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W. D. Hamilton

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After reading Nature's Oracle (yes, a lengthy review will be up soonish) I am even more struck by how evolutionary process suffused W. D. Hamilton's whole worldview. This resulted in some peculiar conflicts over his career with those who wished to partition evolutionary and biological processes away from the domain of humans. Of course Hamilton... Read More
The W. D. Hamilton biography, Nature's Oracle finally has a publication date. Amazon says March 1st, and other places say April 1st (For the USA). I don't care much either way, I pre-ordered. Now it would be nice if more academic books were available in Kindl format though. I'm not anticipating the "physical pleasure" of... Read More
Jerry Coyne alerts me to the fact that Ullica Segerstrale's Nature's Oracle: A Life of W. D. Hamilton is finally near publication. Specifically, early 2013. Coyne has looked at he pre-publication text, so it is probably in revision, though the meat has already been laid upon the bones. Hamilton was one of the preeminent evolutionary... Read More
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