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Thomas observes: Again with Trump, on this issue as he has been on others, he’s Schrödinger’s politician: either a fool or a genius, depending on how you look at it and how the chips fall. Either he got buffaloed into this mess by Ryan, rather than getting out in front of it; or he was... Read More
From N+1: Confirmation Bias Did big data sink the Clinton campaign? by David Auerbach February 23, 2017 ... “People took Michigan for granted,” said the Michigan Democratic congresswoman Debbie Dingell, on the day after the election, by way of explaining the Clinton campaign’s shocking loss. The Great Lakes state, in combination with Wisconsin and Pennsylvania,... Read More
Since Hillary's ignominious defeat, some of the smarter Democrats have been staring at Electoral College maps and quietly discussing an alternative to Hillary's mainstream strategy of running on transgender locker rooms, putting a failed cop killer's mom on stage at the DNC, praising Ms. Merkel for letting in her million Muslim mob, and calling "deplorable"... Read More
From the Anti-Defamation League: Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO, issued the following statement: We are relieved there’s been an arrest in the majority of the bomb threats against JCCs, schools, synagogues and several of our offices across the country. We are deeply grateful to the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the state and... Read More
I don't pay much attention to health care finance issues because A) The topic is very complicated; B) Lots of other people pay attention to it; C) Few get ejected from Polite Society over their health care finance views. That said, will the failure of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to get his RyanCare... Read More
I don't know about lately, but back in the 20th Century, it was common for London newspaper pundits to periodically loudly announce a whole new stance on a major issue of the day such as the Common Market. Public feuds with ex-friends and embraces of ex-enemies would ensue. Sometimes the change would be on one... Read More
Skull & Bones is an amusingly secret society at Yale that picks out 15 Yalies per year for membership for weekly "lemon sessions" in its fortress-like clubhouse on the campus. The 2004 Presidential election featured two Skull & Bones members facing off. George W. Bush's grandfather Sen. Prescott Bush boasted of stealing Geronimo's skull to... Read More
From the New York Times: British-Born Man Is Named in Attack Near Parliament By KATRIN BENNHOLD, DAN BILEFSKY, STEPHEN CASTLE and KIMIKO de FREYTAS-TAMURA 3:23 PM ET The prime minister sought to reassure citizens as the police identified the assailant as Khalid Masood, 52. Eight people have been arrested, and ISIS has claimed responsibility for... Read More
From the Associated Press: Israel police arrest suspect in threats on US Jewish targets JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli police on Thursday arrested a 19-year-old Israeli Jewish man as the primary suspect in a string of bomb threats targeting Jewish community centers and other institutions in the U.S., marking a potential breakthrough in the case after... Read More
From the Daily Mail: [Michele] McPhee, an Emmy-award nominated reporter with the ABC News investigative team, writes that he felt 'double crossed' and that he turned on America for failing to keep up its side of the bargain after he worked for them. In Maximum Harm, McPhee says that as a result the federal government... Read More
Golf courses are some of the world's biggest and, from a descending jetliner, most obvious works of art. The one above takes up 218 acres, a third of a square mile, or 0.88 square kilometers of Pennsylvania country side. Here are a couple of Donald Moss's paintings of it in the style of Magritte for... Read More
In the 2017 NYT Victimism Tournament, perennial finalists Anne Frank and Emmett Till square off for the title. Team Anne goes with the rather ho-hum theme of Raising Awareness. But Team Till ups the ante with a call for destroying a painting at the Whitney Biennial because it represents "white free speech and white creative... Read More
Commenter Thomas alerts us: OT: the latest bold new front in endless war for Social Justice: dairy = hate, because whites are lactose tolerant (and, I assume, because milk is another “white bread” food). From the Los Angeles Times: Jordan Peele explains 'Get Out's' creepy milk scene, ponders the recent link between dairy and hate... Read More
From the Washington Post: The Volokh Conspiracy Analysis Sorry, but the Irish were always ‘white’ (and so were Italians, Jews and so on) By David Bernstein March 22 at 12:54 PM “Whiteness studies” is all the rage these days. My friends who teach U.S. history have told me that this perspective has “completely taken over”... Read More
There's a general feeling that the reason that non-Moore's Law things keep getting more expensive (Cost Disease) is because we're doing things wrong. And that may very frequently be. But I fear there are often good reasons for doing things more expensively today. Presumably, the Oroville Dam main spillway was close to state of the... Read More
From the NYT op-ed page: The Truth About New York City’s Elite High Schools By DAMON HEWITT MARCH 22, 2017 This month, a select group of eighth graders in New York City found out that they were being offered a spot at some of the nation’s best high schools, the eight “specialized” city public high... Read More
Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802 William Wordsworth Earth has not anything to show more fair: Dull would he be of soul who could pass by A sight so touching in its majesty: This City now doth, like a garment, wear The beauty of the morning: silent, bare, Ships, towers, domes, theatres, and temples... Read More
  Is this a map of 2016 Hillary voters or of 2015 gun violence? From The Guardian last January: Like income inequality, murder inequality in America is stark To illustrate how much St. Louis is beset by Murder Inequality, The Guardian provided these two graphics. First, a utopian St. Louis of perfect Murder Equality: Wouldn't... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Diversity Versus Debate ... America used to be able to afford nice things such as freedom of speech, science, and disinterested objectivity. But now we are blessed with diversity, peace be upon it, so we can’t tolerate our Western heritage anymore. That raises a question that ought to... Read More
From the U. of Oregon Daily Emerald: Why Ta-Nehisi Coates’ $41,500 UO speech ended early Cooper Green — March 10, 2017 at 4:16 pm Ta-Nehisi Coates, renowned author and public speaker, left the stage at Matthew Knight Arena on Feb. 3 about 35 minutes before his contract with the University of Oregon suggested he would.... Read More
From Reuters: Norway unseats Denmark as world's happiest country: report By Patricia Reaney March 19, 2017 NEW YORK (Reuters) - Norway displaced Denmark as the world's happiest country in a new report released on Monday that called on nations to build social trust and equality to improve the wellbeing of their citizens. The Nordic nations... Read More
From The Guardian: Boston public schools map switch aims to amend 500 years of distortion A district will drop the Mercator projection, which physically diminished Africa and South America, for the Peters, which cut the developed world down to size The Gall-Peters projection, which shows land masses in their correct proportions by area, puts the... Read More
Among the classic novelists, Jane Austen (1775-1817) has been the most reliable moneymaker over the last generation. IMDB lists 72 movie or TV adaptations, with a huge acceleration starting in the mid-1990s. And that doesn't include more free-form adaptations like Clueless and Bridget Jones' Diary, which explains that when looking for your Mr Darcy, you... Read More
From The Baffler: The Hamilton Hustle Why liberals have embraced our most dangerously reactionary founder Matt Stoller ... But if you want to understand the politics of authoritarianism in America, the place to start is not with Trump, but with the cool-kid Founding Father of the Obama era, Alexander Hamilton. I’m not just talking about... Read More
From The Atlantic: Melinda Gates: The Tech Industry Needs to Fix Its Gender Problem—Now “If we don't have women in the tech space, we won't even be asking ourselves some of the right questions.” GILLIAN B. WHITE MAR 16, 2017 BUSINESS Long before Melinda Gates was famous for her philanthropic work, she was yet another... Read More
Back in the 1970s, liberals used to distrust the CIA, which drove the CIA crazy: "Hey, we're all liberals here too!" But now liberals love the CIA.
The downfall of numerous previously stable Bronze Age civilizations in the Fertile Crescent/Eastern Mediterranean around 1200 BC, leading to a Dark Ages of several centuries, is known as the Late Bronze Age Collapse (a.k.a., World War Zero). But maybe the warmer weather civilizations didn't so much collapse 3200 years ago as were knocked over, directly... Read More
From USA Today: People are canceling their Iowa vacations because of Steve King's words USA TODAY NETWORK Kevin Hardy, The Des Moines Register March 18, 2017 Commenter Kyle McKenna observes: It’s 29°F in Dubuque right now. Gotta admire those ‘Social Grievance Warriors’ for the sacrifices they make, huh. Iowa is the most pleasant-looking part of... Read More We haven't checked in much with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer since he bought the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA for $2 billion from the besieged Donald Sterling three years ago. Lately, billionaire Ballmer says: "I’m a new owner and I’ve heard this is the golden age of basketball economics. You should tell... Read More
Following up the brouhaha in which white liberals got mad at Samuel L. Jackson for saying that the hit movie "Get Out" should have employed an African-American rather than an African-British leading man for distracting from the unity of the Hate YT mood, commenter Countenance notes: To prove that black Americans are as interested in... Read More
Silicon Valley is, of course, built on cognitive elitism, but few seem to get the joke: Jordan, Terman middle schools to be renamed Palo Alto school district trustees unanimously support finding new names by Elena Kadvany / Palo Alto Weekly Uploaded: Fri, Mar 17, 2017, 3:51 pm By the start of the 2018-19 school year,... Read More
From the New York Times: Producer Cancels 'Miss Saigon'; 140 Members Challenge Equity By MERVYN ROTHSTEIN Published: August 9, 1990 The producer of the hit London musical ''Miss Saigon'' announced yesterday that he was canceling the show's Broadway production, which had already sold a record $25 million in advance tickets, because Actors' Equity had denied... Read More
From Have 5 kids not 3, Erdogan tells Turks in Europe March 17, 2017 ANKARA: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday urged Turks resident in Europe to have five children, telling the millions strong diaspora community “you are Europe’s future.” ... Erdogan has repeatedly accused EU states of behaving like Nazi Germany over what... Read More
