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[ note: Adapted from Steve Sailer’s presentation to’s first-ever Webinar, January 19, 2013. For other presentations, seehere and here. Recordings will be available in a few days—or information when available, email with “Webinar recording” in subject line] Hi, I’m Steve Sailer, and it’s a real pleasure to address the first webinar. I’m... Read More
Following the collapse of the Bush Administration's chief domesticobsession over the last six and a half years—amnesty for illegal aliens—the President's electoral strategist and policy advisor Karl Rove isleaving the White House. Although Rove is now widely perceived as a failure, he was long credulously proclaimed the "Boy Genius" by the press…with theexception of us... Read More
In all the many discussions of Red (Republican) states and Blue (Democratic) states since the 2000 Presidential election, the most striking finding that emerged has been that the GOP share of the vote correlates extremely closely with "affordable family formation" for non-Hispanic whites. In states where young white couples make enough money to buy ahouse... Read More
The Bush Administration is currently imploding on multiple fronts. After years of encouraging illegal immigration, President Bush has suddenly responded to the ever-increasing frustration of American citizens by announcing that he intends to deport all illegal aliens. Well, either that or make them all legal aliens. Or something. Thedetails haven't all been revealed yet. But,... Read More
The 2002 elections might seem like a long time ago. But in vital ways they still provide the best guide to the rapidly approaching 2004 elections. Unfortunately, no national demographic results were available in 2002, because the Voter News Service exit poll's computer systems crashedon Election Day. But pollsters eventually mailed in 17,872 completed interviews.... Read More
Last spring, the Pew and Kaiser foundations teamed up to ask Hispanic, white, and black registered voters a long series of intriguing questions. The results were finally released earlier this month. They immediately got the big spin, with much of the media rushing to frame the results according to Karl Rove's storyline – that Republicans... Read More
The Washington Post's political analyst Thomas B. Edsall caused a stir recently with a fairly good article: “As Nation Changes, Parties Are Warned They Need New Tactics to Woo Voters.” It's a solid look at the dire implications for the GOP of current demographic trends, although it should have cited Peter Brimelow's and Ed Rubenstein's... Read More
As I pointed out in my last column, the Bush Administration has beenalienating what ought to be its demographic base – well-off white people – by seeming to side with industrial interests against polar bears, condors, and water drinkers. Granted, much of the brouhahagenerated by environmentalists was scientifically overblown. Yet, ultimately, so what? Image, not... Read More
Conservation II… Environmental historian William Cronon writes that [Newt Gingrich's Contract with America] "came to grief in good measure because most Americans continue to believe that protecting the environment is a good thing." Newt now thinks so, too, and has admitted that Republicans are "malpositioned" on the environment. … Wirthlin Worldwide, a polling firmassociated with... Read More
VDARE: Make that counting! The battle to spin the ethnic vote continues, with many Republican commentators arguing that George W. Bush's resounding failure among their favorite minority constituencies only means that Republicans should redouble their efforts to appeal to that group in the next election. One of the most far-fetched was “Wall Street Journal” editorial... Read More
The numbers speak. Their message may be unfashionable, but hardly unpalatable. They say: Readers React: Sailer v Unz Readers React: Sailer v. Wanniski Here at VDARE, we've discussed repeatedly how dire will be the long-term impact of immigration on the Republican Party. It's crucial to understand, however, that the long-term has not quite arrived. The... Read More
I recently got an email from my favorite neoconservative politician. (I'm not mentioning his name since it was a private message. Butsince true neoconservative politicians are practically nonexistent – as opposed to the Joe Liebermans and Daniel Patrick Moynihans who talklike Irving Kristol but vote like Walter Mondale – you probably can guess his name.)... Read More
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