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From the NYT: Of course, the Democratic fallback strategy appears to be to try to drive a wedge between the GOP Senate dinosaurs and the more woke GOP House.
The New York Times is trying to convince Trump that he is being betrayed by his staffers John Kelly and Stephen Miller: But, his favorite NYT reporter also can't help herself from insulting Trump. Great strategy, NYT. The surest way to get Donald Trump to side
From the New York Times: Aren't Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Spaniards? Penelope is a peninsular from the Madrid region, while her husband Javier is a third generation movie star and an isleño from the Canary Islands. Benicio is the son of a Puerto Rican lawyer and went to a prep boarding school in Pennsylvania,... Read More
A "news article" from the Washington Post: Those are old, straight-forward terms for the realities they are describing. Their choice of words suggests that immigrants are taking advantage of the United States and are a drain on society. On the left, advocates have defended a tradition of “family reunification” and cast undocumented immigrants who arrived... Read More
In colonial Latin America, the peninsulares, those born in the Iberian Peninsula, were the highest racial rank, above even the all-white criollos born in the New World, much less the mestizos, mulattos, zambos, etc., not to mention the indios and negros. Jose Andres, a Peninsular-American tycoon, has now taken time out from his busy schedule... Read More
Commenter AnonAnon explains one reason behind the recent explosion of white homeless people in Southern California: There's a heroin epidemic in the middle of the country, but it hasn't really gotten to the coasts. So SoCal rehab clinics are recruiting junkies from around the country. For some reason Anaheim and Orange have let them set... Read More
From National Geographic: I was surprised to learn that hippos aren't actually tutu-wearing ballet enthusiasts as I had assumed, but are highly dangerous, just like in Jon Voight movies. ... In the lake at the Hacienda Napoles there
From the New York Times: I kind of like Goldfarb's essay because, while it's demented with rage, it's one of the rare class-based rather than ethnicity-based denunciations of country clubs to appear recently. The press has had a hard time figuring out how to get Trump over his golfing, in part because the last two... Read More
From the Minnesota Twin Cities Pioneer Press: ‘You guys are lucky I don’t know how to build a bomb,’ St. Kate’s arson suspect allegedly said By TAD VEZNER | and SARAH HORNER | | Pioneer Press PUBLISHED: January 19, 2018 at 12:13 pm A former St. Catherine University student charged with setting fires... Read More
Here's an interesting essay on cryptocurrencies. Personally, I don't know anything about currency, much less crypto-currency. Also, I don't give financial or investment advice, for various reasons including not having a good track record. And I believe in paying all of one's taxes. So I'm not endorsing Austin Lee's views, but this is an intriguing... Read More
From the Washington Post: Another way of looking at it is: why have you spent 24 years in the U.S. since you were ordered deported? From the leftist Alternet: Jean Montrevil came to the United States legally with a green card. He and 12 siblings arrived from H
From the Times of Israel: Sundance film festival debuts dark tale of Jewish triplets split at birth Reunited as adults, brothers discovered they were separated in the 1960s as part of a 'nature versus nurture' social experiment By FRANKIE TAGGART 20 January 2018, 1:42 pm PARK CITY, Utah (AFP) — If it were a conspiracy... Read More
From The Verge: Google CEO Sundar Pichai says he does not regret firing James Damore “It was the right decision,” says YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki By Nick Statt@nickstatt Jan 19, 2018, 5:20pm EST Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded today to the firing of employee James Damore over his controversial memo on workplace diversity, stating that... Read More
Max Boot of the Council of Foreign Relations tweets: Another, especially Bootian reason for Open Borders for Israel would be more cannon fodder. As Boot proposed for the U.S. in 2005 as a way to man all the wars he had helped bring about and all the future wars he was planning to instigate: But... Read More
From The Telegraph:
This Nation article explains why the center-left has been so flummoxed over the last week by the arrest of Trinidadian con man Ravi Ragbir after twelve years of his publicly flouting his deportation order for being convicted on seven counts of wire fraud: the Obama Administration felt that rule of law did not apply to... Read More
From Politico: The entire Democratic/Graham strategy appears to be to get Trump alone and BS him into a deal that would ruin him. After all, look how much good trusting Schumer did for the career of President Marco Rubio:
Here's a bike ride last fall through the homeless encampment along the Santa Ana River in Anaheim, Orange County, CA. And this level of homelessness in California is with the best economy in ten years. Solution: more immigration! The standard of living of homeless people appears to have gone up in recent decades to about... Read More
Here's an amusing NYT article confirming my surmise in Taki's Magazine about Dick Durbin's behavior in the Oval Office debate over immigration last week. The article totally takes Durbin's side, but it's obvious that Durbin's complaint is that he got beat, bad, in the kind of fair fight the represents the epitome of good decision... Read More
From the Dallas News: I like this bronze statue of Barbara Jordan by Bruce Wolfe at the Austin airport. She didn't normally take a good picture, so this was the best representation of her I found. We seem to be living in, if not a golden age, at least a bronze age of bronze statues.... Read More
From Georgia Tech's website: Seminar- Mohammad Fazel Zarandi Time: Monday, 4 December 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm TITLE: The Number of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States ABSTRACT: We apply standard operational principles of inflows and outflows to estimate the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States, using the best available data, including some... Read More
From Reuters: Wikipedia has a page devoted to "List of Grenade Attacks in Sweden," which lists 80 different attack
From the Los Angeles Times in 1999: Zedillo Key to End of Prop. 187, Villaraigosa Says August 04, 1999 | MARY BETH SHERIDAN | TIMES STAFF WRITER MEXICO CITY — California Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa thanked President Ernesto Zedillo here Tuesday for helping defuse Proposition 187, saying the Mexican leader played a key role in... Read More
From the New York Times: As I mentioned over the weekend, Ravi Ragbir is a litigious white collar criminal who w
Bret Stephens, former editor of the Jerusalem Times, former columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and current columnist for the New York Times, is a valuable figure because he's more artless than many other pundits in revealing some of the sources of the sentiments behind the new received opinion on immigration. For example: I've given... Read More
We hear a lot about foreign meddling via propaganda these days, so it's worth looking at historical examples that are now well documented. The British propaganda effort from 1939 onward was often satirized (Winston Smith in 1984 is basically George Orwell laboring for the BBC). In Evelyn Waugh's 1942 book Put Out More Flags, a... Read More
Actress Catherine Deneuve and 99 other prominent French women signed an open letter cautioning about getting too carried away in the English-speaking world's on-going witch (or, more precisely, warlock) hunt of men. Too get some idea of what French women really think about British and American men, here's a 1991 Los Angeles Times article: By... Read More
Perhaps Lindsey Graham is not a person, just an idea. But what idea would Lindsey Graham be?
