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Why I Stand By the 70 Years Old, Communist China
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Happy Birthday, People’s Republic of China! Heartfelt Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, and thank you for being here, for standing, for not bending down and never surrendering.

The capitalist world is in decay. The West is rotting. Anger and nihilism are pouring from the imperialist empire whose citizens are frustrated; not at peace with themselves.

Imperialist North America and Europe are furious at the countries like Venezuela and Cuba because their thinkers and leaders are exposing the terrible deterioration of values which is streaming from the neo-colonialist and historically imperialist countries.

But it is China and Russia who are at the forefront of spite of the Western nation and their propagandists. It is all grotesque, now. Russia which saved the world from Nazism, and which helped to decolonize dozens of nations, is now “least liked country” in Europe. Germany, which murdered millions of Jews, Roma, Slavs, and others, is the most liked. In the West, nobody seems to care that Germany is still plundering such nations like Venezuela while using its industrial and banking might to strip defenseless nations of their riches.

China, a mighty Communist country, (or call it a “socialist country with Chinese characteristics”), is being mocked and humiliated by Western propaganda. Arrogance of the European and North American indoctrinators and most of their servile pseudo-intellectuals, from the so-called center to the right, has no boundaries. Most of them are suffering from incurable superiority complexes. They feel that they have the right to judge China; to decide for it, whether it is “truly” Communist or not, and whether it is on the correct track.

China is a calm, some could even say timid nation. No matter how mighty it has become, it tries to resolve all conflicts with its self-proclaimed adversaries, harmoniously. It does not attack, and it does not provoke. Historically, it cares for the well-being of its peripheries, and even for the welfare of faraway nations. For millennia, the wisdom went like this: “if the neighbors are doing well, so will do well China itself”.

Chinese leaders and Chinese people are convinced that if the entire world would become prosperous, China would benefit as a result. That is the essence of the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative), which is often defined as the “New Silk Road”.

Of course, it is not as simple as this, but in essence, it is. New Silk Road is the flagship of the Chinese internationalism. I saw China “in action”, in such places as Africa and Oceania, and I have been greatly impressed. I am an anti-imperialist, and an internationalist, therefore I decisively support China!


Increasingly, I consider myself a Communist and an internationalist, not a “Marxist”. Karl Marx was a historical, European figure, a good analyst and critic of the old, early capitalist regime. He was preoccupied with mainly European system, without using much energy to attack colonialism and imperialism. In the last hundreds of years, the most horrid problem has been the Western plunder of the planet by the West. Marx did not pay much attention to it.

Countries like the Soviet Union and People’s Republic of China, which have been defending those who are defenseless, are consistently and very professionally demonized by London, Paris, Berlin, and Washington, insanely smeared as “equal to the fascists”, while it is clear that the only honest equation could be made between the Nazism/fascism and the European and North American colonialism, or more precisely, neo-colonialist and imperialism.

While perfecting its own socialist system, China learned a lot about the mistakes made by the Soviet Union. It is not going to repeat them. Those of us who are close to the Academy of Social Sciences, or to the Chinese leading universities and media outlets, are doing our best to explain the errors committed in both Soviet Union and the so-called Eastern Block. Based on the analyses of its own past, and of other socialist countries, China is both fighting for the survival of the world, and for the improvement of the standards of living of its own people.

I like her approach; I am proud to be part of the “process”. And I support China with my entire heart because I know that if China falls, if it gets destroyed by the imperialist West, it would be the end of all hopes for our humanity. The West already demonstrated what it would do to the planet, if it would be allowed to continue ruling, unopposed, over the billions of lives of human beings.

United, allied, China and Russia are creating a powerful block of independent nations. Directly and indirectly, they are defending those good countries which are antagonized, brutalized, even terrorized by the West. Both nations are benefiting from working together. Now, dozens of countries on all continents are benefiting, too.

I like what I see. Hope is in the air. It is beautiful. It is full of optimism. And that is why I support; that is why I am celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China!


It goes without saying that China is being intimidated and provoked by almost all Western countries, as well as their client states.

Actually, attacking China is turning into the most lucrative career for both the mediocre journalist working for the mass media outlets and for the funding-starved individuals all over the world.

Reasons for these attacks are only too easy to identify: The People’s Republic of China is clearly winning in all fields and areas, over both the imperialism and savage capitalism: ideologically, intellectually and socially.


With only a fraction of the GDP per capita (compared to the West), China is eliminating extreme poverty. Its infrastructure is now better than that in the West. Its progress in the field of ecology cannot be matched by any other part of the world. Its creativity, in the area of culture and science, is colossal. The life of the Chinese people is improving, dramatically. And, it is very hard not to notice, the lives of the people in the countries that are working with China, are getting much better, as well.

More obvious all this is becoming to the people worldwide, more horrified are getting the traditionally colonialist and imperialist countries. They cannot offer anything to the world, as their economies and cultures have been based on looting, already for many long centuries. They are unable to stop, to reform, to work for saving the world. And so, all they can do in order to ensure that the status quo prevails is to smear China and Russia; two determined sisters that are working relentlessly for a much better planet.

