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From the New York Times: Unfortunately, the investment bonus points are pretty easy to attain, so 2% is an underestimate. But, 2% sounds like a good goal. This article is supposed to be shocking to everybody who believes in the Zeroth Amendment, but virtually nobody does, at least they don't dare articulate it. Personally, I... Read More
I was one of the few critics to be less than utterly awestruck by psychologist Daniel Kahneman's 2011 bestseller Thinking Fast and Slow. Lately, the chapter in Thinking Fast and Slow on "priming" has come in for severe criticism as celebrated priming experiments, such as how if you show college students word scrambles that include... Read More
The Washington Post supplies some much-needed Perspective:
From CNN: By Roxanne Jones Updated 5:56 PM ET, Wed August 23, 2017 Roxanne Jones, a founding editor of ESPN Magazine and former vice president at ESPN, has worked as a producer, reporter and editor at the New York Daily News and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Jones is co-author of "Say it Loud: An Illustrated History... Read More
From the New York Times: So Spanish isn't anti-Semitic, it's vibrantly diverse and diversely vibrant. But Spanish is also good because it's not diverse. It's centrally organized by the King of Spain: Equatorial Guinea, the land of the future ...
Today, the ACLU tweeted a photo of a toddler wearing a "Free Speech" onesie: and then the world came crashing down on their heads. The ACLU has been fading relative to the SPLC for a long time. That's because the SPLC is an overt hate group that sees virtually everything through the Who? Whom? lens.... Read More
From MSN, an account of the mounting pressure to tear down memorials to the notorious Confederate generals Christopher Columbus and Ulysses S. Grant: A Whole New World: Columbus Statue Could Be Considered for Removal Daniella Silva 46 mins ago As the violence in Charlottesville has reignited a national debate over monuments dedicated to Confederate-era and... Read More
"Allah-Las," the name of a rock group from Los Angeles, is presumably a pun on "La-La-Las," which would be a good (if slightly on the nose) name for a rock band from La La Land. But, contra Dave Barry, it's not 1965 anymore when Dave was in Federal Duck, and hence there are phrases that... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
A tweet three days ago from a female student at historically black Howard University: And from the Washington Post today, a thinkpiece by a WaPo staffer: The teenagers who wore MAGA hats to Howard aren’t martyrs for free speech By Molly Roberts August 22 at 1:42 PM Two teenage girls who wore “Make America Great... Read More
Here's a table of mean percentiles on postgrad tests by race/ethnicity relative to the white distribution of scores. By definition, whites average at the 50th percentile of the white distribution. In contrast, the black mean score on, say, the GMAT (for MBA programs) would fall at the 13th percentile among whites. I created this table... Read More
From the New York Times: The vast church, likely the most famous building under construction in the world, is the masterpiece of Art Nouveau architect Antoni Guadi (1852-1926). Although it long languished without funds to complete it over the last 135 years, it now gets 3 million visitors per year, which covers its construction budget.... Read More
From Outkick the Coverage: Update: ESPN has confirmed to
Ben Kurtz writes about the push to lower standards on the California bar exam in the name of Diversity. California has a relatively difficult bar exam to qualify to practice law in the Golden State. And it has the usual racial gaps in achievement. (The data above comes from a California Bar PDF from February... Read More
What's up?
The South Yorkshire Police, having done such a bang-up job in Rotherham over the decades of protecting 13 year olds from gang rape, are out to catch the Real Bad Guys instead.
From the Scottish Daily Record: On the other hand, I haven't heard much about this story. The New York Times hasn't reported it, for example. So is it not true or just not news that fits? The astonishing sand-drip castle Holy Family church has been under construction since 1882. Evelyn Waugh wrote in 1930: It... Read More
The big push in England against anybody mentioning that the pimps raping underage English girls tend to be Pakistani Muslims was led by rising star MP from West Bradford Naz Shah. From The Guardian: From the Daily Mail, as excerpted by commenter Lot, who asks, "She really makes the case for more Pakistani immigrants, doesn’t... Read More
My interest in Afghanistan, with its strategic gravel deposits, has somewhat declined over the decades, so I haven't checked out the details yet. It apparently involves crushing the Taliban into the dust beneath his chariot wheels (and/or letting them power-share).
