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 Steve Sailer ArchiveBlog
Here's a more than subliminally phallic commercial put out by the UN Migration Agency instructing Europeans that they must open wide for African mass Lie back and think of England and it won't hurt that bad. Just close your eyes and tell yourself: "It's INEVITABLE. NECESSARY. DESIRABLE." And maybe you'll start to like it. Remember,... Read More
From the NYT: As we all know, the Zeroth Amendment was carved into the living body of the Constitution by Founding Father Emma Lazarus, superseding all lesser liberties granted to individual American citizens in the Bill of Rights, such as the First Amendment. Thus the Zeroth Amendment: Any and all huddled masses, the more wretched... Read More
Clearly, the Japanese should instead have chosen mass immigration so that they could continue to live in 640 sq. ft. per family of four instead of 1400 sq. ft. per family of four. Seriously, here's an interesting thread on the successes of Japanese housing policy. Here in America, we constantly hear about how awful the... Read More
The moderating trajectory of Bangladesh's population growth shows that there is a reasonable hope that the African population bomb can be defused. According to the UN Population Division, back in 1950, what are now the countries of Bangladesh (blue line above) and Nigeria (red) were host to 37 million people each. (How accurate are the... Read More
Angola, the old Portuguese colony in southwestern Africa, is an interesting test case of whether money can slow the sub-Saharan population juggernaut, because oil-rich Angola had plenty of money from the end of its civil war in 2002 until the oil price drop a couple of years ago. It often seemed like much of Portugal... Read More
From Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook account: Iowa happens to be where the first caucus of the 2020 Presidential primary campaign is scheduled. Last year, economist Raj Chetty advised sure-winners Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, so how can Zuckerberg lose? Meanwhile, here's a big article in the Toronto Globe & Mail offerin
From The Guardian: Why have four children when you could have seven? Family planning in Niger With the world’s highest birthrate, Niger’s population is set to double in 17 years. NGOs are providing contraception, but what if women want more babies? Jill Filipovic Wednesday 15 March 2017 11.21 EDT Last modified on Friday 23 June... Read More
Back in May, iSteve reported on the biggest story in Hate Crime History since Matthew Yglesias got all worked up over the Greenwich Village Nazi Party drawing cactus-like swastikas inside the locked Women's Dorm at the New School for Social Research: Now the New York Times as finally caught up to this major news. From... Read More
I don't do much with Facebook, but I guess I have it set up to automatically post my Tweets. Yesterday, after I tweeted a graph comparing the UN's population forecasts for four African and four European countries, somebody asked me if the country that is expected to reach 192 million by the end of century... Read More
From the top right of Much as Alexander Hamilton has been turned into an Honorary Nonwhite in service to The Narrative, Officer Jeronimo Yanez has become, like George Zimmerman, a Dishonorary White. By the way, what are the odds that this incompetent Latino got hired by the police department for affirmative action reasons?
Here are the 2017 population estimates by the United Nations for four famous European countries -- the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy -- and four obscure African countries -- Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, and Niger. According to the UN's Population Division, these little known countries will come to dwarf Europe's traditional Great Powers in numbers... Read More
More on the travails of the U. of Missouri following its BLM temper tantrum during the Black Fall of 2015:
From the NYT: Lots of Muslims get fat during the Ramadan fast month because of the unhealthy behavior it encourages, like binge eating at IHOP at 3 am. Here's the
From NPR: Just ask RTJ Jr. and he'll tell you.
