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Suddenly the West Is Failing to Overthrow "Regimes"
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It used to be done regularly and it worked: The West identified a country as its enemy, unleashed its professional propaganda against it, then administered a series of sanctions, starving and murdering children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups. If the country did not collapse within months or just couple of years, the bombing would begin. And the nation, totally shaken, in pain, and in disarray, would collapse like a house of cards, once the first NATO boots hit its ground.

Such scenarios were re-enacted, again and again, from Yugoslavia to Iraq.

But suddenly, something significant has happened. This horrific lawlessness, this chaos stopped; was deterred.

The West keeps using the same tactics, it tries to terrorize independent-minded countries, to frighten people into submission, to overthrow what it defines as ‘regimes’, but its power, its monstrously destructive power has all of a sudden become ineffective.

It hits, and the attacked nation shakes, screams, sheds blood, but keeps standing, keeps proudly erect.


What we are experiencing is a great moment in human history. Imperialism has not yet been defeated, but it is losing its global grip on power.

Now we have to clearly understand ‘Why?’, so we can continue our struggle, with even greater determination, with even greater effectiveness.

First of all, by now we know that the West cannot fight. It can spend trillions on ‘defense’, it can build nuclear bombs, ‘smart missiles’ and strategic warplanes. But it is too cowardly, too spoiled to risk the lives of its soldiers. It either kills remotely, or by using regional mercenaries. Whenever it becomes clear that the presence of its troops would be required, it backs up.

Secondly, it, the West, is totally horrified of the fact that there are now two super-powerful countries – China and Russia – which are unwilling to abandon their allies. Washington and London do all they can to smear Russia and to intimidate China. Russia is being provoked continuously: by propaganda, by military bases, sanctions and by new and newer bizarre mass media inventions that depict it as the villain in all imaginable circumstances. China has been provoked practically and insanely, ‘on all fronts’ – from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and the so-called ‘Uyghur Issue’, to trade.

Any strategy that could weaken these two countries, is applied. Yet, Russia and China do not crumble. They do not surrender. And they do not abandon their friends. Instead, they are building great railroads in Africa and Asia, they educate people from almost all poor and desperate countries, and stand by those who are being terrorized by both North America and Europe.

Thirdly, all the countries in the world are now clearly aware of what would happen to them, if they give up and get ‘liberated’ by the Western empire. Iraq, Honduras, Indonesia, Libya and Afghanistan, are the ‘best’ examples. Submitting themselves to the West, countries can only expect misery, absolute collapse and the ruthless extraction of their resources. The poorest country in Asia – Afghanistan – has totally collapsed under NATO occupation.

The suffering and pain of the Afghan and Iraqi people is very well known to the citizens of Iran and Venezuela. They are not giving up, because no matter how tough their life is under sanctions and the West-administered terror, they are well-aware of the fact that things could get worse, much worse, if their countries were to be occupied and governed by the Washington and London-injected maniacs.

And everyone knows the fate of the people living in Palestine or Gollan Heights, places which have been overrun by the closest ally of the West in the Middle East, Israel.


Of course, there are other reasons why the West cannot get any of its adversaries to kneel.

One is – that the toughest ones are left. Russia, Cuba, China, North Korea (DPRK), Iran, Syria and Venezuela are not going to run away from the battlefield. These are the most determined nations on earth. These are the countries that have already lost thousands, millions, even tens of millions of their people, in the fight against Western imperialism and colonialism.

If one is following the latest attacks of the West carefully, the scenario is pathetic, almost grotesque: Washington and often the EU, too, are trying hard; they are hitting, they are spending billions of dollars, using the local mercenaries (or call it ‘local opposition’), and then they quickly withdraw after wretched but anticipated defeat. So far, Venezuela has survived. Syria survived. Iran survived. China is fighting horrible Western-backed subversions, but it is proudly surviving. Russia is standing tall.

This is a tremendous moment in human history. For the first time, Western imperialism is being not only defeated, but fully unveiled and humiliated. Many are now laughing at it, openly.

But we should not celebrate, yet. We should understand what and why this is happening, and then continue fighting. There are many, many battles ahead us. But we are on the right track.

Let them try. We know how to fight. We know how to prevail. We have already fought fascism, in many of its forms. We know what freedom is. Their ‘freedom’ is not our freedom. Their ‘liberty’ is not our liberty. What they call ‘democracy’ is not how we want our people to rule and to be ruled. Let them go away; we, our people, do not want them!

They cannot overthrow our systems, because they are, precisely our systems! Systems that we want, that our people want; systems we are ready to fight and die for!

