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Bush Haunts the GOP

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“The evil that men do lives after them,” wrote Shakespeare. A prime example, former US President George W. Bush who appeared last week campaigning in South Carolina for his amiable younger brother, Jeb.

George W. continues to haunt the Republican Party and damage its electoral chances. At home, Bush has been staying out of public gaze; abroad, he is widely hated and limits overseas travel due to fear of war crimes arrest for his 2003 invasions of Iraq.

Republican spin doctors and the rightwing US media has been trying to soft soap Bush and his mentor, Dick Cheney, for years and slowly expunge their disastrous Iraq and Afghanistan Wars that opened a Pandora’s Box of horrors across the Muslim world. Democrats who cheered the war have equally sought to dodge responsibility. However, Hillary Clinton can’t seem to escape her tawdry war record.

The US, claim the Bush/Cheney amen chorus, was “misled” into invading Iraq by “faulty intelligence,” misled by the hope to promote democracy among the benighted Muslims; on a noble quest to remove a frightful dictator Saddam; and, of course, the famous missing “weapons of mass destruction.”

As candidate Donald Trump said last week, these were all bare-faced lies. These spurious allegations had one purpose: to mislead Americans into believing that Bush’s aggression in Iraq was a crusade for justice rather than a crude attempt to turn Iraq, with the world’s second biggest oil reserves, into an American vassal petrostate.

Unfortunately, mainstream America has not yet understood the enormity of the crimes that were committed in Afghanistan and Iraq. These include some one million civilians, cities destroyed, death squads, drone wars, kidnapping, torture and turning the US into a Stasi-like police state. And destruction of Iraq’s water and sewage treatment plants by US air attacks, spreading disease and pestilence across the nation.

Washington claimed these crimes against humanity were justified by the 9/11 attacks, though the real culprits came from Saudi Arabia, not remote Afghanistan or Iraq. Osama bin Laden was rubbed out so he could never voice the truth in a fair court.

Almost as bad was the continuing evil from Bush/Cheney’s so-called “war on terror.” Concocted and run by neocons, the faux war served to expand US control of the Muslim world (which I term ‘the American Raj’ in my book), and destroy enemies of Israel. This ‘war’ continues today, 13 years later, with military budgets doubled in size, a 100% increase in spending on all sorts of spies, mercenaries and private armies, militarized police forces, and endless funds to fuel America’s Mideast, African and Asian imperial wars.

There should be special taxes to pay for these conflicts, but all are dumped onto the national debt, driving America ever deeper into hock. CIA, founded to provide analysis, assassinates alleged enemies across the world. The US government now shamelessly spies on all of us, exceeding even the intrusions of the old KGB and Stasi. Thank you, George W. Bush for supposedly defending America.

Bush ruined America’s name across the globe, making us look no better, maybe even worse, than the Soviet Union. Today’s witch hunt in the US against Muslims began during the Bush years. The Bush administration made many Americans feel that Uncle Sam was their enemy, not their friend. Of course, to many of American hard right and neocons – Bush was a saint. He remains so today in the Bible Belt and West. South Carolina, with its evangelicals and retired military communities, venerates Bush. A survey taken just before the invasion of Iraq showed that over 70% of evangelical Christians ardently backed the impending war.

Bush/Cheney aggressions led directly to the spread of the al-Qaida movement whose goal was to drive western influence from the Muslim world. The more lethal ISIS was born in US prison camps in Iraq. Somalia’s Shebab arose after the US and Ethiopia overthrew Somalia’s legitimate government. Now, the US in fast blundering into a major new Mideast War in Iraq and Syria that could provoke a nuclear confrontation between Washington and Moscow.

Unfortunately, too few Americans understand these legacies of Bush, Cheney, Hillary Clinton and the neocons. Who even remembers former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright actually saying that the deaths of over 500,000 Iraq children (UN figures) caused by US sanctions were “worth the price.”

George Bush is no cowboy saint. He, Cheney and their henchmen should all face justice for the invasions of Afghanistan, Somalia, and Iraq.

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  1. George Bush became a hero of the Organized Jewry for allowing 9/11 and war on Iraq to destroy another possible threat to the Zionist entity.

    Tony Blair who met George Bush in Crawford, Texas, in April 2002, recalled: “As I recall that discussion, it was less to do with specifics about what we were going to do on Iraq or, indeed, the Middle East, because the Israel issue was a big, big issue at the time. I think, in fact, I remember, actually, there may have been conversations that we had even with Israelis, the two of us, whilst we were there. So that was a major part of all this.”

