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Japan, Teflon Nation
On Refugees as on Trade, It Excels in Managing Anglophone Opinion
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As Third World migration increasingly dominates the headlines in the European Union and the United States, the rich nations of East Asia have been keeping heads their down. With good reason. True to their ultra-strict immigration policies, they have been admitting virtually no refugees.

South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China are at one in shunning almost all asylum seekers, no matter how deserving they may be. But even by East Asian standards, Japan is remarkably stone-hearted. It accepted a mere six asylum seekers in 2013 and eleven in 2014. Its admission rate seems particularly remarkable when compared with Australia’s. Australia after all is remote from the sources of the refugee problem. By contrast many troubled nations – Vietnam, Cambodia, and Burma, for instance – are relatively speaking in Japan’s backyard. Yet Australia last year granted visas to 6,501 refugees.

For those who are keeping score, the remarkable thing is how successfully Japan has escaped international censure. Not to put too fine a point on it, Japan is the Teflon nation of global diplomacy. Nothing seems to stick. No matter how disappointingly it falls short of international expectations, it is rarely held to account.

The pattern was set long ago in trade policy. Already by the early 1970s, Japan had become notorious for constantly promising market opening measures that never materialized. Yet this did nothing to discourage American and European officials from negotiating further trade treaties that were in their time declared to represent a definitive end to Japanese mercantilism.

In Japanese refugee policy as in trade, a key factor is a little-noticed genius for public relations. But this is for the most part not normal public relations. Rather, the Japanese establishment pursues the sort of negative strategy that Howard Hughes adopted when he spent millions keeping his name out of the papers. On the one hand Japan ensures that its true policies remain as little publicized as possible; on the other it promotes various forms of tokenism to spike the guns of potential critics.

It helps that most Tokyo-based foreign correspondents are in the establishment’s pocket. This applies in particular to those who have lived long term in Japan. Meanwhile for the most part more recent arrivals are so pole-axed by culture shock that they have to be babysat at all times by their research assistants (almost all of whom can be assumed to be on message in serving Japan’s national agenda).

Meanwhile key Westerners are often invited on all-expenses-paid junkets to Japan. They are charmed to find themselves surrounded by real or putative Japanese intellectual allies hanging on their every word. Naturally nothing of the earnest deliberations that ensue ever makes it into the international press. The visitors leave feeling they have accomplished something. Rarely do they sense the reality that they have merely been assigned bit parts in a cast-of-thousands Gilbertian farce.

One person who has had more than his share of such treatment is Antonio Guterres, the current United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Since he took office in 2005 he has been hosted in Japan no less than twelve times. Repeatedly on such occasions he has frankly criticized Japan’s refugee policies yet, given that his comments have rarely been picked up by the major Anglophone media, this has been a case of flowers blushing unseen, wasting their sweetness on the desert air.

In a classic exercise in tokenism, Guterres in 2013 was led around a major Japanese photographic exhibition on the refugee crisis. The photos told a distressing story but went largely unnoticed in the press; and only a tiny minority of the Japanese population ever visited the exhibition.

In the 1990s, Japan found an even better way to parry criticism – by installing one of its own as head of the United Nations Refugee Agency. As a woman, Sadako Ogata won kneejerk support from Western feminists. What few Westerners noticed was that she was a card-carrying member of Japan’s inner establishment. The daughter of a career diplomat and the granddaughter of a fascist-era Foreign Minister, she married a top Bank of Japan official who was himself the son of a fascist-era leader. To say the least, there is little evidence that Ogata ever made waves – either in private, still less in public – for Japan’s refugee policy.

Japanese policymakers rarely explain themselves and almost never frankly, but part of their hostility to refugees is believed to derive from concern about overpopulation. In reality, however, Japan’s population density does not make it even into the world’s top thirty. Significant nations that are more densely populated include Belgium, Holland, Puerto Rico, and Lebanon. Meanwhile even the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Germany are not far behind.

Another factor is believed to be a concern to avoid diluting Japan’s societal homogeneity. Again Japanese leaders rarely if ever comment frankly but it can be assumed that in common with their counterparts elsewhere in East Asia they hold that a nation works best when it is least fractured by religious, linguistic, and ethnic differences.

Perhaps the most telling aspect of this story is Japan’s parsimony in funding United Nations relief efforts. Unlike nations like the United States and the United Kingdom, Japan continues to run large current account surpluses (the current account is the widest and most meaningful measure of a nation’s trade). Thus despite constant talk in recent decades that its finances have weakened, Japan is in fact in a far stronger position to support the United Nations than either the United States or the United Kingdom (both of which have consistently been running huge current account deficits). Yet on the last available figures, both the U.S and U.K. governments contributed more on a per-capita basis to the United Nations Refugee Agency than Japan. In fact Japan was outranked by no less than fifteen nations. Luxembourg’s contribution rate was nearly eleven times Japan’s, Norway’s nearly eight times, and Sweden’s nearly six times.


The full extent of Japan’s parsimony is understood only when the figures are broken down between so-called tied and untied aid. In the case of tied aid, the recipient is typically required to spend the money on goods produced by the donor nation. Less than one-tenth of Japan’s contribution was untied – one of the lowest rates of any significant nation. Perhaps the most striking thing of all is that Japan’s contributions have been falling in absolute terms. Totaling $226 million in 2011, they had been cut to $181 million in 2014.

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  1. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’m not sure about Korea.

    It may not take in refugees but it takes in a lot of foreigners.
    And Koreans may be the most transracial people on earth with their plastic surgeries and hair dyeing.

  2. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “But even by East Asian standards, Japan is remarkably stone-hearted.”

    Stone-hearted? Why is Japan responsible for problems caused by other peoples?

    After US nuked Japan, how many other nations took in Japanese refugees?

    After Fukushima tsunami disaster, how many people took in Japanese refugees?

    Japanese take care of their own and mind their own business.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    If the Axis Powers had won WWII, there would be no refugee crisis today. It seems unfair to criticize Japan here, and especially unfair to force all these refugees on Germany as is happening now, for the problems the Allies have caused.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  4. Tiger says:

    Compared to Northwest Europe (and those countries of mostly Northwest Europe descent), every developed nation is comparatively stone-hearted towards distant nations and peoples.

    For an extreme example, take Portugal v. Sweden. When the ebola crisis hit Africa, Swedes came to the rescue to the tune of $70-80 million in governmental cash donations. The Portuguese in comparison donated 25k euros in governmental cash for relief.

    And keep in mind there are an estimated 250,000 Portuguese living in Africa, a big source of middle class jobs for the Portuguese. Even though Portugal is not doing well it is still a developed country and has a huge stake in Africa.

    Instead of comparing rich West to rich East Asia, it’s more accurate to compare Northwest European mentality v. everybody else in the developed world.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @helena
  5. Renoman says:

    I’m told they have a very crime free and civilized society. Why would they risk loosing that by bringing in outsiders? What’s in it for them? Mixing the races does not work, birds of a feather etc. ,do you really think people yearn for the American non stop freak show?

    • Replies: @Jim
    , @Bill Jones
    , @Jeff77450
  6. “Japanese take care of their own and mind their own business.”

    And take ours, harming our neighbors’ chances to ever escape debt and have jobs that can actually make them self-sufficient.