For decades, China tried to compromise, to appease the West. It has been doing everything possible and impossible to avoid direct or indirect conflict. Only recently, it realized that the only outcome the West would accept would be if China would kneel, surrender, and give up its “Socialism with the Chinese characteristics” system.

And this is unacceptable to both the government in Beijing and to the people of China.

That is why the parade on Tiananmen Square, on the October 1st, 2019. That is why the clear message to the West: Chinese system is not for sale. China is not going to bend. That is why the new weapons, designed to repel anyone who would dare to attack the PRC, have been introduced.

In Russia, they say: Those who come with the sword, from the sword will die.

China clearly understood the wisdom of this truism.

Of course, China welcomes friends with open arms. It is helping those in need. It is trying to build a better world.

But it will never again tolerate attacks, intimidations, and bare racism. In the past, it got occupied, brutalized and humiliated. Now, after 70 years of tremendous leap forward, under the leadership of the Communist Party, China is confident, strong and proud.

I love this confidence. I admire what China is doing both at home and abroad.

That is why I am celebrating with the Chinese people the 70th Anniversary of their socialist motherland. That is why I am working, day and night, to show to the world all those great achievements of the most populous nation on earth.

I also believe that the union of China and Russia represents the last hope for our humanity. I witnessed the suffering of people on all continents; victims of Western imperialism. I do not buy, even for a second, the propaganda that “all nations are the same and would they be strong enough, they would plunder the world with the same brutality as Europe and North America have been doing for all those centuries”.

I am not too interested in reading and listening to the endless analyses of the Westerners regarding China. I am interested in what the Chinese people have to say about their country!

Now, 70 years after the Victory, the Chinese nation stands as united as ever. And the nations that have been robbed of everything, by the West, are now daring to hope, for the first time in many generations.

That is why, I am saluting the nation which is changing the world, and which, at 70, looks and feels so young, generous, kindd and full of optimism!


[First published by NEO – New Eastern Outlook, a journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences – under the title “Why Russia and China Stand Together”]

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Four of his latest books are Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. His Patreon

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  1. Lin says:

    Thank you for your exposition. I would like to add a few points:
    –Compared to other older civilisations like the arab/muslim, hindu…,Chinese are traditionally secular. Exactly a 100 years ago, there started a serious and critical self-appraisal movement known as the May 4th movement; the writer Lu Xun went as far as calling confucist morality ‘cannibalism’. All the early leftists were adherents of this massive intellectual movement. Excessive though it had been, it shows Chinese are capable of cultural self-regeneration.
    –Chinese are geo-political Darwinist survivors. Contrary to certain stereotyping, Chinese care more about subtlety, prioritization of objectives and planning than the so called ‘face’. In a way, I welcome Trump’s hostility against china; it’s expected from the lone Terra imperialist superpower and it heightens Chinese alertness and determination.
    (All these couldn’t have happened without the leadership of the Chinese communist Party. No one is perfect but the CCP does a good job.)
    –The average Chinese hi-school grads can read 2000 yrs old writings, albeit with some difficulty. Chinese have strong sense of historical lineage but yet not necessarily nostalgic.
    I sincerely hope the other 3rd worlders could take a glimpse of Chinese civilizational attitude and have their own self reflection. The People’s Replubic has quite a bit of experience to share with them and help them. Guess what, china produces 47% of world’s steel. Pollution? Yes, but hard to avoid at this stage. Imagine the number of schools, hospitals…china can build

    • Replies: @d dan
  2. Jmaie says:

    China is a calm, some could even say timid nation. No matter how mighty it has become, it tries to resolve all conflicts with its self-proclaimed adversaries, harmoniously. It does not attack, and it does not provoke.

    Tibetans might disagree.

  3. conatus says:

    China is doing well because it is demographically homogeneous. It is 92% Han Chinese. Thus, in China they know that ‘Diversity is our strength’ is the biggest lie ever told. They pull together because they see themselves as having common interests.
    We in the USA pull apart because our interests are not aligned.

    • Agree: Ace, RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @nsa
    , @foolisholdman
  4. J1234 says:

    This guy really needs to read some history books. I mean, real history books, not the crap he’s apparently reading now.

    Russia which saved the world from Nazism….

    Well I guess Russia owed the world that, as the fear of Stalin’s brutal and imperialistic Soviet Union was the main reason the crazy Nazis came to power in the first place. With that in mind, not enough Soviet Russians died at Stalingrad during WW2.

  5. Lin says:

    Tibetans might disagree

    The average Tibetans still have elders who were once serfs under the Lamas
    The average Tibetans might not be educated but they realise Tibet is the most subsidized/capita region of china. Who built the roads and railways in Tibet? Dalai’s bum boys?

  6. @Jmaie

    Tibetans might disagree.

    Quite true! Some undoubtedly do. The Dalai Lama and his followers for example. One has, however, to ask oneself why they attract so much support from the clique running the West at the moment.

