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Is Love Colorblind Islam Islamic Jihad Islamophobia Islamophobiaphobia Israel Israel Lobby James Watson Japan Jared Diamond Jared Taylor Jason Richwine ¡Jeb! Jeb Bush Jewish Intellectuals Jews John Updike Jurassic World Kaboom Kerry Killinger Kevin MacDonald Kids These Days KKKrazy Glue Of The Coalition Of The Fringes Kurds LA LA Times Lame Jesse Jackson Imitations Lame News Late Ov Law Of Supply And Demand Lebanon Lèse-diversité Libertarianism Lolita Loooong Books Mad Men Madoff Magic Dirt Magritte Male Delusions Manspreading Marcomentum! 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Here are the two white supremacist MAGA brothers taken into custody today in the Jussie-Smollett-lynching-during-Polar-Vortex case: Source: TMZ. From CNN: Two suspects arrested in connection to the attack of 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett By Dakin Andone and Ryan Young, CNN Updated 2:39 PM ET, Fri February 15, 2019 (CNN)Two men have been arrested in connection... Read More
From the New York Times: ‘This Is My Space’: Kirsten Gillibrand’s Unabashedly Feminist Campaign By Lisa Lerer and Shane Goldmacher Feb. 12, 2019 The morning after the election of Donald J. Trump, Kirsten Gillibrand woke up and began crying. “Bawling,” she corrected herself. After spending the next two months “deeply depressed,” the junior senator from... Read More
From USA Today in 2014: America's real border isn't the Rio Grande, it's the Congo. Those emergencies, declared by the president by proclamation or executive order, give the president extraordinary powers — to seize property, call up the National Guard and hire and fire military officers at will. "What the National Emergencies Act does is... Read More
From the Chicago Tribune this afternoon: Chicago police question actor Jussie Smollett and 2 'persons of interest,' including man who worked on 'Empire' Jeremy Gorner, Tracy Swartz, William Lee Chicago Tribune Detectives investigating the reported attack on "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett questioned him again Thursday as they interviewed two people of interest, including a man... Read More
From the New York Times Magazine: The 1990 H-1B visa, obviously. Employers chose to employ foreign men over American women.
With the Establishment media up in arms over Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar referencing the forbidden fact of Jewish wealth, it's worth reading this old article in the Jewish News of Northern California: Jews and money: The stereotype, the history, the reality BY DAN PINE | APRIL 12, 2013 All Jews are rich. They’re really good... Read More
Rubio’s ancestry appears to be over 90% European, 4.6% Amerindian, and 1.6% African.
Rubio's ancestry appears to be over 90% European, 4.6% Amerindian, and 1.6% African. In the direct female line (mother to daughter all the way down the family tree), he's pure Native American from a tribe in Cuba for thousands of years. This sounds plausible. Rubio is right on the borderline of looking either All White... Read More
From my column in Taki's Magazine: The Emperor’s New Clout by Steve Sailer February 13, 2019 While our society’s growing hate hysteria against straight white men may seem a bit demented, it is actually a logical requirement of the fundamental strategy of the Democratic Party: to mobilize a Coalition of the Margins comprising identity groups—such... Read More
The New Yorker has a long article on the proliferation of Israeli private espionage firms, such as Black Cube (which Harvey Weinstein hired to get John Podhoretz), focusing on one with the less cool name of Psy-Group: In dusty Tulare in California's Central Valley (soon with High Speed Rail!), a doctor from Israel was bilking... Read More
But "trans brothers and sisters" doesn't incluse the nonbinary.
