would never have defeated Germany, as Stalin himself admitted in a recorded statement, calling the US ‘the land of machines’, and one year before the end of WWII, Stalin made a speech in Russia declaring that he intended to invade America once Germany had been defeated, in line with earlier official Communist Party stated intent, and Roosevelt knew of this speech, and yet still illegally carried on giving massive tonnages of armaments to Russia for a whole year after that speech had been made, in traitorous fashion, even though British Admiralty intelligence officers in Berlin had identified Communist Russia as the real threat against the West, not Hitler’s Germany.

    58,000 former Germans trapped in Poland by the enforced carve-up of Germany after WWI were deliberately slaughtered to goad Germany into going into Poland to stop the senseless slaughter, and Germany was thus sucker-punched into becoming engaged in war with Poland, and then England, as a direct result of this, even though Hitler was absolutely determined to avoid war with anyone, as he knew that warfare would destroy all his plans for a new and better society in Germany.

    Repeated attempts to negotiate with Polish and British governments were totally ignored, as the Jewish traitors in power knew exactly what they wanted, the destruction of the German economy and her people, as they had broken free from the slavery of usurious fractional reserve banking, an unforgiveable crime in Talmudic thinking, and so had to be punished by physical warfare, as prescribed by rabbinical Talmudic thinking.

    Of course, neither the Zionist English government nor the Polish Zionist government had any sincere concerns for the well-being of the Polish people themselves, and Poland was given to Stalin after the war anyway, and even though Russsia had also invaded Poland, Britain never went to war with Russia over the invason of Poland, even though intelligence reports had correctly identified the Russian Communists as the true danger.

    Of course, the British and the American Freemasonic Jewish bankers had created Communism, firstly by paying for Karl Marx to write ‘Das Kapital’ whilst researching in the British Library in London, and then by sending several hundred American Jews from New York to Russia with 20 million dollars in gold bullion to pay for the organized genocide known as the Red Revolution, so they were not definitely not going to let that be destroyed, as that Communism would be necessary to provide an artificial, but controlled enemy to justify the development of ever more lethal weapons of mass destruction, such as the cobalt nuclear bomb, invented by Jewish scientist Leo Szilard, which he stated would be capable of killing all life on Earth, and this weapon is now used to threaten the entire planet with as part of the terrorist Samson Option threat by Israel today.

    Jews switched loyalty from Germany to England once they were told that if they did so, England would support the Jewish plan for the foundation of the state of Israel, hence the declaration of worldwide Judaic ‘war’ against Germany all of a sudden in 1933 in the media.

    Germany, since 1822, had in fact been the most liberal of all European nations towards the Jews, allowing a greater percentage of Jews to live in Germany than any other state in Europe allowed to live in theirs at that time.

    Just like the 4,000 Jews of all possible denominations and affiliations stuck together on 9/11 like Mossad syanim to enable the attacks on the WTC in New York to take place, allowing 3,000 Gentile workmates to be vapourized, crushed, blown or burned to death without ever giving them the heads-up to stay away from work that day too, like they themselves were doing, so the Jews turned on Germany back then, and they will do the same to any other people without any warning whatsoever, just as soon as they get the say so from Tel Aviv by text message or whatever, and those Jews still keep their mouths shut till this day as to why they all stayed away from work that day, when they should all be being interrogated in top security military facilities today.

    It was disclosed on a British television program recently that America had had the intent to invade England also at the end of WWII and take the commonwealth from it. Lots of dirty dealings all round in time of war. It was just a battle between rival Jewish crime gangs for world domination really, but with an underlying agreement that it would in any case result only in a Jewish NWO coming into being.

    Perhaps even, those American plans were those of Roosevelt himself, to be used in conjunction with Stalin once America had been taken over by his forces, as Communist intent had always been to kill all the land owners in America and Europe, just as they had already been killed in Russia, and that would have been accomplished solely by the means of American armaments given to the Russians by traitor Roosevelt.

    Luckily, Roosevelt ‘died’ and those plans were never implemented, but Obama is getting things back on track for a conventient WWIII, and also getting ready to implement the 1991 US Noahide Laws, that technically make it possible when the constitution is suspended for any and all non-Jews to be executed in the US, and the US has billions of rounds of hollow point Israeli style dum dum rounds of ammunition for that very purpose, as well as guillotines installed on military bases throughout the US, ready to decapitate the leaders of Gentile resistance after show trials.

    The prerequisite for this is that the US be in a national state of emergency, before the constitution can be suspended, so Obama has ensured that the US has been constantly maintained in a state of national emergency for several years already now, just waiting for the opportune moment to suspend the constitution and spring genocidal terror on the American people. That will be the next Red Revolution that the Talmudists will stage, and it will be vastly more bloody and horrific than anything that occurred in Russia in 1917. The Chabad Lubavitchers want the Noahide Laws to be enforced in every country on Earth.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Presented as the most controversial period in our history. An alternative look at WW2…

  9. Well, Mothman, you certainly hit the proverbial nail squarely on the head when you pointed out the Zionist-Communist Jews as the true enemy of the rest of humanity. After all, whether secular or deeply religious, the vast majority of Jews follow the Babylonian Talmud, rather than the Torah, as their holy book.