    If the Japanese can be strong armed into undoing their peace constitution, in order that they can make war, then they ought to be strong armed first into helping refugees, which crisis is the consequence of making war.

  7. “If the Japanese can be strong armed into undoing their peace constitution, in order that they can make war, then they ought to be strong armed first into helping refugees, which which crisis is the consequence of making war.”

    Uh, why? Just that – why do they have to? With declining U.S. power in the region the Japanese have to look to themselves for their own defense.

    • Replies: @Fran Macadam
  8. Jim says:

    For most of the last 1500 years Japan has been one of the most prosperous and successful societies in the world. It was only after 1800 that the standard of living in Western Europe exceeded that in Japan for about a century and half. The Japanese population of about 125 million has an average IQ of 107. Although this average IQ is exceeded by Ashkenazi Jews the latter number only about 10 million.

    It would be insane for Japan to admit large numbers of immigrants. Since the West seems bent on suicide, Japan is all the more important for the possibility of the survival of an advanced culture.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  9. Jim says:

    The Japanese run Japan for the benefit of the Japanese. What an astonishing idea!

    • Replies: @Former Darfur
  10. MarkinLA says:

    For an extreme example, take Portugal v. Sweden. When the ebola crisis hit Africa, Swedes came to the rescue to the tune of $70-80 million in governmental cash donations. The Portuguese in comparison donated 25k euros in governmental cash for relief.

    Sorry to have to say this but at some time in the future we are going to have to say that disease and pestilence in Africa is just the natural order being restored and we should stay out. Feed them and they just breed more who want to emigrate out. It will never end until nature ends it for them.

    • Replies: @Tiger
  11. @Sean the Neon Caucasian

    It’s the abolition of the purely defensive mandate of Japanese forces, for the convenience of an empire to have a Japanese proxy wage pre-emptive foreign wars of choice on its behalf. Too convenient by half. Even if it’s a coalition of the willing war profiteers.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  12. Tiger says:

    Typical shoot from the hip nonsense. As if containing and eradicating a mushrooming ebola outbreak is not a global responsibility.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    That’s not really a good example, as Portugal colonized Angola for a long time and helped develop its economy and infrastructure for the natives. Sweden has not done as much as the Portuguese have historically.

    • Replies: @Tiger
  14. Sean says:

    Eamonn Fingleton is approaching this from the point of view of Japan having selfishly failed to meet humanitarian obligations, however the received wisdom from the Economist ect is that Japan desperately needs immigrants. and more than any other developed nation. So if selfish, Japan should be competing for all the refugees and immigrants it can get. Such arguments for the benefits of, and need for mass refugee immigration into developed countries are being made about Europe

    I would like to see Eamonn Fingleton actually make a case for why the Economist view of a declining population in a developed country is wrong. Do that and readers may accept that Japan has base motives in not taking refugees. Such an analysis would have relevance for many countries, or maybe Eamonn thinks Japan is special. Either way I would like to know; is Japan crafty or deluded?

    At present the expert consensus is that Japan’s aversion to immigration is a delusion, a kind of national anorexia that will lead to it disappearing from the ranks of major economic powers. Japan is not going to be blamed for self-harming. Eamonn needs to show that Japan is pursuing an objectively self-interested policy to get anything to stick.

  15. hker says:

    Hong Kong is different from other rich East Asian countries. It has an active judiciary that has since 2004 imposed strict requirements for the consideration of asylum applications. The court orders are closely complied with so there is an asylum seeking population of thousands in Hong Kong, mostly from India, Pakistan, and southeast Asian nations.

    Almost no asylum application is granted but because a strict procedure is observed, it takes years to process each application. Since housing, food, and medical is provided to asylum seekers while their application is considered, HK spends 60 million US dollars a year on the program, which is quite ridiculous considering almost no application is ultimately accepted.

  16. Japan’s refugee policy has a name: Sanity.

    • Replies: @White Guy In Japan
  17. @Renoman

    Societies succeed because they’ve built up, usually over centuries, a widely accepted and practiced set of behaviors; social capital built up of predictable actions and attitudes and beliefs. The core of the culture.
    Immigrants who do not have that ingrained culture are likely to be destructive of social capital and destructive to the host society. Despite the gibberish of the lunatic left most people recognize this and quite rightly reject the attempt to destroy their society in pursuit of a crazed political fantasy.

    • Replies: @Jim
  18. Chuck says:

    Mr. Fingleton, what is your opinion of the pending reinterpretation of Japan’s constitution? Is this something the Japanese establishment wants or is it being forced on them by the US?

  19. hker says:

    The number of asylum seekers in Hong Kong has reached 10,000. This is a huge rise over the past two years. There were 6,000 at the beginning of 2014. Hong Kong maybe undergoing its own asylum wave.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  20. Stan says:

    Another tiresome screed from a liberal do-gooder.

    • Replies: @Anonymous Nephew
  21. Now why would China, Taiwan and HK take in the refugees? They had no part in bombing and dis-integrating Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan.

    This is a direct result of the empire of chaos’ evil hegemonic design and it has dragged its pack of poodles along for the the ride. And now, the chickens (refugees) are coming home to roost. The writer should direct this piece at the empire and its poodles.

    Confucius say, those who create shit must be responsible to clean up their own shit.

    • Replies: @Jason
  22. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I wonder how much of this might be due to things being lost in translation, or even just not being translated in the first place because they’re just not that good at English.

    When I visited the East Asian countries, I noticed how terrible they were at speaking English. Even the educated and elite are generally very bad at English. They’re much more insulated from Anglophone media.

    Whereas in Europe, even ordinary people speak decent English, and everyone seems to have a general sense of and keeps abreast of the latest idioms, trends, and fashions through the Anglophone media.

  23. MarkinLA says:

    When we are on Ebola Outbreak MMMCCCXII maybe it will finally sink in to you.

  24. @Bill Jones

    Japan only accepts refugees from the First World. College graduates who teach the Japanese English. Educated, useful and generally ephemeral.

    No argument here.

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Good for Japan.

  26. @Sean

    “I would like to see Eamonn Fingleton actually make a case for why the Economist view of a declining population in a developed country is wrong.”

    I would also like to see more economic data on the benefits of a smaller population. Personal opinion here, Japan is a small, crowded nation and I think fewer people would shorten lines at stores and cut down on traffic on the highways. Maybe real estate prices would drop and people would start buying and developing.

    Developing a better tourism industry might be nice as well. Lovely temples and castles and more tea houses.

  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    > Since the West seems bent on suicide, Japan is all the more important for the possibility of the survival of an advanced culture.

    Yes, we need at least one high-tech race to keep itself undiluted so that at least some people can escape into space.

    IQ107 x 100 million x 1% of best brains should make that happen.

  28. Sean says:

    Here is the thing. Wherever you stand in the debate on whether immigration is a good or bad thing – and most economists would argue that immigration promotes growth – right now immigration looks much more economically useful to Germany than to the UK.

    Which is perhaps one of the unspoken reasons why Germany is being much more welcoming to asylum seekers from Syria and elsewhere right now…. said that Angela Merkel is creaming off the most economically useful of the asylum seekers

    I an not saying that Eamonn is wrong but he needs to show that Japan is objectively improving its prospects. If they actually have demographic anorexia, but think they are overcrowded, then that is a cause for pitying them.