Andrew Schneck, the 25-year-old son of a former trustee of Houston's Museum of Fine Arts, was arrested over the weekend for trying to blow up a Confederate statue in Houston's Hermann Park. A subsequent police raid on his wealthy mother's home in Houston's pleasant Rice Village neighborhood (right next to where I went to college... Read More
From The Forward: Why Are There No Statues Of Jewish Confederate Judah Benjamin To Tear Down? Ari Feldman August 20, 2017 Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson, the three most famous Confederate heroes, have hundreds of memorials and monuments in public spaces throughout the United States dedicated in their memory. Judah Philip Benjamin,... Read More
From The Guardian: Sarah Champion resigns as shadow equalities minister Labour MP wrote controversial article in the Sun saying ‘Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping white girls’ ... Jessica Elgot Political reporter Wednesday 16 August 2017 11.28 EDT Sarah Champion has resigned as shadow equalities minister after a controversial article published in... Read More
The Late Obama Age Collapse continues, but may be slowing. The Major Cities Chiefs Association released homicide totals for the first half of 2017 for 62 sizable police departments across the country. The aggregate number of homicides in the first half of 2017 was 3,081, up almost 3% from 2,994 in the first half of... Read More
Commenter Anonymous notes:
From the New York Times: Evidence of a Toxic Environment for Women in Economics Economic View By JUSTIN WOLFERS AUG. 18, 2017 A pathbreaking new study of online conversations among economists describes and quantifies a workplace culture that appears to amount to outright hostility toward women in parts of the economics profession. Alice H. Wu,... Read More
Here's a posting by popular novelist Michael Chabon (author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, a fictionalized version of the early days of the superhero comic book industry that is likely his best book; I've read his Yiddish Policeman's Union set in an alternate history in which Ashkenazi Jews rescued from Europe live... Read More
This just in:
Commenter X-Ray explains: August 20, 2017 at 10:07 am GMT • 500 Words Liberals believe whatever helps their side and harms their enemy. That explains the hypocrisy between now and yesteryear concerning corporate influence (and everything else): Past: corporations stigmatized as being conservative –> corporations bad. Present: corporations police speech the establishment legally can’t –>... Read More
The lethal shooting of two cops in Florida over the weekend has pretty much disappeared down the memory hole as being a distraction from The Narrative, but Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller has stayed on top of it: Suspected Florida Cop Killer Claimed To Be Member Of Black Extremist Group CHUCK ROSS 7:11 PM... Read More
Obviously, there is clampdown going on right now by the big tech monopolies on political dissidents. Whether you'll be able donate to support iSteve much longer is in doubt. So why not donate now? Here are seven ways for you to contribute to iSteve: First: You can use Paypal (non-tax deductible) by going to the... Read More
From the New York Times: In 2017, the rich get not only richer but holier.
From the Washington Post: O ... kaaaay ... Anyway, Chloe Angyal has lots of opinions on events in Charlottesville, real and imagined, such as this MSNBC clip from 2014, in which Chloe (in dark) and Sabrina Rubin Erdely (in red) discuss the
U.C. Berkeley professor of history Yuri Slezkine is the author of the important 2004 book The Jewish Century, which offered an illuminating perspective on the ethnic Jewish role in the Soviet state. I was recently wondering whatever happened to him since I hadn't heard of him having a new book out since then. But now... Read More
A U.S. Navy boatswain's mate has posted on Facebook: Keep in mind that I don't have proof that this happened the way he said it did. But it says a lot about America's pre-eclipse lunacy over the racist evil spirit menace that it sounds plausible. There are always a lot of crazy people in this... Read More
Commenter Rapparee writes: I spent about four hours rubbernecking there today for laughs. Observations in no particular order: -Besides the handful of bored-looking rally attendees trapped in the gazebo, 99.99% of protesters were from the far left. Though I searched hard, there was not a single identifiable Nazi or white supremacist anywhere within sight for... Read More
From The Atlantic: The comments are significantly more intelligent than the lengthy article. If there is hope, it lies in the Comments. It is the unanimous, if seldom wholly articulated, opinion of media types living in Brooklyn on checks from Nana that Flyover America must do penance for its racism by taking in most of... Read More
WMC Action News 5 in 2016: Well, it's not just a belief: a big temple in India where Hindu wom
From WBUR: Uh-oh, I see a chink in the wooden box that could let the Evil Spirits out. Putting this POW grave marker in a wooden box is a start. But is mere wood strong enough to hold in its Evil Spirit emanations? Think of the children of Boston and even, indeed, New England being... Read More
Question of the day ...
An NYT editorial on how ho-hum the latest jihadi massacre of 13, including one American, in Barcelona should appear to you if you are a good-thinker: Ho hum. But whaddaya whaddaya ... Can we get back to hyperventilating over Charlottesville, please? We who have relentlessly backed Muslim immigration aren't the bad guys, we are the... Read More
From The Telegraph today: What a brilliant idea Tim came up with: following up the iPhone 7 with the iPhone 8! It could have been, say, the iPhone Fukushima or the iPhone HIV or the iPhone Suicide Prevention Net or the iPhone Utah Data Center Snitch or the iPhone Big Gay Goy. But, instead, Tim... Read More
Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe might be 93, but he's more au courant than you'll ever be. From Newsweek: Because the equal protection of the laws is racist.
the Los Angeles Times this afternoon: Traveler, USC's mascot, comes under scrutiny for having a name similar to Robert E. Lee's horse Nathan Fenno When Richard Saukko galloped his chalk-white Arabian horse named Traveler around the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum almost 56 years ago, it was supposed to be a one-time stunt. Instead, the brief... Read More
One interesting aspect of the current berserkness is how much of it seems to be motivated by fear of Evil Spirits. People and even objects can embody malevolent forces that project their malign power across space and time. For example, to lessen the urges African-Americans in Madison, WI feel to murder each other, the Madison... Read More
From The Oklahoman: Uh, Stand Watie? I suspect Ms. Lewis has forgotten her Oklahoma history if she ever knew it. Stand Watie represents Diversity. Or does he? Nobody in the press ever says Clarence Thomas represents diversity on the Supreme Court. "We don't want any of our actions, whether intentional or unintentional, to allow for... Read More
From the Wisconsin State-Journal, keep reading for the poignant details: Oh ... From the Badger Herald in 2016: Conf
"Goy, Bye!" was the front page main Huffington Post headline for Sam Levine's article gloating over today's Bannon rumors, since changed to "White Flight." Click here to visit the Wayback Machine of altered pages: I generally don't mess with Huffington Post content because there are so many amateur contributors, but it is a big,... Read More
Via Buzzfeed, here is Apple CEO Tim Cook's memo: That's why I deserved to be compensated $373 million for my labor in 2015 and you didn't: because I believe in equality. Therefore, people I disagree with politically should have no civil rights. They should be outlaws subjected to any violence that people who agree with... Read More
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