    This group, which launched 9/11 and on the back of it, the wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Mali and before that the war on Vietnam and all the other 5o or so countries that they attacked, because they did not like how their politics affected US big business, apparently care deeply about the “oppression” of the Tibetans, the Uighurs of Xinjiang, and the revolting students of Hong Kong.

    Does anyone really believe that the support of this group for the “suffering Tibetans” comes from their hearts? Does any one believe that they have any real sympathy for anyone outside their own immediate circle? Is anyone that naive?

    Does anyone believe that these people who have slaughtered some thousands of their own people and millions of Muslims in many, many countries and are still killing Muslims, Christians, people of other religions and people with no religion at all, on a daily basis and are running a torture camp for mostly muslims in Guantanamo Bay, who care nothing for the suffering of the Palestinians, are somehow concerned with the well-being of a group of Muslims in the wilds of China? Really? Why would they?

    The only obvious reasons to explain their concern are Geopolitical. Achieve independence for Tibet and Bingo! You have a new US Airbase in a good strategic place.
    The same applies to Xinjiang. The same, no doubt would apply to Hong Kong and North Korea.

    Some sentimentalists regret the passing of the picturesque feudal system that was in Tibet, and the loss of the “Unique civilization” it represented. I doubt that many of those that were serfs and slaves in Tibet until 1950 would want it back again. Today many Tibetans have left Tibet and are working in other parts of China and are taking part in building a New China. In other words Tibet is now part of the modern world and modern China and people from other parts of China are living and working in Tibet as is normal in most countries. People from one part move to other parts. That is how it is, best get used to it.

  7. Correction! 1959. Not 1950.

  8. d dan says:

    “I sincerely hope the other 3rd worlders could take a glimpse of Chinese civilizational attitude and have their own self reflection. The People’s Replubic has quite a bit of experience to share with them and help them. “

    It is already happening, and as long as China continues to do the right things, it will happen even more. This article is just one of the many proof.

    Of course, the anti-China clowns will continue to scream (e.g. “debt traps”, “neo-colonialism”, …), but I doubt they are capable of changing the direction the world is moving to.

  9. I also believe that the union of China and Russia represents the last hope for our humanity. I witnessed the suffering of people on all continents; victims of Western imperialism.

    I agree 100%.

  10. @J1234

    Unfortunately, Mr. Vltchek does not name the Jew for fear of being labelled an “antisemite”–though antisemitism has an honourable history and prestigious pedigree in Russia.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  11. nsa says:

    “China is doing well because it is demographically homogeneous.”
    Wrong. China is prospering because it (so far) has excluded foreign financial services i.e. the jew. Allow the jew in and China will soon be subjected to the whole panoply of western scams: reverse mortgages, annuities, no down no doc loans, 18% credit cards, payday loan stores on every corner, 84 month car loans, front end loaded funds, hedge fund scammers, etc etc……and the Wongs and Wangs won’t have two yuan to rub together.

    • Agree: MAOWASAYALI
    • Replies: @d dan
  12. d dan says:

    “China is prospering because it (so far) has excluded foreign financial services….”

    Actually, there are multiple reasons besides what you say, e.g. China has not been kidnapped by the Military Industrial Complex, so Chinese economy does not need to be driven by wars or war mongering. That alone has saved them trillions of dollars. Also, Chinese parents care more about education than typical Americans, … etc.

  13. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    Compare what China does with Tibetans to what America did with Native Americans.

  14. willem1 says:

    Western civilization is definitely in the process of self-destruction. But if China is the best thing this planet has to replace it, anguished days truly lie ahead for humanity.

    There is nothing very communist or socialist any more about China. It is an authoritarian police state, no more, no less. Wealth inequality is more unevenly distributed in China than almost anywhere in the world. Pretty strange for a “socialist paradise.”

    “Calm, timid nations” do not try to gobble up the entire South China sea, ignoring the decisions of internationally recognized bodies. Nor do they aggressively try to annex other free nations (Taiwan, etc.)

    From the assertion that the West is bad, it does not follow that China-Russia is good.

  15. Tusk says:

    They must pay you well comrade.

    • Troll: d dan
  16. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    China is taking the South China Seas because they have to protect themselves against the west.

    And China “taking” Taiwan is a lot different than America “freeing” the middle east.

  17. d dan says:

    ““Calm, timid nations” do not try to gobble up the entire South China sea, ignoring the decisions of internationally recognized bodies. Nor do they aggressively try to annex other free nations (Taiwan, etc.)”

    “internationally recognized bodies”? Really? try that again.

    “annex other free nations (Taiwan, etc.)” Really? Taiwan is a nation?

    So many mistakes in a single sentence.

    • Replies: @Ace
  18. @Jmaie

    It’s hard to take seriously the free-Tibet crowd when its leader, the Dali Lama, is a CIA spook.

  19. 22pp22 says:

    Anyone who bans Pooh-bear is a bit silly, don’t you think?

    • Replies: @MAOWASAYALI
  20. L.D. says: • Website

    This post is a parody, right?

