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The Flynn Effect of rising raw scores on IQ tests is one of the most interesting phenomena in all the human sciences. It was first noticed in the 1940s, but for a long time little attention was paid to the fact that IQ test publishers had to renorm their tests periodically because people kept doing... Read More
Back before 1992 Olympics, Runner's World executive editor Amby Burfoot published a cover story "White Men Can't Run" pointing out the West African / East African distinction between who wins Olympic sprints versus distances races. At that point, blacks of West African descent had made up all of the last 16 finalists in the Olympics... Read More
Carl Zimmer reports in the NYT: In other words, with "the Yamnaya" we're likely talking about more or less the people also known as the Proto-Indo-Europeans, who used to be called the Aryans. ... Until about 9,000 years ago, Europe was home to a genetically distinct population of hunter-gatherers, the researchers found. Then, between 9,000... Read More
I wanted to come back to the popular NYT Magazine article "Why Do Americans Stink at Math?" about how they teach math better in Japan, as you can tell because Japanese students average a higher PISA score than American students. According to the article, the Common Core now offers us another opportunity to teach math... Read More
My favorite Sesame Street character is Count von Count, an amiable vampire who always refers to himself in the third person in his thickTransylvanian accent—”The Count loves counting!”—as he enumerates everything in sight. I love counting, too, which is why I find Richard Lynn's books, such as 2002's IQ and the Wealth of Nations, irresistible:... Read More
Nicholas Wade in the NYT reports:The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded this year to three American scientists who solved a problem of cell biology with deep relevance to cancer and aging. The three will receive equal shares of a prize worth around $1.4 million. The recipients solved a longstanding puzzle involving the... Read More
When James D. Watson was driven from his post at the famous Cold Spring Harbor medical research laboratory for making politically incorrect remarks about IQ, Richard E. Nisbett, a psychologist at the University of Michigan[email him], helped put the boot in, publishing an op-ed in the December 9, 2007 New York Times under the memorable... Read More
William Saletan, the Human Nature columnist for the Washington Post-owned online magazine Slate, has been running a series of articlestrying to figure out how to reconcile his liberal ideology and emotions with the ever-increasing implausibility of the conventional wisdom that racial gaps in achievement will vanish if taxpayers just try hard enough. Saletan has cast... Read More
This Thursday, February 12, 2009, marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, author of the 1859 book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection: Or The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. (I guess Darwin didn't get the memo about race not existing. You'll see vast... Read More
A point I want to make more clearly is that one major reason that accurately predicting events that people are particularly interested in is so hard is because many of those events are the result of some kind of tournament.We are fascinated by tournaments. (Just look at all the complaints that tonight's college football championship... Read More
Why did Jamaicans, led by triple world record-setter Usain "Lightning"Bolt, dominate the 100 and 200 meter sprints in the 2008 Olympics? This question can be answered at two very different levels: the superficial and the fundamental. The former, the horserace type of question—i.e., Why did the Jamaicans surge ahead of the Americans between 2004 and... Read More
Dear Jim: [Email Jim Manzi] I've thought some more about why your National Review cover story"Escaping the Tyranny of Genes," [June 2, 2008], into which you clearly put a lot of effort, is getting such a skeptical reaction from the small number of people whose respect you should worry about. (Forexample, I'm told that Richard... Read More
Symptomatic of the intellectual and moral decline of National Review into just another dispenser of theconventional wisdom is its latest cover story Escaping the Tyranny of Genes, [June 2, 2008], an ambitious but remarkably muddled attack on the human sciences.