    Adolf Hitler found out, through experience, how extremely devious and dangerous this tribe of people truly are; and, he wanted them out of Germany. He banned them from holding public office, finance, and academia; then, revoked their German citizenship, in an attempt to get them to voluntarily leave for other places, such as Palestine, then under the British Mandate. By that time, World Jewry had already declared war on Germany. We all know what followed. The vengeance-filled Talmudists escalated the conflict from strictly financial to pushing for actual war.

    I could go on, but it would make this comment too long. Authors such as Estonia’s Juri Lina and Russia’s Alexander Solzhenitsyn have written lengthy texts about the Jews behind the Red Revolution of 1917 in Russia and the bloodbaths that followed. It was they who wrote that Jews had invented Communism; after all, Karl Marx was a Jew, the son of a Rabbi.

    • Replies: @Anon
  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Of what real significance is a dogged determination to uncover and disseminate historical TRUTH, without a meaningful perspective on the plethoric parts of it that are accurately foretold to the letter by our Creator? Many of which are unfolding now before our eyes? Please consider the following information and Take Heart, the end was known before the beginning…


  11. “From his Soviet gulag cell, Alexander Solzhenitsyn called Roosevelt and Churchill ‘stupid.’”

    While propaganda that’s creating the new Cold War accuses Putin of reconstituting the Soviet Union, the reality is that Putin bestowed the highest state honors upon Solzhenitsyn, the consummate anti-Soviet and implacable enemy of communism. Moreover, Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago” and other anti-Soviet works have been made required reading for Russian students.

    The Soviet dissident, from beyond the grave, would be calling present western politicians equally as stupid.

  12. 0jr says:

    what myth you writning about its common knowlege that the bolshevik jews from the west went to russia ect and murdered millions and spread like the plague thru the world and is now proceding in its destructing of everybody and everthing thruout the world wake up what planet you from

  13. A few good thoughts here and there, but a very inaccurate summary of events in total.

    ” so seduced by “Uncle Joe” Stalin, they handed half of Europe to the Soviet Union.”

    That’s just ridiculous.

    Russia defeated Germany, full stop. That’s why they call WWII the Great Fatherland War.

    Who on earth was going to order Stalin and his then massive and victorious Red Army to stop at a certain border? The wise thing to do was accommodate to some degree and try to keep amicable relations for future, which is what was done.

    America’s contribution seems large to Americans, but in the scheme of things, it was rather marginal.

    I too am no friend of Churchill. His contribution was to start the bombing of cities before Hitler. Churchill was a brutal man who had little sense of Britain’s place in the world anymore and thought nothing of killing large numbers of civilians. After all, it was his same point of view as holding on to the Empire – that is, big tough Britain machine-guns and bombs huge numbers of people, as he did.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  14. jerry12x says:

    Churchill was a bought and paid for gambling drunk.
    He insisted on war because the people that owned him wanted it that way.
    He is the most evil corrupt monster to have ever walked this earth.
    He is responsible for more deaths than anyone else. Ever.

    • Replies: @Anon
  15. RoHa says:

    “America’s entry into the war resulted in Germany’s defeat”

    An American myth. Britain and France would have defeated the Germans anyway. It would have just taken a bit longer. American supplies were very helpful, though.


    The idea that Britain, or, specifically Churchill, was responnsible for starting the bombing and other attacks on civilians is at best a mistake resulting from ignorance. As early as December 1914 hundreds of civilians in Scarborough on the east coast of Yorkshire were killed by German cruisers’ shelling for no military purpose. As the Germans had just invaded and brutalised neutral Belgium it was hardly an accident.
    Later the Germans bombed London indiscriminately from Zeppelins. The bombing of Guernica in the late 1930s made it clear that the Nazis had no greater respect for civilians as did their bombing of Warsaw (although there has been a technical legal argument put that it was a defended city!). The actual August 1940 raids on Berlin to which you are presumably referring were in retaliation for what was, in retrospect, found to be a bombing of London because of navigational error. There is no record of Hitler or Goering apologising for the error and its consequences!
    The beginning of the Blitz was of course a great break for the RAAF because it took the pressure off its airfields and factories producing its aircraft. But Hitler’s barbarity was the underlying cause.

  17. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:

    Churchill didn’t do badly if he was indeed a gambling drunk** but what’s your excuse for your insane rant.

    **Are you perhaps tripped up by a snippet of information vaguely remembered about Winston’s son Randolph?

  18. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re obviously mad but in such a commonplace and uninteresting way that it’s not even interesting to tease out the sources of your barminess. But, a propos of masons, you evidently don’t understand that for aristocrats like Churchill and Roosevelt masonry is something they patronise rather than get emotionally involved in.

    is sympathetic to masonry but doesn’t conceal the fact that Churchill resigned from his lodge in 1912 and that Roosevelt’s position was honorary.

  19. ANON[171] • Disclaimer says:

    Who is/was Winston Jacobson Churchill you ignorant wog**

    And let me advise you that, despite occasional outbreaks by the Wallys and his imitators, UR readers will pick up your being sucked in by fake history and obvious made up pseudo quotes like the one you capitalize – as nutters so often do.

    **or that’s the reaction you were seeking as a troll, intending as Muslim to cast scorn on Hindus or vice versa. Or, as a non Indian, hoping to make all subcontinentals look silly.

  20. Anon[171] • Disclaimer says:
    @Eileen Kuch

    Wouldn’t accuracy require you to say that the vast majority of Jews, especially the secular, know bugger all about the Babylonian Talmud?

    And that being so what follows for your case? And what, anyway do YOU know of the Talmud?

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