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This century's most talked-about—but least written-about —book of underground social science has been IQ and the Wealth of Nations, byRichard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen. (Click here for my review and herefor J. Philippe Rushton's.) The two veteran scholars dredged through decades of psychometric literature to find 184 studies providing estimates of average IQ for 81... Read More
I’ve been analyzing elections since 2000, [GOP Future Depends on Winning Larger Share of the White Vote.November 28, 2000] and, ever so slowly, some of my insights are starting to become conventional wisdom. For example, following the 2014 elections and the sputtering of the Democrats’ “Republican War on Women” strategy, it’s not quite as much... Read More
I’m frequently accused of being overly interested inrace and ethnicity, to which I reply: “Didn’t you fill in your Census questionnaire?” Now, Kenneth Prewitt, whom Bill Clinton appointed head of the Census Bureau in 1998, has published an informative book, What Is Your Race?: The Census and Our Flawed Efforts to Classify Americans, documenting the... Read More
While the rest of the country was still up in arms over the George Zimmerman verdict, I watched a webinar from the Brookings Institution on The Future of the Republican Party: Is the GOP DOA? It wasn’t the most scintillating debate, but it did give some insight into how influential Republicans think—and what they don’t... Read More
Ever since last November’s election, we’ve been hearing that Hispanics comprised a record 10 percent of the vote—which therefore obliges Republican Congressmen to pass “comprehensive immigration reform” a.k.a the Schumer-Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill RIGHT NOW. For example: But what if these nice, round turnout numbers provided by the Edison exit poll company weren’t true?... Read More
Harvard financial historian Niall Ferguson has gotten himself into the usual sort of Larry Summers / James D. Watson-style trouble for answering a question about economist John Maynard Keynes’s famous quip—“In the long run, we are all dead”—by cheekily pointing out that Keynes was a childless homosexual. There’s no transcript of his original remarks, but... Read More
[With apologies to Wallace Stevens] [ note: This is a satire, satire, satire, SATIRE! It’s not 2014 yet, Lindsey Graham has not revealed himself as perfectly scrumptious, and no Bomb Brother acquittal has been announced (yet). However, nothing in this parody is beyond possibility—somesurprising people have discovered their inner scrumptiousness, and juries are…unpredictable, if you... Read More
Below is the single most extraordinary chart explaining the results of the recent Presidential election: It’s widely assumed in the press that victory in the Electoral College is determined by the Gender Gap or by the Rising Tide of Hispanic Votersor whatever. But in fact the relationship between these demographic factors and whether a state... Read More
[ note: Adapted from Steve Sailer’s presentation to’s first-ever Webinar, January 19, 2013. For other presentations, seehere and here. Recordings will be available in a few days—or information when available, email with “Webinar recording” in subject line] Hi, I’m Steve Sailer, and it’s a real pleasure to address the first webinar. I’m... Read More
Remember last spring when the Main Stream Media kicked off the Obama re-election drive by inflating a local police blotter item—the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida—into the latest Hunt for the Great White Defendant? For Obama to win in November, the MSM had to agitate blacks to turn out like in 2008—not like in... Read More
What can we learn from the 2012 Presidential election? How about this? In politics (as we might have occasionally mentionedover the dozen years of’s existence) demography is destiny. Mainstream Republicans appear to be waking up to a reality that they’ve gone out of their way to not think about in the 15 years sincePeter... Read More
The calcifying influence of Democratic talking points on Main Stream Media [MSM] minds can be measured using Google News. Just type in and you will find about 11,400 recent articles. In turn, brings up 17,900 current news stories about this massive problem for Republicans. On the other hand, enter into Google News and you’ll get... Read More
At first glance, Barack Obama: The Story appears to be a vast heap of random details obsessively piled up by veteran Washington Postreporter David Maraniss. Maraniss hit pay dirt with bestselling biographies of Bill Clinton and Vince Lombardi, but his latest is an amazingly tedious read. His “frenzied fact-grubbing and fanatical boredom” (to quote Kingsley... Read More
Sean Trende, a senior analyst with RealClearPolitics, has written a valuable book entitled The Lost Majority: Why the Future of Government Is Up for Grabs – and Who Will Take It that debunks much Main Stream Media [MSM] conventional wisdom—above all, importantly, the apparently unkillable meme that the GOP must get 40% of the Hispanic... Read More
[See also by Steve Sailer: Charles Murray Gets Readmitted to Polite Society—At A Price: Ignoring Immigration] Charles Murray has made the widening of class divisions in America since the relatively egalitarian Eisenhower-Kennedy era the theme of his current book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960 – 2010. Indeed, the phenomenon has been remarked... Read More
Is it a sign of progress in our intellectual life that early published reactions to Charles Murray’s bestseller Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960 – 2010 have been less smugly dismissive, more non-berserk, more—dare we say?—thoughtful than could be expected? Perhaps. Keep in mind that Murray’s greatest solo book Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit... Read More
