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From Google: From Bing: From DuckDuckGo: The good news is that Google's Boxed Warning from the Anti-Criticism League probably doesn't much matter because if you type in "unz review" (instead of "what is the unz review") you'll get the, you know, Unz Review as the first choice and the ADL's warning about the Unz Review... Read More
In his The American Conservative magazine, physicist-turned-entrepreneur Ron Unz has just offered a lengthy critique of what hekindly identifies as the Sailer Strategy: the idea that the GOP can only and could easily win by mobilizing its white base, by championing issues that would actually benefit working class whites, such as an immigration moratorium. (Immigration,... Read More
Ron Unz, VDARE's candidate for America's most intelligent high immigration enthusiast, here responds to Steve Sailer's pieces on electoral demographics and the future of the Republican party. Says Unz: GOP attacks on affirmative action the way to go. Sailer explains why immigration reform the better route for splintering the burgeoning left-liberal/anti-American/anti-white coalition. VDARE's data-mining in... Read More
Peter Brimelow on Ron Unz Ron Unz asks Peter Brimelow a Question Unzism – The (New) Doctrine of American Decline, by Steve Sailer Ron Unz, the California political entrepreneur, has graciously distributed my VDARE critique of his pro-immigration / pro-assimilation strategy to his email list of supporters. This was an admirable gesture of open-mindedness and/or... Read More
Ron Unz is California's most interesting and adventurous political entrepreneur. An ultra-high IQ physicist turned Silicon Valley software baron turned politician, Unz, who is not yet 40, has already had a lifetime of electoral adventures. In 1994 he polled an impressive one third of the vote in the California Republican primary against sitting Governor Pete... Read More
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Steve Sailer
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Steve Sailer is a journalist, movie critic for Taki's Magazine, columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.

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