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Interracial Marriage

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Here are quotes from the summary of the new Pew report on interracial marriage in 2008. Note a few things. This is based on the Census Bureau's annual American Community Survey of 3 million people, not the decennial enumeration of 100 times that number Plus, note the distinction between newlyweds and married couples: people who... Read More
Here's a rather incoherent article from the AP on new interracial marriage statistics from the Census Bureau. Unfortunately, the Census Bureau hasn't released the numbers yet, as far as I can tell, so we're stuck with the sneak preview they gave the AP.Two caveats: first, you need to keep in mind the stock v. flow... Read More
John Tierney blogs in the New York Times about a study of "speed-dating" Columbia University:That part about men having no preference sounds a bit like an artifact of doing the study at an Ivy League school where men have to be on their guard for ideological deviancy. Ivy League women, in contrast, would just slough... Read More
Here's a press release about an article in the British Journal of Nutrition entitled "BMI Not an An Accurate Obesity Measurement:
A couple of years after I wrote about Qian and Lichter's study here, Annie Gowen reports today in the Washington Post, "More Young Adults Are Seeking Partners of Same Ethnicity:" In 2007, I blogged:Back in 2000, I wrote an article for entitled "Immigration Is Retarding Interracial Marriage." That's visible in Southern California, where Asians... Read More
It's long been understood theoretically that there must exist a Darwinian fitness trade-off between too much inbreeding and too much outbreeding, but nobody knew where that was. If you marry your first cousin, you are likely to suffer a 30% higher infant mortality rate. But if you marry somebody too genetically dissimilar, you can start... Read More
The Los Angeles Times editorialized on April 30: “Generation Tolerant "For California's teenagers and young adults, the answer to Rodney King's question is a definite yes: We can all get along. Race and ethnicity, according to a new survey of Californians ages 16 to 22, are far less significant to this generation than to any... Read More
Receiving unsolicited manuscripts of soon-to-be-published books in the mail can be a forbidding event. Somebody has gone to the trouble ofsending me a big box full of hundreds of pages of typescript because they value my reaction. But do I really want to react? To my surprise and pleasure, however, the newly-released bookBreeding Between the... Read More
For the better part of a decade, Gregory Rodriguez and Richard Rodriguez have been writing the same article over and over again. Their shared thesis: Hispanic immigration will solve America's racial problems because Latin American-style interracial marriage will makeAmerica's black-white racial hang-up obsolete. Of course, they don't explain why 500 years of "mestizaje" have yet... Read More
A letter writer to VDARE.COM took umbrage at my recent attempt at a General Theory of Race, “It's All Relative: Putting Race in its Proper Perspective.” I had inserted a few positive remarks about the harmonizing effects of interracial marriage – such as “Intermarriage is what turned the Angles and the Saxons into the Anglo-Saxons.”... Read More
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