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Sailer Strategy

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I’ve been analyzing elections since 2000, [GOP Future Depends on Winning Larger Share of the White Vote.November 28, 2000] and, ever so slowly, some of my insights are starting to become conventional wisdom. For example, following the 2014 elections and the sputtering of the Democrats’ “Republican War on Women” strategy, it’s not quite as much... Read More
Last week, I critiqued Ron Unz's recent article in The American Conservative, which argued that what we at call “The Sailer Strategy”—that the Republican Party should and can only win, not through “outreach”/minority pandering, but by “inreach”/mobilizing its own (white) base—wouldn’t really work and that a better way to prevent immigration overload would be... Read More
In his The American Conservative magazine, physicist-turned-entrepreneur Ron Unz has just offered a lengthy critique of what hekindly identifies as the Sailer Strategy: the idea that the GOP can only and could easily win by mobilizing its white base, by championing issues that would actually benefit working class whites, such as an immigration moratorium. (Immigration,... Read More
Former Florida governor Jeb Bush was at it again last week, urging the GOP to amnesty illegals in the middle of a recession, ostensibly to appeal to Hispanics who aren't going to vote for the GOP anyway. Obviously, the only conceivable beneficiaries of this suicidal step would be the employers of cheap labor (until the... Read More
The 2010 mid-term elections were a dramatic reversal from the 2008 Presidential election year. But current commentary is losing sight of that—because it had looked like the election could have been even bigger, particularly for patriotic immigration reformers. Richard Hoste, among the most brilliant of younger commentators, has evensuggested sadly that Sharron Angle's loss to... Read More
Among the most interesting of the countless postmortems on Republican Scott Brown's victory over Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts Senate race was veteran Democratic journalist Thomas Edsall's Ghost Story in The New Republic on January 20, 2010. Edsall's article is one of the more realistic (if inadvertent) works of political advice the GOP has received—outside... Read More
I'm continuing to think about how the Republican Party—or, more accurately a generic patriotic party that reflects traditional American values—can win national elections if current immigration policy is not altered and the racial balance of the U.S. continues to be shifted by the federal government. I've argued that simple arithmetic proves the untried “Sailer Strategy“—by... Read More
I've shown recently that simple arithmetic proves the“Sailer Strategy“—by which the Republican Party would worry less about “outreach” to hostile minorities and more about “inreach” to mobilize its natural white base—will be viable for a surprisingly long time, despite current immigration policy. But it will obviously help if some minorities can bepersuaded to be less... Read More
Two weeks ago, I noted that the Republican Party has been digging itself an ever deeper electoral hole by tolerating (when notexacerbating) the lax immigration policies of the last four-plus decades. These caused demographic changes that are indisputably and inevitablydeleterious to the GOP. Yet, I pointed out, there remains a logical possibility that the countrycan... Read More
The central question about the long-term future of the Republican Party is—does the Republican Party have a future? The demographic changes unleashed by post-1965 immigration policies inexorably work to benefit Democrats, as Peter Brimelow andEd Rubenstein pointed out in their National Review cover story Electing a New People back in1997. (Those were the days! After... Read More
"President Bush's campaign won re-election through the strategic gamble that there was more to gain from galvanizing conservatives and stressing moral issues than from reaching out to centrist voters… Rove's decision tolargely ignore independent voters at the close of theelection was a strategic gamble. But by early Wednesdaymorning, Rove looked to have hit the jackpot... Read More
The Republican Party's venerable Southern Strategy was publiclytarred and feathered as racist and obsolete by all the most “RighteousRight” Beltway “conservatives” back during the Trent Lott brouhaha. But (ahem) it remains the electoral strategy that actually, you know, WINS ELECTIONS for the GOP. As last week's Republican gubernatorial victories in the Southdemonstrated. In Kentucky, U.S.... Read More
Bill Simon surprised the experts in losing California's gubernatorialelection by only 5 percentage points, 47%-42%, to massively-funded Gray Davis. In contrast, in 1998, Dan Lungren, the Republican Attorney General, lost to Davis by 20 points, 58%-38%. Simon was not a talented candidate, but he's a good man who wouldn't have deserved the humiliating loss that... Read More
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