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If President Bush achieved nothing else in his Inaugural Address lastweek, he at least provided fodder for media pundits to chew on for a solid week or more. This is an unusual accomplishment, even for inaugural addresses, most of which are endured and then ignored by those whose job it is to listen to them... Read More
It didn't take the neoconservatives long to figure out the real truth about the election and explain to us, hanging breathless, what we should think about it. David Brooks in the New York Times was perhaps the first to unveil it to the rest of us out here in the boonies. The truth, you see,... Read More
If neither of the two major presidential candidates excites you very much, maybe you should consider staying home on Election Day and reading a good book. A good book to read on that day or others isChilton Williamson Jr.'s just-published The Conservative Bookshelf.Even if you don't like it, it will tell you about a lot... Read More
With all the chest-thumping and flag-waving the Republican Conventioncontributed to Western civilization last month, President Bush finally got the bounce in the polls that may well keep him in the White House for the next four years. If so, what will he and his party do and where will they move? In the New York... Read More
The first reaction from Washington insiders to news reports that the FBI was hot on the trail of an Israeli spy inside the Pentagon was to wonder what a spy could possibly tell the Israelis they don't already know. Since this administration, most of the Congress and its staff, and much of the media are... Read More
For the first presidential election since 1988, Pat Buchanan is not on the ballot this year, but his soul goes marching on in a new book just released on the eve of the Republican National Convention. Where the Right Went Wrong is not, as it is already being billed, an"attack" on George W. Bush, but... Read More
Having made such a smashing success out of its war with Iraq, the Bush administration now seems to be pondering the glories of yetanother one in Iran. In recent weeks, various administration officials and their amen corner in the neoconservative press have muttered and mumbled about theperils of Iran suddenly developing—guess what?—"weapons of mass destruction."... Read More
The 2004 presidential election may turn out to be decided by racial identities. For the last decade or so, the Republican Party has abandoned all pretense of controlling mass immigration on the superstitious ground that immigration control will alienate the booming Hispanic vote. Now, as two major news stories last week suggested, that superstition is... Read More
Ideas Have Consequences is the title of a 1948 book by conservative thinker Richard Weaver that in recent years has become a kind of slogan for movement conservatives trying to convince themselves and their financial angels that their beliefs have triumphed at last. The lesson we learn from a recent New York Times article on... Read More
Well over a year ago, neoconservative David Frum unleashed an unpleasant gob of spit in National Review accusing a number of veteran conservative writers (including me) of being "unpatriotic conservatives" [NRO, March 19, 2003] because we opposed President Bush's war with Iraq. Today Mr. Frum ought to rewrite his article. The founder and editor ofNational... Read More
Probably nothing has made neoconservative chicken hawks flap and crow quite like the conclusion announced last week by the Sept 11 Commission that it could establish no "collaborative relationship"between Al Qaeda and the regime of Saddam Hussein. For the next several days the Bush administration (including the president himself) and its water-fetchers in the media... Read More
The tenth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide is upon us this week, and some predict yet another African genocide is about to unfold in Sudan. In South Africa, however, where wicked white supremacy was dismantled (also a decade ago) and black majority rule established, all is happiness, a veritable cakewalk to utopia, according to neo-conservative... Read More
With the grotesque spectacle of the burned and bludgeoned bodies ofAmerican civilians hanging from a bridge over the Euphrates, Americans need to start thinking about what the Bush administration has dragged the nation into, how we can get out of it and why it happened at all. The answers to the last question popped up... Read More
It was probably inevitable that sooner or later the truth about mass immigration and its impact on American culture would seep down toHarvard University. This week it happened, and a tip of the hat is in order to Harvard's distinguished scholar Samuel P. Huntington for arriving at much the same conclusion that I and many... Read More
With a majority of Republicans opposing President Bush's amnesty plan for illegal immigrants and even Republican lawmakers in revolt over it, the Open Borders Lobby has closed ranks and rallied behind it. Last week the Wall Street Journal editorial page, long the Pravda of Open Borders propaganda, published what purports to be a"Conservative Statement of... Read More
What is that John Podhoretz, Jonah Goldberg, David Horowitz, Tamar Jacoby, Suzanne Fields and David Brooks have in common? They are all neoconservatives, and all—unlike most conservatives of other identities and backgrounds—support President Bush's amnesty plan for illegal immigrants. What does that tell us? What it tells I will consider momentarily, but first, let us... Read More