From Commentary: (((Semitism))): Being Jewish in America in the Age of Trump by NYT deputy Washington editor Jonathan Weisman is to be published on March 18, 2018.
Commenter New Deal weighs in: Submitted on 2018/01/17 at 7:49 pm I’m a left-Unzist who loves free speech and likes policy based on sober argument and evidence. I’m deeply worried about the extremist open-border lunacy now espoused by the American elite, even in its centrist precincts. It didn’t use to be this way. Many of... Read More
Why can't America be some of both? Why can't we have compromise, moderation, and prudence on immigration policy? Why are elites, like the editor of Vox, becoming so fanatically extremist?
As I mentioned below, there's a growing myth in 21st Century America that white Southerners sympathized with Hitler. In reality, the South was most anti-Nazi part of the country. Commenter CCZ finds for me the Nicholas Lemann passage I was trying to recall: You are correct about Nicholas Lemann’s comments. They appeared in his September... Read More
Here's the beginning of my new column in Taki's Magazine: Later I proceed into a comparison of immigration from Norway versus from Haiti from the perspective of the Beltway foreign policy establishment that I don't think anybody has made before. Read the whole thing there.
As John Adams said, America has a government of persons and not of laws! By the way, here is the Oath of Office Senator Durbin took:
One of the growing myths about American history is that white Southerners in the late 1930s were in sympathy with Hitler, when that's the opposite of the truth. A few years ago, I read an article about the regional patterns in Congressional support in 1939-1940 for FDR's hard line against Germany. In my memory the... Read More
Because there are so many hate hoaxes in the national (or international) news, it's worth noting that there really are a number of genuine hate crimes committed by white men each year in the U.S. Typically, however, they don't get much non-local publicity because they are so cut and dried: A stupid drunk white guy... Read More
Here's a new NYT article that provides an additional example for my upcoming Taki's Magazine column on immigration and the Deep State. Good timing, if I say so myself. Here's the FBI's
From the New York Times: This attack was on the third anniversary of the Islamist attack on the kosher supermarket that followed the Islami
From MarketWatch: Can you guess? Surprise!
From The Nation: No comment.
From the Wall Street Journal: Ms. Deng Murdoch is the ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch and then was an item with Tony Blair. She is six feet tall. She once defended Rupert from a pie-throwing protester: I have no opinion on the validity of these new allegations, but I recall John Derbyshire speculating about exactly this... Read More
From the Toronto Sun: 'He was smiling': Girl, 11, recounts man slicing hijab with scissors Jenny Yuen January 12, 2018 Khawlah Noman and her brother had only been walking for two minutes when she became aware a man was following them on their way to school Friday morning. The 11-year-old — a Grade 6 student... Read More
The dead of winter is either a dumb or a brilliant time to have a holiday celebrating Martin Luther King. Above is an MLK Day tradition in Miami, one of the few places in the country where the weather is usually nice on MLK Day. Commenter JJ Walker adds:
At one clinic in Sweden, the number of referred cases of "gender dysphoria" (being unhappy about what sex you are) among children exploded from 22 in 2013 to 197 in 2016. How much of this explosion in reported cases of child gender dysphoria is due to Munchausen's-syndrome-by-proxy? As you may recall, I pointed out in... Read More
Donald Trump's sister imprisoned a saintly immigrant activist and now the Trump Administration is trying to deport him, just because he's a white collar felon convicted of 7 counts of wire fraud in mortgage scams. From the New York Times: Does anybody ever really faint from surprise? Ladies used to faint all the time in... Read More
From The Atlantic: I can't find this quote anywhere other than in my blog, so maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but my memory is that Chris Rock reflects toward the end of his movie Top Five: Anything you do with a woman that doesn’t end in you marrying her is, from her point of view,... Read More
From Real Clear Politics: Senator Durbin reminds me of Ali G trying to BS Trump:
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