[First published by NEO, New Eastern Outlook, of the Russian Academy of Sciences]


Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Four of his latest books are Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. His Patreon

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  1. d dan says:

    US is the warmongers’ paradise. Consider:

    1. By 2015, America has been at war 93% of the time – 222 out of 239 years of its existence – Since 1776, i.e. the U.S. has only been at peace for less than 20 years total since its birth. Ref:

    2. In 2016, the last full year our Nobel Peace Prize laureate President Obama was in office, America dropped 26,171 bombs in 7 countries, i.e. US is at war in 7 countries. Ref:

    3. In 2017 and 2018, America still officially at war in 7 countries, Ref:

    4. Besides official wars, America also has been involved in regime change that entailed both overt and covert actions aimed at altering, replacing, or preserving foreign governments, in over 100 places, with countries like Samoa, Cuba, Philippines, China, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Italy, Indonesia, Iran,… etc. Ref:

    5. America’s military budget is 37 percent of the world total military spending, and is bigger than the combined budgets of the next 7 countries. Even that understates the overwhelming spending we have, considering NATO, Japan, Australia, etc will almost always on America’s side in any conflict today or in future. Ref:

    6. America is the biggest arms exporter in the world in 2018, as big as the next 4 biggest exporters combined. Ref:

    Furthermore, most of the wars America involved in was started by America, i.e. non-defensive, and without proper authorization from Congress.

    Proud of American exceptionalism?

  2. Paul says:

    It is more cost-effective to sanction regimes and turn their countries into economic basket cases.

    • LOL: FB
  3. Suddenly the West Is Failing to Overthrow “Regimes”

    Thank God for that, and I’m not being sarcastic. I just wish people wised up to them before they destroyed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya. Let’s hope more learn and resist.

    What’s going on in Hong Kong is pathetic. The little fascist pricks in the pay of the CIA are like a fly trying to annoy the elephant that is China. Maybe the best thing is for China to do nothing but just let them riot and smash everything they want to show the world how futile their protests are. PR China should quietly transfer as much of the industry, finances, and other wealth out of Hong Kong to other cities on the mainland as punishment for what these treasonous rats have done, and let other Hong Kongers suffer for not having stamped out these criminal vermin themselves. Let them feel lucky that after PR China divests them they don’t end up like an Asian version of Detroit. To hell with Hong Kong.

    • Agree: d dan, FB
  4. Te Mongrel Empire’s days are numbered now. The US dominated Western Empire has become impotent and ridiculous. The worst of it is yet to come though because it is a graceless and thuggish civilisation by now and it will not go quietly.

  5. @Commentator Mike

    Those Western backed stooges in Hong Kong are going to get badly burned. I see Washington has now admitted they’re funding them. That was as good as signing their death warrants.

  6. pogohere says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    Beijing’s plan for Shenzhen to supplant ‘unruly HK’

    Shenzhen to get a boost as a world city to showcase China, while Hong Kong lurches from one political storm to another


    A new masterplan to lift the profile of Shenzhen has been seen as a sign that Beijing is losing faith in Hong Kong, which has been rocked by protests condemning China.

    The main thrust of a policy paper released on Sunday by the Communist Party’s Central Commission and State Council is to turn Shenzhen into a paragon of socialism with Chinese characteristics as well as a megalopolis that matches up to the needs and requirements of China as a global superpower.

    Specifically, the voluminous document notes that Shenzhen must surge to the fore among urban centers worldwide by 2025, in particular on key fronts including innovation, research and development as well as high-quality development.

    . . .
    In their op-eds chastising the protests triggered by a now-shelved China extradition bill, Beijing mouthpieces the People’s Daily and Global Times have warned that it will be Hong Kong’s own continuity as a financial and business hub that is at stake if the turmoil continues. It said mainland cities have been charging ahead as they cast aside political infighting and focus on serving the country.
    . . .
    Shenzhen already surpassed Hong Kong in annual economic output in 2018, booking a gross domestic product of 2.42 trillion yuan (US$343.35 billion), compared with Hong Kong’s 2.4 trillion yuan.

    In the first half of 2019 the city that is home to Tencent, Huawei, DJI, BYD and Vanke has further widened its lead with robust growth of 7.4%, while Hong Kong was floundering on the edge of recession, as real GDP expanded by a mere 0.5% over a year earlier.

  7. The good cop and the bad cop. Dog running behind his own tail. Binary logic.

    What is China and Russia doing differently that is not implied by their different situationals?

    Nothing new on the table. Main staples: growth economics, polluting, exhausting global resources. Beehive or individual cocooning, different tools, maybe, same goals with shortsighted assurance. As far as the authors expertise, and ethnics, tactics, nothing new to chew. In the author’s case, one should be wondering wether the brine is even salted with malvolence at all, and not unsalted ignorance. First grade, Saker – like, hard to not getting bored.

  8. A123 says:

    And the nation, totally shaken, in pain, and in disarray, would collapse like a house of cards, once the first NATO boots hit its ground. Such scenarios were re-enacted, again and again, from Yugoslavia to Iraq.

