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From JSTOR Daily (a website that popularizes research from JSTOR's trove of academic papers): VERY BRITISH VILLAINS (AND OTHER ANGLO-SAXON ATTITUDES TO ACCENTS) CHI LUU JANUARY 18, 2017 It’s a linguistic truth universally acknowledged that any story worth telling must be in want of a very British villain. It’s a familiar trope, as evidenced by... Read More
From the Daily Mail: Secret 1983 CIA intelligence report suggested America should encourage Saddam Hussein to attack Syria to secure oil pipeline to Med and Gulf America urged Saddam Hussein to attack Hafez al-Assad, 1983 CIA report said Ex-CIA official Graham Fuller said US should 'urge Iraq to take the war to Syria' This was... Read More
A reader writes: "This story has under the radar minorities, Rice University, Texas Real Estate, unexplained deep state connections and even college Football. Oh and it's linked to a current story in the news." From The Guardian: The reckless plot to overthrow Africa's most absurd dictator In December, a handful of middle-aged American immigrants attempted... Read More
help promote his recent memoir, Elvis Costello (real name: Declan Patrick McManus) revived this video of his dad Ross McManus singing in about 1963. This video explains a lot about the son.
The most redolent Who We Are Now story of 2017 has been the Social Justice Warrior stabbing spree in Berkeley featuring a stabby Latinx Studies major who only answers to the pronoun They. They has been charged with randomly murdering an old-fashioned Berkeley hippie chick folksinger and less randomly attempting to murder a fellow campus... Read More
From KOMO in Seattle: Police investigate shooting during ugly University of Washington confrontation by KOMO Staff Friday, January 20th 2017 SEATTLE -- A protest at the University of Washington over a controversial speaker turned ugly Friday night. Seattle police report that one person had been shot in the stomach and had to be removed from... Read More
Kersey calls them "the shock troops of the Establishment." Remember the coordinated Fake News campaign in the media last winter about how violent Trump supporters were? What % of all political violence in the United States over the last 12 months turned out to be more or less anti-Trump? 95% or 98%?
Comments? Citizenism, FTW: Chief Justice Roberts, President Carter, President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, fellow Americans, and people of the world: Thank you. We, the citizens of America, are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country and to restore its promise for all of our people. Together, we will determine the... Read More
From The New Republic: What Makes a Weed Website Racist? A new digital publication aims to “civilize” cannabis culture. That’s a problem. Shouldn't that be "That's problematic"? BY JOSEPHINE LIVINGSTONE January 19, 2017 When I recently suggested to Derek Riedle, the founder of a new digital publication focused on “highbrow cannabis culture,” that his website... Read More
This time, the invisible hordes of haters are (not) seen in Austria. From The Daily Mail: By THE LOCAL and CHRIS SUMMERS FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 11:19 EST, 19 January 2017 A 14-year-old Muslim girl who claimed she was pushed in front of a train simply for wearing a headscarf has been challenged after police checked... Read More
In his interview with Jeffrey Goldberg of the The Atlantic on foreign policy before the election, President-Eject Obama admitted that his Libyan war was a disaster, but placed most of the blame on his Secretary of State (Joe Biden was even harsher on Hillary). This didn't get much publicity at the time, because who would... Read More
From the New York Times: Bernard-Henri Lévy: Jews, Be Wary of Trump Bernard-Henri Lévy THE STONE JAN. 19, 2017 ... There is a law that governs the relations between the Jews and the rest of the world. That law was articulated in one form at the time of the trial of Adolf Eichmann, when the... Read More
Late in Michael Lewis' new book The Undoing Project (here's my new review in Taki's Magazine) about the work of psychologists Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman, Gerd Gigerenzer of the Max Planck Institute is introduced as an opponent of the heroes. I certainly am not competent to referee this long-running dispute, but here's a little... Read More
From the transcript of the last Obama press conference: OBAMA: April Ryan (ph). QUESTION: Thank you, Mr. President. Long before today, you've been considered a (inaudible) president. Under your watch, people have said that you have expanded the rubber-band of inclusion. And with the election and the incoming administration, people are saying that the rubber-band... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Michael Lewis’ Hot Hand by Steve Sailer January 18, 2017 From his 1989 Wall Street memoir Liar’s Poker to his new book, The Undoing Project, Michael Lewis has succeeded his mentor Tom Wolfe as our top Southern center-right nonfiction author. ... Three of Lewis’ nonfiction works have been... Read More
A couple of weeks ago I hypothesized in Taki's Magazine: That raises the question of why Japan’s ruling class didn’t feel the necessity of going down the same mass-immigration path as did so many other advanced countries: Why is Japan such an exception? ... Another reason is that Japan is linguistically quite isolated from the... Read More
For the last eight years, the President of the United States has had to share the White House living quarters with his mother-in-law ... and, as far as I can tell, not one American television comedian dared to make even a meta-joke about it. Is it any wonder that the electorate grew tired of the... Read More
Trump should top Obama's freeing of the Puerto Rican independence terrorist by freeing all of Puerto Rico. ¡Viva la independencia de Puerto Rico! ¡Viva Puerto Rico libre!
Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution has an informative post about China's internal (?) hasbara system: Authoritarians Distract Rather than Debate by Alex Tabarrok on January 17, 2017 at 7:22 am It’s long been known that the Chinese government hires people to support the government with fabricated posts on social media. In China these people are... Read More
From the NYT: After all, isn't that what ultimately matters more than anything else imaginable: Transgender Rights? Commenter Faraday's Bobcat notes: In other news, Manning has won the Maxwell Q. Klinger Award for resourcefulness under extreme duress.
From the Chicago Tribune: 10 Killed, 29 Wounded In MLK Day Weekend Shootings January 17, 2017 6:49 AM Filed Under: Austin, Crime, East Garfield Park, Englewood, Lawndale, Marquette Park, shooting, shootings, Ukrainian Village, Weekend Shootings, Weekend Violence CHICAGO (CBS) — At least 39 people have been shot across Chicago over the Martin Luther King Jr.... Read More
Lord Jeff Sessions comments: Women’s March Endorses Zeroth Amendment: "Rooted in the promise of America’s call for huddled masses yearning to breathe free, we believe in immigrant and refugee rights regardless of status or country of origin. It is our moral duty to keep families together and empower all aspiring Americans to fully participate in,... Read More
As I pointed out in my Taki's Magazine review of the Oscar frontrunner, La La Land: Demographically, [Damien] Chazelle’s fantasy Los Angeles is much like Woody Allen’s New York or Paris: no Mexicans, Koreans, Persians, or Russians, just good-looking white Americans and dignified old black jazz musicians. To a semi-French artist like Chazelle, America will... Read More
Illustrator Shepard Fairey made a lot of money off his blue-and-red Obama Worship posters eight years ago. So now he's back to protest the inauguration of Trump with an example of what seems to be a growing Thing on the white left: Orientalist hijab fetishism. Fairey, who (in case you are wondering) isn't, has been... Read More
From the Washington Post: Trump could cause ‘the death of think tanks as we know them’ By Josh Rogin Global Opinions January 15 at 7:04 PM For decades, Washington think tanks have been holding pens for senior government officials waiting for their next appointments and avenues of influence for sponsors of their research. Donald Trump’s... Read More
Michael Tracey noticed this posting by Ned Resnikoff, a senior editor at the liberal mainstream ThinkProgress site run by the Center for American Progress, which was founded by Hillary's campaign manager John Podesta: And from The Tablet: THE DARK IRONY OF A JEWISH COUNTRY CLUB’S DEBATE OVER WHETHER TO ADMIT PRESIDENT OBAMA Historically, Jewish country... Read More
From the New York Times: No Racial Barrier Left to Break (Except All of Them) We can’t create a more just nation simply by dressing up institutions in more shades of brown. Now we must confront structural racism. By KHALIL GIBRAN MUHAMMAD JAN. 14, 2017 ... Khalil Gibran Muhammad is professor of history, race and... Read More
Rome, the HBO series of a decade ago co-created by John Milius. Trump appointees should study this clip for pointers on how to treat Senators. From 3:05 ... kind of like Steve Bannon explaining citizenism to Mitch McConnell ... we can hope. By the way, Mark Antony was born January 14, 83 BC: am I... Read More
Around 1819, Lady Croom is having her orderly Enlightenment-era English estate redone in the new, more picturesque Romantic style. But she is not pleased with what Noakes, her landscape contractor, has so far achieved: LADY CROOM: ....My lake is drained to a ditch for no purpose I can understand, unless it be that snipe and... Read More
From the New York Times: Hey, Steve Harvey, Who Says I Might Not Steal Your Girl? By EDDIE HUANG JAN. 14, 2017 ... On Jan. 6, Steve Harvey did a roundup of dating books on his talk show, displaying an image of the cover of “How to Date a White Woman”, and said the book... Read More
In my 2008 reader's guide, America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's "Story of Race and Inheritance," I forecasted that Obama's second term would be more race-obsessed than his first. The New York Times sums up how it worked out the way I predicted: Jolted by Deaths, Obama Found His Voice on Race Tensions across the country... Read More
At Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen writes: Would you rather be ruled by the people or the experts? by Tyler Cowen on January 13, 2017 at 9:54 am in Current Affairs, Economics, Law, Philosophy, Political Science | Permalink In my latest Bloomberg column I consider William F. Buckley’s old conundrum: William F. Buckley famously said he... Read More
From Perspectives in Psychological Science: Microaggressions Perspect Psychol Sci. 2017 Jan;12(1):138-169. doi: 10.1177/1745691616659391. Lilienfeld SO Abstract The microaggression concept has recently galvanized public discussion and spread to numerous college campuses and businesses. I argue that the microaggression research program (MRP) rests on five core premises, namely, that microaggressions (1) are operationalized with sufficient clarity and... Read More
From Nature: How to raise a genius: lessons from a 45-year study of super-smart children A long-running investigation of exceptional children reveals what it takes to produce the scientists who will lead the twenty-first century. Tom Clynes 07 September 2016 ... Stanley would affectionately refer to Bates as “student zero” of his Study of Mathematically... Read More
From Vanity Fair: WILL MARK ZUCKERBERG BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT? Only if Obama declares martial law and barricades himself in the White House. But then how would he play golf? It’s a serious question. “He wants to be emperor,” several people have told me. Perhaps it's not a coincidence that Zuckerberg gets his hair styled... Read More
From Berkeleyside: Op-ed: Pablo Gomez Jr. is suspected of homicide, but they deserve to be known by the gender pronoun they prefer Jan. 12, 2017, 9:00 a.m. By Julia Schwartz Julia Schwartz is a gender non-conforming 23-year-old chess teacher living in New York City. There has been a lot of discussion in the past year... Read More
On 1/21/2017, Trump should declare Puerto Rico independent. Cuban voters in Florida tip modestly Republican, which helps explain Obama's immigration restrictionist move today. The Democrats have been letting Puerto Rico fall apart to drive Puerto Ricans to the crucial purple state of Florida. The solution is independence for the island.