From the Concord College Concordian: Thinking critically about St. Patrick’s Day BY JOHNNY WAGNER / IN COLUMNS, OPINIONS / MARCH 17, 2016 Similar to the way many non-Mexicans celebrate“Cinco de Mayo,”most of the people who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day are not Irish. St. Patrick’s Day seems like just a harmless day on which people go... Read More
An interesting question -- to me -- is whether Middlebury professor Allison Stanger being hospitalized by the violence of anti-science / anti-free speech thugs enraged at her attempting to argue with Charles Murray rather than to screech at him qualifies as a hate crime. As far as I can tell, this hasn't occurred to anybody... Read More
only white players, the number 7 seed St. Mary's Gaels (29-4) of Northern California beat #10 seed Virginia Commonwealth U. (26-9) in the opening round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. St. Mary's secret is that 7 of the 15 players on the roster are Australians. The Down Under players scored 50 of St. Mary's... Read More
George Hawley, a professor of political science at the U. of Alabama, writes: In 2016, the relationship between marriage and voting declined March 16, 2017 Although you wouldn’t know it based on which elements of my research agenda get media attention, the subject I have worked on more than any other since grad school is... Read More
Audacious Epigone writes: Detailed demographic breakdown of 2016 US presidential election In imitation of Steve Sailer's--epigone, after all!--detailed demographic breakdown of the 2012 presidential election with Romney and Obama going head-to-head, here's a less aesthetically appealing version of the same for 2016 with Trump and Clinton squaring off. A few brief technical notes: Reuters-Ipsos never... Read More
Despite all the assumptions about Tragic Dirt, black neighborhoods in Los Angeles tend to be conveniently located. For example, Leimert Park is about 4.5 miles south of Koreatown on Wilshire Blvd. where former Clippers owner Donald Sterling has put up so many high rises for his favorite tenants, and 8 miles fr0m LAX. Not surprisingly,... Read More
Boyle Heights is a Chicano neighborhood only a couple of miles east of booming downtown Los Angeles. It's dumpy, but not hugely homicidal because the Mexican gangs keep the blacks out (the 2000 Census found Boyle Heights to be 94% Hispanic and only 0.9% black). So it has become a natural choice for gentrifying white... Read More
Here's George Soros's new Hate Incident Database map at his well-funded Communities Against Hate site. From the NYT: When Hate Surges By GEORGE SOROS MARCH 16, 2017 You'll notice that there is no Hate in Vermont. It's just a blessedly blank spot on Soros's map of Hate Incidents. No Hate there! Now, you might have... Read More
Here's a tweet in response to NYT columnist Roger Cohen's accusation that Rep. Steve King's "somebody else's babies" quote represents "genetic fascism:" You laugh? I did when I saw this yesterday. But today I saw this 2016 article from Aeon: If babies were randomly allocated to families would racism end? by Howard Rachlin is the... Read More
A spat has broken out over the hit anti-white horror movie Get Out, which I reviewed in Taki's Magazine. From the NYT: ‘Get Out’ Star Responds to Samuel L. Jackson’s Race Comments By CHRISTOPHER D. SHEA MARCH 14, 2017 Black, British and Defending His Role: Jordan Peele hit box office gold with his film “Get... Read More
Rock climber Royal Robbins, who led the first successful climb of the 2000' tall vertical face of Half Dome in Yosemite Valley, California in 1957, has died at 82. A highlight of the five-day climb was a Hinterstoisser pendulum traverse, with Robbins swinging across a 50' wide expanse of blank granite to reach a handhold... Read More
From my column today in Taki's Magazine on the Establishment's response to Rep. Steve King's blunt truths: "Frantic Yelling Ensued." Not "an American idea," but "the American idea."
Here's the Washington Post's headline above, complete with Shephard Fairey's sexy Orientalist American flag hijab that fashionably covers up a few extra pound so that when Houellebecq's Submission happens to America, a lot of feminists will be pleased, they presume, because all those slender bitches who diet won't be able to flaunt it anymore. And... Read More
From the Associated Press: The Latest: Trump lays wreath at the tomb of Andrew Jackson President Donald Trump is celebrating his predecessor Andrew Jackson, hailing the former president as an inspiration and drawing comparisons between them. Trump says on the 250th anniversary of Jackson's birth that Jackson was "one of our great presidents." He says... Read More
From the Wall Street Journal: H-1B Visas Keep Down U.S. Tech Wages, Study Shows Research suggests the influx of skilled foreign workers has historically led to lower wages for U.S. employees; economists caution against making too much of the result By JOHN SIMONS March 14, 2017 5:30 a.m. ET 395 COMMENTS Silicon Valley has long... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: “Frantic Yelling Ensued” by Steve Sailer March 15, 2017 Congressman Steve King (R-IA) has noticed just how extremist today’s respectable conventional wisdom has become. So King has been exercising a Trump-like knack for trolling the Establishment with blunt truths that enrage goodthinkers into revealing just how much their... Read More
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Steve Sailer is a journalist, movie critic for Taki's Magazine, columnist, and founder of the Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals.

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