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From the New York Times today: I wrote in VDARE in 2009: No states have been added to the Union in a half century. But the issue dominated American politics in the 40 years preceding the Civil War. And it's likely to emerge again. The Democrats have solid reasons to promote Washington D.C. and/or Puerto... Read More
This genre of anecdote won Ta-Nehisi Coates a $625,000 MacArthur Genius Grant for his tale of an Upper West Side white lady who was mean to his son on an escalator. I'm sure your $625,000 will be along shortly, too, @gabrielsherman. Oh, wait, you're not black, so nobody cares. Never mind. By the way, that... Read More
Victoria Bissell Brown, retired Grinnell history professor and author of Washington Post op-ed "Thanks for not raping us, all you ‘good men.’ But it’s not enough," is almost certainly the daughter of the late character actor Whit Bissell (1909-1996). Most references to him mention that one of his daughters is named "Victoria Brown" and her... Read More
With a lot of talk today about the apparent mental health crisis afflicting left of center women, it's worth noting that masculine men who suddenly decide they are women late in life are usually right of center. For example, in today's Washington Post: Giselle Donnelly can finally be herself By Josh Rogin Columnist October 12... Read More
Tinder is a popular smartphone dating app for heterosexuals modeled upon the earlier gay male app Grindr. The notion that imposing a male homosexual approach upon how heterosexuals meet the opposite sex could be bad for the happiness of heterosexuals is of course inconceivable! (But it also sounds pretty plausible.)
Below I posted excerpts from a remarkable Washington Post op-ed by Victoria Bissell Brown, a retired professor of history, about all the rage she's venting at her poor husband of 50 years and how her overwhelming anger has something to do with Kavanaugh or Trump or Republicans or men or whatever. I researched a little... Read More
From the Washington Post opinion section: Grinnell College in rural Iowa is one of the highest paying liberal arts colleges in the world (especially when adjusted for the low cost of living) due to Grinnell's endowment benefiting from some good investment advice from Robert Noyce, co-founder of Intel, and Warren Buffett. Professor Bissell Brown is... Read More
From the Daily Mail: $1.3 million might buy you Christine Blasey Ford's garage in Palo Alto, but it gets you quite a house in upstate New York. In contrast, here are some reviews from Trip Advisor of the nearby Crest Inn motel that is owned and managed by the Hussains (thanks to commenter Craig Nelsen):... Read More
Law enforcement investigators have recently begun to solve old cold cases by tracking down criminals via their relatives' DNA. From the New York Times: I'm too lazy to check the arithmetic on that number. If you want to: assume a stable replacement rate of two children per generation for ease of calculation. The complication is... Read More
Despite all the incentives to dig up some proof that Christine Blasey Ford was telling the truth, has any additional evidence in her support been discovered over the last week? I searched on Google News and Google told me the biggest news story right now on the topic of "Christine Blasey Ford" is: So I... Read More
From the New York Post: Flatbush is an integrated neighborhood in Brooklyn on the far side of Prospect Park from ultra-gentrified Park Slope. I stayed there briefly last summer. If you want a vision of the future, imagine a #Becky demanding police #BelieveWomen that a 9-year-old black boy touched her butt and an angry black... Read More
The Cato Award goes to ... Shahed Hussain! For his efforts above and beyond the call of duty to boost the average number of businesses per immigrant. From the Poughkeepsie Journal: One immigrant, four companies! That's the American Dream. The Cato Institute also wishes to congratulate Mr. Hussain for not letting pesky government safety regulations... Read More
From Insurance Journal: Originally, the Federal Aviation Administration was supposed to investigate airline crashes, but it was also supposed to promote the air travel industry. So the FAA crash investigations tended to bring back conclusions like "Pilot error: lack of The Right Stuff" or "Just one of those things, you know, whaddaya whaddaya?" As a... Read More
From the Albany Times Union: Anyway, the Hussain family reminds me of my January 2018 column in Taki's Magazine "
From Slate: Keep in mind that the astrological theme is being played, sort of, for laughs as a way to get some more clicks to a tired staple of online journalism content generation: two staffers talk about a movie they saw over the weekend. But this reminds me of an observation I tweeted a month... Read More
For a few weeks, the media eased up on all the Becky Bashing that started with the Starbucks Bathroom Crisis last spring because we were instead now supposed to Believe Women. But Kavanaugh got voted through anyway, so white women are back to being Lowest Victim on the Intersectional Totem Pole. From the NYT, some... Read More
In Slate, a smart Jewish guy from Mexico City explains to gringos that the American Establishment's political Conventional Wisdom of 2000-2015 -- the key to the White House is amnestying Mexican illegal aliens -- is silly. The Democrats Have a Latino Problem Hispanic voters were supposed to be the party’s future. It’s not working out... Read More
From the New York Times: Not to mention Bill Gates, the Koch Brothers, Michael Bloomberg, and Sheldon Adelson. But the immigration skeptical side has an ophthalmologist in Northern Michigan, so how can Mark Zuckerberg et al compete with that kind of funding firepower?
