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Deogolwulf has solved the mystery of why superstar Marxist academic Slavoj Žižek's famously opaque prose suddenly became so much more lucid when Žižek summarized psychologist Kevin MacDonald's controversial theories about Jewish influence. Žižek simply lifted, with only minimal rewording, sizable parts of
In April of 2001, I wrote a VDARE article entitled "Importing Anti-Semitism?" Well, it's time to lose the question mark. In surprisingly frank language, Abe Foxman's Anti-Defamation League reports: Anti-Defamation League, June 11, 2002 The survey consists of eleven statements uncomplimentary toward Jews. (You can find them listed on p. 6 of this Adobe Acrobat... Read More
Recently a Mexican-American fringe publication called "La Voz de Aztlan" published an editorial entitled "La Raza and Jews on Collision Course in Alta California," which any Jewish-American concerned about the maintenance of Jewish influence would be well advised to ponder. It's a fascinating document, but before I quote from it, I'd like to offer some... Read More
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