Saturday’s New York Times front-page article detailing the Obama Administration’s plans to boost minority preferences in schooling, U.S. Urges Creativity by Colleges to Gain Diversity [webposted December 2], reflects a big shift in how the Main Stream Media talks about the 2012 election—towards the frank racial analysis I’ve been using for the last eleven years.... Read More
Former President Bill Clinton is the latest Establishment type to praise former House Speaker Newt Gingrich for his repackaging amnesty. [Bill Clinton Praises Old Foe Newt Gingrich,, November 26, 2011] It’s less surprising than it might seem: both, along with former President George W. Bush, are bought-and-paid-for servants ofDavos Man. The truly dominant ideology... Read More
Last week, the Washington Post ran an amusing story on a new public school teacher in suburban Maryland's Prince George's County who can't speak English very well. Sixth-grade teacher David Colon, who was recently recruited fromPuerto Rico, admitted: [With Hispanic students on the rise, Hispanic teachers in short supply, by Robert Samuels, November 15, 2011]... Read More
In his November 9th New York Times column cleverly entitled The Cain Scrutiny, Ross Douthat calls attention to the arresting spectacle of white conservatives rising up to defend the honor of Herman Cain andblack manhood against allegations by blonde tramps that the Republican Presidential candidate's sexual advances were unwanted: Indeed. But to say that the... Read More
Slugger Yogi Berra liked to say, “You can observe a lot by watching.”And you can observe a lot about what modern Americans actually value just by watching their heroes. Nobody in recent memory earned more lavish obituaries than Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple Inc. He was immediately beatified as a secular saint following his death... Read More
My favorite Sesame Street character is Count von Count, an amiable vampire who always refers to himself in the third person in his thickTransylvanian accent—”The Count loves counting!”—as he enumerates everything in sight. I love counting, too, which is why I find Richard Lynn's books, such as 2002's IQ and the Wealth of Nations, irresistible:... Read More
About a decade ago, I started wondering why you never heard aboutJaime Escalante anymore. He was the famous calculus teacher whosesuccess in a barrio school notoriously excited the jealously of administrators and the teacher’s union, and who was portrayed byEdward James Olmos in the 1988 movie Stand and Deliver. Escalante seems like the ideal Latino... Read More
[See also: Buchanan's Suicide of a Superpower: Opening The Eyes Of Uninformed Patriots, by Alexander Hart] Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? Patrick J. Buchanan’s eleventh book, documents with vivid details and acute quotes how, among other globalist mistakes, state-sponsored demographic-replacement via mass immigration is undermining the social cohesion and trust that... Read More
Last week, I critiqued Ron Unz's recent article in The American Conservative, which argued that what we at call “The Sailer Strategy”—that the Republican Party should and can only win, not through “outreach”/minority pandering, but by “inreach”/mobilizing its own (white) base—wouldn’t really work and that a better way to prevent immigration overload would be... Read More
In his The American Conservative magazine, physicist-turned-entrepreneur Ron Unz has just offered a lengthy critique of what hekindly identifies as the Sailer Strategy: the idea that the GOP can only and could easily win by mobilizing its white base, by championing issues that would actually benefit working class whites, such as an immigration moratorium. (Immigration,... Read More
“Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complaining. Stop grumbling. Stop crying. We are going to press on. We have work to do.” [Obama to Blacks: “Stop Complaining. We Have Work to Do“,, September 25, 2011] President Obama’s rather startling reproof of his black critics at the... Read More
How did we wind up with another lightweight in the Oval Office? Ron Suskind’s upcoming book, Confi
Once or twice per year, my local Costco puts out for sale a big stack of paperback copies of Charles C. Mann’s 2005 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, a detailed combination of history, travelogue, and popular science that has become one of more respected and popular nonfiction books of the last decade.... Read More
With the school year starting up, I got to thinking about offering someavuncular advice about how to make one’s way in the world. Fortunately, I resisted the urge. Instead, I’ll merely advise: read Paul Graham. For obvious reasons, I don’t offer young people much career advice. And even if I felt like it, I might... Read More
In the summer of 2001, Jorge G. Castañeda Gutman was one of the most important men in the Western Hemisphere. As the foreign minister of Vicente Fox, the newly elected president of democratizing Mexico, Castañeda was a figure of considerable glamour as he negotiated with a yielding Bush Administration a vastly ambitious Mexican plan that... Read More
There’s a general assumption that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be back on the front pages come September when a U.N. vote on Palestinian statehood is scheduled. But in the meantime, there’s been a major outbreak of economic populism among Israel’s Jewish voters over the rising cost of living. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was rapturously... Read More
We constantly read, in the Main Stream Media, boastful quotes from bullying Latino leaders about how their followers are—Real Soon Now!—going to rush to the polls in vast numbers and punish each and every politician who dares take a stand against immigration—especially illegal immigration. For example, in 2010 (shortly before the election in which the... Read More