A recurrent theme at iSteve is that much of what seems like increasing lunacy among social grievance jihadis is really just dog-eat-dog competition for paid sinecures. That raises the possibility that SJWs could be put to use lowering immigration. Send DeRay McKesson to America's embassy in Lagos and everybody applying for a visa must sit... Read More
From Meet three of Syracuse's new Uber drivers as app readies for arrival Updated on June 3, 2017 at 2:46 PM Posted on June 2, 2017 at 9:30 AM BY PATRICK LOHMANN SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Uber and other ride-booking apps are stepping up their efforts to prepare Syracuse for their arrival in the... Read More
From The Dallas Morning News: A man, oddly enough I, for one, welcome our new immigrant overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted corporate executive, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground coding caves. Presumably, everybody can be fired for that. "Infosys maintains [more than 20,000]... Read More
From Slate: The Cloak of “Fear” Police officers like the killer of Philando Castile have an unbeatable defense when their victims are black: They were scared. By Jamelle Bouie ... Before the Civil War, Southern whites held a pathological fear of slave revolts, despite lauding slavery as a “positive good.” That fear led slaveholding states... Read More
Chicago has a lively theater scene. It's one of the few places in the country where an aspiring stage actor can hope to be discovered. For example, in the 1970s a bunch of Midwestern kids started the Steppenwolf troupe and launched the careers of members like John Malkovich, Gary Sinise, and Laurie Metcalf. Commenter OT... Read More
The open borders Cato Institute has a brilliant analogy for what would happen if America opened its borders: Israel's experience when Ariel Sharon invited in lots of Russian Jews (and quasi-Jews): Who make up 0.2% of the world's population. So another way of putting it would be that Israel does not allow much immigration for... Read More
From the Daily Mail: Ageing Europe could benefit from refugees and migrants - UN By Reuters PUBLISHED: 12:37 EDT, 21 June 2017 By Magdalena Mis LONDON, June 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Refugees and migrants could help Europe support its ageing population and ease the heavy burden on health and social care systems, the United... Read More
Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg writes: Uh ... how is demanding Americans care more about strangers on the opposite side of the world as much as they care about their neighbors in their own communities going to rebuild community in America? The thing to keep in mind about Mark Zuckerberg is that whatever he says that... Read More
In that New York Times article I quoted about how the U. of Saskatchewan is going to de-emphasize white "linear thinking" in favor of circular reasoning as exemplified by "wampum belt, dances and oral storytelling," the explanation given for all the problems of Amerindians in Canada was: Residential schools were set up by white progressive... Read More
From ArtNet News: If you are a really talented performance artist like Andy Kaufman, David Byrne, Beck, or Lady Gaga, they don't call you a performance artist, they call you a ground-breaking comedian or a rock star and you make a lot of money. Circus du Soleil and Blue Man Group are performance art troupes... Read More
A few decades ago the world started losing interest in the global population explosion as most countries began to get their fertility under control. But in 2012, the United Nations revealed to the handful of people paying attention that it had severely underestimated the actual number of births in sub-Saharan Africa by trusting local government... Read More
One striking difference between the USA and Canada at present is in the Victimology Hierarchy. American Indians were largely forgotten in Obama's America compared to blacks, Muslims, transvestites, etc., while claimants to First Nationshood are currently riding high in Trudeau's Canada. From the NYT: A College Built for Canadian Settlers Envisions an Indigenous Future By... Read More
From The Guardian: Lately, however, the NBA has been getting more dynastic: of the ten starters
As we all know, any political party that is skeptical about immigration is "far-right." For example, from the New York Times two years ago: The "far-right" Danish People's Party has had a major influence on Danish immigration policy for about three-fourth's of the years since 2001. So, Denmark must be a dystopian hell-hole, right? From... Read More
From The Atlantic: How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration In the past decade, liberals have avoided inconvenient truths about the issue. PETER BEINART JULY/AUGUST 2017 ISSUE POLITICS ... If the right has grown more nationalistic, the left has grown less so. A decade ago, liberals publicly questioned immigration in ways that would shock... Read More
From Buzzfeed: I can explain why The Establishment (e.g., the Democratic Party, the media, the Soros-like NGOs, etc.) aren't pushing Black Lives Matter hard any more in one word, a word not mentioned in this article: Dallas. BLM followers murdering all those cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge got Donald Trump elected president. Besides alienating... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine the whole thing there. Pitt's movie War Machine is based on the reporting by Michael Hastings, who died in a spectacular one-car crash in Hollywood in 2013 that spawned so many conspiracy theories that I even left the house to investigate it.