  29. I think the author is missing a critical point, which is that the current political system is really a closely entwined political-social system. Power is maintained by a ruling elite partly through traditional political means, but partly through the acceptance on the part of the population of living in a closed society. So, let in a bunch of immigrants and they might start asking unsavory questions.

  30. MarkinLA says:

    I would like to see Eamonn Fingleton actually make a case for why the Economist view of a declining population in a developed country is wrong.

    Well if one were to take that position to the extreme then the population of a developed country should always be increasing or staying the same. How realistic is that? At some point the population has to stabilize and nothing stays exactly at some set-point. The best you can hope for is that the population oscillates around such a point. Japan is nowhere near having too few people for it’s land mass. Maybe if the population had collapsed from 127 million to 67 million in 20 years you might have an argument for taking in Koreans but that is nowhere near the case.

    Additionally, the Economist is all about stupid arguments like “the GDP is going down” as though that was the be-all and end-all of society. Haven’t we had enough of listening to these morons from academia and their simplistic world view? Does Japan have any serious societal problems compared to the rest of the world? Are they starving, do they drink too much, do they have adequate health care, and what are their schools like? The answer to all of these is that Japan is near the top of the world list in every category. So how does allowing more immigrants in make any of those categories even better such that the existing Japanese citizens benefit? The answer is they don’t.

    • Replies: @Sean
  31. Borachio says:

    Japan has no intention of letting itself be demographically and culturally destroyed. We can hardly blame the Japanese for that.

    Only the insane Americans and Europeans want to commit national suicide, and in a way that is anything but honorable.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  32. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The East Asian nations are run by indigenous elites with closer ties to the general population. Whereas Western nations are directly or indirectly dominated by elites that are disproportionately Jewish hence of non-indigenous background.

    An elite that is disproportionately from a different background from the general population , and from a background with a history of frequent migration between different countries and whose very survival has depended on such migrations, is naturally going to have a tendency to promote the interests of migratory people relative to settled, indigenous populations.

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not suicide, as for example, the indigenous British public has been consistently anti-immigration for decades. It’s homicide by an elite that is disproportionately non-indigenous in power and influence.

    “Immigration is currently highly salient and in recent years has consistently ranked in the top five ‘most important issues’ as selected by the British public.

    Approximately three quarters of people in Britain currently favour reducing immigration.

    Preferences for reduced migration are not new

    Opposition to the arrival of immigrants in the UK is not new. Rising concern about ‘New Commonwealth’ immigration prompted the British Election Study (BES) to begin asking the public about immigration as far back as 1964, although in those early years it did not ask the question to ‘coloured’ respondents. Throughout this period, the overwhelming majority of people in Britain have agreed that there are too many immigrants in the UK.”

    • Replies: @Sean
  34. Sean says:

    I think the idea of unending growth is required for leveraging assets. But the financial wizards of Iceland obviously know more about economics than Japan.

  35. Sean says:

    This is about refugees. Most people think that something should be done to help refugees and Paul Collier has some good ideas.

    Economists seem to be more or less unanimous that developed counties can’t afford to have fewer workers. Maybe Japan is Teflon-coated, because it disproves so much of the received wisdom, and so no one wants to talk about it.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Helping refugees” implies immigration, as that is what the elites have decided it means, and thus can’t be separated from the immigration issue.

    If “helping refugees” meant some sort of temporary provisioning and housing of refugees before sending them back home or settling them elsewhere, or at the very least some sort of public debate about what “helping refugees” should entail, then it could be distinguished from the immigration issue, but that isn’t the case.

    • Replies: @Sean
  37. Sean says:

    Collier has another solution, one that will help the mass of the refugees not a tiny percentage of the least desperate who manage to get here and are favoured with asylum. He makes a lot of sense.

    The figures show Japan certainly seems to be stingy with aid, and we know they can afford it. They ought to be required to contribute to schemes like Collier’s.

    Are the Japanese are actually gaining or losing in purely economic terms by not having mass immigration, which refugees are a part of in effect. The speculators, apart from Kyle Bass, don’t seem to be shorting Japan, yet the line from economists is that a falling population (like Germany’s) will be a disaster. So is Japan special in some way or just an embarrassing indication that economists are being economical with the truth about Germany ect needing immigrants?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jim
  38. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Why should the Japanese be required to contribute to such schemes? The crisis was created by Western foreign policy.

    • Replies: @Sean
  39. Sean says:

    Africa has been de-industrialized and that makes it a source of migrants. Better to keep people in their countries and employed productively,then they can trade with us. Japan is protected by Western military force so it is a freeloader in just about every way at the moment.

    • Replies: @Erik Sieven
    , @Anonymous
  40. @Sean

    when was Africa industrialized?

    • Replies: @Sean
  41. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t really see any indication that industrialization decreases emigration. The great waves of European emigration occurred while the European economies were industrializing and had high economic growth. Industrialization and economic growth in general increases land values hence rents and thus can spur emigration.

    As far as Africa goes, I’m not sure what you mean. Africa has been industrializing and has had relatively high economic growth for the past 20 years:

    To be precise, Japan is protected and occupied by US military forces and has little say in the matter. And it has no influence on US and Western foreign policy. So it’s not clear why they, along with many of the European nations, should be required to pay for the completely elective schemes of Western foreign policy.

  42. tsotha says:

    The Japanese have no obligation, moral or otherwise, to take in refugees. The fact that Europeans seem to have taken leave of their senses doesn’t mean the rest of us should follow.

  43. Ganpat says:

    This is best explained here. Everything explained in this video by a man who had seen what was coming.

  44. Sean says:

    Sub Saharan Africa has suffered significant de-industrialisation since the 1970’s.

  45. Sean says:

    There is an article in the Economist about Matahara, Women and work in Japan,:We’re busy. Get an abortion. Also, Japan Times article.

  46. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s an article on Japan tightening its asylum process in the wake of this recent refugee crisis:

    “As Europe opens its doors, Japan considers clamping down harder on asylum seekers”–business.html

    As the worst refugee crisis since World War Two forces Europe to break down hurdles and accept tens of thousands of migrants, Japan, which took in just 11 asylum seekers last year, is looking to clamp down even tighter.

    Measures including deporting failed applicants, curbs on repeat applications and pre-screening of new asylum seekers are being considered as part of changes to the country’s immigration system, an official said.

    If implemented, the changes would make Japan an even harder-to-reach destination, activists say. The country is already one of the developed world’s least welcoming countries for refugees, accepting fewer than a dozen of a record 5,000 asylum seekers in 2014.

    • Replies: @Jim
  47. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    One of the reasons Japan might be more strict here is that its neighbors include the world’s two most populous countries, with a long history of intensive agriculture and huge populations, and with recent histories of conflict, war, and poverty. Whereas the Middle East and Africa were largely pastoral and horticultural until relatively recently and much less populated. I don’t think many Europeans viscerally understand just how large the Middle Eastern and African populations are and will be. I think they still have a vague sense that they’re mainly small bands of herders and the like.

    • Replies: @Erik Sieven
  48. You can get rid of more people and import more robots with AI which thinks better than HI.

