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Political Correctness

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On a Bloggingheads conversation Freddie deBoer where is talking about the Jon Chait's recent article on political correctness gone wild, he notes that points are given to those who are first to highlight the "problematic" aspect of something. Over time this leads to a constriction and strangulation of all open conversation, as the bounds of... Read More
It has come to my attention that Bill Maher has been making some pronouncements against Islam, and this has resulted fierce blow back from the likes of people such as Reza Aslan. Normally I don't follow Maher too closely. I used to watch his show, Politically Incorrect, back in the 1990s, and though he had... Read More
In my post yesterday I made the comment that it seems that British media in particular seems to have a fascination with "different race twins." The generalization derives from the fact that people who email me these stories tend to point to British sources, but I decided to Google it. I think I'll stick by... Read More
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