The human sciences are in a paradoxical situation. Vast quantities ofnew data are pouring in, particularly from the exponential improvements in genome sequencing. Yet theorizing about what the new data imply has seldom been more career-threatening—as the fates of James Watson and Larry Summers show. Perhaps not surprisingly, the May 10, scientific conference on"Evolution, Culture,... Read More
At VDARE.COM. we've never been in the business of endorsingPresidential candidates. And considering who's left in the running in2008, we're certainly not going to start now. But by publishing revelations about one candidate, aren't we tacitly just helping the others? For example, when Sen. Barack Obama, who has been running largely on his autobiography, makes... Read More
The pioneering German sociologist Max Weber coined a useful term:“status symbol“. This refers not just to the distinctions in clothes and furniture lovingly catalogued by novelists such as Tom Wolfe. There are also status symbols in the realm of ideas. Perhaps the two doctrines currently most de rigueur for entry into intellectual polite society: 1.... Read More
This was another tumultuous week in the science wars over race. The Times (both London and New York) ran articles claiming that James Watson was genetically one-quarter non-white. Yet anyone with a basic knowledge of American racial history who bothered to look at the first half dozen pages of Watson's new autobiography, Avoid Boring People,... Read More
First a word on behalf of our sponsor: On a variety of crucial topics, VDARE.COM serves as the Research & Development lab for public discourse. We routinely point out facts that merely mentioning in the Main Stream Media might get you fired—if you were, say, head of a celebrated university, like Larry Summers, or of... Read More
James D. Watson, perhaps the most distinguished living American scientist, has now been kicked to the curb by the Cold Spring Harborgenetics laboratory he rescued and rebuilt over the last 40 years for making politically (but not scientifically) incorrect statements aboutAfrican IQs. Watson's crimethink was to say he was "'inherently gloomy about the prospect of... Read More
I was wondering what impact Galileo's conviction had on science in Italy, so I took a look at the database Charles Murray sent me of the 4002 eminent artists and scientists he compiled from leading reference books for his 2003 book Human Accomplishment. From 1000 AD to Galileo's conviction in 1632, Italy furnished 34.7% of... Read More
It's often said that academic politics is so nasty because the stakes are so low. Yet, as demonstrated once again by the vast uproar aimed at silencing legendary Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the double helix structure of DNA James D. Watson for daring to mention racial differences in average IQ: When it comes to... Read More
Despite hysterical politically-motivated attacks on them that have sometimes turned violent, researchers into human intelligence have bynow produced a coherent and compelling scientific picture, as explainedin books such as the 1994 best-seller The Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray. With one exception. For uncertain reasons, all over the world, raw IQ scores have... Read More
Science is in the business of making predictions, but the better it gets at predicting anything, the more boring those predictions are for us. For example, I predict that the sun will set at the O'Hare Airport in Chicago today at 7:26 pm CDT. When you think of all the effort that has gone into... Read More
There was much scoffing this week at President Bush's briefendorsement of the idea that the theory of Intelligent Design should be taught alongside Darwinism in public schools. But somebody should ask liberal pundits if they believe in the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life. I bet not many would agree. Yet that's... Read More
The irony is that, beyond the specific accomplishments of thinkers such as Albert Einstein and Milton Friedman, one of the great general Jewishcontributions to the world over the last two centuries has been their attitude of relentless critical inquiry. Admittedly, this "question everything" predilection hasn't always worked out for the best. Freud's obsession with uncovering... Read More
In January 2005, mistaking a feminist pep rally for a serious academic conference, Harvard President Lawrence Summers, the former Clinton Administration Treasury Secretary, committed a notorious "gaffe"(i.e. he told an unpopular truth). Summers was no doubt expected to lay on the sonorous soft soap expected from such an august personage about how we must all... Read More
This year's smartest movie about morons wasn't Fox Studio'sexpertly-promoted Borat, which turned out to be a string of old-fashioned Polish Jokes. (Here's my review in The American Conservative). No, it was Idiocracy, which Fox did everything in its power to prevent the public from seeing. On Labor Day Weekend, the slackest time of the year... Read More
The racial gap in average IQ is one of the most important factors in modern American life. We can tell how important it is because we aren't allowed to talk about it. The IQ gap is rather like the dog that didn't bark in the Sherlock Holmes story, palpable by its absence. Raising black IQ... Read More
One of the most popular Web postings of November 2004 was a tablepurporting to show that John Kerry had swept the 16 states with the highest average IQs (such as Connecticut with its 113 mean). George W. Bush, in contrast, had carried the 26 dumbest states (such as Utahat only 87). The first person to... Read More
Receiving unsolicited manuscripts of soon-to-be-published books in the mail can be a forbidding event. Somebody has gone to the trouble ofsending me a big box full of hundreds of pages of typescript because they value my reaction. But do I really want to react? To my surprise and pleasure, however, the newly-released bookBreeding Between the... Read More
Last week, a reporter from another major newspaper called me to find out the inside story on this hot new idea that maybe—just maybe, and contrary to the higher conventional wisdom of recent years—racereally does exist. I strongly urged this journalist to make human biodiversity a specialty—because we need a second source in the mainstream... Read More
Ever since the publication of Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen's IQ and the Wealth of Nations more than four years ago, I've been beating the drums about how hugely important is their finding of a high correlation (r = 0.73) between average national per capita GDP and average national IQ. Yet this fascinating research has... Read More