  49. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not like Japan had anything at all to do with Syria, so why should it take in refugees? Meanwhile western nations who are responsible for destroying the country are taking some refugees in. What’s so hard to understand?

  50. Tiger says:

    The Portuguese colonies were business ventures to create business for Portuguese companies and jobs for Portuguese people. This is not the altruism of the Swedish.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  51. @anonymous

    Well said! Japan is great example for Americans in search of a new political direction.

    Real ‘conservatives’ should strive to preserve their vanishing, European-derived culture. This can be done by avoiding neocon wars that do not serve core American interests. We must also work to reestablish our nation’s weakened European identity. This includes reestablishing the preeminence of our national language (English).

    America should also impose a moratorium on non-European immigrants. Race matters. Do we wish to resemble Brazil in 50 years?

    Japan knows that race matters. It’s so obvious to the Japanese (and Chinese) that it goes without saying in both countries. That’s why neither country has any interest in absorbing racial aliens. What a silly idea. Only countries with entrenched and influential Jewish communities do such things.

    With that in mind, a substantial number of illegal immigrants now nesting in America must be deported. Let’s redirect foreign aid to help Mexico develop its economy. Israel’s artificial centrality in American life must also be reassessed and downgraded. This objective will be a great leap forward for most Americans if it can be achieved. Jews however will resist these common-sense national goals ruthlessly and fanatically. Here are just some the words they will use to stop it: “Racism”. “Fascism”. “Nativism”. “Nazism”. “White Supremacism”.

    So be prepared.

    In the long run, these redirected priorities will save America trillions and reinvigorate our national culture. Getting there however will not be easy.

    • Replies: @Sean
  52. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Japan should reject all migrants. Did Japanese flee to other nations during WWII and earthquakes?

    Did Japan cause the crisis in the Middle East.

    Japanese know what this guy knows.

    • Replies: @Realist
  53. jackson says:

    lol, the gay investment bankers at the Economist have for years been incessantly harping on Japan to open the immigration floodgates.

  54. Sean says:
    @Mark Green

    TRADE is another indicator. On the CIA’s figures, the United Kingdom last year incurred a current account deficit – the widest and most meaningful measure of its trade – of $162bn. By comparison Japan enjoyed a current account surplus of $45bn. Japan’s performance was all the more remarkable for the fact that because of ageing demographics its workforce has been reduced by nearly 10% since the late 1980s. By comparison the United Kingdom’s workforce has steadily increased. (Japan’s ageing demographics, incidentally, are not the result of some terrible national death wish. They were set in stone in the late 1940s under the so-called Eugenic Protection Law, whose objective was to reduce the Japanese birth rate from one of the developed world’s highest to one of its lowest. The policy was established in recognition of the fact that shorn of its empire, post-second world war Japan would otherwise face an alarming food security problem.) These trade figures testify to the fact that whereas on net Japan remains a significant capital exporter, the United Kingdom is a dangerously large net capital importer. One manifestation of this is that where cross-border UK-Japan takeovers are concerned, it is almost invariably the Japanese that are doing the buying.

    The New Scientist just published an article saying welcoming more refugees as immigrants makes economic sense and also saying that Germany is doing this because a labour shortage hurts their industry and jobs. According to the NS mass immigration is good for everyone.

    I think we have to ground the debate by establishing what is objectively advantageous for Japan (and it may be different to Europe for some reason that means the Economist is right about Germany, but wrong about Japan). Eamonn has explained that Japan wants a declining population. Yet very single Anglo Saxon major mainstream media outlet from (representative one in the Washington Times) says Germany needs refugees to keep its work force from declining . The WT says “Merkel isn’t the only one being pragmatic”, but actually Merkel is not saying that this is a pragmatic decision

    DURINGDuring her visit to Switzerland on Thursday, Chancellor Angela Merkel told journalists that ‘Germany is doing what is morally and legally required of it. Nothing more, nothing less’, referring to the refugee crisis.

    So are the Economist and WT right and Merkel and her Germans are deceiving themselves about being moral, and why they are welcoming immigrants, but Germany is objectively following the only rational policy? If so Japan is suffering from an outbreak of mass insanity, by rejecting refugee immigrants.

    Another New Scientist article may shed some light on the differing response of Europe and Japan. Refugee crisis: Why one boy’s tragedy created a wave of empathy The question still remains, is Japans policy objectively in their economic interest?

    • Replies: @Mark Green
    , @Anonymous
  55. helena says:

    “it’s more accurate to compare Northwest European mentality v. everybody else in the developed world.”

    It’s like a branch of Nordicism; a lot of northwesterners who embraced liberalism, as a follow-on from Christianity, believe(d) they were culturally invincible.

  56. @Anonymous

    in the middle east there are actually not many people, and they have already a low fertility. In subsaharan Africa there are many people, many times the numbers of the middle east. Some people actually underestimate how many people live in Africa, others overestimate it, because they watch Hollywood etc. and think the world consists of 40 % whites, 40 % westafricans and some token east africans, east asians, south asians, south americans, middle eastern people etc.

  57. WJ says:

    Reading or watching documentaries about Japan or South Korea you get the sense that these places will always be this way. Japan will be uniquely Japan, Korea uniquely Korea. Looking at the USA and Europe you get the nagging disturbing feeling that these places are transient, ephemeral places that will not be recognizable in 20 years.

    I don’t understand this writer’s anger and resentment at Japan for looking out for their best interest.

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Priss Factor
  58. @anonymous

    Come on now, per the author’s insinuations, “everyone” knows that first world nations have some sort of “duty” to automatically open their borders and take in third world nations’ refugees, and as many of them as possible.

    Another thing overlooked by the author, apparently of British origin: Unlike Britain, US, France, and many other Western nations, Japan did not have a colonial empire during the 19th and 20th centuries that was based in Africa/Middle East. Thus perhaps it is understandable why there remains this lingering “guilt” of Western nations to automatically take in tons and tons of refugees from Africa and the Middle East. It is entirely understandable why the former British Empire which had colonies throughout the world would now feel such burdens of guilt and wanting to make amends for all the horrors and terrors it wrought upon Africa, Asia, etc. But this comparison to Japan, lacking in African, Middle Eastern, etc colonies and then insisting that it too should open its island borders willy nilly to just about anyone won’t fly.

    Where exactly were Japan’s African colonies? Oh, that’s right, they had none in that region.

    Where exactly were Japan’s Middle Eastern colonies? Oh, that’s right, they had none in that region either.

    Therefore, why exactly should Japan or any East Asian nation for that matter feel “obligated” to take in as many refugees…just cause they should? Why?

    Why should they?

    It’s their nation and it isn’t for the refugees. Perhaps the refugees could stay home and attempt to make their own nations as well as their lives better and brighter for their future.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  59. Sean says:

    Well on my reading Mr Fingleton just says Japan is not doing its bit in a moral sense, he does not make any judgement on whether taking many more refugees/immigrants would be in Japan’s economic interests. He does say the Japanese government’s policy is deserving of censure. However if other countries have an overwhelming economic motive for taking more refugees (ie admitting refugees as replacements for disappearing native workers) then the non-admission of refugees by Japan is self defeating and no one will get angry at Japan.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  60. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Actually, Japan and S. Korea may change aplenty, especially S. Korea.