    • Replies: @TINA TRENT
  21. Biff says:

    It is an authoritarian police state,

    Compared to what? Could it be any worse than Killer Kops of incarceration nation United States of America?

    • Replies: @Ace
  22. @conatus

    China is doing well because it is demographically homogeneous.

    More importantly, China is run by a Communist Party that is sincerely trying to be a government FOR the people and one that knows what is doing, for the most part, and is willing to experiment and find out what it does not know.

    Probably one of the biggest long term advantage that China has over the USA in particular, and the West in general, is its fight against corruption. Another is its non-aggressive foreign policy. (“No Stupid Wars”, to use Trumps formulation.) A third is its method of choosing the government and finally the government controls the banks and not vice versa.

  23. @J1234

    This guy really needs to read some history books. I mean, real history books, not the crap he’s apparently reading now.

    Care to put a name to some of the books you think he should read?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  24. Copied from my comment on your article on HK. Think many readers of this would find interesting and informative.



    Hong Kong never really had that much real value from what I can tell. It was mostly a trading/port city built for British/Western interests. There was no serious technology/industry there. Some idiot American girl in high school talked about how Hong Kong, due to British colonialism, is so modern (in comparison to mainland China), which is narcissistic Anglo bullshit.

    The most modern city in what is the area of mainland China today in the 1940s was probably Changchun, in Manchuria, with much of it built under the Japanese puppet Manchukuo. Before the Japanese took it over, Manchuria was arguably already the most modern part of China, it was run by the warlord Zhang Zuolin who the Japanese assassinated in the late 20s. The Japanese and Russians built much more real industry in the areas they colonized in China than did the Anglos or French.

    To be fair, the industrial output and level of modernity of Manchuria may even have been close to that of Japan proper by the 1940s (maybe even exceeded), it was producing actually genuinely high tech stuff in large volumes, of course, the Japanese controlled it, but they were still minority and the Chinese there working for Manchukuo much have gained substantial industrial experience. After the Soviet Red Army took over Manchuria from the Japanese Kwantung Army in August-September 1945, they took away the best stuff. Trains packed with dissembled high-end equipment and facilities went across the Trans-Siberians Railroad day and night for several months after. Even after that, Manchuria was still much more advanced than rest of China, in terms of its industrial facilities/output and also of course the technical know-how of the people there. I remember reading that Manchukuo alone produced about 80% of the electricity, steel, etc of all of what is part of China today in ~ 1944. Taiwan accounted for about 10% according to such estimates.

    Standard of living is not the same as real economic power or modernity. It’s flash vs substance. Most people only see the former.

    Also, all else being roughly equivalent, I’d without hesitation prefer to be ruled by Japanese than by Anglos. If I speak Japanese fluently and am well versed in the culture and have a Japanese name, I can easily feign Japanese. I can’t feign Anglo no matter how “Westernized” I am. In Manchukuo, they still used mostly Chinese because most of the people there were ethnic Chinese.

    China has been ruled by foreigners before. But they were yellow foreigners who eventually merged into the Chinese culture. The Xianbei of the Northern Wei from the 4th to 6th China that ruled Northern China. The Jurchens which founded the Jin Dynasty that ruled Northern China that was later conquered by the Mongols who eventually conquered all of Southern China too. Then then the Manchus. The Xianbei are long gone and assimilated, the Mongols are marginal now, and the Manchus don’t really even have their own language anymore. As for the Japanese, their relative population with respect to Chinese was much higher compared to the ancient cases of conquest, 80 million vs 450 million, and it was also the modern era, with circumstances very different. Still, they can’t rule China alone without recruiting many Chinese to work for them, setting up puppet regime, which requires some degree of Sinicization on their part.

    The best of mainland China by late or even mid 1950s was already way more advanced/modern than Hong Kong. Just five years of industrialization with Soviet aid brought China leaps and bounds ahead. And this time, it was entirely Chinese running China, not Japanese or Russians or Anglos. Of course, the HK people had higher standard of living and more superficial status than the people in the most advanced cities in mainland China but so what. China in 1950 could have taken Hong Kong. Would suffer more backlash from British and West, resulting in more economic sanctions and more difficult development later on, but so what. Survival far from at stake here.

    Some idiot Chinese-American once said that me that South Korea and Japan’s being far ahead of mainland China that “failed with communism” is something I should be ashamed of. He’s ridiculous! Japan was fully conquered by US and to lesser extent by Soviet Union. Now, Japan is a semi-colony of US without independent foreign policy. South Korea had to have America save its ass from the North Korean army. PRC on the other hand pretty much forced US to sign a ceasefire in a major war where US formally to the entire world acknowledged the territory of North Korea to be fully in the Chinese (and Soviet) sphere of influence. South Korea and Japan are only higher in China in more superficial ways, and over the past 30 years, China has gone a long way and is starting to surpass them even in many consumer tech products. HK, Singapore, Taiwan are basically not even worth mentioning in comparison.

