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Jared Taylor

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Deogolwulf has solved the mystery of why superstar Marxist academic Slavoj Žižek's famously opaque prose suddenly became so much more lucid when Žižek summarized psychologist Kevin MacDonald's controversial theories about Jewish influence. Žižek simply lifted, with only minimal rewording, sizable parts of
[See also Jared Taylor On White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century] In 1991, Jared Taylor published Paved with Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America, a sober book that sold well by the standards of serious nonfiction. Since then, he has builtAmerican Renaissance into a successful magazine and a brand... Read More
I first came to admire Jared Taylor's talents over 20 years ago, during the dawn of the personal computer age, when he ranked with Jerry Pournelle as the most brilliant PC journalist. That was the last time there was anything PC about Taylor. He's now the editor of American Renaissance, a newsletter that applies Bell... Read More
And so it begins again … "President Bush, who had just returned from his fourth visit to the Gulf Coast, told an audience at the National Cathedral today that he would use the rebuilding process to correct the poverty born of racial discrimination that had left so many of Hurricane Katrina's victims vulnerable. 'The greatest... Read More
Ward Connerly's Racial Privacy Initiative is distinctive for the quality of argumentation it has inspired on both sides of the issue. Jared Taylor's VDARE.COM response to my endorsement of RPI is a notable contribution to the anti-RPI case. Mr. Taylor hopes that if the government keeps on publishing statisticsdocumenting racial inequality, politicians will eventually publicly... Read More
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