    Homo agenda is the bell-weather around the world. If you wanna know how much a nation has been cucked to the Jomo-ruled US empire, look at the progress of the homo agenda. It has made great inroads into Japan and S. Korea, also Taiwan.

    Also, S. Korea is now culturally a colony of the LA scene where lots of Koreans/Asians live, and so the trends that prevail in LA also spread in S. Korea.
    So, I wouldn’t bet on S. Korea being homogeneous for long. Japan is iffy.
    One reason is Koreans are more outgoing and excitable(by Asian standards) than the Japanese, so they are more likely to get used to dealing with foreigners. Japanese, being reticent, don’t feel comfortable dealing with too many foreigners.

  61. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “Well on my reading Mr Fingleton just says Japan is not doing its bit in a moral sense, he does not make any judgement on whether taking many more refugees/immigrants would be in Japan’s economic interests.”

    His moral logic is a form of moral imperialism or imperialism of conscience.

    He is applying Eurocentric guilt-trip on other nations that had nothing to do with Eurocentric domination of the world. Personally, I reject all notions of historical guilt. I don’t think today’s Europeans and whites should feel guilty for what their ancestors did. Also, it’s not like Europeans only did bad stuff around the world. They spread progress and civilization all over the world. Indeed, even the moral logic used by non-whites against whites were cooked up by whites. By non-white moral standards, nothing whites did was wrong. The non-white world was about might-is-right. They were taught right-is-might from the Christian West. Even Gandhi admitted that he got much of his moral philosophy from the West(that didn’t practice it consistently). (To be sure, non-white world had moral philosophy, but it was the West that took it to new heights of reason and laws.)

    Anyway, regardless of whether ‘historical guilt’ is valid or not, it’s something Europeans and whites feel cuz of their domination of the world. They should not project this guilt trip on other peoples. For example, there is a big difference between whites hating blacks in America and Japanese hating blacks in Japan. Whites had power over blacks and used to whip em and say, “What’s your name, boy?” “Kunta. ” Whack!!! “Toby”.
    But Japanese fear or hatred of blacks has nothing to do with slavery or racial discrimination. It could be Japanese find black behavior(especially of US soldiers) in Japan to be rude and stupid. It’s the same with Jews and Palestinians. If Germans hated Jews, it can be associated with Nazism. But when Palestinians hate Jews, it is just a natural response to Zionist imperialism. Nazis were ‘punching down’, whereas Palestinians have been ‘punching up’ against their oppressors. It is a fallacy to claim that all hatred of Jews is Nazi-like. Some hated Jews-as-helpless-victims, but others hate Jews-as-oppressive-victors.

    Japan has no history of imperialism in the Middle East. It did have a history of imperialism in East Asia, but Japan lost the war and departed from rest of Asia. It lost all its empire and even Kurile Islands. Since end of WWII, Japanese have renounced war and have been minding their own business. So, why is Japan responsible for what happens in the Middle East that is still feeling the tremors from European imperialism of the past(that created unstable nations of diversity) and neo-imperialism of Zio-America? Since when is it a crime for a nation to mind its own business? Did Japan call for invasion of Iraq, toppling of Gaddafi, and destabilizing of Syria? No, Jews did that.

    Also, even when it comes to Japan’s former victim nations, does it make sense for Japan to take in endless refugees from them? During the Great Leap Forward, it is estimated that anywhere from 25 million to 40 million died. If those 40 million Chinese wanted to run to Japan, should Japan have accepted them out of ‘historical guilt’? But Japan would have been overrun by the Chiners, and that would be the end of Japan as a homogeneous and organic nation. Also, the GLF was a problem caused by Chinese communists, so why should Japan pay the price?

    To understand what is going on, we need to address the problem of HOLLERCAUST.

    Holocaust was the great historical tragedy. Hollercaust is Jews and their proxies screaming ‘holocaust’ every time they wanna force some crazy policy around the world.
    Jews are into hollercaust mode about the current massive ‘refugee’ crisis(some of which looks like Muscle Beach). Jews say WE(but not Israeli Jews) MUST DO SOMETHING cuz not doing so would be like the holocaust all over again.

    But then, how did the world end up with this mess to begin with? Because of the hollercaust of Jews demanding that the West intervene in the Middle East and North Africa. Hollercaust got US into the Gulf War. New Hitler Hussein had to be pushed back from Anshlauss of Kuwait. Hollercaust got US into Iraq. New Hitler had to be removed. Hollercaust messed up Libya. New Hitler Gaddafi had to be stopped from killing his own people. Hollercaust destabilized Syria. Assad the New Hitler had to either go or permanently crippled by total destruction of his country.

    So aint it ironic? The Hollercaust hysteria and attendant policies messed up the Middle East and North Africa by toppling secular regimes and unleashing fanatics and lunatics, and that caused a huge refugee crisis… but guess what? The very lowlifes who used hollercaust to mess up the Muslim world and created this mass migration problem are now using hollercaust again to guilt-trip Europe and the West(and even the East) into taking in all these refugees. Of course, they themselves take no blame.
    It is like arsonist who burns down a house and then accuses others of not doing enough the save the people and property.

    I call bull on this. I say JEWS DID THIS. Just like Jews pushed the garbage of ‘gay marriage’.

  62. @Sean

    Interesting blurbs about the need for labor. One problem: the need for labor is falling. And it’s going to get worse. Far worse.

    Robotics, automation, and Artificial Intelligence are doing to unskilled and semi-skilled human labor what the automobile did to the horse 100 years ago. It’s the beginning of the end for hundreds of thousands of jobs. And these jobs are not coming back.

    This is another reason why the growth of government is inevitable. The private sector–due to extraordinary gains in technologically-driven efficiency–no longer needs nearly as many workers as it did just one generation ago. And this technology-driven efficiency is increasing each and every day. Watch for another plunge in jobs once self-driving cars and trucks emerge. The virtual end of work (for millions) is coming. And coming soon.

    On YouTube, I recommend: ‘Humans Need Not Apply”. It’s a 15-minute documentary on this vital subject. It’s fascinating. And explosive.

  63. ” . . it can be assumed that in common with their counterparts elsewhere in East Asia they hold that a nation works best when it is least fractured by religious, linguistic, and ethnic differences.”

    A self-evidently true statement. So why is Fingleton griping about the Japanese? Perhaps because griping about the Japanese is his favorite activity.

  64. @Stan

    Mr Fingleton is most interesting on the subject of Japan. He’s merely pointing out that while Japan pays lip service to Western pieties on asylum and immigration, they ignore them in practice.

  65. Michael J says:

    “Japan’s population density does not make it even into the world’s top thirty. Significant nations that are more densely populated include Belgium, Holland, Puerto Rico, and Lebanon. ”

    The author fails to cite how large portions of Japan are mountainous and therefore unsuited for major population centers. So does Japan want to be like Belgium that is splitting into two parts? Does Japan want to be like Puerto Rico that exports millions of its own people to the mainland US and is drowning in debt? Lebanon….yeah that is the ticket to a prosperous and peaceful society. If Japan is guilty of promoting the interest of the Japanese I wish the US was just as guilty.

