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Juan Guaido, Joshua Wong---New Generation of Pro-Western "Saints"
The new generation of “pro-Western heroes” and “saints” is clearly failing to impress the world. Juan Guaido and Joshua Wong are definitely as right-wing as Mother Teresa was, but not as “credible”.
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Joshua Wong Chi fung in Hong Kong

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A long time ago I visited a place in Calcutta, India, where Mother Teresa used to operate. According to the Catholic Church and Western propaganda apparatus, she was helping the poor.

When I asked those who knew her personally, they described her as a spiteful, vindictive person, with a short temper. Off the record, of course, as to criticizing her openly would be met with great outrage all over the world.

One of the greatest critics of Mother Teresa was an English-American author, Christopher Eric Hitchens, who wrote about her, frankly and openly:

“This returns us to the medieval corruption of the church, which sold indulgences to the rich while preaching hellfire and continence to the poor. [Mother Teresa] was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction.”

An anti-Communist and staunch Serb-hater, Mother Teresa allegedly asked Bill Clinton to bomb Belgrade, although this information miraculously disappeared from records.


The Western apparatus constantly produces “villains”: Soviet and Chinese Communists, Latin American anti-imperialists, African and the Middle Eastern patriots, as well as Asian independence-minded leaders.

Simultaneously, it manufactures “heroes”: religious demi-saints, ‘freedom-loving opposition leaders’, ‘benevolent monarchs treasured by their people’, as well as pro-Western (and therefore “democratic”) presidents.

Almost miraculously, all these glorious individuals are doing and saying precisely what is expected from them in London, Paris and Washington. They never fail to impress the Western mass media and public; they hardly ever make any serious blunders. As if some invisible hand was writing the script.

There are hundreds of them, but the most prominent are known to the entire world. To name just a few: the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Vaclav Havel, Pope John-Paul the Second, the Thai King Bhumibol… But the list goes on and on.

Virtually all the major “saints” manufactured by the Western regime, were Cold-War warriors. All were closely tied to Western imperialism and neo-colonialism. All would be easy to expose and to discredit, but ‘miraculously’ again; almost no one has ever dared to do so, because it would mean a direct clash with the chief propagandists in the West, as well as with their local lackeys.


Now, new icons are entering the stage.

They are not as successfully crafted as their predecessors. The “saints” from the bygone days were masterpieces of the propagandists. They were ideologically almost ‘bullet-proofed’.

The new ones are often cheap see-through replicas.

Two of the latest products are Joshua Wong of Hong Kong, and Juan Guaido of Venezuela. Both are young, egocentric, aggressive and absolutely unabashed. Both are trained by the Empire in the art of what is lately defined as ‘regime change’.

One is described in the West as a ‘pro-democracy leader’, the other one is a self-proclaimed president.

Both individuals are credible only if the public wants them to be. If it doesn’t, it is easy to find errors in their “logic” and agendas. It is actually easy to laugh at their programs and ‘programmers’.

Joshua Wong, a Hong Kong ‘pro-democracy leader’, is clearly a ‘selfie-generation’ Western implant, without any understanding of global politics, and without any profound philosophical agenda. An evangelical fanatic, educated in a private Christian school in Kowloon, he “developed organizational and speaking skills through involvement in church groups”. During his first ‘protest activities’ in 2014 (the Umbrella Movement), he was only 17 years old. But this young, confused kid was picked up quickly by the radar of the U.S. anti-Chinese warriors, and in 2018 nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, for “peaceful efforts to bring political reform and protect the autonomy and the freedoms guaranteed to Hong Kong in the Sino-British joint declaration”.

Since then, he has been flying from one Western capital to another, smearing the People’s Republic of China, harvesting unconditional support, while promoting bizarre political concepts which, if implemented, would further damage the people of Hong Kong – a city which is already falling far behind Mainland China, under the leadership of the corrupt turbo-capitalist elites (who cannot be fought successfully, precisely because of the old British legislation, which is still applicable under the ‘One Country Two Systems’ arrangement).