Continuing with the Steinbrenner-Trump parallels, a reader points to this recent Sports Illustrated story about what happened to Steinbrenner's feuding, tabloid-addicted New York Yankees on August 9, 1978, when the Yankees trailed the Boston Red Sox by 8.5 games. Steinbrenner was just about to fire a bunch of front office George Costanza-like employees over what... Read More
This would make a good inspiration for a bestselling Young Adult dystopian trilogy of novels for teenage girls to read: Robots replace HR ladies in the hiring process, but the robots hire more white men because white men tend more often to get the job done. From Reuters: Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that... Read More
From the NYT opinion page: Being black enough to qualify for affirmative action has been very, very good to Prof. Boddie's career. Okay, let me try to imagine this ... Hmmmmmmm ... Sounds good! Let's do it. It would be a lot like how applicants for openings in symphony orchestras audition behind a curtain. Or... Read More
From Vox: By the way, my new Taki's Magazine book review of The Coddling of the American Mind by Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff concludes with a discussion of how the differences between medieval European beliefs in witchcraft and modern African beliefs in witchcraft influence contemporary concepts like "systemic racism" and "implicit bias."
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
Regarding Trump's style of battling publicly with all and sunder, including his own underlings such as Jeff Sessions, I often point to the similar style of Trump's idol, New York Yankee ballclub owner George Steinbrenner. The George Steinbrenner character voiced by Larry David on Seinfeld was an older, cuddlier version than the one I remember... Read More
You hear a lot about "affordable housing" these days, but it can be hard to make sense of the rhetoric since the term can have at least two different meanings. 1. "Affordable housing" can mean that new luxury developments must offer some of their units to selected people at low (i.e., subsidized) prices for some... Read More
To help us better understand many of the outpourings of rage in the media, I've asked Alex Portnoy's mother to explain some of the background: Let the goyim sink their teeth into whatever lowly creature crawls and grunts across the face of the dirty earth, we will not contaminate our humanity thus. Let them (if... Read More
Jennifer Weiner, author of the New York Times oped "I Want to Burn the Frat House of America to the Ground," is back with a New York Times lament about how emotional, loud, angry women get ignored. (Jennifer Weiner should not be confused with Jennifer Senior, the NYT's new full time oped columnist and author... Read More
From the NYT Opinion page: Republicans are paranoid! You can tell by how they are just on the verge of rounding up dissidents into soccer stadiums. That's why the stock market has hammered Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos's net worth down to, uh, ... well ... that's not the point. The point is that my... Read More
When an airliner crashes, the federally funded but independent Transportation Safety Review Board conducts an investigation and issues a report in the hopes of lessening the chances of a similar disaster in the future. We need an Immigration Safety Review Board to investigate egregious examples of our immigration system not working for the benefit of... Read More
In the hopes of Raising Awareness about how we need a National Conversation about how our society ought to be more sensitive to the psychological suggestibility of our small but highly inflammatory unstable Arsonist-American population: I'd like to make a suggestion to Pundit-Americans: You can almost always change phrases like "burn down" to "tear down"... Read More
From the Washington Post: Note that this author's claim to fame is that he was an aide to that prominent Woman of Color: Joe Biden. October 8 at 6:00 AM As a service to my readers, I try to stay in my political-economy lane, sticking to the intersection of politics, social justice and economics. ...... Read More
The Republican prosecutor lady, Rachel Mitchell, who was brought in to question Dr. Prof. Blasey Ford did a masterful job of wrecking the accuser's credibility in the eyes of her tiny target audience of Senators on the fence, such as by getting Blasey Ford to (apparently) commit perjury over the quite germane question of whether... Read More
Meanwhile, from the Washington Post's health news page:
Here's my Twitter poll after 29 hours and 2,139 votes. For some reason, Twitter limits you to four short choices, but I think these work pretty well.