    Some Russian in Russia with a email who translates poems mentioned you, Andre, I believe, along with Grover Furr about a year ago. He saved some content by you and Grover Furr to some Russian cloud service along with some video of CIA in Tibet, along with similar content, as a backup policy.

  25. @willem1

    Wealth inequality is more unevenly distributed in China than almost anywhere in the world. Pretty strange for a “socialist paradise.”

    In 2012 the World Bank ranked China 49th with a GINI coefficient of 42.00%. In 2013 it ranked the USA 59th with a Gini coefficient of 41.00%. (So much for “than almost anywhere in the world”)

    In 2019 the WB gave China a GINI coefficient of 38.6% and the USA a GINI coefficient of 41.5%.
    While the CIA gave China a GINI of 46.5% and the USA 47%.

    “Calm, timid nations” do not try to gobble up the entire South China sea, ignoring the decisions of internationally recognized bodies. Nor do they aggressively try to annex other free nations (Taiwan, etc.)

    As I have pointed out before, until 1/10/1949 the USA had no problem with China claiming the whole of the South China Sea. In fact they helped it to re-establish its presence there after WW2.

  26. Tiny Duck got his own blog at Unz now?

  27. jsinton says:

    Forget it, Andre. Total spectrum dominance Orwellian control will always be the enemy. Don’t tread on me.

  28. ChiNaz says:


    In hindsight, the first early alarm bell rang when Scott Adams, the pro-Trump cartoonist, started his jihad on China a few months back. American whites giving up and doing heroin simply has to be the fault of Beijing, amirite?

    Then the other day came out a cringey South Park episode about China as a Grim Citadel of Oppression. And keep in mind that South Park’s creators are sensitive weathervanes in this respect—they did Saddam when he was Literally Hitler, and then Kim Jong Il. Their business model depends on knowing who the designated punching bag is at any given moment. Obviously now hunting season is open on the Middle Kingdom.

    And just a day later a British newspaper tells us what? That literally every Uighur woman (and man!) under thirty-five is being raped by the ChiNazis in rape camps!!1111!

    Oh the anal inhumanity!

    Not only is this obviously real in the mind of that woman, but it is now real in the minds of British newspaper readers.

    This is just the start. The ball has started rolling. The machine has switched gears. The Hong Kong house nigger mutiny does not seem to be playing out as intended—no juicy rumors of six million people being flattened by tank treads, instead even the boring Catalonia-tier escalation of police response has yet to happen—so instead we bring in the Uighurs.


    Now peace reigns once more in the previously confused news consumer’s mind.

    The Left can keep on fixating on Russia being the world’s evil empire, and the Right can now fixate on China being the world’s evil empire.

    Or maybe there’ll even be a ‘meeting at the Elbe’ between the two camps, concerning China. A ‘meeting at the Yangtze’ of the GloboHomo left and the GloboHomo right. Anything is possible.

    This train has only just began accelerating.

    It will turn out that Six Million Christians are being chopped up alive for organs as well, just to add some zing to the delicious outrage of the Zionist Evangelical viewer/reader demographic.

    The Jewish Holocaust matrix will be replicated.

    Is no doubt being replicated at this very minute—and soon people in the USA and other GloboHomo states will be unpersoned, deplatformed, and fired for simply saying “How about some actual proof that Six Million Tibetans/Christians/Muslims/Hong Kong protesters are being ground into boner meds by cackling ChiNazis?”

    Then some lobby group or other will start enforcing ChiNazi Holocaust Denial Laws to punish people for doubting the new sacred truths.

    Normies will lap it up.

    US Republicans finally have the opportunity, after all this confusing nationalist anti-swamp stuff in the last 2-3 years, to revert to type and hate on some ‘mongoloid commies’ just like in the good old days back when the world made sense.

    They will obsessively imbibe news about helpless Christian babies being thrown into cages with feral pandas, Muslim toddlers being spit roasted on red flag shafts, and Buddhist pregnant mothers being cut open with sickles before getting finished off with hammers.

    Eyeballs scooped out of the quivering skulls of Zionist pastor martyrs even as they mouth prayers to the CIA for salvation.

    Soon, keeping any random Chinese in solitary confinement until they confess to being sinister spies will be as well-regulated an industry as it is currently with Russians like Maria Butina. Chinese congressmen will be harassed by the FBI when arriving at US airports. The whole shebang.

    Perhaps even Mr. Stallone will follow up the exploits of Rambo in the defense of the dreamy freedom-loving Islamists in Afghanistan and Myanmar, with an adventure along the same lines set in Western China. Launching rockets from horseback at vicious yellow reds.

    After all, America does have a thing about suddenly deciding some Muslim group is in fact ‘freedom-loving moderate terrorists’, not only in Syria and Libya, but even, lest we forget, in the heart of Europe.

    They even got the Chinese embassy back then, as they bombed Belgrade. When this happened, when President Clinton decided that in spite of Russia’s attempts to broker peace, he’ll just go ahead and bomb himself some filthy Slavs, the airplane of the Russian foreign minister Yevgeni Primakov turned around in midflight , due to realizing… Realizing many things.