When Tupac's and Snoop's first albums were out in the 1990s, Senator Kamala Harris was listening to Willie Brown postcoitally complain about how today's young knuckleheads all like that Yap Music, which is junk compared to Cab Calloway singing "Minnie the Moocher." Which is true, by the way: I'd pay to see "Two 80-Something Black... Read More
One of the weirder cultural phenomenon of recent years is the rise in publicly-expressed hatred for good looking young white guys. I didn't notice it strongly until Sabrina Rubin Erdely's classic "Rape on Campus" Rolling Stone hate fantasy in 2014. It didn't start to become visible to many until the Covington freakout when all sorts... Read More
I've given a lot of skeptical coverage over the last 11 years to the plan to build high speed rail to link Los Angeles and San Francisco. It's hardly technically impossible: Spain has high-speed rail. But it's just not the kind of thing likely to get built in modern California. Jerry Brown's championing of the... Read More
In Flashman by George MacDonald Fraser, Flashman, the disgraced bully expelled from Rugby School in 1839 by headmaster Thomas Arnold in Thomas Hughes' novel Tom Brown's Schooldays, lands on his feet again with a commission in a smart London cavalry regiment. But his snobbish commanding officer disapproves of his marriage to a Scottish mill owner's... Read More
From Microsoft News: Katy Perry is a pop singer most famous for her Super Bowl performance with the rhythm-impaired flailing left shark: The shoes named in TMZ's report are the Rue Face Slip On Loafers and the Ora Face Block Heel Sandal from Katy Perry Collections, a line of shoes and handbags that's sold online... Read More
From Palladium: Hoover goes on to name names of three tycoons in particular he suspects are hitting the T. ... The power of artificial hormonal supplementation is creating a new generation of corporate leaders who will remain Young Men In A Hurry well into their seventies. We should expect more bold ventures, more oceans of... Read More
An interesting article in the NYT points out that the dynamic range of pop music has gotten narrower over the decades, comparing Marvin Gaye's spacious 1971 track "What's Going On?" to Childish Gambino's droning current Emmy nominee "This Is America." The quietest milliseconds of the new song are louder than the quietest moments on Gaye's... Read More
Here's an interesting article by a rare woman (1%) with colorblindness about some new technology for helping the colorblind get by in a color-obsessed world. Among men, colorblindness is not uncommon (8%). I can remember back in the 1980s being lectured by a male executive on the need for Colorblind Sensitivity in presentations. At the... Read More
In contrast to Israel, Finnish fertility rates have been collapsing in this decade, down from 1.87 babies per woman in 2010 to 1.49 in 2017. iSteve commenter MF writes: So in our Brave New World of Winner Cities and Loser Towns, Finns needs to crowd into metropolitan Helsinki. But Finns haven't yet developed all the... Read More
Unlike Israel, Finland is a country with a fair amount of room and an infinite amount of water. The economy took a beating when the iPhone did in Nokia, but it seems to have recovered somewhat in recent years. Yet, from the Finnish government's Statistics Finland, the Total Fertility Rate (expected average number of babies... Read More
Unlike Finland, Israel has limited land and very little water. Yet, from Mosaic: Israel's Demographic Miracle OFIR HAIVRY, MAY 7 2018 Birthrates are falling across the world, especially in developed nations—except in one. How did mainstream, middle-class Israelis start having children again, and what does it mean? ... In 2015, Israel’s general fertility rate was... Read More
From The Atlantic print edition: Unfortunately, no link is given. I find interesting early notions of more modern ideas. For example, Plato's Republic's opening pages offer proto-versions of Adam Smith's division of labor idea and David Ricardo's comparative advantage idea, but don't develop them. Theophrastus was a philosopher, scientist, and teacher who was Aristotle's popular... Read More
From the Gallup polling company: What If There Were 42 Million at the Border? BY JIM CLIFTON Jim Clifton is Chairman and CEO at Gallup. Here's a good question about caravans: How many more are coming? Gallup asked the whole population of Latin America. There are 33 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Roughly... Read More
From the Washington Post: Va. Gov. Ralph Northam says he wants to focus rest of his term on racial equity Northam vows to finish out term, explore 'white privilege' By Gregory S. Schneider February 9 at 3:17 PM RICHMOND — Gov. Ralph Northam, in his first interview since a racist photo from his medical school... Read More
There isn't much that is new on the noose front, but from Mediaite: Behind the Scenes, It’s Clear Chicago Media and Police Doubt Jussie Smollett’s Story by John Ziegler | Feb 9th, 2019, 12:33 pm 397 I can’t recall a large crime story where there was a bigger gap between what the police and media... Read More