    • Replies: @Jim
  66. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    US message to the world:

    “Renounce war but suffer the consequences of our warmongering.”

    Japan and Germany renounced war with their defeat in WWII, but US pressures both to suffer the consequences of US war-making in the Middle East and North Africa. They are to take in tons of refugees. Good for Japan for resisting this crazy demand.

    Of course, Japan and Germany were also pressured to pony up the money for the Gulf War, a stupid war that laid the foundations for more wars to come.

  67. Jason says:

    Japan wouldn’t take refugees even if they had been involved in attacking Iraq. They aren’t led by traitors.

    • Replies: @Realist
  68. Realist says:

    “On Refugees as on Trade, It Excels in Managing Anglophone Opinion”

    But they seem to have the same idiot economists.

  69. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Kraut logic: We won’t bail out Greece but we will bail out the whole world.
    We won’t let Greece pick our pockets but we will let Africa and the Middle East gang-rape us.

  70. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Seriously, should Japan allow itself to become like this? It is disgusting.

    Japanese are more worried than most because Japanese are timid and inhibited. Once Japan allows itself to be invaded by hordes, they would be even more ineffective in handling the problem since Japan is a polite society where people get by via mutually understood rules and manners.
    Americans are more improvisational and adaptable and open in personality, so even if America has a huge immigrant problem, Americans can hustle themselves through situations. Europeans are less adaptive but still expressive enough to deal with the problem. But the shy Japanese wouldn’t know what to do with the problems once they take over Japan. So, Japan has to stop them at the borders.

    Anyway, this piece of Japan-bashing is premised on a certain Narrative that is poisoning the West. This holocaust-centrism or Holocentrism forbids all other considerations. If Jews invoke the Holocaust, we are compelled to see everything in terms of how it relates to the Holocaust(as Jews frame the debate).
    So, if Jews keep refugees out of Israel, it is to prevent another Holocaust. But if Europeans try to keep refugees out of Europe, they are committing another Holocaust. It’s very fluid how Jews employ their moralogy.

    For this reason, Europeans must form their own historical narratives and invoke them to push back the tide. Eastern Europeans must talk about how they’d been under foreign rule for many decades or even centuries. Therefore, they have a historical duty to ensure their survival and sovereignty.

    After all, much of Eastern Europe was once threatened and even swallowed up by Muslim invaders. Parts of Yugoslavia, such as Bosnia were once Muslim territory. Kosovo, once a wholly Christian territory, was totally lost to Albanian Muslim. Of course, at one time, even all Albanians were Christian before they were more or less forcibly converted to Islam. And Greece was under Ottoman rule for what seemed like forever. And Spain was under North African rule. And in some of these cases, Jews collaborated with Muslims in the invasion of Europe and even sold Europeans as slaves to Muslims for work slaves and sex slaves.

    This Holocaust business is a German and Jewish thing. Why should it be used to frame every political and moral issue in Europe(and even Japan)? This is a form of imperialist moralism or imporalism. Imporalism forces the moral issues pertaining to one historical event onto everything and everyone else. But this is crazy. This is how Palestinians got burned as the ‘new Nazi terrorists’. Never mind that Palestinian violence toward Jews was a response to Zionist imperialism and ethnic cleansing. But because the Holocentric morality was exported outside Europe, anyone who came to loggerheads with Jews were called ‘new nazis’ or ‘new antisemites’.

    What Hungarians and Romanians and Serbians are doing have nothing to do with the Holocaust. If anything, what is happening today is like the war between Islam and Christendom long ago, a time when Muslims had the upperhand and conquered a huge chunk of the Balkans. And just like in those times, the enablers of the Middle East hordes are Jews. Europeans are being made slaves in their own lands of foreign invaders.

    So, if Jews say ‘you are like Nazis for not taking refugees’, Hungarians and other Europeans should say to Jews, ‘you are like Jewish slavers who sold Christians to Muslims during the Muslim conquest.’

    Move out of the orbit of Holocentrism and choose your own national narratives. No more imporality of the Jews.

    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  71. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Macedonian misery

    Macedonian misery: hundreds of people trying to cross from Greece into Macedonia faced cold rain and angry riot police as they gathered in the muddy no-man's land on the border. Many had spent the previous night sleeping outside in the cold and wet.

    Posted by Channel 4 News on Thursday, September 10, 2015

    Get a load of this. Germans have unleashed a giant never-ending Woodstock stampede from the Middle East.

    By telling the world to KOMMEN via world media, more and more and more are heading to Germany and they are laying waste to all the countries between Germany and the Middle East. It’s like Belgium caught between France and Germany in WWI or it’s like Poland caught between Germany and Russia in WWII.

    These damn Germans.

    Since Germans bursted the dam by media remote control, how about this?

    Germans should build an autobahn between itself and the Middle East, and all these Arab migrants would just stay on the autobahn and just speed ahead to Germany without trampling through most regions of the in-between nations. Just stay on the highway. Just all go to Germany and mess it up. If Germans wanna commit mass suicide, let them do it alone without messing other nations.

    Imagine there is a rich guy next door and a poor family next door and your house is in between. Your backyard is between the rich guy’s backyard and the poor guy’s backyard. And the rich guys yells out to the poor guy’s family and relatives, “HEY COME HERE”, and the poor family and loutish relatives all trample through your garden to get to the rich guy’s place to party.

    Damn Krauts.

  72. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Because we now have a refugee racket being run together by liberals who don’t even speak Cantonese and the local triads who organize illegal immigration. Now the paperwork for asylum application arrive BEFORE the migrants do and when they arrive the government will feed them while they work below minimum wage.

    Our stupid college liberals have been imitating Western liberals to our detriment for too long.

  73. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The same could be said of all the Northwest European colonies in the past and current governments that import people for cheap labor: that they were all selfish business ventures.

    In general though, the Portuguese and Spanish were more moderate and altruistic in their colonial projects than the Northwest European colonists. Hitler looked to the American expansion westwards of displacing the Indians as a model for German expansion eastwards to displace the Slavs and others.

  74. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    If so Japan is suffering from an outbreak of mass insanity, by rejecting refugee immigrants. …The question still remains, is Japans policy objectively in their economic interest?

    Western Civilization is expansionist, universalistic, and morally supremacist and imperialistic. On a global scale, Islam is essentially the same, and the domineering and imperious tendencies of Middle Easterners and Africans match these characteristics or features.

    Whereas East Asian civilization is fundamentally pagan, relativistc, and isolationist.

    A future Africanized and Islamized West would be just as morally supremacist and imperialistic, or even more so, with a huge population. It would still have enough economic and technical power to do enough damage, and it would have enough economic problems and large surplus population, especially of young men, to be aggressively expansionist.

    An aged Japan without a large population of young men would have trouble defending against such a Greater Western civilization. This may be what The Economist types have in mind. They might have an inkling of trends in this direction.

    • Agree: Jeff77450
  75. Roberto says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Japan is the answer.

  76. @Roberto

    Regarding immigration, this is precisely the “Invisible Hand of the Market” Adam Smith, laissez-faire free market, live and let live and let well alone policy that such economist types insist is the only way for an effective economy to run, yet when its applied to immigration, then its suddenly oh so bad and the government needs to play a more hands on role in bringing in more and more unrelated peoples and cultures to one’s own nation, and for no good reason.