"When a term has become so universally sanctified as 'democracy' now is," wrote the poet and social critic T.S. Eliot in 1939, "I begin to wonder whether it means anything, in meaning too many things…. If anybody ever attacked democracy, I might discover what the word meant." Eliot would have discovered little about the meaning... Read More
After slapping themselves on the back for the last decade or so, the elders of the "conservative movement" now seem to have glimpsed the dreadful truth: Conservatism as they defined and led it for the last 30 years is at best only a partial success and may even be a flop. Last week reporter Ralph... Read More
It tells us a great deal about what is known as "neoconservatism" that more than 30 years after the term became fashionable, those who adhere to it still need to explain it. The latest explanation appears in the Aug. 25 Weekly Standard in an article entitled "The Neoconservative Persuasion: What it was and what it... Read More
More than a month after National Review published ex-White House speechwriter David Frum's ill-advised attack on the various writers and journalists he dubbed "unpatriotic conservatives" (mainly because they disagreed with him and his fellow pro-Israel Likudniks on the desirability of war against Iraq), what remains of the "conservative movement" that neo-conservatives like Mr. Frum helped... Read More
The wars among conservatives, if that's the right term for them, are by no means concluded. After neo-conservative David Frum's ill-conceived and even more ill-executed National Review article attacking "paleo-conservatives" (including me) earlier this month, we now have yet another installment of what passes for a neo-con idea by none other than professional gumbeater for... Read More
With American troops nearing the precincts of Baghdad, the end of the war in Iraq may be coming fairly soon. In this country the war within the American right shows no signs of a ceasefire whatsoever. Two weeks after National Review published neo-conservative Likudnik David Frum's attack on "paleo-conservatives" (including me) as"unpatriotic conservatives," an aging... Read More
With their own national loyalties now being openly challenged by left and right, the Likudnik neo-conservatives who have dragged this country into war are fighting back by attacking the patriotism of the real conservatives who have questioned the wisdom of going to war and exposed the neo-cons as the political poseurs they are. But now... Read More
As New York's Forward remarked a few weeks ago, "the toothpaste is out of the tube" on the role of a handful of neo-conservative hawks in the Bush administration and their cohorts in the media pushing the United States into war with Iraq for the benefit of Israel. The war that began this week and... Read More
Whatever else emerged from the crisis endured by Republicans because of Strom Thurmond's birthday party, intellectual coherence didn't. The controversy within the Republican right itself over what Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott meant and what should be done about it merely served to confuse even those who pronounced their opinions on the matter. Mainly what... Read More
Beltway conservatives are in a flutter over the stalled nomination of Carol Iannone to the National Humanities Council, and already they're murmuring that the well-known slapstick comic, Sen. Ted Kennedy, is planning to pitch a pie in her face. Miss Iannone has made the show-stopping error of not giggling along with the liberal laugh track,... Read More
As I explained in my 1991 column questioning Miss Iannone's qualifications for the National Humanities Advisory Council, it was not clear to me that she possessed the academic credentials and professional experience the position demanded - credentials and experience that are not a "figleaf" and which a number of paleo-conservative as well as neoconservative academics... Read More
Sam Francis
About Sam Francis

Dr. Samuel T. Francis (1947-2005) was a leading paleoconservative columnist and intellectual theorist, serving as an adviser to the presidential campaigns of Patrick Buchanan and as an editorial writer, columnist, and editor at The Washington Times. He received the Distinguished Writing Award for Editorial Writing of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) in both 1989 and 1990, while being a finalist for the National Journalism Award (Walker Stone Prize) for Editorial Writing of the Scripps Howard Foundation those same years. His undergraduate education was at Johns Hopkins and he later earned his Ph.D. in modern history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His books include The Soviet Strategy of Terror(1981, rev.1985), Power and History: The Political Thought of James Burnham (1984); Beautiful Losers: Essays on the Failure of American Conservatism (1993); Revolution from the Middle: Essays and Articles from Chronicles, 1989–1996 (1997); and Thinkers of Our Time: James Burnham (1999). His published articles or reviews appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, National Review, The Spectator (London), The New American, The Occidental Quarterly, and Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, of which he was political editor and for which he wrote a monthly column, “Principalities and Powers.”