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Open Borders

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Harry Baldwin submits a cool multiracial yin and yang symbol, suitable for Los Angeles uses: Starting with the black sector on the bottom and going clockwise, we see the Great Wave off Compton, the Palos Verdes Parrot, the East LA Eagle, and a scared looking Ku Klux Bunny. Like so many such logos, this one... Read More
As I pointed out yesterday, most of the Open Borders logos that have survived the mass deportations look like underdone or surreptitious swastikas, with their Rotating Juggernaut of Doom common denominator. Some combination of the Cross and the Swastika seems to be a common motif in Open Borders logo, which is, well, interesting, to say... Read More
One proposed logo that wasn't deported when the Open Borders Logo contest closed its borders is this one showing how open borders will make us all like Siamese Twins with only one brain for every two bodies, so you won't have to do anymore of that pesky thinking for yourself.It's also interesting how many of the... Read More
Over at the Open Borders logo contest on Facebook, the organizers have had to close their borders because all the cleverest logos were being submitted by satirists. It's almost as if human beings are happier when their communities are allowed to regulate who is allowed in ...Here's a recent entry that was, apparently, sincere enough to... Read More
To promote increased immigration and lower wages, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has come up with this terrifying logo:
The Open Borders movement is looking for a logo, so here's one that would help them get the impact of Open Borders across vividly:C'mon, Open Borders guys, you always feel as if the media, while sympathetic, doesn't give you enough attention. By encapsulating one obvious effect Open Borders would have (the extinction of the Jewish... Read More
MissingMy Manners explains a new entry in the Open Borders logo contest:
Harry Baldwin's suggestion for the Open Borders Movement's logo contest.
On the Facebook page for the Open Borders logo contest, Leroy Krune submits:
Submitted by Andres Roca at the Open Borders logo contest Facebook page.Song titles from the Kurt Cobain catalog appropriate for the Open Borders Movement:"Come As You Are""All Apologies""Rape Me"
The Open Borders folks are offering $200 to anybody who comes up with a simple logo that could be easily reproduced on a white sheet to express the essence of their movement. I came up with a quite simple logo yesterday, but one of my anonymous commenters tops that with the perfect suggestion: an image with... Read More
Bryan Caplan and his friends at Open Borders are sponsoring a logo contest:Here's my entry:
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