Mr. Wong, a “Color Revolutionary” (although his old symbol was actually an umbrella), has been photographed together with the discredited “White Helmets” in September 2019, in the German capital of Berlin. The White Helmets gang, another Western implant (this one in Syria), has been implicated as being a bunch of mercenaries closely cooperating with Western-sponsored jihadi cadres operating in the Middle East. It is good to mention that the White Helmets were, at one point, also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

On top of it, Joshua Wong has been photographed with officials of the US consulate in Hong Kong. That, just few weeks before the ‘protesters’ went on a rampage, after marching on the US diplomatic mission, demanding that the US “liberates” their city from China. Needless to say that by this action they, de facto committed treason.

No matter how much the Western mass media supports, even glorifies Joshua Wong and his black-mask-wearing hooligans-followers, the majority of the people of Hong Kong are clearly supporting Beijing, and are actually horrified by the rioters, who have been destroying public property, and are indiscriminately beating anyone who dares to show respect for the Mainland China and its flag.

Brainwashed and heavily conditioned, Mr. Wong, drunk on self-righteousness and near religious zeal, declared in Berlin:

“If we are in a new Cold War, Hong Kong is a new Berlin.”

Still in Germany, he then went on and insulted the Chinese President Xi Jinping, describing him as “not a president, but an emperor”, urging the “‘free world’ to stand with us to resist the Chinese autocratic regime”. All that, while China has been showing great restraint in dealing with the destructive and treasonous protesters; much greater restraint than France, or the West’s client state, Indonesia.

Hong Kong protesters led by Wong, destroy public property, beat up Chinese patriots, then get occasionally sprayed by pure potable Hong Kong water, and treated by Western media as martyr-saints!


Juan Guaido of Venezuela became known to his fellow-citizens, only after he declared himself to be their president. He was not elected by anyone; he has no support of any substantial group of people, except an unidentified minority of the right-wing elites.

But he became the new “saint” of the West, at least among the high-level U.S. and European politicians who are determined to kick the socialist president Nicolas Maduro out, hoping to put on the throne some regressive, pro-business and treasonous dictator.


No matter how ridiculous, even idiotic, Guaido appears to the majority of Venezuelan people, no matter how monstrous and against all international laws the situation has become, the West (and the pro-Western elites in many Latin American countries) is pushing Guaido down the throats of the world. His boyish submissive laughter is haunting both Caracas and the provinces.

Who cares that he had been posing and taking photos with the leaders of Colombian drug cartels. Narcotic mafias in Latin America have always been used by the West, when the war against left-wing governments had been raging. Just remember Nicaragua and the Contras.

Who cares that Guaido just received a fresh 52 million dollars for the regime change, in addition to hundreds of millions of already approved funds. The latest funding came proudly from USAID, under the cover of “development assistance”.

As long as he hates socialism and internationalism, he is a Western hero and saint!


In the era of the internet, things are not easy, but far from impossible to track down.

“Saints” manufactured by the West can now be scrutinized with much greater precision and success than in the old days. If they are not, it is only because the Western public (and the public in the client states) does not want to get involved.

Those in Berlin, Paris or New York, who are supporting Joshua Wong or Juan Guaido, are not doing it out of ignorance. Maybe some do, but most of them definitely don’t. They do it out of racism against China, and out of spite towards the patriotic Latin American socialism. Full stop. Arguments will not convince them to change their mind. They block what does not suit them. They do not want to know. They want the status quo.

They do not care about how China is progressing, how much it has been improving the lives of its citizens. They do not care that “democracy” means the rule of the people, and not some Western multi-party-political charade. They have no respect for different cultures.

Socialism Venezuelan-style, winning all over the continent, would not be in their interests.

Decaying Hong Kong, rescued by Beijing, is their worst ideological nightmare.

And so, in a way and paradoxically, Joshua Wong is correct: Hong Kong is becoming the new cold-war Berlin. But not because of Beijing or Moscow, but because of treasonous cadres like himself.

“Saints” produced by the West, in all corners of the world, have been extremely damaging to their nations and humanity.

They still are, to this day.

But we will expose them, wherever they are.

