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2004 Election

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[The Sailer Election 2004 Series: Sailer Strategy Wins Another For GOP—But How Much Longer?; Bush Didn't Win 44% of Hispanic Vote —The Smoking Exit Poll; Another Nail In The Coffin Of Bush's “44% Hispanic Share”; I Told You So Department: Only Bush Boosters NowBelieve 44% Hispanic Vote Myth] It may not be as flashy as... Read More
Right after my VDARE.COM article "Democrats Recoil From GOP's Electoral Secret: Marriage Plus Children" came out last Sunday, VDARE.COM contributor Randall Burns pointed out to me an amazing online resource for anyone interested in differences between Red (Republican) and Blue (Democratic) This database contains 377 different measures per state, from Alcohol Consumption per Capita... Read More
There is a little-known movement sweeping across the United States.The movement is "maritalism." Okay—that's pretty silly. But if demographic trend impresario David Brooks can use my number-crunching in his Dec. 7th New York Times op-ed "The New Red-Diaper Babies" to claim: "There is a little-known movement sweeping across the United States. The movement is 'natalism'"... Read More
Here's the data for the data hounds: Sailer-Dec. 12, 2004 Bush Pop. Vote %: All Races 2004 Years married 18-44: NonHisp. Whites 2000 Total Fertility Rate: NH Whites 2002 Years of schooling: NH Whites 2000   Utah 71.1% 17.0 2.45 13.7   Wyoming 69.0% 15.5 1.99 13.3   Idaho 68.5% 16.3 2.20 13.3   Nebraska... Read More
National Review Online ran an article yesterday (Dec. 8th, 2004) by Richard Nadler entitled "Bush's 'Real' Hispanic Numbers: Debunking the debunkers." It's supposed to be an attack on my interpretation of the 2004 presidential election results. But a close reading shows that it largely supports my contention: the President's unlimited open borders plan would both... Read More
Despite the efforts of Bush backers like Patrick Ruffini (see below), this was the week that the rest of the world caught up with what readers have known all along: that Bush didn't win 44% of the Hispanic vote. For example, Michael Doyle reported in the Sacramento Bee (Pollsterslower estimate of Bush's Latino support,... Read More
Friday's Washington Post finally caught up with what we've been talking about here at VDARE.COM since the election: the National Election Pool's exit poll claim that 44% of Hispanics voted for George W. Bush is implausible. It is now being viewed skeptically by professional pollsters. [Pollsters Debate Hispanics' Presidential Voting, by Darryl Fears, November 26,... Read More
The tenth anniversary of The Bell Curve has passed almost unnoticed by the media (except on VDARE.COM—click here for my thoughts andhere for Peter Brimelow's). But the topic of IQ is hotter than ever—largely because liberals, no matter how much they publicly denounce the concept as discredited racist nonsense, just can't stop privately obsessing over... Read More
On Sunday, I showed why the widely-reported claim by thenotoriously-flawed $10 million National Election Pool exit poll that George W. Bush's share of the Hispanic vote leapt from 35% in 2000 to 44% in 2004 didn't match up with the actual votes counted. Today, I will demonstrate that NEP's Hispanic share estimate—reached after massive data... Read More
Steve Sailer's scoop from last week, "This Just In: Kerry's IQ Likely Lower than Bush's!," continues to make news. On the "NBC Nightly News" on Thursday night, 10/28/2004, Tom Brokaw asked John Kerry for his reaction to Sailer's discovery. You can read the exchange on's blog. Perceptions of candidates' intelligence have long played... Read More
"Does anyone in America doubt that Kerry has a higher IQ than Bush? I'm sure the candidates' SATs and college transcripts would put Kerry far ahead." Howell Raines – Former Executive Editor of the New York Times "The 'Dumb' Factor" Washington Post, August 27, 2004   Oh yeah? On this tenth anniversary of the publication... Read More
After the second Presidential debate, one of my readers wrote: "Hey, Steve, you are just ticked off that not a single person in the debate audience, which represented a cross section of the American people, asked a question about illegal immigrants. For surely, if anyone had submittedsuch a question, Charles Gibson would have used it,... Read More
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