    And, Iraq ‘boots on the ground’ is what changed things. The U.S. taxpayer was stuck with a massive bill for reconstruction and nation building. And, that price in blood and treasure was far too high.

    The U.S. retains the same military capabilities and could easily execute a ‘boots on the ground’ solution for regime change in Venezuela. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a self-delusional fool with a death wish. The socialist government of Venezuela has run its infrastructure including PDVSA into the ground. Given that the U.S. has plenty of oil, there is no motivation to inherit the price tag to rebuild the failed communist utopia of Venezuela. Containment is more than enough to stop the spread of socialist contagion.

    The handful of Russian advisors on the ground are not there to help the government. Their purpose is to keep Brazil from acquiring intact S300 units for reverse engineering. Embraer EMB300 air defense systems based on battlefield missing S300 units would undercut Russian sales inflicting a heavy financial blow to Russia.


  9. The author is right. It is a magic moment. The cracks in the Empire are appearing one after the other. Mao said: “All reactionaries are paper tigers.” And it is now becoming clearer than when he said it, that he was right. Now the paper is beginning to crack and blow about in the wind.

    The Tiger still has teeth but it is rotting inside and getting visibly weaker by the day. It is so corrupt that with by far the largest military budget in the world, it is failing to keep up with the Russians and the Chinese in making weapons and keeping them in working order.

    It is so evil that it is even resorting to biological warfare. Every day more US citizens realise that they can believe hardly anything their government says.

    Under Trump, the Mr Nice-Guy mask has slipped and the real gangster nature of the US Establishment is on display for all the world to gape at. Germany has been offended. Turkey has concluded that its “ally” was staging a coup against it. France has been offended. Even a country like Denmark, that I had given up for a nation of unoffendable arse lickers, has been offended. Italy has sentenced three CIA thugs to long terms of imprisonment, Saudi Arabia has been negotiating oil agreements with Russia. India is havering. Iraq is beginning to talk about the necessity for the US to leave. The Afghans are negotiating to allow the US to leave. The Philippines are semi-detached and the “Easy-to-win” trade war does not seem quite so easy now. Even the British refused to hold the Iranian tanker to please the US! and finally the Lima group won’t allow the Yanks to use their countries to attack Venezuela.

    • Agree: FB
  10. FB says: • Website

    @ A123

    You should stick to cartoon versions of the S300…since your mental age is about four…at best…

    Reverse engineer…?

    What are your qualifications in engineering and physics…?

    Hint…the Chinese, which have an advanced technical capability and have put people in space, tried for 20 years to reverse engineer the Russian fighter turbofan engine [AL31]…before throwing in the towel and buying the engines en masse, until they can develop their own high performance engine…

    The days of ‘reverse engineering’ are long gone…and they were never all that great to begin with…the most infamous example being the Tupolev Tu4, which was an almost exact copy of a Boeing B29 Superfortress…which the US refused to sell to its then ally Russia…

    Tupolev had to do it under orders from Stalin…who had no technical expertise…instead of continuing the development of the superior and fully indigenous Tu10…

    In other words a massive waste of time…even back then with piston engines and WW2 tech…

    And you’re telling me that Brazil, which has no military industry to speak of, is going to reverse engineer anything more sophisticated than a Piper Cub…?

    Embraer doesn’t even make aircraft engines…only airframes…never mind missiles and radar…

    Russia was already a technology superpower when Stalin ordered the copying of the B29 [one of several which made emergency landings in Russia during the war with the Japs]…within a decade of this boondoggle project Russia would orbit man’s first satellite…

    Yet Brazil is going to ‘reverse engineer’ the S300…?

    I’m trying to imagine what it must be like to live in your world…filled with rainbows and unicorns…

  11. Thirdeye says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Hong Kong no longer holds the leverage over China that it did 20 years ago. At its peak it accounted for 24% of China’s economic output. Now its share is in the low single digits. Hong Kong’s economy is a debt-laden mess because of rampant asset speculation not backed up by real growth. It is increasingly a rentier society with limited opportunity (sound familiar?). Much of the dissatisfaction in Hong Kong is driven by restrictive and inflationary land policy that makes any kind of coherent life virtually impossible while being extremely lucrative for the remnants of the old colonial elite. Pols scapegoat mainlanders to deflect ire away from their patrons. Ironically, one very easy way for Hong Kong to improve the lot of its population would be to adopt a land policy modeled on the mainland’s, which encourages property ownership. But that would end the gravy train for the small group who benefit from the status quo.

