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World Values Survey

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With all the geopolitical tumult and news I was a bit curious to see what The World Values Survey could tell us about public opinion in Egypt and Tunisia. Unfortunately, Tunisia hasn't been in any of their surveys, though Egypt has. So I thought it might be interesting to compare the USA, Sweden, Turkey, Egypt,... Read More
A party, the Sweden Democrats, is about to enter the Swedish parliamanent which is described in this way in Wikipedia: Yes. More respectable by modeling itself on the National Front. Here's a bit about the organization which eventually grew into the Sweden Democrats: The Swedes, and the world, are shocked. Should they be? From what... Read More
I am currently reading Eliza Griswold's The Tenth Parallel: Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam. The first half of the book is about Africa, and much of that is given to religious conflict in Nigeria. Africa's most populous nation happens to be split down the middle religiously, with a Muslim north and... Read More
One of the "theories" I've had for a long time is that the smaller a proportion of a society's population atheists are, the stranger and more deviant they are going to be. A reason I came to this position is that read an account by an atheist American scientist who had some interactions with Soviet... Read More
I've pointed to the World Values Survey before. It comes in 5 waves spaced out over 2 decades, and has substantial, if not total, coverage. Additionally, for many non-developed countries the educational data to me suggest some high SES skew in terms of representativeness (though spot checking the American data that looks very representative, as... Read More
Update: See below....The World Values Survey has a lot of data broken down by subjective social class. One of these asks how many children an individual has. So I thought it might be of interested to inspect WVS 5, generally taken around 2005, and compare differences by class in term of children. Of course there... Read More
The World Values Survey Wave 5 has several questions about how much people trust others. In particular, one question asks about religion and another nationality. There are four responses:-Trust completely-Trust a little-Not trust very much-Not trust at allIn the WVS there are proportions for each class for many nations. I took each proportion, and multiplied... Read More
TGGP has a post up where he looks at attitudes toward polygyny in predominantly Muslim nations. The question is: I decided to break-down by religion in those nations which had a large non-Muslim population. Results below. Bangladesh Indonesia Jordan Nigeria Pakistan Egypt Muslim Hindu Muslim Roman Catholic Muslim Roman Catholic Muslim Protestant Shia Sunni
The World Values Survey has a question of the form:Below the fold are the percentages in selected nations which picked "10," which is basically the least fatalistic position. People Shape Their Fate Themselves Mexico 50.5 Peru 45.5 Jordan 35.3 Argentina 33.7 Vietnam 28.4 Chile 28.1
I looked at data from the World Values Survey in terms of the actual proportion of those in the age group 30-49 for various countries who have 2 or fewer children, vs. those in that age group who thought 2 or fewer was the ideal number. I aggregated Wave 3 and Wave 4 surveys, so... Read More
Below when I compared the Nordic countries and Italy on a host of variables, I noted in the comments that it was rather amusing that 99% of the people in Bangladesh asserted that bribery was never justifiable, while only 69% of Swedes did. More specifically, the World Values Survey simply asked if bribery was ever... Read More
Over the years several Finnish readers (OK, one specific Finnish reader) has made the repeated claim that some of the stereotypes that Americans have of politically correct (Fenno)-Scandinavians is actually typical of Sweden, and not Finland, or even the other Nordic countries. As I've been poking around The World Values Survey I think there is... Read More
Over at ScienceBlogs I have a post which highlights the bizarre likelihood that in China atheists are actually some more hostile to the precepts of godless Communism than the religious. I talked to Michael Vassar about this and he thought it was curious that Chinese atheists are probably among the segments of the world population... Read More
It turns out that the World Values Survey has a decent web interface, rather like the GSS. As an exercise I thought I would compare 4 nations when it came to religious attitudes, the United States, Sweden, South Korea and Japan. The United States because most readers are American. Sweden because it is the apotheosis... Read More
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