    Not least of all that yes, without checks and balances everyone goes mad with power, the US very much included.

    This Humanitarian Bombing™ of Serbia in order to save Kosovo’s poor innocent Islamist separatists was the line in the sand after which Russia began to reluctantly accept that no, one can’t be a ‘friendly equal’ to GloboHomo—you’re either strong enough to count, or you’re nothing.

    You either scrutinize under a microscope everything they do in your country under any pretext, or you’re done for.

    And if you dare proclaim out loud “I have the right to exist on my own terms”—then be prepared for blows to start raining down from all sides. Are you a nation, or a township, or a small business, or simply an individual citizen who believes that you have the right to exist on your own terms? Build up your defenses first.

    “I get to decide who I am and how I live” is a declaration of war, because GloboHomo is a jealous demon.

    Under the guise of ‘diversity’ everyone must become the same. Everyone must be assimilated and dissolved and reformed and repurposed.

    China is now entering a period of the same rude awakening that got served to Russia a generation ago, and which has only been rising in intensity ever since.There are always more sanctions to impose and there are always more provocations to carry out.

    The Middle Kingdom does not yet appear to realize that very soon it will be assigned any number of Muh Six Gorillion variations.The airplane of China’s foreign minister has not yet turned around in midflight due to some degenerate stunt pulled by a Western institution infiltrated by the GloboHomo swamp, but soon, soon.

    By the summer of 2020 China will be the new designated Mordor for cuckservatives all across the Anglosphere, and for their North European cousins too.

    They will emit autistic screeches about the lack of democracy in Yellow Communist Hell, even as the last vestiges of their own freedoms are hoovered up by the Corporate Bolsheviks at home.

    GloboHomo utopia: young people’s energy and anger is efficiently redirected into Neolithic rituals for better weather, and older folks get to pick between Ebil Russkies and Ebil Chinks.

    Anyone outside this circus is energy-drained by social media mutual thought policing hysterics. And for dessert—some tranny porn, just in case there’s a shred of energy or attention left.

    The new life force harnessing system seems almost complete, and it’s powering a phantasmagorical suicide cult of civilizational proportions.

    Pay attention to the names of the most prominent pushers of the soon-to-blossom ‘Evil ChiNazis Rape The Harvested Organs Of Six Million Innocents’ narrative. It is very, very likely, that these courageous journalists will be the best and brightest of our Fellow White People.

    And maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky enough and Santa is satisfied with our behavior, we’ll get some ChiNazi Gas Chamber Survivors as well.

    • Troll: d dan
    • Replies: @MAOWASAYALI
  29. onebornfree says: • Website

    A. Vltchek says: “I like her approach; I am proud to be part of the “process”. And I support China with my entire heart because I know that if China falls, if it gets destroyed by the imperialist West, it would be the end of all hopes for our humanity. …..”

    So do me a favor and go live there, now, you “clever silly”!

    “With the strong correlation between educational attainment and affinity for communism here we seem to have evidence of a related phenomenon the academic Bruce Charlton memorably identified as that of the “clever sillies”.

    See: “Godless Communists”:

    “Regards” onebornfree

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  30. onebornfree says: • Website

    Summary: this article is nothing less than “mere” pro big-state, pro-commie drivel coughed up by yet another fantasist who, despite all the evidence [eg. eventual complete economic devastation via communism, plus the never ending “appeal”of mass genocide] never grew up, and apparently still refuses to so do.

    Communism is a mental disease, pure mind rot. [Which probably explains its “success” as an ideology for idiots and mental defectives].

    “….There was … the main obstacle to overcome: the devastating criticism of the economists. Marx had a solution at hand. Human reason, he asserted, is constitutionally unfitted to find truth. The logical structure of mind is different with various social classes. There is no such thing as a universally valid logic. What mind produces can never be anything but “ideology,” that is, in the Marxian terminology, a set of ideas disguising the selfish interests of the thinker’s own social class. Hence, the “bourgeois” mind of the economists is utterly incapable of producing more than an apology for capitalism. The teachings of “bourgeois” science, an offshoot of “bourgeois” logic, are of no avail for the proletarians, the rising class destined to abolish all classes and to convert the earth into a Garden of Eden……………….Karl Marx, the son of a well-to-do lawyer, married to the daughter of a Prussian noble, and his collaborator Frederick Engels, a wealthy textile manufacturer, never doubted that they themselves were above the law and, notwithstanding their bourgeois background, were endowed with the power to discover absolute truth. From “Human Action- a Treatise on Economics”- Ludwig von Mises [Emphasis mine]

    No regards, onebornfree

  31. TINA TRENT says: • Website

    No. These people are old school real Soviet disinformation plugs, LaRouche cultists — likely this guy is one — 9/11 truther lunatic anti-semites, chi com paid propagandists, Voltaire Foundation op-psychs, and libertarian and leftist nutcases running the spectrum from Ron Paul to Noam Chomsky.