From the AP: Who doesn't want to pour their life savings into the purchase of a house assembled by illegal aliens working 90 to 105 hours per week? My father told me that the government did a study at Lockheed during World War II to discover the optimal long-term number of hours pe
From the New York Times: When it comes to educations, "segregated" now means: not enough white kids. On the other hand, when it comes to adults voting, not enough whites is seen by the New York Times as a feature, not a bug. Granted, that's kind of a logical contradiction, but when you're holding The... Read More
As we all know, blacks and Mexicans have low test scores because wherever they happen to live, such as in convenient inner city locations, has tragic dirt. Progressive whites want them to move to the magic dirt of the suburbs, so they can get high test scores, and the progressive whites will then nobly move... Read More
From the Wall Street Journal: In other words, people whose main strength is a strong back do worse after age 50 in Germany than people whose main strength is a strong brain. But in
I've long argued that the underlying trend in the modern world is the long downfall from the belief in objective principles for determining winners and losers to the subjective belief that all that matters is that there are Good Guys and Bad Guys (increasingly whomever hasn't yet engaged in Flight from White: i.e., currently cishet... Read More
In the NYT, historian Sean McMeekin asks: Was Lenin a German Agent? Sean McMeekin RED CENTURY JUNE 19, 2017 ... Because he returned home by way of Germany — and with the obvious cooperation of the German High Command — which was then at war against Russia and her Entente allies (France, Britain and, from... Read More
Along with black slums, where the homicide rate shot up under the prodding of the outgoing Obama Administration, prime loci of the Late Obama Age Collapse have been college campuses and public schools. The Trump Administration's plan for curing the problems created by the Obama Administration is, apparently, to stop doing the things the Obama... Read More
From The Telegraph: I don't know if vocabulary choices have changed over the years, but when I was last in England in 1994 on a business trip, every single thing I did was called "brilliant" by my forbearing hosts. The very polite English lady who was my host at Nielsen in Oxford asked if I... Read More
From Quartz: MIT is “fixing” the low graduation rate in its low-income, LGBT-friendly dorm by kicking everyone out Jenny Anderson June 15, 2017 Senior House, a dorm beloved by many underrepresented minority groups at MIT, has been described many ways: free-wheeling, experimental, diverse, inclusive—and, in the words of one former student, in constant violation of... Read More
One of the more multitudinous families in the literary and verbal arts are the Therouxs. Pretty much all the Theroux you hear about these days are are relatives. I was looking up Justin Theroux, an actor (he played the director in Mulholland Drive and starred in the recent series The Leftovers) and screenwriter (he cowrote... Read More
To Bret Stephens' assertion in the NYT that Commenter Bitfu responds:
Just like Schopenhauer and Nietzsche assumed ... From The Hindu: How genetics is settling the Aryan migration debate Tony Joseph JUNE 16, 2017 23:49 IST New DNA evidence is solving the most fought-over question in Indian history. And you will be surprised at how sure-footed the answer is, writes Tony Joseph The thorniest, most fought-over... Read More
From the NYT's new columnist Bret Stephens formerly of the WSJ and Jerusalem Post. Okay, so you want to deport African Americans. Got it. ... In other words, if your ancestors started arriving as slaves in 1619, American doesn't belong to you in Bret Stephens way of thinking. — the people who strain hardest to... Read More
From the Washington Post: As I wrote in Taki's Magazine last July after President Obama's response to the shooting of poor Mr. Castile helped provoke the BLM massacre in Dallas of five cops that led me to say to myself for the first time, "So Donald Trump will be President:" Why do the human sciences... Read More From the Northridge [CA] Patch:
From Twitter Moments: In response, Eric Turkheimer explained in Vox: "Some Things Science Is Just Not Meant to Understand." Thank goodness the NYPD has its own Bee Wrangler and official Police Bee Hive. Tonight, my wife was trying to watch the episode of Black Mirror (the British "digital Twilight Zone") in which a swarm of... Read More
From the Voter Study Group: Race, Religion, and Immigration in 2016 How the Debate over American Identity Shaped the Election and What It Means for a Trump Presidency JUNE 2017 Author:John Sides ... Second, drawing on reinterviews of Americans originally interviewed in 2011 to 2012, I show that attitudes about immigration, feelings toward black people,... Read More
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