Mr. Wong, you want your country to be attacked, and bombed by the United States. You want your own city to be ruled again, by the United Kingdom. You take dictates from the foreign and hostile powers. You are pushing China and the West towards a conflict. You have blood on your hands and you should be stopped. I just saw your people in action! I documented your destructive deeds, visually and in writing.

Juan Guaido, you are selling your beautiful nation to the powers that have been colonizing and plundering it, for decades and centuries. It is not just that you don’t have any shame left – you are betraying both your people and the South American continent!

I always found something dubious about sainthood.

But the new, fake saints, manufactured on order, are exceptionally appalling!


[First published by NEO – New Eastern Outlook, a journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences]

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Four of his latest books are Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter. His Patreon

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  1. Smith says:

    Regarding HK, there are more protesters getting beaten by cops and Beijing plants than vice versa, just that one side has gun and is in body armor 24/7 while the protester kids are criticized for wearing masks and armors.

    Truth needs to be spoken out.

  2. d dan says:

    “Those in Berlin, Paris or New York, who are supporting Joshua Wong or Juan Guaido, are not doing it out of ignorance. Maybe some do, but most of them definitely don’t. ”

    Exactly. They support Joshua Wong and Juan Guaido not because of “democracy”, but because they want their respective countries to be in chaos.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  3. Biff says:

    The tactics have a continuity. Stir a rival faction – infuse them with money, and sometimes weapons, and give them lots of media coverage. The Muhadeen in Afghanistan in the 80’s, Ukraine, Venezuela, Hong Kong, etc….

  4. AKAHorace says:

    A bit of a foot note to your article but King Bhumibol was genuinely good for Thailand, you may be able to find dirt on him, but compare him to the alternatives.

    • Replies: @Biff
  5. @Smith

    Regarding HK, there are more protesters getting beaten by cops and Beijing plants than vice versa,

    They aren’t protestors, they are traitors who are rioting. Police have a duty to restore public order. Wong has “testified” to Congress urging it to pass laws punishing China.
    How long do you think an American, would be walking around the US, if he “testified” in front of the Peoples Congress urging China to pass legislation punishing the US?

    • Agree: d dan
  6. I am not Vltchek’s biggest fan, but what can I say: in this case, he’s right.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  7. Biff says:

    A bit of a foot note to your article but King Bhumibol was genuinely good for Thailand, you may be able to find dirt on him, but compare him to the alternatives.

    Agreed, except you’ll never find dirt on him – he was a living god to the Thai people.

    • Replies: @AKAHorace
  8. Chinaman says:

    I thank you on behalf of all Hker people for your article, Andrew. As a note, I want to add that Joshua Wong is really not Chinese, he is half Vietnamese! This shed light on many of his action and why he would denigrate China!

    Very few foreigners really understands what we are going through now, We are living in fear from the black clad rioters everyday. It is ironic that it is these rioters who are chanting Freedom who have taken away my freedom of speech. A JP morgan Chinese employee who dare to state, matter of factly, “ We are all Chinese” was beaten up by a masked rioter in broad day light in the CBD.

    The media and the opposition is spewing out propaganda and turning a blind eye to all this. When these violence are brought up, they invariably say the Police is worse. ( like the commentor Smith an his Vietnamese rioters breathe does). Let’s get this straight, a group of rioters and beating up innocent people on the street is the breakdown of civilisation and the only thing standing between that and anarchy is the Police. It is ludicrous to compared the police’s attempts to restore order to terrorist acts by the rioters. But I Guess it is futile to try to talk logic in this mass mania

    We have lost the freedom to even walk down the street now. It must be what it is like to live in Bronx, New York. This is mob rule.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @Showmethereal
  9. Chinaman says:

    truth needs to be spoken out

    I am just glad you don’t have a monopoly of the Truth.

    I am an eye witness to the street violence while the only thing you can attests to is the Vietnamese child porn you are jacking off to on your screen. You can distort the facts all your want but we have video recording all of the crimes now. Your Vietnamese breathens ( or at least you proclaim to be, who cares whatever the fuck you are) have escalated the violence to another level, they are robbing banks and destroying private property now. Of course, This is usually how riots goes. When the police tries to stop this, it is police brutality. Mass hysteria have blinded everyone.