    Question: If all these refugees that are coming from Africa/Middle East, basically not from the first world and with lower IQs to match, how exactly again is this a greater good and benefit for the nation that just opens their borders and accepts them willy nilly?

    As a nation, Japan’s IQ is around 106 and that’s quite high. Certainly higher than just about every Middle Eastern/African nation, in some cases by about 20-30pts.

    Also, no African/Middle Eastern nation has any direct experience with writing, reading, speaking Japanese. If its hard enough for Westerners to learn the lingo, what gives the author the idea that 2nd/3rd worlders with inferior IQs will suddenly be able to pick up Japanese and be speaking/writing/reading it immediately without difficulty?

    Also, the author fails to explain why exactly African nations have a direct claim and automatic right to pack up, pick up, and head for remote and distant island nation Japan? Why exactly and where is it written that they do? Just cause they have two arms, two legs and a head?

    Now see, if the UK had only had the gumption to protect its own borders and keep out the lot of them then they wouldn’t be having “homegrown” terrorists in their midst.

    Perhaps Japan knows a thing or two about how to run its own nation without any outside help, especially when it hasn’t been asked. After all, they’ve been doing so for nearly fifteen hundred plus years and quite well enough at that.

  77. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    All nations need to be aware of the global Jewish-Homo Complex or the Jomo Complex.

    The canon of the Alt Right, The Camp of the Saints isn’t some theoretical future scenario. It already happened big time in the 2oth century. In Palestine. All those poor and helpless Jewish refugees and migrants arrived ‘peacefully’ and then took over the entire territory, and the native Palestinians have been reduced to second-class citizens — or not even that — in their own homeland.

    We do not need to speculate about Europe’s future. We only need to look at what happened in Palestine to see the future of the European people. They will become Palestinianized. That was the Camp of the Saints scenario played out to the hilt.

    But here’s the thing. Jews couldn’t have done it all on their own. They needed the backing of the great powers, especially US and USSR and under the auspice of globalist imperialist system. Without such protection, the native Palestinians, with help of other Arabs, would have been able to keep the Jews away. Of course, Palestine was then ruled by foreign powers and had race-traitor fifth columnist Arabs who sold themselves out for 30 pieces of silver.

    Today, EU is being invaded in much the same manner. It is not ruled by Europeans but by globalist imperialists — mostly Jomo in nature — and their collaborator Quislings who should now be called Merkels.
    The ‘refugees’ and ‘migrants’ thus have the protection, backing, and blessing of the globalist powers who encourage them and even sanctify them(while patriotic Europeans are demonized as ‘New Nazis’ planning a new holocaust for the simple reason that they wanna protect their own nations. If Europeans had real power, they would push back the hordes and save fortress Europe. But the walls have been breached from the inside at the behest of globalist overlords, to whom the likes of Merkel are mere puppets, stooges, and running dogs both politically and spiritually.
    The idea of Fortress Europe goes back to aristocratic Europe when the warrior caste of noblemen defended their territory from invasion. Jews weren’t part of the warrior class. They were of the merchant class and their advantage was in the erasure of walls so that they, as middlemen, could profit off everyone all over the world. (But of course, Jews have turned into a warrior race in Israel because they want the Holy Land for themselves.)

    This invasion isn’t simply about foreigners vs. Europeans. It’s about Europeans rendered paralytic by the globalists(and their Merkelite leaders who serve the Jomo Complex than their own people) from doing anything to protect themselves from the crisis. Of course, as the Jomo complex controls so much of education and entertainment, a good many European masses have been turned into pathetic cucks who actually invite their own demise.
    But who made them this way? Who changed their hearts and minds?

    Just as Palestinians were powerless to stop the Jews since Jewish hordes arriving in Palestine had the backing of the great powers, Europeans are helpless to stop the invasion since the masses of invaders have the backing and blessing of the globalist Jomo elites.

    Europe is like a spider stung by a hornet. It hasn’t been killed but has been rendered paralyzed. The hornet will the lay the eggs on the spider and then the eggs will hatch and devour the spider… while it’s still alive but helpless to save itself.

    Europe has been rendered paraplegic. The patriotic mind can no longer move the body, and the patriotic body, without leadership and guidance, lies immobile and helpless.

    Europeans are parapeans. Watching Europe vs the invaders is like watching pathetic paralympians vs ruddy olympians(coached by Jomo elites).

    Some idiots say that Europeans shouldn’t flip out or get worried because the masses of arrivals are not invaders with guns and bombs. They are coming ‘peacefully’ and totally unarmed. (Unarmed refugees, like ‘unarmed teen’ Michael Brown?) But consider what Gandhi did with the strategy of ‘peace’. He mobilized 100s of millions of Hindus and Muslims in India and managed to drive the British out without resorting to guns and bombs. Indians gained power over India through ‘peaceful’ means. Of course, since Gandhi was an Indian who led Indians to take back India from the British, it was justified. But anyway, the point is this ‘peaceful’ strategy can have huge political and social repercussions. It could lead even lead to one people taking power from another people. ‘Peace’ can change mountains.
    In the case of British departure from India, it was okay since the British had a homeland to return to. British were defeated and pushed out by ‘peaceful’ Indians, but they still had their Mother Country, good ole Britain. Indeed, even as Brits were kicked out of many nations in Asian and Africa and Middle East, it wasn’t so bad cuz there was one place on earth that they could always return to. But if even UK is lost to Britons, what they do have? All Anglos will be exiles and nomads, even in their ancestral homeland.

    Indians were right to use ‘peaceful’ means to defeat the British in India, but when increasing hordes of non-whites use ‘peaceful’ invasion to conquer Europe, that is not okay. What Gandhi did was right for India. Gandhi would have had no right to pull such stuff in UK, and even Gandhi would have understood. He was for Indian independence, not for the ‘right’ of Indians to invoke ‘peaceful resistance’ or ‘peaceful invasion’ to take over other nations.

    Peace is nice, but ‘peaceful’ aggression is dangerous, even more so than violent aggression. Indeed, consider how Israel lucked out that Palestinians were too hotheaded and proud to choose the ‘peaceful’ path of resistance. Back in the 80s, there were hardly much walls and fences between Israel and the Occupied territories. Suppose Palestinians, instead of throwing rocks, smiled a lot and went for mass peace marches and parades where they acted like Indians under Gandhi. Suppose Palestinians threw flowers than rocks at Jews. Jews would have lowered their guard and many more West Bank Arabs would have found jobs and even occupancy in Israel and then their population would have grown and grown.

  78. Sean says:

    Two commenters added to my ignore list today.

  79. The most deplorable one [AKA "Fourth doorman of the apocalypse"] says:

    Sub Saharan Africa has suffered significant de-industrialisation since the 1970′s.

    Do you have some evidence or even opinion pieces to refer to?

    Are you perhaps referring to South Africa? If so, we all know who caused that.

    • Replies: @Sean
  80. Justin says:

    Japan’s future is truly bright. I’ve been there twice, once in the late 90s and once in 2014. In spite of the “lost decades” which occurred in between, Japan is visibly much wealthier and the Japanese themselves seem taller and more fashionably dressed. Admittedly I was in junior high at the time, but the difference is unmistakable.