Last fall, the Air Force Academy's distinguished football coach Fisher DeBerry was put through the wringer by white sportswriters for alleged racial insensitivity. His crime: Mentioning that black players tend to be faster than white players. But newscaster Gumbel's statement, quoted above, has been met with little outcry, so far. Why the difference? Well, unlike... Read More
Malcolm Gladwell, one of the highest-paid print journalists in America, has just been awarded the supreme MSM accolade: a 2600-word profile in today's New York Times entitled the The Gladwell Effect. [by Rachel Donadio, February 5 2005] So I am naturally honored to find he has posted on his Gladwell.comwebsite a 1000 word response (scroll... Read More
John Brockman, the leading literary agent for science writers, runs an interesting website to promote his clients called Each year, he asks a question and posts over 100 responses from prominent researchers and authors. For 2006, Brockman asked, at the suggestion of one of the superstars in his stable, Harvard professor Steven Pinker, author... Read More
The centerpiece of The Economistmagazine's year-end double issue (Dec. 24, 2005 to Jan. 6, 2006) is a 12 page survey entitled “The story of man.” Thecover cartoon showing human evolution from the knuckle-dragging ape to the apparent ultimate in human perfection—which the magazine's artist seems to conceive of as starlet Scarlett Johanson in a little... Read More
Stephen Jay Gould's death in 2002 opened up the position of our most celebrated scientist-seer, a post currently filled in Britain byRichard Dawkins. The job requirements seem to include starting out as a specialist in one of the life sciences and then developing a taste for generalizing about humanity. Among the contenders: Gould's old rival,... Read More
Sperm banking may sound derisible. But it's a heartrendingly serious matter to those who have the misfortune to need the industry's services. About one million Americans alive today were conceived with donor sperm. Another 30,000 are born every year. And sperm banking is worth thinking about in depth because it vividly illustrates two general principles... Read More
The slow liberation of the Mainstream Media from the deathgrip of political correctness accelerated last week with startlingly courageous coverage in The Economist and the New York Times of the potentially epochal scientific paper by Gregory Cochran, Henry Harpending, and Jason Hardy entitled The Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence[PDF file]. The Economist headlined its anonymous... Read More
Through genetic selection and modification, we will be soon be able to transform human nature, for better . . . or worse. Some find this exciting. I find it mostly alarming. The good news: we still have time to figure out what the physical, psychological, and social impacts of these gene-altering technologies might be –... Read More
It happens every spring. High school seniors across the countryanxiously grope in their mailboxes for letters from colleges—exulting if the envelope is a fat one stuffed with acceptance details, despairing if it's a thin one containing a one-page rejection. In his "Economic Scene" column in the April 14th New York Times,Cornell economist Robert H. Frank,... Read More
Here at, we must frequently stomp on stupidities found on the Wall Street Journal's Editorial Page. The WSJ's news staff famously despises the Editorial Page. But that doesn't mean the news reporters can't be as silly as the opinion-mongers. Page One of the March 30th WSJ featured an article by reporters Jeanne Whalen [email... Read More
An important New York Times' op-ed page essay recently appeared, vindicating the existence of human races. [“A Family Tree in Every Gene“—Armand Marie Leroi, March 14 2005]. Leroi, a biologist at Imperial College in London and author of “Mutants: On Genetic Variety and the Human Body,” was so blunt and direct that he eerily parallels... Read More
The Larry Summers rumpus goes on and on—with an informative but deceptively-titled story about the gender difference “Math Myth”making the cover of the March 7 Time Magazine—even though the President of Harvard announced his complete capitulation to the forces of political correctness back in January. The release of the transcript of Summers' talk about why... Read More
Steve Sailer's scoop from last week, "This Just In: Kerry's IQ Likely Lower than Bush's!," continues to make news. On the "NBC Nightly News" on Thursday night, 10/28/2004, Tom Brokaw asked John Kerry for his reaction to Sailer's discovery. You can read the exchange on's blog. Perceptions of candidates' intelligence have long played... Read More
"Does anyone in America doubt that Kerry has a higher IQ than Bush? I'm sure the candidates' SATs and college transcripts would put Kerry far ahead." Howell Raines – Former Executive Editor of the New York Times "The 'Dumb' Factor" Washington Post, August 27, 2004   Oh yeah? On this tenth anniversary of the publication... Read More
The Iraqis' fierce resistance to foreigners (us) invading their country was predictable on any number of grounds. But perhaps the most interesting is the most fundamental: the theory of "ethnic nepotism." This explains the tendency of humans to favor members of their own racial group by postulating that all animals evolve toward being more altruistic... Read More
The readers of Prospect magazine, the fine British center-left journal, recently voted veteran science journalist Richard Dawkins the U.K.'s number one "public intellectual." In turn, Prospect runs in its October edition an excerpt from Dawkins' new book, The Ancestor's Tale,called "Race and Creation." Dawkins' Prospect essay is not bad. He considers, but does reject (sort... Read More
Read interview with Steve Sailer… Many intellectuals pride themselves on how remote their theorizing is from mundane reality. After all, if daily life could provide answers to lofty questions, we might not need so many intellectuals. And that subversive thought must be suppressed at all costs! Consider the topic of race. The trendiest idea... Read More
VDARE.COM is not a full-service webzine and we don't take a position on gay marriage, gay bishops or gay (or glum) anything. (We do missPim Fortuyn, though.) But we are interested in the science of human differences. And it's worth looking seriously at one of the greatest mysteries in that science: What causes male homosexuality?... Read More
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