  12. Off-topic. It’s still quite a remarkable sight to behold how Andre Vltchek still hasn’t responded to any of my previous comments before. Considering one of his flaws being having no sympathy whatsoever for the Western working class. Calling them “mini-imperialists” for fighting for the betterment of their livelihood instead of others. Thinking as if Westerners have any form of “collective understanding” when their governments are doing imperialist measures as if they aren’t hyper-individualists who won’t even trust their own neighbours and have no say on their voted elites. His poor understanding of borders and immigration, via guilt tripping Westerners to destroy their own borders as if this won’t lead to nothing but even more inequality, divide, exploitation, cheap labor, and neoliberalism. If he is a Marxist, he shouldn’t use identity politics and virtue signaling just to waste his time guilt tripping Westerners just for being born as such. If anything, he should be supporting their working class. Identity politics and virtue signaling has absolutely nothing to do with Marxism, neither is any of the anti-White prejudices that Andre Vltchek likes to use against the White poor of all people. Or the idea of destroying borders. Elites have been screwing over the Western and non-Western working class, and they’re the same elites pushing for “open borders” and “mass immigration” in the West. And here is Andre Vltchek supporting it out of spite and dividing everyone by race because he cares more about group identity and the “us vs. them” mentality than actual class solidarity and people’s collective. Like I said, he has turned the phrase “An injury to one is an injury to all.” to “Some injuries are more equal than others.” Also, it’s astonishing how much he doesn’t know about geography. He’s called in Poland, Hungary, and other Eastern European countries “hypocritical” for having tight borders as if they have a history of imperialism.

  13. Miro23 says:

    Russia is being provoked continuously: by propaganda, by military bases, sanctions and by new and newer bizarre mass media inventions that depict it as the villain in all imaginable circumstances. China has been provoked practically and insanely, ‘on all fronts’ – from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and the so-called ‘Uyghur Issue’, to trade.

    Any strategy that could weaken these two countries, is applied. Yet, Russia and China do not crumble.

    Bob Sykes recently wrote an interesting commentary on Michael Barone’s article in Real Clear Politics “The End of America’s 30 Year Engagement with China”

    Xi will suppress the demonstrators, and Hong Kong will be fully integrated into the mainland system. The suppression is unlikely to be bloody.

    People who focus on everything they sell are missing the point. Without Chinese factories, Apple, Walmart, Costco, and numerous other American companies have nothing to sell, only empty store shelves. Quite a few of them will go bankrupt.

    They could move orders to other countries, but the factories would stay in China. China has had 30 years to master modern manufacturing, and they have. They have the most modern and efficient manufacturing sector on the planet. Viet Nam, Indonesia, et al., do not have modern factories or supply systems or skilled labor or competent financial systems. It will take them a few years to get up to speed. In the meantime our companies will experience shortages, quality control problems, reliability problems, and higher costs. It might be worth it to punish China, but we won’t escape the problems.

    It should also be pointed out that moving production to other countries continues the economic and psychological pain our Rulers have inflicted on our working class. If Trump really wanted to help them, he would put tariffs on all imports (they all cheat), and force American companies to make things in America employing Americans.

    The price of protectionism is higher costs and slower growth. But the price of free trade and open borders is poverty and drug dependency for our working class, white, black, brown, red, yellow. We can thank Wall Street for the opioid crisis.

    It’s the US that is crumbling, not China.

  14. I remember the first true ‘colored revolution’ back in Serbia in 2000. So unexpected, but with that wonderful ‘end of history’ air about it. Of course your could trace the antecedents back to the overthrow of communism in Eastern Europe in 89, and power shifts in the Asian Financial Crisis.

    The reason this all worked for so long was that this was the western Liberal-Capitalism (no choice on a package deal) seems the dominant paradigm of the times, and national elites just reasoned it as a necessary sharing of power.

    Especially since the Arab Spring it’s been as an increasingly zero sum game between more nationalist elites and the globalist comprador class. At this point it’s probably seen very much more as fight or die.

    This may be a turning point where every intrigue of this sort is met with increasingly virulent resistance, in every nation and on every plane.

  15. The Nine Tailed Fox,

    The reason this all worked for so long was that this was the western Liberal-Capitalism (no choice on a package deal) seems the dominant paradigm of the times, and national elites just reasoned it as a necessary sharing of power.

    Nah man, they were all traitors trained by the CIA and other western agencies, pure and simple, working against their own nations, countries, and peoples, for a few crumbs of shekels. A bullet in the brain would have solved any delusions they may have had.

    • Replies: @The Nine Tailed Fox
  16. @Commentator Mike

    Unquestionably, there are many agents on the ground in all these cases, along with their local cadres of foot soldiers (though don’t mistake all of them for card carrying members of intelligence agencies – every game of this sort has more pawns than bishops).

    However, these things cannot progress without local elites who change sides because they sense a wind blowing.

    The notable thing in particular with Venezuela and Hong Kong is that their people are on the ground going through the actions like textbook – yet they have zero traction in any real terms. The elites who matter have no interest in indulging this nonsense.

    If not for concerns about more direct American responses, both these examples would have been ended quickly and decisively.

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