    On July 21, 2015, Barack Obama said that the people who were so quick to go to war and who claimed that the war will take only a few months. The same people are now “chest beating” and popping off soundbites against Iran that don’t help the debate. He also said that instead of running into a military conflict with Iran, the US should only send troops to harm’s way as a last resort.

    “Iraq was invaded for the sake of oil and Israel,” said vice-President Dick Cheney, who is now blaming Barack Obama for the current mess in Iraq.

    Like prior to Iraqi invasion in 2003, the Zionist-controlled media is full of BS fabricated by the old neoconservatives (mostly Jewish) who are once again beating drums of wars against Muslim states around the Zionist entity.

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    Oil aside, a very large reason for the invasion of Iraq was because of the neo-conservatives, almost all of them Jewish. They wanted to use American military power to destroy an Arab country that might possibly be a threat to Israel at some point. They also wanted to create an American military presence in the middle east as a potential safeguard for Israel’s security. And all of this would be done at no cost to Israel itself. America’s entire middle east foreign policy is shaped by its all-powerful Jewish lobby.

  3. I agree that the Iraq War was conceived to aid Israel. I don’t agree that it was over oil. Saddam Hussein was a reliable supplier of oil to the West for many years. If the war was about oil why did the U.S. pull out and refuse to encircle the oil fields, leaving them to fall into the hands of IS?

    I also disagree that Al-Qaeda somehow got a boost from the war. They had already declared US civilians legit targets back in the mid-90s. Iraq War, no Iraq War, they were already committed to their enterprise.

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  4. I’d like to see some examples of “witch hunting” against Muslims in the U.S. According to figures I’ve seen, there are now twice as many Muslims in the U.S. as there were on September 11, 2001. If anything, Muslims are coddled and constantly reassured that there will be no “backlash.” Just as bad as Dubya’s mid-East bellicosity was his inability to confront the threat of Muslims in the U.S. We now live in a high-surveillance state and surrender our dignity to travel by air, largely because of the threat of terrorism carried out by the advocates of what Dubya chose to call “the religion of peace.”

    The Dubya presidency was a disaster on many fronts and for many reasons. Trump is fully justified in repudiating him.

    Democrats almost never mention the presidencies of Jimmy Carter and LBJ–they learned their lesson.

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  5. “The US, claim the Bush/Cheney amen chorus, was “misled” into invading Iraq by “faulty intelligence,” misled by the hope to promote democracy among the benighted Muslims; on a noble quest to remove a frightful dictator Saddam; and, of course, the famous missing “weapons of mass destruction.””

    US action in the middle east is at the behest of Israel.

  6. says:
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    William Kristol
    Irving Kristol
    Gertrude Himmelfarb
    Michael Ledeen
    Richard Perle
    James Woolsey
    Meyrav Wurmser — “it’s fundamental love”
    Joshua Muravchik
    Robert Kagan
    Victoria Nuland
    Kimberly Kagan
    Frederick Kagan
    Donald Kagan

    Line ‘em up for Nuremberg Redux
    skip the trials

  7. They got a huge boost. al-qaeda in iraq grew massively(remember zarqawi and the surge?) due to the gain of a massive new manpower supply of now marginalized sunni arab tribesmen along with the logistical,strategic, and tactical skills of the ex-baath members, who were instrumental in setting up mostly the islamic state but also al-nusra, who used iraqi al qaeda members to set up the beginnings al-qaeda emirate by use of a revolt against assad.

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  8. says:
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    The USA would have been safer and better off after 9/11 by just ending Muslim immigration to their country rather then engaging in a senseless war in Iraq. The opposite of the weird INVADE THE WORLD/INVITE THE WORLD mantra of our times.

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    The USA would have been safer and better off after 9/11 by just ending Muslim immigration to their country rather then engaging in a senseless war in Iraq.

    The USA would have been safer and better off after 9/11 by just rounding up the neocons and putting them in solitary confinement. Or better yet, in the general population of a prison for sexual predators.

    If anybody deserves to die the way Qaddafi did, it’s Michael Ledeen.

  10. I don’t even think Muslims et large are the threat. While I have no objection to Trump’s Muslim ban, I think it would probably be better for our image if it was just against Arabs. There’s not really a major problem with Indian or Bangladeshi, or Indonesian terrorism, it’s mainly just the ones who live in the sand, and I think a lot of the reason they hate us is because our government kills them with impunity for vague reasons.