    Also John Derbyshire. Because they threw him out of everywhere else.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  32. @ChiNaz

    WOW, simply WOW… you totally get it.

    But sarcasm is best served often and in small amounts; yours was like the smell of six million odious orthodox Jews packed into a 6 x 6 x 6 meters shower room on a hot August day at Camp Auschwitz.

    Speaking of the Holocaust and fake news and fake numbers…

    Kabbala numbers and gematria are sacred to our Jewish Oligarchs.

    Hence, only “one million” Uighurs have been interned by the evil Chicoms; (((six million))) is too sacred a number for them and is strictly reserved for God’s Chosenites.


    The perps had to destroy Germany, as it had shown the fraud of privately owned central banks and the Bank of International Settlements.
    The USSR was the flip side of the same coin as capitalism. World control and domination. China has more in common with the NSDAP (an economic system that meets the need of the people, not the people meeting the needs of an economic system) than it does with the USSR.

    • Agree: MAOWASAYALI
  34. Ace says:
    @d dan

    What makes the Republic of China not a nation?

    • Replies: @d dan
  35. Ace says:

    As to US incarceration rates, reflect on the truth of “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” Much wisdom in that and, news flash, no one is forcing the brothers into criminal careers.

    Frankly, there’s not enough incarceration.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @RadicalCenter
  36. @22pp22

    The Chinese take their leaders seriously and don’t like it when they are needlessly ridiculed by outsiders, but because you have been brainwashed by the Jews all your life–I’m guessing you’re an American–you actually think ridiculing the POTUS is a sign of a serious country and democracy at work, don’t you?

    Yeah, sure, America is a serious country and the proof of that is Kathy Griffin– a washed-up, has-been Jew tranny comedian who resurrected his career by promoting bipartisan political violence and the murder of the POTUS by beheading … all in the name of free speech and democracy.

    Are you not amused? I am.

    • Replies: @22pp22
  37. The Dark Night [AKA "Sagi Harari"] says:

    You liars live in a lie and want the rest of the world to live in a lie. You are of the devil and do what he wants, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Solschenitsin never said this.


  38. d dan says:

    “What makes the Republic of China not a nation?”

    Taiwan is a province of China. There is only one China. Both of these statements are recognized by the constitutions of PRC and ROC.

    You can argue EITHER Beijing or Taipei government is THE legitimate government for China, but out all the 195 countries in the world, no single country recognize BOTH. Neither do any world organizations like UN, IMF, …

    So, yes, Taiwan is a nation only in your own imagination (or I should say, only in your dream or wish).

  39. Biff says:

    As to US incarceration rates, reflect on the truth of “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”

    There’s no money in a law abiding society. Simply make everything/everyone illegal and controlling the masses and moping up the money is easy. What felony did you commit today?

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  40. Tusk says:

    D-Dan, perhaps you should change your username to reflect not a Western name, but one closer to your real racial make up, perhaps C Chang?

    • Troll: d dan
  41. 22pp22 says:

    Winnie the Pooh is a harmless children’s character. If it gets banned in China, that means one thing and one thing only, China is pathetic. Trying to make excuses for it is even more pathetic. Life would be so much better if the West and East simply separated. I want nothing to do with you.

    • Replies: @MAOWASAYALI

    Fine, but let’s leave Doctor Ron Paul out of it unless you have evidence of him praising and making excuses for china’s Authoritarian system. I never have.

    If you are concerned about the freedom to decide who you are and how you live, as you put it well, then supporting or excusing China’s form of government is nonsensical. The same is becoming rapidly true of the US government system of government-media-corporate-military-university brainwashing, surveillance, and social pressure.

    China’s government is merely upfront about the terrifying “social credit” system, whereas the US government generally doesn’t admit that it is implementing something similar, eventually to be formalized and brought into the open like China’s system.

    Both of these governments are inimical to human liberty, but the Chinese government at least appears to get practical things done that directly benefit its people at home, while coercing and oppressing: building and maintaining roads, railways, bridges, and other infrastructure; instituting an industrial policy to compete against other countries; etc.

    Compared to the USA, China has the enormous benefits of (1) relative ethnic and cultural cohesion, (2) relative lack of disloyal outside agitators (often with dual passports And/or badly divided loyalties) in prominent positions in government (including congress) and private life, and (3) a population that is not comprised 13% (amounting to tens of millions in the USA) of fairly unintelligent, hostile, systematically violent African deadweight.

  43. @Ace

    Well, may I agree in large part.

    It’s easy for people without a huge deadweight of Africans in their country — like China and Russia and until recently European countries — to lecture us sanctimoniously about police brutality, allegedly excessive incarceration rates, “racism”, and the like.

    Having said that, though, over the decades, tens of millions of people have been locked up in the USA without good reason, of all races, for marijuana “offenses” that did not involve narcotics, violence, intimidation, or minors. Not sure that helps China in the comparison, though, as China locks people up for that too, Doesn’t it?