February has seen massive snowfalls in California. So that got me thinking about the mountains, which leads to thinking about bears. Grizzly (a.k.a., brown bears) are large and aggressive. So, they're not around in California anymore. Black bears are more reasonable -- don't threaten their cubs and they probably won't attack you. (Warning: probably is... Read More
Babe Ruth was baseball's most important revolutionary -- he went against all the conventional wisdom of his day -- that the best hitter put his bat squarely on the ball the most, hitting the most line drives to strikeouts. Ruth chose instead to up his chance of striking out considerably to increase his chance of... Read More
In my current Taki's Magazine column, I praised the Grievance Studies Hoax for making the term "grievance studies" into a Thing. But, I wondered, do skeptics really need to create fake Grievance Studies papers when countless real ones already exist that are comparably funny? For example, there's Sophie A. Lewis, feminist uterine geography theorist and... Read More
This could be another hoax, but it appears legit. From USA Today:
Here's a truly wonderful New York Times oped, Coalition of the Fringes division, about how, while in America the natural order prevails in which transgender ex-men are rightly recognized as just plain all around more worthy than lesbians, in Britain's Progressive Stack, perversely, lesbians are seen as more female than real women like Caitlyn Jenner.... Read More
There are a couple of interesting legal questions, involving blackmail and insider trading / SEC requirements for disclosure of material facts. First, Bezos is claiming that the National Enquirer blackmailed him by proposing a deal: if he'd call off his private eye investigation of how they got his texts, they'd not publish the pics. This... Read More
Commenter ihtness writes in regard to my new Taki's Mag column:
iSteve commenter Thursday writes: I’ve looked at all the fiction writers in Harold Bloom’s Western Canon list and evaluated them based on looks. I have not looked at anyone before the 1700s, because portraits were not terribly common before then. I’ve tried to judge based on pictures from their early 20s, if possible. It’s unfair... Read More
From a Sapir-Whorf standpoint, "Covington" is easy to spell and easy to pronounce.
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
The novelist Zadie Smith is an attractive lady of mixed-race background from London. She seems like a nice person with less hostility than is common these days and an urge to hold herself to old-fashioned standards. She seems cognizant that she has benefited from affirmative action urges for part-black people like herself and is one... Read More
From the New York Times: Ricketts is a white male so he is not allowed to have an opinion on the future of America. As everybody knows, Muslims who don't live here yet Are Who We Are. We must let Islam become a large part of our society just because some people worry that that... Read More
iSteve commenter Lot notes: If Senator Warren used the brunette dye and some sunlamp, she'd look a little like Princess Tiger Lily: iSteve commenter Last Real Calvinist replies: After your hair has turned white/gray, it's easier to dye it blonde because the natural roots don't show as badly, so you don't have to dye it... Read More
From bioRxiv: So, socio-economic status is currently a little more powerful of a predictor of educational achievement than polygenic scores from Lee's big 2018 study.
Well, that's perhaps not exactly what the Starbucks founder and Presidential candidate said ...
Novelist Lionel Shriver (not to be confused with anthropologist Lionel Tiger, the writing partner of Robin Fox) writes in The Spectator: Demography has become the biggest story on the planet The growth, decline and movement of populations are what really shape the modern world, argues Paul Morland in his impressive book, The Human Tide Lionel... Read More
There is fast and then there is fast. Via Malcolm Gladwell, from Bleacher Report: Usain Bolt, the greatest sprinter of all time, is 32 and a couple of years into retirement (not that his career was all that exhausting, either). So he shows up for various Super Bowl promotional events and in one of them... Read More
Game, ads, random thoughts.
Alfonso Cuaron's Oscar-nominated arthouse film about his Mexico City childhood is coming to the Broadway stage! So far, this is all they've got for the musical adaptation, but, you must admit, this nails the Social Message of Roma in song and dance form:
Although Donald Trump is supposed to be some kind of fascist dictator, the Trump Era seems more like Peak Democracy, with huge election turnouts and everybody and their brother running for President. The latest is Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ). Other than Booker being a 49-year-old bachelor, he seems like a pretty demographically reasonable candidate for... Read More
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