From the Washington Post on Tuesday, January 10: School officials denounce racist petition that spoke of ‘supreme White race’ The top of a hateful petition that circulated at a high school in Anne Arundel County, Md. (Copy of petition provided by Anne Arundel County schools) By Donna St. George January 10 A white supremacist petition... Read More
Science book agent John Brockman has up his annual Edge list of his clients' responses to a highbrow question. This year it's "What scientific term or concept ought to be more widely known?" I'm probably just getting older and dumber, but I found this year's Edge list to be particularly baffling. Part of the problem... Read More
From The Guardian: Dreaming of Europe: the last young man left in a Senegalese village Life is lonely and humiliating for Goundo Wandianga, 21, whose friends and twin brother have all gone to seek their fortunes The article isn't particularly illuminating, but it also doesn't yank your chain too badly to try to get you... Read More
From Court docs: Plainfield man admits to setting house on fire to try and kill his mother POSTED 3:26 PM, JANUARY 11, 2017, BY TREVOR SHIRLEY, PLAINFIELD, Ind.- Investigators say 25-year-old Caleb Cain tried to kill his own mom by burning down her house. ... Authorities say Cain showed up at his mother’s house... Read More
One of the more striking discoveries of recent years has been the revelation that most modern non-sub-Saharan African human beings typically have inherited a small but not insignificant part of their genome from otherwise extinct Neanderthals. At the end of the 20th Century, scientific orthodoxy was that modern humans were 100% descended from the anatomically... Read More
From the New York Times: Anti-Semitic Note Promises ‘Mayhem’ This Week in Hate By THE EDITORIAL BOARD JAN. 11, 2017 This Week in Hate highlights hate crimes and harassment around the country since the election of Donald Trump. The Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups are keeping detailed counts of these incidents as concerns... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: The Wave That Won’t Break by Steve Sailer January 11, 2017 “God damn Christopher Columbus” were the last words my wife’s grandmother spoke before dying at age 88 twenty years ago last week. Nobody has ever conclusively deciphered the meaning of that memorable sentence. Her descendants couldn’t recall... Read More
Golf is so out of fashion that the only people who play it anymore appear to be Presidents and billionaires. And what do Presidents and billionaires know, anyway? Getting your exercise on 200 acres of paradise is just so 20th Century compared to the 24"x 68" yoga mats of our Obama Age. However, Obama, personally,... Read More
"Hygge" is a Danish word that has something to do with wool socks, hot beverages, and fireplaces. Sounds good to me. Cold toes are the bane of my existence. Oh, by the way, hygge is racist / Trumpist, according to Slate: Denmark’s Hygge Aesthetic Is Comfy, Cozy, and Complicit With the Rise of Xenophobic Populism... Read More
From the NYT: To Rate How Smart Dogs Are, Humans Learn New Tricks By JAN HOFFMAN JAN. 7, 2017 ... Suddenly how smart your dog is seems to matter — an aspiration that has also not gone unnoticed by the commercial pet industry. Walk into any pet supply chain, such as the aptly named PetSmart,... Read More
From Foreign Policy: Poland isn't a democracy and it never was Seán Hanley and James Dawson, (c) 2016, Foreign Policy One election, it seems, really can change everything. Once feted for having bucked both the populist trend and the global recession, Poland is facing international condemnation. Recent moves by the Law and Justice government have... Read More
From 'Clock Teen' Defamation Lawsuits Dismissed Against FOX, The Blaze Some defamation, civil rights lawsuits filed on behalf of Texas teen remain open Parts of a defamation lawsuit filed on behalf of a teenage Muslim student who brought a suspicious-looking clock to a North Texas classroom have been dismissed, NBC 5 has learned. The... Read More
From The Age in Melbourne, Australia: Apex fears spark concerns about racial profiling Tammy Mills and Bianca Hall January 8, 2017 Deng Maleek pulled his car over beside the Neighbourhood Justice Centre in Collingwood. The 26-year-old youth worker and legal educator from the Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre was there for a meeting with police... Read More
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