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Invade Invite in Hock

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Radio comedian Will Rogers is often said to have sagely advised, "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." Western Europe has found itself in a hole over the last generation, having imprudently admitted large numbers of Muslims. Germany's two-pronged solution: - Double down - Bully Germany's eastern neighbors into the same mistake so... Read More
The implicit lesson the elite media are drawing from the Libya Brouhaha is that, because empire abroad and multiculturalism at home (not to mention Obama's re-election) are beyond questioning, a future item on the national agenda must be to hold a Courageous Conversation about how to keep American citizens from posting unwelcome and unapproved stuff on the... Read More
From the New York Times on Tuesday evening:But in a period of economic anxiety, high unemployment and concerns about the war in Afghanistan and radical Islam, the far right i
I've long felt that Americans aren't really cut out for world domination. We tend to be a cheerful, positive-minded, naive, and insular people, while the imperial mission demands vast reserves of worldliness and cynicism. The Derb points me toward this Washington Examiner article by Sara A. Carter, "Afghan Sex Practices Concern U.S., British Forces" and related... Read More
From the New York Times, a story about a Romeo and Juliet in Herat, Afghanistan:Ms. Mohammedi’s uncle visited her in jail to say she had shamed the family, and promised that they would kill her once she was released. Her father, an illiterate laborer who works in Iran, sorrowfully concurred. He cried during two visits... Read More
The Establishment Press is having conniptions over the King hearings because they are getting in the way of their Narrative: that white male conservatives with pitchforks and torches are The Threat. Recall the MSM response to the Tucson shootings — It’s Limbaugh's and Beck's and O’Reilly’s fault — and how they went on for days... Read More
Leon Wieseltier writes in The New Republic about America and Islam:Makes sense to me! What kind of moron would worry that anything could possibly go wrong with such a prudent, intellectually sophisticated grand strategy?My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer
In Time, Joel Stein writes a column packed with traditional iSteve themes:I called James W. Hughes, policy-school dean at Rutgers University, who explained that Lyndon Johnson's 1965 immigration law raised immigration caps for non-European countries. LBJ apparently had some weird relationship with Asians in which he liked both inviting them over and going over to... Read More
In yet another example of the workings of the bipartisan wisdom that “Because we must invite the world (it’s unthinkable not to), we therefore must invade the world to be safe,” Washington has responded to Nigerian Underwear Bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s fizzled attempt to blow up a plane headed to Detroit on Christmas by escalating... Read More
From Lawrence E. Harrison's article in The National Interest: FUTURE GENERATIONS may look back on Iraq and immigration as the two great disasters of the Bush presidency. Ironically, for a conservative administration, both of these policy initiatives were rooted in a multicultural view of the world. Since the 1960s, multiculturalism, the idea that all cultures... Read More
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