I've long been covering this topic, but today from the New York Times: There might be more Australian punters in pro and college American football than black punters. The dearth of black kickers and punters is notable throughout Division I college football, where the majority of players are black, and in the N.F.L., where roughly... Read More
From The Guardian: Women aren't a monolith – and the white women supporting Kavanaugh prove it White women are as likely to believe Kavanaugh as they are Christine Blasey Ford, polls have found, continuing a long pattern of voting Republican by Lucia Graves @lucia_graves Sat 6 Oct 2018 05.00 It would make sense that the... Read More
From the New York Times Opinion page: White Women, Come Get Your People They will defend their privilege to the death. By Alexis Grenell Ms. Grenell has written on gender and politics for The New York Daily News, The Washington Post and other outlets. Oct. 6, 2018 But the people who scare me the most... Read More
I don't know exactly which theory of how or why Kavanaugh's victory will be blamed on Putin will come to dominate in The Narrative, but I want to call Dibs on my having predicted that.
From the newest NYT Opinion columnist, who in terms of small d diversity is an awful lot like previous NYT Opinion columnists: The Jocks Will Inherit the Earth What we learned from the Kavanaugh ordeal. By Jennifer Senior Opinion Columnist Oct. 6, 2018 ... But Kavanaugh’s confirmation also proves something that every former high school... Read More
iSteve commenter Space Ghost has some relevant questions:
Brett Kavanaugh is quite Irish Catholic. Kavanaugh means "student of Kevin" going back to St. Kevin. His basketball coach at Georgetown Prep was Kevin Dowd, the Republican brother of New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. (Kevin annually writes one of Maureen's columns and is really good at it. I'm looking forward to what Kevin Dowd... Read More
Are there any sex differences on average between male and female dogs, other than traits directly related to sex, pregnancy, and raising puppies? There are massive sex differences in behavior among some kinds of domesticated animals such as bulls vs. cows and roosters vs. hens. The difference in speed between male and female thoroughbreds is... Read More
I don't exactly know what this means: "Senator Susan Collins is the mother & grandmother of white women in America who gave us a Donald Trump presidency. The 53%." But in Who? Whom? terms, which is pretty much all you need to understand public figures in the current year, it's pretty clear. Similarly: I don't... Read More
From the Washington Post: Downward mobility: Where middle-class kids are worse off than their parents By Christopher Ingraham October 2 This week, a team of economists led by Raj Chetty of Harvard University released a massive new data set on prosperity at the neighborhood level in the United States. Called the Opportunity Atlas, the data... Read More
From New York Magazine: The Chait Prize is named after Jonathan Chait for his having co-authored with Stephen "Shattered" Glass a memorable article in The New Republic 20 years ago:
You can read the latest complaining letter sent to the Senate Judiciary committee by Ford's crack legal team here. Even if it were all true, I don't see much in it that could persuade an unbiased observer. What's your best guess as to what really happened? A. Everything Blasey Ford said is true. B. Kavanaugh... Read More
From The Atlantic: See, this isn't just the writer's feelings, this is SCIENCE. ... I can’t help but feel like the difference between teen me and how teen Kavanaugh allegedly behaved, and indeed between me and the other accused #MeToo perpetrators, comes down to how our different genders are conditioned to approach anything of a... Read More
From CNBC, the lowest and highest unemployment rates in the country. Two heavily Hispanic agricultural towns, Yuma, AZ and El Centro, CA continue, year after year, to be the unemployment capitals of America. Yuma's unemployment statistics over the last generation are remarkable: If you are looking for a way to predict the next recession, the... Read More
From the Daily Caller: I believe these photos were taken by Benny Johnson as well.
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