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Foreign Policy

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Even as the Justice Department warned, for the umpteenth time, of an "imminent" terrorist attack last week, the Washington. D.C., police force cranked into action. The cops didn't catch any terrorists, but through the vast and nearly ubiquitous system of police surveillance cameras that clicked into operation the same day Justice was warning about terrorism,... Read More
One of the reasons Osama bin Laden is said to hate the United States is that ever since the Gulf War of 1991, we have maintained military bases in his home country of Saudi Arabia. The bases are there to protect the Saudis against aggressors like Iraq, but the presence of infidels on the same... Read More
If it's the world's dumbest terrorist you're looking for, the FBI seems to have nabbed him last summer, when Sept. 11 was still just a day on the calendar. Last week, the man who told flight school instructors that he just wanted to learn to steer an airliner, not to land or take off, found... Read More
The demon of the day is John Walker Lindh, the hapless American sap captured in Afghanistan while fighting for the Taliban and who may wind up facing charges of treason in this country. Since Mr. Lindh, or Suleyman al-Faris, or Abdul Farid, or plain Mr. Walker, as he now calls himself, is an American citizen,... Read More
Less than a month after President Bush signed an executive order authorizing trials of terrorist suspects by military tribunals, the controversy over the legitimacy, constitutionality and simple need for such procedures has reached a crescendo. Conservatives themselves are split over the question, with columnist William Safire and Rep. Bob Barr opposing the tribunals and Robert... Read More
Ten years after American forces pushed the Iraqi army out of Kuwait, the Kuwaiti people are telling American reporters they have come to prefer the people murdering Americans. "I hate the American government," one member of the Kuwaiti parliament told CBS reporter Mike Wallace on "Sixty Minutes" last week. That, in a nutshell, is what... Read More
In 1942, two groups of German saboteurs secretly landed on the beaches of Long Island and Florida with plans to blow up various facilities in the United States. The spies were captured and, at the special orders of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, brought before secret military tribunals. They were convicted and—all but two of them—executed.... Read More
Not very slowly but certainly very surely, a consensus is evolving in the United States and perhaps other Western states that civil liberties long enjoyed by citizens should be curtailed for the purpose of fighting terrorism. Some of the proposals put forward have actually been adopted, while others are merely in the discussion stage, but... Read More
There are many good consequences of Bill Clinton no longer being president, but not the least is that at last we can find out what he really thinks. As long as Mr. Clinton was in the White House, getting thetruth out of him was like looking for intelligent life on Mars. But last week, after... Read More
Most Americans don't know and probably don't want to hear about it, but the fact is that somewhere between the box cutters of Sept. 11 and the anthrax-in-the-envelopes of the last several weeks, civil liberties are slowly beginning to vanish. Columnist Nat Hentoff, a lifelong civil libertarian, may exaggerate when he writes, as he does... Read More
After weeks of blasting every goat barn in Afghanistan visible to high-altitude aircraft, the U.S. government is slowly beginning to realize that the people sending anthrax germs to assorted members and institutions of the American ruling class are not in Afghanistan at all but right here. The bombing campaign has accomplished virtually nothing, and the... Read More
On the very eve of the massive U.S. counter-attack against Afghan terrorist bases, who should step forward to denounce the Bush administration for "appeasement" but Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Despite a grumpy non-apology a few days later, the Sharon smack in the American face at a time when the administration is trying to build... Read More
A tip of the hat to President George W. Bush, whose address to the nation last week was strong, clear and uncharacteristically presidential. But if the president's delivery was first-rate, at least some of the content was simply silly. Silliness No. 1 was Mr., Bush's explanation as to "Why do they hate us?" It's a... Read More
The 19 hijackers who seized American airplanes last week and flew them into history's biggest and bloodiest terrorist attack slipped across U.S. borders easily enough. The FBI's detention of some 75 others —some suspects, some only "material witnesses"—suggests that what may turn out to be a mammoth underground network of foreign terrorists, supporters, and collaborators... Read More
The specter at the gruesome banquet that terrorists served the United States last week is mass immigration and the irresponsible policies toward it that America and its leaders have followed for the last 30 years. It is a specter no one—from the President of the United States to any expert interviewed by the media during... Read More
"We're at war," the young waitress, her voice catching, informed me when I first heard of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon this week. She was hardly the only one. "America at war," the Washington Times' lead editorial pronounced the next day. "It's WAR," screamed its editorial cartoon. A "new... Read More
Only a few hundred miles from the African people's paradise of Zimbabwe, where the head of state, Dr. Robert Mugabe, has just announced that all white farmers must get out or be killed, there sits the lovely metropolis of Durban in the equally paradisiacal land of the new South Africa. In the coming days, Durban... Read More
Sam Francis
About Sam Francis

Dr. Samuel T. Francis (1947-2005) was a leading paleoconservative columnist and intellectual theorist, serving as an adviser to the presidential campaigns of Patrick Buchanan and as an editorial writer, columnist, and editor at The Washington Times. He received the Distinguished Writing Award for Editorial Writing of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) in both 1989 and 1990, while being a finalist for the National Journalism Award (Walker Stone Prize) for Editorial Writing of the Scripps Howard Foundation those same years. His undergraduate education was at Johns Hopkins and he later earned his Ph.D. in modern history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His books include The Soviet Strategy of Terror(1981, rev.1985), Power and History: The Political Thought of James Burnham (1984); Beautiful Losers: Essays on the Failure of American Conservatism (1993); Revolution from the Middle: Essays and Articles from Chronicles, 1989–1996 (1997); and Thinkers of Our Time: James Burnham (1999). His published articles or reviews appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, National Review, The Spectator (London), The New American, The Occidental Quarterly, and Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, of which he was political editor and for which he wrote a monthly column, “Principalities and Powers.”