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Gun Control

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You don't hear so much about gun control any more, largely because, one has to suspect, even the Democrats have tumbled to the truth that it's a big loser at the polls. In 2000 Al Gore lost a good many white male voters because he failed to distance himself from his party's record on gun... Read More
After building up the image of George W. Bush as a conservative in the2000 presidential campaign and sedulously supporting him during his presidency, what remains today of the American conservative movement was dumbfounded to find that the president they adored has betrayed them. The betrayal was not on amnesty for illegal immigrants or war with... Read More
One by one, the superstitions of liberalism are crumbling into the sea like the towers of lost Atlantis. Last month anthropologist Franz Boas, a patron saint of the liberal view of race, bit the deep waters when one of his major studies turned out to be a fraud. So did Margaret Mead, one of Boas's... Read More
One major reason the Soviet Union finally collapsed around its own socks is that the ideological dogmas by which it was governed were eventually exposed as pure and simple lies. If the liberalism that dominates American politics and culture ever collapses, it will be for much the same reason. Just this year, one of the... Read More
It was entirely predictable that the gun Gestapo would try to exploit the national catastrophes of Sept. 11 for its own political ends, and as expected, it is. The latest sophistry is that gun shows—where people come to look at, admire, fantasize about and buy and sell guns and the paraphernalia that go with them—are... Read More
A tip of the hat to Attorney General John Ashcroft, who in a letter to the National Rifle Association makes clear that the Second Amendment is back in the Constitution this week. What's in the Constitution and what isn't varies, you know, depending on which gaggle of politicos happens to get hold of the document.... Read More
The most recent crusades for gun control seem to have fizzled, and that's just as well, not only for the sake of the freedom and safety of most Americans, but also for the public reputations of those who push the banning of firearms. There is an ever-increasing amount of evidence that gun control is a... Read More
Can it be only a coincidence that the mob attacks on women during the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City took place only a week or so after the controversy about the National Rifle Association's plan to open a cafe in Times Square? It's definitely not a coincidence that virtually no one has... Read More
What is there to say about several hundred thousand women who supposedly are mothers, who choose to spend Mother's Day far from home and family yelling about an issue about which most of them seemed to be perfectly ignorant? Perhaps the first thing to say is to express sorrow at the sad fate of the... Read More
The republic has been edified in the last couple of weeks by the continuing debate between the National Rifle Association on the one hand, and on the other, bear with me a moment, President Clinton, Vice President Gore, former President Ford, Speaker Dennis Hastert, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde, much of the national news... Read More
Sam Francis
About Sam Francis

Dr. Samuel T. Francis (1947-2005) was a leading paleoconservative columnist and intellectual theorist, serving as an adviser to the presidential campaigns of Patrick Buchanan and as an editorial writer, columnist, and editor at The Washington Times. He received the Distinguished Writing Award for Editorial Writing of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) in both 1989 and 1990, while being a finalist for the National Journalism Award (Walker Stone Prize) for Editorial Writing of the Scripps Howard Foundation those same years. His undergraduate education was at Johns Hopkins and he later earned his Ph.D. in modern history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His books include The Soviet Strategy of Terror(1981, rev.1985), Power and History: The Political Thought of James Burnham (1984); Beautiful Losers: Essays on the Failure of American Conservatism (1993); Revolution from the Middle: Essays and Articles from Chronicles, 1989–1996 (1997); and Thinkers of Our Time: James Burnham (1999). His published articles or reviews appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, National Review, The Spectator (London), The New American, The Occidental Quarterly, and Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, of which he was political editor and for which he wrote a monthly column, “Principalities and Powers.”