    Come join me in HK. I will show you the violence, the Truth you are seeking.

  10. That Joshua Wong and the current crop of red guard thugs are lionized by the mainstream media should give pause to any independently-minded individual. On Friday night these useful idiots caused so much havoc they brought a train system that carries 5.5 million people/day to a standstill. And they’re doing it again tonight (as I write, all lines apart from the airport to city line are closed). The eventual knock-on effect of this is the decline of Hong Kong to a third world shit-hole. Once home to the best public transport system in the world, supermarkets and other business closed on Saturday because employees could not get to work. It won’t be long before people are queuing for food as logistics networks are disrupted as “protesters” become more emboldened. There is no return from this for Hong Kong, and like lemmings the local professional class cheer them on.

    Interestingly, the one of the underlying feelings of anger into which foreign agents have tapped (and have been able to so successfully exploit) is centered on the mass migration of mainland Chinese into Hong Kong over the last 20 years, which has driven up housing costs, put pressure on public housing (in which around 30% of the population live), and taken jobs from locals (at the bottom and mid-level jobs in particular). It should be obvious to multicultural Europeans, North Americans, Australians and New Zealanders that this is your future. If Hong Kong Chinese can hate mainland Chinese with such ferocity – and in turn hate the Chinese government, then it is surely no great feat of imagination to imagine what happens in countries where skin color is a more obvious marker of difference (and the migration so much more socially, politically and economically disruptive). Mass migration is an invasion, and Hong Kong is paying the price for that now (albeit under the puppet hands of foreign provocateurs and local traitors). I give another ten to 15 years for this to play out in the West. But there, the fighting will be less theater, as it is here, and more murderous (think former Yugoslavia or the Ukraine).

    Hong Kong got rich by a happy accident: it was a financial and trading enclave on the edge of a country closed off from the world economy for 30 years, but which became the conduit for investment and business when it awakened from its Maoist slumber. Culturally and linguistically related, Hong Kong businessmen prospered as few others have. There have been 40 good years. Now come the 40 bad. The rich will flee to Australia, NZ, the UK, and elsewhere, doing exactly to those countries what has been done to them by the mainland Chinese invading Hong Kong. People in Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver and Auckland don’t want any more Chinese – whether they be from Hong Kong or Beijing. A bloody reckoning is coming, and Hong Kong is a small window of what we can expect globally.

    • Replies: @Anon
  11. @Smith

    Nice try. I pray you will be in Hong Kong for the end of days when these retards rule the roost.

  12. Anon[134] • Disclaimer says:
    @Change that Matters

    I agree with most of what you wrote except the mass immigration angle. The current population of the Hong Kong is 7.4 million. In 1997 the number was 6.4 million when HK was returned to China. In comparison, the current population of Singapore is 5.9 million and in 1997 the number was 3.7 million. So in 22 years, the population growth in Singapore is 2.2 million while in HK is 1 million.

    Besides, HK is almost twice as big as Singapore. The physical size of Singapore is 278.6 mi²; HK 427 mi². And HK has plenty of land to build houses as only 24% of the land is utilized.

    Then why HK is having housing crisis and Singapore isn’t? It comes down what the respective governments could do. The Singapore government has the power to deal with the problem while HK government doesn’t. Tung Chee-hwa , the the first Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR (1997-2002) made some great proposals/plans to increase public housing when he took office. He failed and all his successors failed because of the opposition from different interested groups, and especially from the real estate tycoons. The wealth gap is increasing year by year. A few families in HK control most of the wealth, and the GINI index is getting frighteningly high.

    An article from 2018
    Hong Kong’s wealth gap is a much greater threat to its security than separatists

    Another from 2018
    Why the wealth gap? Hong Kong’s disparity between rich and poor is greatest in 45 years, so what can be done?

    Plus a lot of tourists from mainland China have some serious money to spend in HK. Jealousy and self-pity turn into contempt and disdain. All you hear about is the uncivilized and unruly mainland Chinese and how we HKers are much better than them.

