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From the Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. (via MondoWeiss): David Brooks’ Son Is In the Israeli Army: Does It Matter? by Rob Eshman 2 days ago One of the more interesting nuggets buried in a long, Hebrew-language interview with New York Times columnist David Brooks in the recent Ha'aretz magazine is the revelation, toward the... Read More
As a long-time admirer of Israel, I've come to envy especially the freedom of discussion that Israeli culture permits on fundamental questions of demographics. Consider, for example, the new book 2030: Alternative Futures for the Jewish People [5 megabyte PDF], which makes for eye-opening reading for anyone lulled by the pabulum of the American press.... Read More
I haven't had anything to say previously about that fatal Israeli navalencounter with the Gaza-bound flotilla on May 31, 2010 … because Idon't much care. Israel is not the 51st state; it's one of a couple of hundred other countries. If Israel wants to push around the Palestinians, well, that's their business much more than... Read More
My article last week profiling historian Admiral Samuel Eliot Morisonwas inspired by David Brooks' column, The Power Elite [NYT,February 18, 2010]. Brooks outlined some of the problems caused by the replacement of Morison's old Protestant Establishment by what Brooks calls a “meritocratic elite”—actually, as I pointed out, substantially Jewish—more interested in short-term profit-making in than... Read More
After 40 years as a leading spokesman for the Neoconservative takeover of the conservative movement, former Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz admits in his new book Why Are Jews Liberals? that Neoconservatism has failed utterly at what would seem its most basic task: persuading Jews to vote Republican. While Podhoretz recounts his role in key steps... Read More
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