    Americans of all races suffer daily, physically and emotionally and financially, under the African presence here. It’s hard to say that Americans “deserve” this because if slavery, as not even 1-2% percent of white people in this country are descended from people who sold, bought, or “owned” slaves in or for the north american market.

    A majority of white people have little ancestry from the uk and/or our ancestors didn’t even arrive in the USA until after slavery was abolished. Yet all Americans put up with the assaults, constant vulgarity, intimidation, threats, mockery, physical filth and trash, etc., of Africans and halfricans, and we pay a TON to keep a chunk of that population locked up for most of their lives — and our country would be unlivable if we didn’t do so. It already is unlivable for long stretches and not just in the biggest cities, especially but not only where Africans live. An apologist for China needs to honestly acknowledge the large, material difference in our deadweight alien populations and how that affects our laws and policies.

    Having said all that, there are so many unnecessary, unconstitutional, or unnecessarily complicated federal statutes and regulations that they can “get” most of us anytime they want. The US continues to move in an authoritarian direction, like China, but it is not loyal Americans who care about the American people who hold that excessive and growing power.

  44. @Biff

    You are both right to a large extent. The US government has too many laws that are unconstitutional, unnecessary, counterproductive, and deliberately needlessly complicated, as the book points out.

    But even if we had only the basic laws we should have, against violence, intimidation, theft, fraud, and public disorder / indecency / vandalism, can we honestly predict that “our” Africans would suddenly stop violating those en masse? There’s no reason to think so at all. They’ll end up incarcerated by the millions, as they need to be. China wouldn’t be able to do anything much different if it wants to protect its people.

  45. @22pp22

    Life would be so much better if the West and East simply separated.

    Agree! But unfortunately, that boat sailed a long, long time ago, in 1793 with the first British diplomatic mission to China. Cf. Macartney Mission

    Historically, China had always been isolationist and resisted trade with the West, which then led to the Jewish merchants pushing opium in China to counterbalance the outflow of silver and gold to China.

    In a nutshell, the Brits really liked Chinese tea and silk and pottery but the Chinese didn’t like anything the Brits had to trade and so the Jewish merchants pushed opium and made China an impoverished nation of addicts, much like what the Jews of today, namely the Sackler family and their opioids, have done to the USA in recent years. Cf. The Profit From Pain: Who’s Behind America’s Opiate Epidemic? by Eric Striker

    Winnie the Pooh is a harmless children’s character.

    To you, but not to the Chinese. Do you even know why Winnie the Pooh was banned in China?

    In any event, why can’t a sovereign nation ban what it doesn’t like? Who the fuck are you to tell China what it can or cannot ban?

    If it gets banned in China, that means one thing and one thing only, China is pathetic. Trying to make excuses for it is even more pathetic.

    That’s a bit of a stretch if not a non sequitur. Do you know what a non sequitur means? Look it up.

    I want nothing to do with you.

    Are you capable of making a rational argument and actually contribute something of value without getting emotional and being a snowflake? If not, good riddance!

  46. This guy is paid for writing stuff.

  47. Imagine stanning for a country run by crybabies that censor you for comparing their leader to a cartoon bear.


    Do you even know why Winnie the Pooh was banned in China?

    Because China is run by thin-skinned crybabies that can’t withstand unflattering portrayals of them. They also can’t afford for their people to learn of things that would make them look bad, like their Tiananmen Square massacre.

    In any event, why can’t a sovereign nation ban what it doesn’t like?

    Because freedom of speech and access to information are infinitely more important than your feelings. To borrow a quote, you don’t know what freedom is because you’ve never lost it.

    lol seriously, how much yuan were you paid for this garbage? Be sure to ask your handlers for a nice, shiny new slop trough next month, okay?

  49. BB says:

    @d dan

    The only reason why “Mainland China” even exists is because of communists who pushed the actual government into the island. And then these communists proceeded to brainwash the people into thinking that they wanted the communists to rule them.

  50. Beijinger says:

    CCP win the civil war against the so called nationalist’s ‘actual government’ because CCP win the people’s support by agrarian revolution which takes away the land from the land lord to share it with the peasant (aka. the majority of the people at that time in China). While those nationalist are elites of landlords and warlords, they just can’t win such agrarian revolution.

    The people want CCP to lead them because people get concrete benefits and improving of life under CCP’s leading in the longer and bigger picture (concrete changes made thus the concrete trust built), which make the system the real democracy in this world.

    Only the real brainwashed/hypocrite/naïve ones will simply believe that vote=democracy, riot/canard=freedom.

    I should not bother myself telling you any truth about China or the history, since what your interest is not China, nor the people, but your arrogance and self-superiority, you can’t take any truth beyond that.

    Maybe you are not the naïve one. You know exactly that once the exploited people stand up and liberate themselves, the predatory people will lost their lunch unless they find a decent job.
    In that case, you should accept the reality that human being will continuously liberate themselves. You can’t stop it. Suck it.

  51. Outsider2 says:


    Of course there’d be a shill in the comments. Imagine arguing by saying you’re wrong because you’re brainwashed, all while displaying traits of a brainwashed idiot.

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