    If only the Japanese would stop hiding their light under a bushel and openly advocate the policies that have made them so successful–immigration restriction and beneficial trade policy. But of course they won’t, lest the Eye of Sauron turn against them.

  81. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Manufacturing is more important than people think because manufacturing is highly productive. While service work is very low in productivity and very labor intensive, even highly paid entertainers or athletes. A worker in a factory can produce thousands of widget at a time. A rockstar or an athlete can only produce one performance at a time.

    • Replies: @Sean
  82. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Fran Macadam

    Could you rephrase that in English?
    Because what you wrote doesn’t make any sense, grammatically.

  83. Sean says:

    The other side is that a great coder is worth 10,000 times more than an average coder. But a lot of the high added value services are dependent on manufacturing.

    Scroll down in the link and he says the supposed service success stories like Switzerland are actually manufacturing based and have increased their manufacturing in recent decades. The USA too!

  84. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Bush caused present refugee crisis -so USA should take all of those Syrian refugees.
    His invasion of Iraq was the root cause of this crises.

  85. @Jim

    Exactly. The way they took over the American consumer electronics business is a classic case study in “rational self interest”. Japan no longer manufactures a large percentage of American consumer electronics, but their companies do very well by acting as the middleman.

    Japanese manufacturing has definitely suffered from American MBA infection, and they no longer manufacture many things they themselves like, but still they are a manufacturing nation.

    They also have maintained “inefficient” agriculture, refusing to import rice because they value their own farming system.

    But they are Japanese, and they will stay that way. Good for them.

  86. Bliss says:

    even by East Asian standards, Japan is remarkably stone-hearted.

    Is that mostly genetic or mostly cultural?

    It is noteworthy that the japanese are hated by the other east asians: chinese and koreans. Their biggest fans are the white caucasian losers who fly the nazi and confederate flags. The racist hate site Stormfront absolutely adores them.

    • Replies: @Jim
  87. @Priss Factor

    Japanese are more worried than most because Japanese are timid and inhibited. Once Japan allows itself to be invaded by hordes, they would be even more ineffective in handling the problem since Japan is a polite society where people get by via mutually understood rules and manners.

    And when people violate the mutually understood rules and manners, they would get outraged. I think they would have less tolerence for the anarchic behaviour of the mobs than Westerners would.

    Irrational Japanese threatening a foreigner

    Japan’s racial discrimination against Korean

    Japanese racists attack Chinese man!

  88. Jim says:
    @Bill Jones

    Yes, the Japanese population if the outcome of a long period of genetic-cultural co-evolution. Dumping an alien population not sharing this evolutionary history into Japan would be madness.

  89. Jim says:

    Japan is a very mountainous country with little arable land. It’s cities are extremally over-crowded. It will be better off in the long run with a smaller population.

  90. Jim says:

    The Japanese are running Japan for the benefit of the Japanese. Japan is a very homogeneous country and also a very crowded country. Mass immigration would quickly destroy it.

    It is sad to me that Western European civilization will probably soon be gone. I am glad that Japan and Japanese people will however endure.

    • Replies: @Jeff77450
  91. Jim says:
    @Michael J

    Yes, you are right about the highly mountainous nature of Japan. Only a small percentage of the land is arable.

  92. @Yojimbo/Zatoichi

    Your comment is almost as completely vitiated as that of the “anonymous” to whom you are replying by your ignoring what is meant in well established international law by refugees. And by your ignorance of the almost total absence of refugees from former parts of the British Empire in the intake to the UK.

    • Replies: @Yojimbo/Zatoichi
  93. @anonymous

    Apparently you have no idea what the accepted meaning of refugees is in international law and in discussions by people who actually have anything to do with refugees in the sense used by Fingleton.

    When have their ever been Japanese refugees? You cannot name the rare if any occasions.

    You seem to think that it just means someone in trouble where they now are as in “these Bahamian residents that I use to play golf with were all refugees from the US and other rich countries’ tax systems”.

    The accepted meaning has to do with actual or well founded fear of persecution for one’s beliefs to oversimplify only very slightly.

    • Agree: Travis
    • Replies: @Yojimbo/Zatoichi
  94. Jim says:

    Probably mostly genetic like most of human behavior. The Japanese are racist and xenophobic which is why they will still be around after the West has passed into history.

  95. @anonymous

    I have no objections to Japanese policy in this context. However, the assertion that

    “After Fukushima tsunami disaster, how many people took in Japanese refugees?”

    is a bit problematic. Japan was quite capable of taking care of its own people after the Fukushima disaster. In my neighborhood, there were spontaneous fund raising efforts to help the people of Japan after the great quake. The organizers were not Japanese or Japanese-Americans. I contributed as did many others.

    • Agree: Jeff77450
  96. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Really!!!!??? may be in your World……Japan has been in a recession even bore the US was and still is…..

  97. @Wizard of Oz

    Well, it doesn’t appear that Japan has received your memo that according to international law that they are compelled to take in thousands or millions of “refugees” as Germany and rest of Western Europe is currently doing. In the real world, current “refugees” from the Middle East and Africa can merely assert a preference for a specific country to immigrate and if permitted, then they shall and at that willy nilly.

    Well, perhaps some in Asia dont want to play by those rules and neither should they be compelled to, and of course no one is going to directly persuade them that they should.

    Japan appears to be following the time honored tradition of taking care of its own national interests and minding its own affairs within its own borders, as it pertains to population control and immigration policy.

    Japan for and only for the Japanese. A novel concept and a sound lesson to be learned for other nations to follow.

  98. @Wizard of Oz

    Yes, yes, now do finish the sentence as well as the concept. Where is it directly written in sovereign nations constitutions that they must accept and take in “refugees” of any kind? Oh thats right, it isn’t written in specific first world nations constitutions (the written legal documents that directly govern a sovereign nation).

    You seem to be asserting that once a group of refugees asserts that it “must” indeed be permitted to immigrate to a nation of either their own choosing or of the agency’s choosing that said nation just must simply permit it….just cause. And why exactly is this? Why?

    Example: Suppose Mexico has some states that are being overrun by drug gangs, warlords etc. and some 50,000 Mexicans petition the UN committee on refugee/assylum seekers that they fear for their lives and want to be permitted to flee to the safety of Japan.

    Now, exactly why should Japan be compelled or persuaded to accept 50,000 refugees from Mexico? Why?

    See? When it comes down to it, the only government that can directly decide who shall be permitted to immigrate into its nation for whatever the reason is said nation’s own government.

    Once again, it would appear that the Japanese government didn’t get your memo that they are compelled forthwith as of this very day to accept thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

    Apparently since they are not caucasian but asian, there is no “white guilt” of which to persuade the Japanese into accepting thousands and thousands of “refugees” past its borders.

    Also, you do know that Japan is an island? Land tends to be quite scarce there as opposed to other nations.

    What part of “This is our sovereign nation with our own borders, language, government, etc and we prefer to keep it for ourselves. Visiting tourists is one thing; permanent aliens is quite another”, dont you understand? Unless nations looking out for their own people first and foremost truly is indeed a unique and novel concept in the West.

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