Immigration’s sacred cow status makes it a central stumbling block to intellectual progress. This was illustrated again last week with the implosion of the U.K. Labour Party’s ground-breaking “Blue Labour“ policy group. The new idea man of the Labour Party, Baron Glasman, was widely denounced for making some allegedly shocking (but actually sensible) remarks about... Read More
As we’ve all been lectured, diversity is the biggest and bestest thing in the whole world. Except when it’s not. Everybody in the Main Stream Media is enraptured by the success of the U.S. women’s soccer team in reaching the July 17 finals of the Women’s World Cup. (Where they lost, to the Japanese), It’s... Read More
Last week, the New York Times aggressively splashed a reportorial by Damien Cave (message him on Twitter), Better Lives for Mexicans Cut Allure of Going North (July 6, 2011). Its propaganda purpose was crudely apparent, as's Brenda Walker has pointed out: See! There's no need to worry about illegal immigration!! So let's give amnesty... Read More
Presumably hoping its work won't be noticed, on Friday, July 1, 2011, the last workday before the long, somnolent Fourth of July weekend, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals delivered a 2-1 decision, BAMN v. University Of Michigan [PDF] overturning the 2006 landslide victory of Ward Connerly's Proposal 2—the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI), which... Read More
It was another week that seemed a lot funnier if you get the joke. As so often these days, demographics and immigration were at the heart of key stories in the news. On Saturday, some 80,000 Mexicans showed up at the Rose Bowl yesterday to jeer relentlessly at the U.S. national soccer team and cheer... Read More
The New York Times' long-running campaign of hate directed at the voters of Arizona continued Friday with From Jackie Robinson to Dead Silence [June 17, 2011]. The Times' new sports columnist Jonathan Mahler demands that Major League Baseball yank its July 12th All-Star Game out of Phoenix in order to demonize Arizonans for daring to... Read More
The novelist William Faulkner once said: “The past is not dead. In fact, it's not even past.” I was reminded of that last week while reading what is likely the best narrative history so far of the causes of the current recession: Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon by... Read More
Over the years, the thing I've been vilified for the most is my pointing out, patiently, that there are long-lasting connections between ancestry and average intelligence—and that these matter for a broad range of issues, including, of course, immigration. (Here are my 2007Frequently Asked Questions lists about IQ andrace.) It's not hard to understand why... Read More
The May issue of the conservative magazine American Spectator features The True Story of the Financial Crisis by Peter J. Wallison, [Email him]an American Enterprise Institute fellow and one of the ten members of Congress'sFinancial Crisis Inquiry Commission, which reported in late January. Wallison dissented [PDF] from the final report. His article demonstrates the strengths... Read More
[See also Jared Taylor On White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century] In 1991, Jared Taylor published Paved with Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America, a sober book that sold well by the standards of serious nonfiction. Since then, he has builtAmerican Renaissance into a successful magazine and a brand... Read More
We constantly hear that books are a dying medium. Yet 2011 is turning out to be a surprisingly good year for nonfiction books. BryanCaplan's Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids: Why Being a Great Parent Is Less Work and More Fun Than You Think is the second intriguing book by a George Mason University economist... Read More
Andrew Ferguson's witty and wistful new memoir, Crazy U: One Dad's Crash Course in Getting His Kid into College, stands in obvious contrast to Amy Chua's bumptious bestseller Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Between them, the two books nicely illustrate the stately but steady decline of the white upper middle class, of which Ferguson... Read More
In a March 28, 20011 article, Arriving as Pregnant Tourists, Leaving with American Babies, by Jennifer Medina, the New York Times' finally deigned to notice the existence of the birth tourism fraud: “SAN GABRIEL, Calif. — … For months, officials say, the house was home to 'maternity tourists,' in this case, women from China who... Read More
The 2010 Census numbers have been streaming out, and last week saw comprehensive race / ethnicity data released. Let's take a look at some of the highlights and lowlights. The big news was that the Hispanic population grew 43 percent during George W. Bush's decade of 2000-2010, to more than 50,000,000. Fifty million is a... Read More
It has finally dawned on me what Ted Kennedy, George W. Bush, and company were probably thinking ten years ago when they came up with the ill-fated No Child Left Behind school reform act. Until now, I've never been able to grasp what kind of picture they had in their heads when they decided that... Read More
The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement is a new “didactic novel” (i.e. popular science nonfiction book illustrated by a fictional story) by New York Times token conservative (but prophylactically ex-socialist) columnist David Brooks. This bestseller attempts to retail the recent findings of the human sciences through a made-up account of... Read More
Greg Cochran called me Sunday night, and while we were saluting our brave commandos' success at wreaking vengeance on the man who killed 3,000 Americans a decade ago, we got to wondering about the place that President Obama had mentioned as bin Laden's home:Abbottabad. I don't like unpleasant surprises, so I try to maintain a... Read More
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