    While I think its smart to limit the amount of people who come from backwards cultures, I don’t think we need to ban all muslims because that will just serve as a propaganda victory for them. But not allowing Saudis, Iraqis, Syrians, etc until we stop bombing the region might be prudent.

  11. Will they ever face the Hague tribunal or is it for tinpot dictators in Africa or elsewhere.

  12. why does Eric spew continuous nonsense, in who actually did plan and implement Sept 11 2001 bombing attacks? Notice he is 100% sure Saudis did the dirty deed “the real culprits came from Saudi Arabia”.
    If Eric (Israel citizen) depends on the bogus classified 28 pages, he needs a new line of reporting–cooking sewing gardening articles.

  13. Without relieving George W. of his responsibility for the ruin of Iraq, Bill Clinton presided over the “the destruction of Iraq’s water and sewage treatment plants by US air attacks, spreading disease and pestilence across the nation.” Clinton, with no known opposition from Hillary, applied the sanctions that prevented the importation of chlorine. It was Madeleine Albright, five years before Bush came into office, who solomonically weighed a half million children’s lives and a presumed national interest, coming down on the side of the latter.

  14. Margolis, mainstream America will never admit the enormous crimes committed in Afghanistan or Iraq, any more than they’ve admitted to the enormous crimes committed in Viet Nam, El Salvador, etc., etc. They are convinced that all Americans are as sinless and without flaw as Adam in the Garden of Eden — exceptionalism, as it is called these days. They lie as eagerly about American atrocities as eagerly as Japanese do about what their grandfathers did.

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    Thank you, Eric Margolis, for your lucid, factual, and eloquently powerful analysis and indictment of the George W. Bush presidency, for the war-crimes committed in the name of the American people. Crimes committed with the blessing of mansion-imbedded “Christian-Zionist” TV preachers, and by the sociopathic war-planners at the Pentagon’s Office of Risk Assessment.

  16. Bush ruined America’s name across the globe, making us look no better, maybe even worse, than the Soviet Union.

    As to Russia’s standing and reputation in the word today, especially when compared to that of the United States, the above is one of the more ignorant and unfair statements I have seen in a long time

  17. I have heard that GWBushit has Saddam’s pistol. If that’s true, could the Widow Saddam sue for its return? Under what terms would this become Bushit’s personal property?

  18. The US, claim the Bush/Cheney amen chorus, was “misled” into invading Iraq by “faulty intelligence,”

    Well since the Office of Special Plans was specifically manufacturing that intelligence to push us into war, of course they knew it was faulty.

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  19. the one legged, moron zarqawi was an american created boogey man. here there everywhere. such a terror before taken out after serving his assigned purpose

  20. “Limits overseas travel for fear of arrest for war crimes”? In the second paragraph you show yourself to be a complete hack or just plain stupid. As if anybody in the elitist politico league anywhere is worried about that crap. It’s for petty tyrants and the rest of us that they make “international laws” like that, while they do whatever they deem necessary. So,you wouldn’t show up to your brother’s campaign if he were to have one; right . Maybe you could instruct us on the
    difference between HW, GW, Obummer and the Clintons? They’re all a bunch of murderous creeps or does anybody out there really think the “moderate” rebels in Syria picked up their tanks,
    tow missiles, artillery and heavy arms at the local Wallmart? You jerks ought to start reading a little history; the only ones worse than us are EVERYBODY ELSE!!!

  21. says:
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    Can we stop pretending to believe the nine eleven fairy tale was real and acknowledge the truth: false flag war crime of the century?!?!

  22. The direct cause of 9/11 was weakness and inaction on the part of the Clinton administration. Bin Laden said so himself, on video! Terrorists did not attack us again after 9/11 because they were too busy hiding, on the run, from a ruthless administration willing to do what was necessary to keep the homeland safe. Fast forward 8 years to the the current, limp-wristed President, and he is setting the stage, like Clinton, for another attack through weakness, appeasement, and inaction. And like Clinton, Obama will leave a giant mess for the next administration to clean up.

  23. EVERY INTELLIGENCE AGENCY IN THE WORLD THOUGHT IRAQ HAD WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION! It was a dupe by Saddam, but everyone fell for it, including the Democrats in Congress that had access to the EXACT SAME INTELLIGENCE as the White House. Maybe if Clinton hadn’t decimated our intelligence capabilities the entire 8 years he was in office, we might have been able to some on-the-ground, first hand intelligence. Instead we relied mostly on satellite photos that provide limited insight.

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