    And then there are traps laid by the Brits. The late Lee Kuan Yew pulled Tung Chee-hwa aside when Tung took the office and told him to watch out. Singapore was under the British rule and as the first prime minister of Singapore he had a lot of experience with the Brits. One good example is that the Chinese history was removed from school curriculum after 1997. And there are numerous sources that actively encourage the HK youth not to identify as Chinese.

    Anyway, the lists go on. There is not one single explanation for the current situation in HK. However directing the anger toward China or using China as the scapegoat is a good move by the forces that battle with China.

    • Agree: Erebus
    • Replies: @Showmethereal
  13. Erebus says:

    But I Guess it is futile to try to talk logic in this mass mania

    You may not have seen this comment, but maybe logic can work, at least on the small scale.

    I met up with the couple again yesterday afternoon at the same restaurant. (No free beers, unfortunately.) They remain supporters of change (who wouldn’t?) but after the intervening week’s rampages, and (I’d like to think) some of our previous discussion, they both now quite strongly agree that the violence and “vandalism” (their word) have gone too far and that the govt has now no option but to squash it. They’ve both also done a little research and learned some things they didn’t know about the foreign hands on the wheel. If they’re indicative of the sort of shift that can happen in the general population, the govt may finally get the political running room it needs to act.

    People like yourself and Anon[134] that have a grasp on reality and some idea of how HK came to this point need to find like-minded people and get a counter-narrative going if you want to save HK. HK’s ordinary people are starting to come ’round to realizing that Molotov cocktails and wanton destruction of private and public property is not “protesting”, it’s rioting, and in HK’s case has many of the earmarks of insurrection. My sense is that they’re gonna be more & more open to such a message, but if there’s no-one to deliver it then I don’t like HK’s chances.

  14. AKAHorace says:

    Agreed, except you’ll never find dirt on him – he was a living god to the Thai people.

    For good reasons, he may not have been as good as his reputation but he prevented a civil war in 91 and generally did not let coup d’etats get too out of hand.

  15. I wounder. What is Vltchek’s case against the Dalai Lama?

  16. Lin says:

    Regarding HK, there are more protesters getting beaten by cops and Beijing plants than vice versa, just that one side has gun and is in body armor 24/7 while the protester kids are criticized for wearing masks and armors.

    Facts are:
    1)Those enfant terribles threw firebombs 100s of times, assault people with their iron bar and destroy properties with their iron ar whenever they feel like it.
    2)And HK police only used firearms very selectively, like when a single policeman was attacked by several ‘pro-democrazy’ terrorists and that policemen’s colleague had been knocked down to the ground.


    Truth needs to be spoken out.

  17. @WorkingClass

    The Dalai Lama supports European nationalism and repatriation of the immigrants while Vltchek promotes the immigrant invasion.

  18. @Chinaman

    Correct mostly. That Bronx no longer exists from the “Fort Apache” days. The NYPD would have stopped these disturbances after about 2 days. People wouldnt even dare to try it anymore.

  19. @WorkingClass

    Simply look at the history of Tibet – including his early reign. Most of Tibet were basically slaves to the Dalai lamas. The lamas had to be approved by the Chinese emperor for a couple of centuries – but were given autonomy (similar to Hong Kong now). The communists over turned that system – so then this current Dalai Lama and his elites became CIA assets. Its declassified now. You can look it up.

  20. @Anon

    Exactly. It is nonsensical to blame migration. Mainland China has cities that grew much faster over time. But yes Singapore and even NYC are good examples as they had similar growth. The dumb colonial era laws and mindsets are what is holding HK back. There is no reason a major city should have so much undeveloped land. It is nonsensical to have half of your land as undeveloped. Conversely the government relying on land sales is not wise either.

  21. Hong Kong protesters led by Wong, destroy public property, beat up Chinese patriots, then get occasionally sprayed by pure potable Hong Kong water, and treated by Western media as martyr-saints!

    What a waste of pure potable water.

    MEMO to Carrie Lam, Hong Kong Chief Executive:

    If you cannot shoot the bastards, skunk spray them like the Israelis!

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